Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on August 2, 1987 · Page 18
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 18

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 2, 1987
Page 18
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^ --UWf .S T2U4.MJA . VAOHL'^ 2 -SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, W7 THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL ichtdulU for. IS rounda, from Laai NATKMAl. QaMORAPIIC Per- thlaat«lyoimaal- • v%V*tJa> weww^* ^W^rwRWarl SMCTVJBaMYBWAtJQART E4PN NORSE ENOW JUMPING Pieacott Grand Prix, from Cleveland, Ohio. 1 ALEXANDER BAXTER A cat It toft hometoee whan Ha owner movaa to a •enter cHlian'a homa that doaan't aHow patt. Start Edwyn Phalpa and BHNa Joe Wftoht. DMC SHARKS OF THE ROTARY CLUB Tha Royal Navy'a haHcoptor dltplay taam, an ama club known aa tha Sharka. NRK YOU CANT DO THAT ON TELEVI- agator and Ha ra>allonah» wHh lha pinna __J —^l^.^^ •^JJkAaUSiaWil HaA TMI aMIMAiTA. •fw MMIINHV mwminy vnv r«Mi anfMnv mNa Okafanofcee Swamp. In atarao. (RJ & KTXL MOVE "Caah MeCaN" (1986) Jamet Oamar. Natalie Wood, A financial A " — • • MCTV OmtQOHSMAii WfTH BUCK ESFNAMO RAOMtJ IM8A QTP Sartaa, OMC WOMEN OF OOURAOB MOUa»OVE''HBwToFramaAFIt6'' 1071) Don Knotta, Jot) FhjMt. Aft Inno- «af vtrttm tats the beet of hie advaraar- (1ftt5); Moha i . 6 ••CaMo) Vnfl INW twM MMoTtM* MOKRATEORBYKM • Apromeof MMM k» *•--*- ekd ' \*av«r w iwawni nvi Three t( Spader. devghter of a plaattoa company who la eufterlng from monay d«flcu || KBHK BRADY BUNC • MCTV MBNA ARTS HBO MOVE " Ara Blue" (1966) Slaty Spacak. Kevin Kllna. A globe- hopping photojoumalltt ratuma to bar. hometown and rekindles a ralatlonahip wHh a former, now mtrrlad, boylrland. SHOW SHELLEY DUyALL'S TALL TALES AND LEOENDS "Ponca Da Laon And Tha Saarch For Tha Fountain Of Youth" Tha ttory of Ponca da Laon (Michael York) and hit companion (Paul Rodrlquai), who dltcovar a: land thay call Florida and a fountain that promlaat atamal youth. Alto tttrt Sally Kallarman and Dr. Ruth Watlhalmar. hi atarao. g 9:80 • KTVU EIGHT IS ENOUGH J KRON MEET THE PRESS g KPIX FACE THE NATION KOO WALL STREET JOURNAL REPORT DMN MOUSE FACTORY Holt Wtlly Cox Introduce! the animated ttory "The Reluctant Drtgon." DISC RED ARROWS • DIAMOND NINE Tha wortd-limous Royal Air Force aaro- bttic team givet t flying demonstration. MCK NKX ROCKS: VBEO TO OO 10:000 KRON HOME TURF • KPIX POPE JOHN PAUL N: AMERICAN PLGRBMOE This nawt tpecial lo- cutet on tha Popa'a background and hit world travala. and pravlawt hit upcoming vitil to the United States. • KOO BUSINESS WORLD .0 KQED SESAME STREET (R) D • MCU MOVE "Take Her, She T s Mine" (1963) Jamaa Stewart, Sandra Daa. An over-protective father has many problems coping with hit tree-spirited daughter In college. • KTXL MM) POWERS • MCTV MONEY. MONEY, MONEY WON WLD. WLD WEST DMN MOVE "Tha Glats Bottom Boat" (1966) Doris Day, Rod Ttylor. To boot! Interest In her father's sightseeing business, a woman poaes as a mermaid and unwittingly becomes embroiled In a bizarre spy ctpar. DISC LANDSCAPES A look at the Boreal Forest, a wetland environment formed by tha retreat of glaciers. MCK LASSIE SHOW MOVE "The Attiti Underground" (1985) Ben Croat, Jamas Maaon.Ftct- batad ttory ol tha afforta ol a group ol Italian monasteries and convents to help Jawt eacapa Nazi persecution by giving them refuge during the laat years of • World War II.'PQ' MAX MOVE "Nothing In Common" (1986) Tom Hanks, Jackie Gleaaon. A Chicago advartlamg agency executive it forced to re-evaluate hit relationship with hit parents when they aaparata after 36 yaara of marriage. 'PG' g 10:30 • KTVU LAUREL AND HARDY ~ KRON GREATEST SPORTS LEO- I KPIX MORE REAL PEOPLE (KOO IMS WEEK WITH DAVO BRINK- O KBHK BtOMC SIX • MCTV FBiANCIAL ESPN TABLE TENM8 U.S. Open Championship. Irom Miami Beach. Fla. (R) DMC STREET OF THE ENGLISH LADY A vilit to Brook Veterinary Hospital in Cairo. Egypt. MCKZOOFAMLY HBO MOVE "Finnagan Begin Again" (1985) Mary Tyler Moore. Robert Proa- ton. Tha friendship of a 65-year-old, married tonetyheerti columnlit and an Independent, lortyiah schoolteacher bloaaome Mo an unlikely romance. In alareo. evH^l v m«ww»fwi, w WON BASEBALL Philadelphia PhllHet at Chicago Cuba (Live) DMC YOU AUSTRALIA A vltHIo the Melbourne Cup Horaa Race and tha pinna- clot In the western datert. MCK LITTLE WOMEN Animated. Baaed on Louiaa May Alcott'eetory. the triad ol four ilatara who grow up together during the Civil War. 11:08 WTBS BASEBALL Loa Angelea Dodgers at Atlanta Bravat (Live) t t:SO • KOO ONE BM FAMLY • KBHK WHArS HAPPENMQ JWWII ESPN TRUCK AND TRACTOR PULL AFTERNOON 12:000 KRON EXCITING WORLD OF SPEED AND BEAUTY « KOO TO BE ANNOUNCED KQED MASTERPIECE THEATRE "The Jewel In tha Crown" Months attar Barbie tetvea Mabel't home and it injured in a rickshaw accident, Sarah tindt her in a million hoapHal. (Part 9 of 14) (R) g • KKU MOVIE "The Catlawtyi On Gilligan's Island" (1979) Bob Denver, Alan Hale Jr. The shipwrecked crew of the Minnow II are rescued igain and decide to turn their tropical Island home into a posh resort. • KBHK MOVE "Goodbye. Charlie" (1964) Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds. Shot by en into husbind, • pliyboy it reincarnated aa a girl. •MCTVFMANCIAL DMN MOVE "My Filr Lady" (1964) Rax Harrison, Audrey Hepburn. A British professor tikei on tha talk ol turning • Cockney flower girl into a lady In thla Ol- elf-whining tcreen vertlon ol Lamer and Loewe't long-running Broadway ahow. Baaed on George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion." 'G' . . DMC NEW PACIFIC The conflict between whether to preserve the old language or teach English within the Pacific'! universities. SHOW PAPER CHASE Golden delendi 'an inti-Semitic client In • libel auit. Special appearance by Scatman Crothera. MAX ORIGINAL MAX TALKING HEADROOM SHOW Firat ol seven new editions • ol this Ace Awird-winning music thow. Gueits: model Jerry Hall, comedian! Penn and Teller. In tlereo. g 12:30 O KRON BOB UECKEH'8 WACKY WORLD OF SPORTS The famous and not-so-limous ire a pert ol thii offbeat look at sports, hotted by the former Major League citchir who humbly refers to himself at "Mr. Baseball". • MCTV WOODS -N 1 WATER SHOW ESPN AUTO RACING American Racing Sarfet, from Toronto, Cinada. (Taped) MCK WORDS ON A PAGE Set m a Canadian Indian community, an over-protective father discourages hia daughter from writing when he learna that aha may win a writing scholarship to itudy at Thunder Bay. HBO MOVE "The Oklahoma CHy Dolls" (1961) Sunn Blikaly, Ronee Blaklay. A group ol factory workara decldea to battle male chauvinism by forming a company football taam made up entirely ol women, g ' MAX MOVE "The Elephant Man" (I960) John Hurt, Anthony Hopkins. An adaptation ol the lite story ol John Merrick. a horribly deformed Victorian-era Englishman whose life wit tpant in cheep freak exhibitions until he met a dedicated phy- siciin. 'PG' 1:00 • KRON VICTOR AWARDS From tha HMton in Lea Vagaa. Nov., outstanding alMatea selected by the edMori and raadara ol The Sporting Newt are recognized hi iMa 21 it annual event. Nominee! include Ivan Land) and Chrla Evert (ten-, nil), Evelyn Aahlord (track and Held). Mario Andretti (auto racing) and Pat Day, (horse racing). Hoala: Norm Croaby. Florence Henderaon, Gene Barry. (1M1) Oana KeHy. LeaHe Care*. Tha matte of Oaorga and Ira Qarahwm under- acoree thfc Oecar-winning-•> of an art- tat caught between two women In peat- war Parta. 1:30 • KKU MOVE "Tha Qraat (moot- lor" (1961) Tony Cuttlt, Edmond O'Brien. A man who navar graduated from high tcftool eucceeefttNy Imparaonatat a pro- faaaor. a monk and a taroaon. • MCTV OUTDOOR TRAM. MCK MR. WIZARD'S WORLD 2:00 • KTVU MOVE "Tha Day Of Tha TrHfMt" (1063) Howard Keel, Nicola Mauray. AHar a mataorHa thowar laavat moil of Etrth't InhabHantt bHnd, torn* ttranga taadt turn Into man-aatlng plant* which angulf anything coming naar • KRON SPORTSWORLD Scheduled: Sporta Fantaeiea IV, in which vlawart' sports fantaalat arefreaHzed. (Ttpad) • KQCD HOLLYWOOD Hollywood la viewed at it wtt bafora 1011, whan tha lira! of tha HImmakart arrlvad. • KBHK MOVE "Mayday At 40,000 Feel" (1976) David Janaaan, Don Mere- dlth. In a ttruggla for a gun, a klttar aboard a plant flight dlttblat tha aircraft. MCTV WLD GAME AND COUNTRY ree teen-age y capt from Ian bat find their love battayad whanhaleadtthamonamuidai apraa. W«N FAME Danny can't accept the fact that Ma ehlMhaod Wand la gay. (R) WIN MOVE "Harper VaUay PTA" (1978) Barbara Eden, Ronny COx. A vary Nbaratad young mother wHh a great daal of aax appaal ManHonaHy ratflaa tha conaarvathw viewpoint of focal achool D ^ DMN MOVE "Dancing m Tha Dark" (1049) WHHam PowaH, Belay Drake. In order to gat a break from a film company, an ictor aigna on a' Broadway atar only to later diacovar that tha talented girt It actually Ma own daughter. DMC COBRA: SNAKE GOD A look it co- brn, faired by many, but worshipped at godt by the Hindus. Gientt at Ctaclaaall Radt (Live) • KRON JUST THE FACTS A ratroapac live of the "Oragaat" TV aariea focuamg on ma ahow't leading poUca oUJcar. Sgt. Joa Friday, played by Jack Wat*. Dan Aykroyd MtfToM Haaka. a*o alar In tha aaw "Oraaaat" a»ov*a, arc lha hoala for r PGA GOLF Federel Expraat SI. eClaMk; Final Round, Uva from Colonial Country Ck* in Cordova. Tann. • KOO AUTO RACflM CART MtcMgan SOO. Horn Brooklyn. Mtoh.(T—^ • KOED S4 SEARCH OF WARCv JJ Taped) THET WTBS 8ANFORD AND SON DMC SPACE STATION An examination of potential problema with apace stations. MCK I SPY 2:SOO MCTV OUTDOORS WITH BLL HARPER WONKUNQFU WTBS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING DMC NEW TECH THES Up-to-date Information on tha changing alectronica Held, from video gamea lo word procaaaort. HBO WHO LOVES AMY TONMHT7 Drama about a spoiled teen-ager (Laura Darn) who becomes involved with crime and drugs. Alto tttri Marahall Thompton and Timothy Van Patten. MAX MOVE "Thraeaome" (1964) Stephen Collint, Deborah Biffin. Recently aaparated from hit wife, a midweatemer • movea to New York City and becomea involved In a complex love triangle. 3:000 KRON DAYTON INTERNATIONAL AttSHOW Civilian and military aircraft ahare the ipotlight and apacial segments are ahown of the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirda and-U.S. Navy Blue Angela in action. (Taped) • KPIX MOVE "Death Penalty" (1980) Colleen Dewhurat, David Labloaa. A determined paychologiat confront! •trong opposition from the authorities when she triaa to rehabilitate a teenager convicted of .murder. • KQED AMERICAN MASTERS "Unknown Chaplin - My Happiaat Yaara: Part I of W" SaMom-aaan outtakaa Irom Char- lie Chaplln'a early career illuttrate thla look at tha comadlan'a work for the Mutual FMm Company. Jamaa Maaon nar-> O*KTXL MOVE "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" (1949) John Wayne. John Agar. At lha mambara ol tha Seventh Cavalry look back upon their. Hvea after Cutter's defeat, an Indian war threaten! to erupt. • MCTV BASEBALL Taamt to be announced. (Taped) ESPN HYDROPLANE RAOMQ Spirit ol Detroit Trophy Raca. (Taped) DMN DANGER BAY Grant. J.L. and Jonah enter a fund-raising Bathtub Raca lo benefit the Aquarium. Q MC ESCAPE IFIWM MAN • THE MM STORY Tha alory of alx Americans who escaped from Iran with tha help of the Canadian ambaaty. MCK MAD MOVES WITH THE L.A. CONNECTION HBO MOVE "Tha Karata Kid Part N" (1906) Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki "Pat" Mortti. OM rivalriaa. new advaraariaa and romance await Daniel and teacher Mtyagi aa thay travel to Okinawa lo vieH Miyagi'a aWng lather, la atarao. 'PO' Q , ENOW MOVE "Maek" (1666) Char. Sam EMotl. Baaad on the true alary of Rocky Danaia, a 16-year-old whoaa aptMialic outlook oa Wa la uaJMmtJ by a rare cranial bone dHaaia. 'PO-13'Q SJOWON FUTTBf ON THE MTS Semtti- eel (aatwaa (R) WTM NEW LEAVE If TO BEAVER After ESPNNFL YEARBOOK Featured: HkjhNghta ol tha New England Patriota' 1066 aaaaon. MCK BAD NEWS BEARS MAX MOVE "GiWi" (1946) Rill Hayworth. Glenn Ford. A World War II veter- an'a kick at tha gaming tablet hi Buenos Akei bringt him into contact with a ceil- no owner and Ma seductive new bride. 6:00 • KTVU STAR SEARCH t KRON NEWS KPW PATSY AWARDS The 32nd annual ceremony recognizing performances by animate in motion picture! and talevl- •ion. The films "Lidyhiwke" and "Remo Wllllamt" ind the TV aeriei "Punky Brewtler" end "Amizing Stories" ire among the productions represented. Hosts. Bob Birker. Mike the Dog. ) KODAK NEWS g •KOXD MCLAUGHLIN GROUP • KTXL MOV* "Big Jaka" (1971) John Waynt, Rtchtrd BOOM. A grlizlad man of tha Watt dallat both tha Army and tha Taxat Rangara In hit aHortt to locata hit THE RKH AHO 9Mm KTVU LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH ANDFAMOUS • KRON BAY ARE •N rte ntara Hm» M Wad DMMy C«M«, MMwkitKllto- ESPN CYCUNG Nabitco Cup Champion- ihlp. from Boiton. (Taped) DMC MAN WHO WAS Q A look at aerver- al ol tha devtcee creeled by real-life "Q," Chariei Friser-SmHh. MCK DONNA REED HBO FRAQQLE ROCK Wembley recelvea tha power to fly. but Ma experience Itn't aa great at he had thought it would be. In stereo, g SHOW MOVE "Fletch" (1985) Chevy Chan, Joe Don Beker. An L.A. reporter with in array of dlagulses attempts to unravel a plot involving a wealthy businessman who contracta hia own murder. In stereo. 'PG' a 6:30 • KRON NBC NEWS • KPDt MAC AND MUTLEY Featured: Marine World Africa U.S.A.'! chimp family; visit Giraffe Manor hi Kenya. Africa; tips on Introducing kids to pets and pets to kids; meet John Tome! and Mt pat pigeon, Chico. • KQED EXPRESS "Children Of The En- DMC OTHER BMDOC A Malory ol tha San Franclaco-Oakland Bridge. MCKMMTERED HBO MOVE "Haunted Honeymoon" • (1966) Gene Wilder, GHda Radnor. A radio tier, planning to marry Ma co-alar at hia lamiry'i anceetral miniton. ia sud- denjyplagued by phobias. In atareo. 'PG' Workfe Moot , etzod recfaefjkiaa * MMorie pereonell- MM ««•( Me* AnNfteM NMory Iram WM PUgrima' landing »6 men'a Bret atepe on MCMMN a**™* importance of t-EBERT S THE avtewe: "The Living MOKMOVI! •'HWSIOSS-')("chard Harrlt. Chrlatopher Ptammar. After eHnul- taneouafy doubto-croaamg the Mafia and the CIA. an InduttrlaHit apt/He away 110 mMHon and la retentteetry puraued by bothorganlzatlona l:*0« KRON SMI MOVES Schedule . DayHghta" (ttara Timothy Dafton aa Jamaa Bond); "The Loll Boys" (Jiton Patrto. Corey Halm. Jam) Gertz); "Superman IV" (Chriatophar Reeve. Gene Hackman. Margot Kldder); "Maid lo Order" (AMySheedy). I KOEDZOO VET: ONI BY ONE "Sil- OMNEY FAMLY ALBUM Woolle ReHhermin talka about Ma oaraar wHh Dieney at an animator. MAX MOVE "Moon Ovar Miami" (1041) Don Amacha, Batty Qrabla. With thalr high-eplrlled aunt In tow, two Taxat alt- tart haad to Miami In taarch of wealthy hukbtindt 7:00* KTVU • KTXL 21 JUMP STREET A taan-agar't datth putt Hanton and Panhall onto tha trail of a prap school drug ring. In ttarao. (R) • KRON OUR HOUSE David dacldat to go Into lha curb-painting butlnatt. In ttarao. (R) 9 OKPfX60MMUTES KOO MOVE "Time Fryer" (1965) Peter Coyote. Huckleberry Fox. A 11 -year- old boy travail back to 1827 to altar the eventt surrounding the death of his grandfather, an aviator who died during a tranaatlantlc Might. Alto atara Art Carney. A "Dianey Sunday Movie" presentation. (R) g • KKUWHZKDS WON NEWS DMN GOLDEN PENMES After Lucy, Sean and Boiinda laad an adventurous rescue of Jack ind Glee from Lovoioy'i gold thieves, the Greenwoods and thalr friends go their leparate wiyi aa Marcel and Clee leave Jericho and BoJIndi returns to Ma aboriginal tribe. (Part 4 of 4) DMC UMCEF HOUR HBO MOVIE "WarGamat" (1963) Matthew Brodertok. Dabney Colemen. A teen-age computer whiz Inadvertently gaint accest to the Pentagon's strategic computer syitem and nearly begins World War HI. In stereo. 'PG' g SHOW SHELLEY DUV ALL'S TALL TALES AND LEGENDS "Ponce Da Leon And The Search For Tha Fountain Of Youth" The story of Ponce de Leon (Michael York) and hit companion (Paul Rodriquez). who dlacover a land thay cad Florida and a fountain that promiaaa eternal youth. Alao atari Silly KaHarman and Dr. Ruth Waathalmer. hi stereo, g 7:S09 KQED HUMAN FACE OF THE PA- CWC How tha once aaH-autficiant Bikini- ana, whose homeland waa tranaformed Into a radioactive wiiteland by atomic letting, are now completely dependent on .the UnitadStetaa lor aupport. g . 8£OO KTVU • KTXL MARRED... WITH CHLOREN White ahoppmg for Peggy • annrvereary gift, Al dltcovere hia family haa ovarchargad Ma credit carda. In atarao. (R)g KRON RAGS TO RICHES In alareo. • KMlfFORTS SUNDAY Scheduled: PM-Aa* sl«tafl Triala, (Tape) wWita' wa^M ctaaaaa conk«aUa9 lo determine theHael U.S. Paa Amaricaa Oa«aa box- lag lava, kom Cokwado Springe, Goto, Mka McCaaum va. Doaald Cwry (Uva) for lha WBA Junior Mtdditwa»9ht Mia. excavation la lha «SOa and aa Amaricaa , dig at lha 1930a produce ooaKotlag «• larpraUttona of Hoaw'a account of the convinced t^t^ddke'la going to murder hiawHa DMN AMMALB M ACTJON The Malory "RMa Tha High Coua- try" (1M9) Randolph Scott. Joa* McCraa. A pair of down and out guaaian are hired to guard a aMpmant of gold. 4»oiovu UFAME ^-_ ffww* vMPav minw • KOO WONDERFUL WORLD OF DM- IKY "CaH H Courage" In lha South Pacific, a young man trying lo prove MmeeH lo tribal etdere tell out to tea alone where • ha lacaa a gruaaag teat of turvlval. AND COMPANY t KBHK MOVE "Tha Time Machine" «0) Rod Taylor. Yvatte Mimteux. Baaad on tha novel by H.G. Walla. A GOMpllt9f QQMW flvVVVvv S UMQUv VvfM* da that carriea Mm lo a futurittlc aoclaty iflWt^ydBiH BA fiTaBjIllBilM aMABlUt etlaDtlW* raaaaa"lanaara." • MCTV •ASBVAU. U.S. Open Samipro Toumaiatat, from Haaokau. (Live) WBJ4LOVIBOAT WTM IIATIONAL QEOGRAFMC EXPLORER Awatraaa'a Sydney to Hofcart Yacht Raca; lha Taang chad akuN die- covered In South Aartca (9:25); aaa lur- Haa on tha ahoraaaa at Coata Rica (t'60); Ootnainji Ola Salbul, ohM con- aarvator of Ngoroagoro Nalioaal Park, who balaacai huntlag and conaarvatton w ^ a MURDER, SHE WROTE Jeitlci invaatlgataa when private eye Harry McGraw ia charged with the murder ol a boxing promoter. (R) g IKOEO COMEDY TONKfHT § KaCUCOLUMBb KMKMOrVEr'Sartal" (19*0) Martin Mud. Tuatday WaM. A happHy married Marin County couple are apurred by their traady.nalghbora Mo exploring aHama- . A Itfd^BlaThltfilal N HOOMTB H B HEROES DMN MOVE "Dragoaalayar" (1961) Pa tar ttaeMeol. CaMan Ctarka. A daring young man attamptt lo Maoiia^aaialdaa from lha wrath el aa ancltnt. Umbraalh- aigoraatura.'PO' DMC CHURCHLL'S FtW Aarial tootaga and MarvtoeTwtti BrtMah. Poaah and German pHota oonoamlag aha battle of •HOW MOVE "Tha GamHto!" (1>77)

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