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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, July 8, 1859
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them thai the most testing and honorable tro- THE July 8, c State Conmatlon. ADmocratlc State Convention will be held' In the Anmbly Clamber, at the.Clty oTMadUtm, on Wednes- «ay,tti»Maui»y<ifAngo*t next, at IS the pnrpoie of nomtnatlng cu&ldates for the»eTerai Bate Office*, to be wjpported by the Semoeratlo Sirtj at ttestneral election, to be held In Hovember next, *nil to elect delegate! to lie Rational OonTcntlon, to b* held In the City of Charleston, 8. (X, In I860, and to transact nob. other bmlnew «i m&y come' before It.— Etch Assembly DliWct'wlll be eBtltled to rend two i telcgatel to iiid State ponrentlon, pforiaea 1 that -when more than one County const! tntej an Assembly Dlrtrict each County shall be entitled to one Delegate In lieu of - ' v , , . . , , yetafce the liberty, toys the Bfeimoad Jfay S««wr, cf maldng an extract 6T aa~Iateres«ng private Jetter from, an aocomplisbjedrpopalw End charming yonng actress. Writing from Nevada, Jane 1st, she thus happily sketches some tmodugtliestrioal adventures and fanny saUfflranean experiences in practical mining: "We played first two nights at opening , opening »iiewtneatK; and I wish yr>4 could -have 1 seen It "It is made of thin boardrcover- ed with cloth, end yon can see thronsh the wall when the sttn strikes,, ft has a marvel- tonsly-brilliant onrtain/and all the Boenery {eight plates -and corresponding wJn»g),a» rresponding dlfatforgeons with red and yellow paint. As the owners knew, nothing about theatres, they HORACE *. EANDEES, OASSTOB E&IROHILD, aiTKBTiKBcmag, THEODORE OONBET, wnmmgm frigwmr,' BIOHABDIMIGHMB, A.P.BLAKBBEEB, O.W.FIMH, DtfluxsraXe State Centra Committee. Dated at Madison, Jure 21, 1859. ._._„_„.„„„„„ uvuuugaooui ineaires, iney had no acoommUdaUons for the arrangement of scenes. Jon would have laughed to see how l managed the scenes for "Borneo and Juliet." Mother leaves .that department to me , They did not know what a olete was, and had'never heardpf a screw-eye. After consideraHe er- planatton, we managed to improvise a balcony, iy jatttag two set houses (very brilliant) down on their Sides and a platform behind.— I explained hoir itconldbejnadeflrm. Ihen, tor the tomb, I put a brick i house in the cen- tre, and made tbe wood-flats oome down to it I on each side. Bare was another excitement, phies of the Old World pass over and ar» transplanted to takewot in the New.'- And it is thus that not only the'libraries of the dead, but the labors of the living, will increasingly seek a shelter and an asylum here from the horrors and corruptions flow .desolating 'Europe. It was thus tLst Dr. Priestly, fflly years ago, was brought to this city,-and our own Susquehanna to live and die among us; and thus, too, that Tolleus, and Banoh, aad lieb- er and Agassis, have slready followed.— PftUa- aelfhia Ledger. t -, > In the published report of the proceedings] Tton I bought numerous yards of blacLmu7 of the Milwaukee District Convention, corn- poked of Churches; six Presbyterian end twenty-five Congregational, held at Hartland, th» latter part of last -month we :find theftillowjng'resolutlon which is said to have - "secured the .-undivided vote of the convention ; Betohed, That we mourn over the degradation and guilt of our country, in having brought any ofjier citizens to the necessity of disobedience to human law, in order to render yv loyalty to the laws of heaven. V . : ' - Ordinarily, ohris^ai men and minisiers^bf - ; the gospel have mbkinedjover thrproneness of -thetinregenerated, to disobey and violate hn- man laws; but now we have progressed so ;far M to render obedience to the laws of the land .. absolutely Binfalj andlt is nO longer the taw W ; *r«ofttr hut ^^ the.^ wofcTjthBtiscnlpable. &> eay the thirty-one Cimrohes in this year of ' ' :sraoe,1859. If ihe above resolution had been adopted by » ojanyenOon of .Mormon elders, in the Talley of Salt Lake, where they maintain that, in.order tobeloyaltbthelawa of Heaven, it "Is accessary to : praotioe polyganiy, wUoh is proWbtted by the laws of this degraded and guilty, country, «p one could have been. «niw .prised at it. Indeed, a convention of spiritualists, who receive by direct revelation from Heaven, the doctrine of "Spiritual Affinities," .which, by the laws of oni conntry, is old- fashioned adultery, might fee I expected .:to "mourn «ver the degradation, ahd grf;t «f bur country," In having brought ou thpm HIM no. eessity of either disregardinc ,ih- H^ayt-uly revelations, or disobeying Lumou law.: But when thirty one -Evangelical Churches pro- ^ w —-«»~w ^M.UD v,» VAAUlL'UiUB* ' ."£ tco t ered the bri °k ionse. Th 9 p i ay went off to the Satisfaction of as large on an- dience as oonld be got into the theatre,' and, as they express it, we made 'a "fine show."-- Tfaongh very rough, the audience is the best I hav« met in the State; very attentive, bat, at the right fame, very enthusiastic. ''Sybil," created an Immense impression; people ioame from ten miles around to see it. We could have played two more nights, but being ad- verfosed at Kevada, wehad togoon. Wecame on here, and so far have played two nights, done a splendid .business, and to-night .'bids fairto;beequally-good. .. r i . • • yesterday we saw an entirely new phase of life. ,So flurwe had only seen the surfwe^dig. gings, "but now we lave seen the mining, far below the earth. -.Before w4; went down i one of the proprietors/Mr. Seymour, dressed us np; Onr party: consisted of three ladies and two gentlernen.And you never saw snoh a hard looking crowd. We wore our oldest dresses, and no hoops; men's India rubber coats: and boots, and onr heads done up "nigger-fashton " to cotton cloth. Then we went into a large shed where they have a steam-engine, and:jou see the commBnoement of a railroad track ^l 0 ^!^ 3 ^^^ 8 !^ 80 ^tensely traok ' fiat nbbed; planking on six" wheels. thing we sat down/ the gentlemen holding the ladies. The word; was given and^away we sped into this -dark hole, down an inclined Old Wbtg*-Z«ttei- fr»m Mr. Wlntlirop. ,,^, . BOSIOH, May 20, M59. -fiefcA«m r Chairman of the jff. Y. Whig Committee: Mr DBAS SIB : Four communioatioa of the 23d nit., reached Boston just as I was lea. ving home on a Jouruey from which I have but recently returned. As I am now making preparations for a still longer absence from home and country at an early day, I am constrained to reply to your Inquiries less formaHy and Jess fully than I might otherwise have been Disposed to do. Indeed, I'wonld willingly have excused myself from answering theta at all, if my silence were not liable to. be. misconstrued, either into a want of respect for the committee of which yon are the organ, or into a want of sympathy with their general views. Retired, as I have been for some years past, from all political connection, and,without «n aspiration for any. thing which party can bestow, I am sensible how little importance can be attached to what I may say or leave unsaid-. And though 1 have no cause for concealing any views which I entertain, I shall not be sorry if thia communication should remain among the unpublished correspondence of yanr committee Yon submit to my consideration a resolution in tbe following words: £ \ Resolved, That, in the Judgment of this com- mlttee,.it is not expedient at this time further to discuss or agitate the <in«sHon of slavery w the African raoe In this country.'. That ft be respectfully recommended to every citizen to vote and act according to his convictions of right and duty; but those who. with us. b<* Heve that sufficient has been .said and written 1 fo f nthe Purpose of explanation and elucidation, will forbear farther discussion of the subject of BUvery, and turn their attention to other topics Of general importance; sncU us our foreign relations, mclndtng_the question of the extension of territory, the building of raili oads for national purposes, the Improvem.-nt of our harbors and the navigation of onr rivers, to facilitate internal commerce; the subjects.of cnmmo nnn o la**t>F f*f J«t;_^. j ' .» -' - • atradiBfpwtinent, iffliraukeefJnfor 1, T EE following tt f^whednle of tis Ic6 bene&ed by , the construction of the proposed s$wer, which u 623? £ be j ml i t »hn>wh blocs; trea«S'e%ht (88) In the Stitt Ward of ther City of : MlIireniee,°«hoTrlig the strwtion of »«ld sewjr. - , "K , , . EBHBTHEBttB, ' ' CAKI, B0SAOH, " "'•* - - ' . - f Street Cosiml^slaa*™. fof Lot. 1 Block '28 ?SS 28 ^S S8 ^8 58 Benefits. •fi,80 5,80 4,80 H,61 lisi t ., . the following will show : but Te ry effectual.a. 20, 18B2. . • ,, . g, from experience, the ralnftle qualities of '' : anj j ^ prepared 1 i u ll !« f • it t 1 ij .Wt a i 8 10 U 14 15 , , , K, 1. H. *>* V|«V . S8 8,TO ' 328 39,01. *8 28,20 ' 38 29JB1 1 ,58 SJ.01 25 1«,61 |8 29,01 - S3 2901 S3 29,01 GABDINEH. " Comptroller. NOTICE. mHS Board of Berlew of the City ofMlWaukee, irtU «l'i»JV JoBlmon Oonncuaoom, at9 qfclack t. it, Init. Jor thepnrposa of hearing i . °22P OI ?° f P»rUe» or pertoni deeming ^hemlelvei aggTWredbytheAMeMinent of the twafcle property by Heating Bros. PltUbargh; 1 have for sometime back considered U my dnfy, and made it my business, to make tho.8 articles known Wherever I went among my friend*. A short, time afo : I became acquainted with the case of a[ypung girl, who seamed to be troubled with worms, and llVer complaint at : ths same time and had been suffering for seme two months. " Through my pennulonr^she purchased one boltie of Dr. laneTi Vermtfugt, ajrd one box of Liner PiUi t which she took according to directions. The result'was, she passed a large quantity of worms, and. tMnks that one box morfiof t the;Plfe willirestorc her to p.-rfect health. Her name and realdeno e <|'an be lesrrned by csJllng on E.L. Theall, Druggist,corner if Sutgerand Monroe streets. '....-. : .. .' ' ' •_ !!iSi? ^fTi f0r £ e y ear ' i 869 ! "« »««* hl > hearing tha partltfj will make such alteration u Justice and equity require; and supply omissions and equalize-the Assessment lists as to the sereral Wards or any part orpor- tlon thereof, and will continue from day to day nntll their duties ihall be completed. . ; V "^ Milwaukee, July 2,1859. . i • > HERMAN L. FAQS, Mayor. NOTICE. Cirr i _ , — ftOmc*..! Contract Department, Mil., Jnly 1,51859. / '-""•'—'- » schedule of lots frpntfng on slxih 7alna. street to Hsrinann street, In of the City of Milwaukee, showing the amount which' each lot on said street will be benefited by grading said street at d the sidewalks, graveling: the street,' planking and curbing tbe walk* und : paring the gBttelsasperpIanofOltyEnglneer.towlts i si- ERNSI HKRZEIf. >f ! : OABI, BCSACK,f . !' ' Street Oonunisiloners. wUl be careful to ask] for DR. ITL&HE'S CELEBRATED VEEM1FDQE, manufactured by PtEllnia BSOa, of Plttsbnr s h, 'Pa. All'other Vermifuges la compartaon are wdrthless. Dr. MTUne's genuine. Versnlfuge.aljo his celebrated LiverfPills, can now be had at all respectable drug stores. Nont genuine vrttfantt Oil tignqture o/ * ' __ ' 'PI - Jtl4-d4wlm FLEMINQ-BR03. THE GRE4T M6LISB : -- ; SEB JAMES CLAKKE'S Celebrated Female Prepared from a. prescription of Sir. J. M. &., Phyiic^nn Extraordinary to the Qutsn. This invalnabiejmedlcine 1» unfailing In tbe'cura of all tho«a painful and dangerous diseases to which'tie fe^ mala constitution 'j subject. It moJ«r»te3 all excess and remotes »11 ob«trnct!oni, and a speedy cure may be railed on.'' TO JIARKlEIi tAtolES It U peculiarly suited. It will, tn a shorttlme, br!u<f on the monthly period with regularity. Each bottle, price One Dollar, bears tha Uovirnmcot Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent eounttrfell?. TtouPiUitAoutd ncttietatm by ftmititi during tAe, of P fig ™>ey, <w <W at «ny otter HAT D CAPS. HAT Iban can ° THER , C -AND— G CENT. fee. 1 —AC— • HOUSE IX A P S OODS THE WEST my stock hefobu,y n will cnnvlnce them thot C3NT; lower ?hTa ''' pe V fu " ;r!D T lte " ' \ ,. am " atlsfl(; " ' K ' " ™ Elect. Lot. 2 8 . Benefits. 129,83 ., was BO novel. When we get-off the track, found ourselves in an ., alley' way, beamed and boarded on &fl sides. These alleys extend in all directions, ~acd so low, you have to stoop all the time in walking. Mother could not stand the strain 'on her back, «o we left her seated <rir» pile of dirt, talking to~a miner'.— We were all provided with candles, and srioh a trip as we passed through. First, we went along the railroad track, in deep mud, and then along aHey ways, where the decomposed granite Is very soft, but dry. Sometimes w« had to crawl through a hole on our bands and knees, thea,--again, slide through fei't tfwnnost. It was hard work,but v>rj funn;, uud I rteverlaugbed so much ^in 5ii>; life.'gA|Jasl we got through into quite an opVii pla^e, wliicli Mr. Seymour had fixed for us tUat morning ; it was a most ridiculous sight to see us thoroughly exhausted, seated •on a jile of dirt, with candles in eur hands j— Mr. Seymour dog as a pan of dirt a piece, which yielded sixteen: dollars each when they were washed out We are going to have ornaments made for our watthss. After we hid rested, we started off again; It was the.same thing over wherever we went. After a time, we got back to mother; truck came down and we came up. In going np yon feel as-if you were about to slide off. After we came lip , j we went into the wash house to see them clean - °°T J HP- The 7 hav>e large troughs through which mnlgate snoh a monstrous; unscriptnral diabolical doctrine, we are surprised and alarmed at it ""-•."' .\ ; - "7' . . Ohrifit and his apostles never taught .such i doctrine, aid were very far from practicing it. Human laws are not infallible, bnt taUtble man can find no no warrant in the Bible for viqlating any human law. And the Mormons end Spiritualists are far more consistent, if not more tonett than UUM tliirty-onfi chorohes, because they do not attempt to pervert "the written word," but rely wholly npon new and Epfccial revelations to guide them in their de- t ' ' - " • * vions ways The converse of the doctrine contained in that resolution has been ti trine of the church for ages. And well might J Uie water hishes, carryingd"irt and stones with the church of the present day mourn over the- |^ 8 J 1 ^ T! 8 * 8 ?,* 8 im Pregn»ted with qnicksilvsr barefaced perpetration of the most Tile and loathsome offences against hnmam law and human decency, under the plea of heavenly sanction. • • : ,;' , When devils wfll their blackest sins j>nt on, They do Bucgest at first with heavenly show. In justice,; however, to the thirty-one ckuroheg, we will state that they wouldf doubtless, object to including either the Mormons or Spiritualists among those who are obliged to violate the laws of their country, In order to prove their loyaltjr^o Heaven. They would not admit the necessity of taking a plurality of wives,' or of making frequent changes in them, rot would claim'that a man must covet Ids ".neighbor's man servant and - maid servant, in order'to render 'loyalty to the laws of Heaven" But who made -these thirty-one ribbed wood laid at intervals. When they clean up, these pieces of wood lare raised, and the water carries away all tli- dirt and stones, leaving only the pold. The entire mining country is intersected with these flumes, sometimes on tressels* which look like immense suspension bridges, then running along the ground or disappearing in the sides of the hills. , They have another mine here, where you go down in a baukct, hut a man was killed there last week, and I don't want to go. I rather like this itinerating business; bnt for the frightful dusty roads, we would have nothing to complain of. However, if wp continue to make money, we can bear ft. ! churches the sole judges of human laws? If ' they hare a right to pass upon them, we submit that others may do the same thing, under i the plea. of a conflict between them an r! the laws of Heaven, *nd thus practically aiinal •11 human laws, and leave ns snbject ;to the «w«y of the human pissions, whioh, according to the popular tbeology ; of the day, no longer' proceed from a human heart, which ceitfhl above all things, -and desperately wicked," bnt from a heavenly inspiration, whiohft • •!§ the duty : of onr law makers to take cogniz- ', t ,«moe of in framing statutes, and if -they refuse to respect the consciences of the Mormons, AbolitionisU And epWtnglista, their GOT. VTrlghfB Porclistw of Collection*. Humboldfi menU are null and void. Such lathe doctrine of iheabore resolution. ; " -...'• .'!.'. ' ;; '" ;. ^g^-If theeham democracy desire to compare notes, in this respect, between the Bandell and Baghford administrations, the repnb- "'" llcanfrara ready, Thatis * bold proposition. The. Sentinel pays Eandall a high compliment when it as- aerts that his administration will compare fa- ranbly with Bashford's, arid that his friends , will not shrink from 'the comparison.' Comparing Eandall's adrniniBtration with a repub- lloas' administration that is conceded to "have been a disgrace to thi jepubiican part j j ','Is tbe^takindest out ;t>f all," and leads us to inspect that the -Sentinel mast have been disappointed by the'Governor in some appoint-, ment or other, as Kandall states that he has made enemies of some in that way, who profess to be friandly to his face. We know that &e General jpreftttet to be a friend of Ban- dall'ii to Ms face, and were therefore wholly unprepared to witness such a thrust as the above, in the leading editorial of yesterday. The real friends of Randall Should demand an explanation. ICat&y be got out of by charging it to a "blonder of the types, or of the proof .reader. It seems to be pretty well understood that all the collections of books, papers and specimens of every kind, made by Hnmholdt, and be. longing to him at the time of his death, are Iteely to pass into the hands of the American Minister, lit. Wright, and be brought by him to this country. They were left by the phi. losopher to his valet, who had been hlsperson-- alattendant tor y«rs (so it is,said) and Mr, Wnght has offered such * price, that no one else about, it seems, has an equal amount of money to spare, even to preserve to Prnstii one of the most valuable collections ever made in a scientific point of view. This ia net the£rst thfng of the kind afc tempted-and carried through. A few years agO'Eochester University made a similar purchase of the Nesnder Library. The Xing o«" ' j •a a" ttn *»~~* — ~" T"~."J^*'* k ' • **iv uu*it^u01T> and a tariff of duties and other means for de' "On this Tel °PJ D « our own internal resources and home wealth, .and binding togetb«r by the ties of interest and fraternal; feeling, the various parts and sections of our widely extended repnbjio The sum and snbstsnoo of this resolution' as I understand it, is the txpression of an earnest opinion, that local and sectional questions should no longer be suffered to absorb tha whole time'and thought of our representativeB and rulers, bat that tbe stt.'ntion of Congress and the£zeoativa of tbe country, .should Ohce more be serJoruily turned to those great national interests, which the constitution, of the United States was establish,* to promote, i To snoh a resolution I gi?u my cordial assent and approbation. I belies it to be one which ought to .command, and will command tbe ooncurreace of all ti n» patriots. There may be room, indeed, for d.flamic,- of opinion, in different parts of the .-onntr/, as to the precise extent to which thi* or tha policy of national improvement,-^ sncyeated in the resolution, should be carried. At a nioaent when there is so much well grounded apprehension that the old purity of a<i iainistration and legislation, which characterized the early periods of onr Republic, Is becoming oljsolete, there may well be some caution ia instituting a general < system of internal' iinprovements which conld open still wi!•« opportunities for corruption. But with this ol.vions qnalificatfon I cannot o"onbt that a vast majority,** the peo' pie of the Union,— 1« u Id t liey be free to express their opinions nninfiuence't by party and riu- awed by patronage «nd '•power.—wonld, cive their hearty support to th« views which this resolution embodies • ' We have a good) v hpritageto manage for ourselves and to transmit to onr chfldren Greatly as any of us inaj regret that It did not come down to us f rom-our fathers vSthont Incnmbrances or draw-backs of any sort, we. have yet enough'to 12 thankful for, senongh to 'w proud of, enougli to.oocnpy our most dili- wilt and devoted attention, without "begging ir..nble" from all bulij-cts overwhjch we bav« no control as a nati- u Nobody pretends that there isatty constilu- tional power in the general government over the institution of Afii,-an slavery as it exists In the southern States,and nobody would know what to do with such a power to-morrow,were it bestowed upon the nation. The States in Which that institution exists have .a sufficient weight of responsibility in regard to it, without being vexed and goaded by foreign intervention ; and the intervention of the free State* on this^ubjeot it foreign mneh as if it Were that of Great Britain or France. Incidental issues must indeed occasionally arise, as they have arisen, which brings the whole subject into discnssion.arid upon which , N ; i . 'H!!' Hji. U!i M.'i M;; ' 85= • 204 1 204; I8G' c 7 8 9 10 9 10 U 12 18 18 IS 19 20 22 ' 34 9 10 Block. <•' T 88 Saskln's Subdirlilon. 8T.02 80,03 79,02 125,09 127,09 Lot. -BeneflU. ' ' 1B3.48 222,83 11 'M U L L 78^3 L 79,69 t 89,02 t 97,69 Persia's Addition. 14 IS 18. 9 10 11 IS .18 U 298,40 1S6 U 189,38 892,06 - ISC « 78^)4 162,69 : 197 12, 186,48 162,02 187' IS i {8,02 155,38 .: 187 14 • ' 87.M 1493J 187 18 , : 69,03 SS1.73 167 18 ' 82,02 8«4,OS : 187 IS '191,08 205.M ' ; i .E.I/a.OABDINEB, Comptroller. NOTICE. 83^0 ; 82^0 102,69 i 185,02 154,85 156,69 160.69 135,33 This Is a complaint very common, (specially among females.. tfooflanO'a German Elttera nerer falls to rare this disease. |The system, under Us: use.'ls restored to Its original strength and vigor; the appetite becomes good, the spirits become cheerful, and In body -aadmlndyoafeel the foil ^restoration of health, for sale by druggists and dealers In medicines rTerywnere, at 75 cents per bottle; the Back and u^ , atlgue OQ lUght ^ UOon of the Hean, Hysterics, and White,,' tie,, nil. ^effect a cur, when Bother means have nuw, Md although apo^ertu, remedy, do not contain lr o n .c s ,o- apr80-<Uifil . W. D. IJACO;;, lo.3 2,iat Wmur <tr.' Nexi Jo.irto C'andec, Dihblo ONNER , « ""tuutlon. mil directions In tha pamphlet uoanj eac!) pMkilf . which »hooJd be carefully preserr^d. Sole JAgent fo» the United States and Oanail* i JOB JIOSI8, (Late I. O.Baldwin. » Co . i °>' BOchcstsr N Y N. B.r-tl,00 and 6 postage stamps enclosed to in? an thorised Agenti will Insnrs a bottle, coatalniai! OTLT 50 pins, by retam; mall. lor sile by 6B2EN t BDTTQJJi • -' O.BABRIN0TOfl, J. ILALCO/IT. E M f L, O Y M K N T. 830 a IUonth arid all Expenses Paid. A N AGENT Is wanted In every town and connty in the United States to engage in a respectable and essy bniln«s5, by which the above profits may be certainly realized. Por^farther part culirs, addrerDn. J. '"" "' and Broadway, HATKAWAY & , BA.NKINQ> Laud autl Colieffion BONNEK BONNKK BOiVNfiK BONNKK BONNKK Juat rsceiTcd at aprSO .WDGKt-t ,KUC:>t'.K i.i.DGBK IJO.UCrEK I.KUCJKEt ti.\ 1 tIA 1 HA 1 HA i HA i HA i V. D. D.lCO.N't IS? E.«t IV-ir, A U i. •a O K P H \ M3BCHANia i'UOM THE -Ul try ars lnv:.te<t m .iTamin.. mb!9 IILOCK. IV /.,<-,> v.,- y .v Hi»»r Wuiaia, corner 12th Street'. uu ».i -"li ° fk Ci ' y> enclo!) ' n S ODe Postage Stamp. j I S hereby giyen that 0. C. Murray"tas withdrawn from the firm of Murray, Prior 4 fo., baring sold all his right and Itterm In said firm l,, Wl Ham II Klmball 0.0. MCTRKAY. The business will hereafter be conducted mrder the style of Prior, Hsrblck i Co., who wllisettle all accounts of Murray, Prior 4 Co. A. P. PRIOR, , • J.P.HARBICK, JeB WJI. M. SU1BALU . . || Contract Department June 1?, rjlHE 'following is a schedule oT lots ifrafitlnff the •f. n^h »nd south alley In b'ock SS.^tSVjth Ward of the City of Mliwankee, sho»isg^the amoont. which "fVi?'**!" b « bencfltcd "y P-iding said alleys to the established grade, u follows • : ' Block.: 29 .! 89 i| 29 •' 29 i 29 •; » ri Jy2-d3ti Lot. 1 4 5 8 12 13 16 Benefits. 35,00 40,06 43,33 CaAELESBCBACK, Street Oommlnlpnen.: Lot., Benefits. 21,68 i 43,66! .51.33 i 42,83 82 C6 17.C8 Bbck. 29 29 29 29 29 . oy 29 29 10 11 ' .. E. ItB. OA-RDINEB, Coinptt-ollcr. A U T H O K I '!' Y I ; i ' STATEMENT- : j Of the Condition of the Kittual JnraranctCmipanv. I of irnffijo, onth« 8d f>f February, 1SI9. Made t? the ; Secrttaty of State, Wisconsin, pursuant to the Stat; ntes of,U>at State. It The JKtuat fnmr~ Buffalo. 2. The come 6r"1j!$^Coaipxny U The 2T6tm ; a.nce\\Q>mpany of Buffalo. Located! in : State cfKswIork. :' ,' I. CAPrtll, 2. The aaout oi aulfcoriird . the councils ofjtbe nations may be compelled fowsl. But I can see nothing at this moment which calls for any such action or discussion • nor anything, certainly, which involves any Prussia looked at the irbr«ryi''«ntt : wa« deal, rous of purchasing" It forgone of the public coP lections of the Bute, to -enable the student of ecolesiaatical hietorj, in after years, to trace out the Bottrpes irlfeander's assertions and pinions. But the price offered by the American agent in'ready money was -more than the 1 Klngcpnld afford to give ebnveniently for such a purpose/ and so the library now stands -in the State of New Tork in the University-of Koohester.: that was soon after the .revolt tions of 1848 had improverished so complete-' ly the governments and kings of the Continent of Europe. Now a still more dangerous foe to their thrones appears, and the treasures of art- Mid science, of nature and of literature, thatj have formed the most wonderful mind lor its grasp on universal knowledge that the world 1 has produced, are all, in one vast collection, acout to be transferred "from. JEiirope to this conntry, while Prussia, is using the money to mobilize her-army. - .;•••:; - The sum pfeed is said to lie about'thirty- five thousand dollars. Whether Mr. Wriglt offers this from himself, or, as is more proba- ?r!rttfA>S^T^M A * of g entl 8«en or public instttntlon in this country, we can not say; but It is supposed that now* so poor are all the pnwic and private Institutions of learnine in the Old World, they will hardly bTablf to oonlpete, and the ready money will purchase the collection to this-oountry. As* scientific fact, all this is interesting to us as a nation. But it is chiefly as a typical fact, afl proof Of the blessings of free govern- menlj peace and temperance, that we advert toitiere. Mr. Wright went out from this Quite recently the opposition pregs has circulated a bogus letter from Camp Floyd imputing a participation in fraudulent army con- traoU, to the- Secretary cf War. It turns out that the arrangement for this service was made in the regular course of business, after adver- * s **a»Bt < with the proper officers, and ty whlok, contiagied-with the former jnode, at l«««t $100,000 ate jjared to the government. E.T The Kichmona Whig, which says the wpubltoanpartyis dissolved, proposes to unite all the odds and ends of the -various parties, aorQi and south, which stand in aatangoninn tothedeisocraoy, with the exception of Sew- •KBno and Abolitioniim, and go "in for the' nomination of a candidate for President next yea. *""•^'•••^•••^•"•••(•(•si^iis.sujsss.^i^^^^ rf , N. Y. JSetu, aad Albany AOu A orge that the time to be fixed for the •usmbling of the Demooratio National Conven- ttoBatCbarleitanwillnot be later than" April W» hope so, too. An early nomlnaUon, coontry from its remote interior as the repre- sentetive of the United States at the Court of Berlin._ He carried-with him his teetotal abstinence principles to a Court where, from the Eng downwards, all were rather noted for their fondness for champagne. He carried the simple, unostentatious and peace- fol habits of the best part of his conntry quite as conspicuously as Franklin had done before him fa Paris. He exhibited their respect for the Sabbath ani their hatred of war. Their love of a free, simple, earnest religion he had especially represented in introducing and inevitable or irrepressible conflict between the Northern and Southern-States. il believe, on the contrary, that the best interests of the Union, arid of'all, without excep tion,*ho dwell within its! limits, call for a cessation of sectional strife. ' 'fntewl Repub. /tea, tit finitlet litium." . • ;. The more I have looked over' the field ot past or .present political controversy^ the more I have been convinced 'that nothing bnt evil has thns far resulted fcom sectional Agitations of tha plavery question, and that they have retarded, Instead of-advancing, the progress pf any jast opinions on the subject, both at the North And at tbe South. Not a few of the most deplorable struggles which hare been witnessed in relation to the new : territories, have been inflamed and infuriated by the criminations ana re-criminations Which have characteriwd.tbese sectional controversies. Northern men and southern men have taken n> . xtreme and untenable doctrines in the mere h t at oi opposition, and in order to —"-each, other. Principles and measures .rr. ..-.teen proposed and pressed In a spirit of retaliation, from which a sober second thought would have revolted, arid would now revolt; If I have any seriousi^ear at this instant, that the revival of the foreign slave trade will find; any considerable number of advocates it the south, it arises from the apprehension that the. question will be seized, upon for party purposes at the north, and made the subject of angry, approachful, indiscriminate dennncia- ,tion; ,-. -'• . .. ...... : . . ; ,'. Undoubtedly, issues may be raised hereafter, as they have been heretofore, which; must be met. Bnt if I could hope that my voice would be heard or heeded anywhere, I would deprecate the disposition to anticipate such issues or to«tnpon any predictions of their inevitable necessity. Let the southern mind and the northern mind Tiave tl me Io recover from the fever and frenzy of recent Btnggles; let them be turned once more, r. hd turned together,' to the consideration of common interests and common dangers; let them 'unite in devising.means for maintaining an'ionorable and inviolable . ............... --. 0. The asionat paid up ..... , *• ! II. isstlra. 1st. Ca^hi on hand. 2d. In the hinds cf 'and ; dne from ssecls & otbcn Bd. No iesl estate, 4:h. Eonils hd I by the Co; 7s. 1. M. S. U, R. londs, 12,GOC 2. Toledo,. Nonralk iCIeTt. bonds. 4,ndo 8. N. I. E. S.,bonds, 8.0C-0 ' t«0,000 i 298,290 137^61 8? • -4,211 87 I. Stocts : D. B. 6j 10,000 ., worth'.'.. ..-. ..... 10,457 M • D. 8. <s 8.000 worth j .......... 9,165 S6 B. H. York Cs 6,100 <lo Cs 13,600 •worthii ...... .... 26.803 ID 21 . 6. Debts due to the Co. se: cored by raortgmge on unencumbered real esttte, corth double the amootit of mortgige "per schedule" fearing 7 per cent. Ictcrcd.... ............. 116.cs: 19 C. Debts otherwise secured . .. -by stocts, DortgagM and insurance scrip of this and other companies, and interest on same......... 84,913 14 7. Debts for premiums, con- sitting ef bills recelrable, 35,82478 8. All ottirr sccurltle* and claims due the Co., salra- Ke<, TeucU, *c. ....... .. so.t&l 37 9. Personal propertT owned by tho Co , Bteam Tup, Pampi.ilc.. ...... ...... 89,66 i 10,33 . coos, ^iDzoa Q. Homana.. CHAALES c. corros. COON, HOLLISTEB. &COTTOU.; Attorneys ami N03. 4,5, ANDC, (197 East Water Street,) 2.;'.....,*-....Jf» HOTELS, &C. E: LOUIS HOUS UV MORRIS LOUIS, H UBON, near East Water street. The Louis House wsj established In 1343, and has been contlnu-ed by the same proprietor, who laics this occasion to return his acknowledgment to his friends aad the public for their patronage fdr so many years past, inJ solicits a continuance of their kind fi/i-rs Tho Louis Honso contains miny rooms, well suited for rualliea, newly furnished with stoves and evc?y couTeniencu to comfort. There are: some four or flie such rooms In tha house now vacant, that can be i.litalccJ, if appiic.l for . novSO IMuls, ' -TOOK OP Of Eve s A i ALBANY RESTAURANT —AND— BILLIARD ROOM. very /;.. !cr , p( , 0 ,, A T VV H ( ) L AUo, the VEHY BESi' : rocic RET A IL GOODS, KVIT bruujjht to thia Jlnrkul, for i.u,. CHK \ B. T i J Ic O o I ISO Easi -i'i air r -^ ?; aprlij A Stolen. b . *«« ''ate. Executed nK 1 , 1 * Crh ' "oegel, dited Ml October 13, 1K3. I warn evtrjbody not t buy said note as it will not be paid to any one excep [>8] BARBARA inn). tone. J. jsn unto. oua.ii[.» Qeatlemen's, Misses' & Children' Boots SHOES, SLIPPERS & R^JRliERS. BOOTS MADE TO OR&ER No. SSa East \i'ater street (.Opposits Talker HouseJ MlLiVAdEEE, ....... [taajSl] ....... R. A. CLIFFORD'S CEiVTHAL DAGFEUHEAIV AND ART GAI LERY, 17i Bait Water Street. H AVING secured the isslstanse of thj oldest and most experlancet operator la the West. K. Havens, (whose skill la his department Is *«U tnown to cany o/ the citlztis of llilwiagce,)! sn no».prepared to offer to the public every dc-iraole style of pictures known to the community tt luwef riiei icO. executed SwiitaSfgttVw^. can be a ° Ds in aoy ouicr " M - GLltToZV* DA.GUEBEtAS-1 Ul Ejst Bater Jtr.-'t, formerly known as ' Loons. 5— 4 Opposite NewlmL Entrance J, Haute, Milwaukee. cued door oa llaln stre^C T ills SPLENDID HOTEL has recentir changed pro- (•rietorj—General McManman retiring, ,iad the Uuun. FLOYD succeeding t'm la Its management.— The Messrs. F. ars bod well imown throughoat the western country as gentlaaen "of experience in Hotel keeping. »nd no other assurance Is necessary that the Hjr»M House will hereafter be conducted In a style de- ervlng the patrdnagc of the public. oct29-dtf LOOK HEEE, YE WEARY TRAVELERS CUNNIXUHA.n'S DINING SALOON! L OCATED near the Milwaukee t Mississippi Depot is just U» place to procura warm »nd substantial meals, for the sjnall sum of 35 centj ; ind the tables will be supplied With, tha .choicest viands of the leason. OTSIEKS TNV1TS3 Lhu Attent.^a jf purcli,ij-T , JL. Iarge3tand Seat aelucted jtoci» m the- *»ntins; anything In Lt,- f^aiiinj? on him tx.-for« " OA 11 IN cun alwaya &&*• aeit eh***" 1 !n t o«n« 3«,V.J, bllci /apon. GROCSKISS €heap PKoyjsio^s A. 1> ^-r.M-i-i i,---, W IU-JH '..r i ; I ) ( ^ f. I i. GA.T1E Served up in every style, on short notice. The Bar 13 always supplied, with the choicest Wines, Liquors an.l J. Travelers upon the Milwaukee i Mississippi Bpa-l will fl edits neat and convenient place to procure their meals- Warm Lunch from 10 to 3 o'clock every daj •ept 23 0. CUNNINGHAM, rt-oprletor 'A ^ . < I r •• I H A OM PL .l Asi'jrl.:. " F£EO THE HUNGRY, » Total Assets, III. 20,630 71 IM.SSAE} rpHlS Injuaction, divine la llj oilfin^ -anJ obllgitory JL as a duty upon as ill, ij now betri? observed to the fullest extent by HUN* &. CI5O3BY, 3-13 JiAST WATEK STKfiKT MILWAUKEE, ...................... WISCONSIN. Who are jut In rrceipt of the cheapest, best asjnitTil acd most complete stock of Family Groceries Ever exhibited in this city, the same taring been bought recently in the New Tors »nd Boitou marlcptj FOR CASH, At sn-h prices as enable us to undersell all compet.tors in the trade, and stlU afford us ahandsome living profit. Our programme embraces every article la the trade both .• ' FA:V«-Y AND STAPLE, Buch «: Sugars, (-a'l klnils and at tie very Iqwest prices,) Teas, (a T. for EOo warranted better thin can be bough- elicwhere for 5 shillings, or will give you a J for -noihing,) Coffees, (llocha, Old Government, 1 ?* c .'i Ei<> ' ) w »"ut and Mustroon Cat- nds of fiances such asSoho, Woraestershlrt Beading and Sultans, (x&e latwr being a refr^hlng tnd •,-leis.tegsUoulant Io the appetite,«ed principally of TuiltUh; condiments 1 combined with vVriou. productions of tho. East. i M i nlfhly deliciou Hashe., Stews i > , " s5 - '»lsotoports a elicious flavor to £teak. and Chops,) Burton "*^? °i!7t, OU ' C " rrai ' 1 of »" Wl ^ Cross" I' f. The amount .of liabilities due to panics and other creditors. None, excepting what Is contained ID • No. 10. i; . : 6. Losses adjusted acd due. 7. dp' do and not due. S. Losses n&adjusted. Scp- posed to-be at tie extent about..,:,,........ 9. Losers in suspense. Same as No. 84 . 10. All other claims against ' the company, Individual balincei, unclaimed dirl. denda, ani redemption of : flcrlp uncalled for , . Nope. None. tfiUO : <ffl 73 j IOJSW-78 Pickles of every descriptions, 'picifed Lobsters, i^esh Salmon, Hardlnes, Uttla iSk CUmV CCve Oysters, Corn Starch, Taplocn, Sago. Sice floSr Coopers Shred Islng Glass, Maccoronl, Venaacelll,' Fjn, aalsins. Citron, *c , ie. We are alsdSole Agents In Wisconsin far : i Macombcrt- Salad Cream. A very popular article which should lie la every epicures family. We' have also • ' 2000 SUGAR CURED The best ever , ffered In this city. 'Also • ! 45 JBBL8. I*IESS POUK I'ut up expressly for our trade. »•• ».Mi:-v .Si-A A COilFLKTS" i COUNTRY UIEKCHAJfTS Art requested to call and examine GOODS AND PRICKS. H. P. CADV, J e2 J] y ftuentln's Block, II E. W»ter st. ninfii!*!-' neutrality in the J • Total LlabillileVL, •-.. .;.; - iv. 11. The greatist amount insnred in one rlst. t4,000, of Ore risks Is tha nsnal limit; bat in some cues of i short risks $10,000. On vessel* and cargori »1B,. OQO is thesmual limit. Including both. f I 12. Gross smpunt of premiums recelred la Stale of Wlsconslnfor the correct year,ending February 8, Ii5», $728,88. ' ; i ;. 13. The marfcit ralne of 'ts stock. The Combany has ; no stockholders, the scrip Issued on the Uatoal plan by to charter constitutes Its capital aad the : Talus of'(crip varies according to Its priority of ;. ' ls»ue. : i i' ' ••:••••.- : ': - . 14. DlTldend, ; 7 per cent on its ontitandlng scrip; 15. The charter or act of incorportion of said Oompa- - - ny. Sent herewith. • }..!..• . ^_ ; ' D JAMES. 0. EVA-US, Prcslotent. i A. A. JtooTApHicn, Secretary. . ; ; . Always on band from the Empire and New York Mills, an.d - -^ • . . TO OPT 4 LOKO STORY SHORT, The best stock of Jrocertes from which to select froa In town and at tt c lowest rates • AS WE PELL FOI$ CASH, And, make no bad! debts, «• can £ffori to undersell our neighbors who do a tlm« trade, and of course lose more ,or,las of their proflu In that way. Call and Examine Our stock, whether you want to buy or not, andwt, win freely show you onr .goods and prices which we kcbw'canndt fail to please you. i J«2 .•!*-. i HUNN 4 CROSBY. i\EU BOOKS. T ^n ^ fP THE OLD : Or CaUTorala and Indi. in romantic aspects, by O. W. Palmer, M. D. Mosaics, by the author of Salad for the Bolitarv A Bachelor's Story, by Oliver Bunce. life of General Havelock, by J,T. Headley The Convalescent, by N. P. WlIKs. The Sparrowgraas Papers; or, Living In the Country, by P. T. Cozzeus. ' Just Becelved. For sile by ' ' TEBHY i CLEAVER, J«- 167 East Water St. alOL'-i:! I'r'l'U.i] u?e'l f,1eir W h ol us a li> &r oc , t.lH. j r A N , !..%-•» J '.i A l S-T4.TE -sj • • . ii OF WISCONSIN^ SECRETARY'S OFBOE, I fHuitaos, May 81 .ISMJ ;( Batlriactori erldence baring been furnished io me that the mutaal Insurance Company of Buffalo* being; an inenrs nee incorporated by' tho State of Kew/York, baring compiled with thetequlranentof sect!6n one of An 1 Act entitled "An act U regulate Inrnranct Companies not Incorportcd by thi Etate'bf WlseonsJn?' ap- pr6TedUarcha7.1659 > and also paid! Into the SOLE . PKOPBJETOa & MANOTACTUaSB 0? PTJRS OHIO CATAWBA BRANDY, T HI8 Brandy has been manufactured for seyerii years from the pare jalce of the CaUwba Sr»pe, thus affording additional evidence of the progress o( American enterprise and Industry, and of our ability to produce articles at home equal to those made by any other r.atlon. The Ohio Catawba Brandy not only equals but excels the'bc.-t Imported Urimlles, In purity and flavor. It Ij In fact the best Urandy tnown. This statement Is fully corroborated by the certificates of our most distinguished an., [ytlcal chemists. The.»intof Pure Brandy has long- been felt in this conntry, ana the Introduction of an article of such quality as to superscede the sale and use of thosa.Tile compounds hitherto sold under the name of Brandy ,can only beregardedagreat pnbllb good. The Catawba Brandy possesses'all th» good qualities claimed for the best Imported liquors,and Is of perfect purity and superior flavor, and a sorerign and snr» remedy for Dyspepsia, ftin-K beg leara. to announce to oar customers, and to "»'^e|'^ r . Cramp, Collc i Langnor,LowSplrlta,Gener- ^.LnYaTe^M^ FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. I Retail Price, *i,25 Per Bottle. HT Becommended by tho physicians and drajilsta of the United States. ; • G.Slmtaondshas appointed J. P. <t T.- 8. tr.HT.iry No 141 East Wat«r street,, sole agents for the State- of Wls- The Franklto .Chemieal Works, ;' i NO. 231 NOBTri FBAKKUJT STREET, ICJffJCAOO, . ! - ILLINOIS. NOTlCi:. 1 3 tierebj jlven that all tho oounceraiifiie.i ^n-uidiiu notes issued by the "People'! Bunl:'* it >Jihviii^.-- miljt bo pr^aenteu at the oilice of tho Hani Comptr-ii!'..; wiiiun three years !rcm the date ni thls'notic.; 1r ha: :ho funds depoltej or the redemption ,f Ja) j -, rcu , , ting notes trill be given up t.rthe ini.l Banning v s ,', datlon. Milwaukee, Jlarch 1-', '.its TV"OT1CE ts hereby jlvjn, thai ay virtue mil in pur J.1 luance or nn (inlfr nl llcenaa maile by :h'j County Cnurt of Doiigo Couniy, Stato of Wlscmmn, )n th^ 23d day of May, last paat, in th,? m:ui»r of --he -state of Solomon Juneau, .li-ceascd, the anderalnnecl nl mlnistrators vrlli, on lue Mm .lay of Jul-; suit, sngulu-.- at 2 o clock in the nfternonn, n tho Court ine City of Milwaniee, Wsc lie vendue, the rollowl said estate, ta wit Lota numbered jevcac'l '^d eijh: (SI, In block m beral one hundred" anil tairty-lh.-eo ( 133), n tne if Ward, of the City of illl^amcee, scat-u -jr^v-acansin The ternip of sale trill b.e ma^ie .it the tlm.j place of si ' -. Dated t) UUl day of Jun<, A. D., 1S5». N'ASOISSE M. JO'NH.vr, U2NRT K. WDITB, Uouj? u scor.jln, offer for 3 ala at put. dejcrlbud lauds DflonKlnir -u ing the old world; and let it be the general ri .., . are now Convuls- 1 Btate Trearery the sum of throe per cent, on theigros . - . * 0 _naprom- inentl/ representing the |Evanjielioai Alliance in their communications with the late King of Prussia, And in the course of bis brief real- denoe he has lived to see that monarch render-' «a imlwcile, in part, at least, it Is ihonght through his addiotion to wine drinking, in' stead of GOT. Wright's cold water; and he has wen the Prussian government too poor, and all her 'nobles too poor or too penurious, to hny the priceless relies of a HmnboIdtTher greatest philosopher. , - • . So has lived' to tee the money saved from """*•*•-•—aad from the horrid bntohteiw of that wealth among the people of -*~ enable *' valrjr of as allj whicbjpart of the conntry shal do most to promote thcrprpipetitjr arid welfar ' welfare the tea of the: whole, which .: shall - exhibit' •fruits of our Ee^nbKctm nyaterh, and which |8hall ; moat worthily' illustrate th» history o thosfr freelnBtitntlons which were founded by ' a ooinmon and glorloos ancestry , Tncse are theTlews, hastily an andlmperfeetly honorable. ,hoTe all other thelmbe- , - t ^-r-- -•».•"=;• «-wa, unauij ana impenectiy expressed,; which lead me to give ;my%ordia janentto the resolution of your committee —• like, yourself and the gentlemen associated with yon, Ihave formed no new political connection since the Old Whig p»rty ceased to nave a national organization. I have waited patiently in the hope that the condition otthat party wasr only a case of suspended animation; And rewnt investigations confirm me in the belief that, even if tfiq goo£old name of Whig ihall neyer again be n-vtredjn the proud designation of a dominat national party, our country will once more, at no'distant day, be found rejoicing in an administration conducted on the .same principles, which were so long and so ally ndvocated by Clay and Webster—which bronqht Harrison.and Taylor, and Tillmore. and which onght to have brought Scott into th.t Presidential chair—and which are still associated with Bach living names at those ofa Ciittenden and an Everett, alBell and a Bates, a Rives and a Kennedy, a "amiltonPishanda Washington J3nnt. j Believe me, dear sir, with greaf?egard,very faithfully yours, BOB'T O. WIHTHBOP. , \STK .baveMreral Brict and Frame Houses to rent Jfl exceedingly cheap. We have for tale a rait " tuy or imbecile FltOM ROBNDS & t,AN<JDO«, General Advertising Agents, ,' VKRASDOLPB 8T3ZE1, Who are aatoorUed to receiv* „ , ^ Contract Penartm«n^ July T, JOSAM i«ra be receiTed at thh oQet .In the sin for the yetr 185S, *s per report of ssld Company.— Now, therefoM, In pursuance of the act aforesaid, 1, David W. Jonei, Secretary of State of the State of WIs- Consln, dp hereby cortlfy that W. P. Hnrd, orjlljwiu > >ee,lf iebedalyauthorli«d by laid Company,: may take ricke, reteive premiums and transact thoTjuiIness of an Inrnranoe Agent for said Company in this State, from this date, until the first "day 6f January, 1SCO. In wltancj whereof, I have hereunto set my iand ft. 8.1 ' e^daffllTed the great seal of the Stale, at •. iu. &;J ;;j hB o»pjtoi in Haflison, this. Blot day of -: •.•-.. -•-' ;fflay,lS59. ,-• •--•• . i- j- -i ' . ! ; J.D.KUGQtlS: . jeli-dlnv jl : Aiilsttnt Secretary of: St*U. !< i Essences of Liquors, which, u always, wm be executed to their entire satU- factlon. Thousands appreciate the plan upon which bur,Essences are made which presents the following ad- yanuge* and facilities never offered by others: i: ': 1: :The Essence, from these works are actually gained by .distillation, therefore Healthy and Pure— something that others cannot or dare not claim for theirs. ^ • .:-2, The Coils are much less than'olher:; because these Eiscsces tre put up In packages, each containing tier: f Ad: igh Tor forty gallons^ and comprising sot only ail •eqnlredIngredients, tutelar Vie coloring. laress letters to CAEL ERLEB, Manager, (rankiln customers will please for- , consin, where dealers and ward their orders. 'By calling on thffagents, fie public will receive asom- ple gratulonsly . my 19 THIS YOUB MONEY • ,—-.u.v— (V.H..0 MJ WA1M4 ^.linr.i,, juAavjiier, ChetaJcal Works,Chicago, 111., P. 0. Box, 3343. : r EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, MACHINE WOKKJ3 TCHTOSl & SEBCOMB, Proprietora. MOB, a«8,889,300,302 and 304 •. WBST,WATEK STREET Two blocks below the La Orout B. E. i , lUHTTrAOTTTBI > > 8TEAMINGINKS, , HARDWARE, &C. : SIGN iLE & SON! OK THE KETTLE t ' | r ' DEALEBSIN 8tQV6«> Sheet Iron. Tin, Hardware, , i . —AND— , HOBSEPOWSRB- ' ', BBIDQX, RAILROAC - SadBTKAlIBOATCABTIHGB, j ' " IBON 00101018, I e.aMmry variety of JobTKorS.lnthe bart manner, ana on the moitllberal term*. i . Ihe att*a«ra-of Mui^TOtrt aad owners ef Wler- Power, Is parttajlarly called to the <<• < 'TUTTI^K WATER WHEEt, s being by far the most powerful, durable end tat>- nondcalWheeli *Tw4tttented-not Uahte to 'get OB* oT order, not affected by lea or backwater, and wing lea »«« in proportion to the power produced than -onw otter Wheel IB tit* market. A descriptive circular Jon W £t«T »£? application, tree of charge. """*"* 'OLD respectfully inform, their friends'and the pnhllo generally, that tiny hire opened a Store at 866., WiSI WATER 8TKEET 208 Por the sale of the aboTe named articles, togethe ,i Wth - i i , BPADEB, SHOVELS, RASES, HOES, and'Agricultural -Implements generally, u wen as an !<-> '- , sorts of SHEET tBOH AND TI7JNEIIS'WORK, etc. etc. etc, ' Stores pnt np to order. 0ST Koofing. REPAIRING of all kinds, and every sort of work la onf line punctually attended to. tST" OrtJertlaftwill be attended to without delay. —" M1AOLS * SOU. a. VQS Dsrrrsca. r. VON PEUTSCH & WINKI.ER, ! ' |: ATTOaUETS AND COPNSEliOBS AT 1AW, OrjlOE—Empire Block, SSRX Eart Water St. JOHN W, LEDYAKD, Cash Grower, and Wine Dealer, . : NO. iq i Est&f WATER ST. ; T UB BEST PLACE TO BUT PINE OKKEN AND BLACK TKA3; The best place to bnj OLD JAVA and MOCHA CCFJEE3: j ' ' . ; I Tho best place to bay nice 8YK0P3; The best placa to bny sJl kinds of MOLASSES; • The best place to buy all kinds of SUGAH3; Tie best placa to boy all kinds of SALT FI3H ; - The best place to Buy Cross *£lac!tweU's PICKLE < The lust place to buy all tinds FOREIGN SAUCES; The best place to bay all kind) FIB FBDIT3: ;The best place to boy SCQAB CUBED llAMa: The best place to bny SMOKED BEEP; " The best placa to buy CHOICE BDTT2B; The best place to buy PAXB ALB; The best place to boy FOaHQN ALE and POSTEB: Tha best place to buy TOILET SOAPS; The bf at place to-bay all kinds WASH1NS SOAPS; The beit place to boy best STARCH; •Ths bejt placa to boy P1O8, HAI3IN3, PHUNSS; • The best place to buy all (clods NUTS; The besliplaee to buy pura ZJQUOES for family use • The. best placa to buy. Native ami foreign WINE3; The best placa to buj.» good bos OIGAB3; The best place to_b^y Ueenhaua 8MOK1N&TOBAC- Tie bett pl»ce to boy high and low cost CHEW IK Q Th» best Jlace to buy Weldham Pine Apple CHEESS • The best place to buy English and American '« '* The best placa to buy good GOODS; Tha best place to buy GOODS CHEAP • Tha bestnlcca to boy all kinds SStOEana • We ask ttia citlzena of Milwaukee to try n»—riclj »nd poor. V;r 3«3* j ' JOBS W. LSPYABP. H.EIVKV .V .'N D .VIil> K t) O JI , Sivoat. ClL.Ll I3O Eu»l A VARIETY cf Uunej prcparoa at Lunches or daptierii, consisting or 51BAT9, 8AKDU!i3, fivJELSb b'UU, ' Musical iiatertiunm«r;t r.-jry giiur-la mitttanco free. O NE Clio at Fresh Smakoi! Uollbur, r press to-day. [felslii tlt'N.N jivet tiy r'.- cnosuv VENISON JOiiK choice Vouisoa H^mj 9 marJT hlAMS- UUSN * SALMON. C HOICE Smoked Salmon at ,mar37 oaoauvs. MAPL.K SYKUP. ti A GALLONS Maplo.Syrup, choic's article for Buck\JV/ wheat Cakes, at - EDJiN"3 CKOSU'V'3. mar31 • NEW P. R. 3101, ASSES H EOEIVKD by ilrst boat from BuiTalo, at »P rI t UUN.N A CaOSBY'3. •>, C. JAVA COIJEK f~\y superior quality, a MUe tho IB iJie city, at Vx aprT • ' "' FAMILY KLOUK. FSW YorsTMlils Flour, eaojtaatly oa haid, K HONN Jt OHOSUi'3. CBAKLESK. C 0 M A N E of an entirely new »atl splecdlil tltocK American 1 A JBWE&BY Of Litest Styles, at B.'VA_I¥ €«TT Cor. E(Wt Water and Wisconsin Strut*. Domestic Exchange and Specie* mHBWehett rates paid for aU kind* of Gold and 811. &^r^ans*in«tf 0 f««i<>»'«S«l 0 ''«>»P'te«- . A.I^Sdea!to8fl»SpeolaanclSichangamy entire ^.,. u _ jojlnegs, Ham able to giyemy cuato- oter current figures. List of price* ( will be furnished at my offisty , 02 WISCONSIN 8TBEET, Under th* Baptist OJturch, ntuly opposite tha Onitom Boaw< ; marM-dta . Having lately disposed of moat of ajy former siook, I exercised myself in searching at the Eastern Marketa for all the and Patterns, Whlcji hava been Iraported »nd snanufactuiad ulnoo :ha lost panic. I have also purchased a larjo stock of Ladies' aad 'Gentleman's Watches, With movements acknowladsed sa tlu aiost superior br the American public. nov30 COCOA ' ' QUNN 4 cao32'3.

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