The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 22
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 22

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 22
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W»PPMP»,IIWMI I «IIIIIIIIMIIII mmmmmm mmn>**» PAGE SIX. T ^E HUTCHINSON NEWS. SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1"3 Ring's Long Island Estate Open to Visitors Grown Up'» at 25 Cents, and Kids at $12.00 each, May Gaze at Ring's Rare Antiques. IJY RING W. LAKDNEK I 'D tin; edttor: IVcple tlmt don't live on I ,i >ng Island If any may 11 ..L of Jiciitd Lhat for Lin? lust 4 or vvkx. tile sho.v j>*iac«» t>f s,tmi» hnp niiMi u^on to the public for u couple lirs. Mvry Saturday and ever) Uuly 1 hat .canted to uot a eyeful ot same lias jial.l a 'A: a $1 .00 and the re- i-Hpti of same lu Ruing to bo lurnot] over to a school for Rivls. Wi'II for :iome ro;uon another the committee (Mil not putotir Joint on Ihe li.-M and the public in said to bo niak- ItiH a terrible squawk on acct. of same t:o wo have decided on famlllo to keen open house l<eLv. een 2 and 3 A. M. every ho;iday during August and have cut tin- price to for udtilts and $12. (W for children and the proceeds ulll bo turned ovor in person to tho Loiif; Island clmpter uT illind t'adtlioa. Though what is bohnenmwly referred to an our estate may not bo no binder than Sam lltirris's bath mat, nil! and ail we feel like It wlifVrovide a Intercut Inc, hr, for people interested in rai'e <vd furniture and vegetables. In ,/i.t hardily a day passed bnt what fln^s a cullerier or one kind another nl tile front or I.ark dour of tbe Joint u'liirh 1 niit'.ht ^talo tllat the reason it iw calleil a joint is because they's a hioili/npo Co. over in Mineoia that ciainui to be a joint owner If you enter the estate by motor tho tjiini; that iittntetu your tension is tli v'rlvewn:- which we. rent out In tho I'prihK af- a practice Tor stee- ji 'e Jack:-, 'Ibis ilrh'eway. in aptly uickiiainr>d Death mountain on aed. uf how many en;;in ''H has boon killed Vyint to i;et up it. Oneo up the driveway, "Which la liunliiy ever tie 1 let time, you come to the pnritltic si 'ice which la also used a -i a outdoor sleeping porch for the kiddles' Moy'los, Having stopped out of your custiy motor onto the bicycles, tlie cltent next limpa In the 'A ct and the dresser drawors Is keys from prnclnlly every hotel In tho two big leagues, two or three checks drawed to our order on banks which don't recall ovor having met tho boys that signed thorn and a season pass for 1814 to tho Federal J _,eagUo ball pk. In Buffalo. Those is only a taw ot the attractions and could go on all day numerating samo and visitors is guaranteed tholr money's worth of same but Is warnod to not go too near tho children or put their hands Inside tho cageB. Great Neck, Long Island, July 13. Copyright, 1928, by the Boll Syndicate Inc. Sending Full Quotas. Nov York: W. W. Husband, Commissioner of Immigration, in a recent report states that the recent Immigration restrictions are having their desired effect in reducing the number ot persons coming to the United States from Southern and Eastern Europe and In Increasing the number from the British Isles, Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian countries. This moans that the new citizens ot tho United States are ot the same slock as the original settlers of the country. Tho countries last mentioned are now sending their full quotas to tho United States, something that has not happened for several years. ALASKA PAYS GREAT RETURN Story of Development is Told by Trade Record—Rich in Fish and Minerals. (President Harding's niMsummor visit to "Seward's Icebox," as Alaska was designated afterlta purchase under tho recommendation of Secretary Seward, calls attention to tho remarkable development of that area since Its purchase from Russia .by the minerals and metals Include not more-! ly gold, silver and copper, but also 1 platinum, antimony, lead, tin, graph- 'lte, gypsum, barytes, sulphur, coal and mineral oil. The Alaska Bureau of tho Seattle Chamber ot Commerce, which has special facilities for keeping close tab on conditions In Alaska since Seattle Is tho chlof port through which Alaskan products ontor, estimates the total output of minerals and motals In Alaska alnco Its purchaso at 1460,000.000 down to 1920, which would bring the grand aggregate at tho present time to about $500,000,000. Figures of the United States Government Bhow gold receipts from Alaska tor the last throo yoars at over $20,000,000, and copper at over 180,000,000, Fishing a Big Industry, But it Is not In minerals and metals alone that Alaska has made great United States In 1867. There were contributions lo the woalth and do- •*nockors" In those daya as well as ; mostlc requirements ot the country, now and those who recall tffrom their T no outturn ot the fisheries since its personal remembrance or reading the purchase Is stated at over $400,000,000, tlevoe criticism ot an appropriation an a the official statistics ot tho I>o- of $7,200,000 in (full •payment for this partmont ot Commerce show that the enormous area, ipractlcally douWo' (lie j| S h products shipped from Alaska to io of the original thirteen states, other iports of the country In the past 111 bo interested to note some figures three years aggregated nearly $100,- uppoaring In tho Trade -Record of The ,000,000, or to be more exact $95,348,- Natlonal City Bank of Now York as to 653. The tur products which were ex- Alaska's development and especially tremely vamnblo during the period In „„ ,„ J r .n .rm This in wealth production in tho 56 yoars which no limitations were placed upon i Latin at the Institute oi ^ a £"™*since Its purchase^ I tho taking of the fur „eal have totaled > is the first time a woman has boon « Found Dinosaur Remains. Mongolia: Fossil remains of a dinosaur found near Bhrllen, Mongolia, by American explorers, prove that the animal was carnivorous. Evidence of this is indicated by the teeth and the structure of the skeleton. Tho creature stood on logs ton feet high and its body was 90 foot lond. It weighed almost 90,000 pounds and Is regarded as intermediate between a lizard and a third and of the samo common stock as the present-day alligator. Tho more area, 691,000 square rnlles, • but are now running at the rate of says the Trade Record, 4R nearly twico that of tho thirteen original states (325,000 square miles) and iti contributions to our woalth especially in recent years aro startling when compared with the sniuU sum paid for it- Its gold production alone in lha 'M years for which wo have an official record Is In round terms $250,000,000 or 35 times as much as tho entire sum paid to Russia tor It, The copper 8 ent us from Alaska alone has Ergregated $1 »6.000,000 since tho establishment of a governmental record 20 yearst^ngo, and in the single year 1922 was approximately $10,000000, or more than its entire cost Its Employing Indians. Tucson, Ariz.: As an experiment the Santa Fe Railroad has omployed some 400 Pueblo Indians as track laborers Inside tho house the customer is first escorted down In the basement where he may see a \% ton of real coal and an empty pt, bottle that say« Schlltz on It If lou enter the estate by motor the 1 et. thing that attracts your tension I B he driveway which we rent out In the spring as a practice nroundo fcr steeple jacks. fiimily aarape whom ndjoinlns stalls is shared ; l»y a unpaid for tuurinK car, the rii-st 1) o soflan and a cow with a Jersey license. Students of dead la,p.£uai ;e3 will bo Interested in the myslerioilB Hlcns Infesting tbe walla rtueh as Ploaso no smoko and Dill Lardner is a d f 1. Clock a Grandfather's at 10 Years Old. Hard by the garage lays tbe tennis court nov/ Hearing completion. The man that begun work on Ibis court quit when he was awarded the contract for the Brooklyn Bridge, since then many different experts haa took a hand In the construction retiring on a pension when old ago claimed its o .vn_ tlroat. Neckern who likes to boast of tholr long residents lu this wonder city la frequently heard exclaim lug why 1 remember when-I-«ard- n ^rs Bturtod tholr tenuis court. All and all it is said that enough clay lias boon put on the court and took ofr again to make full length statuea of over & tbe former Folllos jsirla that has married Yale mon. Inside the huuae the customer Is first esix>rted down In tho 'banement where he may see a hi ton of real coal and a empty pt. 'bottle that nays ftchlitz on it. A couple minutes glance at these gruesome objects Is genally always enough and the visitor Is glad to mount again to the ground floor where ho enlers the dinning rm. where ihoy's a spot on the rug which lias been Identified as part of tho gravy served the dny Oarfield was assassinated. In one corner of the living rm. Is seen a tjrandfather's clock which students has told mo that it could not of beon built since 1914 and was maybe a whole yr. old, nn ago when hardily anybody Is even thinking of becoming a grandfather unlosl you Include insect life. Opening the door of the clock one observes a doughnut fried by the next NEW YORK WOMAN NAMED ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL to tho last Jap that loft us and Is now used as oue of the wuighta for tho clock. The light bulbs in tho living rm. is another-point which can't fail "to evoke squawks of delight from lovers ot tho antique. " Hut tho prize relic of the lot Is found on a table In the hall and is a first edition of tho N. Y. city telephone directory bound iu brownish yellow and fcumt us by the company themselves 3 or -1 yrs. ago. j Tho -Administration's First Embarrassment. •Friends have told us that 4 couple new editions of this raro work has been broughten out'since but the now ones don't contain nowheres near as many names ot dead people and it a person wants a alphabetical list of the men who founded Now York, or New Amsterdam as It was called then, this book is where to look for samo. On the 2d. floor la tho dormitories and most of the -curion Is assembled in the master's bed rm. Amongst these Is the pr. of white trausers lhat was rnude Cor the imiHter to play golf In them with President Harding and come from tho tailor kind of soiled so thoy had to bo sent to tho cleaners and when we appeared In them at Washington tho present administration was .embarrassed for tho first time. — This rm. also boasts tho only ono way scroeu on Long Island which the mosquitoes don't seem to havo no trouble In getting through it on a Mrs. Jcsnetts O. Brill empty stomach but tho meshes Is too Mrs. J.;..„c-ue u. jrnli, net Very small for them to get out aftor a lawyer, has Just been namod aa&istant heavy meal. attorney general In the Empire State Other relics toubo found in the clos- ja'nd assigned to labor cases. Fifths <fi-ea(e?t scenic wonder-'tfie ~ nwstmQcfnificvnt • Mcmsioif : Tares' for details rates or vesermtiws write T M. E. WAY, Arjent Hutchinson, Kiiiio, MrsB .ThriftyStys "The right proportion in baking makes good bread. The right proportion in •pending makes enda meet and leaves something for the bank account." You CAN save if you PLAN to save. This, bank want* to HELP you save. Start TODAY. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Established 1876 HUTCHINSON, KAN SAB, six. 7m rTiTi ^rSjwj inga 3V4 million dollars a your, of which sealskins form about one-third. Ot t , tho $51,000,000 worth ot morchandlos shipped from Alaska to the various ports of the United. States In the calendar year 1S22, canned Balmon amounted to $29,487,000, fish products as n whole $34,271,000, furs $3,661,000, copper $9,833,000, domestic gold $7,- ^ 030,000, and sih 'or $770,000. Other Interesting statistics presented In the Trade Rocord put tho length of rnltwayB In Alaska at 700 miles; the capital Invested In tho varlouB Industries runs into tho hundreds ot millions, that of the tishorlos alone $7fi,- 000,0001 tho number of reindeer (which woro Introduced by tho United States Oovornmont In 1892) Is now estimated at 225,000, while the available coal "reserve" Is estimated by tho United States Geological Survey at a minimum of 150,000,000,000 tons, "and may Ibe many ttmes that amount." In agriculture the developments are equally surprising, and grains, vogetnlbles, and live stock are among tho successful Industries, especially lu the southern and southeastern section. Woman to Tesoh Latin. London: Miss Marie Lulsa Dorado ! has boon appointed to the chair ot Has Great Ares. I Blnce its purchase nearly $100,000,000, member ot the faculty ot that Institution. FACE FULL OF RED PIMPLES Itched and Burned. Scalp Covered With Dry Lumps. Cuticura Healed. "My face was full of small, red pi tuples and so aore that I could hardly stand to shave. My scalp was covered with dry lumpa that would scale off and leave aore eruptions. The eruptions itched and burned no badly that I scratched them, causing them to bleed. " I began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment and they helped me, and after using one box of Cuticura Ointment, together with the Cuti­ cura Soap, I was healed." (Signed) C. L. Walker, 717 Zane St., Martini Ferry, Ohio. Cuticura Soap. Ointment and Talcum are all you need for all toilet uses. Bathe with Soap, Boothe with Ointment, dust wUh Talcum. tUriM, Otpt. B, VMtn 41, MMS." Bold wcrr- whwfft Soap 2fc. Ointment 25 RM Me. TaJoura tfco. |w Cuticura £k»«p ahftvecwritbout tnua. I

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