The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 6, 1971 · Page 34
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 34

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 6, 1971
Page 34
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10D Ogden Standard-Examiner, Wednesday, October 6, 1971 THE FUNTSTONES By HANNA-BARSERA THERE OUGHTA BE A LAW •y FAGAL & SMORTIN SPELLED OUT VtoROS THEY nDM'T WANT THE UlDSlO UWPERSTAHD- . -M-1-T-M-5 i H AD A f-1-O-H-T AMD BE HEAD1NG-FOR ] \ F-L-l-B-TAHD 1 HE'S A JD-R-U-14 HIPS ARE TAtKlMG OVER THEIR fARENT5' HEADS «»WWOUTSPElUWa f triE A/I'vt PSYCHED OVEC AMALGAMAT6P DEAD is-rue ^ jrv- B-^f^*iB«»^ — » ••"• TtJEAPOSTLe6 GREED.' rr^ SO OUTA SIGHT ' UMOERGROUMD' SCANNING THE STARS By SYDNEY OMARR Forecast for to&erT, 1971 ^'Astrology is Thursday, Oc- for granted.-Realize this and act accordingly. A pplies especially to money affairs. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): assured of from psychology restriction! Cycle high; but it is necessary recognition SSJTS^ r^jto^ct the'' summation oE psychological knowledge |ritiquity."-Carl Jung. AKIES (March 21-Apnl ULO ' l*v y- vi.*-*-- tj an! aware of public relations, o CANCER (June 21-July Means be 22): [Much 19):|behind AJA"' \,««**.— — - „ that occurs happens scenes. You are given sss, s^-flariS 1 !"• =--,^,_~,,V,,}=/i >vi7/-innri of doubt. L£.O (July •«•«•"&• •"•>-. Keep track of legal maneuvers which could affect property, security. Open lines of communication. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Low key your credo; don't rush, push or be impatient. Imponderables dominate. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Financial resources' need attention. Avoid risking, cash on UNCLE RAY'S CORNER By RAYMON COFFMAN Bowl of Mercury Was Helpful to Daguerre While Niepc'e was working to ! fix" pictures taken through a^ camera; another Frenchman j was trying to do ; the- same thing, j This man was Louis Daguerre,.' who was 21 years younger. , The two inventors had a meeting in Paris, and they liked each other. They agreed to become partners, -in business. Niepce had led the way, but the younger man had made progress. He had a keen desire to make good' pictures with a camera. By profession 'he was a painter, and now he wanted to let sunshine produce his pic-1 tures. The main trouble was the slow making, of a camera picture -If the camera open for two hours, could be obtained which would last, but it was faint at best.^ Only when the plate was expos- { ed for four or five hours could a fairly clear picture be obtained. A building will stand, still for four hours while its picture was kept a picture LGimUIl. /ivuiu iiaivuj£. v*a,3iA v" ivt^* *.~«*- ,..,..-- f speculative venture. Heed inner|being taken, but what person is voice. vviiciu <aj^v<m-^ " — -*, , , is -surrounded by cloud of doubt, j Best to stick with the familiar, i SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Time to put forth 'full ef Be fort; all or nothing. Halfway £ C otft wander too far afield. (Accent TAURUS (April 20-May 20): reactions on hopes, desires,, from friends. Some Fresh approach is a necessity. __ » i i--s.i-ii>ir^ +/\/\ TT*mr*n restrictions fall away. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. YOUNG HOBBY CLUB By CAPPY DICK you know. Be careful about appointments; keep them, especially medical, dental. Kids! Look! Here's a brand new. national prize for young contestants to win! It's a Lionel electric train set—the Wabash Cannonball! Five of these trains, including curved and straight tracks, all manufactured by the Lionel Toy Division of Model Products Corporation, will be awarded as the-jnational grand prizes in today's cut-and-paste contest. The'y will be given for the five i nealest and most original! contest entries received from anjw>f the cities where this column appears. This new award, representing a--fine start in the hobby miniature railroading, includes a --Nickel Plate steam-style locomotive, a Nickel "Plate tender, a Republic Steel gon,- dola^.a Union Pacific flat car, a i Nickel Plate caboose, eight pieces- of curved track, two' straight tracks, a mechanical uncdupler, a 25-watt Trainmaster transformer and in- stnjctions. The entire train is 43 inches long and the pieces of tra££~will make a layout 27 by 36 inches in size. .-I TO QUALIFY Tpl qualify for a chance to win OML -of these trains, contestant's win a local 10 of which! CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Be discreet. Don't tell all able that? SAW CLEAR PICTURE While Daguerre was in his workroom one day, he picked up a "spoiled plate." glanced at the plate again, andj was amazed when he saw clear picture. Figuring "specially iiieuiutu, UGHIOJ. ciear JJIULOIC. a. igumig ""-| AQUARIUS (Jan..20-Feb. 18): j reason he observed that he had Romance is featured; creative happenec i to place the plate juices are activated. Welcome near a ^Q^ O f mercury. He new contacts , challenges . - ma fe several tests, and learned Adhere to individual style. - •...•,.-, PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): !0ne close to home base has | something o£ v a 1 u e to impart. Be receptive. Keep open mind to unothodox concepts. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are analytical, seek justice, are capable of supporting underdog projects and emerging victorious. Yo u are the opposite of ordinary. You can be gentle. But, when cause is right, you can fight. You may have married this year. Married or single, you are being tested— and many are seeing a new you^ ., _ that vapor from 'mercury would develop a sharp picture. Clear pictures' came after camera exposures of less than half an hour. At a later time, Daguerre learned that a simple mixture would provide .fixed This, mixture was salt water. ' For general interest section of your scrapbook. For your Ira copy «f Uncle R»y'« "Tru« Adventure Storins" leaflet, im tend > Humped, self-sdilrosscil envel ope t» Uncle R«y In ore of thi> newi DAILY CROSSWORD PUZZLE NATIONAL grand prize winners in today's contest will receive a Wabash Cannonball Lionel train set. train sets. To enter the contest find the window in the picture above which is different others and mark from the it : with a entrjr- must first win a preliminary prize, 10 of ... will-Ibe awarded in each Cappy Diclr^city, including Ogden. This award will be a pocket-size magic" cord trick and will be givea-for the 10 neatest and mdstS'original entries received locally. Entries winning these puzzles in all the cities will be reviewed by the contest-judges to iind the five neatest and most oriJSial of all. These will win the-^Lionel Wabash Cannonball circle, then clip out the picture, paste it on paper, and print your name, age, address and Zip number beneath it. Decorate the entry in any neat, original way with paints, crayons or cutouts. Finally address it to Cappy Dick's Midweek Wabash Cannonball Contest at the Ogden Standard- Examiner and mail it before midnight of day after tomorrow. Judges' decisions will be final. All - entries become Cappy Dick's property; none returned.! ACROSS 1. Altair or Antares 5. ease (2 wds.) 10. • worship 41. Word ina threat 42. Heathen 43. Extracted money . from 1. Herring- JiXe fish S. Spanish province 9. Abounding 12. Tramp- lS. Exhaust 19. Actress, Arleno Corelli 3. Are a. of combat 4. Qusjrrel 5. Disparaging' phrase 6. Arab TOP 7. Eiryptian solar deity 22. Federal agents 23.Least . restrictive 24. Dirigible. 25. Trumpet blare 26..Brainchild 31. As a whole (2 wds.) 32. ScanrH- navian 34. Inner Hebrides island.. 36. "Coffin nail"' 3S.Fall behind 39. Civil War Johnny Tomorrow: making and "C"T Directions for playing game of The Puzzle with the Builf-In Chuckl „..,_ letters of lh« . scrambled words be- form four simplo words. < CAT N IT Y I T E R SO H IT Parking lot: It's ti place where arguments start from P AT C ES f\ Completo the cfiuctcle quot;d ^^ by filling in the missing word you develop from step No. 3 below. A PRINT NUMBERED LETTERS -" IN THESE SQUARES -ft UNSCRAMBLE LETTERS TO •™ (SET ANSWER 1 1 1 4 , S i '. 7 Yesterda/s Answer .— Tying — no«potio/--ooe i «n~arrow in. the air ana IT STUCK. -IT STUCK » reader: "I shbt 13. Afresli 14. Ferment 15. Put on 16. Son of Oditt 17. Australian tiird IS. Disc jockey's field- 20. Disencumber 21. Irish. battle cry 22. High- pitched sound 23. Paternal idealization (2 wds.) 27. 100 Iranian. dinars 28. Poem of praise 29. SeaeagJ* 30. Vladimir Hyich, "Dlyanof 33. Superlative ending 3*. Mrs. Howard :•' DUff , 35. Immediately' 37. Jewish greeting 39. Like a day in June 40. Albanian capital DAILY CRTPTOQTJOTE— Here's how to work it: AXYDLBAAXK J« LONG FELLO W On« letter simply stands for another. In th» *ainpl6 ttsed for' the three L's, X for the tw ; o O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the -length, and formation of the words are all hints. Each, day t* 16 code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation MATT M VXRI- 'IS' ' FPMG'trWTT. BMVXBT LHA P H XT — B P IT PH.IT HA GLAMW F P M A M F B U A — MQLHB H K . — D L P ETT L. S SAL--G BPXKTJ •W.LFV TJ .,.''.; . ' • ' , Testerday'S Cryptoqnote: IF YOU WISH TO. STUDY J^Ttf TOU MUST NOT NEGLECT TO MIX WITH THE SOCIETY OF CHILDBBN.— JESSE TORREY (O lS71"KlJiB'.Te«,tur« Syndicate, HS,. MOWS EKV WEt-L X DON'T AVe A/^Y CHILDREN DOH'T KNOW WHY POPS KEEPS ASK/MO MS THAT'DUMS, OLD ISSJ'T-IT ..TIME ALL, «SOOP/UTTLE CH1L-DREN SHOULD &E IM -BEP BUZ SAWYER OKAY, WE'LL MAKE SLEEP ALL, DAY. RODRIGO, KELLY, AND THE OTHER SMUSSLERS- WElt- OVERTHE PVRE^EES INTO FRANC?. By FHED LASSWCIL SHE JEST GOT A LONG- DISTANCE CflLLjUCOK SNUFFY BESSIE cTONESAVS TOME.SflVSSHE WHflR'lN THUNDER DID WOUR TROT OFF TO? MORGAN, X THIMK A RUTHOLO&fCAL OAK/ «fE*6 UP you TO PEUCVE THAT g«ee » SOME SORT OF A FIEWP/ WOTR»»» TOLP you ABOUT BK1CE l&TKUEt WHXT eve-rots? JKETWTREK PROPOSE? TZ3 HER/JUNE/ ™— „„„ .- WANTS TO EMEACTA9B you—NJT rr'c IMPOKWNT THAT WE LEARN T«E TRUTH / VOUVE LVIN& TO BOTH US, HAVEN'T X< LIE FALK A PHIL PAVIS MAGICIAN HOW, A G/GANTtC e/seAK /s etocxeo sr . OFf/Z£- WHERE DID THAT FIRE COME FROM? •v SAUNPERS and WOGOON STEVE ROPER I=EEI WOULD TELL V/OULDWT .1 KWOW HEE£ ^ TH£ WRKMEM . . TAKE Mc^O/ LAWYER/-AND PAR AWAY THEY'LL /WHEN HE ABOUT THIS THAT ISWT IT SELOWi5$ TO ALL YOUR wci-s mtf.' YOU SEE ?-YOU MIGHT A? WELL HAVE HAWDED IT OVER WHEN I FIRST ASKED YOU.' •y JIM BURNETT A GEORGE CRENSHAW ...TOP PKAWSK :TAK* iy ALFUD ANDRIOLA /L. WANT TO THANK YOU FOR \ PUSHINS ME DOWN WHEN THAT { BANDIT SHOT AT US/ VOU TOOK V "-—-, QUITE A CHANCE/ I'M SURE YOU'LL DO AS MUCH FOR ME SOME PAY/ I'VE HEARP ENOUGH ABOUT YOU TO KNOW YOU DONT RUN OUT ON A PARTNER,. KERRY/ WIFE ANC 1 1 OFTEN EAT HERE WHEN WE GO SHOPPIN&, HAPPV/., I UVE ONLY. A FEW BLOCKS AWAY/ I'M STARVED KERRY.' ..THIS LOOKS LIKE A NICE PLACE' . I DID SO WELL THAT HANK, PENDIETON OFFER£D \ -ME. A JOBJ---ASMI5 V SECRETARY J I. WAS- SURPRISED THAT MY FINGERS HADNT FORGOTTEN HOW! NOT HAWING TOUCHED ATYPE- WRJTE.R. FOR. FIVE YEARS-' I GUESS IT'S SKATIMG — OR. RIDIMG A BICYCLE! - IF I CAN THE CAR. TOMORROW DISTRIBUTE 'MYSELF DID YOU TRANSCRIBE. THE NOTE? THIS AFTERNOON, LORI?

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