Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 9, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 9, 1898
Page 3
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L SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 9, 1898. Itcrps of ffcws frorr; fill Parts of tlje Courjty Solicited Uo«ler tl)'3 Hctl. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. (i 'J7 A fi .".; -\ M.'JW A I I . l . i A 1 (I!) P I' M --Via 1). .S: C. 14. K.. lor I'oints North. M --Via 0. A. K K , tor I'nntl- W L ^ I M.-- Vi:i O. A 14. K , lor Points Hast. M.-- V a SlLiiint"- !.i- River Points\[ --Yin ^t.'uc. !IT 1're-toii M.-- \ ,.\ 1). ^ C. '.',. 14., lor J'imil* Xorlli. ·I 51) !· M --Via () A. U K . . lor I'uinls \Vcsl. ti. H; I 1 . M.-- \ M ij. A 14 U., lor roinlb ]-,.ist. MAILS A U K I V K ~."~ A. M --Via o A K '.4 , from Points Knst 'J. Ill A. M --Via (). A. R K., from Point* V.' 1 1 .(( A. M -- V i ^tn;ro, tnim Preston 11. 'JO A. il -- V*a stcut'lLr, from. Ki\ ci Points. 1'i.Oll -- II --Via H.JiC U,K , tro'll Points Norlli 5.U0 P. II.-- Via o A. K. K., (rout Points Kast. T.Si! I*. 11 -- \ ik ). A. K : from ro'.ati West. .S.CO P. ?.[ --Via 1 . C K 14 , from Poults North. PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCUIT COURT WILL MKET OCT. 3. ORL'HAKiS'COURT vrinL M K K T J U L Y 12, LEVY COURT WILL, JMEKT JuiA" L'.i. SCHOOL BOAKII WILI., :;;KT JITA- 12. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HIRE AND THERE. Clmrcli IIU! is to h n v o a conclave of the I. 0. II. Mr. R. B. Bond lias bought Mr. W. E. Lovd's grocery store. The Hon. \f. Laird Henry .has opened a Law office in Cambridge. Mr. James 'Swann has three carpenters at work on his Rehobotb cottage. Mr. J..H. N i c h o l s is p u t t i n g up another small building- near the Bridge. Contractor Carmine is now engaged in remodelling J u d g e Russum's residences. Denton's celebration consisted of a display of fire-works by the young 1 er patriots:. Mr. Henry R. Lewis lias about completed au o x t c n s i v u addition to liis d w e l l i n g . · Centrcville's s h i r t factory, to bo operated by Mr. F. H. Burgess, will be 130 by oO f e e l . The residents of Blanco, in K e n t county, Del., want the town's 11:1111 e changed to Dcwcy. The'large n u m b e r of y o u n g rabbits frisking in the Golds a n d - w o o d s give promise of great sport next fall. Tho Queen Anne's tax rate for this year is one dollar on t h r h u n d r e d , an increase of teu cents over last year. According to the Mil ford News, the average yield of wheat in Mispillion Hundred, Del., is only sis bushels to the acre. Mr. R. M. Collins has a new advertisement in this paper. It will fur- uish profitable reading for purchasers in his lino. The Robert Blocklinger property was sold at p n b i i e sale on Saturday last. Miss Rosa Blocklingor was the purchaser, and the price paid was INDEPENDENCE DAY IN CAROLINE CO. o I'litrlotlc Celebrations :it Ureciisboro, 1'rcs- loii ami Illllsboro. No t o w n on the Eastern Shore, according to population, excelled tho town of Preston in t h e very splendid m a n n e r in. which" it celebrated tho glorious Poin tli of July. Spirit and order characterized the proceedings of the e n t i r e day. Promptly at 0.30 the people en »i».^e assembled at the 1'. C. A. depot a n d proceeded to parade the streets. Carriages in winch were Hie speakers led t h e procession, followed by the Eastou Cornet Baud, followed by a goodly n u m - ber of old soldicis. Nc,\t came a company of small boys.bearing each t h e Stars and Stripes, led by Wet- soii IT. Fooks, agent of the B. C. A. Railroad Company, who was l i t - erally clothed from head to foot with, the Stais and Stripes, representing, in a highly pleasing manner, "Uncle Sam," save t h a t Mr. Fooks was astride a small w h i t e pony from which his feet nearly touched tho ground. In order the throng inarch- ed to the grove, near t o w n , where llio program proper was proceeded w i t h . First c a m e an address from W. E. West. Esq., of Dcnton, a f t e r which dinner was served on the grounds and at the Lonies of the c i t i - zens. D i n n e r over the people returned to the grounds and were entertained by a very splendid oration by Major W. E. Stewart, of Easton; he was followed by an able address by Robt. D. Bradley, Esq. Mr. Wni. T. Kelley presided over the exercises in the foronoon and Col. James Mc- Car,tcr in the a f t e r n o o n . Mr. Wai- w o r t h , editor of the New Farm, road t h e D e c l a r a t i o n of Independence in a voiy impressive manner. A b o u t f o u r o'clock a game of baseball between tho D e u t o u and Preston boys was begun, the former w i n n i n g an easy v i c t o r y . Tlic score in detail was as follows: UliNTON, The program for the celebration of tho Fourth, by tho colored people, was successfully carried out w i t h the exception of the fireworks in the e v e n i n g , w h i c h were postponed u n t i l Tuesday evening. Conveyances of all k i n d s commenced to a r r i v e early in the morning, and the town and A t h l e t i c Park wore soon well filled w i l l t colored people who uamo to witness the baseball game between t h e Greensboro and Federalsburg nines, in the m o r n i n g and t h e bicyclo races in the afternoon. A rider f r o m Baltimore won some of tlio prizes, the others being taken by liomp riders. Mr. J. F r a m p t o n has purchased of Mrs. J. H. Davis a. lot on Bloomingdale A v o n u o and w i l l b u i l d a large and commodious residence on it at once. Mrs. Dr. Clark, of C r l o n s v i l l c , who has boon staying w i t h her niece and nephew, O l i v e and Harrison Otis, r e t u r n e d home Wednesday. Mrs. Oiulesiuys, a d m i n i s t r a t r i x , is selling tho housoliolil goods of t h e late Mrs. O l i s at p i i v a t c 1 sale. Mis-s Mary Morso is lionio from a visit to her brother, Mr. W. A. Morse, Cambi-idye. Rev. Mr. SicUlull t;ave a short discourse ou the Stars a n d Stiipcs on S u n d a y e v e n i n g . Mrs. Dr. G a l l o w a y is s p e n d i n g a Cow days with her parents, atSykes- villo, Md. Mrs. Pi'oiise ami sons, Walter and Harry, uro spending a few clays with friends. Our f a i - t h f u l mail carrier, Oscar W r i g h t , speut t h e F o u r t h i n E a s t o u . Miss Travcrs, of Dorchester county, is a guest of Mr. E. R. Goslin. Mr. A r m a t Logan, of Philadelphia, is visiting his f a m i l y . . MARYLAND'S SHORT WHEAT CROP- I'l'icc Prospects :is li«rnsscil by tin; I J i i l l i mor 1 Sun. The reports received from the counties of Maryland indicate :\ short crop of w h e a t . The harvest is over aud threiliiug (ins begun, ft was k n o w n before harvest t h a t the crop was s h o r t , but. (lie extent of the j shortage was not f u l l y u n d e r s t o o d u n t i l t h r e s h i n g had begun. It w u s t h e n f o u n d that m a n y h e a d * w h i c h appeared to be l u l l wore, in I a c t , e m p t y . Much d a m a g e \vas i n d i c t e d by t h e m i l k weevil, w h i c h iuck.-- l l i e J grain dry w h i l e it is in ( h o m i l k y state. A great deal of i n j u r j sv;:-- i done also by the IIc-s=ian fly. T h i . insect attacks the s l r a w .it llr Miss Jji/.yjf llaituU; assisted by Mrs. H.irry t i a i i , Miss Cavo Sauls- Sailio Barton, will ami rc-cital in Stew- b u v y am: ,V.i' y i v o a ni u::ic!i a i t Jam!!' ;) t Quec'i Ai. : Tlii- M lliilibnnl ] I t . . . . Melds M. Fihhcr 2\y'. Be H i c l i n i u p s s .. Wluthvl f Iteddcli c f. .«colt ; 1 .Izliuprli r ['.. . Tol.ils PRIvSTO.S. Christopher 21) Parker p I,eln mil 1 1) Yeo3 b I'Mutenerc f. Collins 1 f Stack r f W n g l i t s s linker c Totnls I i i n | 0 | 0 0 0 0 1 ! o i 6 0 o a K 0--22 0-- 1 · H K 19 1 6 5 Prime samples of wheat have brought as high has 8,'i cents in the Baltimore market this week, but the bulb of receipts w e n t from SO to S2. Corn is worth from 35 to 37 cents. A house and lot on Gay street, be- .Iqnging to the late Richard Shields, was sold by Albert G. Towers, trustee, on Saturday last. Mr. L. B. Towers was the purchaser at $105. Supervisor Jonathan "Evitts, who had 'charge of the 'repairs on the "^ Dentou-Williston road, has made * 'that thoroughfare better than, it ' ever was before. It was f o r m e r l y one of the heaviest roads in the county. - Several days ago hands at work for Mr. R. S. Clark took a lot of Kainit to the barnyard for tho cattle, thinking'it was common salt. The stock began to eat it, and in a ,very short t i m e three very valuable cows were dead. A pair of mules driven by a boy plunged into Laurel river on Thursday. The mules were drowned but the boy swam ashore. A man who saw the accident told the boy's inother her son was drowned, whereupon she fell dead. A dog belonging to Joseph Andrew at Hurlocks had a grudge against railroad trains and endeavored to make a meal off every one that passed by. He got a good grip on a ·wheel the other day, and he's now ·' sojourning in dog heaven. A divorce^ vinculo malrimonii has - been granted to 'Mrs. Nixie Ella Fleming from Lor husband, James Fleming, the c o m p l a i n a n t being " granted absolute control of her children. Attorney N. Alex. Hutson represented Mrs. Fleming. Upon the recommendation of the : State's Attorney, judges,"and other officials, Governor Lowndes has remitted .the fine of $500 imposed on B. Palmer Keating, and he w i l l be released from jail, his term of imprisonment having expired. Clarence, son of -Mr. Isaac Hill, ·who lives about two north of Denton, on the west side of the river, fell fro.m a tree Wednesday afternoon "and broke both bones of the ·right fore-arm. Drs. George and Fisher reduced the fracture. · Many Dentoninns scanned anxiously the lists of killed and wound. ed of the Seventj'-First New York early this week, and wore glad that they did not find the name · of Mr. Charles G. Griffin, one of the gallant young members of that now famous body of soldiers. · Mr. George H. Trax, of Talbot, has been designated to inspect tho material used in the new Dover bridge, · and'to exercise a general supervision of the work. Two of the Caro- line t commissioners were in favor of the selection of Mr. W. D. Uhler, a proficient civil engineer, to perform . ^, and s,o voted on Tuesday last, but -the third member of the - board Voted for tho Talbot couutian. One idea was expressed by all at- t e n d i n g , and t h a t was that Preston had a c q u i t t e d herself magnificently. Words of commendation and praise of the good people of Preston and v i c i n i t y , for the m a n n e r in which they did honor to the l Stars and Stripes, was heard from everyone. Greensboro was gay w i t h b u n t i n g aud a l i v e With the spirit of '76 on Monday, (^uite an elaborate program had been arranged for the celebration of Independence Da}*, and it was well carried out. A game of baseball, between the Henderson and Greensboro nines, was tho first a t t r a c t i o n , concluding about noon, with a victory for Henderson. Then followed the street parade, led by the? cornet band", aud then the bicycles and teams. The "grotesque" band, w i t h squeaky horn's, brought up the rear. The ten-mile country- road bicycle race was nest after th« parade and was won by Alvin Smith in the remarkably short time of 34 minutes. The r e m a i n d e r of the exercises were ou the grounds, near tho bridge, where stauds for tho band and speakers had been erected, the greasy pole p l a n t e d , and courses for races, etc, had been laid out. A. A. Christian, Esq., of Philadol- theDeclaration of Independence; Judge Armstrong, of Albany, N. Y. r made "a short patriotic address; the bag race, hundred yards dash, high j u m p , broad j u m p , potato 'race, greasy-polo climbing, egg and "ladle race, putting tho shot, tub and swimming races came along in order and made no end of f u n for tho spectators.- The ladies'of tho M. E. and P.-E. Churches had booths upon the grounds and reaped a harvest from the sale of ice cream, lemonade, etc. The crowning and closing feature of the cclebratiou was the display of fireworks at night, which lasted a couple of hours, closing w i t h a set piece representing the Stars and Stripes. Altogether, the citizens of Greensboro may congratulate themselves ou h a v i n g had a most enjoyable and successful celebration. Preparations are being made by a number of our people to tent at Chilton's this yeav. The prospect for a successful c a m p - m e e t i n g at this pt'iut was never brighter. The privileges havo been disposed of advantageously, and the nuances are well provided for. Pastor Johnson may be depended upon to secure a miuis- terialsupply of tho first order. The people of Sheppard's have added somo much-needed f u r n i t u r e to the M. E. parsonage at this place, much to tho delight and comfort of tho pastor and his wife. The ladies of Burrsville, not to be outdone, had the paper-hanger at work, and otherwise beautified tho preacher's home. s. observed in an Thawley's and or preached on . and tho collec- Children's J · v v informal waj n White's. Th; p i Christian Edni- i i i tions were VPI-.I Wesley C h u n - l i iv i be newly carpeted, and to t h i s einl a festival will be held in the church grove next Friday a-ud Saturday evenings. The holiness meeting at Wesley on .the Fourth was well attended. Rev. T. F. Tablor, a former pastor, was present and preached. Miss Nottio Porter has v o l u n t a r i l y offered to assist Pastor McLaiu in his missionary collection, and is succeeding admirably. The Fourth at Ilillsborough was fittingly observed, good racing being the feature of the celebration. Fully seven hundred-people witnessed the tests of speed. In the. 2.35 race Lady Trotwood, owned by Sir. B. B. Brown, and John, owned by 3Ir. Long, of Easton, \i-ero entered, Lady Trotwood w i n n i n g , the race. Lady Russell, owned by Mr. Hugh Brown, won the three-minute race over Mr. Long's Sorrcll C. ' The entries in the free tor-all were Dexter, owned by Mr. W. T. Seward ; Sam Almont, owned by Mr. John Seward, and Funkenbrjrlge, owned by Mr. G. K. Ebling. Tho race was won by Fankenbridge. A special race, between Messrs. Harry Thompson and Walter George, was won by Mr. George. An driven by Mr. exhibition race was F. P. Qovey. The judges were Dr. Nickorson', of Easton ; Mr. Gooi'geDulin, of Wye Mills, and Mr- Hooper Warner, of Cordova. The Wye Mills Band rendered music for the occasion. There was a fine display of fire-works from eight to half past nine in the evening. Mr. W. F. Pennington had charge of the arrangements, and to him is largely Most of our pleasure-seeking citi- y.ons spent tho Fourth at Rehoboth, though a n u m b e r enjoyed the cele- brati-ou at Greensboro. Miss Boulah Day has returned from a visit to tho m o n u m e n t a l City, accompanied by her f r i e n d , Miss Mary P. Dodge. Messrs C'. II. \Yliilby Jr. and Carroll D u n n i n g , of Deutou, wore among our v i s i t o r s this week. Mr. Allan S. M a r l i u , of Baltimore, spent a few days this week w i t h friends in town. Mr. Calvin Bowcrsoch, of Baltimore, spent the Fourth with friends h ere. . Miss Bessie Jarrell has returned from a visit to Sudlersvillo friends. Miss Ethel Calvin, of Washington, is the guest of Mrs. M. V. Yearly. Mr. J. M. Barry and f a m i l y are again w i t h us for the s u m m e r . Misses Anita and Elsie Smith are visiting So a ford ttiencls. Messrs. John Moore, John Clark, H. W. Pippin and Milton C. Green attended Ihe'celebration at Greensboro on Monday. "Miss-Rae Burton, of P h i l a d e l p h i a , spent tho F o u r t h with her friend, Miss Sara V. Heather, at her home, "The Maples.'" Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Pippin and children, of Baltimore, arc spending some time at Mr. J. L. Pippin's. John Mooro, Sr., of Philadelphia, spent part of tho weok with his family. Mr. H. W. Pippin, of Elkton, spent the Fourth here. Kobfocry nt ItoiJcrnlsburi;. The storoof Mr. H. F. Stowell, a well-known Fecleralsburg merchant, was broken open on Friday of last weok, and between flt'ty and seven- ty-fivo dollars stolen. In addition to tho cash Mr. Sto well lost nine watches and several pairs of shoos and stockings.- Three men, supposed to. be the g u i l t y parlies, wore seen leaving Fcderalsburgat three o'clock in the morning, but in what direction they went could not be learned. A reward of $100 was offered for the arrest of the thieves. JO Ml I before i h c w h e a t hn* f u l l y !.oail ' causing the slraw to fall a n d ( l i t . Southern Maryland does not u s u . J i y produce much w h e a t , tobacco b u i t i ^ the staple: but this y e a r tli- 1 '!··!IIMI ,yield is greatly r c i l u c o d . i v " i r.i; more than h a l f . Tin- h.imt ·,.:'f:tvo- able reports come t r o m ilir; gro..t wheat growing c o u n t i e s of A V u - i t e - t i Maryland, Washington, lYcderii V iind Carroll, w h i c h o r d i n a r i l y ],n duco between f o u r tuul five m i l l i n ' . i bushels. It is not l i k e l y t h a t l i i o s o throe c o u n t i e s w i l l HiiTs! 1 . i h i » year moio t h a n two or two am! a half m i l l i o n bushel.*. M c m t g o i n c i y , w h i c h is also a good wheat c o u n t y , is short this year. Ou the Eastern Shore K e n t , Queen Anne's and Talbot and _ parts of Dorchesler and Caroline is a splendid w h e a t c o u n try. The crop in these c o u u i i e s is reported very poor. It is not only tho wheat crop of Maryland I hat is short. The peach orop o r d i n a n l v brings a large sum of money to the counties, aud t h i s year Uiore are few peaches. The tobacco counties have suffered from a severe d r o u g h t , and this w i l l reduce llie a m o u n t of crop planted or else make llie p l a n t - ing very late, with the result oC i n - ferior quality of product, w h i c h must sell at low prices. Our reports from Virginia indicate a s h o r t crop of wheat in that State, except in several 'of the counties of the Upper Shenandoah Valley. lu Rockbridge and Augusta t h e r e is a fine crop. The next consideration w h i c h will concern the farmers is the price they will receive for t h e i r wheat. That the crop of the United States w i l l fall far short of the estimates it is generally b e l i e v e d . This should s t i m u l a t e prices, and a f u r t h e r s t i m u l a n t is tho fact that there is no depressing s u r p l u s to go over. The surplus has been a wet blanket to the market for m a n y years, and the farmers can congratulate themselves that by reason of the short crop in Europe in 1897 it lias f i n a l l y almost disappeared. When the Loiter corner was at its height The Sun ventured the prediction t h a t whatever benefit t h e big prices then p r e v a i l - ing would bring, they would be to the advantage of speculators and largely at the expense of the f a n n e r in selling the new crop. That p i e d i c lion seems to be f u l f i l l e d , and the market is u n d o u b t e d l y s u f f e r i n g from tho reaction which followed this Letter corner, as it follows all corners. It may be that later on tho wheat market will revive and t h e ' farmers w i l l get trood or f a i r pricr-s. As soon as the farmers get m o n e y to spend they begin b u y i n g , the factories start up to fill t h e i r orders, MV ca.iiuiiig-b.ouso, s t a t i o n , on Thursday ovc'i.h- ,, . . v i , J u l y |4th, for the b e n e f i t of Hi,' :i. K nuirch South. A d m i s s i o n , i crn; r i r a d u l t s aud i l d i L-II. Doors open b .'[ Concord camp of -;;i S a t u r d a y a f t e r l a . I . a - f e l l o w - : Broad t o u t t o ' · · ''' ] " !'-i'7o; horse-pound · \ ·'' ! ' - l - - i ' ·'·., *(](·: b o a r d i n g '·' ' i · "·". ". · ' i r i ' o l l for ij l l ( 1 ' ' · i , ! \ K - I i a r d N i c h On W, .-j!-r- ,.].iy n t i . - r i K j o n C l i i l t o n ' : U ' i p p ' i v , ! ( ' · ; ( . ' . V i c i u awarded n ' ' - I " ; F'.i ' a d t . - n i 'u Messrs. G . W '· ··· U. I*. '-Uali'ord ; l i o i b . : ; · ; · . L-iobbs ; l i o n u l u i j i o - - ' : - ' ! f - ' u t l e r ; p h o t o h ^ . H r ; - . i,, ;.j,. 1; . o. M o f f c l t . ·· y i i i , . . i,.:op;,. r , h Wesley M ·.'·'d.-iv S 0 i.,xJ .,,.,! ] 10 |,j {l f e s t j 1 ' ' ' ' · i . , - v i l n g t h e c h u r c h " ' H · ' ) ' ! i d t ' i A l l ,110 c o n l i a l l sny mass GREAT SPANISH FLEET There is a (;C.-,NII,|OJI ( ,r Fifjlil DESTROYED. clispntcil Io tile Jora\Mi. JLT,Y S. -- A d m i r a l 'lr)!i;i':li!!;i will ··! -Sr. Hu. ic iii- (V C a t h o l i c C h u r c h H i d ^ c l y . K'iiicrnnv m o r n i n g a t n i u e o'clock. T h e r i i p of c i o n f i r m a t i o n v.-ii! ,ic a . l n . i i : ; ,i.,'n(i a f t e r mass. The iiaini.-,onu nc-.v M. E. C h u r c h i n K i d i r e l y i.s nou l'i ec from d e b t At a r e c c n i i n e d i n g t h e balance ot I h o m o n e y dm v as r.iiscd. .111'. V i i , i ; ^ :·,,-., Treasurer. Con i i l y T.easurer Cliai'losH. Whitby a s s u m e d Llie d u t i e s of his office cm M o n d a y la*!. J] 0 has as yet re- i i 1 1 in od to ,\,-t ,-if, d c i k to the cotu- ' ' · ' · "·'" - """Mi-u f i h o l f u v passed b.\ llio It. hi L e g i s l a t u r e , requiring i l i u t t h e c o m m i s s i o n e r s appoint a d i ' i k to i h o board. There being (louoi w h o i l i c i h i a u c t s u s clerk, i n v i e w of t h e now l a w . w o u l d be legal', Mr. W h i t by on Tuesday i n f o r m e d llio boa nl t h a i bo w o u l d await a cuiis! r u c t i o n of the l a w s by the cir- cii't courl b o l o r u e n t e r i n g upou tho p e r f o r m a n c e of t h e clerk's duties. The c o u n s e l to the board of: c o m m i s - sioners, Mr. A l b e r t G. Towers, believes t h a t a dork w i l l h a v e to be a p p o i n t e d us tho IKMV l;iw directs. It. was the disposition of tho commissioners at f i r s t to ignore the recent act altogether and exact of Mr. W h i t b y tho p e r f o r m a n c e of a clerk's d u t y . Tnis t h a t g e n t l e m a n is perfectly w i l l i n g to, provided the n o w law is i n o p e r a t i v e and the old one, u n d e r w h i c h in- was elected, in f u l l force. U n d e r t h e LIO\V l a w , the office of c o u n t y t L -oa s u r e r and^liat of clerk io t h e c o u n t y commissioners aro divorced, t h o t w o b e i n g separate a n d d i s t i n c t . Ilenei', i t w o u l d be uncon- s t : h ; t i o n a l for one person to hold b o t h oalcos. a? U n i t f u n d a m e n t a l J . ' R S M V - no p i ' i M j i i -h;il! d o that i n i In- S t a t e . T h e Judges w i l l bo ask- n! in i n t . - r p r c l tho- laws. y. gold comes from Europe to pay for I t h e wheat exported, a n d . w h i l e our city people may h a v a to pay moru j for t h e i r bread, all classes of society j share with the f a r m e r s tlu'ii poo'd f o r t u n e . When w h e a t -goes u[ in price, as the result of g a m b l i n g m a n i p u l a t i o n l i k e the Loiter c u r n e i , it is simply a hardship upon the poor in increasing the price of broad for which they receive uo c o m p e n sating advantages. "I have used Chamborlain'sCough Remedy in my f a m i l y for years and always with good results," says Mr. W. B. Cooper, of El Bio, Cal. ."For small c h i l d r e n wo find it especially effective." For sale by W. E. Brown, due tuo credit of getting up such an Denton; Hugh Dufifey, Hillsboroj R. interesting celebration. I J. Colston, Ridgoly. Orphans' Court I'rri'erclin;^. The orphans' c o u r t was in session Tuesday, Judges Siglci, On-ell and Wright present. Mrs. Laura Oudcsluys, a d m i n i s - trator of Helen G. Otis, presented an inventory, which was passed. Wm. H. I r w i u , .executor of H e m y Irwiu, presented a list of spcrato and d o u b t f u l debts; approved. J. Stafford, by Harvey L. Cooper, his attorney, filed a bill of complaint and petition for tho sale of the real estate of Simcou Blood, deceased. Wm. II. Casho and Win. M. Prico were appointed appraisers. Thos. A. Smith, executor of Sylvester Smith, presented an a c c o u n t of sales of personal cstalo, w h i c h was approved; also, filed his report of sales of the real estate, and a conditional order of r a t i f i c a t i o n was granted by the court. Henry C. Rawlings was appointed guardian to James A. and Wm. A. Loockcrman, minors. Isa.-ic N. M i l l s , special ageut for t h e P h i l a d e l p h i a , W i l m i n g t o n a u d ' . l i t i m o r e R a i l r o a d C o m p a n y , has | I'ompletoci Ins estimate of tho coni- j i n if poach crop, and a small yield is r expected. I D u r i n g the s p r i n g t h e r e was ever} prospect of a big crop, but the t i d i ' t u s and .Hint' diop played havoc v , i t l i l l i o ' i Y u i r . T h e yellows, whicl i v i i ^ e i l ,o i i ' i i d i d e s t r u c t i o n a fen ;. .-ais ago. li:,vo a l m o s t e n t i r e l y dis- a p p e a r e d a n d b u t l i t t l e f r u i t h a I ' l . - i u u l U r c ' d . The c u r c u l i o has how- i ' \ « r , g r e a t l y d e v a s t a t e d the or- c h a i d s . Mr. M i l l s ' e s t i m a t e of the f r u i t on tho pcui.nsulu is as follows Baskets. Di;l:i\v:ii-o K i u l r o a d !):,7SO (Jiie«'ii A n i i f - ' a and K e n t R. U dO,lSO JJchuvnrc and f'iiu»apcal;e R. 11 -18,725 i J i d t i i u o i i ' d B - l D o l a w n n U t i v l l . R... 21,250 C.nnbi'idL'c i i i i - l .Si-rtl'oi-tl J! '!? 1-2,880 I), I Md a n . l \':i. I!. I! ( u p p e r ) C-l.yST i . . M i l , ,:ml Y.i IJ. U ( I t v w u r ) 25,202 Cervera is to be sent to Annapolis. Peace overtures expected at Wash- i n g t o n . Santiago armsticc extended. Congress a d j o u r n s to-day. Commodore Schley has proved h i m s e l f a prophet. W h e n ho behold tho Spanish .ships in the Santiago harbor he is reported to have said, ''they w i l l uever reach home." His words worn made good ou S u n d a y , when the entire Spanish (loot' was otally destroyed by the warships under his c o m m a n d . A d m i r a l Cervera m a d e a bold dash that day for liberty, and lie was balked in his a t t e m p t only t h r o u g h the p r o m p t action of tho Maryland Commodore, who was temporarily in c o m m a n d of the fleet, and the wonderful marksmanship and endurance of the American gunners. Thu Spanish admiral and about t h i r t e e n h u n d r e d of his men were captured, aud a large n u m b e r k i l l e d and wounded. The battle begun against Santiago on Friday of last week by the a r m y under General S h a t t e r was c o n t i n u e d u n t i l Sunday, w h e n , the outposts h a v i n g been taken, word was sent to the Spanish c o m m a n d e r that unless he surrendered in a given time Hie city would be bombarded. The armistice has been extended, however, aud it was stated yesterday that both armies had been, advised t h a t peace negotiations were pending. It was, nevertheless, stated that Commodore Watson's fleet to bombard the Spanish coast was prep a r i n g to sail. It will be-some time, however, before this squadron can move, as the ships which are to compose it are scattered. It the. battle before Santiago only fifty Americans were killed outright, but over h u n d r e d have since died from wounds received. There wero probably a t h o u s a n d i n j u r e d in the engagement. The troops are said to O J j i l u n r y Nutici's. MUs Mary E m m a Shields, daughter of Mr. Charles II. Shields, died on S a t u r d a y m o r n i n g last, aged t w e n t y - o n e years, a f t e r a long illness. I n !ht early d a w n of wo manhood aud when there was m u c u to m a k e the prospect of l i f e mo^t p l e a s i n g to c o n t e m p l a t e , she was .sfi/.«'d w i t h a relentless malady: but u n p o m p l f l i n i n g l y she bore for many m o n l h ! her amk'tions and awaited with ti'iu- Christian patience the oud- injr n f l ' C T long sufferings. T h o u g h her e a r t h l y life was brief it furnished T U e x a m p l e for every d u t i f u l child d e v e l o p i n g into a noble character. The f u n e r a l bervices were held on Tiu^day last, the Rev. C. E. ass-sled by Kov. H. W. D. Johnson suid Kov. Z. H. Webster, officiating. A choir sweetly sang "Abide With 3Ie. ; ' Interment took place at the cemetery. Mr. John W. Perry died at an early hour Monday morning at his s u f f e r i n g from weather. exposure to tho ICiitus Io For the International C o n v e n t i o n of tho Baptist Y o u n g People's Union of America, to be held at B u f f a l o July 14 to 17, ]S9S, t h e Pennsylvania Railroad C o m p a n y will soil excursion tickets from all t i c k e t stations on its line to Buffalo and ret u r n at rate of single fare for tho round trip. Tickets w i l l be sold July .12 to 15 and w i l l be good fo ret u r n u n t i l J u l y If), except t h a t by depositing ticket w i t h J o i n t A g e n t at Buffalo on July 17, 18, or 10, and the p a y m e n t of fifty cents, the ret u r n - l i m i t may be extended to leave Buffalo to September 1, 1S9S. Special train w i l l leave Street Station, P h i l a d e l p h i a , at 9.:!0 ! a. m., J u l y 13, Franer 10.10 a', in., ' Lancaster ll.Iio a. m., Ilarrisburg { 12.35 p. m . , S , u b u r y 2.00 p. in., and ' Williamspoi't 3.10 p. in. Passengors , from other points desiring to use j special train can use regular t r a i n s i to junction points. ,\]r. (roorgo A. Deakyne has received t h o f o l l o w i n g letter, written · T i l l y 7 t h , from C h a i i m a u V a n d i v e r , of tho D u m o c r a l i o State Central Comi : i i t i c o : " V o n v resignation, dated J u n e ,'30th, a.s c h a i r m a n of the State C e n t r a l C o m m i t t e e for Caroline c o u n t y , has been received and ac- cppti'd. 1 w i l l be very glad to see yon over here at any t i m e , and cs- ned:il!y w h e n ( h o c o m m i t t e e meets, w h i c h 1 h a v o called to meet here on Wednesday, J u l y 20tli, at 12 o'clock. f h a v e , in accordance w i t h y o u r suggestion, a p p o i n t e d as y o u r successor lion. Thomas A. S m i t h , and have t h i s day n o t i f i e d him of his tippoiutr m e n t . " Blr. Nichols Suci cods Blr. Hoc, Mr. Fred. N. Nichols on Wednesday succeeded Mr. H. A. Roe as a member of t h e Denton Shirt Company. Tho factory w i l l resume operation"? n e x t Monday, and tho operators are n o t i f i e d by a d v e r t i s e m e n t in t h i s p a p e r to be on hand. Mr.' lloe's r e t i r e m e n t f i o m the firm was rendered ncccssarj' by a proper consideration of his other largo business i n t e r e s t s . · Y o u n g Mr. Nichols is not, u n a c q u a i n t e d with the busi- nc!,, h a v i n g been connected with llie e s t a b l i s h m e n t Cor .several years,. a n d h i s e n g a g e m e n t i n t h e executive a f f a i r s of llio c o m p a n y will, doubt- loss, prove p i o t i l a b l e to it. iSaerrd to tho memory of James Ciiroy, who died J u l y 9th, 1897, aged Of! years. \11 n dark \\ ithiii our ^\\elllllj;. I.Dii ij IL. ouv liomv toii.iy; l-'or UK- oiiv v, iio-,L ^uiik did cheer us, lltis Ion \ ( _ r IJ.I-^SL-I! -lu:tv --His (I.iiighter 3lA:oii:. Itou di. 3 u lo uitrhcniL-. is cusli on subscription Win.Mis.iiuc hiiKlsuh'-oriin.r presents it to view; lint llie innii M-IIO w o i i t j i . i y we refrain from' i i'np- . ! i : , rli-r tint :u,m nuglil ]je you. I'-rcsh AlrSot'icly. As s u m m e r approaches there is a- general exodus from the city to sea- iide, m o u n t a i n aud c o u n t r y of those vhose means enable them to so do, b u t there is a n o t h e r class, "the chil- Iren of tho poor," whose summer lays 1 ar.o spent looking down alleys vhere the sum beams hotly all day, ind tho air from the close rooms of rowded tenements seem to parch ho throats that breathe it. In these illeys throngs of c h i l d r e n gather vhose wan faces and frail bodies how t h e i r great need of pure fresh ir and nourishing food. W h e n d i s - ase attacks them only new made lounds in the cemeteries tell the ad tale of this bitter struggle with ovorty. For six years the Children's Vcsh Air Society of Baltimore has ecu working to alleviate this mis- ry. People of tho city and rural istricts have nobly aided the soci- ty's efforts, the city s u p p l y i n g them loney aud the country furnishing lie homes. The children k n o w very ttle of those in the city who give rooly to aid t h e m , but their benefae- ors in the country are never for- otten. Childish lips prattle all the year through of "the good people in the country," aud many a mother's life is brightened and made glad by the happiness which conies to her children tli rough the visit to the c o u n t r y . Anxious little ones are w a i t i n g for the society to hear from its friends in tho country. It is the hope of tho society to gain many now. friends this year in tho towns and villages, and information regarding the work will be cheerfully f u r n i s h e d by Miss Florence Galloway, 4 West Saratoga Street, Baltimore, Md., to anyone interested in helping the children of the poor. He Ke:uls the Advertisements. That advertisements in the JOURNAL are read by a discriminating public is evidenced by a letter, postmarked Anderson town, received at this oBice one day this week. It reads: To EDITOKS DENTON [OUK.V.U., Gentlemen :.Ifyou will look over some recent copies of the JOUKN'.U. you will find the ad. of G. I'. Sloin tc l!ro. upside down, whether this li.u- pcucd accidentally or not, I do not know, bill in any case it is a detriment to the success of your pnjicr With best wishes for iBc successful Tssiic of your JOUKX.U,, and of our army, 1 rcmniii Very tnily.yours, AN' A t l M I K H R OK SCIII.liV. The writer is evidently a friend of tho JOURNAIJ, and we thank him for tho interest manifested in tlie paper's welfare. While mistakes are often--too often--to be be found in tho JOURNAL, this is not one of them, unless the i n t e n t i o n a l insertion of the advertisement that way be one. Tho Messrs. Sloan pay us to run it in that m a n n e r , but because t h e i r advertisement is crooked it does not by any means follow t h a t their dealings with the public are other than strictly, square. liolingly--ruceiistc\vii. On and after J u n e 1st--the beau- t i f u l summer resort, Bolingly on ·hester, located at Queenstowu.' w i l l tte opened for the season of 1SOS. Special rates, over the Queen Anne's R a i l i o a d w i l l be given to Sunday Schools, etc., desiring to use this d e l i g h t f u l spot for a day's outing. rounds aro being laid out for Lu wn I'eunis, Croquet ' a n d Base Ball, for .he exclusive use of the patrons. Those uot t a k i n g hmchus with them can be accommodated Eit tho Hotel, w i t h meals at popular prices. Fish- ng, boating, bathing, crabbing, and ill other poplar amusements. For ·ailroad rates, apply to C. C. Waller, General Passenger Agent, Pier No, Ot Light street, Baltimore Md. M. J. Marx, is manager of t h e hotel.. homo in Ceutreville of bright's disease. Mr. Perry was one of the most i n f l u e n t i a l aud respected residents? of Queen Anne's county. He was born eighty years ago in the lower part of the county, and afterward moved to the flue estate near Ce;itrevillo, known as Spring Garden, aud now in the possession of his son. Mr. John W. Perry, Jr. Mrs. Lueinda Fountain, wife of Mr. John T. Fountain, who resides near Burrsville, died ou Wednesday evening last, about seven o'clock, aged fifty four years. Her afflictions were a complication of diseases, and she had suffered an illness of about sixteen m o u t h s . Her husband and four children survive. The funeral was licld at teu o'clock yesterday morning at Central, and interment took place in Douton cemetery. Samuel Stewart, nearly SO years old. died at hi.« home in Royal Oak on Sunday. One of his dztughters is the w i f e of Rev. E d m u n d L. Hoffecker, f o r m e r l y of this county. Daniel B. Kinder, of Sussex county, Delaware, is dead, aged 82. He was.the youngest of a family of five, whoso combined ages aggregated 400 years--an average of nearly S2. linn -i«n.v W i t h in*, Hothor-lii-Liiw! The Delaware Kecord, Harrington, reports a sensational elopement not devoid of the elements of fun as well as sorrow. A young man of 18, recently married, ran away with his mother-in-law. The Record says : Lust Winter a Miss Reynolds, daughter of J.. J. Reynolds, of Ad- amsvillc, married a young man by the n a m e of Norman Breeding, of Maryland. All went w e l l for about six m o n t h s , when Mrs. Reynolds paid Ler daughter and son-in-law a visit. This was the beginning of an ^episode t h a t has draped two homes iii m o u r n i n g -- t h a t o£ tho father and also the young daughter. It was but a short time after Mrs. Reynolds' visit when she began wooing aud c o u r t i n g the affections of, her y o u n g son-in-law. Mr, Reynolds finding out that something was going on wrong insisted upon her to come home at once. She flatly rnf used, and in a short time she went to work and sold all of her daughter's household effects, even to her clothes including her wedding dress. They then went to Brooklyn, she leaving her daughter at the mercy of the neighbors. Mr. Reynolds on bearing of tho desperate act of his wife sent for his daughter at once to conic home. Mr. Reynolds has ( h e sympathy of all his friends and acquaintances. It was said of him that ho was a kind and loving husband and an indulgent father, and his wife had no cause for such a disgracefal act. Tho young husband is but IS years old while" Mrs. Reynolds is over 40. 'It is more than likely that both will learn a lesson. LOST--In Donton or ou the road, d u r i n g April Court, a pocketbook c o n t a i n i n g .valuable papers belong- ng to Mr. C. N. Coulbonrn. The iddor will be caving at Kcjuuinlicr These, Requirements. Every check must have a two- cent stamp. Every draft, including domestic money orders, must have two- cent stamp if the sum does not exceed $100, and au additional two- cout s t a m p for each additional $100 or fractional part thereof. Every foreign bill of lading must have 10 cents in stamps affixed. Every domestic bill of lading and every receipt for goods issued by railroads, steamboat lines, express companies .ind other transportation companies must bear a one-cent stamp. Every telegraph dispatch must have a one-cent stamp affixed before being transmitted. Every warehouse receipt must bear 25 cents in stamps. Every package, box, bottle or phial of medicinal propietaryarticles aud preparation aud perfumery and cosmetics aud similiar articles must aUo bear a stamp varying in value according to tho retail price of the article. Every deed, lease, mortgage, bond, agreement to sell goods, power of attorney and protest of notes, etc., must h a v e a stamp. Evoiy certificate, including those attach ml to marriage licenses, must havo a stamp. Every e n t r y of goods at any custom house and withdrawal from bond is also taxed. L i f e and i n s u r a n c e policies, passage tickets to foreign ports, chewing-gum aud wine bottled for sale are also taxable. D o c u m e n t a r y and proprietary stamps are issued, aud they may not be used interchangeably. The doc- u m e n t a r y s t a m p s must not be used on p r o p r i e t a r y articles, and vice versa. PERSONAL AND SOCIAL NEWS ITEMS. An KxcursitMi on n,|. «.u. s."--Visitlors In Denton uiiel KNcwlierc-. Miss Nancy Hoydo and Miss Helen Slaughter, of Dover, have been entertained by the Misses Bernard, at Greeusborough, for several days. On Friday e v e n i n g of last weok a y a c h t i n g p a r r y , on the "U. S.," was given in their honor. The company came to Denton and enjoyed a del i g h t f u l moonlight ride on tho l i t t l e steamer. Messrs. Oscar Lackey, of Baltimore, and Herman Reed, of Queenstown, who were members of tho engineer corps of the Queen Anue's Railroad d u r i n g the b u i l d i n g of the portion from Quoonstown to Douton, were guests of Mr. Wm. D. Uhlor on Sunday. Prof. W. S. Crouso, School Examiner Stephens, Mrs. Elizabeth Pip-pin, Miss Estello Watkins and Miss Mary J. Fisher spout several days this week, attending the National Educational Association in Washington. Mrs. Dr. Miles and her daughter, Miss Mildred, of Upper Fail-mount, Somerset county, aud Mrs. Charles T. Askew and her daughter, Miss Bertie, of Baltimore, are visiting friends in and near town. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Hutehiuson. aud little granddaughter, of Baltimore, and Mr. Murray Hutchinson, of Cambridge, were visitors of Captain and Mrs. Z. T. Hutchinson, in East Denton, this week. Mrs. S. L. Carpenter, of Kansas City, is in town, having been summoned .hither to attend .the funeral of her sister, Miss Emma Shields. The Rev. Dr. Alfred Smith and family of Dover, aro occupying their Oxford cottage for tho summer. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. C. Legg. of . Centreville, spent the. Fourth with relatives iu Greensborough. ': Miss Marie Grouse is spending, a few weeks in Somerset county, Md,, and Accomac county, Va. Mrs. Sarah Graham, of Baltimore, is visiting her niece, Mrs. T. - H. Jarman, Greensborough. Miss Nannie G. Nichols has been visiting Miss Fannie Griffenberg, ; at Summit Bridge, Del. Dr. Clarence Duffiey and wife are spending a few days with their parents in'Hillsboro. Messrs. Howard and Carroll Pastorfield were with Talbot relatives on the Fourth. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Byrn and child will spend the summer at Rock Hall. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Collins spent Sunday and the Fourth with Milton relatives. Mrs. Etrima Douglass, of Preston, has been visiting Mrs. S. A. Brown, Seaford. Miss Susan H. Kurtz, of Bordentown, N. J., is visiting Mrs. Z. P. Steele. .' · Miss Mamie Dowues is in Wilmington, the guest of friends. Mr. W. W. Nicholson, of Baltimore, was in town this week. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hobbs -were at Rehoboth this week. Mr. E. B. Griffenburg spent 'the Fourth in Delaware. Miss Ellis Crouse is home on her summer vacation! Mrs. E. C. Fields was in Baltimore tliis week. Minor ntnttera. Sol Pippin is one of the most ardent free-silver men hereabouts, and he has a buggy that very neatly proclaims his bimetallic principles. The vehicle has sixteen spokes 1 to. each wheel. The-wheels and shafts are painted silver, and the body is painted gold. On each' side, of the body is painted "16 to 1," the 16 in silver and the 1 in gold. . It .is a handsome turnout.--Eaiton Ledger. . At Old Chapel, in Baptiste Smith's woods, the day was one of patriotism. In the afternoon patriotic speeches were made by J. Frank Turner and Dr. Charles H. Rose, and at night there was a dance which was' much enjoyed by the devotees of Terpsichore from miles around. A number of Washington county (Md.,) farmers in"order to avoid the heat cut their wheat by the light of the moon. Tower's ice factory has been'doing a rushing business for a', week or more. ^There are few visitors in Denton this summer. Cottage at Rohoboth for.reut. Ap- suitably rewarded "by ' P lv to WAI/TBR SPABKLIN, Denton, Tills OFFICE, i Md. Our baby has been continually troubled with colic and cholera in- f a u t u t u since his birth, and all that we could do for him did not seem to give more- than temporary relief, u n t i l ' w e tried Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Since giving that remedy he has uot been troubled. We want .to. give you this testimonial as au evidence of our gratitude, not that you need it to advertise your meritorious remedy.--G. M. LAW, Keokuk, Iowa. For sale by W. E. Brown, Denton;' Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro: R. J. Colston, Ridgely. . -- - KOVH! makes the food pure, ·wholesome mat dellciotw. Absolutely Pure ROYAL BAKUia POWDER CO., NEW YORK. MEWSPAPEJRl

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