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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 5

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, March 2, 1959
Page 5
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Red Crriggi "When are we playing Kentucky?" yelled a very ex* cited Johnny Ayres Saturday night in the Harvester dress- Ing room* immediately after the Odessa game. Ayres, one of the Harvester managers, is a quiet young man who doesn't get excited easily. But the gay spirit of the moment was so contagious Saturday night that everyone caught it. .,„,,, Johnny wasn't exaggerating much either. The way the Harvesters played in the first half, it's a good bet they could have held theif own against Kentucky or any other college The Harvesters hit 70 per cent of their shots in the ftrst half, completely controlled the backboards, and dldn t let Odessa have half a dozen decent shots. The Harvesters' Saturday night first half was the greatest exhibition of basketball I've ever seen, by a high school team. Pampa has played some fine games this year, but compared to the Odessa contest, the rest of them were mere child's play. Nobody Within 10 Points Most of the fans who came in the dressing room after the game to congratulate the Harvesters, and Coach Clifton McNeely, agreed Dallas, one of the four class 4A teams to make the trip to Austin. Powel! was equally lavish in his praise of the Harvesters. He even that Saturday's game was one of suggested that It would be no in- the greatest ever played by a Pampa. team, if not the greatest. Sharing this opinion were two scribes who have spent more time at basketball games than I have in the newspaper business — Putt Powell of AmaHllo and Spec Gammon of Odessa. "I'll bet any amount of money that nobody at the state tournament comes within ten points of tflem," opined Gammon as he made ready to return to Odessa. Gammon had good reason to believe as he did, because he had v'fttched the Bronchos go undefeated through 29 games, before being chewed into small bits and thor- justice If the entire Pampa team were picked for all-district. Saturday night's game was just one more Indication of the coaching genius of McNeely, and of Pampa's ability to play a great game when they have to. 1 Many great teams fall by the wayside because they go Into crucial games with a swelled head, but so far the Harvesters haven't been victims of that disease. They've shown the proper respect for their opponents, and been ready for them. We agree with Gammon that nobody will come within ten points of the Harvesters at the state Ms! Yeaf THE PAMPA MONt)A¥» MARCH 2, 1959 5 Kentucky Gets Bid To NCAA By fcAKL WIMOttf United free* International Coach Adolph fcupp's Kentucky Wildcats — with a. long, low bow v '| to Mississippi Stats — are set to bid for a record fifth NCAA bS.9- ketball title. Kentucky, Michigan State, Weal Virginia and Navy gained berths in the tournament during the tfeek end. But Kentucky, Which wound up tied with Auburn for second in the Southeastern Conference, got In "on A pass." Couch Babe McCarthy's Mississippi State team won the SEC title for the first time Saturday night and earned an automatic NCAA tournament berth when it edged Mississippi in the season's lowest scoring; majof college PAMPA PLAYS MILBY FRIDAY AUSTIN (Spl) — Pampa will] Dallas Jefferson (33-3). Houston fame, 2.1-ift. But Mississippi State (24-i) won't enter the NCAA tournament because of the State's unwritten law Against whites conv petlng again*! Negroes In sports. Auburn tinder Suspension Auburn can't, go because It IS under NCAA suspension for football recruiting. So Kentucky gets the conference's berth in the Mid- east regional at Evanston, 111. Bailey Howell, Mississippi State's A1I-A m e r i c A candidate from Mlddleton, Tenn., totd how he and his teammates felt about an NCAA berth. "All the boys wanted to go to the tournament. We are very disappointed, but we won't make a fuss,' 1 Howell said. Rupp's Wildcats, who have played against Negroes for years, will help bear the South's banner with pleasure, suh! And oVm't be play Mllby of Houston Friday at 8:05 p.m., In the first flnM 4A while Southern San Antonio (11-25. IN NATIONAL MEET — Johnny Claunch, right, will be fighting for the Texas team in the national Golden Gloves tournament, which begins tdday in Chicago. Claunch, a native of Pam- pa, fought for Abilene in the state tournament. Another area boxer. Carl Mc- Clurr 1 of Dumas, will be fighting in the heavyweight division. Claunch is a lightweight. LEGENDARY YALE STAR ouRhly. digested by the Harvesters, meet — if. The if la that Pampa During that time, Odessa had [Continues to eye its opponents with b«atrn good teams and bad, short;the proper respect. Nobody can teams and tall. One of the Bron- bent the Harvesters — except the chos' victims was Jefferson of Harvesters. All State Players, Managers We were very pleasantly stir- Sports World Mourns Death Of Grid Booth game of the state tournament. Thn I.A redo-On Has Jefferson game will follow Immediately afterward. Winners of those two games will clash In th e finals Saturday j Class AAA bracket. afternoon. j Bowie, Buna, Semlnole and De- The Harvestr* will leave for | vine will compete for the Class Austin Tuesday morning, and will A A title; Plains, White Oak, Hun Mllby (33-6) and Laredo (29-6) i surprised if they pj all the way. round out the Class AAAA field, | The Wildcats Rupp described as a bunch ot fiddlers who . the only 1958 runnerup to make it i turned ltlto violinists" won the back, Hereford (28-5), Kilgore (26-1 NCAA crown an 3) and Smiley (34-5) make up the; fourth tlm « lasl unprecedented just stop somewhere along the w a y Tuesday nljfht. They are dtie to ar- Austin Wednesday after- rive In noon. United Press International Midway of Henrietta and Skidmore - Tynan were paired today to open the State Schoolboy Bas- ketbdll tournament in Austin Thursday morning in a Class B contest. tlngton and Missouri City for the Class A honors, and Hedley, Lipan, Henrietta Midway, Woden, Bedias, Skidmore-Tynan, Kyle and Van Horn make up the Class B field. In addition to Pampa and South San Antonio, Hereford, Seminole, Plains, Kyle and Van Horn are making repeat appearances. South San Antonio's unusual won- loss record came about because the team had to forfeit 22 games add to their record if they win again. M8U Clinches Big Ten At Evanston, Kentucky will open March 13 against the winner of the first-round clash between Eastern Kentucky and Louisville. Michigan State, wh^ch clinched the Big Ten championship and a tournament berth Saturday night by edging Indiana, 86-82, also will appear in the Evanston regional, Michigan State will meet the winner of the first-rounder between Marquette and the Mid-America Conference champion. West Virginia gained an NCAA Pairings for the 24 teams which i early in the season because of use will take part in the 1959 tourney ; of an ineligible player. It's ac-j berth Saturday night by defeating in five divisions were drawn by' tual won • loss record would be The Citadel in the final of the Hv MIKK I'OSNEK, United press International Speaking of all . state teams, Albie Booth, a football legend prised over the'weekend to learn there should be an all-state team'his own time who helped make the that both Coyle Winborn andjfor basketball managers. They dojatom a household word long be-j Charles Minor had been named to probably more work for less glory fore the bomb. j than anyone else connected with with Grange of Illinois . nf Carlisle . . . Gipp Dame . . . Dempscy . . . . .Joiiep. 'through 1931. But The slorv of Booth is the Mory'never a handicap The sports world today mourned ' o , U]o fj ""'" "--"- " '-"--" '" • NEW HAVEN, Conn. The little guy is dead, (UPD-- the Texas Interscholastic league, kid. Hei Pam P a not on| y ia the only re- 33-3. The pairing* for first j Southern Conference Tournament, round j 85-66. West Virginia will meet an . Thorpe , Booth was a scrawnv kid. He! " "'"f" •••-" ••••'•' '° ""= "-"j « c ~ , • . ." . | ••- •» — ~~" of Noire ^ weighed 13n to 147 pounds durln «,;turnlng champion, but the Harves^X- with team season records, i "at-large" selection in the first . . Ruth hi* vars-itv playln* days from 1929 | lers «"».?«"* the only undefeated j Delude: | round of the East regionals at hia for size, the record into the big tournament, j ijm e i Coach Clifton McNeely's Harves-, was! THURSDAY CONFERENCE B of Yale the first all-state team. Both boys richly deserved the sports. honor, of course, and there was Booth, 51, on? of football's all-1 itime greats, died early Sunday in! York City after suffering aj iciional Frank McrriwelV battler who never eave up in facfli terSl winners °t 42 straight, includes :45 a . m . .._ Midway of Henrietta jSaturday come true. ! of kin-si/ed opponents. i in B 29 ln a row thls season, will , 39 . 2 ) V8 Skidmore, Tynan of Skid-! 69 ' 52 I be strong favorites to repeat as more (23-2). 110:10 a.m. — Bedias (40-3) ~ | LI pan (33-3). i 11:30 A.M. — New York March 10. Navy won Jan at-large berth in this regional by whipping Army, My two nominations for the iittie 'doubt about Winborn being, state managers would be Johnny J henrt gn' f ^ lr e"folio'wYng a ""Broad" nfcmed. However, the little men 1 Ayres and Darwin Phillips of the Wfty ahow like Minor, who are indlnpensable,Harvesters. They're probably as to a team but who don't score aj valuable as any man on the team, fnhnlnus amount are often over- 'because laouioua aiuuuiu, wi« u = y Basketball Results if someone didn't College nimk United I'rcss way This city, adjoining Hamdcn takei wnere ^ R 'i^'cd' anf ' 'he rest of an( ]!the country were stunned by the tall men. |«am recora,. mere woum,, t V ' death of the former Yale Univer- T was so sure that most of the much of a squad — just a ciisor writers would overlook Minor, in ganized group, fact, that I bet the wife a nickel Johnny and Darwin have been a he wouldn't make the first team, big help to the press this year That's the best nickel T ever Well as to the team spent. Evidently have better judgment them credit for Sorry, ie<m», j. n im»c guiii-n a. nut p,,...,,, ,,, ,...„ - ... ti,,i,. incm iicuii. »ui. } , _,.„„,.„«. n i iha Hnrvp«tP.- tenm ln g today as the Coast Guard 1|0| V never doubt you again. ,p,ogress of the Harvester earn. , h . pitlsbureh Si There's no need to go Into the I The confidence placed in these j Aoa<iem> •« "ew "can to.un at KosulU Intcrniitional opponents. "j Bill Corurn, Hie late New York jjournfll - American columnist, I p.lined the name of "The Mighty ! Ainm" on Booth. The nickname' | for ihe sensational star flicked, j j Every .sports fan associated the, j name "atom" with Booth. He wasj also known as "Little Boy Blue."! Considered by many experts thej vs. Johnson In Links Win Hedley (32-4) vs. 1 Woden (31-8). 1:45 p.m. — Kyle (25-7) vs. Van Horn (27-6). CONFERENCE A BATON ROUGE, La. (UPI) — ; 3:10 p.m. — Plains (23-3) vs. Mis. Kast Dartmouth 69 Pennsylvania 63 Princeton T.'i Harvard 65 Seton Hall 7(i Albright 52 Massachusetts S'< Rhode Island best football player ever pro-1 Howie Johnson, San Marcos, Calif., Isouri City (22-8). duced pound for pound, BoothiK° lfer ' parleyed a steady hand 4:35 p.m. — Huntington (33-6) va Mma y be matched this" week for a Patterson May Have Fight NEW YORK (UPI) — Heavyweight champion Floyd Patterson j st.-inet! and ended his playing clays i aml nerve and an accurate putter Witho "It's God awful," Mayor Rich .rd Lee said. "A tragedy," said Otto Grahnm, j Rlll K<-'rs «0 Boston U former till-pro quarterback for the Brown 60 Cornell fl3 (OT) tlie Horatio Alger of the sports est mcKei J ever wen iw «, i.,c ««.,.. "•»""" v| Cleveland Browns and consid«>ed NYU 6!) Konlttam M r the other writers records on rebounding, shooting i l - u;Vl ' ana «'o*ns »»" ton.sutan ,,. m . 1V( .,.,,„,. r . v,.•,„.,,.., f i . . '(inrt(iriMpo r iiiiiP i 4nll-iinipf' i 5 ii'd-'*^- i >uf i ti v i" j 11 m t i»•? *•». 11 *^ii i it i. :gment that I gavejpercentages, etc., we could neveri"" c mt - «"'"<-" u " u " e 'j ' v , x]l , s - r ,,. lm ;.. t tiH . Sorry, fellas, I'll [have gotten a true picture of the *«"" s a.ted spnng ™^» ';«'»; f ^ ^ ,,, p mvi ,,,. n ,, e M progress of the Harvester team ,,, e , C n .« ..„..- ... „- -, The confidence placed in th merits of Winborn and Minor as,two boys was summed up by a fan neaihy New 1 h.i«kPfb«ll blavers. since they're earlier this season when they were] Vale's "K world. j Stivri Against Army I His varsity flays started ! lu> was vanked off the bench. into the championship spot of the $15,000 Baton tournament. Then he headed Rouge Open Golf White Oak (18-8). CONFERENCE AA p.m. -- Devine (31-0) vs basketball blayers, since qiiite well known to Pampa fans' called over bv now. But anyway, sincerest con- to check on a disputed goal. "If friend.' 1 to the scoring table i "The ciatulations to both on being named to the all-state squad. I/)iid,on. 'rank Merrlvtell" loss of a close ] said Delaney Kiphuth, they say it's right," said the fan, j Yale's athletic director. "It's right." Booth of Yale he ranked Perm St. P'> St. Fnrncis 70 Steti-enville 58 Lafayette M Temple 1 To Slllllll Sun. Conf. Tiitirniinif'nt (C'lmmploiis'iip) \VVU 85 The Citadel Bti • i -i M\:i» KC- (i^-tAVJcw for Wcw Ori leans and the $20.000 open in hopes " jhis sophomore jvrtr late in tn "'hi« winnin B .Irak continues this, unft fir.n half Jit tm> Yale Bowl. Yale | WeTe 7 . . , . I I was behind i.l-n R K ains t a great' J ? hn " on P?«'« d « P*"' of two- i hi" f,' " ll i iinri«r.nur 7f>'« rtnHno- th» final ?.fi. •' ••"J Ai'mv team headed bv star under-par 70's during the final 36- session Sumlay lo win 7:30 Bowie (30-4). p.m. Seminole (32-3) (26-14). FRIDAY CO.VFKRKNCK AAA p.m. Smiley of Houston vs. South San Antonio (24- swerved <lownfleld 5WC BASKETBALL RACE WILL END THIS WEEK By KD FITE I'nlted Pret»» International iVii. St. Si N. Car. Coll. S« ! K. KdV.ucky St. 71. N. Car. St. fH> -1 American I'. !.M Mt St. Mary 7f> ' Georgetown (K'y i t(r_> P;Ueville !)4 i Renssrld'T V.'i Hai'pur l(i .';.•..!'.-.a Tech 71 V.'itidcrhiit 07 Miami i Kla.l !>2 Kioi ida St. * Aul'ivn i;:i A]fl Vl "»rm . T "i North C.-iniiuiii 72 Duke til' Maw rrt Army ''2 Virginia Si South Carolina 70 Miss. St. 23 Mississippi l*i : offs next week, SMU visits Aggie-) There are no threats, however, [land, Tech entertains Arkansas jtn Kirchner's lead in confcieii'e 'and Rice Is at Texas for the loop, play. The fi-tn TCI' ace has L'.Vi The Southwest Conference bas-j^nfiupj 0 n!v a f) e i ft y e d Baylor-:points to 216 for Kobi-aille, who Mi ketball chase comes to an end this at Vanderbilt game nt Nashville, j surged from out of nowhere into week with prospects that six of,T enn . Friday then will remain tolsecond place last week. Another Marqiiette M '!>!<•'!•> the eight clubs could wind up with cortl pi et e the entire regular sched- ichange saw SMU's Bobby James \Vake IMM-PSI fib I<avt, a .500 or better percentage for the ule jtake over third place in both divi- puniiic 67 .Minn .,-'\ second straight season. | Tf, e final games might have sions with 369 and 20S points. ' fowa St ^') Nobrn-^ka Texas Christian wrapped up the gorne effect on the late-developing' In other action last week, SMI' IHJI-.OJ.S ?•_' jc.wa TII title more than a week ago and,j nf H V idual scoring battle between, beat back Arkansas fitl-51. Pu.-e Vuiiii^.-.tuwii MI plaid Wall re nothing but its prestige was singed Reading H. K. Kirchner of TC^ui whipped Texas Tech IM-Hi itnd :M i' >: ,nl;ev M» \ T,'- ^t '',•,'' by last Saturday night's 72-71 loss; an(1 | )ig T OIH Robitaille of Hice. i Aggies 74-67, Texas A&M be it Tex- c ; ,, ( , nlli i h 7s '[,,„,..,',,' , ; ' (i K> SouUiern Methodl«t. which Kirchner apparently had things as 7«-6! and Arkansas heal tin rlinched second place with the vie- sewe( | up until Robitaille got hot.same outfit B3-S8. tory, . | last week and scorched Texas j Texan now is within one gunit But, if Arkansas and th* Texas Tech for 36 points and the Agsi*'* of winding up with tha worst ici .Aggies can knock off Texas Tech |for ^ to climb within five points|onl in Die school's history. Th. and SMU Tuesday night, they will.; o f the TCU star's 440-point total. Lonshorn.s have won onlv thie. finish with 7-7 records and leave He could overhaul Kirchner in Ihei2:i games The i«S5 team had a only Rice and hapless Texas floun-!,j na i game . :4-20 record. dering below the 50-50 mark. TCU - Ef^H'-vr^"'"^ MATSON SWAPPED FOR TCU winds up a-t home against /|^JEJ\A/ Baylor as the champion Frogs «ye. |^| g TT their foiay into tht NCAA play CHICAGO i UPI) Booth for fin yard touchdowns. Before the pacl;ed bowl could stop cheer-; iiif^ he dashed o\-cr from the eight for another score. Booth, the of tun pieat drop kickers, booted all three extra points. Yale Army ].'!. Ki-im that moment on Booth of Yale v."n n. famous name. His final football patne for Yale was jus; as spectacular. At Cam- hridcre. Mass . in KKil Booth led the Kli'< to a ,''.-!> victory over hit- lei- enemy Harvard by drop kicking a field goal. i title as tourney leaders faded into '* twice. n._ j: _. 'w_u;__i ^jp^ u-inH, 4 ::;.") P m Kilgore (28-3) vs. Ddany Stars fn IC4A Meet S»i X.l Vic ' i I 'II:.) I 1.'..- Paul V;i (' HUMUS fit I 'iitjUf.sne i,!( 1 )i iniit :,* I.iiuiivdli- 7J ('fun Ciiiv. 7o S' !.. •>» lii'iian SO - s xo «,i .\i 1( i i; ., in .s, '""" N1::\V YORK ifPTi laiiv's Sdth strticrht mile victory on bi.-u-ds and Niaiihsittan ('.illegi.-'.! 1 i i"!li H 'IA ind.-..,r ti-ii, K cliarupii.n- j--i!"l' ' arm- the sam.- way slowlv. j mv rci.-.lcil only a wee sain- in-- t.iniL-d Ii-:.--li "ki.-k" dm -' '' Mi il l-ii'S to win thi- .-ipc- • •''<• Sa(Ulda\ 'IA m J title defense against a British con[lender at Buffalo, N.Y., on April '22 or 24. i Burley Brian I^ondon of England va appears the likely challenger although Henry Cooper of England and Joe Ersklne of Wales also are being- given consideration. Patterson and Manager Cus jD'Amato want a spring fight in i order to sharpen the champion for ihls million-dollar defense against Jngemar Johannson ot Sweden, j somewhere in the United States in late June or early July. ; Although 21-year-old Floyd would ibc risking h!s crown against the i April challenger at Buffalo, he and ;D'Amato nevertheless regard that I fight as a sort of "tune-up" sincei [they do not rate, any of the three I Britishers nearly as dangerous an (Sweden's unbeaten Johansson, 'champion of Europe. Promoter Pedro Martinez ot Buffalo and an associate have offered a flat guarantee of J300.000 for the privilege of staging the Anglo-American fijrht at the Buf- N'RW YORK lUPn -- NCAA NCAA tournament when Missis- falo Memorial Auditorium, It was tournament-bound Kansas State, sippi State (24-1 i declined, got 11 learned today. i boa-sting the nation's second best first-place votes this week, com-r |i22-l> won-lost record, replaced pared to 13 last week, for 297 'Kentucky atop the United Press points The Adolph Rupp coached i I International college basketball Wildcats, beaten in only two of 25; I ratings today In the games this year, are the defend- Ron ne- lwiH>1( flf the balloting for the na- ing NCAA champions. : the distance behind high winds ;and scores. Hereford i28-S). i Kven Johnson's total card of 2S3 CONKKKF.NCK AAAA was the highest tournament score| S :OS p.m. Pampa i.3l-0i vs. 'over the 72-hoIe course in the eight-Milby of Houston 133-6). 'year history of the Baton Rouge 9.25 p.m. •-- Dallas Jefferson (33- Open. ,'ii vs. Laredo (2fl-6». Kansas State In Number One Spot tmnal champion Kansas State, second in 1 TC A LA' I C/\IVl Campy Reports To Dodger Camp A halfback other player to be selected at the for virtually a new ball club to- start of the 1959 season day was the way gridiron observ- Matson, stunned by the trade, «rs sized up the grant player deal flew to I^os Angeles Sunday to announced by the Chicago Cardi-1 confer with Rams ofncials. nals and the Los Angeles Rams. I Matson, who starred at Die I'ni- Cardinals traded their star versity of San Francis,» m Ins .S.MT 7- TCI i ' v:{ Oklahoma .' H;v. !.,!• ri/i To ;, s 'I',., n iJkiahou.rt St «.} .M,.,,, U Den-.-er »! .\c-v .\!,-M,-., \\c.,| Monl;ma 9'-: B'.ijtvt'ii y,, Utah 6H Utah St r,;( i I: t j u (p 11 S» • i> ! • i' '. ; > UCLA 69 O A r F..I, e A nf t! ipei Id VERO BEACH, Fla. ( up l> "halfback. Ollie Mataon, to the college days, said he felt he had R/iy Campanella is back in har- Rams Salu ,. day for ej? ,, t p i tt y e rs "several good years left " Rut de ness today, but the harness has , 0 fae de]ivered thls year an(1 a also said he had just fi-rshcd re- ciianged from tht mask and mitt H men to lhe now de j unct f> a n as pans on hia Ciiicu.'To home a'-d with which Campy helped guide Texan> {or n ne backer L«3 Rich- had wanted to "finish" his i-nreei tha D<>'Jo'ers to half a dozen po»t- :ter . ,'witii the Cards. var pennants. ; ; Although (,rt'icia!s ,>f in,HI ch ! , ^ Todav. Campy s harness is a Tagged one of the biggest deals h ., j|( , d , he ^.^ t ,. (> ,, ( .^ ^^ f , wheelchair and a neck brace, the;'" National Football League his- ed (o s . )]v<i s()t)u , f _, , (> _ result of his cripplinj auto *t-cj.. »«»•>'. tht trade was second only , enfe rrobl ,, m , , ha , ',,„, p ,V H ..,,. , dent in January of 1958. »n size to the Rams' 1952 swap of , he Cardjnala n was b ^( p ,f , 1,, Campy c»n no loiijtr swing the "'gh draft choice m i960 addition of the bi;r proven hl.e- b:g bat. Th» mobility in lus h»nd» ( j,- or Matson. the Cardinal* re men should make the and arms i* improving dailyi but C eived tackles Frank Fuller, Art stronger all the way tin- be still is paralyzed from the Haussr and Ken Parfil, and de- line. vjtii^i, down. |ifcu*iv« fu4 »''J ojtviiaiv« t*cKitf .Matson fpaikplug of Die tn*n, wJ»9 thfiif umif w»f nfni^iijsimig lin«uifii. iu jdjuioji, tne vv»i txpsi te-i to plug * v.caK si.i.t t/ij Ni<iiiuri-3l Le»|fU8'i JMu#t ValU-JHaiii* g4\e up their 1 yei-uiiii. third.iji th« puwt-r-ji.ii ued I'-nm ,-i otK-n •fble PUyer, remains. U In thls'and fouith draft . hoii e« haltlmck'.sjve as a leplaceiiu-nt i,,r n.lii.uck f pi rit \\hich may mak« hiui a \-al- Don Brown of Houston, fullback T«nk Younger, wh" \v.ts ti nicd i-, liable torich iri th« Ix^ Angeles l^any Hickmyn of P.aylor. Jn'm Pitt.?bui'S ( ) J'ii"i to th» r..i.'ib sfi- vl Texai A4M, aiui ajt- son. • n fi? . 11 =1 A ri: Sun Kra>, 6? ti3 at Madi.~on .S;iu,.ire !-ii:>; "? 4 t.'7.I t -;,ve 1 v:i tory <iver Pi 1 :! •'' 'isle. Lieut F?U! :e Air Ki>ice was I'd i !<i, l.mj; fiir !li(> M mi Mile but w ei! .C' 1 '")!' mark df "' a v. i-t'k pi'e\'i')ti.s- t: i k n. wh;i h t.><->k c>nlv :o s\vp;.it out a t«,.. e !gp l'e!ia State K'lA (earn crown. 7 36 Con "h Cipor^e n t •i-tc.i wl:e:i Henry I-'.- 'IV ! 1. •1 :i. t. .>. K. 7. S. H. id. 1 [x~.l 14. H: ABC Team Title On l?ne Tonife ard NK\V YORK il'HIi The T'nited Press International major college rating.- if.isl - |>l:tce tiUi;t;t; vote's arid \viui-lost records through b :>.* in par i-ntlu'sesi: Sim Points Kiin>a> Slali- (IB) CJ'J-1) Sl).i K^nliicK.v (II) (•.':)•.') »»7 Cincimmli (••>) CJI-'J) 'i59 Michigan Stale rit (IB-'J) North ( arnlln.i (I) (18-3) Miv»U»i|>|i| Stale CM-1) North ( aroliiiH State (19-1) California C.'O 4) Hradlcy CJI-S) . «,,, ,,, Id. Auburn ('in •>) West Virginia. 43: 12. is. 3fi: 13, Texas Christian, 3V Utah. 18; 18, Marquette IV Utah, 16; 15. Marquette. l,v' '.B St. Mary's 'Calif.'. 9: .?->l:n's (N.Y ); 1g .tie), St vertur.'. I .'Uiisv i!!e. Ok d I Cincinnati (2l-2>, the pre- last season choice of the coaches, held •«"-•-, onto third place, drawing five; 'first-place votes and 259 points, j while Michigan State il6-3i| moved past North Carolina ilrt-3i! ami North Carolina State il(Mi; inti> fntirih place North Carolina slipped a uou h In fifth and N C. • State dropped two pegs to seventh. Mississippi Stale. seventh a week ago. climbed a rung to sixth between the two Carolina si hools. and California (2iMi, B r a d 1 e y '21-3 i and Auburn i 20-2 i romplet-' ed the top 10. M.diigan State. ; with two. and North Carolina.: with one. drew the other- first, place votes. i West Virginia headed the sec- St. ond 10 group, followed in order; 5V by St. Louie. Texas Christian.; IV Utah. Marqustte, St. Mary's! 'Calif, I, Si. John's iNY ) Rnd ST. i Ronaveniuie Lo<,;;.-.v,l!e and v>k:a- 211 1M VJ8 6( h 21. I'Uh State. '2: ">'2 !ii Keiitiickv and Wash 17. St \'ona- horn.'i City The iast three were ar,..ri.'i tied for 18th. Utah Siate. Kas'ern Kentucky a:id Washin^'Mi v, ere IJIH only oliitr U-uins to diaw i protec » v:\frial ino\e-i h tj tt.ud «I1J \<.«'ek s ratings even ttv.uiKh i' . esved ni'ire fii'st-place S'ntes than K'Titu k\ «HS th'> ton puk of 16 of ti,e 3S coaches wno mak* up e.-iouph second and third-place \o'<-s 'o pile vip a 305-peint :<'."al Kc::tui-k\'. which got the Southe,-i='en Cojiference berth to the DR. R. H. RUTLEDGE CHIROPRACTOR 111 S. Ballard MO 4-4627 Don t i«t th« wtight of k payrr.enti imp f og urd»f pr V:\ir tn« S.t C. oUSct nfdr W§'»» b«n hc'p^ng fplkt n«w «nci u>td can for >f *"d >»« d Jii« fk« chtnct you wo^k out payment* to tj . 11; i u e '- AH'.' !• 12 GUARANTEED USED TIRES f Uood Select!an ol Trutfc Sl«| ^ OcKXj Srlec-liOQ o! 14" $!%<?» HAUTIRECO. 700 ». Foster MO i-3S2l WHATEVC1 YOUI NBtD FOR C A 5-H MAT 8? ...

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