Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 9, 1971 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1971
Page 17
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8-6 Alton Evening Telegraph Saturday, January 9, 1D71. MARMADtJKE By Anderson and Looming FARM — LIVESTOCK [ Livestock S3! MISC. FOR SALE Articles for Sale 71 !(H)K ynrp "1AK'1.< !• U- 1 !.'.' M \T< I" 1 P '• I'.'.' < i r n f; r 1'irl' i n n;' ! iiriv- ,. !•..!' ...i!f r^,. ;> hci r .r i.iinlriii w.ilk - il'.rriii'jh ir.iiliT. with '•I-M In. hr 'I.. I )j !M liin w st.ihk- . i.;,-|v ,inl -ill'- (.:.:;- iv«i. On SAI I-. — ^ II'',-,.,,i,(| IVf! I MISC. FOR SALE Antiques 77 R PKN I ~ nnv s owing mafhiiv ;mrl .r both. ::51.|01<i. I IH nl lo -i i- i |n . !••:•••• in < ilv -or,;, Erini:,',-- h;-r.- : |. liv. !(:r ' il!' •ri'<-:!1|7. i i,s —. i :. c, v s 'i is ri 2ii •'! .'•; i I'PRI .FIUKI) HAMPSHIRi: I'.OARS j < ' 'liin;l':.'ii),'i S>'rd ( Tartns.J I Poultry & Suonlics 491 "Why didn't you l>;irl< wlmi yon s;m lhal. tm> coming?" REAL ESTATE SALE Houses for Sale 59 i eg __ n . LOVELY T\VO - BEDROOM TOWN HOUSE FOR SALE—In nice rpiict. convenient location. 460-1284 lor iu- formntion. FOR SALE— \'> l i room, all modern house. Wall-to-wall carpet in Jiving room. Near Bcthalto business district and Catholic Cluircb. Call 377-61G5 after a. 53 _ 7-8-0-10-14-15-K; — HOUSE FOR SALE — To be ie- moved. For information; GratTon 1-780-3C66. 59 — 9 TO SETTLE ESTATE—New three bedrooms, 1!' 3 baths. Double car garage. Will consider commit, t Make reasonable offer. n77-R(iO(; be-! fore .'i. 377-5257 after 5. 59 — M REDUCED $1400 BY OWNER — ! Lovely 2 bedroom ranch style home Carpeted living room and master bedroom. Large remodeled kitchen with loads of cabinets. Utility room •with washer-dryer hookup and ceramic tile shower. Attached parade. Large lot. Rosewood Heights. 515,500. Shipinan «36-4438. 59 — 9 BY OWNER—Brick niul skiing. :> bedroom, complete kitchen. \\' t AUCTIONS Auctions 64C ! Meats 69B I 'HAN s E N 7 s" "ciTo i cT P E E r- jl'ifint quarters 1''' halt beef 59c j hind ouarl"! s H'lr 40 !h . chuck I ,|r a';s :••.',• i;o. ::n II), rib sic iks 52H 70. I Bins! fro/en. nt wrapped and delivery ,ree. . ill financf* IIANSEN PACKING COM"ANY. .lei'sevvlllo. C.'u Join bci-f I lurditer- in." and processing. -tflR-3714 ill! — II ----------- -'RI-.I-./ER l3I-.i:F — nl, wrapped. fro/en and delivicd. USDA ( IIOICI-: ID>R r u its ( o. Front P.. Alhy. fit. •tfi.'i- 1279. Building Materials 73 i'K K i S m.lirr i n on ;.-un,.,| y.\,, .-:, v. mdo".'. doors windows, lunihi.'r, pipe hi i' k open Sunda .• 'til :;. Alton <;.ilv,u;e. Slut/ Lane, ripprisili- V- !•: Ill i ..d;.. | :i, ,„. 1 M H M Mill K - Of ;dl ki.ld '•'. '"i '".' .'t'T . hiii In ii -.MI! .. I'i'ler stool . w.'h-i pi|ie in lii;<, I i.,i.<| Hi n I-. - I o ,!'•; . c , 'd I.undvr Y.o d 1 ini, Si- Hi ( oii.i".. udi . :• •'--1-1. Vi •- .1.111 H, l:\il.KMAD SAI.VAl il: — I wo car- lo, ds pi "v.'o-p'| ;ind pi (•-! itiished 1'ian 'I 1 . Bf.iniil'ul inlurs, 4.xHxi;. Save •*''. T> : I per sheet. $2.3!) to $3.5!). l'f.:vi,nrl .•Jie.-itliiiiK. c.Mcnur, intc- noi, i'..s\-i,. J'i.v",. Sanded <1>;S\'',. <'. i;.'i nil Wi st llroadwas. Alton. Hi.') li'illli MISC. FOR SALE Household Goods .:ii" GAV 79 I I!.ill ( Hi s. SPE< I Al, AN'I IOI. ; I . Ail I l(!^i — Rl. 1 M, I'.i'lhallo. Wedn.-sdav, .Ian-\' !::, i; p.m., di'.he . chji !•: lamp:,. • ri I'rl.'r '' d(",i'',. I onnd table, t null,'. - pn I n I (' i i ,illlr '''in -i i ;• inn i nt i \'. I-|CMI)I ". t i • :ill t r :-a I- . Tuesday, M Ida", .'.aim da .' Ilijdil' .'!77-(i(lll, I.ero\ (."" . .la.m. Am lionei i FARM —LIVESTOCK Dogs—Cats—Pets o5 MISC. FOR SALEj Articles for Sale 71 •I'ini .li"i| I.ail,HI 'i '.hri'l. r.r.h and 'illlr; III • l:!c rai h :!";•:!" siiuK in s-li, l> M c.ich. 1'iii- i ni 11 m'-l.ii sink ca him t s with I'-iurrl . ,v lr|.;k 'I • trainer-,, Slrci.Dj. liathiMiini v.inilir,. j.'ifi.rr, and up. •1 V . ' lwi.-ii;i|n fliior.:•,(•.ail liMtiires with i-frle'-lnr and bull). ?l:!.!)fl. I'icr IIMI l-:iir>. •Ki.'i-.'M IV. Moycr Si'PI'lv. .il 1 llelle. Business Equipment 74 'i . 'OS I Od'K I.I'.AM-:—Must .sail Hire I ,aiim!niinat equipment. I'.veryihin^ In uprraie a laiimlromal. Will .sell i lii.Mp. :i77-!l!lli."i. Coal COAL .Coke—Wood 75 HEKNARD fill's — Full hot], and wormed. 217- air. Fenced back yard. Detached garage. 372-3142. 59 — g-l(i-23-30 FOR SALE IN CARROLLTON — Three bedroom ranch type honic, new furnace mid air conditioning. Basement, finished garage, lot I(i5 ft. frontage. 942-3125. 59 _ TE 1970 DISPLAY HOME CLEARANCE! WITH THE PURCHASE OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING 1970 DISPLAY HOMES YOU WILL RECEIVE A VALUABLE FREE GIFT... A BRAND NEW COLOR TV! 1526 COLONIAL DR $23.90!) 4809 D'ADRIAN CT $39.50;) 1401 PARIS DR. $39,000 5800 KING ARTHUR DR. .. $22,900 1311 SIR LANCELOT LN. .. $22,900 317 MERCURY DR $21.900 The following homes have been pur- Chased by and free color TVs have been awarded to: 1210 CAMELOT — Mrs. anil Mrs. Robert Saunders. Jr. 25 WOOD GATE — Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Brown 7616 SATURN —- Mr. and Mrs. Billy C. Smith CHAS. E. SPRINGMAN DEVELOPMENT, INC. 108 North Port Dr., Godfrey Phone 466-4470 OFFICE HOURS: 9 • 8 Mon. Thru Times. 9-5 Frl. Thru Sal. 1 - 5 Sun. MADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT HUMBERT RD. AREA — Wanted, older home on trade, for this beau tlful split foyer home, located a< 482G Wlck-Mor Dr. Cash for your home. Don't mls^ this buy. Open 'til 9. Call days 254-2811. Evenings 4G5-7938, 377-5427. BETHALTO—109 Tc::us, new r> rms and bath with double attached garage. Central air, all carpeting, lot? of extras. Small down payment, 01 will take older home tin trade. CaT now. Days. 254-2811. Evenings 465-7938. 377-5427. MADISON COUNTY HOME IMPROVEMENT AKC. SI mask. ' •S.'l.'ViMsii. (i5 — !i — AKC' sin •REE TO GOOD HOME — l-emale hall hr.aglc puppy. 254-5012. i-Mo. OLD GREAT DANE—nkick. $5(1. AKC registered. .'177-0055. •rj i •) __ (EGLSTT.KI'n AKC IKMIEKMAM IMNCIIEK PUPS—SI. .laeob, Illinois. (M -5lll(i. 'KOTESSIONAI. I'OODI.!-; 'HUM- MING—Complele or pnriial j'.i'innii- me,. Conlai'l Linda Williams. 400 Rose, South Ro.sana. 254-H02!). •KEH TO GOOD IIOMI-; — TWO beautiful Siamese cms, ncul- eied. Owner moving lo aparl- ni'.'lll. 402-25117. iEGIST EKED I'OMI-.RANIANS — Variety of colors. A few Pugs. Ph. :i;2-:'.lfi'8. 62 Wanted to Exchange 62—11 WANT TO TRADE FOR EAKM- 3 duplex homes, centrally localec In Alton with ail 1 Income nl $411 mo Write l'o,;t Office llo< -142 Alton. 63 Wanted Real Estate 63 — TF WE'RE IN A JAMI We did such a good Job scllim: on customers houses that we are des Derate for new listings. Call us HQLJSI- CENTER 4(i(i-2201 :OCKEK SI'ANIEI. i'lil'I'Y— II! ..... i male. reiHslered AKC', K week.j old. MO, call 4(i2-li«47. ,|} _ I'll] *'*{ ___ r ___ _ _,__ AKC REGISTERED CHIHUAHUA and DACHSHUND PUPPIES — Fox Terrier puppies, 115 Virginia, Hi lhallo. 377-WI28 - M.EARANCK KALI-. — Puppies M- breeding stock: Pekingese, Pomeranian, Cocker, Fo \- Tel Tiers, Beagle,, Poodles, American Eskimo, chihuahuas German Shepherd 1 ,, English Setters. Also stud service. 372-Rlli(i. \KC m;GisTEKEi>—white <ici Shepherd puppies. 2. r rl-. r i'j.'iO. Feeds and Seeds 67 •INI, 'TIMOTHY MAY — si bale. (•'ine quality alfalfa, ,il;o clover. Close Id lowll. 400-:i7!M. ", 1 r '.UIGITT WIRI-: 'I II -I) HAI.IT.) STRAW — Also llmolliv liny. I'll. l-7'J!l-'i(nr. or 405-T!I14. ' IAY AND STRAW I OK SALT-'. — Also hulcherini! calves. Will deliver. Medora 72!)-fiK5l. '• 1 r ( ^ L IIKIGITT STRAW—-And 'I imolhy hay 1'ilisa 729-5(14.') or 4(>5-3!ll4. Livestock 68 and 1 large horse pouv. :!. r i!'.- 1019. US — 9 ------------------------TOR SALT. — R"gi:.i-'ivd hornet llciclord hull. 372'.'llili:i. wormed. 49K'32(II). .1 Cl scy vllle. HAVE 'COMPLETE LINE of ne\ '.I vie 1971 model bin ,c trailei.-, X7!]fi. Also ir,ed IS II. Mock trailei Ncal Miopiiaid Morse Trallc Sales, llelhullo. 377-97H9. REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS Auctions 64C MORSE AUCTION CO. Highway 140, Cottage Hills OPEN DAILY from 9 a :n. to i, p.m Phone 259-2821. We -niv uncl sell good used lunriuie and aopllancet and slock llqulduiions. Sold at public auction. Fr 1 an I Sat lit 7 p m REAL ESTATE AUCTION SATURDAY. JAN. I'i, ') A.M. ~~~~REAL ESTATE Open Sunday 1 , 5 STOREYLAND Humbert ltd. 2-Dlsplay Homes 3-JJedroom Kuuchi's J'/i liuth* Gurugi; I/naii-tliatc Your Host Coble Taylor OF TAYLOR'S REALTY Phone 460-1497 BERIGAN-BOERNER AGENCY WE TRADE MIDDLETOWN Exceptionally well improved Older Home. 13x30 Carpeted living room having exceptional fireplace with milled mantel and front. Beautiful lined drapes and valances. 12'/2xl4 carpeted dining room. Many cabinets in 13V2x13V 2 kitchen. Beautiful open stairway with custom hand rail to 2nd floor. 13x1 [i 1 /;, 13x14 and 9'10"xl5'4" bedrooms. 2 full ceramic baths. Com pletely maintenance free aluminum siding. Located on nicety 'cindscaped corner lot VAfiDN VVHKLL 1 UADINi; I'OSI — Used furniture, appliances, oil. j;as heater.. I mi. out Toslorbiirj., Koad. Open 9.'.. I'll. .|f;'.!-9(ii;s. I'AIK l> T Ms A I'T.S— (I'.eil once. Men's si'/e 7 ('.ill O'I.T -I p.m.. TOR SALT. — Oak anil hickory lire- wood, hy Hie rank or cord. .leisey- yillf 'l9H-2liS/ iCKAl' I.UMIiT.K—Suiluhlu for hie- place or kiiullinc. Wordc'ii liuln.-.- Iric-.s, Inc. Iil8-4r)9-3200. • I __ _ (i ___ __ ______ __ _________ ____ . _ COI.i'.MAH I ROOM AUTOMATIC GAS HEATF:R — - 7.">.ot«> iiru, new condition. .Hi2 -alUK. j _ | j __________ VKi SAI, I'. — Svnthi'llc and human h;iir. iroin SS In ,' ; :!,':. Call 4li..'-/7-l!), o,' 25f)-i;93'l. iRANDFA I III-.R CLOCKS — One hngc 7'4" tall. mo'>'in;; moon dial. Wc'.lmm.'.lei chiini::.. :rli)(). "il" li tall Weiitmini.tei- '.'liiine:;. S250. Will ai(ept Irade-in, pri'lei'abU' boal iv trailei. 1 -SVIi-VOIa. iALF: — New Fantastic rummai; 11 sale, beaulil u I ti;:;ale ladies tlrcss- eh, :aiit:,. i oats, includini;: mini;. Persian lamb :. many other.s. TlliOMla\. I'i'idav and Saturda.', 10 til -I, (Juality l:>:c!ianj;e Slu.ip. lilil.'iC Siale SI.. Alton. • ] __ I I _____ _______ _ ___ il. COMUINA'I ION WA.-illl-.K AI-ll) l)KYl:l< -- Like new. :;l2 r ,. (iE Hi clad '.', hp- 3 phase molor, ^2.1. Double neck sl,-i'l guitar with aiiiplll'ier, 5;3i). 259-127!) after !i |i.m. IA1IY ITIiMS— Crlli, playpen, .mnip- seat, mobile, folding ;',ate, walker toys, bathtub, carrier, cloilibii: and blanla't?i. Youlli bed, paper back book',. Girl'. 1 . i:ood MIIIION c, u'inler clolhiiiK. all ;</ • , i'i 14. -IHI4 Wlck-inor, (io,tlre\ r . liasrmenl en- Itancc. 4(ili-4U!)l I — Mar. II ------------{EDUCE EXCESS FLUIDS— Wilh FLUIDICX. SI.WI. L(JSI-; Wi:iGIII sacflv with De.x - A - Did. !)8c at llonke fliarmacy. •| __ | |. _^_ «^ ;l | __ . ______ BUILT-INS •KIGIOA1RE IHIII.T-IN OVI-.N ,V HURNI'HS — Also under cm ...... r dishwashers. Available In llarvesl Gold, Avocado. Copper, While and Brushed Chrome. ALTON REFRIGERATION n.'ill E. llroadway •Hi5-772'.; (Across from < lei mania) (OI.I.FR RINK SKA'I'F'.S— I11at:k X- while. All si/.i;:,. Sa to $K. Will sell by pair or all. 1 1 15 I-:, -lib, Alton. 1 _ |-'rl) '' ________ • __ ADDING MACHINES — ei s 'oouglil. ?.old ti.'uicd, rented. repalr-'d Oln-n cycliini;.;. Daye\'. 1203 Sla'e. -Ifi.MfirM. ' "DRY ATiTpROBLEMs? 1ELP 'id dry air problems such as "llchv Skin" - Dry None • "Plaster cracking - Static shock" Also tiller air wl'h a Coolerator humidifier. FREE HUMIDITY GAUGE with each humidifier. models on display. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 i;. llroadway 405-7722 "Across from Germanln" 71 Hoover upright cleaner 40" F'rlgidah'e range $2! $5! Also several used refrigerators li good condlllon. ALTON REFRIGERATION 550 I-., llromlway. — 405 77:!'.! (Across from Gcrimmla) 29,500 WE NEED LISTINGS STATE INSURANCE MEMBER MLS 259-7241 'AI''. < liureli St., K. Alton Joe Apple — 'i50-;jl»l JJocrncr — ',iM-'A','A'& John Ui-rigun — :i5«-H'e«8 _ T|, -------------------- Tllli lILUIi LUSTKE WAY lake the soil away I om carpets am upliolMlery. You can rent Hi electric shampooer lor $1 a llonke's, North Allen or llonke' Pharmacies, Alton or Wnod FMver REAL ESTATE MAIJVI- Al L WOOL i- 1C', -lii'i-ll'i] yi( ] | ' '"ARI 1 !- I S--I:; v 17 i'.M! I.IVINCi ROOM —?SM.!!."). S"t spring- and rn.'itln 11 ,-^ S-t''.n."i. S'd r-n-J f.ihlr-:. $t;',.'i7i. / inolruni 5.'!. f r». Motor oil. :i cjiiarts Si. i.hoii e of lu'Miidv Spate heaters. T;ri^ie ••t.'impv While Barn at Viadiict, _l-.asl Alton. 2".'l-!lS4."i. Ill.HR'iOM Slili: WITH TWIN HIJIS _- Lil-;e lie 1 . 1 . 1 . used (ICip fice/". 'nrr,ikfa\i -,!•!. like n.:v.-, n;;: .md pad. •I(i r i-:i1s:',. TAIM'AN RICNAISSANC.I-: :WIN(M COPPER i ONE <;AS RANCH:. Like n' 1 '.. Make oi'ler. .1(i.">-717S HAWKINS BROTHERS CARPET— .">!>•; Dcdinai. llanford, III. New Yi-ai's Special Duponl 4111 nylon V''itii 't'.'-iy/.. pad. nov Ml .tailed tor .?"i.)'l 'Milan 1 vard. l-'rer 1 est im.'de.,. We nov have l(l-;',aii(:e rubber l)ul;c[| indfior-ouldoor carpet for i; 2.-l'i -cpi.ire vard. We have over 'II roll, of carpel in stock. We have o'. er 1;; colors to choose from. We have a I'n,md new living room suite ^KM.!i". We have a new bedroom suite with double mirrors, iripl" dresser. SKiO.rn. Sec u> first lielor. •, o'i buv. Deliver no to 4."i miles, :!."i)-5720. Musical Merchandise Sewing Machines 82 UNCLAIMED T^AWAY ^;: m.ifjhincs. ;s . These machines make buttonhole's, sew on buttons, monograms, rind manv fancy : titch- es without. rUI.-ichmcnt.;. 2M-2747. Midw r;:,t Mr/rrhiinrlisinK- Sewing Machine Repair 82A SEWINC; MAC;HINE REPAIR—And service. Free pick-up and delivery. One portable machine for sale. POT appointment call n77-fJ74R. Firearms 85 AUTOMOTIVE Autos—Passenger Cars 91 01 — !) 1H56 CHEVROLET Straluht sli<k $12." 91 — n QUEENIE By Phil Interlandl MUST SELL—infiS Camaro. Metallic bron/e. Black interior. 4(56-0112. HI jo fl'l CHEVY II—(5 cylinder automatic, ne-.v brakes, new tires. 25-1-H97!). 1964 CHEVROLET station wagon — Overhauled engine, 3R3. 327 engine with heads. 10BI Buick convertiolc. 2.-4-570S. flAUOE—2S" full, . nickel steel. $l"iO. 2r>'l-44Dn. (;E DOIIBLI 7-s::7. r i. rtARREl. — 10(12 CHEVROLET two-door hardtop 28:1. C.I.D.. three spcetl plus Hurst (iood condition. '1(ii5-47:i7. •fin MALFBU— t speed, 4 door, ail- conditioned. Red, black vinyl top. 254-n(i.1S. 1 _ n fi2 CHi-:VROLF-;T .station W.IROII — 4(15-707!!. Vegetables & Fruit 86 S(i — [-eh. (i V1.N1-; RIPENED FLORIDA TO- MATOF.S — 4 Ibs. SI. IloepfinRer Produce'. Brnad\\ny and Mil'.on Rcl. H.-.-mcmade horseradish and honie- i v i;-.dr apr-U 1 WANTED Wanted to Buy 87 S7 — 0 — WANTED - 377-nSS'l. Old Victrola records. WANTED AMERICAN FLYER TRAINS — Anv condition. Call •Ki.> after 5-3(1 WANT TO BUY — Usjd piano for child learning l.i pLw. 46H-03SG. GOOD USED BACKHOF.— wiihmi Rodv.(-rs, (ieneral Conlractor. 87 WANTED TO BUY — copper, brass, aluminum. Top prices. 705 Park Drive, Alton. III. 4fi2-4R91. 87 — .Inn. y.\ ('ASH PAID — Eor good used refrigerators, washers, dryers. TV's. Cull anytime. White barn nt Viaduct. East Alton, 259-9845. 87 — .Inn. 15 • CLF:VELAND I'KOMDONE and tase; music stand, all in excellent comlilion. $1011. 4riii-512(i. 11(1 • I'I.AC E WOOD—Seasoned oak. Mil per cord, delivered and slacked. ,- T'eb (i . 11(1.1 1 1. ACT. WOOD — Seasoned oak. delivered, stacked. I-'ESS- LT.K'S TIREWOOD [-'OKEST, .ler- seyville 49S-50S9 or Alton 4 K 5-75•!S. I; i n I'} •IDT.f'LACE WOOD —- Seasoned oak. ?,2() for ••'j-tim truck load; delivered .md s!.fel<ed. Driveu'.'ty sione, hand spread. Ph. Woodburn '!V(i-2."i2t> or :!. r )!l-7K!4. General Haulinq 75A TiA — l-ub. II . PROMPT SERVICE—HmiliiiK rock, sand and [:ravel, di'ive\vays, etc. (all Paul Erixon, 254-1582,' or Edwardsville (i. r iii-8irai. I'lWi I'ENIJliK HANIJMASTLR amplifier — Complete. Che.ip. Also Wollensak tape recorder, practically new. sacrifice. 405-1:11!). -;o — II I'dK SALE — White Baldwin horse- snoe onian, lor home or church. .UK. !•:. il Hi. HAMILTON MUSIC CO. .lust 'Traded In jaldwin-lloward 5-l't. Grand. Giveaway price, l.'iastyafe Plaza. Ph. .KillT HAULING immls and ^ -,^ _ l-eb (! .K'ill r IIAIII.INC ::ai'a:;es cleaned. C'lean base- inn.' ilays i!l-.| !(!(!. Ha .emeiit'.i K hauled, ri'asonalile, 25l-(i4.!l. -.•r- ( A T'l'l'l 'I ' l.l'ill i MAIJLINi; — P md I'venin^';. 25!)-5S05. /5A — T'eli. 2 lAUt.INc; T RASH—Any kind. Clean- In^ basement. Kitnigcs. Very reasonable. 4(i'!-()K55. -r (/ ^ l-f\} '> > YOU CALL. I'LL HAUL — Daines general and clean-up. E'ree estl- male.s. Call 2. 1 54-:i.'17fi. T>A — .Ian. 2!) '<OCK. SAND. TTi.L DIRT — 'Top dirl. horse riiauure, firewood. M. MISC. FOR SALE Clothing 76 SAI.I. — New Eanlastlc rummaju: sale', beanlil'ul resale ladies ilress- e.s, stills, eoats, mchuiim;, minl\s, Persian lambs. many oilier:;, Thursday, Triday and Saturday, III III 4. uualily I :.\cnan|',e Shop, 'JliliiC Stale SI.. Alton. (- | j PAIRS YOUNG MEN'S TROUSERS—Sl/e. waisl .!!)". iniieam ,'I2". vni'loii 1 . colors, 'tillable for school. d j j TIM I. LENGTH — Ivory wedding I'oNvn, tram and veil. Si/,r 7. Ph. :r/7-MI:'. I-'OR SALT. — Ladies' brown lealhei bnols, ijood condilion. Sl/e (i'/j- I'h. 4(i!i-2l)'.!K. Antiques 77 ANTIQUE DRESSERS lodl'rev. Illinois. Civic Center. Sun day. January K), (V'K -I. (KM) PRINTING BLOCKS — 11 oi,e or all. Kiln Henry, Alton •••- Tin *l I(> —— SOLID OAK round table and sidi boaid over loo years old, 57li-239(i I icldoii. " COIN ANTIQUE SHOW i ,IH|I i'"V. I Ilium , ('i vie OMiliT, S'MKinv, Jjinuiiry H). M-Ii • it _ D X- .1 ANTK.HIFS — Odds am! ends. I3U Ccnli il AVI-., llelhallo Illlnni'.. No\l lo Klein';: Gil'! Simp Tuesday llirniigli Saturday 104 Sunday 1-4. We buy and sell an ll.|lles. REAL ESTATE .UDWICi SNARIC DRUM with Maud and ease. SMcks and practice pad. Liki 1 new. Inquire 4(i.v7120. .() _ l ; eh II ___ •— TUNING AND REGULATING of all inakeii of pianos. Licensed piano technician. Work guarunlced. Ph 2.-i!i-:iM4. HAMILTON MUSIC CO. lust traded-in Wurlit/.cr organ. Full spinel. Ciive-away price. Eastgale pia/.a. 2. r >4-r>i;:ta. ,11 _ il . - - -----•'OR SALE— B-flal clarinet. Excellent condition. 4!)HTi7. r )8 after 5 p.m. tl) — .Ian. IK -•IANO CLEARANCE SALE— Rent, with buying option. Also tuning, repairing, reconditioning. Member of Piano Technicians Guild. Hughes Piano Sales and Service. 2r)0-2917. ID — :i )RUM OUTFIT — Complete, any color you want, never used. .S12. r i.OO Snare drum outfit 343. no. Any color. never used. Solid, bod 1 .' electric guitar $3-1.00. Folk GUITAR. looks like HummiilH Bird. Only Still. 00. r-lover used. '.riD-WMI). Top Prices, Copper, Brass tacllators, furniture — Gordon Ru- bcnstcin. 4G2-524r>. — TF 'VANTED—Used books, bought and sold. Bring them to Treasure Trove Book Store, 2809 E. Broadway. Ph. 462-5812 between 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. T 'QUICK CASH" TRADING POST BUYS anything o[ value. 19S Old St. Louis Rd., Wood River. 254-727G. S7 — Jan. 30 ALUMINUM — Copper, brass. We offer you the best cash market Sidney S. Arst Co.. East Alton, 111 South of Viaduct and Rte. 143. H7 — !) — POOL TABLE — Regulation size top condition. 4GG-2490. AUTOMOTIVE Autos—Passenger Cars 91 Electrical Appliances 81 •:YE LEVEL ELECTRIC RANGE — In perfecl condition. 254-2751. WES'TINGIIOUSF: — Stack type washer and dryer, same as new. Will sell reasonably. 259-0509 or 259-5082. Television Sets 81A 2IMI E. Broadway, Alton. COND1- USED 'TVs — Large selection, .$19.95 up. Reliable Radio, 2(MI E. Broadway, Alton. Open evenings. i} 1 1 \ , _ j | ________ RCA 21" CONSOLE COLOR TV — Rccondit ioncd. very good condition, fully guaranteed. $229. On easy term 1 . f ree delivery. FRANKLIN UNION Open every night '111 9. Wa Do Our Own Financing 4li5-77(il HIA — Jan. 22 USED 'TVs — Large selection. Cnloi and black and while. Also new RCA, /onith, Motorola. Plro TV and Appliances. 377-5201. REAT ESTATE m:i»\Li: ISiaiU E^ieeially for You by MALE A. WICKENHAUSER a 9 i limit mi ,lob (No I'rclab) Sitlc\\alks .'{ ItiMlnioms \\illi '! l''ull liadis I Kooms ol ('ar|iclini; Included Price Till) Hascniciil \\ilh 8' liciulorcod Conori'le Walls l.iir^c Kilclirn IMiisd'rcil I.ois of Extras ',' Floor Plans tV li Elevations to Choose From * i o &nn im 'I'hi'se I.OM-IA lloini". An- ScllhiK l''«ir I SFjOUU I New Homes Itemlv l''or lininediute ()e<'U|iai\e,\ As l.n\\ As ID'.t Down ' riosinn Cusl lueludeil Annual Inli-rrsl Unix 7 : Vr '" "-^ v<11 "' MorluiiK"' i\e\% displays Open Located on Union Koad, 'i Jtlocks 10. ol Humbert Koad Lot WKJiKDAVS: 8 a.m. (o I:.'!() Sl'NDAY: 1 11.111. to 5:00 p.m. Phone 462-W1 ^I(i7 BEL AIR 4-door sedan — 38.000 miles. v-S ennlnc. automatic transmission, factory air. power stcer- inj* and brakes, new tire..-;, car excellent condition. Call 4«2-2128 or 4(i5-,S470. 1 — !) %5 CHEVROLET Caprice, 4-door hardtop. V-8. automatic, factory pir, power steering and brake.;, interior like new. runs noorl. SIIOO and take over loan. Call after 5: 254-!)0!M. I _ n 9(i6 CHRYSLER — Newport, power steering, power brakes, vinyl roof, local owner. SPECIAL PRICE THIS AD ONLY $1295. Klinke Volkswagen, Inc. :!685 E. Broadway, Alton. Ph. 465-7766. ,9(i7 CHRYSLER NEWPORT — 4- cloor with air conditioning. Low mileage. Like new Inside and out. $1250. 4RG-0410. II — n : nn« DODGE DART—6 cylinder, automatic. 460-0179. 11—11 970 DODGE CHALLENGER—Automatic, power steering. 38,'t Magnum. $2450. 465-2325, days only. "Yes, Mr. Wentvvorth, that's VERY Johnny Carson. Now can we get on with this letter?" AUTOMOTIVE 909 DODGE CORONET— 4-door sedan. Small V-8. automatic, power, air. Extra clean. Will consider trade. S2150. Ph. 466-G820. i _ 13 1970 DODGE CHALLENGER — Power slccrlng, automatic. FM and Tape. $2450. 465-2325 days only. II — 15 1909 THUNTJERBIRD— $3285. Can be seen at Fesslers Shell Service, Broadway and Main. 1903 MERCURY COMET — Stick shift. Air conditioning. Excellent condition. $550. 462-7494. 91 — 12 -1970 MUSTANG — Fully equipped. 372-3094 .11 — 9 . 1903 FORD GALAXIE— 2-dr. sedan. V-8. Straight transmission. Excel' lent cond'ition. Wood River. 91 — 12 $275. 254-0740 19G4 COMET CALIENTE— Second car, immaculate condition. Economy V-8 engine, power steering. New battery, tires, recently tuned. SU4S. 462-323G. 91—9 I '154 BUICK—V-S, stick shift, $50 25!)-71,S,S 1 _ \i 1 BUICK SKYLARK—Convertible best offer. 1417 Milton Rd., 4U5-9065 1 — !) — i(i BUICK WILDCAT—4 door hard top. Pull power and air. Nice car. '51175. 462-288:). — l.V , CADILLAC Coupe dc Ville — Full power, air, new tires. $1950. Jail after 7 p.m. 377-5310. 1 _ 9 IU9 CyEVELLE Malibu coupe — Air conditioned, bucket scut*, vinyl roof, Powcrglidc. $2350. 4B2-C759. 1 — 11 DIKf IMP ALA 4-dr. hardtop — V-8, automatic, wood condition. $225. 412A S. Main, Wood River. I — 11 9B5 CHEVELLE Wugon — 6, automatic, was saver. Sharp. 279 West Mailer, Rosewood Heights. 69 FORD GALAXIE—4 door hardtop. Power steering and brakes, factory air. Excellent. 466-4399. 91 — 11 1M7 MUSTANG Convertible — Dark blue metallic. New white top. New F 70 Goodyear raised letter tires. 289 V-8. 4-sV)eed. 44,000 actual miles. Perfect. Private owner. 254-1177. 91 — II 1!>68 OLDS Cutlass S — Power, air, automatic. 2-door hardtop, vinyl roof, spoke hubs. Wordcn 459-3940. 'U5 OLDS 85 — Clean, power steering and brakes, Rood rubber, 429 Monroe, East Alton. 91 — 23 59 PLYMOUTH — V-8, automatic, 'AMARO—'09, orange and white, convertible. 350, V-8, turbo hydro- mutie, steering and brakes, wide ovals. $1,995: 259-1046. I _ 9 957 CI1EV.—For sale or trade. 283 engine. 3-spccd transmission on floor. Pontiac rear end. 465-2431. 9 96K CHEVROLET — Impala 2 door hardtop, power steering, vinyl ronf, V-S engine, automatic tran.s- mission, one owner, sharp. SPECIAL PRICE. 'THIS AD ONLY $1795. Klinke Volkswagen, Inc. 31)85 E. 465-7706. Broadway. Alton. Phone $115. Maurice's Auto Sales, anytime, 259-3309. call MUST SELL 65 PLYMOUTH—Fury I, 38,'!, power steering and brakes, Rood condition, $325. 462-0586. 91 — 11 19G8 PLYMOUTH SATELLITE — Power steering, air conditioning. Cull 372-3362 after 3:30 p.m. 91 — I! , 19G5 TEMPEST, power steering ft brakes, automatic, 326. Excellent condition. $950. 462-9473 any time ni — 9 1903 PONTIAC — Bonnevillc. Good condition. $395. 466-2071. 91 — 9 1905 GTO—389, automatic. $700. Cal 465-5039. 91 13 1965 PONTIAC — All power, air. make offer. 466-5141. !)1 — 12 50 PONTIAC — See to appreciate. reasonable. 9] _ 9 465-6149. 1963 4-WHEEL JEEP— Warn hubs new full canvas top, tires, battery transmission, clutch assembly. Mo lor rebuilt last week. .$1200. Mode 12 20-gauge. 28" full choke, $140 . , Chevy 14" chrome rims, $35. Ohio,' East Alton. 418 II 197G TOYOTA Mark II — 259-1982. Autos—Passenger Cars 91 9 970 VW — Standard transmission, many accessories. 46G-OJ.70. il — 13 963 VOLKSWAGEN — New paint, red. Good tires. Excellent body and engine. $550. Edwardsville 656-9593. 31—9 69 AUSTIN AMERICA—Automatic. 13,000 miles. $1150. Like new. 173 10th St., Wood River, upstairs. ROBERTS FORD RENT-A-CAR $6 Per Day 6c Per Mile Day, Week or Month ROBERTS FORD 1862 E. Broadway, Alton Ph. 462-9233 — 9 GENE'S CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 1966 MUSTANG, G-cyl., stick, $IOflS 19G9 SPORT SATELLITE, air S2495 1969 WILDCAT, air S3' 1965 MERCURY 2 DHT, air.. S 995 19G5 SPORT FURY 2 DHT .. ,$ 995 19G!i PLYMOUTH 4 DM F, air S2695 1967 VALIANT 4-cloor, 6-cyl... S1395 GENE'S CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH 335 E. Ferguson Ave., Wood River Ph. 254-4351 Trailers 91A AUTOMOTIVE Auto Trucks 92 •"OR SALE— l!Wi5 '/'-Ion Dodge tniek, flectside, 0 cylinder, standard shift. Located at 317 E. nth. Alton. Ph. 462-7119. $750. \W,?. CHEVROLET Vjck'ip — Sell or trade for small work car. S375. 466-455'i ISS.fpORD PICKUP—With a 1958 rebuilt engine. 292. V-8. Good condition. 377-5168. %6 FORD Ecoiioline Van — New- tires, runs wood. 7!l(J Franklin. 462-H901. 19(i8 INTERNATIONAL SCOUT—1 cvl., 3 speed transmission, posi- traction. Excellent condition. Ph. 254-3563. TORD ECONOLINE VAN — Heavy duty springs. B-ply tires. 498-2526. !>2 — !l • DON RADER MOTORS, COTTAGE HILLS, ILL. PICKUP TRUCKS 1952 DODGE •Ti-ton 1964 FORD ••i;i-ton 1964 CMC 3 ,j-ton 1963 CHEVROLET '/--ton 1964 CHEVROLET Carryall 1965 CHEVROLET H-fon 1S67 DODGE Vi-ton 1965 FORD Vi-ton 1951 CHEVROLET 1-toi) 1962 CHEVROLET 1-ton clump 1966 FORD %-ton staka bed Several More to Choose From 9IA — TF KAYOT-FORESTER TRAILER CAMPERS, PICKUP COVERS LOCK-ART TRAILER SALES Hiway 36 West, Jacksonville, 111. 91A — 12 FOR RENT — 10' x 50' trailer. Don- Ron Trailer 786-3520. 1A — TF Court, Grufton. FRAILER INSURANCE — Mobile homes, travel trailers camper and pickup truck campers. Battles Ins. Agency, Bathalto. 3/7-6461. 91A — 9 DELUXE CAMPER—Ozark, 8'/ 2 -ft. with jacks. Side dinette. Sleeps 4. $995. 465-1187. 91A — 20 NEW IN THIS AREA — All fiberglass pickup tops; also have flat covers. Neal Sheppard Trailer Sales, Bethalto. 377-3703. Auto Trucks 92 1968 FORD 1/,-lon pickup — V-8, S-spced, sharp. Ph. Jcr.seyville 49S-:)1.J3 after G p.m. 1969 FORD RANGER— '/.-ton, 3GO engine, automatic transmission, radio. Black with red interior. Ph. 372-8134. REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE REAL ESTATE NEW 3 BEDROOM HOMES WITH GARAGE Bicycles & Motorcycles 93 93 — 9 1965 305 HONDA—$175. Must sell. 462-5081. 93 — 11 MINI BIKE — 2 months old, 5150. 462-18-16. 93 — 16 650 BSA FOR SALE—Call 254-7419. Accessories 95 — TF 95 USED TRUCK TIRES—Any size. HAMEL SERVICE CO., INC. Ph. 633-2224 Garage—Repairing 97 97 — Jan. 28 MIKE'S GARAGE—General auto & truck repair. 611 Clay St., Alton, 111. 465-6802 shop, 465-6888 home. Wanted—Automotive 100 100 — 9 WANT TO BUY 1955 through 1330 Chevrolet or CMC truck cab. Days: 254-5915. Nights: 259-0285. 100 — Feb. 11 OLD CARS REMOVED — Free. Dugans — 254-5915. REAL ESTATE NO Closing Cost AS LOW AS PER MONTH* ^PAYMENTS BASED ON YOUR SALARY. SEE DISPLAY CAR COURTESY OF ALBRECHT CHEV. WOOD RIVER. Win a new 1971 Chevrolet Camaro! You may win one of sixteen 1971 Chevrolet Camaros. Nothing to boy I Registration cards are available at our model homes or tales otllce. Nationwide drawing to be held on Monday, March 16, 1971 according to contest rules. BiTUXLTO HILLS — OPEN — & SAT., JAN. 9th SUN., JAN. 10th 1-5 P.M. — FEATURING — • GARAGES • WALL TO WALL CARPETING • STORM & SANITARY SEWERS • GIANT WALK-IN CLOSET • LARGE SEEDED LOT • WALL TO WALL KITCHEN CABINETS DISPLAY PI10NK 877-5348 140 TO OLD BETHALTO ROAD, RIGHT ON WEST CORBIN, TURN LEFT ALBERS LANE FOLLOW ARROWS TO BETHALTO HILLS DISPLAY. CQNiTRUUION COHPANY NI4III Park Is Really A Fairyland!! For MOBILE Hume Owners! • PAVKD PATIOS • OFK-STKKKT PARKING (2 CARS) • SICW1CR SYSTKIM • PAVKD STRE1CTS • STHEKT LIGHTS • LOTS 50x100 • WILL 1-IANDUO ALL ELECTRIC MOBILE HOMES • SCHOOL BUS SERVICE • NATURAL GAS • LAUNDRY FACILITIES • WALKING DISTANCE TO FISHING LAKE • FIRE, WATER AND TRASH PICKUP You Gan Buy Your Mobile Home From STOREYLAND Mobile Homes And Save You The Cost of Moving and Installation! STOREYLAND Mobile Homes Fosterburg Rd, Alton, III, Ph. 465-2531

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