Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 9, 1936 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1936
Page 5
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Lulu Crane and spn Jjand will „„„ vacation At ,tie;of Rev,,;a|nd Mrs. L." TV r, , Mrs.:, Orahet 'is Mrs. ;i s mother.« •• '••'"• ' ; yput Bed' Sitar Peed at ._s Produce. , j. T. Lemon of Fairfax/ came April 4 and will -ndefinitely at the home of lother, Mr. and Mrs. P. M. I Miller Chevrolet company Is the sale of a new stand- Each to Miss Pearl Nelson Word. U Nixon and his sisters into their newly ^rebuilt Jn Lenox Tuesday. Henry le has lived on the farm lears and this is the first le has ever moved. land Mrs. T. L. Tussey of in City visited here over ' with Mr. and -Mrs. Wade ler. They are Mrs. Men[ parents, and have been J care of the Menoher Ivhilc Wade has been in Ispital. Wade is now able but and around and he frs. Menoher will now take If the infant. Wade was 1 to resign his position as pal of the Macksburg high [when his health failed i will not teach any mdre Mrs. Wm. E. B&yes and daughter, Irene spent'-the first week ojfr.the month in Des Monies 'With, relatives and friends. They attended i mass at' St, Ambrose Cathedral. While in Des Moines they visited one day with Rev.i Raymond Shipman and family, a cqusin of Mrs. Hayes, and one day with the late Ed* ward Huriter's daughter, Gladys, and ,also with Mrs. Fred Hartsook^ Mrs. Olive Jacobs, Mrs Esther Hayes, William and family, Raymond and family, and with a cousin who is head of the economics department at Ames. Ed Costello drove their car to Ames for them. —G-et your Red Star Feed at Reynolds Produce. Dr. and Mrs. C. B, McGrath and children, Sarah and Tommy of Lincoln, Nebr., were visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barrans from Saturday afternoon until Sunday evening. Russell Key, Rollie Bender and Herm Beemer were in Red Oak Wednesday evening attending an International Harvester meeting. —Get your Red Star Feed at Reynolds Produce. ' Rev. and Mrs. Chas. Colyn of the Salem vicinity went to Leon last Wednesday to attend the funeral of Mrs. Colyn's father, John Alexander. Burial was made at Prairie Sity on Thursday, their former home. and — Des last Fridays ; •. and Mrs. John Keith, Mrs Ola Abbitt, <7ohn Harlan Abbitt and Miss Virginia Webb of New Market were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Byron Keith Mr. and Mrs. William Hughes, who have been spending the winter in California, returned home Wednesday afternoon —Get your Red Star Feed at Reynolds Produce. Vincent Milled of Omaha, Nebr. has been visiting for the past week with Mr. and Mrs. June Brokaw of the Salem vicinity. Miss Genevieve Webb of New Market, a student at Maryville State Teachers College, accompanied Ola Abbitt home for a week and visit. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Barrans had as their Sunday dinner guests, Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Mc- Gra'th and children of Lincoln, and Mr. and Mrs. George Barrans and children. Mrs. Belle Deaver is visiting her daughter,- near Conway. Mrs. Jennie Preston and Miss Aulora Mclntyre and the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Fife of Corning, left Tuesday morning for Excelsior Springs. Misses Genevieve and Thelma Godden of Croiriwcll were callers Tuesday at the John Keith home. Mrs. George Henry returned home Sunday from Prescott. Mary Lou Long, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Long, is out of school this week, recovering from a severe cold. main at the hospital again for' a while. ,, Bush is.out of school this on account-, of sickness Mrs. Dan Drain, who suffered a fall about a week* ago, went to the home of her daughter, Mrs. Alpha Rogers, last Monday where she will remain until-she SHORT SHOR t, Mrs. J. A. Phyllis Copeland Richal-d Kimball were in Creston Friday, amending the Southwest Iowa district music •""•*-*• ' )ixon, Mrs. O. L. Phyllis also at- the meeting on Saturday. 30D SALE — The Woman's ef Corps will hold a food sale at the United Food Market Saturday afternoon, April n. Adv. Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Bender plan to spend Easter Sunday in Des Moines, the guests of Mi- Bender's sister, Mrs. John Brunei-, Mrs. Joe Boltinghouse, who underwent a serious operation several months ago, was taken seriously ill last Thursday night and on Friday was taken to the Greater Community hospital in Creston for observation. Her condition was pronounced spasmodic condition of the stomach. Mrs. Boltinghouse was returned home Sunday and will be confined to her bed for a while. —Get your Red Star Feed at Reynolds Produce. Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Bryant, »bert, spent n ri n xX ' \ fiI' t? orl ~-~j.iuo.jr ill xtcu VC*A. vioitiJig Wltn the former's daughter and.f&m- ; ily, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mead) and with their son and family, 1 , Mr. and Mrs. Glen Bryant. Mi% ' and Mrs. Mead are moving in a few weeks to the state of Washington. j Merle Gibson went to Lincoln Monday for a short visit with ' relatives. Those from Lenox*attending the County Sunday School Convention at Gravity, were Rev. I. G. Randels, Mrs. Leslie Kilby, Miss Lucille Kilby, Miss Mae i Kilby, Mrs. Viola Day and Miss |Annola Toler. Mrs. Robert , Potts of Creston, formerly of 'Lenox, also attended. Raymond Keith has been out of school for the past week because of sickness. Miss Eloise Bricker, Miss Margaret Wurster and Milton Bricker drove to Woodbine Sunday to spend the day with Mr. and Mrs. Pete Parks, formerly of Lenox. They stopped at Audubon, and were accompanied by Wendell Fleming. They returned to Greenfield Sunday evening and Milton and Margaret j visited until Monday evening | with Eloise. j Miss Eloise Bricker, who has been teaching second grade in the school in Greenfield this year was re-elected at an increase of salary. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hale and Miss Ruth Kilby were in Des Moines Wednesday, attending a telephone convention. Clearfield Events for people who want to pick the right low-priced car! (READING TIME, 31 SECONDS) What is the only low-priced car with NEW PERFECTED HYDRAULIC BRAKES? CHEVROLET—the only complete low-priced car! What is the only low-priced car with SOLID STEEL ONE-PIECE TURRET TOP? CHEVROLET—the only complete low-priced car! What is the only low-priced car with IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION RIDE*? CHEVROLET— the only complete low-priced car! What is the only low-priced car with GENUINE FISHER NO DRAFT VENTILATION? CHEVROLET—the only complete loiv-priced car! What is the only low-priced car with HIGH-COMPRESSION VALVE-IN-HEAD ENGINE? CHEVROLET—the only complete low-priced carl What is the only low-priced car with SHOCKPROOF STEERING*? CHEVROLET — the only complete low-priced car! THEREFORE, THE BEST CAR TO BUY IN 1936 IS CHEVROLET Dr. A. J. Abarr returned home from Creston last week and will remain at home, going to Creston for treatments as needed. Mrs. Bernadine Stephens of Minneapolis, Minn., came Saturday to spend a few days with her sister, Mrs. Linn Stephens. Chas. H. Boedeker, father of Mrs. H. B. Hutchman, celebrated his 84th birthday last Monday at the home of his daughter: On Tuesday evening the immediate family had a birthday dinner for Mr. Boedekar. He received a number of cards and two birthday cakes. Albert Bender, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bender, has been appointed as postmaster at Grant, Iowa. Albert has been running a general store in Grant for some time. Mrs. Elmer England was taken last Wednesday to the state hospital in Iowa City, for treatment. Grant Center P. T. A. The Grant Center P. T. A. met at the schoolhouse last Thursday night. A program which consisted of a number from each family was greatly enjoyed .by all present. After the program the president, Mrs. Edith Wahl, appointed Mrs. Elbanks Wood as chairman of entertainment for the next meeting, to be held April 23, and Mrs. Cecil Clouse on the refreshment committee. Sandwiches, pie and coffee were .served by the committee in charge. Mrs. Sadie Bender is again at home in Des Moines with her daughter, Mrs. Roland Brunei-. B. A. Herring, the janitor at the school house, has been unable to attend to his duties for the past several days on account of illness. His son, Rupert, is in charge while Mr. Herring is recuperating. Truman Hidlay and Lawrence Hartman were elected to the council last Monday, for the fifth consecutive time. Miss Lois Swan has been elected as teacher for next year at District No. 4, Lincoln township, one mile east of Calvary church. THESE FEATURES r CHEVROLET'S PRICES UP. List price of New Standard Coupe at Flint, Mich. With bumpers, spare tire and tire lock, the list price is $20 additional. 'Knee-Action on Master Models only, $20 additional Prices quoted in this advertisement are list at Flint, Mich., and subject to change without notice. Chevrolet Motor Company, Detroit, Michigm. FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTATION PCHEVROTIT, A GENERAL. VALUE MOTORS INSTALLMENT PLAN-MONTHLY PAYMENTS TO SUIT YOUR PURSB LER CHEVROLET CO. IOWA 7-"-7-.v'-n' i . i; -«e : fire company Was j called ano*-tt Was sootf put .'OUf.! *:,'f.;.;v.-v:-: ,-.' •:•: Mrs. Mary Thompson of Bedford c&me lait Wednesday to visit for an extended time with her daughter, Mrs. Walter Ma-son and family: ' Marcella Shoenhair returned" ( home from : Winterset Sunday, [after a two weeks visit with her aunt, Mrs. Ralph Hurley. L. A. Bush and daughter Maxine are in Excelsior Springs, Mo. where Maxine is receiving medical aid. Mrs. Lester Owens was returned to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Levi Monday, after an extended hospital experience both in Creston and .Iowa City. Her many friends will be glad to know that she is getting along so well. Clarence Miller was brought home from the hospital in Iowa City Monday, by the ambulance. Mrs. Frank Bye, Mrs. Andy Nelson, Marion Palmer and Mr and Mrs. Geo. Bartles attended the Democratic convention in Des Moines April 3. Mr. and Mrs. Will Beatty of DCS Moines were Sunday visitors with her brother, Marion Pal-' mer and family. The Womens Missionary Society of the Christian chur.ch Held their regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Bert Lyddon Thursday afternoon, April 2. Eleven members and two visitors were present. A letter was read by Mrs. E. C. Nickle from a school girl in Pendaroad, India. Some time ago the ladies sent a package to this school by a missionary, Miss Furman. This letter was written to thank the ladies for the gift sent. She received a nice Bible, a pencil and safety pins. The program leader was Mrs. Archie DeWeese, and devotional leader was Mrs. W. A. McKin stry. The theme of the lesson was "Finding the Fragrance. Topics were given by Mrs. DeWeese and Mrs. Bert Lyddon. A duet, "God is Love," was sung by Mrs. J. R. Crew and Mrs. Bert Lyddon. The Woman's Missionary Society of the United Presbyterian church held their regular meeting at the home of Mrs. Jim McMath, Friday afternoon, April 3. Devotionals were in charge of Mrs. Jim McMath and Miss Mary Young and were very impressive. At the close of the devotionals, Mrs. Overmire led in prayer. Lesson subject was Egypt, and the leader was Mrs. F. P. Steward. Topics were given by Mrs. Myrta Young, Mrs. Geo. Nickle and Mrs. Gelvin. Mrs. Stephenson sang a solo. The prayer group was conducted by Mrs. Overmire and new Prayer Cycles were handed M those wishing them. The business meeting was conducted by the president, Mrs.' Myrta Young. Twelve answer-'i:l to roll call and three visitors were present. The minuter ivere read and approved. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Ugalow and family of near Bedford moved into the David Carlton property, Monday. The musical contest was attended by a large crowd from here. Clearfleld won five excel- lents and one superior at the district musical contest at Cres- vw Sc^W.' *-"u»jr unu Ajjtf, ?^e;ftofchestra •;- won ...... [ff£ii' : -.'*fi|?|$tie• g&flv sextet, the poriiet solo by Morton Crew, boys' glee %lab» -gltt^ glee club and jthe ban^jJKboK^ex^'li Cliarfleld 'received, ,i # 'laque^fci 'tJldM^d^lvenVby the State High"''School 'Music Association in recognition of the quality and Snttmber of groups e^ntefed.- This 'plaque is a permanent possession of the school and will be on display at Crew's furniture store sometime this week. ' The local Farmers Union held their regular meeting at the Art theatre Monday evening, April 5. The meeting was opened by music by the orchestra. < County election of officers, was held: President, E. P. Knox; vice president, J. H. Osborn; secretary, Ed Owens; counciler, Boyd Nevill. The program was as follows: Readings by Barbara Blarrans and Esther Muir; special music by Gordon Dowall, Robert Lyd- ' :lon and Leo Balcom; style show. Refreshments of fruit salad, Jake and coffee were served by ;he committee, Mr. and Mrs. Nevill, Mr. and .Mrs. Loren Nevill, Mr. and Mrs. Gale Bailey ind ,Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Smith. The senior class of the Clearfield high school with Mrs. L. E. Church as chaperon, were guests of the State Teachers College at Maryville, Mo., Monday. They report a fine time. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Reynolds and daughter Corrine and son Merrill, attended the musical in Creston Saturday. Birthday Surprise On Sunday, April 5, a birthday surprise was successfully caried out at the Ora DeBord home. The surprise was on the following: Ora Bebord, his son Paul, and his sister, Inez, and Mrs. Dewey Stamper. All came with well filled bas- ' • kets and a bountiful dinner was enjoyed by all. Those present to help them celebrate were: Mr. and Mrs. June Stamper and son, Mr. and Mrs. Virgil- Stamper and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Walters and dau- ' ghter, Mr. and Mrs. John De- ; Bord and daughters, all of Creston; Mr. and Mrs. DeVey Stamper and son, and Dewey Dblittle of Diagonal; Mr. arid Mrs. Will Allen, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Strange, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Knox and daughters, Miss Inez DeBord and Mr. and Mrs. Ora DeBord and son Paul. •••^••imiMiH mf^mggma^^HUlf IF YOUR WINDSHIELD IS DIRTY- DRIVE IN We don't care if that is all you do want—we'll give you prompt service and hope you will come back. This isn't a one day special. -. You'll find service'; courtesy and promptness a part of our every day business. Also, when you need gasoline —a tankful or a gallon—drive m and try Skelly gasoline. You'll like it. You will also like Tago- Icnc oil and Pennzoil, both of which you will find here. We are well equipped to give you prompt service on washing- or greasing. Don't bother to drive in. Just call us and we'll come after the car, do a /complete job of cleaning, inside and out, and return it to you when you want it. L. ROLL SERVICE STATION HIDDEN CHARM WANTED LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE HAULING AT ANY TIME Perhaps you, too have Hidden Charm that would be revealed by i Permanent GET ONE FOB EASTER Please make appointment by Phoning 19 THELMA'S BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 36M PHONE 1R We Guarantee Dependable Service and Drive Our Own Trucks HEADQUARTERS AT REIMEROILCO. PHONE 7X r> ii

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