The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1975 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1975
Page 2
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Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lee Stevens of Lake Jackson announce Ine Nov. 27 hlrth of their son at Bmosport Community Hospital. He weighed six pounds, 11 ounces. uuittnauer BOLERO the beautiful Watch for beautiful Wrists! f v'f"piem<?nt your wrist with Vi'Mtnaufff's Imps} c?aa!;or\ So'e'u' T!MJ s;im loo's accenb the rfe!lie'jl w"5! IMf BHAtO^POtlT f ACt* Dad's '/ do' breaks up vows By Abigail Van Buron HONORED recently with a miscellaneous shower in the home of Mrs. George Kramig was Barbara Hobbs, bride-dect of Donald Hiroms of Brazoria. Other hostesses were Mrs. C A. Little Jr.. Mrs Hilly Mills Carton Acres club hears fashions talk BRAZORIA The Carlton Acres Home Demonstration Club met recently in the home of j Mrs. neither Baity for its Thanksgiving dinner. i Frederics Seaman, a county extension agent presented a program on recycling the wardrobe and making belts and scarves The club's Christmas party has been planned for l>-c 18 at the home of Mrs Alfred Wise and Sheree Kramig; Bpproxlmately ;15 guests registered for the event Pictured (from left> are Mrs. Uttk-, Miss Kramig, Miss Hobbs, Mrs Mills and Mrs Kramig DKAK AlHtY You a»k*<l If »ny of your riwiern hail ev*t wiln*r«i«xl a wf<!itifi|{ at which I he unnintcr aakttl, "If ihw* 1 U- any»iw prrwnl *h>> km>«*» any juM c«u»* why (ItU eouplf <h»ll tvK lawfully l>* joined U>f!*lh*r, itst him »j«ak mm- nr forrvrr hold hit [wat'*." »wl wmwift* actually «{«ikf up Well. I \\A\f It nni at lily VKnldilij; When thr mtnliitrf if'Wo ifawr *»inl», nty f sttwr, wtut wan issriilily iw«vi>u* asut it lightly hiin! i>( hearing. *l«f>{»i4 forward ami in a rlfjr »iro!i>; voi<.'r i«titl. '1 IX'V 1'ixir ilarti!!j{ ifuiutfhl th* muuiiff h»4 jmhi*!. 'Who Ktvm ihi* W'.MIMIU in manl»K*'.'" I kitt'w inv lalh#e hail liwn trhraritnjt that 'I ilo l»t »<*kv no 1 iiuirtlv ">fl«l. 'Nut mm. LUtfaiy Hut tt **» u*> l:i!i-: (hi- vi'MJch *.»•> ».lr«-a(!v riK-Kinj; with iautth'.rf < «ltfr', Ml.t-SHlNU HHIIir K Alt All II Y t '( it ti^/rn ris BRAGGI FOR MEN COLOGNE $450 Starts Wednesday, Dec. 3rd FINAL CLEARANCE ON MANY YARNS AT 20^ a skein Toward the end of the year the year the Brazoria County Library goes through its inventory and net as many new book* an 1 being sent to branch libraries. But a few ihis wwk were received and reported by the Frecport and Lake Jueksnr. libraries KHKKl'OItT TK.YVS B(K)KS "(ii'i'.era! Sidney Shcr- m ii n " . b i o % r a p h y , VVri'-'if. "Sketches of Liff ir, itw L' S. of North America and T-.-xas' "S'Mdiers of Texas" "fisAv's Texas !"ur T i. r "I'rac'ici 1 for llio A r '!i . 'i|i,i-A- to P.i.s.-. Margrave. "Clara Reeve", Price. "Surfni-' 1 of Karth" IAKK JACKSON NONFimON Maryknol! Calh«:»lu- Dictionary Munsoj;, "Mister Charlie. Memoir of a Ti-\as", West"'" Wrede, "Sk of Ufe in the United States of North America ami Texas " FICTION Me> er "Seven (*T ct-ni Solution Kon/or's new book th«-t.' t!'i n. •nil) ft'.i'.lit- I JX' shrj«s In ufv Un-lf firttfrr fust! 9 'KrT fnv«- to t.<K'K New 2-Picce look! Printed Pattern ii-,': *.<:• >• irt" •f ! j! .'.t •'.' «!•:•>. {.<"*'.' ..,,,..,.. .., . ...'< Vj«:!l.'.( ?I1.' It ill H¥t^l *l^« ^' ****!»! « A >** t frt (-1» l&rv \'i* I? (>' * f,)'!ivl '"-M* ?H,( Itf 'I' ''it )l''l't 1 1 Ml" -Vt.;( !(1f M( MK' ) t « c,f.'- fin •>: :'• 'l-.'.a* WitH! '. i"; i '<: i;«! Wliat »fv<ukl *>!• >(«*' Amt vint t>raf \W» Mrdtt"" •'( lunvr-siv. v.itf>J«tect thai i( !,*>r' is\<- .uv iii»..iv i rii? A '.hinj;-* lo ii-> Jif *UtV«' a»Ki":«-«! f.h.^ V-«- ?»-*,»!",••} !" 1lt\*l rt'..'v ..!-• .-.'. .tola's i.,)'...' t'l.>:UUV.M V K UK \1>KK Hrrauir tlw *rvrT<*/t» l ihrfv Nt K'« V.W f'.irit-i $3 % ^Hfil. whivh :JMirt't 'riruf tir fn* tutti) t) thai chr xif^ v ubtajft p«tt»i«[«»off (j Pr \K \IHll V. u.-i s ho;.,! .iSri«;i;> :..- '*'.;' M.K HKi S "i MI KI*-,K us \' t «. I >!<-:..; .5?jr;|.; r;j',rr^ar'. Jiv MH.S ; H M. .ASfi Mi'.-. Hit .''I lit \NM I, I 1»!> •• I s -- II"! i> I >' ", | H n I I • ', i » '•* .. t it, t ', ' ! I •«> i •„ r» r.«. ; i ! • '• * ! i I ', i ••. >. ri:>.l* i r» t v i -,".' SMI i'ilrt I :i • ' „ SON SHINE 800R i Gin SHOP • UK \U KMH AHHA Syndrome' 1 , "Soidicrs «if TI-XOA". "Troilope lius Life and Art", Vamlivi.-r, "The Southwest' South or ~,si Li!- Uj !;•• jt %,ii«' I/,,: tlw ?<<•;•• ;hj; .s '.'jr.y of '.t-.t \.\riif in'irartrf ^ t-'i fjiv'.ci uS j!^:^, h\i'. 't'vvf api .::).' Tf;rrr U './:* j;/;:r«T.',: v (ivj) .»•>.. sl.p-i 'Jw: i'l'.4i.'Vt Hi »Mrf: hi"- !:ui5:r! ha.» u!i;)fuor«.-<! f:;;;; ;:.;;!>' ifc'vntxi Thi - »" '..i .s 'If.uT ;»•..•!. j...u i,iu-r i-.ip:yr,^! b;. "...\ !«: !ra!',..'f IhtfW .iri- .;*^ '•*•/ (,! *-c «' '. ^r',Lnf. V if^pfivt f«.i i in -.ucfi a i>i»n;«: m ititf t'l'iiUljt t '•^m-ff.'^J' . »ritr io AllflY H«* No 697 W. 1. A Array of toys show Bicentennial theme SKW V'>HK t,(j(10C FINAL CLEARANCE ON ACRYLIC 4 PLY, WORSTED WEIGHT YARN I'M C'.;r.iin«!Ji'..ii iy ir;,iu! bv '.<:.• ilri'.i'J"; , . to return t« Uw \::;cr;i' \i'.t,li:tr a, ttir rriiin »"-.)!)tir.>.-.'ital". ^diieii Kt- 4 oz. SKEINS $ |30 each Thf c'.:jjf> rurr. vets how the war «M f';u»;hJ Irom the !np Through Stum, 10% off THE FOLLOWING ITEMS !!«'.« Mrfa" M Hirk. iffff •-•!'.' r U'.w .H ALL STITCHERY AND NEEDLE POINT KITS. (!<rtiMn«l I" •'.'•(•n t i Uw ration », Current bes/ se/?ers ALL NEEDLEPOINT CANVASES. ALL CHRISTMAS KITS ALL RUG PATTERNS. Virtually -ill t»)s ul ri'.ii-lif rViin,' 1 t ('.r;»;jc 1 hi: \irvcX '!>»'. IS'i, kuiK Cur '.!;•;* i ';«.'- t)»Mr 'ijtowrmp *»r!«l. ALL TOTES. ll 111 CIKCI.U WAY - 2972911 - t.AKK JACKSON !")V will j.f- !i»r (Mf .mil rdiSdfirn to U'lirn ,i!.«.ni! .il i..l''« - Ui Hi Afiu-rii.i ilufin/ '..',< 1|il.lll)> Uklt t/W I'lil Sport shirt SALE selection of Long Sleeve, Fancy Kmt Si'ilKT SIUHTS Regular in $-'l NOW ONLY SALE ENDS SAT. DEC. 6TH HOL'HS: 9:36 A.M. to S:Wi l] Mom. tliru Fri a:3U A.M. to C:P.M. Sat. T«BU '.M. \ T000ERVJ v*. I, / INSURANCE •AUTO HOMEOWNERS (3 YEAR POLICY) 15% Less State Rate FRED FREDERICK INSURANCE AGENCY 297-6452 217A W. Ptantation Ln^o Jackson OIL PAINTING SALE WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3 original oil paintings by the students of Julia Coiner ^o 0:1 sale Wednesday Oneofakmds so huny. Apple Barrel! m ^FV SHOO-i > i ,1. , i . t . . * »,N U J TOE SOCKS lll'f-A KVKKV VU:l K M'(K TIM. i I mm OKI . .'inn £!,;!!!». gf eft .ft- -ft- '«• -d- ft- ft• -it ft « fl it it it it ti.iiii'.i l"'"l t" •* (Mf in nUir i-vcnt s. ,,« w -u«,,- £ .rf FRE-HOIJDAY SALK! ti.VKil.'.H »» iiffu an liwt./fj ('/(IK-r-*iii jr* ( i- .-nik-iit in iibiny (wv* t(j>s, , •• tii<niw, ji»(A;iH ^^' :;." llirk a(iil» t'. >>)«•» llii' VXJII.plf.'v Uljtlltl t» 1& ^ •ijloniul iip,<l diher PC- i« v lies ami naiiiM at/ml T > U>f lU'VOluttuiuitv un«l Civil fe in .. " ** Wars f- T Kxaitipies «f liistoru iil-lia-iiit ^5 iiiwifl kiU im iude tlu- U.S.S t'wi- ^> SV.e TiUirm, lh«r Mf«kl T J-'onl, the 4ft Wright brothers' first airplane ,.. J& SHOP AM) SAVK NOW!!! 20% - 50%' SERVING THE AREA FOR 19 YEARS., PERK GIBSON NURSERY SCHOOL 1UIJ1 Ag.U.KA MKK J.U KW).N »l-«7«; MOHMM; & At- iKitst)0\ C'I..\HSKJ> H)U I'HK KINDKHUAK IEN I IIII.DttJ-IN <UJK J-t-S>;ant Shuwvr ( urUini lldlll t<U^> & Vl'l i'VMJlifk I,A( K'S t KM KK I.AKK J \l K.SO.N W U W

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