The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 17, 1966 · Page 1
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 1

Baytown, Texas
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Thursday, March 17, 1966
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> 8«a Invite* MB. OR BIBS. T. L. KLOESKL 190* Carotin*. «• the Bxnason Theater. Thi» eoupo* Good Through March 84 for two tickets when preaented at tike Branson box office. The movie now showing SB TEHE VGLX DACHSHUND* apto Texa YOUR HOME Serving BAY-TEX—The Golden Circle of Southeast Texas VOL 43. NO. 177 8AYTOWN, TEXAS. 7752! Thursday, March 17. 1966 TELEPHONE NUMBER: 582-8302 T*n C*nH Fw Copy College Recital I Ex-Bayfonian Dies JO ANNE Horeczy, daughter S MRS. ANNA Blondeau, a form- of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Horeczy !er Baytonian, died at 5 p.m. of 105 Edgewood, and Carol Beth Choate of La Marque will present a joint piano recital at S p.m. Friday in the Alma Thomas Theatre at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Both are piano majors and students of Drusilla Huffmaster, head of the university's piano department. LC Loan Fund ANNUAL PUBLIC meeting of the Lee College Community Loan Fund will be held at T p.m. Thursday in the Lee College student lounge. Ten directors will be elected for three- Wednesday in Kerrville. Burial LATE NEWS: COXROE (Sp) — State water planners have tentatively concluded that three more reservoirs, besides Lake Conroe and Lake Houston, should be built in the San Jacinto River basin, the chief engineer of the Water Development Board said Wednesday. John J. Vandertu- lip testified in behalf of the board at a. public hearing held cinto River and its tributaries. year terms. The public is invited. SafetY Record EFFECTIVE AT noon March 15, Shell Chemical Co.'s Houston plant at Deer Park had gone! one million man-hours without aj lost-time accident. This repre-i seated 179 days without a dis-j abling injury. With such a safe-j ty record early in 1S66, all Shell employes are hopeful that this year will mark one of the safest years in the plant's history. will be Friday !n Kerrville. Shej by U. S. Army Engineers on a was the widow of E. P. Blon-j possible survey of the San Ja- deau, a former contractor and 1 - ; -*- " ; ---' ' «------•-builder in Baytown for a number of years. He was the brother of Mrs. Ira W. Strickler. U of H Drama JUDY SHEARER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Shearer, 4SOO Country Club View, is assistant director for the University of Houston Drama Department's production of "Phedre" on March 31, April 1 and 2 in the Attic Theatre on campus. She is a drama major. Yo!ves Opened VALVES ON OIL Reason For G-8 Failure CAPE KENNEDY, Fla. (AP> — The Gemini S astronauts sailed tosvard Okinawa today while the world awaited the story of the violent, twisting motions that sent their space ship into a hair-raising spin and abruptly ended what had been an historic journey. Neil A. Armstrong and David R. Scott were unharmed by the experience, which caused the first emergency landing in the U. S. space program. __ __ But the troubles they experi- did'not'"pav~their"Doii~tax'"by! enced apparently were so dan- Registration For Voting Ends Tonight Baytown area res idents who th e Jan 31 deadline and who|= erous that * e National Aero- want to vote in 1356 elections S nauUcs and Space Admmistra- containers ' | still have an ooportunity to qual- 1 ' owned by O. J. McCullough and] " on refused ">. let newsmen hear tape recordings of the astronauts" voices during the criti- <2wnc?u DV w. <j. i>iu*— uiiuugii OJ.IVAj uuiiauLs voices uuriiig int? cnu- stored behind White's Supply on] Th e^ Harris County Baj-townj cal period - vhen Gemini S was South Main were opened some-j tax °f«ce at 20o \V. Defee will out of contro i ig5 miles above time between 4 p.m. Tuesday' ^^ o Pe n __ u ^ m ^^ on the earth. j r. u»* .1 j "None of us know what hao-i Ui i«: u^^t , ^...i. .^^^i^a^ OP 6 " unlU midnight on and 5 a.m. Wednesday resulting Thursday (tonight), the dead- in an estimated loss of 100 barrels, according to Winston Voy- line for free voter registration. Mor e than 700 persons have Council Is Planning More Annexation SULF OF ME30CO pened," director Dr. of Robert NASA's Gilruth, j Manned; FeiS, aCCOming li/ OltlotUIl WJf- AiiWAg umii tww jkf^^^v&Ad J*c* »c ; uliir^LUi VI iN.n.3.~i >;, .VIdiiliCt. dat>-ler. who discovered the openitaken advantage of the free reg-jSpacecraft Center. to!d a post- valves Wednesday. Baytown Police are investigating. KC Initiation N. E. BAUMANN. grand knight of the Sari Council No. 278S. has announced a first de- registered, by special deputies. gree initiation in the Knights of Columbus at 8 p.m. Tuesday. March 22, in the K of C Hall. 2SOQ W. Main. He asks all KC members to attend. istration between March 3-16, j midnight news conference to- i according to A. B. Collins, dep-|day. uty tax assessor - collector in I "But it was very serious and the Baytown office. He said jit took utmost effort of the crew more than 100 of these register-j to regain control and conduct a ed at the tax office. Others were]safe re-entry and landi ng." THESE MAPS, which appear in U-S. Steel's annual report for 1963. show the general market area (top map) for steel in the Southwest and the location of a mill 17.S. Steel will build in the near future across Cedar Bayou east of Baytown. The bottom map shows the plant site area. Deputies wer e to be on duty until regular closing hours on President Johnson reported hej was "greatly relieved" at the : safe return of the astronauts skill and Thursday at Weingarten's, Big 2nd praised their Chief Grocery at Four Corners, |strength." (Highlands State Bank, and Public Housing- Probe Into income Of Residents Urged Annual Report Reviewed— Baytown Will Soon Be The Home Of U.S. Steel U.S. Steel has pinpointed Bay-f construction of a mill here in town on a map accompanying! 195T. this story as the location of a The 19S5 annual report to proposed 160-inch plate mill unit ] stockholders shows that U.S. — which means the city will be- j Steel had income totaling S275 come the "home" of one of the huge industry's far flung operations. The accompanying maps were included in U.S. Steel's annual report for 1965, which contained a brief resume of the firm's land options and plans to begin million, compared to S23S.8 million in 1964. It also showed the firm had 372,513 stockholders (common and preferred) at the end of 1965, compared to 368,771 ' enthisnmis Completed. Area Eyed Is 'Fingers' InChambe.'rs By BILL HARXMATJ* Hearings on annexatiori of ad- IT _ "—,—:„ V , J, oiuonai lingers on fti£;fa\vays in U-S. bteel will be better able to chambers Countv will be held e-fi»T-t-£> rOilt** /M»et/-»<= TTViie- lrt_ _ . _ - ^"- - rciu serve plate customers. This location will also provide an initial base for serving other large and expanding steel markets in the Southwest." Other highlights of the annual °" report: Some of the major new com- at the end ot 1364, and that there j petitive facilities brought on were 208,838 employes at the j stream during 1963 and some end of the year, compared to of those now under construction 139,979 at the end of 1964. These include: School District Executive Team Has Five Members The executive administrative j team named by the school board Monday night when i: voted to change the school system's organization chart is composed of five men. In a story reporting the change in Tuesday's Baytown Sun, the name of Tax Assessor- Collector G. L. Bennett was inadvertently omitted from the team. Composing the team are Supt. George H. Gentrv, Deputv Supts. W. D. (BUI) Hinson and John Rob- are average figures for the two at 5 p.m. Friday by the 3ay- tcwn City Council. In previous action, t he council has annexed a tw;o-i nfle strip Beach 'Ro.-ad and a years. Property expenditures during 1965 totaled S333.6 million. The total authorized at year's end was S733 million. "A major facility program," the report said, "one of the most (important and far - reaching Steel, will furnish some of the A new electric resistance weld; pipe mill — started operation! in the Cleveland, Ohio, area dur- e ing 1963, producing thinner-walled, longer - length pipe. Additional plate facilities — added finishing facilities are now two-mile strip on Jjite rstate 30. Friday's hearing co ncems an additional two-mile finger on Tri-City Beach Rdad and an additional two-mile stri p on Interstate 10 and Nwjdlej point Road, latter involv es a pproximate- a half mile on J-10 and a Iy This total of eight a half; on Needlepoint, would give the city a miltis along the roadway. The council . alsc j will resume most modern and efficient steel-(with materials such as alumi- under construction in the Chi- discussion on two proposals for cago and Pittsburgh areas and a community • ant< ama television in the South. A new facility for coating stee! making equipment available in ihe world "This program, averaging over S600 million per year for the next three years, will cover almost every facet of the corporation's activities. For the benefit of U.S. Stee-1 stockholders, the report had this to say about the Baytown plan';: "U. S. Steel announced that it had acquired options on a •arge acreage on Cedar Point near Baytown, Tex., where it will construct electric furnaces civilian, and i Lewis and Coker Grocery on Bayway Drive.. More than 60,000 persons Highlands Roily CANDIDATES FOR. the Lee College Board of Regents andfor expected to the Baytown School District,^ ^ •_, ..,_.:_, :J have beer, invited to appear at a meeting at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Highlands Elementary School. M. \V. Hargrove, chairman of Precinct 53, said the public is invited. By WANDA ORTON "We were satisfied with the Stuart; Finance Director ert Sauls arid Bennett. Hinson is in charge of personnel and services. Stuart is in charge of instruction and guid-jf ^The board said it felt by com- Construction is expected to be- bining the ''knowledge and talent" of these men as an execu- Dr. R. L. Finney, a Methodist' agreement on breaking down tive team, the school district's Weather And Tides PARTLY CLOCDY and mild with temperature range of 56- 8C degrees expected. High Wednesday was 88 degrees with a. low of 55 degrees. Temperature at the Sun weather station at 8 a.m. Thursday was 61 degrees. FRIDAY Galveston tides b« low at 8:12 a.m. and at 1:18 a-m. and 4:^4 p.m. i have been registered by the midi night Thursday deadline. Despite i extension of the registration, there appeared to be no hope for it Thursday. Persons who paid their poll tax do not need to register. Only those who did not pay poll tax or obtain an exemption certificate during the regular registration period which ended Jan. 31 need to register by the Thursday midnight deadline. A total of 376,946 persons paid poll tax in Harris County by the Jan. 31 deadline. An application form for registering to vote can be found oni GROUND THOMAS C. Standard Jr. celebrates his third birthday with a party for 30 friends . . - Gail Espinosa checks on a date - - . Esther Horton extends a thank- you . . . Caye Kominek writes a letter which was really appreciated by the receiver . . . BeBe Corbel! volunteers for another civic assignment. Nora Hebert works in the yard these warm days when she's not on the job at the post office - - Walter Queen listens to a fish story . . . Joe Brack makes a picture arrangement. Bob Jones hopes summer is just around the coumer . . . Judge and Mrs. E. W. Bruce do some late afternoon shopping . . . The Richard Kings are planning to go in the chicken and egg business. Brian John Hayes, whose eighth birthday Wednesday just misses St. Patrick's Day, still has the luck o' the Irish. He found several four-leaf clovers in his yard at 1904 Rosille this week . . . Jonell Gentle, who is recuperating at Baytown Hospital after an appendectomy, can now have visitors. QUARTERLY SAVINGS DIVIDEND PAID MARCH 1, 1966 CITIZENS NATIONAL Mwnbw f.D.I.C. Baytown Man Aided In Pickup Of Astronauts A Baytown man iras aboard the destroyer Leonard S. Mason which collected the astronauts Neil Armstrong" and Maj. David Scott Wednesday night after the Gemini 8 landing in the Pacific Ocean. Warren C. Moravits Jr., son j of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Mora- i vits_ 500 Parkway, is a sonar j man second clas s in the U.S. j Navy, serving aboard the destroyer. His mother said the destrov- minister representing the Great-! (specifying the amounts on late er Baytown Civic League, told charges and repairs) and the The Sun that an investigation notification to be given about homes," should be made into high in-!entrance to persons' come people living in public ! E>r - Finney said. he-using projects in Baytown. "But we're still not satisfied Dr. Finney disagreed with: w "ith persons living in the proj- j Davis Taylor, Baytown. Housing ! e ct who are in the high income 'that a group attending a board i bracket. We do have informa- jof commissioners meeting lastj ti on that ther e are some in the | Friday night seemed satisfied ; project. And we are going to with answers to their Page 5 of Thursday's Sun. If it er had recently returned from is mailed, it must be postmarked before the Thursday midnight deadline. Musicians To Compete On Weekend a 60-day tour of bombing the coast of Viet com- i follow through with it. i "The reason we are doing this is we feel as long as there are people living there with the high • incomes, they are blocking the (tenants who are in the low in- j comes. We feel they should be | forced out." | Dr. Finney mentioned that i people in the Baytown Woods i (a residential area off Market Streer Road) will have to move because of future highway con- ,and instrumental — Friday and I Saturday in two different events' scheduled at High School. Robert E. The Baytown Sun Friday- will publish a statement by the 1965 School District Board of Equalization. It replies to a Sun story Tuesday summarizing a report by the Thomas Y. Pickett firm, which is eon- j ducting an appraisal of school district industrial properties- The statement, signed by , _._ public aware of what is j xugent Chamberlain, E. A. Ljee going on and if there are people) MUton and R - R - Zerlein, will gin in 1967. num bv a vacuum deposition (See STEEL, Page 10) Voting Begins In Council Race Absentee voting for the April 5 city council election began Wednesday at the c i t y hall. Voters may cast absentee ballots until Friday, April 1. Hours on Monday through Friday ar« from 8 a-m. to 5 p.m. The city hall is not open On Saturday. communications and planning facets would be improved. The organization change was approved by a 4-1 vote, withj Trustee Boyd Hill voting against. | Supporting the change were Trustees Ben S'nirey, Paul Parkinson, Seth Mitchell and Paul -arkinson. New trustee Tillman O'Brien passed, and Board President Knox Beavers did not vote. •*» Tax Board To Give Statement Bayiowii's Amateurs To Be Stars Of Shrine Program Baytown's finest amateur en-j The Shrine Clinic provides help 'ertainers will be starred in the Baytown Shrine Club's 23rd annual Crippled Children's program Saturday, March 26. at the Robert E. Lee High School auditorium. Tickets are now in the hands of Shriners and may be obtained from any one of them or they may be bought at the door on the evening of the performance. j By BOBBY SUTPHDf j Baytown will have a busy | struction. "And they will need 'weekend of music — both choral ito w income housing," he said. "All we want to do is to get; CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE A COMMITTEE TO work for the election to the school board of Mrs. Karl VV. Opryshek has been formed. In the photo, Mrs. Ross Cathriner, chairman, discusses plans with Don Teter, publicity chairman, and Orville Younse, public relations chairman. W. P. Smith Is finance chairman. Among other meetings discussed was a coffee to be held at 6:30 p-ra. March 24 at Koseland Park Pavilion to which the public is invited to m««t Mrs Opryshek- Vandofism Report A HOUSE at 2209 Tuscan owned by Baytown contractor E. F. Luquire had the outside gutters ripped off by vandals who also damaged a street sign overnight Tuesday, KARRIS COUNTY FEDERAL Savtnr* and Loan Aum. Assets Over $27,000,000.00 The largest will be the Interscholastic Region 9 concert and sightreading contest expected to attract more than 1,000 students Friday and Saturday at the auditorium. Saturday night, 83 of Bay- I town's top junior high band mu- jsicians will present the annual All-City Band Concert, slated at the auditorium after the close of the choral contest. The regional choral contest hosts this year are members of the Robert E. Lee High School Choral Department with Jerry Forderhause as choir director. Forty-three choirs from Region 9, the largest region in the state representing 21 schools, will sing. The area includes Karris County and areas up to Huntsville and Conroe. The contest will be open to the public. Contest hours are from 2 to 6 p.m. Friday, 8:30 a.m. until noon and 1 p.m. until 4:15 p.m. on Saturday. Robert E. Lee will enter the REL Choir, Southern Belles, Southern Gents and Sophomore Choir. The schedule for their performances, all on Friday, are Southern Belles, 4 p.m.; Sophomore Choir, 3 p.m.; Southern Gents, 5 p.m. and REL Choir, 5:45 p.m. Sightreading accompanist will be Tom Stone from Lee College. Judges will be Ernest McCaK lurn, choral director of Orange High School; Dr. Euell Porter, Baytown University School of Music; Jerry Jackson, choral director of Sherman High School; and Bob Irby of Harlingen High School in Harlingen. (See MUSIC, Page 10) i John L. Fulton is chairman of | ticket sales this year, and Johnny G. Jennings is general chairman of the show. [ Billy Ainsworth is program chairman and is lining up an all star cast of singers, dancers, instrumentalists, and other variety entertainers. The Baytown Shrine Club utilizes this benefit show each year to raise funds for support of the Shrine Crippled Children's Hos-j franchise in Bay town. The two firms who have submitted pla ns are Southwest Teleview, Inc., a subsidiary of Power Gen eratt ng Co. of Houston, and B ^yto- ,vn Antenna Co., headed by Rufi is Honeycurt and Dr. Dona" id Etrunson, both of Baytown. Howeve- c . Ci ty Manager Fritz Lanham ; said the franchise cannot be a warcied at the Friday meeting. He said an awarding of francr uses must come at regular me< King s and that Friday's session i _s a • called meeting." The c ity c Charter states in addition t hat all ordinances concerning pul 3lic franchises shall be reac I at three separate regular me- ?ting ;s of city council, and that f5 Jial passage shall not come until 30 days after the first r eadi ng. Furl ±er, no such ordinance shall take effect until 60 days after its f tnal passage. Thi: s rul ing will not however, deter coi isiderable debate and discu 5sio)i at Fridav's meeting. for all races and creeds. \Vhik- fe he f momijl g all doctors donate their services, & the cost of equipment, supplies. and adequate help for the clinic! requires the support of friends throughout the country. This is the purpose of the benefit show. and every dollar taken in from the staging of the show goer directly to hospital support. B. A. Stewart is secretary of the 1966 Crippled Children'* Pageant this year. One of the important functions preceding the show, which will start at 7:30 p.m. March 26. will j The east district plant is one mee tings Thu- rsda;, wor k or ; this week, the council • gave the go-ahead for the east district sewage tree itment plant. T his • plant will be located at the sar litary land fill on Ferry Re ad ! .n Cedar Bayou. N. F. Tu j-rier , Ivan Langford and Paul Vc linis of the Turner, Collie and B: rade: 7 engineering firm met ai id d iscussed the overall sew- a ge improvement plan with c ounc i!men. be the big Shrine parade, biggest of the year for Baytown. Dave Sherron is chairman of the parade and has lined up some of the finest parade talent in the state. c if si: t phases in the total im- j jrovf ;ment package. At next ' Thur sday's council meeting, a prioi-ity list on the other projects will be presented. Ttie city has S1.3 million ear- in the housing project who do reply to The Sun story. (See HOUSING. Page 10) VIrg SAVE IN THE ROUND CITIZENS OF TEXAS FRENCH HORN OCTET FEATURE OF ALL-CITY BAND CONCERT Members are. front row from left, Shirley Brough, Marlene Hicks, Car! Parker and Irginfa Woody; back row, Kenr Gandy, Larry Lesfarietfe, Marie Watson and Diane DeSarm E. T. Preston is president of |m a ,.ked for the total operation, the Baytown Shrine Club, and | plu .-. S4SS.3TO in federal money. W. L. Collier is the secretary- An application has been made for an additional S236JWO in fed- erEil funds. CV Coach, Seven Aides Are Fired Bowaer. Cook has been fired head coach at Chanuelview ilong with seven of his eight as- s;istants. There has been no public announcement of th e school board action, but reports are that Cook has b?en reassigned to an administrative position because he has a contract for another year's service with the district. The reports are that Mack Anderson, a member of Cook's staff as end coach, has been given the head job. Cook's assistants whose contracts were not renewed include Charles Bright, basketball coach; Jack Thornton, baseball; Billy Ray Davis, football assistant; Glen Gray, part - time coach, and Hollis Naquin and Jack Xey, junior high coaches. Cook came to Channelview in 1963 from Nederland. His 1961 N'ederJand team was a state 3- A finalist. The Falcons had a •5-6 record last season, but up| tot Deer Park in their big mo (See Pic'ure, Page IS game. Hot Dog Supper BAYOU BAPTIST Church will have a hot <tog supper at 6:30 p.m. Saturday to welcome the new pastor, the Rev. Jim Flynn. All members are invited and asked to bring weiners and buns. NEW BODY SHOP Used & New Cars 2401 Hwy. 146 THAD FELTON •1NCC I Square Dance BAYSHORE WAGON V .'heel Square Dance Club will d ,ance at 8 p.m. Saturday at the Knights of Pythias Hall will i Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Vise as nosts. Peoples State Bank Member F.D.I.C, "BEST BANKING IN TOWN"

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