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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Friday, July 8, 1859
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THE DAILY NEWS. 'fir SHARPSTEIN & . J , JOMM UffttOF. BtJty Paper, pnUtabed erery morning, except Jfond* r'iWetay P»pafj Monday, Wednesday »nd trlday. *»P«. *"T Wednesday mornta*... TERMS OF PAILTFAPER. Dally paper for one year, payable in kdranee.. . .47,09 Tri-Weekly Paper for one yearjiaymile in advan«,fS£o TBKM8 OF SHE WEEBIT f AFKB. Weekly Paper lor one year, payable to advance.. »1,00 BATES or ADVERTISING IN DAIL.V Ten lines, or less, of HonpareO make a square. 1 cqaare, I month...f 6,00 I do. Kmonthi.. 10.00 2,00 I do. 8month!., isjoo SiGO 1 do. imontiu.. IfiVOO 1 square, I-day.. 1 do. Sdaya. ' do. 8 daft do. 4 days do. 6 dav». do. "1 week, do. 2 weeks do. 8 Trac 4,00 5,00 do., do. .. 6 month!.. Smonthi... 20,00 1 year.....80.00 _ "Bower Qitf of ,tae West" is M& title W. B. West gives the city <rf Jwwwflle. Is it the right or left bower t—Frtt Pemocra[ , Sight bower, of course • the beat cud in the Ofoonrse,the right tower— the Wggestfciiaw inthepaok. - ] BTTw BILLUM MATCH.— W* 'notice Parker, the JanesviUe WUlwd player, is in town, putting himself 'in shape for the! forthcoming match on, with Coan, of Baoroe. It WH1 be good playing than, as both parties «re A. No. 1 with tho one. , i FOCHD.—A "gold ohUd'i braceWt," with the name of" Lucy" engraved on It, was found in the street~by one Of the employees of this office yesterday. It can be had by calling at the office and describing it correctly. . , j Rounds, & Lan&don, ' ADVFHTISJfNG AGENTS, v \ 1A5 Randolph Street, are avOo&td tor* eefos AiterUsemmlt for tMt and all the tending Papon oftfit IforOivnti, and are a* am and at.. majority o/Oum. IW TOWN AND OITT OF IT. MARK M. FOMBROY, Editor. itlclcorolog-ical Record, for Jnly6, •» kept by 0. H. GARDINER* 00., DrnggliU, 1» Bprinr •treet. .•'"'' '!'••'-• ••-••/- nt AKBIVIKO.—Several, hujndred Norwegian emigrants hare passed through this city within two daya.bound for the north- em and western part of the State. They appear to be a sober, hard-working class 1 , and some of them have considerable specie hid away beneath their rough jackets, or in their big osk chests. Welcome all. Wisconsin has ^soom for thousands of them, and we warrant t hey will prosper here. \ tJBicir-AL COPBT—HiaHosa,B. t Junai foot*, PHESIDMO—Thursday, July 7.-i-Lawrence Daly *nd John Lane, creating a nuisance SJL.M. -75°a a i-. 85°.» .:. .EB* For, Telegraph and. Commercial matter* see Fourth Page. : • •' i •''• band ol ui^rp minstrels are ^ performing at Market Hall. ~~ ---,.• ,9Sf" An Englishman we • know of thinks Cincinnati a very /(ambitious city. y'V • ilF" After a storm the sea tawe-re * long, time before settling the WWow. 89* It is » wonder tl-e ocean is not mote dangerous than it Is, thereare wi many iuft taken there by sailors. _ '-, friend of the firemen 'has something to eay in to-day's paper, about the split in the late 4th of July procession: in the street"; fined 82. .j Chas. Warnke>Usorderly, fined $5,, j A. Brand, disorderly, fined, ]JlO. and 'costs. Committed for 30' daye^n default of payment. C. Messmg, disorderlyjxdispharged. t . "John b^'Vastorekeepftr; gotinto a s^nab- We with a. woman, and was teed Ql andioosU. TAEBS TO WAOTOH.-^The fellow toamed 6qnrad Holmgren, who wasientlmeed to Waupnn'day before yesterday, toronejyear, was taken up yesterday by eK-polioeman han. . ,. : • . .-"..... ! j; An officer from .: JanesTille also passed here Wednesday, for Wanpun, with three 1 prisoners.' '•• . .;'•'. •••.-••• ' -'•'• ; ' | .-. • Comtpondence «f tb* N ,The Wit$onrin has at last ft naw.theme It oomejdown on the firemen severely, as the occasion of 4he split in the procession. It is evident to everyone who attended the meet. Ing of the officers, staff, military and ore department, that the Wttetntin has only'% one tided view, *nd all its information 4t from the mill tary side of the question. 'That the firemen were wholly to blame in this matter, who would attempt to dispute with an editor! Did any one ever know'ofany disturbance of any kind in which they were not the sole cause? Did any one ever (hear of any good action or noble deed being done by a fireman? Has any person ever heard of a fire man making «sacrifice of his life, limbs or •HDEOK STEEITBEIDO«.—The repairs • upon this bridge a^e now so far advanced that teams are allowed to cross It ?AVMO—Huron street, from East Water to the bridge, is being paved with cobble stone, and otherwise improved. far A large sale to the trade of 100 cases of hats, caps and straw goods, takes place at Hood's auction rooms this morning, at ten o'clock. ' ..:'.'•.-• ; ••' wii. or ram SLou.~The scholars of the Seventh Ward School, had a fine; time at Albany Hall last night. The beantlfoi oere- 'monies attendant upon the carrying out snc- cessfnly of the Festival were entered into| with spirit and everything pissed offto the |»edit of those «ngag^ in the exercises, and io the delight of the huge audience in attendanc* to the number of at least I.fiOO. i • - • " ' " • '• e trial of Francis Buohaaan.-*^— *~. g maiis at Jiia-*— *n^aasse T'iiear Madlaon, st winteTj comes off at Madison .'next'week. > QEEAT F*AT.— We invite attention to a letter from Niagara Falls, describing Blbndin's great trip on the rope. is good enough to repay a perusal. It 3?£EBiBiz LAKB ACCIDEST. — On Saturday afternoon the barque Sunshine was upset by a squall of wind, when" opposite Fairport, on Lake Erie and eleven lives were lost. jR^vWe would like to know if J)sugherty of the Bxjckford Register, did hot work in Corning, |New York, some years <inoe when a chap bearing our cognomen was "devil" in the same office ? -. ;. • : . ; ": $f Knowledge don't amount to much. A man never takes as much comfort in his life as when asleep and ignorant of what is passing around him—except when he has been eating cold apple dtntplings for sapper. J@?iTEwMp2ZLS TOE Does.—The bestsnd safest way to muzzle a dog, la to pat the mtzs. "de of a loaded gun to his left ear.jaad gently yank the trigger. One application will take the biggest kind of a vaggin off his tall, and • prevent his barking nights, or biting children. I -JB@*HISTOEIOAL WOSDKB.—We noUce in accounts from the batUe neld in the east, that a General Qarabaldi is little less than a devil to fight, and that he always whips. If he is any relation to the "bald eye" to be found in some drinking places, it is no wonder that he kills at forty rods— sure I a®' THB FLAG Hoisrro .-^Yesterday the propeller Michigan went -np'sio'd'-dowii the river, displaying at her mast head a flag on which.was—"Stephen A. Douglas for President in I860." Now we should not wonder * bit if Mr. Donghis ehoufd be elected the. President in i860, notwithstanding the Wit- contin has saidile couH not be. • JgJT MaitAST CojaJTo.— We learn; from the best authority that D. Co., of Bufialo, and the Detroir Light Guard of Detroit, wil? visit this city in the steamer Milwaukee, 4he new boat of the .Detroit and Milwaukee Railroad line, some time during the,! month of August. The two companies are among the bast in the country, and -we caii- : assure them the Wat of treatment both , at : the hands of Capt. Crass, who will command the Milwaukee, and die Milwaukee tiglrf Guard,; whosj guest* ti»f; ~'" "~ " health, Voluntary, for the public good? Have they any thing to look forward for? Will their .name ever be emblazoned on a tablet of marble should they be killed by the falling of some building, while" endeavoring -to save the property of perfect strangers to them, or the life of some unfortunate person. In' the burning building, without a, desire or hope of reward? No I .Bui let some buffoon shoulder a musket, put on fius and feathers in. time of peace, and ill the papers will land h'm tolhe skies; lie will be heralded from vm> place" to another. But should there be a real oil for their services, your great heroes would be "suddenly ill with a cramp. But to the subject. We will make a statement of a few facts* on the other side of this question, and then leave others to draw their conclusions. At the meeting of the officers to inake the arrangements, the question: aroso as jo which should have the right of the line of march. There was objections to the military taking it, on the ground that that they were Obliged to halt so often in their march, which had been the case the, two previous years.— Their right to it was waived by the officer In command, and It was so understood. -Then other matters were discussed. In order that there might be no misunderstanding in this matter, the question was asked before the adjournment, "Gentlemen, are these arrangements, which we have made, understood and perfect^ satisfactory to all parties T » The rjsply was,"They are I " and we then adjourned nnUl Saturday night. Then and there, at t£at meeting, wai the time and place to discuss this matter, and If it was not satisfactory to all parties, leave it fa a majority vote of those presenfj but not afie^the matter was under-. stood} have a few military men say they "would not Jet\he have the lead, anyway." Suoh thing* arenot right, at least, in firemen ; they may be in the military. - _ . \ ; ; Ool. King's course was the right one to bring the military and firemen together, and was the only way to settla the split. They would not object to divide, the honors, and CoL King saw this move would bring them together. Had & been carried out, they would have taken the first, or lattrplaca wittiont any objections. Yon can do more by gentle words tban_br force. firemen be. • If it had Bung,- that all was arranged, it could .l-We ask now, as a fiivor, that people will not drive past our office in carriages after four o'clock, especially In dusty weather;*. It is very unpleasant, indeed Is it. Every afternoon, we .put in a clean, w^iite, boiled nether garment, starched* and polished to the highest notch,-aDd eit in front of the office to view; the: beauties ^of nature, and it makes us feel very gritty to have a man go by with some old turn-out, knocking up a biind- ing dust. Hereafter we shall throw stones at every cart, drayj gig, sulky, wagon, carriage emnibuf , barouche or vehicle passing our establishment after four 'o'clock p. : M,, unless the vehicle has a handsome lady in it. j . -- '\S6f~Qa How FRAQBAHT!— A few doors from our office stands a lot of "emptyings" from a grocery' store, and the fragrance arising therefrom, is more oderous than agreeable.-— In the language of tte'peet we can say: j • Go feel what we bar* felt, i •' Go be whtre we hire k*«B, .'•'•''• eotmtUwhatwthaviimdt, | and see if the flavor of rotton cranberries, decayed fish, decomposed onions, very lively cheese, butferstrong enough to hold back going down hill, vegetating -potatoes, disfigured pickles, angle: wonn«il, and rooh dellcpclaJ, is not enough" to make a man feel llkeJodnlg- ing in profanity, or hermetically sealiig np his nose? We think the smell o'n .that cornet Uan improvement on aU the bad smells ever brought to our knowledge | S&* What kind of a bird are you, Mr. Bird, to contradict me in this way? and crash came a china teapot at the head of Mr. B. from the hands of his infuriated spouse. "What kind Of a Bird—I'm a cotdtin china fowl, and if you don't quiet, I'H.haveyon arrested my dear]" said poor B.,'as he viewed the rains of a two dollar piece of crockery. THOITT.—Bridgman, that~vpry popular man who conducts BO many passengers over the La Crosse road, sent around to usthe other day, a handsome mess of brook trout, fresh from Minnesota. No matter whether it is a railroad line or fish line,Bridge. is en gaged on, he is sure to do A fare busineBs.attd, A COUKT AXBCDPTI.—Among our recent representatives abroad was a gentleman ihail- ing from the far West* *0n his way to the eoene of his diplomatic labor lie had occasion to visit Paris, Calling upon the worthy old Virginia gentleman who represents us at the Court of Napoleon, he expressed a,special desire to "see Engeny." He was informed that Sunday was the reception day of the Empress and that our Minister to France would -have great pleasure in representing aim on: that day. " •• •- -..-;. ; - :"..- '--.•-;;:\ .,.-.....•• i. . • { •'•At the time appointed our western friend made Us appearance equipped iifthe gorgeous lipped i the lot uniform of » Colonel of the Iowa militia.' He was formally presented to the Emperor as the Honorable Mr. Blank, fully accredited to the Court of Blank. The usual formal salutation having been performed, he was presented to the Empress. : "I'm proud to make yer acquaintance, ma'am," said our representative. "I've beard • great deal of you, by »mOotn»l acquaintance of ourn, who's ben a-traveMn' in Yewmpi and seen pooty much "all the men and wimmin that's worth kaowin'. He says the Emp'rer Nio'las is the very fast man in Yewrupj the very fust, *y a' long «hot; an' - he say* you're the finest woman he ever saw—the very finest. That are mootual friend of our own is Judge Douglas, of Illinois: an' I fell yon he's at nit rate judge of wimmin, he Is." * , ) like the fish he sent va, there is nothing tcalv MV<»BJ. I."!— ^ ** abonthim. A fight like to have taken pUce at thb Ubleof one of our hotels, on the Fonrth.- ' been drinking to the other's alib Whfo, getting them to hU Jipg, theothermaneoptfea th. dish on the htadof th, Jigh when.™* like to Uv •hould sever stick his ' ia _ W»I*Cro«!ejro*d8re having bnilt atCleve- »»nd, sever*! new passenger cars, designed to of mll elegance, comfort -and darabllity Is ««»d 'track, bo«ora fat accidents, inilders. Morrfll & BowerV^re^ J®-WOKA»'«KISSIO».—It is the paradise *f marriage that the nun shall worlrfor, the woman 5 that he alone shall support her. take pleasure in enduring fatigue for hex BafceVand save her the hardships of labor, and rude con- taot with the world. ," ; r . He •returns home in the evening, harassed BuiZering from toil, mental or bodUy, from the weariness of worldly things, from tbe baseness of men. But in his reception at home theb is anohan infinite kttdness, a calm so intense tnat h» hardly believes in' the ornel realities be has gone throngh all the day. "No I'* he asysi; "that could not hare been, it was'bnt an agly dream. There is tut one tW thing in the world, and that is -you/" r This is woman's mission—more important [Ml ABtlOWAt) «4« ,4**Mt _-4~ -^ ~ ** ™™ i^« Of SMB. rProtcotad.wndnonrWwa by o, e iov«T 1 * Ubor ' then have been decided, either by vote or by a compromise; but not by the whims of men Who have hardly been a year in the city. That there aw good men tn the military.and men of Influence, no one will denj; and that there are men of bad character and habits, will not be questioned; and thert are but classes in the Fire Department. To come down to the nicety of this matter, as to which has the predominance, would he hard to decide Neither have anything to brag of on that score Therb is one more item to woi«h I wish U reply—it is this: that if the firemen do no yield to the military, that the citizens cut i their supplies and support at their annual patties, &o. This to. all right. If they do no deserve it, out it off. Still this will not dete them from using their best endeavors fo friends or foes, when duty calls them. The. will never atop to ask, whan a person's pro party is being destroyed by fire, did you buy ticket to our last party ? or say yon did no come down when I asked a little help to defray incidental expenses. That would be cootrar to usages. If our city fathers, after resdin, your suggestion, wish to take our apparatus because we stand firm for our /rights, when given voluntary, they may do so—we will not complain, if your patrons and taz-payers d not when the dty fathers tax yon for a paid department, and Insurance companies put uj their insurance. If we are any more, dependent on the city and the citizens than they are on us, let thi Council disband the'department at once. Bn! allow me to make one suggestion before the Council disbands the fire department, vis: to get the report of: the paid department of Boston and Cincinnati, and compare it with the volunteer of New York, Detroit, mud our own "—then judge if they can: run a paid department in this city for $10,000, which is the amount our Charter allows. If so, what wfl] be the rales of insurance? After yoa ire posted on this matter, then advise the disbanding of this branch of the dependent organ- itation, because they will not submit quietly to be trailing in the dust of gentlemen soldiers: There have been several riots in this since 1844. Ask the old settlers here who was called on to quell those riots. Look at the records of the County Board of Supervisors 61 1853, and see who received ninety dollars for quelling a riot of the La Crosse laborers, and look at the old files of newspapers of July and see If Col. King did not command the fire company which dispersed the mob, and if M. Newbre did not command the hook and ladder company which drove them across the Oneida street bridge. If this does not convince yon, that this branch of the city organization-is of some use, I can refer yon to more, if /the majority of our business men do not say that we were entitled to the right of the line, part of the time, for the aodv* service we have dona, we will quietly drop Jn the shade/and In ft*. , 0f0ttaig On Niagara on a Repe^-lfons. JBlon- . - 4in draut a crotod—Szeitina tiaet—PeHilotu 'oo the erovjl astcd—£io*dm mot—Blondtn S ti$'" tacJctd»— ,Aefidenfs and incidtnfs. ; ', j 'J " • I • NIAOAKA PAH.S, Jaly 6, 1859/ MESSRS. EDITOBS .— '• t \ ' . jThe Babioon hag been passe^. ', MODS. Blondin has twice performed theMonderfnt feat ofSralking from one bank of bfUgara rlv« to th^ other, and as yet, naryau 'accident has oo- ounred. His feat waa a great run on the banks of -the United States and Ca^nA) and a euc- , oes^fnl feat, too, done by hI8 tffo aaccessfnl fse^ Speaking of the difficulty !fit£endant upon, this exploit, U is safe |to sAy^ho other two ftei' belonging to man could gctijompliah, this tooiiaiardons fest that Mons.'Bkmdin aocom- plished | witb his two hazardous ftet, without welting the feet in the snrglntf river below, n^ thereby sttOeriug a great defeat t • Yesterday 1 afternoon was the 4th ot terday aff and yes- emoon Blondin agatn [crossed and tore leave the right and left of thi lines to the miatary. .^ / 0-S "Oh.^earJ" said / »lnks, "If some rich man would oaly die and leave me a hnn- let'» see ho wit dred thousand dollars, liars/ Now old<Joldy_] ZwtWs,!ittati«aferettad«5» the it Is well uid in'the wife is the hcnseJKfld." tiw«astan po^ JOB everything. stands. There is old Goldy— he'll die ; that's sure. He'll leave a hundred thousand dollars, without a doubt. Tiro points in the wish are all right— and If he'll only leave it to me, what a monument shall be raised with two or three hundred dollars of it! But things get mi»d r and in an unaccountable way. He will most likely object to what one would 'think he wonld not A person wonld naturally sup- pose'ie would hate to' die— hate to leave his Jnoney ; bnt finding he most do so, leave it to me— Dinks t Instead, h« is bound to lock np bis taah, close himself onlxrf Ihe world, sad leave his hundred thousand fyt relatives <to quarrel over, when it might bef left to nw, and much hard feeling be saved i" Itissingalar Iww.somf ;people dispose/of .their property, and cause so much tronhb^ as Dinks say*. ' was yatterday, ; roc?ossed hii rope, to the astonishment of at least fifteen thousand persons.! {t was generally 1 known that he was to cross then, and -every train and boat brought 'crowda of pas- Benger»| snxi'oua to see him.,' 1 do or die."— The rope is stretched across f bet'river about half #ay between the Falls and ; the Suapen. (ioairfdge. The river at this 'point is ISO fest^below tbe top of the Canadian bank, aud 160-feet below the top of the Uank on tbs American side. The distance across'the gorge bero is 1,100 feet, and the length;of the fops from stay point to stay point is 1,^00 feet. Tbe rop« is a solid built, two inch, .one, looking as bright and clear as a new bed cord, so heavy that it was impossible to stretch Ut to withlu lesathan seventy feet of horizontal, lest the greit strain rend itaesnnder. JTbls depression mates it much wore difficult to walk than ; If it WBWjstraight. It was steadied f by guys to the number of fifty-seven on'eaijh side, secured to the rope at different points, and fastened to tress on tbe bank up and down the river. : At the ends of the rope on each iide ol'. the river, the crowd was so great it;wia Impossible to get through them at times. Bear, fruit^ cigar and lemonade stands were ecfttered about under trees,-in great profusion,?' Mercantile men and women of all nations; dispensed- the useful and ornamental to tbe crowd, taking food care to smoage a man out 6f two ahD- llngs every time they made Chawfa. There were black and white men, fathers and moth- ers;'eagh with arms full of children and more —-at boms. Lovers and sweethearts, swinging each other by the hand and munching mo- lus&B candy and gingerbread, fjotmd to see:' tbo show. Old and young—silk aid potion—rich and:poor—mala and female, thd laine, the halt, and the half blind, all came to M» the Monsieur. Theira were ladies with hoops and ladies with. out hoops. Girls dressed in all styles, ken tn rags and men in fashion. Boya and girls HO nice that a white handkerchief must be iprefcd on the clean grass before they set down. indiho*»-->—-«---~~-••"«<<* '** we » Te». that when-seated, the cloth and the grass were as great strangers as em. What a motley crowd to be sure! It wiw the 4th, and all Were independent! Soraft swore—some sang—some made love—some laughed—some scolded—some talked—toma siept---some picked pjwskets—some took them is ;ithey came, and not a few, had their pockets picked. Fine bands were stationed on tach end cf the fiver, and the music they rkade was '.'fair to' middling." At four o'clock, the jam was terriM" . ( don't iti d. .-of "Where's Blordiii?" "Why rupa walker, tca/i-^r, eh ifi ' 'Whereas! the tight rope walker? la he^tlght, or ainit he?'f were heard on avcry h<ind. I Men stood and sweat, till it seemed as if their boots must be fill. Cotton handkerchiefs^ coat tails and dresi skirts, were used to mop iha; great, bead like; ^rops of perspiration from jie^ted brows, but ; no one could leave till Blondin came.! Sooti be appeared in a carriage. | The band; struck op, "behold the conquering liero comsi, 1 ' and loud cheers weni up f;om'the thousands present. *.".'..- .] \- ''.''. Blondin kissed his h«nd -to th» jadies with .trnft I French politeness. Chiera from ithe crowd. Blondin dismounted. ; Cheers from the | crowd. Blondin took off liis hat and: bowed. Benewed cheers'. Blondfa laid a|ide his coat and again bowed. Cheers from. -the crowd. Blondin put his coat on -the arm of an attendant, and blowed his nose. ; The crowd cheered again. Blohdin stepped .to a stand and took a julep with a straw in It. Cheers ihe cheers from th« orowil fairly drowned tba roar of the Falls. Ihe time made, was eleven minutes. JBIondia was bat little fatigued, and after taking a julep, add abating- hands with Bbveral hundred people who wished to congratulate Wtfl, proposed" to return Procuring another pole, ha drew a largo sack orer his head, tied, it securely under his chin, and Blarted. : -Bets were freely offered i and taken, ten to on6 that he would not erosa without getting a dncklng,aad sereral thousand dollsra mast have changed hands. Tbe bag being over hia head,h8 did not atop when half way across, to view the Falls, but hastened directly over, reaching tbe American side In four minutes, by the watch. . " h On hfaretarnv'the eioitenjent was tremendous. Hundreds pressed forward to obtaiu » 'closer view of the greatest ropa walker in the. world, and so anxious were many, that several accidents occurred from the pressure of the crowd. One nan had a leg broken, aqd his coat badly torn down tbe back A Boy, engaged in peddling oranges, had his thumb smashed Irishman stepping upon It, as the little fellow waa picking np a gold dollar. A: woman had her ankle put out of Joint, by being pushed over an old barrel, while hoops suffered tremeadoualy. Suoh .a Jam waa never witnessed. Blohdin perspired oopionaly, giving him a fatigued appearance, but a julep ap peared to set him all right again. •The enthusiasm of the crowd knew no bounds The band" playing Yankee Doodle; the cheers of the crowd; the shaking of hands; the con gratulations; tbe showers of* half dollars tha fell at Blondin's feat, (excuse the pun.), many of them picked up by the wrong man; the roar of the waters; the shrill whistle of nine locomotives on the .railroad track close by; the barking of doga; the loud boom of cannon an nonnolng that his f tat was trhtadot all other ftati; tbe waving of handkerchiefs; the soap. ping of fire crackers; tbe popping of corka from beer bottles; the cry ing of babies, half smothered in 'the crowd, and wedged in so tight they could not got at the founts of nature to appease their appetites; the calling upon bus bands to come, away; all tended to make this moment the proudest one Blondin ever knew, fife at last extricated himself fronrthe crowd, but not till hia beautiful suit of silk tights were fairly torn from him and divided among the crowd, and he left much embarrassed ai 'the predicament he was placed In. A six horse team and splendid carriage conveyec him to the International, and the crowd be gan slowly to disperse. Suoh a crowd qo man ever saw before. , Torn coats and pants; soiled vesta and stockings; hoops knocked, twisted, bent and shaped' in all styled; dresses torn from thi waist in front and rear; skirts torn from the waist entirely; bonnets spoiled and mashed paraiols ruined; babies squeezed till they looked more like ponkln. seeds thaa ,i»mi»i—*,i-_*_, u«mj»tn rued out of all conceit of them selves; shirts torn down the back in thi scramble to eee Blondin, pants minus hal their biggest parts; shirt narrrtives protrudirrg dirty hands and faces, smoka and powder be- grimmed countenances — all were mixed np beyond description. But Blondin walked the rope, andean doit again, notwithstanding the JWiiJ thought he could not. He ia to walk it blindfold next Saturday afternoon Th< weather Is 'Warm. Crops look rcvll Money ia comparatiTeljrplenty, and I ain tired to ADVERTISEMENTS. ^ NOTIOK. .-.'•' Crrr COJIPTSOLUR'S Orncn, ) Contract Department, Uil. r July 5, 1S59. ) following \a a schedule of lota" and piirt of lo X- In the Third Ward, City of Slllwmukee, which har been declared paMJo nnUxnces In coniequenca of stjg nant water and filth thereon, and the amount let op poaite each lot Is th« amount of beneflU which l«twi ierrre by belrrg fllled sufficient to abate the sal nolianc*. I JOHN McGRATH, Lot. "3 9 1 8 , E.L'H. Street Oommlialonera. Block. Benefits. 83 $105,00 26. B6.25. 23 . ' 28 ' B,. Comptroller. NOTICK. a'a brrioz, ) Contract Department, Milwaukee, Jniy T, 1309." f nPHI Common Council by resoiatlon of June 20, 1SS I. hiring njrpted the recommendation of the Stree CommlMlone n of the 8th Ward, It la ordered : ^ Th«t»he north »nd «outb. alley In block 23, 8th War of theTJlty of Milwaukee, be grided to .the establlahe grade, according to : the estimate of the City Engineer on file lathe offlce of tlje City Comptroller.- Owneri or azenti jjf property situated 6nthe»bov alley, are hereby! notiued to make the said Improve ment within twenty.two days from thi« data or the st Commissioners of the 6th Ward will causa the same ta be dona and charged to the respective lots, accordin to law. L Jy8-dSt E. L'H. aABDINEB, Comptroller. write yon a longer amends next time. letUr now. but trill make KOVER. The members of the Democratic National Committee have agreed upon tbe '2nd day of June, 1860, as the day for the meeting ot tha National Convention, at Charleston, to nominate^andidafes for President and Vice President of the United States.— Exchange. • We'have observed this paragraph going th rounds of the papers, nncontradicted 'for several weeks. It is an entire mistake. The committee, as yet, have not met, nor has any day been set for such a meeting. It will probably be called early In the fall. Nor U it likely either that the committee will fix on so late a day aa the 2nd of June. For the session of tha Convention some day early in April will .be far better— the earlier in the month the better. April and May in Charleston stand for June and July in Cincinnati and New York. — Oin. Enquirer. ' from the crowd, who immed'atelyjordered- j n- leps. : .An ambitious man here mounted a ped- lar's cart, waved a julep, and cried«ut, " jjon. sieur Blondin, here's to you I" ' Blondin took another Julep, showing plainly! that it wia a favorlt^ " holt 1 ' with him, when i tbe crpwi cheered again. He then toot off his linen vest land shirt. The boys cheered, and';th? ladies looked across the river.; Ho next'di- vested himself of his pants. The'^larlies jns( then E8W something beautiful obotrt the falls, whflejthe crowd cheered. Blondis then t6ok off hia shoes, and sprang upon tha rope, dressed in a Close fitting silk nnder-snit, till covered with little spangles. The crowd'oheured again. A boy sang out, " what pretty tights.' 1 Th« ladies again looked at Blondin and. smiled.— Tha band struck up, f* O'er the wafer to Charley, 1 ' and Blondin took another julep to the: health of the crowd. Blondin. then walked ontto!theedg»of the bank, threw a quid of tobacco into the river, and walked buck; A! friendjasked him to take another julep. Blon. din said,/'My fren, must 'souse me; I bs in plen^goodspiritsnowl" The friahdexcused Blondin. 'A lady asked him If ie was not afraid of felling Into the river. ; Bloadin said he was not as afraid of that as he, w^a of falling n lo^e with her. The lady! blushed and smiled:; Blondin smiled, but didn't'blush.' A chap here cried out," Mr. Blondin,'dont fall rt , Jlondfci said," yon have on this side an Amer- can fall—on the other side a Canada fall, and f I tumble ofl, you will have a French fall » Thecrpwd saw the pint and cheered. Blondin hen sjarted, and the crowd held their breith. He we|ked down the rope toward tfca cantrb of he goige, his spangles giittertng in the suri Silenc| reigned on the banks, and |half tfiose present expected to see him tumble: i When near the centre, he laid floirn on the rope, balanced his pole across the rope, by 'his lead,'folded his arms over his breast, and lar here'as unconcerned as a young man would' ay his head In the lap of his sweetheart. Soon he took his position and went on, till past the middle. He then sat down straddlo the rope, 1 itedl Jhe'pole on his foot, looked up and' down<the river, let a sponge down to the Water, byitoeans ojf a small cord.drgw St np sain- 1 ated^Hh Niagara's'raging fluid, singed his ace and hands, got upon his feet,- tnd started' on the'rnn up the rops. Wheimeartbe Canaf dl siste, he made a mis-step, from Batching! a. Up.— A bay mare, with harness on, was taken up last evening by the Police. The owner will find her by calling at the Police Station. J66J- LOST.—A small round hole, about Urge enough to put your finger in, surrounded by a circular piece of gold, was lost on the side-walk in front of the Set-Sote office night before last. It waa a keep-sake, and whoever finds it will confer a favor on the loser, by returning it tcTthis office. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Wanted to Purchase. tax advertiser wtthet to purchase a Home and Lot pleasantly located to the Seventh Ward. A medium size 1 House on a Lot 30 by 120 feet f> an tll«y would answer the purpose. Address Box «9 with location and price.' . jyS-lw Teams and Men Wanted. CSV TEAMS and 200 Men Wanted to work on the t»V/ Chicago add Northwestern Railroad, about 60 miles'from thu city. Enquire of Mr. Jas. Porter, Clinton st, Walkert Point. JT8-d2t» . • NOTIGE 1 3 hertb? glten, that the Ordinance la relation to Dogs running ai large without being securely muzzled, will be strictly enforced on and after Monday next, theilthofJulj. I Milwaukee, JulyT,lSS9. ' . : •-- WM. BECK, Chief of Police. BT" City papers please copy three Hots. j>8 oot injone of the guys, fell from ,th« caughfeby his arm and hand, but regained .sltipii, with the loss of hispole, s«d walked^ th? ahore with folded arms, as naoonoernli edlyaB.IMnaparlor, The band' et?uok tip, 1 •Cpinir ont of the WOderneM;'' ho ^as caught -"^"- crowd and carried W the ClBloni NOTIOK. CTTT CoKnaoiia's Omct, ) ContractDepartmmt,Mu., Jolyl.lSM. f ; T HE Common Council by resolution of Jane 20th, having adept** *• recommendation of the Street Commissioner* of Iheoln Ward,it Is ordered: • That tha east and wsit alley to block. 29, In the 6th Ward of the City of Milwaukee, ba graded to the established grade, according (o the estimate of tba City Engineer, on file In the office of the City Comptroller. ' Owners or agents of above. described- property are hereby notified to make said Improvement within twenty-two days from Ihls date or the Street Commlsslonen of the eth Ward will cause the lame to be dona and charged to the respective lots, according to law. . E-L-H-SAHDISKB, Jy9-d6t :. : : • ... . • City Comptroller. ;' • . .: j /'CnrOoiiTnoLLxa'sOmcxi) , . CoimuCT Vauxxm, July T, '63. ( t) BALED proposals will be rtcelted it thli offlcson- O tUBitorday, Jaly 9, !Si3, till A. M., for planking and-curbing thetUewalki on Atlor itreet, from Pleu- ant to Brady itreet ud on Uanhall street, from Lyon to B;ady it.: nld: work hiring been ordered • In the ye»rl86S. :-,: ..•'-.. . • , jjS-dtt . E. L'H. QiRDDTEK, Comptroller. , Contract Department, Jaly T, 184°.. f tS BALED proposals will be rerelvef at tola offlc* un, O til gatorday July », 1369, at 10 A.&, for abating the nuisance on Lo tj, block 88, and lot 6, nock 44, according to the estimate-of the City Engineer, on file In the office of the City Comptroller. E. L'U. QAKDINEB, Comptroller. ' ^; NOTICE; .-•,., '. ,;.-.,' '-.'•. '•'.'. dry Ooxmouu's Omo>, I ' ; Contract Department, Jaly T, 1869. f rpHE Common Council by raolntion of June 20, lSS9i M. baring adopted the recojamendation of Ore Street Oommlulonen of the <th Ward, it to ordered: t That Harmann itreet frooi2(J«tre«teajt to Hobbard atre.t, In tbe ttb Ward, be gradett to too eiubllabed jSndA In accordance wlta the Mtlmate of the City En- 'glaeef, on file in tn«: office of tho tnty Comptrol er. ' Ownen °r ogent* of property Htnated on tie atore named ttreet, are hereby noUfled «o make the taJd to- vroremeatf within twW«»,**»L a W* fcoo data or the Street Ocmmtaloner* of tb««n Ward wni eaujetlie •am* to be done «n<» cnarjed to the mjuctire lot», ac^ cOTtUnf.ta l»w. AVB _. 8AHWHJ!Bi 08mp6onir NOTICE" Cm Coarraoiija'3 OJITCI, I Contract Department, Mllwiukae, July 3, ISM. f m followins >• » schBiJule ot lota In the 3rd Ward J. City of Milwaukee, that will be benentted by zrad ing to the established grade, Buffalo street from Jack son street to Beach street and sidewalks, to grade tc established grade and planked and curb ildewallu, ic JOHN McflRATH, P. UoCORincs. Street Commmlasloners. Lot. Brock. Benefits. Lot. Block. Benefits. 8 79 '836,50 « T9 23^0 « 79 183,80 1 30 1489,00 S 79 U3.50 3 34 927.57 Jyg-d3t E.L'H. QAHDJNS3. Comptroller. NOTICE. ~~ •• - Crrr Cox?t20LLza'3 Orrtcz, I , Contract Department, July 3,1309. f S HALED proposal! will be received at this office cntil Monday, July 11, »t 11 i. M.,/or ibillnj the nuisance on lot S, block 43, Ttrircl Ward, according to tha- •estlmate of the City Enirfnetr. jyS-dSt -r E; L'H. QARDINBU, Comptroller. BOAKDINO. T WO gentlemen with their ladles can be accjmmo dated with flfst class board at 325 MAIN STBEET, Second door north of Onleda; atfo are or sl.i jeutle men can haverocms, and from six to ten day boarder: can be accommodated on reasonable terms. je28-dlm MB3. WILLIA3JSON. 'CHEAT TKADU SALE OF BATS, CAPS, SOSWSTTS eft STIU W GOODS A T Hood's Auction Rooms, No-4Spring atree'.on Friday morning, July 10th, at 10 o'clock, I wll lell at.aactlon by the caje, 100 oiaes Straw Uata, Caps and Straw Goods In general. Tie attention of dealers la particularly requested to this stock as they are il' new goods, direct from New Tori City. Terms caih on delivery of goods. Jj6 J. HOOD, Auctioneer. CORNER LOT FOR SALE. A VEBY desirable lot of land, corner-of Lyon .inc £X SlsnhaJl itreet. In the First Ward of the City o Milwaukee, will be sold at a great sacrifice. For terms apply to No. 327 Main street. ];6-dtr A BIG PILE OF GOODS For a Small PUe of 3Joapy. AND EXAMINE BUTTON'S Clothing Establishment NO 3, NE WBALL HOUSE. LOST OK STOI.KN. T I HE following Street Coaimiislonerj Certjflcatei spit payable to Daniel Keller : Lot 1, Bli-ck;9, Sth WirJ, " 1, "15, " I, - 25. •• 1, " ».% "11, " -''J, " 2,' Binrk i:-', Mh • ard, •• li, •• -±J " 1, " 31, .. i „ ;; 2i " 5.' •- ii'.'i Ml, N., 152, No. 10, So. ISO. So. U9, N). 2SS, No. 101, So. lOfi, No. C9, No. 75, Mo. 76, No. 100, N... 17, N.) j, No. 6, No. 523, , Jate<I IHO, IS'J.fO 125,00 I'JS.ifl ltj.60 S4,(30 '-0,00 ••2,00 •20,00 SOS.OO 1859, _ Tlie aabjcrlben woald warn persons from at negotiating any of the above mentioned Certiflcates aj payment la stopped. The person bavins them will receive > reward of |5 by returning tl)em to thli office or 10 DANIKLKEtLEB, Corner of Cook anJ Walker streets, Sth Ward. NOTICE. ClTT ConPTBOLLZB'j OWICS, I Contract Department, July 7,1859. f |1H£ Common Council, by reiolatioa, of June iflti L ISM, hZTlng adopted the recommendation of the Street Commissioner! of the Slh War I, It la ordered : That Bar man Q street f-om Tnlr.! sreet to Seventh street. In the 6th Ward, be graded to the established gride and tee sldewalkj curbed and planted- Ovnen or tfentJ of property on th_e abov« named itreet tee hereby notlned to males said improvements within twenty-two days from this date, or the Street Commluluners of the Sth Ward will cause the sanlo to be done tnd charged to the respective lots according to law. E. L'H. GARDINER^ Jy"-<Ht Comptroller. NOTICE. Cm COMrTsoLiZB's OrncK, I Contract Department, Mil., July 1,1M9. ) T HB Common Council, by resolution June 20, ISM, h8.t\ng adopted the recommendation of the Street Commlsjlonera of tbe «th War', It la ordered • , ™" * *"*« t19 eomtruetea through bloci 23, In the 6th W«rd of \he City of Milwaukee, In accordance with the plan and ipeaiflcatlpni of tae City Inglneer, on ale In the office of the City Comptroller. Owners or ajefiU of property situated In the above named block are hereby notified to 1 construct the abore sewer wlthto twenty-two days from date, or the Street Commiiloners of the Cth Ward will cause said work !•> te done, and charged to the respective lrt«. • .: <,'r..;aim IXir. _i_;iU E^L'H. QARDCTSR, Comptroller. 1 NOTICE. Crrr CosipraoLUB'a 07rica, Contract Department, Milwaukee, July 7, 1359. 1UU Common Council, by resolution of June 20, -L having adopted the recommendation of the,3treei Commlsslonen of tbe 8th Wani; it Is ordered: That the north, and south alley In bloct 29, in the 6th Ward, be graded to the established grade, according to tha estimate of the City Comptroller. Owners or agent* of property situated' on said alley are hereby noslfled to make said Improvement within twenty-two day> from this date, of the Street Commissioners of the 8th W »rd will cause the same to bo done and charged to the respectire lot?, according to law. jyT-d6t E. Vfl. GAEDINER, Comptroller. NOTICE. Cm CojcpiBOUia'3 OFTICI, i Contract Department, MUwaukee, July T, '59. f »T\nS Common.Council by reaolatlon adopted June 20, A 1S59, having adopted the, recommendation of the Street Commissioners of the tlth Ward, It Is ordered: i That the East and: West ajley In block 23, in tha tJUi Ward of the City of- Milwaukee, ba graded to tha ea- abliihtd grade, and In accordance with the estimator the City Engineer on nle In the office of the City Comptroller. i' : Owners or agents! of properly on said street aro hers- iy notified to makenlil Improvements within twenty wo days from date, or the Street Commissioners of ha 6th Ward Till .cause the same to be done and iharged to tha respective lots, according to law. •JT7-d6t E. L'H. QJLBDINSa, Comptroller. NOTICE. : CITT ConmoLua's OITICK, I Contrict Department, Milwaukee, July T, '59 f T BS Common Council, by resolution of Jane 20th, 1S59, nvring adopted tha recommeniUlon of the Btrest CommiMloners of the Sixth Ward, It is ordered: That Sixteenth street, from Walnut to: Barman, be grided and graveled to thj established grade, the slde- ralks planked tnd gutters paved In accordance witfi he estimate of txa City Engineer on file IhthoCliy tomptroller'i office. , Owners or agents of property Interested In the above; mproTements are hereby notified to maka the same within twenty-two dajs from thl» date or Ihe Street CommlsatODen of tha Sixth Ward will cauae said work o be done and charged to the respective lots according a law. • ; -•-'.'.•• E.; L'H. GARDINEa, Comptroller. MAP OF THK. SEAT OF WA-K PRICE TWENTS-FIVE, CUNTS. itW Map of'- Northorn and Central. Italy, showing the Seat »f the War, Position of jha Armies etc., to which Is attached* small Map of Burope-all for 25 fine 'Map: of th« rhea'tra of the European ? . 134 East Water atreet. Great Wood & Hay Emporium! THz_Bi<}E3T ;MABKBT IN WISCONSIN. vrt A TON3 Klir * Blled H * 7 ' ^ OOCI Corda Seasoned t W, Wood, each delivered to order ID quantities oiult; cheap, at corner West Water and Otybourn treeti. Offlca with Mibbett * Bre«d. . JeSO , : . 9- H. LAMBERTON. M ANN'S PAIEHT PARCHMB8T lETTER COl'TIHQ Books, a food supply at low prices. For s»!a by T TBBRT * CLB.iVEa 5 lfl 1ST Bart Water strati. yStS nslactton Inoan ani hottltft fmlta, thb clay T »t • [aprSS] ^HTON A OROSBT'S. COCBB3I Q« MAP OP THE" SEAT OF PKIOK TWKNTY-KIVK CTS. At -l^trielklanil & CO.N. This Map o./iiprefiaitk the ailiole r.-yi,,,i .,, country on loltick the present inar 'nil '/•• waged, T 3E atales which fi'ijuro on. ih« Map in; PUvluioi.i and Lombardy li^ tht* North nnd South <>t theao, Parma. Modcna, Oarraro, Lucciv, .'ind partj »f Tosoany and the Papal States. On, the notth w,j havo ^llinpv.--. of S*itzerland and the Tyrol; QII tlwwest the Al|j<'.ilnu out the scene from Tramvr,• on tho east wu tea Adristir. T^war will evidently >iu confined -.viihin thcso limita. TH^terntory comprised in /Lombirdy, v-nic», Plwl- mont and Savoy, Pariiia, Motlena. and Tasc.any, thr/atf' not qatteas lar.js w the Stita of New York, contamini; a population of nearly 13,000,000 soulii. Ofh«,.. miy 4,000,000—?.inl ni.'ins—art.- frct> rrom thu .lir.'ct ir n.ii- rent sway of Austria. Lombard/, which la part •! '.h,- Austrian empire, and which u), .ID rjonu! r"nperM, ilu- finestcountry—in point of natural" advanttmea—in L'IH world, contains a population of j,ouo,(HM|. It mc^- 'mil twice or tJirice ad many. The Austrian^ eroased the Ticino, -.vy ir-; -.uM, u three points—threatening Novara, Caaalu mil '.'..rci-iii and further nor'.h, Brilla and Jorca, anil thu northern extremity of the railway from Aroma, on,.- Ma^lor-. to uenoa. Of theaij points, the only m» jf >uy strength ia Casale, which is an important military [>••- sltion, and haa aeen atrengtheniid at con-iiilcrnbi-) -i peose. It la tfce nearest strong place to tin- Lr>:nbarii frontier, and Tia in oijen'tln e* tho ;ct:nij "t fn,iuy i orniEUot. The p-jpul.ition at Ult: last census ivru 2l, [ )ljn Novan 13 anfortlfled, tlmagh a plnci; of now, TIIII aboutiO,000 inliabltanta. A r:illway conneebi Nov >r i wlth : Tnrin. Tha ffrench have enured PU-iliunnt .n'wr, aides—by tho Mont CenU and Uenoa. !< from 3uaa and from'Qenoa will enable them, if -tiey -ht-m.-, to concentrate- their forces <m Turin jn i r._"v ;ioun The Genora road paases through Aiessanilna, vnuh, next to Genoa, is the atrong^st placB in Piedmont; H, that^ if it be thought advisable, one corp d'-mri,-.-, -miy movedireclly nortliTvaril from thence. T!ieri; vr-i ii^i- roada from Alessandria an-I from Turin ;<> v.-rei-iM. which would enable the French to eullcct p .h,-ir -TO"-, there also. The 1 flrat battle of the present ;amoai,jn was fought at Uontebtfl-o,.May'Jlat. The ^re-u •< itu.- whlch decided the fate of Napoleon'* first Itaiiau -. IHJ palgn, vraa .'ought June U, 1SOO, on iSe plain ,r M.T.O, go within 3ight uf the fortreaj of Al«:.iandria. •••'•" NEW BOOKS JUST RKC2IVSD BY S T R 1U K L /v Ai 1» & t' O . 138 KAST WATKK S'l W ALL 3TRSST to Cadhmero. A journ-ti ,i 1- years In Ajia, Africa ^nd Europe , vitti :nn .im.i- atlons from sketches made .JQ the ip°t t>y j/jhn LJ ir-v lanU—54,00. Lifaaad Times uf Carey, U^rahman ln .i W-ir-i V.M aclatf the history af the Seraraporv Miaaton •/ ;..' 0. Uaruhman. Price a 00. Marah'i aclencdiOf Double-iSoiry Uoo'ic-kt-r-piti^, ; -" Lecture on Mutaphystci and Li'^lc. ijy *\r VMLMII Hamilton, 3 00. Emplro of Austria; ltd use 'inU prweut ; ,.,n..r , John ^f C. Abbott, 1 50. ng ; iU biatory, stirring mcidenu ma .urvu tic adventure*, by George Beck, D. D., 1 5o The Harp of a'rhooaanil Strings . 'ir the i i,n;..s«--i). of human wit, waggery an«i wisdom, 1 -j. ArmyLifeon the Pacific. A Journal ii -h- f, \ [>-'t-i tlon agamat the Northern Indiana, the r -rit..^ ,i .. D'Alenes, dpokana and L'elou^t^, m'li- +umNif- , by Lawrence Kip, of the D. S. .\r-ii / ,'- Art if Exteti pore SpeaiinL;. IIhits fnr -ii- Senate and the Bar, by M. UauLr.m. I'r Diary uf Lady Morgan, 1 -Co. Tbe Romance af a P'jor Voan:f M;m, 1 >M New IliuatratetJ flural Uaim.iis, .rompr jofle, the Garden, the i'arm HDL! Domi'itic > ^fle 1 51). Hlnta tovrarda Physical Perfectiun, .r ;!,.- r of tno Hnman Beauty ; shmTlni; how tr. .i.-.jui tain bodily symmetry, health and "»ij5or, ^e " > and avoid tha inlirmltlea in*i Jt-fonnittei D; H. Jacquca, I 00. Spargeon's Pennons, yolurae dve, 1 oO. Love ile Little, Love lie Lonsf, by Ch-is. il History of tha Dominion j. the Araba :n .^; A Journey Due NorCb, being notes .if * r>- !us3la, by Qeorje Au^nstnsSaia, 1 O'X. Lamoni'a MyJical Advi^^r mil Mr»rriu<>j <t ictirij loc cn^riTin^J. Price 1 '!'•• Tho Pillar of Fire, or Frjrn.-t m ii..n j ,.•• I^In^raham, I 15. Irrmg's Life of W-iahin^ton, -.'oiumi- $--, : Allibone'-i Dicriuoary of Authors, . : .u Life of Kit Carson, 'i Oo. ST!UCKI.\M> ^ o je'J m : ., • . ' ^\ITKA> ST.4 TKS .13AUN3J H.'N pilrew Johaaoii, i 'ohn Ileuessey, tt^bert 3ell, am 3. Trumb^l inj | I Hid U. H. D' rici of \V\-n* In i.limriirv 'he 3c looner Charley Pih* bard, ^ier tinjita. '-a^ifl ippar- 1 ! am- fumUure. B T virtue of 11 ?rrit 'if Vendiliuoi, of and under the seal of the Dlstr-cr • United States for ihc Ctetnet jf H'i^c.-tridin, B fnr ialeind j^ll at Public Aucticm, *.u and beat bidder, ior cash, on Monday, :ho -,".. f July, IS^'J, .it tsvo I'-toeS in tht« ifterTi<;.,a f the Schooner Charley Hibbar-1, iynt; m ; iee - iver, Soutli ol ihe OneiiLi ilrevt briil^- 1 . f Oneida street, tn the City of Mihvau.^-, District, the aaia dcnuoaer Cbarley Uil.i^ir i, tacltle, apparel and furniture, -w *hf i..-i- lemned at ihe suit jf Andrew J'ohn-toii T .1 Marshal's Office, Mihv.aae«,Jui,. . ' -'•) je30-dSt M. J. T'JOMA . I > ed ptir CHATTEL MORTft »( 'Y virtue of i certain .jJiattL-l mi 1 Julius Q. Heddensen, in fav*?r o; ated the ^ilat day of May. 1359, ami tlk- aw. In the OlerS'-* Office, of the City of : he '23d Jay .if May, 135^, I shall Kl*"\t PubJi,- a the one st ry frame bui'tlin^ staiidl''.^ >n ed by the "i«.*lrt if H^nry Elil^jentiuri;, I i'.aated on ^"ast Wnar street, noa'r Knapp ihe First Ward* of Milwaukee, on Thursday "ay of June, 1550, one Cupper Cylinder. . team 3oller and three Copper Kettles. Milwaukee, July i, l;5 f J. J. HOCD, Auctioneer. STATES .T ame3 Buchanan, ] vs. | 'he Propellar or Steamboat I eneca» her engines, machine- f 7, boats, tackle, apparel uraiture. In \Jmir-ilK ;• J B Y virtue of » writ jf venJttioni ->xvionru -,sn,-.i oat of anil ander tbe seal of ihe District C<mr f . .( tbe UnlteU States for the District of Wisconsin, I <haii expose for sale aad sell at Public Auction to ;JK- 'lu'fir^t Idder for cash, on board of the aaid pmpHl.-r .. teamboat Seneca, lying at Superior in 3aiil .(Uirict, >n 'rlday, the eighth day of July, Iti59, a; four .j'-tnos i, ^ie afternoon, the propeller or steamboat den«f*, i-r nglnes, machinery, boatg, tacklel ippar.-+ mJ -ur:n xiro, as ahe now lies in :ha harbor of duper'nr. n -h- County of Douglas, In nid District of "Wisconsin, -i.n Jemned at the autt.of Jainei Uuchanan. Slarshal'a Office, Milvau^ee, W!s M June 10, is^-j a. J. THOMA3, U. d. Manrmi NOTICE. ClTT OOMnnoLLKR':) OFfU;-.:, i Contract Dfp" tm eftt, Mil., JuJy 1, ISo'J j T H3 following" Je.lcrlb*! iot3 In the'2nd Wir.l, i the City of ililarankoe, by resolution of :&,; Com mon Council, adopted Juneii. 1*69, Tcra Jeclar^d ^iub lo nuiaancea by reison of tilth autl 3tai?nant ^ito thereon, and said nuisances orMtrreu to l>e abated -rith n 20 day from this date, vis : Lot 9, block 1G2; lota 2, 3, 3, 14, 15 and It), biuck 1&: ota 4 ami 5, block 45; lot It, block 42: lot •(, bloci 3s ou 4, 0, T, 3 V, 1,10 and 13, block :JT; lou s>. to, 11 l Mid 13, block 44; lot !0, block 43; Iqt I, x T3 ft af !, > snd B 32 ft of W 64 ft of 13 and 16, block lii; S :o ft , ot a and lot 8. blocS 36; lota 3, s, 'J, 10, 3 S of 11, l: nd 14,block 11J; W 100 ft ot lot 2; VV 100 ft of :i, r, 1 nd N 10 ft of lot 15, In block 3!>. Owners and auentj of the above described proper rs hereby noticed to abate said nuisances within 'J ms named above or the Street Commissioners of the J fait}, will cause the lame to be done ind chargod '. respective lota according to taw. l dGt B. L'H.aAKDIN3R, Comptniilo. MOT1CE TO- CONTHACTOSS. CUT CoMM3ou.ja'3 OTJICB, ( Contract Department, June 50, 1SC9-. i A LL proposals for city wori mnat ba directed to thu unde-slgned, ind particular care taken to state, pon the envelope tha Ward la which i such work !» lo- ated, and the nature of the work to be Ut. jeSQ-dlOt 'B L'H. GfaPmSU, Comptroller. St. Loais-Sugar Cured flaas. " AM conatantly receiTlngj ,1 supply of these celcbra- . ted Haou, the beat In the (Jolted Sratea. Those who Y8 good things In mj Una would do wall to call :ind "tamine my stock. JOHN W. LEBYA11D, : Grocer and Wine Dealer. maj28 101 East Water NOTICE "3 BKSBBY gl7en that a meetini; of Uiu Stoctholden . In the Swedes Iron Company, will be he'd »i ita of- co In the City of Milwaukee, on Tuesday, the second ay of Auguflt next, at - o'clock ?. a., for tho purpose f «lectlng Directors for the ensuing year, In pursuance f a Stockholder's call, and of a resolution ot the Eimd f Directors of s»Id Company. H. COWLE3, Sucratary. Milwaukee-, June 23, liM. jel!!)-doaw4w BUTTER. • WOPLD callJlhe attention of 7aoiille3 to myjelec . tlona of CHOICE BUTTEK. 1 am dally recclTlng by Express, choico lots af Butter am tho beat Dairies in the SSate, which for quality indaa7or!a unsurpassed. Prices always to oorres- ond with tile "market rates," and quality warranted. rdera solicited and all parts of the cltv frnn JOHN W. LEDYA3D, Qrocer anil Wine Dealer 101 East Water aSreei. NOTICE. nHS neil monthly meeting of the St. Oeorso'aSo- L oletywiU be held on the eleventh'day of July ue.xt, he 4th being the Celebration ol'.s American •Indepond- nce. ' ' 3 - GMO. aQCTlTWSLL, Beo'y. INcw Lager 13eer Malii. open oar Sew Lsger 3eer Ha!!, at So. ,!U . , Suit Wawr mraot, fl7» Joora aatu) at }h > Jimaini Bank, aesst Thursil»y, tho Till .lay oiJuJj, nith a.xc«l- ent Lager and Jrc« Warm Lunch ; ana resp,;c!ftlly equesu OBI frlen(3» and the public jansrally, io.jlv-j u« it caK. Io tho ersnuul shero will be » Cir»aaCotH-ct , .Ho Boh oa j»n M^c B-^^ Sl T. B.— Sxeell* 11 * ftto Warm Caacli "

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