The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 14, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 10

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 14, 1939
Page 10
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Todays Radio Programs NEW YORK, Oct. 14.—The Non- Partisan Committee for Peace through revision which carry Father Charles E. Coughlin's talks have Indicated they will provide time on Sunday for a reply by Monsignor John A. Ryan of Catholic University and Prof. Charles G. Fenwick of Bryn Mawr college to Father Coughlin's comments on the Neutrality law. The reply will be made from recordings, which also have been sent to other stations in the radio priest's hookup. On the Saturday night list: Neu- trality—WABC-CBS 7 People's Platform, average citizens' views- WEAF-NBC 7, Sen. John A. Dana- rutknlial FARM LOANS / Low Interest / Lonr Term 4 Fair Appraisal / Prompt Service L S. Spangler Agency 2nd Floor 2nd Nat'l Bank Bldg. HAGERSTOWN, MD. Au&iritej Mtrtgoft Loan Solicitor jm !h* Pi •forth! latMTMe* C**ft*j •( Ameri THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1939. WJZ-NBC S:15 Sen. Henry Ca'bot Lodge; WABOCBS 10:SO Sen. Ernest Lundeen and 10:45 Norman Thomas. ... NBC Symphony— WJZ-NBC 10, Arturo Toscanini conducting. ... Europe - WABC - CBS S:55; NBC-Chains 11:30. WEAF-NBC—7:30 Art For Your Sake: S:30 Milt Berle Gag Quiz; 9:30 Death Valley Days; 10:30 Arch Oboler's play. WABC-CBS — 7:30 Gay Nineties revue; 8 America on Wheels; 9 The Hit Parade. WJZ-NBC—7 Message of Israel; S:30 Brent House; 0 Barn Dance. MBS—S:30 Hawaii Calls; 10:30 Music by Moonlight Sunday brings: Neutrality — WABC-CBS 1:45 William Allen White; WJZ-NBC—6:30 Sen. Alexander Wiley; WOR-MBS S, American Forum, Sens. Charles L. McNary and Claude Pepper. ... Europe-NBC-Chains S A. M.; WEAF- NBC 3:30, 11:55; WABC-CBS 9 a. m., 7, 8:55, 11 p. m .: AVJZ-NBC 7:15, 12 Mid. ... Sixth International concert from Honolulu—W4.BC- CBS. WJZ-NBC, MBS 11 a. m. WEAF-NBC—2:30 Chicago Round table, "International Law;" 3 new drama series, I Want A Divorce; 7 Jack Benny; g Charlie McCarthy. WABC-CBS — 3 N. Y. Philharmonic starts tenth broadcast season; 5:30 Ben Bernie; S Orson Welles play (west at 10): 9 Sunday evening hour. WJZ-NBC—1 Pilgrimage of Poetry, new series; 2 great plays return, "Antigone:" 7 District Attorney; 10:30 Cherio. MBS — 7 New Bach Cantata series; 10 Good Will Hour. BALTIMORE GRAIN, EGGS _Baltimore, Oct. 13 (£>)—Wheat: No. 2 red winter, garlicky, 'spot domestic, S4%. Corn: 65-67. Eggs: 953 cases;, steady. Nearhy ungraded eggs, whites, large size. 2S-30; medium size., 23-25; small size, 18-20; mixed colors, 20-24. Butter: 591 tubs. TODAY'S CROSS WORD PUZZLE i. i. 10. 15. 1*. IT. 18. 10. 21, 22. 24. IS. 2t. ai. ft It. S9. 40. 41. 42. 44. ACROSS Cut with scissors AnimaJ of th« Himalayas Curved structural member Unaspirated Profit Anatomical tissue Portions of curves Borough ia Pennsylvania Genus of the mapl<& tree Exclamation Pronoun Plant of the •vetch family Have obligations Sea fighting force Behind a vessel Turkish title Worthless ' leaving Out of dat« Continent Clumsy, boat Morning prayer Free Piece out Depression between mountain peaks Small round mark Conceive Turn to th« left Solution of Yesterday's Puzzle 45. Nothing- mort than 46. European finch 47. Carpenter's tool 48. More certain 49. Renders suitable • 51. Soft drink: colloq. 52. Groove 54. Term of respect 55. Entirely 56. Vat 59. Finished 61. Any climbing woody perennial 63. Location 64. Cancel 65. Egjr-shaped 66. Bard 67. Utters 6S. Kind of sancl- pipor 69. Handle DOWN 1. Broad thick piece " 2. Roman tyrant 3. Thoughtlessly 4. Footlike part 5. Meat pie 6. Topaz humming birds 7. Negative S. Most terribl* 3. Vigilant 10. Luzon native 11. Act ing or deliberating again 12. Ball of threafl or yarn 13. Fleet animal 21. The herb ev « 23. Part of a calyx 26. Exclamation 21. Noah's vessel 28. Deserter 29. French city 30. Apart 31. Seaweed 33. Heavy breathing in sleep 34. Compound ether 36. New Zealand tree 37. Cut down 39. Small vessels for heating liquids 40. Note of the crow 43. Assistance 44. Possesses 45. Mire 47. Endeavor 4S. Note of th« scale 50. Steersman 51. Smooth and glossy 52. Measures of length 53. Part of the eye 55. Before: preffit 57. American Indians 5j>. Genus of th« beet 60. Thing: law 62. Swiss river 63. Mineral 55 5T 5T 3T ^ 7* 3 25 m 43 W m m & w n So 31 *1 44 8 m SI 'V 2S 13 34 MODEST MAIDENS Tr»d*mtrk R*rlrtfred V. S. F»tent Offlct "//fr stenographers a link deaf." Furnished by Kline Bro*., Benevola Wheat (at mill) g6c Wheat (at barn) 85c Corn Local Prices Paid Producer! Butter lb. 20c to 2oc Country Bacon lb. 16c Egp doz. 20c Onions per. bu. 75c Country Ham ib. 25c Chickens lb. lie to 14c Springers lb. 14c to IGc Shoulder lb. 20c Lard ib. 7c Potatoes No. 3 bu. 50c Camels have been Known tc> carry loads of 1,300 pounds. Answers To News I.Q. Test 1. A German. 2. False. Yankee* won series in four straight games. 3. Wladisfaw Razckiewicz, who became president of the Polish gov- ernment-in-exilt after former President Moscicki was interned in Rumania. 4. Joseph Stalin. 5.To set up * 300 -to- 1200 - mile xont around the Amtrieis. «. True. 7. Prohibits foans to nations in default on their U. S. debts. 8. 38 Communist members of tht French Parliament were arrested. 9.. A. B.' Chandler of Kentucky, y. S. Senator, succeeding tht latt Senator Logan. 10. In the Baltic Sea, off the coast of Finland. BALTIMORE LIVE STOCK Baltimore, Oct. 13 {#>)— (U. S. Spt. Agr.) Cattle, 75: Medium and good around 1200, of steers, $8.25; manner and cutter cows, 53.50-4.50. Calves: Good and choice veal- ers, $10.00-50. Hogs: Good and choice, 170-210 lb., $7.45-70; practical top, $7.70; 220-240 lb., $7.30-55. Authorities estimate it takes 17 men in manufacturing and transport to maintain one soldier fighting at the front. NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS By OSCAR HITT HERE'S SOME TRAINING TABLE CALORICS FOR VESUVIUS—GOTTA 8UILP HIM UP—HEX WHAT'RE. VA COIN ' PRACTISE/-^OTTA HIS PUNCH AN'TIMIN—THAT HIS SPAKRIN' PARTNER//-- KEEP OUT O' THE WAV-- HERE HE QOES // JUST AS HE RAMMED HIS HEAD HALF WAV THROUGH THE SIDE OF THE BARN A BUNCH OF THE BOYS SHOWED UP TO LOOK OVER THE. PETERS ENTRY -THE WISE MONEY SHIFTED TO HORSEFEATHERS' &ATTLER/ FIREMEN'S BOWLING LEAGUE Funkstown gained sole possession of first place as they won their twelfth straight behind the sharp- shooting of Stackhouse and took three games from Maugausville. while Williamsport handed the An- tietams their first setback when Banzoff and M. Snyder went to town in the second game. The Ants, thanks to strong finishes by Klick, Miller, and Wetzel grabbed the othe"r two contests. L. Fiery hung up a record score of 154 and Smithsburg surprised the Enterprise in their first game, but Roy Cox turned on the heat and the West Enders posted a couple of nice scores to capture the last two battles-from the Smithsburg boys. The Pioneers, after a lot of tough luck, finally broke into the win column as J. Young's good work gave his team the odd game against the Hose Company. High scores: L. Fiery, 154; K. Lewis, 146; Cox, 141, 133; J. Young, 133; R. Miller, 132; Klick, 131; E. Sayles, 129; Hesson, 129; E. Ban- zoff, 129; Wetzel, 128; M. Snyder, 126; G. Snyder, 125; Stackhouse, 125. High team single, Williamsport, 703. Standing Won Lost Funkstown 12 0 Antietams 11 1 Enterprise 9 3 First Hose '• 5 7 Williamsport 4 8 Smithsburg 4 S Pioneers 2 10 Maugansville 11 SCIENTISTS in search of rubber substitutes shouldn't overlook simple things. Have they ever noticed how a worm will .stretch? LOflH OFFICC LIB€RflL LCRHS on evGHYTHiru, 55M JormrHflns' POPEYE A Bird In The Hand THE OLD HOME TOWN Bv STANLEY ELMEf?,YOLWE 6OT TO T)E UP THAT FOOL. BIRD DOS THE CHICKEN --- LOOK AT YOUK SUNDAY AND MUSCLE IW. KINO FEATURES SYNDICATE N*. WQRLQ RIGHTS RE5KVID IP I COULD FIKJD A MERIDIAN WE MIGHT USE IT TO LOCATE MEUTOPIAT/ OH,MV GORSHW \MELL,THE FOOD is ALLGOKiE r SCORCHY SMITH , IN A SUPPOSEDLY DESERTED HOUSE ALONG THE COAST By JOHN C. TERRY ARE YOU SURE YOU TOOKCARE OF THEM? NOW VOU W/L V7ATTH PLANT IN SAN DIEGO, ., FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS/ BOATHOU5E TILL THE — AND SO, AFTER WE LEARNED THE/ KNEW, WE i DESTROVCD THEM , AND THEIR PLANE' BRICK BRADFORD EVERYONE IS OUT OF THE VILLAGE / IT'S DOOMED BUT THE PEOPLE ARE SAf E .' PLEASE/T "> WHAT'S THAT/. ICHT. l»3». KING rtATLWCS JYNOICAT[. !«• WO«LO SIGHTS «RKVfO By William Ritt and Clarence Gray HURRY, CRYSTAL-YOU AND CHARM TAKEOFF IN THE PLANE-WHEN THE MONSTER HAS PASSED COME BACK FOR CAN'T LEAVE WHOEVER'S THIS HOUSE TO F CERTAIN DEATH . MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP <* MOW WE ONLY HAVE TWO APPLE^ LEFT, AMD S1MCE ONE IS LARGER THAM THE OTHER, vou MUST BE POLITE AMD GIVE MARY jo HER CHOICE!! % VOO-HOO! I !! ^v COME HERE?. J f WELL, I SEE YOU GOT THE LITTLE APPLE, AFTER ALL!! DID SKEETER GIVE YOU YOUR CHOICE, AS I TOLD HIM TO? .. HE SAID I 1 COULD TAKE ^ THE LITTLE ONE ...OR NOTHING!!

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