Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 19, 1975 · Page 12
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 12

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1975
Page 12
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Page 12 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Saturday, July 19, 1975 Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer A NEWLY DESIGNED RAILWAY CAR for shipping trucks In a protected environment received its first load of 12 International Harvester Scouts at Ft. Wayne, Ind., destined for Los Angeles. A first in the rail Industry, the unique bl-level car was fully loaded In nine minutes. Designed and built by Santa Fe in Topeka, Kan., the experimental car is similar in size and configuration to wide-bodied bl-level cars already In use but with the exception that this one Is enclosed to decrease the possibilities of vandalism or other damage en route.- UPI Photo. Costa Rican Ambassador To U.S. Unhurt After Bomb Explosion WASHINGTON (UPI) - A bomb exploded three feet from the Costa Rican ambassador to the United States Friday as he walked from the embassy here to waiting car, but ambassador Rodolfo Silva said he was unhurt by the explosive. The explosion occurred at 5:08 p.m. EOT at the embassy located in Northwest Washington. The UPI bureau in .Miami received an anonymous telephone call about 90 minutes later from a man who called himself "the Cuban Scorpion" and claimed responsibility for the incident. "We are responsible for the blast in the Costa Rican embassy at approximately 5 p.m. Our goal is to punish anyone who recognizes Cuba." the caller said. Ambassador Silva, 42, said he was familiar with the group, and said the incident was'related to the ongoing meeting of the Organization of American States in San Jose, Costa Rica this week. "They are the same ones who set the bomb to the OAS building in April," Silva said. The bomb did about $50,000 worth of damage to the main wing of the Panamerican building here in that incident. The explosion came on the same day that the OAS postponed a vote on ending mandatory political and economic .sanctions on Cuba. Silva said the explosion Friday "just smeared my pants with powder, dust and particles of dirt, but fortunately the bomb blast did not hurt me, I'm still too young to die. "It was not very powerful," Silva said of the explosive, "Apparently there was a mechanism attached to it." Silva said, he knew of no reason why any group would have a grudge against him personally. He said he saw "no reason" for the attack other than some, statement of "displeasure" by the Cuban Scorpion over the developments at the OAS meeting. "Every time this comes up there are rumblings from proCastro and anti- Castro Cubans," Silva said. Scattered Showers Fall Across Portions Of Midwest Corn Belt By United Press International A prolonged spell of hot, dry weather threatened Friday to cut into projected bumper crop in parts of the Midwest. Southern Texas, on the other hand, had more rain than it knew what to do with-more than 10 inches in the lower Rio Grande Valley. Scattered showers fell across the corn belt Friday and thundershowers left about 10,000 utility users without power in the Chicago metropolitan area. Hot air streamed northward through the Mississippi Valley to the/ Great Lakes region. Both Minneapolis and Duluth, Minn., reported their morning low temperatures were at record highs. Agricultural officials in several states said what was needed was a general gully-washer at this critical stage of the growing season. Iowa Agriculture Secretary Robert Ford OKs Use Of Poison To Control Predators WASHINGTON (UPI)'- Despite pleas from environmentalists, President Ford Friday authorized the emergency use of poison on an experimental one-year basis to control coyotes and other predators on federal land. . Ford's action modified a ban imposed in 1972 by President Richard M. Nixon and came in the form of an executive order. Pressure for such a move has been been mounting from sheep farmers who said their stock was being wiped out by coyotes. But environmentalists, including a group that saw Ford in Cincinnati last month, have urged the President to maintain the ban on grounds that the poison would also kill off a lot of other wildlife as well as the coyotes. . Ford very carefully spelled out the conditions under which the poison sodium cyanide, could be used. The order authorized emergency use of a chemical toxicant causing "a secondary posioning effect for the purpose of killing other mammals, birds or reptiles." The Ford edict said the head of a federal agency could authorize use of that poison "on an experimental basis ... to control coyote and other predatory mammal or bird damage to livestock on federal lands or in federal programs," as long as the use complied with federal rules and "continues for no more than one year." "In each specific case," the agency head authorizing use must first consult the secretaries of Interior, Agriculture and Health, Education and Welfare as well as officials of the Environmental Protection Agency, the order said. H. Lounsberry said the corn crop in the Tall Corn State "desperately needs rain" to prevent a repetition of'1974's midsummer drought. He said continued hot, dry weather could wipe out hopes of a record crop and reduce yields 30 to 40 bushels per acre, raising grain and consumer prices. A Kansas agricultural official, Ray Whitney, said corn, grain sorghum and soybean crops at present "look good, real good, but they just can't hang on forever." The South Dakota crop reporting service said rain was needed in the southern two-thirds of the state. It said corn was beginning to curl and unless rain comes soon, the crop could suffer. Parts of Nebraska have had a 24-day dry spell. Cyril Bish, Lancaster County agricultural extension agent, said: "A two-inch rainfall right now would be helpful. We/re at the point where precipitation is needed to prevent a repeat of last year." A Minnesota Agriculture Department spokesman said there were scattered reports of hot weather damage to corn in southwestern Minnesota, which escaped recent heavy rains that fell in other parts of the state. The National Weather Service at Minneapolis warned weekend blueberry pickers to be careful about smoking and campfires in gusty winds and hot, dry weather. In Texas, lowland areas around Del Rio on the Rio Grande were flooded by more than 10 inches of rain in two days. • Some roads were closed. Flash flood warnings were raised in Uvalde, Edward and Kinney counties. Scott Refuses To Say Who He Will Back For GOP Governor Post CHICAGO (UPI) - Attorney General William Scott refused Friday to say who he would support for the Republican nomination for governor of Illinois. At a news conference, Scott praised James Thompson, former U.S. attorney for northern Illinois who has announced his candidacy, and state Comptroller George Lindberg, who said Thursday he had not yet decided if- he would seek'the nomination or reelection. Scott said he had "high regard" for Thompson. He said Lindberg "understands the problems of state government" and his knowlege.of financial affairs is "unmatched by anyone." „ But Scott declined to say who he favored for the nomination. Asked about his own intentions, Scott said he would stick to his decision to run for reelection and not seek the nomination for governor. ACROSS 1 Amongst 5 Novelist de Maupassant 8 Creator of Portnoy 12 Edible bulb 13 Miss Hagen 14 Bacchanalian cry 15 Poke 16 Recent 17 Mexican , peasant 18 Koussevit- sky, et al. 20 Frolics 22 Shade tree 23 Blunder 24 Third Vice- President 27 Upset 32 Pub drink 33 Kith 34 Baseball's Durocher 35 Become visible again 38 Department (abbr.) 39 Former coin (Fr.) 40 Lengthy ' poem 42 Ratees 45 Beautiful 49 English queen 50 Bird 52 Single units 53 Ancient highway 54 Adversary 55 Sound quality '56 Dozes 57 Senator Kennedy 58 Large jug DOWN 1 Venomous snakes 2 Simple 3 — Stravinsky 4 Member of L.A. team 5 Long-run TV series 6 Indian 7 Tropical disease (8 Common talk Avg. solution time: 22 min. HBB EQBn HHilS ana H@DK BEKD Bran BIBHHH SI1S ESUJH SKHHB Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 9 Decide against 10 Sound a horn 11 Female turkeys 19-Alamein 21 Through 24 Tribunal 25 Tree yielding caucho 21 Argued logically 28 By way of 29 Registered 30 A fabric 31 Negative particle 3f Problems 37 To offer » Dedicate 41 Note of the scale 42 Bath (Fr.) 43 Upon 44 Bland 40 Enough (poet) 47 Smooth 48 Belgian river 51 Sorrow 1 12 IS IB 2 3 CRYPTOQUIP SVEOBRTGNA SEBZR RYTZ OEBZR YM AYN EMHGV Yesterday's Cryptoquip — INTELLIGENT BABIES USUALLY BABBLE UNINTELLIGIBLY. «S 1975 King FeatuKi Syndicate, Inc.) Today's Cryptoquip clue: S equals B AIM Leader Being Held In Nevada ELKO, Nev. (UPI) - John Francis Trudell, a national co-chairman of the American Indian Movement, will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly pulling a gun on a trading post operator. Trudell, 29, was scheduled to be arraigned before U.S. Magistrate Jack Ames for the incident in which he was accused of using a gun in an attempt to get several charge slips returned. Superintendent Morris Cole of the Bureau of Indian Affairs said Trudell was arrested at his home on the Duck Valley reservation at Owyhee near Elko Thursday night after he was accused of threatening John Gray, proprietorr of the trading post, with a .32-caliber automatic pistol. Trudell allegedly fired the pistol into the ceiling of the store. There were no injuries. Jack Keith of the Nevada FBI said Trudell fled to his home nearby where he was surrounded by Bureau of Indian Affairs police, who talked him into giving up without a shot. At the time of his arrest, Trudell had a .30-caliber carbine, but Keith said it was not fired. He said the FBI was called into the investigation because the incident happened on federal land. Train Crash Death Toll Rises In Rio RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (UPI) Hundreds of firemen, police and soldiers dug through tons of twisted wreckage Friday, looking for more victims of a train derailment in which at least 14 persons died and 340 were injured. Police arrested several persons caught looting the scattered belongings of the victim. ' The Rio de Janeiro Railroad Authority said 11 persons died at the scene of the accident Thursday and another three died in a hospital later. Forty of the injured are still in the hospital, 12 of them in serious condition. A fire department spokesman said it was "most likely" more bodies would be found. Railroad authorities began investigating the accident, concentrating on claims by several passengers the train was going too fast. A six-car train loaded with an estimated 1,000 workers on their way home from downtown Rio jumped the rails as it sped around a curve near the suburban Madudeira station Thursday night. Two of the train's six cars overturned and crashed into a dancing school, which wa.s empty at the time. Another two cars toppled over on the tracks. The last two cars remained upright. Passengers who survived told of horrors they saw in the body-strewn wreckage. An elderly woman, who suffered only slight injuries, said, "I saw the man sitting next to me lose both his legs and no s one found the pieces". Ann Landers. Answers Your Questions LIFE-SIZE POTTERY FIGURES OF WARRIORS and horses go on display in Shensl Province, China, following the excavation of a huge burial pit near the tomb of China's first emperor, Chin Shin Huang. The pit has yielded almost 10,000 relics, mainly warriors and weapons from the time Chin unified China more than 2,000 years ago.-UPI Photo. Dear Ann Landers: I'm a 30-year-old mother of four children who is sick and tired of hearing parents cop out when it comes to correcting their children. The two most over-used excuses are "Oh, he'll grow out of it. This is just a stage he's going through" - and, "Ignore it. He's trying to get my dander up. He'll quit pretty soon." What are parents for, anyway? Aren't they supposed to discipline their children? Or do they think it's enough that they feed, house, clothe them and sit by with their eyes closed and mouths shut and let them "go through phases"? When I was growing up, I knew exactly what was expected of me and how far I could go. I'm grateful for those firm guidelines. They relieved me of a lot of decision-making and kept me out of trouble. I hope every parent who reads your column will ask himself, "Who is setting the standards and drawing the perimeters for my child?" Is it the TV, the neighborhood gang or you? Values and limits should be established by .Mother and Dad. -CONCERNED ABOUT TODAY'S YOUTH Dear Concerned: Thank you for an excellent letter. I hope you woke up a few moribund brains. * * * Dear Ann: I am a 16-year-old girl who has sold many things door-to-door such as Girl Scout cookies, raffle tickets, and candy. In the past two years, five men have appeared at the door completely naked. Most of the incidents were at apartments. The latest one was last week when I was selling candy for a school fund-raising project. I have checked with two girlfriends and they admitted the same thing has happened to them. You may not want to print this letter, but I'd like to know Guerrillas Trapped By Israelis By United Press International An Israeli army patrol trapped three heavily armed Arab guerrillas in an orchard Friday and killed them in a gun battle near the Lebanese border, the Tel Aviv military command said. Diplomats in Washington and in the United Nations, meanwhile, intensified efforts to keep momentum going in negotiations for a second-stage peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. The U.N. Security Council met informally in New York to consider Egypt's request for a resolution calling for Israel's withdrawal from territories it seized in the 1967 Middle East war. Egypt wants the resolution as a condition for renewal of the mandate for the U.N. peacekeeping force now patrolling the Sinai front. The mandate expires July 24. Israel opposes such a resolution and diplomatic sources in Jerusalem said Israel had contacted several members of the Security Council to urge extension of the mandate, for the U.N. troops. In Washington, Israeli Ambassador Simcha Dinitz met with Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger to discuss Israel's new peace proposals for delivery to Egypt and said, "I feel progress has been made." . Dinitz declined to say what the new proposals included and denied the Egyptian charge that Israel was stalling on reaching a new interim peace agreement. The Tel Aviv military command said the three slain Arab raiders were intercepted in an orchard outside the northernmost Israeli border settlement of Metullah carrying automatic rifles, bazookas, hand grenades, explosives and leaflets printed in Arabic and Hebrew demanding the release of jailed guerrillas. Six Men Indicted Who Escaped From Cook County Jail CHICAGO (UPI) - Six men who escaped from the Cook County Jail last week were indicted by a Cook County grand jury Thursday on charges of conspiracy and escape, but the six remained at large today. if it is against the law for a man to answer his door nude. We don't want to make trouble for anybody, but we'd like an answer. -WONDERING Dear Wondering: There is no law that says a person cannot walk around nude in his own home. A man or woman who displays himself in the manner described in your letter, however, could be arrested for indecent exposure in certain jurisdictions. * * * Dear Ann Landers: I am frustrated and irritated and don't know what to do. So I'm doing what so many others have done before me - I'm writing to Ann Landers. The problem is my grandchildren 14 and 15 years of age.. For years I have been sending them birthday and Christmas gifts and I have yet to receive a single acknowledgment. Their mother may casually mention, often months later, that "Debbie loved the blouse" or "Tim really appreciated the check," but from the children - nothing. Should I continue to send them gifts arid be satisfied with the knowledge that I have been thoughtful? Or should I stop and hope they get the message? —PUZZLED Dear P.: Sorry you didn't write to me a long time ago. I could have saved you some money. To send gifts year after year with no acknowledgment is brainless. Too bad their mother didn't teach them some decent manners. "As the twig is bent..." Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOU) Each article this week has been devoted to the throw-in play, a maneuver that forces an opponent to win a, trick and make a favorable return. Ideally, you strip out all safe exit cards before you throw the opponent into the lead; but sometimes you must be satisfied with an incomplete job. South deafer North-South vulnerable NORTH. * A83 9 J6 O J643 * K 7 5 4 WEST EAST * 95 4 762 £KO,09 5 87532 £ K7 2 OQ98 * 01083 * 92 SOUTH 4 KQJIQ4 tf A4 0 A 10 5 * AJ6 South West NoHh East I 4 Pass 2 4 PIQC .44 All Pass * PaSS Opening lead - Q? K You win the first trick with the ace of hearts and ruminate that it would be Pleasant to draw three rounds of frumps and still have a trump left 'in ?H^ n ? y 'J h f n you Sw'M'grve a heart trick to West and profit by any return But if you draw three trumps and then give up a heart trick, West will get out safely with a third heart P""J m y will be out of trumps, so the third round of hearts will do you no good. Incomplete Job The solution is to draw only two trumps preferably with the king and queen. Now lead the heart to give West his tnck. Fortunately for you, West does not, K la fV rump - If hedid - h * could- back to get out safely ' W f st must return a side it. If West leads another heart, you can ruff in dummy. Discard a diamond from your hand, and now you are sure of ten tricks no matter what happens. If West returns a club, you get a free finesse. If he returns a diamond you can easily limit your diamond loss to one trick. In short, no matter what West does you develop your tenth trick safely ,- J mScf° ^ ng as West does not h ave the missing trump. DAILY QUESTION Partner bids one heart, and the next player passes. You hold: S- 2 . You have fine trump support, but no hand. Your cart- ner cannot make tricks out of thin air. l!^^

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