Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 7
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 7

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 7
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N William. REPORTS TTHtCl it for fHilu an JK, Last summer a sit my garden who (She saw a certain ie and laughed an tnow what that in. to feed It to th* i's Ranch bring Pml'- States!, even If uion for coming Is hl.i rttncti at IIo ia proud or rty, which lei un- «cly for rilmonds. wulnutn. Ho filnnn wetk viu»itlon on It np tmir. llulf th« liomc In von over to nt-r la the f pr-oscny of rtlsi by tho In 1911. His fnilt Ich fruits, and he e where unusual takes tho keen. olio wing hla en reds for hours At a rictl out by ttu iintei! Polioo by in tho ciisitorn linn Arctic clurlnic roxlmute!/ 2S.OOO o circle the globe ;osts uaity Undcl- review your ;Dable you to nls affecting ed to danger i You are in- lemkers lion Phono 614« Phono Phone 2-0909 'none 2-ll#» Pbone 2-OlW Company UECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 20, 1930. OECAIUK HERALD NOTRE DAME BACKS HAILED AS EQUAL OF 1924 "FOUR HORSEMEN" FORWARDS SHOW POWER IN CARNEGIE GAME Rockne'f Team Has Breather of Three Games Alter Pitt Contest CARIDEO BRILLIANT PREP STANDINGS um l,liii;, IVllllK I'Oil 11 III I'HlllNI I'lllllill'lXlKIl I ' H I I V l l l 1.001} 1 ,011 II i, too ..·i Ul) .DUO ,100 ,r»o Mil WI'IKK'H ; II. i.'i.nrnil. is: i _ ..... .. rr'umn, 21'; Illixiln C'lili'Bk'o'i, H. : .«iulilliift, U. I" 1 ., t, "VAM.Kl , I'.-.iflll ,1V, ,,i, lit, llniti.uii 1,11 1 5 it. II, KIBHSKV ['I'll in .. U,'III,'III , , I l l i l t . I l l . t l r i Oct. 20.- [or and!""' nwti* 1 '" 1 ' (ihftnipion- Alp, i»nd, iilthinmK lite roncl may; fee rocky. Rockno'si nuifch-ridere ! ^m lik«tv t" climb onc« move 1 10 ihe (tridifun itinnoi'-lc the Irisli · (V. ' 3 1 . 1 IH ! i . ii , o , 0 , 0 WKKK'!* iiKst'Wa -til, 1 C ; M'llllVHU, 0, I,In I:), Arlinr, 1. 1: H; VIII,I (Ira VI!, |, Wrti'" - 1 III ) I. Ill l.lir J.l.ltU ,!50 .PUD Mattoon, Pekiii Top Big Twelve Race . \ lii.v!ii(itiiii. ». : i : niililnml 0, ficvi-r v:».« ativ flmiM IPS'* "'« nl 'W'Pl t h mil that vi»nl.»«-il ^nluwltty ltt Hdin- wircl ft iin««rtilnfr St-tt ro- Mii« N'ctrc !'""»" wnlt We rw,'(rc'l Citrui'ifln ' ontfUiy-l ttiwm thnt mlvunficrt when Putcli Kyth. t- HI. 1-1 l l l l H l Ti't. I, nun I.I.OIJ I. nun l.ontr l.nno .'.on d 5 0 ,('OD iiti'l I · W K K K ' B i! :d: Nokultili, 0, iii". SB: tmii'i'i'ic. l!. IS; Mr Ollv,., l'.-. r r : lllis s: BEMENTJUSGOLA SHARE LEAD IN OKAWSTANDINGS Hillsboro Looms As Title Favorite In South Central Conference MANY LEADERS FALL By LLOYD STOUPPEK Another weekend football skirmish has come and gon*, and nlthough not mnny prep games were ployed, due to the overpowering nttrantion of the homecoming' »t Champaign, a survey of the battlefields dw- jj'js (i number of mutilated n'*!* rcpreaontltig tho championship hopca of various contercnce Ilifjl) school*. tn th« Big Twelve, Okaw Valley and Boiith Central groupx the title situation Is conulderably cleared by tho elimination ut previously unbeaten team*, Isadora in nil thre« conferences! may now BClUtf down to tho BELIEVE IT OR NOT. (u«nl ami run T2 yiirili: f u r n. louoh- Unit t \t nt'fick ili-ftnin h-t tiottk"! up Nt'ir." D«tn« J lh« f'rmv" tfC(i In Its" I td" I'riihifu, TOIIMI «i-cr th« thowlflK "' lils Ilnnnifii. liiirknc mlinlltiiH »(|rr the j:nrnc Mi tenni li»il " ^^-thft chiiiu'i 1 of W'lntf throng without u .Went "Wn mitv '"''' ·" Ntirh IMHH." -uiiil Ki'i'Mic. "1'«t (htt wity they plii.wt njji'lrtm I'm*- (ir-ln H 111(1(1 Jmvn iM't'H ft frHlIt i , ui.i ,.|"iru I i-vrr (irtiilm-cd" Mi 1 * ris fuci- ii s t i f f tent t h l n j to Scores Twice To Lead Bears To niktity "Knlloj'lriK ghost" u( ..... Hllnl. i.'flBtfWluy brushed asldu irhumi Inti-rventni* yanr* that , 'ly Hiietii-sd to I* cimloplnjf bit" 't'tif rank ami tllt o( prof u salon al Ism 1 'HA rt!i'i)v«r*il hl» "phantom nhromt," land llictvwltli the revival ot the \vfl« a simple resultant. picr1ijtii Tiidhciiut paced tho to two hiuchdawiiH In the first 'I'lin-t' Sn(l irUK- iitoi -nvvivi tumi-, thi-y will tmt OMltlun u;:'iln until th'i 1'irtnbiirnli (nee wti-ru on- Nov. S3. wh-n ( ( ) u t 40 , (l c |last inK th« Cants Hn Inter tnnde lf»2» trl- n|llor( . olh)| . tMnKll _ kept the blond - - _ f t u n m two - for|11Pl , Stanford a(«r In ' ' E( , n | crjulrt tho bftck In lop fot- not tiavt t'ru.v t» th* Hll , mm ,.a tlm imalttUBht of the Wears. ,\ktr :... rtlMT In" 1 *! »;iiin*!i iiunlni'1 Arm),' SjMJcr l-Vlil uii'l Fj'iurhfeti *nllfnr-|- t '| ( , til* »t U.« Aiii(eli"i. t'rU.v t" "·- Sorthwcaiciii irrtnif. Notre iwm" v/ii^ y nBt i W cre name recent flifc Ten mcnr, I n r l l - i n f i , Tfriridylvarila nnd ,, tl1lt t,"| B(! i,, the nUacklnp frorit of Ofukc, nlMini Rnvknn V 1 " 11 " to '"I'.th" Hw* who luu-eti't yet lost the joii (-f ini:'·!},· w l i h Ills' '*'"'" i| ( ,(..nUve of punHiirlne the Inflated troor*. romt jwow*** In (nolhfill, Ilcd Mcmiifli-i 'if Sutrn llnmc'n iortinK" wiutn'l. nlone, N'orthwe*tern's "(i«ir h«rnMivn" nf lt«i--Sttihl- f ,w» huro of t*i- "fiwnnn hack. w«l- dwhi-r. Cruwlc.v, Miller nnil t.itjf- i*r Hftlmcr, nnd tin lead.'* of tlic ^n-citim- buck ivhon lt(K-k«i"s rhundcrlnK h«rd ot Mlniinsota, IB" umitli-rliU'Tii--C»rh1io, llrlll, 'i^runko M^surakl. completed the he- AivdMl unit Ncl!ivnrt/-ir» l«»" nlnsle. Grnrtx'o retlre-l a* the end of the ivnn Nil fl tin. way lit first hnlf !ts ti In'Ilia D m . hsrt M the taut of the start ·ii fotf rtiplancJ hy a r qinirtet. Holmfr 1 halfback nl linn to linll th* (Imt Hiwnl IOLNEY PREPARES airmri of |mut« Hisvor f.»ve rii-vtsn ix fthnncc l« get KoinX. A f t e r (In- Notffi ?ialil« tor- Mtih would holt thP Twch C(irlilcf')i jilni-B juitiN mil of tiwlilu thn a(i.yi\rd Htio lioi't thmw- ln» thn Tnrlnns hndt into Htclr own until their nfftUWlvo FOR FIRST CAGE TILTJKTOBER 28 Bj V1NCJSNT VAN IJMBVJS OLNBY, Oct. -JO~.Athl«tes whose iimo la not occupied by football in Olnsy ill»h. who rwplre to fill the -~ tank ot protecting Ui civ margin* in thu Hint hall of the atnaon, which Rontu-nlly is curia I tie red an alurting this wcnlt, Matte im. Idle In cout«rcnco clrclnu wim forrcd to tahn t, nrw bedmtiie Into lla (Irtit plnce berth when Pekln Iiollalmd off Llnwlp, defending chi\mp)lon tmd winner of Ita first two stuns, 7-6, Both U'ttim now have wort two nnd lo»t none, Mattoon con tlnuud tu display great power IB downing the tough J. S, D, tenin ot Jacksonville Saturday nlglit In non-con tprcnce same, 20 to 0, Dunne Purvis, Un Krcal halfback, stored at' tho ilftttoon points, Pooria Central won ovov Cham- nulKn, 13 to 6, pushing t!io latter fit- fectlvnly out of the race with two Moat ot thu tuuma liavu now tmcceedcd In cuttlnji cath other's throiiU, Pe oria Central was beaten by LJn coin u vnoh ago, and Lincoln In turn In out of it by virtue of loss to Peldn, Decattir'H ]on» to Mattoon and lie with Urbana miiksB Ita chanci's extroniely dark, Mark Potcrman'u Springfield grid dera astonished the conference by runniiiK up a auoru of OT to 0 on Jacksonville In t h u l r first conference (,'Etme. AlthouKh Jacksonville hast shown no evidence of b«lng of Big Twelve citllber, losing to reurta Man ual 82 to 0 Iftst weik, Fctorniun'u prep enter tho ranks ot conference dark horses by their show of offense in running up such a total 4igalns ·W( HliuM nt tho 1M» Olnry Tigers, aw now Wing drilled tor the flcst nni('« thrm! (otiehrtown*I b*nK«tb«ll (fame of th.o season, ..(»·« in (ho «.-*ri.iPfli-lwl| which will bo played hern With 1il* n m - i C l n y City Oct. 28. ... Una ... (-nrldna hnffli.d the Twh do- CouHi Prank Godeke la mure on fiindtt mentals) or wcnurl vftirr. With U-6 In (he (lilrd (i*rlinl. threw a So-yurd psuis t" Tom fjonicy v/tiii run Ihn rr« Ho yartU f(ir Ihn flnnl «onrt, nimhlii trmliln the (Iw-vtiril 11"'' i)i,. B h,vi( rrniiiw frotn rt-X- fmrlh Notre TIUBMI t«iu-li- ID tln . . the fmtrtli of the fnmotw to snek bMltotball fanio In Olncy Mid-Wcst Grid Dopi . who appear to b-r-mn- vai- t l f ibl., lo ix your or en are Jones ami Von Almett, ,«,! Hawkins, sophomore. tntnx J^nnlng^ nnd Smith load the ·quivd. altlioiisli J*nnlrB» has most ' Moit vie i«f I *»: ^vixt'onnln. Mleti- Ittn 14.. M*»t jiolnii- Wisconsin US 14 tone*): Ohio ftltivto (i+ (4 gnnic*l, Mwt toui;hdowi»s: Wlsicotuln. SI; °Wo State. IS. "on poinU ivftsr louulidown: Win- *««ln. 19. M«t fl«ld Reals: Ohio State. 1. d(ifon«lvn iwiui! North- (opponnnts pulnlti, *J1. ,mln (opponents points, fi.i w«ainic IndlvMiiol scornrm Reb n( lila time onciipW by fnotball, Th.- Miutd consists of tho following at present: Heart anil th, Hubert jannlnipt. Howart ^chwald. Glenn Massllnger. Woodrow VonAl- I'lieodorti Jonw. Charles Rob; Panton MoSpiit'ttttn, C a r r, Howard Hawkins. Lownl Noll, H o w a r d Summers. Gerald »t»c*y, Edmund Shtilt*. E l m e r Pmlth, nnd Clarence Croecli. GRIFFITHslHEETS NERON ON OCT, 31 ?i: SnvoWl, Si: « t !r.r NII tlin-ni'-t Notm n, 34. (By trttltiut frail.) CHICAGO, Oct, 20-Tuffy Orlf- Sfivntiil. ... .cHtttrn. four mi-It. «w( polntji iittec fwirhrtuwn (Imll ?««*!): flthn. Sioux City. la., heavy weight, will meet Oeocfte Neron of Greece In nn 8-round bout at the Coliseum o«t, 31. matchmaker Jim Mutton an nuunevd today [iiirry ivy we IK hi, will rue el Oliun, New York, In another bnitl on the same uroertim. any kind of opposition. The score Is one of the largest In conference annul B. Bearing out Ita early classification as a tliirk horse is Pekln. The Ce lost la 10 got practically no where las seutton, but reports this year indicate they have a huge team with pl.ent; of power, nnd with nn crafty a coacl as French y lialisatoi' they may b count (id on tot most any kind of up- net, Thoir victory over Lincoln, oven though by only tnc point. Is quit 1 an indication ot- utrenglh. us th. Rallsplltterw had previouoly shown suriivlsln^ jicwer with a gnx-n tatm In dRfnntlng Pcorla Central and Dun villc, Hemotit Downs Sulllvun Rox Mlllikln's Boinent tcnm hur died ono of Ua obiitac|e» in the feature Same of the woelc In the Okaw, handing the strong Sullivan outfit its first dufeat. Tuaoola won Its third straight game, easily disposing of Arthur, 19 to 7, nnd remained with Bnment on top ol the standings Bemcnt's record of three wins 1 blemished by Its tie with Nowtnan but undoubtedly the Mill Ik in an Carter troops will battle it out fo: the league title. Monti cello Is th' only other Okaw team no far un beatnn, having trimmed Atwood Frl dey In Its only conference game s far. it) to 8. »ut It ID not likely t preserve that record long. Tho moet Itiy of Vtwnent and Tuacola at th latter place Oct. 31 looms as a roa championship battle and should b one of the most interesting games o the season. ,, In other Okaw Valley gantes, Arcola won Its third victory by handing Villa Grove Its second straight de- teat, 0-0. The latter team was un beaten in 1929. Bement must face VIUn Qrov« thto week. In non-con fcvenco gametijiNewnian won held t a scoreless tl«\y little Sldell; Betn- By Ripley, «(, Viator KlinlmrHi 1,11)111 Jr'nrOHl ,, Nitnli Control Km win O|!FK Hliurii^ff .... Kurfku Hinm Nnrnuil . WlKlllOH .... S'wm- ' VTInrunnJtl Almquisfs Augustana Eleven Furnishes Little 19 Surprise COLLEGE STANDINGS MVTUI KIMItlWW -Tflnnt-- W. L, T. »k«!1i Ttnolwr .,J * e Meiitnoulb llllnoi* til. Morrli MillDtlti nm .............. n Tenclun , 'iirHiM :)hio HIM* IIMtiV"! t'Mctto ,, InHIu .. i in . .»*« .Mfl .Wtt o e 0 e : i e I t M 1 ti i it t I 0 I. we .too ,«*« .*»» o i i i o i t '!'), un, ttt. II i 1,0**' ?? 13 .1,W 31 p I.WO II 0 LOO II M .(0* J4 31 0 W 0 » D It u :i .111 .ant ,MO ,000 Wildcats and Badgers Named Big Iff s Best ,8? V*ttt* Pmt.t CHICAGO, Oct. 20-Noi'ihwtdtern und Michigan nhared toduy tho ta- write role In the Big Ten conference title quest, with Northwestern and Wisconsin accorded rating ai the league'* most powerful tem*. La*t week'* competition reiulted In further revision of enllmato* on the strength of contending learnt which are rated UK follown: Powerful-- XoHfewMtern MMl WUcim«ln. Sirniig--MlehlgMi and Purdue. Average-- MbuifieoU. Fair--llllnoii ami i Mtd Chicago. OV SATUHDAY'S CARTOON The Con* of Pujlytunn, The trrcut volcanic tones, majnatio oullfiiea command our nwb- fltruck admiration, are nothing but lie refuse heaps of eruit)one, bolnp com|o«G.t from- base to eummlt of ava and n.ihoK. Such n one an Fujiyama, one of tho most perfect cone8 In the world, In so light In texture that the Burfnce, cragit and precipitous walls actually undar the preseure of the wind, Roference: "The World In the punt," by B. Webster Smith, or "Tho Geographical oJurnal, 1 * Volume 7, ]890. the Four Handed CnechMhaard "Foursome" ii the name given thin game by Its Inventor, Howard J. Wood, of 1003 EatrelU Avenue, Los Angelea, The playing field nan 14G squares and 48 oheekertt, and the quartet Of players ojwrate on "an every man for himself" Imsls, or play pnctnera. Each player hat three opponents who can Jump his men from three Hides, Checkers become It In sa when they rench the la*t row of aqunrco directly opposite their own home territory, and klngi may roam In any direction over the board, Jumping the men of the other three players. Tomorrow: Goovtg--w OMMf Michigan, although not entitled to the high rating given Northwestern and Wisconsin, appears to have the best prospect of completing 11* conference competition with a, clear record. The Wolverine** remaining conference opponent* are Illinois, Minnesota and Chicago and Michigan will be a strong favorite In (·very game, Decatur High Seeking Second Big 12 Win Here This Saturday Decatur Soccer Club Wins From Chicago, I to The largest crowd ever to witness a Bocccr game In Decatur saw the Decatur German Soccer club take a 1 to 0 victory over the Chicago Kickers of Chlcttgo In » hard fought match at Nelwn Park Sunday afternoon. From Interest dlspluyea In Sunday'* contest, officials of tho D«- cutur club expect an even larger crowd at Mtlllhln field Nov. 15, when they meet the University of Illinois team. This will be a return game, the local team traveling to Urbuno for the 'first game Nov. 1. Reds Meet Jacksonville This Week; All Local Teams In Action SAINTS TO_STONINGTON With th* traditional Millikin- Wetleyan game at Bloomington Saturday night greatest interest, any whipped Lovlngton, 6-0, and Hlndsboro whaled Oakland to 0, S, C. Lvadoro Dropped Only four conference games were played In the South Central but :hey completely overturned the standings, knocking the two percent- nge leaderit, Staunto and Glllesple, from the top to the bottom and raising three new unbeaten teams into the lead. QJlleeple was soundly whipped by Taylorvllle Saturday. 20 to 0, and Curllnvllle nosed out SUunton In ft nig upset, 13 to 12. Hlllsboro defeated Nokomis, 26 to 0, In their annual grudge battle, which wan the first conference itart for both teams. LItchfield broke Into conference play by handing Mt, Olive Its second straight defeat, 12 to 6, and Joined Carllnvllle and BIHsboro on lop of tho standings, each with one win and no defeats., In the only non · conference game, Bhclbyvllle squeezed out o 2 to 0 victory over Assumption by the margin of a safety In the flrat period, Gibson City Wins Fifth Clilef In interest of the non-confer ence games were Clinton's IS to 0 homecoming win over Normal; Blue Mound's second trouncing of Macon 72 to 0, and Shelbyville's unusua win over Aaaumptlon by the margin of a safety, Illlopolla continued Itn comeback in a convincing manner by walloping Maaon City, 48 to 0. Gibson City won Its fifth utralgh game Thursday, beating Oilman, II to 0, and Just about assumes the per. centage leadership of all Central II llnols. In another Thursday contest. Cerro Gordo nosed out a T to 0 Win over Ita old rival, Marot Bottomley and Ruffing Beaten In Colts' Game holding «][ seven the of Decatur'g tcholastic grid teams wilt be in action this week. Three ot thoso games will bo at home, with the Decatur High-Jack sonvlllo (tame Saturday afternoon topping tho list of local attractions. Mt. Zlon plays Centennial on D. H. S. field Friday afternoon, and tho Urbana Reserves come for a return game with Smock White's Decatur Reserves Saturday morning, Saints to Stonlngton St Teresa, rapidly developing a real'football machine, will attempt to break Into the win column In its visit to Stonlngton Friday afternoon. Hooscvolt and Johns Hill also journey abroad; the Teds i tng to Mattoon for a return game with the Juniors there and the Blucjuye meeting the Champaign Frosh-Soph there. Be«lde the element of rivalry, the MllUkln - Wesley** battle will be the llrrt wal tost ot tho Blue In oonforenc* competition, nnd will probably determine tt* chance* for tho title, nlthongh Bradley most bi» faced on th* following w e e k e n d . Mllllkln holds one win Im the confer- enoo. we* Carthage, and Is un- Thera will be little money placed on Jacksonville In 1U gam* wltb Decatur High. In three Big Twelve games Jacksonville has been beaten by Pekln, 63 to 0; Peortft Manual 82 to 8, and Springfield, 9T to 0-an Mtonlshlng total for three pames of 222 points for the oppon ont* and six for Jacksonville. With the Boortng punch they have d*m cnstrated a g a i n s t Danville and Bloomington, the Beds may be ex pect«t to add a few points to this total, though Klnter must fight tho over-confidence bugaboo In preparing for the game. England's oldest Rev. Denham clergyman, R. Norman, of the Alt Saints' Vicarage, Warwick, recently celebrated hie IDSil birthday, He 1 not a teetotaller, and smoke* three pipe* of tobacco a day. He was born In Chlebeiter, an* Is one of $1 chll dren. to The Herald), NOKOMIS. Oct, 20--Gun Qocckel, i Central league pitcher perform^ ng with the Alton Bluet, ^wa) returned tile winner over Charley Huffing of Uie New York Yankees and Jim Cameron of Toledo, the latter two pitching for their old team the Nokomls Colts, In the annual Horn scorning here Sunday afternoon. The score was I to 0. Cold, iraw weather kept tLe crowd down below the usual' figure thla annual baseball cUuwlc, for but more than 600 braved the blaatt Berger'u Furh, Gocckel held the Colt* 'to five hits with errorless support behind hint while Ruffing and Cameron were touched for ton aafotte* and their teammates made three errors. Jltn Bottom! ft y of the St. Louis Cardinal) played first base for the Colt*, and other leaner stars were In the lineups of both ten ma. Alton . . . Nokomls 001 000 000 000 000-1 » WO-0 0 Swtdti Trim font, J» (codinf ClunpMmt, OB LODI RIM, 134 CHARLESTON TIED BPRINOF1ELD, O«t 20-A. d*rk appeared today on UM fool- ball horlcan of UM Uttle Nin*t**n conference IM a poNribln champion In the shape ot South*TM IDlMis Teachers which HO vigorously «nd decisively trouneed »t»U Normal *t Curbonrtat* Rnturday, 9» to 0, The OftrbontM* «t«v«n btrctofor* not given much win«ld«r*Uon by *, who hftva r»t«d th* c»p«bH- of thu v»rlouit KChoott, (Imply r»n all over Norm*). It WM not «o much Iti abltltr to win dtdrivtly that WM M lmprMKlv« M th* ··*« It RhowMl tn ·mublnf up Horm»t playn. . P«JW*H, «nd run* nnd UM drlvwi tra *UtH»nd completely *itd Norm*l «venh»d difficulty In K«Utn« off tt» punu, one «r th«m bulnt block*) and renu)t«d In a toiwhdown, Foyr lntcr«ept«4 p*«rr«a gave C»rtx»ndiil« four touchdown PI, A»ld« from CttrtwndtU'* trtmmlnj or Normal the only other Mff ur In the mnf«r*n!ii w««ktnd wa» the vlnwiy of Atifun- tana ov«r Knox. Th» tetter, utxtf fnaud In two provlowt »WiU, l«it U to «, Twu dljtty ytd run*, by Braehtel and Thoman r*«p«*Uv«ly and a ptac* kick by th* Utter for »n *»tr» point, «»v« th« Rock hlatid Khool all iw «»»·««, A* 4 Mftult of th« up**!, Knox dropped down to H tl* for ilxth plftco with Haeoinb Ttiwhon which d«t««t«d Rhurtl«rf, 10 to 4, It wa» Shurtl*/f« M«ufl| straight d«r*at, Two IV For Uwil Two uam* now urn tied for thw lead in the cunt^ritne*, Monmouth ·nd Dt-Kftlb, Th* lutter cllmb*d w a, Mtl at th« lop by beating Illlnol* Colleita at JnckHonvIll* Friday, II to G, Monmouth WM beaten Saturday by OM, 13 to 10, but th* gam* being with a non conference to*, doc* Northwentern'c Imprewlve formance!* against Tulane, State and Illinois have per- Ohio establlahed (he Wildcats tw an unusually *tronR team. With CapUIn Hank Druder scheduled to return to action Nov. I, after a nelfte of small pox, the tuam should eweep Its remaining Wg Ten games agnlnat Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin and meet Notre D«me. Nov. SI a» a cont*nd«r for national honor*. Wlxcoiwln facei a more difficult nrslgnment In meeting Purdue, Ohio Stale, Northwestern and Mlnneeota Minnesota, fourth undefeated Uam, must play each of the three favor- ites--Northweitern, Michigan mnd Oames this week will do little to clear the title (Hutitlon. Only tw« Infra-conference game* arc booked. Michigan meeting Illlnoln and WIs- conaln opposing Purdue. Minnesota, Ohio State and Iowa have open date* while Northwest em, Indiana ond Chicago play Interactional ({nines with Centre, Southern Methodist and Mississippi, respectively. rattOocraluM AT STALCT COMPANY Growing Interest In tht iwcctr game In Deeatur baa resulted In Ui* formation of * team at th* Btatar Co. Eighteen player* many of them w i t h prevlou* experience, turned out for the tint praetlM Sunday morning on the field east of the staley office building. cot effect th* Charleston Teacher* which had a chine* to rank even with DeKatb rtnd Monmouth Friday, failed when Bradley held tt to a scorel*** tie. Augu*iana'» victory enabled It to vise to a thrne way U* for itecond place with llllnoi* Werieyan and Mount Morris hoth of which have won two Rumen and tost non*. Mount Morris won. It* seeond conference game Saturday, heating Wheaton SO to 0. llllnoi* We*t*yan DePauw university of Ind.. tn * ·me* gam* Saturday an4 won, II to RUM Rebhob Leidt . Mia-Wwt Smtri lrtne.) CHICAGO, Oct 30--RUM Rebhoti. iMoneln halfback, leadi middle- w*»t»m football l» Individual ieor- tng with M point*. He hat made four touchdown*, and kicked 11 goal* after touchdown. Jo* Bavoldl, Notre Dame fullback, and Frank Bak«r, NorlhwaiUrn end, or* tl*d fov oeeond place, iuh with 24 point*. Pete Yanuakut, Dllnoti halfback, I* fourth with M pohtlt. The itendlngf folktw; Player, «ho*l Td Pat Fg TO. RtbhOlt, WlMOMlB , , * Bavoldl, Notre Dame 4 Bator, NHrthw**lern 4 Yanutkui, IlllnoU . . . * Gocckcl and O'Brien; Cameron Ruffing ami Cavetetlo, Homer. NATIONAL TOM THUMB GOLF TOURNEY STARTS ON LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN lllv I/ii(»(il J - r*«»0 CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Oct. 30- Historic Lookout mounlaln, where fcrovo men bled and died during the Civil war, was crowded Monday with neu wee golfer* from all eec tlona of tho country, playing the first National Tom Thumb golf tournament. On the Fairyland golf count* pro- putted dlshpan 11 » « * W 94 M tor optntoi nljjwTftt a" n«w Cnleaf* mwrtl noww ·otd for tu. A fesslonula and through hollow logs, over water bntardd, around botket-slied cnnd trnps nnd down midget green to determlno the national puttlnc champion, Both men and women were entered In the tournament, which !· sponsored by the national Tom Thumb golf aMoolntlon. Flayer* from regular courses - competed as well as those who think the putter Is the only club uted In golf and who couldn't tell the difference between a divot and a caddy. The champion will get 42,000. Other prizes are (1,000 for atcom! place, 1100 for third, fourth and fifth, and $60 for sixth to Hth place. Anyone who could qualify with 60 or lesn for the 18 holes wa* entitled to sign un entry blank. merica's Standard Smolce Clean Mode- Long Filler No Crumb*- TtyaFcwf CHARLES DEN BY f ^B^fFt^ ifjy^^r^^^f fHHpwy ^v^W^ 1MHY wait until the "whM-itt" ff of th* wind, tnd th* btttor cold weather make* you order tuelT Fill th* bin now whit* you CM b* sure ot tettllnf wh*t4mi want at right prieM, ^__ SoiiUwrn DM» CASH, DELIVERED CHARLES CLARK -COAL CO. - 6I MT OW» 0/t MOK t-Ml Tb* HOUM of CTMW BBBBBBBBBlllllllll^Hllllllllll^"""""""""""""""""" HV^P I Vgrv W^pVV^iV aiiassassaWaaaaaasaaaaaf aa*liiaaasasl LANDHOLT

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