The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1975 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 2, 1975
Page 1
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New police record access ruling questioned locally it) \.\s\ v f .<*••» I law enfcireeiiKml offiii.ils indicated they «r« wiling (o n.wpl) t«.it hfniUnt to spwulsti! «m when the «*w ttllcrwing (hr public greater «ccf-s» (« {HtltCf (ill's Will lx< ilflplerilWltt'd Last '*M'K a 'I>*»» a(^>c;ih coutt rulwl that portion* «f , U'lM'* 1 itffnuc report* t** niatli* available lo th* public V W.dfr itn< Ti'Xrf* ttpii-ti RfTurtfe <UHlule KiUf<«I mi District Court Judge !-**•* Dl< kstm's ruling fost year fi« ;i suit originally fil«l by UK" Howstton <1itwii<l«' lUitjiina Cwuttty District A»wiM"> QHtk-n J(ii»» ir,s!nic!wl lociil officials tit January thftl «•(«*<»**•» erf wit-li !<-j*sf u !*' made «rall> to !(»• prt*i l*i«« !>> that. iKtltf* irffi-nsr f eptjrU had txfti <»pw> u» Btrth lift** iuwl HrawiriB County Ktwrlff Hofoert GlwJwy (V><"linf»i locomnwnl yesterday MI wh«-n Ow* p»ifti<m« of the repwt* w«uM ((wwme »vaH«blc again to !)«» press Tr»p (juriiori* nil«1 t>y (he Hih < 'ouM of Civil Appeals «!> ijpinfl available im lu'k- d*-»crtpl></;is <>f tlu* offc-iiM* committed, (I* Iwnllrmnf 0* crim<>, id«>ntific«<t'm «( Uw finnplaifwnt, names <>! the im<Kti|4<'lin(| offc ,'*f«i Alwj hstH <tr«' '.ftr- police l)l«HI«*r. show-tip *!)«.•(. .i»i/J uu <-Hil:>!*' to trw prci* and Bass Mi'l h*? wtmM waff before commenting since *(!<• possibility an appeal of Ihe ruling could rx> in it»; TM/IS Supremr Court Trw HmwJofj Mv^paper fwd flk-d the ori«lnal suit laat y*"ar »(»« '.'afrol Lynn, then Mtnnton policfi chief, denied n>«* srn«i 'firfc t ace'** to off«w<r reportu, saying h*? h«;ld an rifrfuwi :«! (tiRflow ssuch r«cwd« uitdr-r a ruling m;id« by T<-»fts At'orncy {;«w?ral Jirfw Hill {hat lh«» xfalutf was »o ».'- i>,p rfironjrlp nor th" Inf act Inn in a &h*r*H (Ha'Jw-y »md HP had n yfr! wit}) OK- "<'* ruling hut thai I mwrs at»*ji irr r,<"» of J'uMit SsfrU M-ininaf if city couM nwl rf'-ny rrirninnl r».tords. (>«• to such fr-fords Th« Dickiwn niffng wa* appealed by both Ihe Chronicle ami the ci(y. When conlactcd by The Fact*, Houston City Attorney Jonathan Day »aW the city agreed entirely with the opinion rendered last week, granting partial aect*s Clirfmfcle Managing Editor Don Pickcls, however, said the ruling *a« "almost ast confusing as the original statute." "It still leaves lot* of area* open to question," Pickel* wid "We're looking at it and haven't made an opinion whether to appeal it or not," 1/xral city police officials have said they arc wilting to abide by the new rules, whenever they become clear lo them rplea*eturnloP.9,Col.3) SKY and * Seo CLEAN «4 f I » M^fc-i' tt tl -.» « WMWf-t IM^ l **» l«»*.«*f ;ts ESTABt/SHHD J913 /N FRZEPORJ I- UI I < H * tanr Lake Jackson • Clute • Freeport j C£»fT'; DAYS TO CHRISTMAS Dunking, rescue prompt BENEFIT PLANNED! 'small craft warning' H. , at A I SO H? HH4 I»\H!M»S in 'Vti'. Itjf-id l)u;.s. 'and fart!. ! wat if; thr frwrt 4 FOR FIRE VICTIM BY FRIENDS , f«-rr,!iy t.» iiiui «u «ttva! 'ATlu;T>i!i fi. Mrs TACB to require permit hear Hull, »tw WM Cf Grand Jury in session this week if •;/<•;";*«•!'i <,-( the •• •V.-K.-I rfs-rf .i' 'f •» U'i ,hr ;.«-rti.jjps /'juts »hst f*'!f.H'»" fsr- ! a r it Mr» :Ui .*f.-f out? bold cwim '«<! to Mr* !*'.'!(.- Tf-u- or; T.-nnf-co (.' .-ttpii' ,«'r';n 'o t- r.f'u {.oKviny; .]"•'(• f-lar,'. ;n .'ft-'ti '>rn;!jr »i!:'>'.*'ifr hoi'.! opfj*f<! and .1 cij-3 r;-.-.-' »3.a it-* Jlurjjt* ft f,-\<r; •» mil'- b) Jims ife-ij HJ it, K -' i" V < i-j 4 'if") (T 'or Irff *',' ?. Mf« : ;; t r f r t. ! f d Vrs N'.jr McN'uil "fit; '. i o f-r>! ;x- .s iv-.ued its par.Mor? in i'O hi-jnng be- hflrf- in ac- !o B:li ^•••-vart. an air c/.'n!r<>! kx.»ar'i 'Jifputv S!»-war' sjid that th»; air t«j;ipJ -*a.» initialing pu!>h'; hear in?, s r>f; cause the tioart! *AS "pitting quite a Th? Texas Water Qjau'y B'jitci. covering '*»!<;? pollution in TCXH?, routinely r.iiids pui.iic- views thiit regular n».-':r.-g o' :ho T-'jrii A:;- '."'ritrol fUiisrd v,wu)o be a fteavy financis! arid ad' ,v.;r!jstr;i!ivc burden as u-.v b-'icird gets Inspection fee levied on FP mobile homes 5i«'j-;(r! said he expects irat jiennit hearings "All! be caH--"»i "whecever a lixrai pe-ilulion agency or k-g 1 1 1 m a ! ':•! > i n t ercs t eu One board's en- ' ri'-ics, .<f Lake the Texas on Natural :'s dcci'ior in hole! a public hearing on the "But I 'hink that thi-vcord 'may' in '.he MW rule 'nu»r.' tiOiU ii M'iSr-.iig," she Vir . ••;,.; ue. the his t«•••:• f; I::,*.'-: '•- ibo 1 ;' 50 •AOriO-'Ai-c't: <V':<'.Y: 'TOT: a rar<> liv« car.';*-'•.-:,;.•' chloride '.'miS-S'.'*'.s 2.-i^i 'On., a V:.'i: , '.-."WTi il2 pc-r cent ;ro::i n lira >ou.i Bill S'.twart »aid a tn <„•" h od of p a >; 'u c 11 i n g pf-rmit 'appticatwra is 'still i'ut'L-c vXificatic-;, plans •Pi»a<!t ;-.,rr: to P !l>. Coi 5i Lake Jackson may ask consultants about rates i'.T r-.'.rt.V' !mf'mor,',l.> temporary ,-ity. in permit .$'.•>':for ••!>. months FOLKLORE PROGRAM SET an ihe n-.tRht t.c 7V «.r. h.»I( At h.'gh Hc;jsSi.>n in and M'TSU'f * rt ,it' thrrr -*rrc ;-rtt M !o w IU.JU' H'rtvd* mnv "f tU (•'riH*!l ppro* at to «juirr> th* had ad to that mtnild ruvr HI-AP *Uni! fulf t» :),<• 'MX her ol h> HI A!' rw t"<ilir«ft_ ;t *a» 'JiiciiMjur !<>od council •* A* af.ti'.ii Mrr-Mrf*"! Ihat '*<• re { in '.hc t*r:$r >"•! a rwl turning y-u <kc*n !f** hundmt doi'tart* or.lj He ;«lv> Thr Houttun ' Us w:'h tV»ur C«-<uncil did tvo*. jti.Yf-pt (iahriUs ^uxjjffrtiur, that if t h f i r consults r. t * '..''•«' cma/i il (ioo ir.r-"! •* ,-!h recommended r.'i'r the Ho.isU'n rvr>su^!ati!s. nchrdulr and ir,*!c.i<! :ha! a spt-r-ial nifflirnj (»• ;\ iftcrmM* 1Yii* tailed fur (his Mngle 1 HI 4H' to court and the purj-*.iv in order to e\cit) v powrr UMT* arv rv-* podjie the rnattiT ujvefc-r inju.iKt.ior. lo p«j>> iV«,uvthiuR H«.'\ CoKin under iJn- IU.&1' ra!<- ?;>icl !>o felt (hat as to H'hfdulp while t)»e matter duliiing tin- ra!«' prtvps^.-i!, is decided in courl a i i!> Uw M;<- i>f IJ-.jv JMIV and ''u-lr^r'''.!r'mrt"r<- •,-:rt-. :x'!.;. r . :<i- ":' ^45? («:: .••:,<.-f ;ind •ifft^ ti:ix iv*iwr* iwr.aS'T!. .''( the- hcir.i- p.irk> was and N5 anr.i HO; Ks. to n TV-'.i'vrt $! ,,?:,, <>r run Dii/tniitnriiHL bRUur ornlf t:'.>rrii* park i;i! fc>; r>';r mure thai; j»'r:')rr;'. ,u,crt .,".' '. r.i'*.i'- o: ic' :!:C'.T:'( r.fitiu x-7 spacer-pending un i ivr,.T,;',!iT- :;;(•»•!> ..1 7 j> ci '.Viti/u-ihi;, -..-; '.;>• irther. l,h»- OW.-JOT or Ar'r^r'^- 11 !-, ',.- '*-,,• P; , c-.r • wo-i- r ,.'•• :- v ^*"«-- r *•>« te r«iuirrf slv .^ prvsid ; n , 0( !h ,V rt ,:;,; n ,,[-,..;,•• •.„,,, ; ir , <'Mfy ihe ciij once a ,. T . , , » i i • '•'>' • <' • : •••'( ^h i'i' nf-'A rf^uW*n*. ,* ."'"* ^ ' _ '"" '"*•*•* * ' *• ''''•••-*• ^ and i. i-e ti permit 1 - t«i huWn^SNt'- 1 - I fic«*?> al>u-> ar ptrturr har^t-5 (or U,e ! :empt>rar> iirni-. .ir;d I: '!:"!.;!(' ()(• e i' ;!'.<• no* buildings IK"* w,li he n\juirt"d t-.s [KI> (hi- city Mvr«-i«rv a fi-c of $.'* ior a mohilc tvomw moved into ;):•<• n^i'-cf !ive parks l'opu*!< •'•! the ordinanet-i -Aili t* ,i\us!;iMi- d>r study at the parls nffices. .u cording lo City S<vretary Mark Arrsngtcm Tbe ordinanci-s Ixvame vff<vtiM- with unanimous adoplion b> the City Cour>ci) Monil.iv irf !fy VK-drifs;i;iy's pr»-**-nuti'Xi 'A ;il '.'.i.r :::•: :i,rrn of .siidi- s.'iow and .sonit.- niu-ii .1: ><• !<x'.:ii:o ir-.rni a /t'w the 1 V.> fx-rsorts wtx> take ["sir: ir, 'hi: <huiv -.*r::ch •.-jK'i.'v^i.n-d 1,'N Ihv .\h-\ioji: Atiii-ncan K'.iucatii l.'.'SJIKll of llOU>ti:l: Hub lioli-r. ( I'HC co-ch;ii. r :n.i:i. s»iid thjt due ililiTt-sti^l in>.;.".;.: ^it!' ,(;:•. !,..; t i| HlTt'iitt-.".'-.! ITohn-Ss HI!! !:•<- -Ai-l..<!::;<' ,t! :'••.<• ii'.t'i Lna, T: lUw^-'on iiruup will jn-riurn 1 . prior to tin ' u"ii;<- A! ho Knuril *.ii'l h4- ii;4 ,\n«2ruS fit the SEEN and HEARD M SN \ U (-11 r, j!«-t!inj? ii Arm> 4i''i'J»)f>!t' m Mnr *W fx' Ir.tiiic ir, 1..I (or»^!v injj wild hi» j-MM-nii DOHIS .UK! I I oNMtl> \ At (.lir ,iiul price tag lor »uch a con- nulUlKitt «rw1 while the mntif*! ,tllowinj( him to dfM'iwa a mnctinjj t»ct*ripn council awl th«> Julian Tayk*r as the !)ur<! UrK<"»t city m the *ys'<-m. ha* also not acini as >i'l u« thr rate rr»jue»t KriJid! as he ha* in p.ui rourii! that was '.w b<(! A «;,(•,•; !n yt't i-fl <>! and III il .->4tV4<', he .Vitd. Il .H>t»-<'r^"'i Hi«i i >!i-in''- rU'.f-t'larninr ").i''0 S> Cash short, but work moving on amphitheater SLA officials predict delay in union mergers HOV'STuN Al' I n ti-r it a I so n.i! Long s h n r «• m e n > Ass o o i • a t i o ii r t- p r c s i- n • tatt\o» JH'ii' s.i> iiuTm'r uf rarned less than their white oHintexparls even though the work was divided <m a 50-50 Iwsis It contended the black unions were larger. !hus the individual got less wurk The decision affects tu I. JIUl'S in HI' 'A^s « to-pntln! (n he VAC.inn^ ant tit- irt"» two ilccr with (he sdlllr Klilt"! I i-ct'llll.'i Kit S ACM) KKS. in.iii.igi-r (if Mow's Aniuuil lt("i»MU il (Uili ht'll 1 to I*' Die spi-aki-r when the Mt'ii s ti.tfik'ii i'luh holds its I>IK MM nil I'vi'iit of the \UllullH .tiul I AKI I^SV IIHIHNroN, due Ui fjjieiul j>oiiii' tinu' cuiivnU'.icitig at home logtithri as I'jch ri-oAtTS fi'uni rc-ctnl operations Ht" KOI hoiiii- from In-ing ixj»pjlali/i-<i in lluustun in Unie to ci-U'brdit' a family iiu! in U B) NANM I'lUNNY KHKKPOHT A relatively small amount of cash in apparent in the fund for construction of the proposed amphitheater here union locals is still a alxxit tlw best that ran (»• >, David askwi fur Ihat ways (iff dt'spite I' S anticipated siiin plus an additional Supreme Court action David was accompanied H.SOO to I* iu«l in ob ending scgrogated to the ctKincil nufting hy taming Hieh u survey memberships along the two other officials of the Singleton said the *um of Texas coast drama ai*Aaciatio*i Mrs U.noo was nominal for The high court let stand Beverly Nixon and Harold such work. And he added without comment Monday Singleton joined with Ihe would I* done (or that a lower court order forcing Local ILA leaders take differing views on merger H> Hll.l.DAWSON Hut a tremendous president in describing amount by the firm that the merger of the 37 amount of preliminary some of the plans was retained to design the racially segregated work has been done by the One included, a survey of amphitheater longshoremen's union Old Hrajos Hivi-r Drama the river from I he Velasco The association halls tn Texas i in its effort* to Memorial Bridge west to president also asked the The court upheJd an grants from some Ii the plug consideration o( the April U ruling by the I' S foundations Mrs. Nixon spoke of council in sending a letter Fifth Circuit Court of Ralph David, OUKDA meetings with stale of- to the Texas Employment Appeals that the pnssidt-nt. told the City (icials and foundation Commission in Austin segregation tended to C'OUIK-I! Monday that cf- leaders And through these requesting an employment result in discriminatory forts by the city secretary comacU. she said, it has survey be made in wurk opportunities to have the land at the head become clear that a more Freeport. The circuit court had o( the Old Kiver declared extensive recreation plan Mayor Tobey L. referred a federal judge's surplus by the US thorps would increase the Davenport said he would ruling that oul> hiring of Engineers had not beeu possibilities of obtaining sign such a request if it halls, not (Ivc locab, be successful. grants. met with the council's merged It no* appears, he said, Hecalling that the approval No opposition Tbe government had that a 2S-year maximum council had approved was voiciHi argued that black mi thi! property it $1,500 for Die project lust i Please turn to P. 9, Col 31 tongsiuiremen generally stevedores wording ut all 10 ports in the state They include Houston, (.i d I v e s t o n . Texas City. Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, Freeport, Corpus Christi, Port Lavaca and Brownsville. Willie Wells, president of the ILA white Local 1273 here, said the courts will still have to resolve "the system we have helps both economics of the thing, locals," Angell said. what type yf seniority Representatives of the He said that with me structure we'll have " two International system of separate hiring Joseph C Young, Longshoremen's Assoc- halls here, "each union president of the ILA it'. ! >'k iation 1.1.L.A.I locals will work with the other Local a?*.', said his uiu u in Krt-eport a^ree thai one if it is short-handed; wa;> waiting to se* how <t merger of the groups, each gets half the work." should prc<e*d. subje«:t ?.i including a new seniority Business agent Marion instructions from II A and hiring hall system, will Watson of black Ixical 1818 international hea<iqu,tr take quite some time. said his group "will abide ters. M A Angell, president by the court ruling " Warner Brock, attorney of white Local 1Y23. said He indicatwl l^cal 1818 for the ILA's South his membership had op- would have to wait tor Atlantic- and OuU Coast posed the court order the instructions from tht District, said he would Supreme Court let stand district ILA office "We anticipate a motion will be Monday which forces are not opposed to the filed for a merger of Texas' racially cuurt ruling," he said He said tlw segregated long- An argument by Court has had the case only shoremen's locals government lawyers in the about 60 days 1 Here in Freeport, uw i Please turntoP. 10. Col. 4) < Please turn t»F. lO.C'ol. 1)

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