The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 7, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, July 7, 1859
Page 4
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BY SEPOBTED FOB DAILY NEWS, AgTJBBNOON KEPORT. __ , Jnly 6. TM atste repntlioan «onTenUon v ill meet at 8ynwnie<m the 7ti July, f ^ j TheOberUn&escaen. • CLIVSIAKD, Jnly 6. The trial of Jennings, Dowe,' Mitohdl and Davis, for Iddoapphig, oommenoed to-day. At the instance of their counsel,' arrangements were made by which nolle were entered in their case, and those of the Oberh'n rescuers who awaited trial, and the prisoners on both aides ware discharged. fos.lLt.SD, Me., July 6. Ko communication bag been received from Saokrille, K. B., since the announcement made iMt evening, that a foreign despatch was coming for the Associated Press from St. Johns, Bf. F., supposed to have been furnished by tne arrival there of the Adelaide from Qalway. With dates to the 25th nit. -from Boston, via Bed Cape Bace 'at 8*. .. ^ Eiu-o; Ji»Hfai,-foT Liverpool, ^ tea minutes to six o'clock last evening Crlclcet Match, i , - 'Montreal, July 6. i . The oricketnjBtch between Montreal and N. T., commenced this nroraSng.'' The New Yorkers went in first, scouring 119. Tlw Montreal cricketers then scoured 1W>" with Seven, ciicVeta down, The game will be continued to-njorrW. N. T. Stock Market. ;; I - '• *_Jfew York', Jnly 6. j The stock -market has lost the appearance of firmness noticed yestenJay^and prices thronght 'out the iist, with 2or 3 exoeptionB, are lower. The heaviness to-day is moat marked OB. the fipecnlativ* state stocks, which are offered more'freely in anticipation of a higher rste,-!- A Pf obable Story. > „ . OSWEQO, July 6; The express liag sent by the United States Express agent from St. Louis for JfewTorfc, in the balloon Atlantic, was picked np yesterday in the lake. It contains orer forty letters, one enclosing a §1,000 draft on a New York bank. * w IHorcmanU of Steamers. , _ Nsw YOEK, July 6. The royal mail steamship Persia sailed at noon for Liverpool, with upwards of §750,000 in specie, and 280 passengers, among whom •re Wm. Nure, the British Consul at New Orleans, ex-President Yan Bnren, Senator Benjamin, Samuel Beardsley and Mr. and Mrs Creo. EnsUs. The steamer Glasgow also sailed for Glasgow, with ISO passengers... She will stop at St. Johns to take the Arago's passengers. LAST EVKNlNGr'S KEPORT. Eater from Europe. - • SirjoHKS, N. B., July 0. The steamship Vigo passed here on Sunday, - with European dates to the 25th ult— three r o»ye' later than received by the steamer Van. derbflt, .which arrived at New Yoik on Sunday. ... •.-... •-..-. • The steamship City of Baltimore, which sailed from Liverpool on the 22d ult., was crippled shortly after leaving port, by the Breaking of her propeller. She put back to port; and passengers were transferred to - the steamer Tigo, which took the place of the Oity of Baltimore, and sailed on Satnrdar, the • 35th ult. "-...-- --'•'.;.;.:;• . ' ; .: ;: : • The intelligence from tie seat of war reports that no battles had occurred, but the allies were still -advancing and had occupied Tonota , Castiglisne and Monteobiare, all of which had been abandoned by the Anstrians in their retreat to the Hlncio. The. Emperor Napoleon was at the allied head quarters. The Austrian government has /dei-lari-d in the most formal manner that the crunHies at : tribnted to Gen. Urban in Count Cavour's , . proclamation, were entirely unfounded. A sanguinary collision bad occurred at Prngia, between the Papal troops and the inhabitants. ..-..;. . .- ; Prussia is moving her army upon the Rhine The Paris bourse has declined. Liverpool Breadstufls— Markets continued generally quiet. . j Messrs. Eichardson & Spence's circular re- flora very drill; holders were offering , but made no efforts to press sales; the quotations for American are 10s6dal3s6<3 finn— Ssa9slOd for north-western;. JulyS. - Vessels passed: through Port Colbonrn looks from 4 o'clock p. m. on the 6th, till 4 p ni ou the 6th : ' ,' _ . j Bound West, 6th—Bark Alexander, brig Seminole, schooner Mountaineer. L. J. La? tham, S. J. Holley. ' , i 6th—Brig C. W..Crosse, tarks Clayton, Republic, Northern Light, of Erie; Schr's Ante lope, Flyin<? Cloud, Montezuma, Delos, De» wolf, Bay Queen. » j Bound east, 6tn—Prop. Ontario, schooner C. Beeve. • f > Washington Matter*. ' Washington, July 6. i Commander Farrand, and Lieut/ •Kellandi and Master John Pearson, have keu ordered to the Washington Navy Yard in Florida, i. Lieut. Armstrong'has been ordered to the command of the steamer Sumpter. j Lieut. Doty and Assistant Surgeon Wiberj havubeen ordered to sloop of war Wyoming! •fiurgeon May Las been ordered to the receiv^ Ing ship at New .York. ' 3 Passed Assistant surgeon Barney has been ordered to the Labratory at New York. j Indian Snp't Forney writes from Utah that lie has discovered two more children saved from the Mountain Meadow massacre. • Official reports received at the Indian Bnreauj 'state that Capts. Taylor and Nelson are re-or-j ganizing their forces to; again attack the In- 1 dfans on the Brazos Agency reserves, and that the Indians can expect no protection from thej Texas State authorities^ • ' ^ ' i 3ftnr WKI«.—Th» flratt:ar lofcd of aew wheatJofth* season was reetlted it (Jhlcltgo yesterday, tt .was" raised tn tbVtouthern (ttrcmity'of the State, In Piny couotj. jl I ' FBOST IB WiBm'soro* Ootmtl.—On Sunday-'night there was quite a frost In Washington county, -which inrt the com on low grount ioiewhat. U was con; Hncd toihe low ground!j Hw. damage,;, however, was alight. ,- " 1 ' > "• MARINE RECORD, of HUltvaukcf: ,.i..,....,,..jriily 6. ARR1 V E». - EttDre»eUa,BaUiti,TwO Elvcrt.lS pkgs OBi.4 pkgt ' . , Simr OlereUod, Dougal, Granii Haven, 20 tarreto itac- -*0. ! . / Prop Ontonagoo, WUUni, ChlotfO, 10/balet moss. 10 "Off oU, 40 do alcohol. ' Prop Chicago, llerrict, Oh'otgn. Schr J P H»ndy, L»mott, Chicago. Schr Dane, Better, Ocwego 1CS» bblt water lime, 1760 do «alt Stinr City «r Cleyelaaa, gqnler, Grand Hareo, 2 toiet «ine,28balei spokes, 1 b*g« sundriM, 10* pkgj tuaBriea. ' < , DEPARTl/aES. Echr lorktowo, lacy, Marquette> Prop Oatonagon,-W;lUten«,-,Oi>lllngwooa, !7 bales wool. Btmr GJEelle, Batler, Iwo KIrar«. Stmr Cleveland, Doogat, Stand Haven. * Bchr St Paul, Mofiher, Matquclte. Bchr Triuinph, Duffy, Jtaniitte. Sclir T. p. Handy, Uadd, fit Clal? Fiats,; 70 m bilclcE. , Prop Wenona, Huff, Buflilo, 8 toni rags, 19iZ8 bbla flour C50C biu wheat; MARINE 1NTI,I,EEGEIVCE "" -. and after thelSlhdayof T -•-•' Ne w York matter*.. • ' :. j -.."-' '.?'•.'. ': -•;. -NEW YORE, July. 6. | About 2 o'clock this morning officer HonSe-| man, of the 16th ward, found a man lying o'n! the sidewalk in J9th street, neariTenth avenne.; On examination he was found to be seriously! wounded, having a shot wound in -the ; : Rrpin; ! snd.a severe fracture of the left thigh bone, ! '•' Corn was quiet at 6s for mixed ; 6slda6s6d for yellow , and 8sa8s64 for white: ' Liverpo'ol Prorision Market— Market is :re- reported with a decliningtendenoy. Beef heavy, and the prices for the inferior qualities are lower. • Bacon— Steady, but nominally quoted. Lard— Heavy at 56sa56s 6d. Liverpool Produce Market>iSugjir buoyant •nd advanced edals.' v . . ;. •'Bice— Carolina quiet. . . . Bosin-fHeavy and slightly lower. London Markets-^Baring Brothers' report that wheat closed with an -adrahcing tenden- . 07, and sugar has been buoyant-. ....,' London Money Market.Friday— The money market continues without important chance in American securities. There is an average business doing, without notable change. Consols are quoted.'at 92 1-8- *92I^— ex. dmdencL ArrlTal or Oie Adelaide. "/ . ST JOHKS, N. B., July 5:' . T^e steamship Adelaide has arrived at this potat from Galway the 25th, bringing London «nd Liverpool ad vices of Saturday noon received by telegraph. . The news of a highly Important nature. The Empress of France had received a telegram from Napoleon Friday evening, announcing .that a terrible battle had Men fought, and the allied forces had achieved a great victory. The entire Austrian Army bad formed in line ol battle, extending a dis- taace of five leagues.; 1 : .'_•. The battle lasted from four in the morniiu: imtil eight in the evening. The French captured a number of flags; cannon and prisoners. : • : A despatch from Yienna says a battle was progressing, but gives no details. The previous accounts from the -seat of war •aid the Austrian forces on the Mincio was folly 280,000 strong. _The entire French force had passed Monte CMaro, and their reconnoisance was said to have been poshed as far as Gato. The Ptedmoutese had advanced toward Pes• cbiera. . .;. ;-..' ::.•.......-•• • . .„• Napoleon had demanded permission' to march 30,000 troops through Bjmover to the Ehine. . ' ;.It Was believed that the basis of the proposed mediation by Prussia would not be acceptable to France, and Prussia would thereby be involved in the war. It was also rumored that 'Prussia had threatened to assist in suppressing . also a fracture of the right elbow. was conveyed to the 16th • : _ ward station house, and lived long enough to as Tfm. Coyle, but, strange to say, he refasad to state the particulars. He was appirentlj' about 85 years of age, and a native of Ireland. Dr. Banney gare it as his opinion that the wounds, were either pistol or gun shot wounds. From the peculiar circumstances of the case •.he police feel but little doubt that the man was a burglar and had been shot while in the prosecution of his profession. • The-execution of Stevens, the wifeTnurderer, lias : been stayed till September, ^o await the action of the Court of Appeals on the case. AdusHvas fought ..oh Sunday evening at Hnhok^n, bctw«du two young men of this city, rivals', in : .'» love afikir. Two shots wereex> :cbaiigv'i(. but BO injury done. GOMMERCIAl,. OEO. OODFBET, BDIIOR. OFtlCE Or THE.DAILY SEWS,;' i.'-':- •'." '-.-.";.'' '-Mili7r.utr--.Jily 6,1MB.'-I ^•*MU«X«^V.—w* - b«r« '.no thine* new to: sffer wlihre- Eard to pur local money matters. Currency ~i*qaite close, and only regular' customers are serred. Ex- cnange.-continues at the old nnabttea rate, but Is, If anythinj a little plentler; but with little or no *how fo r a decline In the rates. -: •• ! • The New York Bant Statement for the week ending July, 83, as compares trlth Ifcc proceeding returns aholrs an increass of t C5T.324 In loans, $781,78* In specie" $149,787 in circulation, and $9S»,43G in net deposits. Total coin and buiUion in Sub-Treasury, $4^93,710 8S On Monday the Kangaroo took out J7I9,SS5 InspecV. and the Ocean Queen $1,026,021. The totaleiporis of specie from the port ofKew tort for the week ending July 2d was J1,SG5,1G3. Total since January let, ?34 ( 91C,641. Same time In 1S5J..... Same time In 1656..... Eame time in 1652.... Same<io»in 1855 i.. Same time in 16M..... Same time in 1553.... Esme time In 1S54 Breadstuff, and a red light wlllle ciiown at the North Cat Beacon, Mllwantee. ^--^ By order of the Light House Boird. -" ,-- 6. H. 800TT, " l leap -Ctor, llth District. lUaRDR JT OKTiwi.ooa^.The s iject of eonilrnrtlng a harbor at Ontonsgon, on Like Superior, I) being agitated at;that place. There 1» oil a aingleiafe haven fox shipping Irom the Apojlle Is! a nds to Copper Harbor' a distance of 170 mllei, and 'millions, of dollars arean- nually rlsled between thoieplacii. • 13T- The steamer Kangaroo, f< r Lircrpool, took ou ISSipassengers and $T60,000 ln-*p< c!e. ABlrffn'ii BorrAM, So^Propeller Iowa, Jones from Mllwaukct, 2,716 bbls flour; 299 bag*, wheat; 11 pkgi eundries.' • i > < -... '.' -' •;'•'... .,-. :.'•;; .... . NEW ETUHOUT EsnwMisr.'— "Ve learn that Uapt. H. Whltat'er, one of our oldest at il molt experienced ttcamboat captalcs, hai taken comfnand of the Eteamer Troy, heretofore cmiloyed a« a transit Boat between .this port and Fort Erle.and will run her between Gode- Ticb and Green Bay, the balance of the season, as a passenger packet, In cnnnectlpn with the Buffalo and Lake. Huron BaH»ar.—-JJn^'.GjuT/«r.' •'' : VISSEAB ABHOHS.— The Detroit fret frezi »ays the schooner Hlbbard and another vessel, name unkncwn 'were reported ashore at Falrport on Wednesday &!gbt. ".' - :"- "'.'•' .'•:•' '• .•',;.•' ••'.•'•'•'. : .To B< LiCKcaco.— The schooner Bacer which, was wrecked at Mackinaw last fall '• cow nearly repaired, and will be launched next week *t Jones' Shipyard.— papt. Adims^has had her repaired " In i a Tery_ tubsttn- lal manner, which, will enable tier to continue In her class with the underwriters. i .- TH* AtCTCSD;-.— The fine schooner, ircturns, belong ng to this place, has just had extenilre repairs and ' BUSINESS CARDS. PATENT MEDICINES. Stercns flc Jerikias, HO. , WA5SAC ST. HEW- YORK * s t - CHANDLER & HICKOOK, Attorneys &Gunsellora KNEEtAlVp MILWAUKEE. [aprl6j,....JAMS afflux*, cnoss & s ATTORNEYS & GODNSELLOBS AT I LAW Wo. 10, Albany ..... .api;.. ATTORNEYS . & BtOOBfJOOD, COUNSELLOBS Water tt., 6.W. PioSHAM, formerly 1 * PKOiHAHBtOoLT.Albiny, 5- " F«A«crs BtoftWOOD, Hew York. _ ) • , i F. BLOOMOOB Is 0.$ Court Commissioner *ad Com mlisloner for several Mates. novl9-d6n> B.U r\mas ..................i, 1 . ^AI MKK & BTAKKj Attorneys & Counsellors at: Law t&" Oflde, No. 3, Mitchell's New Bank Building, cor ner of Michigan And East Water strtcti, Milwaukee.; . ';- .-y:.., : :^--< -: . : -i. . -| ' i aiLBIBTI. EiM.», '' . V|* MTTJaj Attorneys and Counsellors at 1 La\v Will practice In the various Courts of the Seventh Jutli .cl»l Circuit of "Wisconsin, andiwill faith/oily attend tt d!' business Intrusted to us, remittances prompt!; macie. Land Warrant) located In selected lands tar those at ft distance. •...:'. : • -'| '; j . ! : U7I2ZHOXS! • i ^ IIiiTfisis fc EcnitFM, Bankeri, Stevens Point ! J. E. Saispsnw, Esq., Milwaukee*. : : ! LITTBLI. A BiintB, Milwaukee. •!-" i i SALEIUJI * BOOTH, '• • '5 .MitrociS A.Bi»HOS, OMctgo. ' - \ Hon.J ^OAIOB, OttawaiUl. • :( y Je23 JNO. A. SAyAGK, Attorney and Counsellor atijaw NfJS. 9 * 10, PHOENIX BUILDIN '.), ] ' MH.WATJKEE,...;!..........:...... ...WISCONSIN IsCommlntanerforH. T.,° Penn., Ohio, Indiana, Dl i? '•'- •' 'and Iowa. . •!• \- '• '• United States and Circuit Court Cummtuiontr* . i" s -.'SI.. •' ' ' • . •. • : '* I I • • JfV.: V, .PLATTO, Attorney & Counsellor at tS~,pffiie In Mitchell's Bank Bunding! N4;S,Mil. waukee,wi«j)faiBln. %.. • r-ljanlt TCSIL SOLD.— The scbliooncr Fulton, of Oswego, which was brought in icme time, since In a cacvau •facie t from Mackinaw, v'.-tre ih e vraa wrecked last fall was sold to-day at pob] n auction at JODCB Marine dock. M. Johnson, of Oswego. ; pnrchtted her for $1200. ItVill probably^ io>t$2500 more to Ct her rbr Tea. Hcr/capacItTli abtut 17,000 buheli. M. Joha- con Intends petting her IB thorough repair forthwith. ;OMitsioK.— The Notter, on th» 4th, ran fool of the ichooncr Bepubllc, br- iking the anchor of the latter, and damaging ritf heaii gear and bulworki lomewhat. Tho EcpnWIc v. s repaired and left far Buffalo liEt night. :'.'.'•"' , KESOEEI UAIBOS.— The ontrarjga to ths harbor has bMn deepened by dredging ^chsqaeljlfeel.deep a'ong •Ideoftbe Korih haTbot pier,, witers but litt'e land drifts. The telegraphthlokj the channtl will remain good for a long time. . .'.-.';''' ' BY TELEGRAPH. , ; P«ew York Jl.irkci. . !•••..-• ' Ka» TOEE, July 6. rtOtiE— [n -;rl:et more active, and nrecenta better; 15,255619 .....,... 17,035.455 ..'..... 15B05C21 . 9472^71 ...... 12^033,040 Produce. The market for flocf ana wheat to-daywas qntte dull and inactive, with prices mach the «ame at on yesterday. In floor we" noia only one small sale of spring extra at DfO in store. . • TOieat wais also <fu!te doll, the light there was not maeh to offer. 8eme Jew saleiV milling trantplreil at prices substantial the came as on yesterday.. Ko. 1 was Inactlre, and nominally unchanged. Holders aeked 85 btrWriiyers refused to go beyond 93, but holden were firm and no iilca as occurred far as we could learn. = . ''.: Oats werjs tnore actira and from 2 to 8c better, with a moderate trade. Corn In request and firoer, with light .bui'.neiz; i tnull'tale at 88, delirered. .Ryelsscarceapd firm at 1,00 to 1,15. If therew«s_ more In the market It would be ready sate. • Potatoes are declining, bntthe amoant on hand Is by no means large, and receipts being light, 'hey w.l! doubaeiibeingoodreqnestshortly. -• Batter is in pretty fairtupply and prices stcaa/ at quotation*. • ' .' . . i .', •'-,' . : •' Egg» are plenty »nS of slow sale at 10c by the bbl. -". \Vltolecalc 13,tM)b:l> n'.C.POCJt.Oi'for snyerflne state; 6,10® r -"'i [or extra KUte; S,G C,io ' C^afor ci mmontoi; f---r f.-e^i K 'oun J ronnd fco •• 0,00 f<>r superfln- western; •! extra, western; 6,50" Ohio— -cktslng steady . .. -W HEAT— market steady. iilt« 1,000 bach Includlcg winter red western ftt 1.00; n-lilte Mlehigaa l.O'J&l.SU; sale 5,000 bush Mil. club Ii JUEOrid at 1,10. EYE— quiet at 83. ! BABtEf— doll. . ' i CORN— better; tales 8,00 bush '»t S4 In store for old mixed western; do afiaat; iSJi TO for southern yellow. OATS— advanced; 4S5t*6 for state,%nd 47@50 for Cap- sdlao. ... BUFfALO J'.iBEET. .-.•"-.-•- ' i BCTTAlo k July 8. FLOUE— <lf m»nd fair, and s srkel steady; sales 1,000 bbl< at 5^5,20 for HI.; 5,87#&5,75 for extra Wli; 6£a aC.75 for extra Mich., Ind. and Ohio; 6^7>i©7,25 for double extra. - .• . . WHEAT— moderate milling Inquiry; market unchanged; sties 5,005 tmsli in retail lo's; 90^1,00 for standard Chi. spring; l,80al,8J for red winter western. CANAL fEElGUT3-firm; 8,V dn«orn, 9 oa wheat, Si on flonr_to KT . T. • ' ..:'..• " '/• -_ "' ' . 03WEOO UABKET. HOOl^JSH & aitcnicjs & Counsellors VST Ojjlct, ; Not. 8 5-4, Albany Bt ' ''• Jf let i : Jfaitf turret*. ' Oppbsitr the Rewball lluuac ---- Milwuakr c Vf D. o. nooian. ...... ....... ....... . ....E t>.i..J. arniv. ................ .....'. ....... w >5JFHAM , Atlo-.Ticyi atiaw and Solicitors In Chanciiryi No. 1 Wisconsin; Street, Milwaukee. ^ Janl-: | M1BOEE.LANEOUS. €hase & Bradley, PAPKK AND KAQ 808 traST WA'IEK MIl,WACKEfe,..........[apr28] .......... WJSC|o ». WTLLUK3. ...... ....... ...........W. n. Williams Auction and .Commission Merchants, LAND AGENTS AND MONEY BnOKiB^ tiO. tjb WISCONSIN STREET, •\]l7^U.glT<| particular attention to the sale of Fnrnl- Tf ture. Dry Ooods and erery desertion ijf Merchandise; at }helr Sale room, or in any,partbf<heCUy Or County. . ]' . .. .• ! . , • • j ' ftf-LOxttl advances on' consignments, andyro returns madai •" ' • • . -r negotiated. • • - • •••LANDS AND WATER POWERS. 490,000 ACRES! '! h "' : or . ' | • ; > Choice Fflrming and Fine Lauds, . FLOUE— steady and moderate demand for the borne ana interior trade. *••;'•-'WHEAT— In better demand: fates 11,000 bus MIL club end red winter 111; p. t - : • • • -"• COEN-without material chanSK sales 1,000 bus IU. at To. ' ' ~ ' • ; OAKAL £BEI(JHrS— nominally; 25 for Boar; 7 for wheat; K% for corn to fT.T. i a.V WISCONSIN, i j. , I ELECTJP years ago from the then Gdveinmenf Lands in teal State, are now offered •• i > FOK SAj-rE, i 1 , •:. BT THE . j ' 1 . Fox and!-Wisconsin Improvement!'Co., At Low Prices, on Liberal Terms of Creditj anil in large or email qualities to suit purchasers.- THE FARMING LANDS, > Comprlslnif the different varieties of OaK opening, Prairie and Hard Wood Lands; are well watered by Springs aud Irierer-falllng Brook*, and are in the Vicinity of good markets. •'-;'' , • • 3 THE PINE X/INDS :, 1 Are extremely valasble.belnj located In the Very heart of the Pine Eegion of Wisconsin, and baring been chosen with particular reference to the quality x>f the timber and the Vicinity of logging streams.; : ; WATKK, POWEKsJ \ I The attention of Eastern Capitalists Ii cow EaTitel to the Water Powers owned by this Company, i These Min PrlTilegea are cituated dlrectely along side the Canal whlch-nnltes the - JBasioippl with. Uw'Grcat Lakes, so that goods may be shipped by steamboat di. rectlyto anil fr»m the Mills, , i f3T These towers will be leued for a Una at years u may be desired. . i i i "the n>edit*ted insnrrectfonHT movements in Hungary. The Swiss troops, wiioh were sent from Borne to suppress the rising at Perugia, had fcaa * desperate encounter with the people, snooting^hem down indiscriminately. GESAJ BEITAIK—Parliamentary proceedings in England h»dbeen suspended until Ministers of Government were re elected It WM rumored that the new Ministers would 'curtail the naval expenditures. Sttll later, PAEIS, June 25.—By telegraph to Gal way— The Emperor telegraphed the following to the Empress : CAKBIA, Friday Evening.—Great battle!— Great victory 1 The whole Austrian army formed a line, of battle, extending five leagues in length,. We h»ve taken cannon, flags and prisoners. The tattle lasted from, four Jn the morning till eight in the evening. ATiflnns despatch supplies a partial confirmation of the above, in stating that a battle WM progressing, bat no details had been received. Sr. JOHKS; N. F,, Jnly 4. The Adelaide has over 600 passengers. She leaves at dajlight to-morrow for New York,— . Liverpool^ Breadstuffs—Weather had been favorable for Drops, and harvest prospects were favorable. ' , The steamship City of Baltimore was likely to be- ready to Ie»v«f Qneenstown about ihe 28th ult. The Liverpool Heronry of the 24th has the following despatch from Vienna, dated FBEIGUTE— unchanged =»nd little doing. Hour to Bnttalo 15c; to NewXoik MSCZc;" wheat .to" Bnffalo.ic toOswegoCs. So new charters. - . .. . ' FL00E— quiet. Eecelpts 206 bblj; BhTpments I.B23 bb!s. Siles C5 bbls'eprtng extra at 8,50. ' EtB FLODB~steady and firm at «,00 with light »apply, v .TO JK.KNT. \\l& have Btreral Brick and ITraine -Houses to rent Tf exceedingly cheap. • We hare for tale a Tast quantity of IResi Estate, consisting of Hpute» and Lots, Improved and Unlmprorea I'armi of erery tize to suit purcha»ra> : School I,ands carefully selected at an- e-rly day> 'T mewUlbe g)Ten for part of the purchase money, deer titles and warrantee deeds. : ; OEEOORY * CO., j . . .. ,\ 224 EMI Wster'»t WHEAT— dull with few sales;. No. 1 nominal at 80® 95; No. I extra 95®1,05; club milling -1/10(^1,16; red - . - Crrr Co*rmqu.a»'B Orriffi, 1 | : Contact Department, June ISlh, 1SID. ( ;rpUE following .'s a schedale of lols fronting the alley jJL running East and IVes i, through Mock 23, In the . or further Information, enquire ofEOBERT FMITH. Agent of Trtstecs, or DANIJL Gi I. gen o secs, or ANIJL Gi JEffSE; General Agent, at the office of the Laad Dtpjrtment, at Appleton, Wit, or of ' ;••£" i • ' W. H. BODWAY, Company's Arent, : mayl» r ••.-' 18 Wisconsin BE, UU., Wls. I iixth Ward of t.'e amount which eaci bllcy to the esiabll , !Hy of Milwaukee, shsjri'nj the >t will be benefited by filling said d grade. EBVBT HEJIZEE, winter 1,00®1,15; white winter BccelpU 653 bus; BhipmeaW ,6,500, ins,, Bales 200 bBS.No. 2 at 75; 75 flo^xtra atl.lB; SOK do extra at 1,»;.10C do extra at l,12tf • ETE— steady and firm; no receipts; ta!e> at 1,05. OA.TS— better and morK doinp. Eeceipts 1,102 bns^- Sales 200 bus at 40; 300 do ?at 23@10, j.OOO do f. o. b., •t«; SOOdo delivered at£9; 250 c'o»tES. TotalSOSJ bus. jyl-d8t . •'. • Street Commissioners.' Block.'. Lot. BeieQls. 23 T 242,00 « 8 1S8,C« " 9 162,« *' 10 sejjss ..E. L'g. OASDINEE, Comptroller: I" • ' ..' .': NOTICE.' • ! |i i T HE Asjesatntnt List for the several Waris, of the the City of Milwaakee, will bs open for the exam], nation of the:taxable Inhabitints' thereof, at the'Cora mou Council Kocm,jt 9 o'clock A. x., on the folfawlo day for the several Wards, respectively to wlf: i For the First Ward, on the fifth day of July nest. For the Second Ward, on the sixth day of July; next For the Third Ward, on the seventh day of Jnlj«t,ext For the Fourth Ward, on the eighth day of JulVaext. For the Fifth; Ward, on the nlnta day of Jdit next.- For the SUth W«rd, on the eleventh day of July; next. For the fier.enth Ward, on the twelfth day t# July next. i • - - . . ; .: ^ For the Eighth Ward, on the thirteenth day of July next.". •, • ~.. ;, For the ,Klclb -Ward, on the fpurtetnth day of July next; • v • i " = . • . . T i-. And the City and Ward Assessors will makfrsueh ne pessary addition to such lists and correct {he tame, by changes In vajnation or description. ! ! ,»....,. K v- r OJO,COQ8Wn,ti Je22-dlOt X 0ity Assessor. City of Mllwa^tee. ; DR. GERMAN BITTERS, AJTD DR.HOOFIAXD>S BALSAJHIC CORDIAL., - - Tfii. great tiandard. mtdia'na of the present age, have acquired their great popularity only through years qf trial. Unbounded tali'fac- lion ii rendered 6y them in allfasaf-and tJie \people have pronounced ihtm icorthy. i ^ liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the IJfcrvons System, i Diseases of itUe; Kidneys, land att ducasts arising from a disordfrfd liver or weakness of Ihe'.stomach and digatfee .organs, are speedily and pcrmanrntly fiirrd by w« GERMAN BITTBRS. , • • '• The Balsamic Cordial Has atmiriJ a •-.--• • • . . . i ' • - • \ (reputation iurpassinff tliat of any tintilur prf- paratian extant. Ithcill c»rf, 'WITHOUT FAIL, the most stvere and l<my-itanti\nj Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronchitis, In-i • finenza. Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient .-:•'' Consumption, land hat performed tht. riott .utonuhtriy mre* \c6er knotm of ~ . ' : I Confirmed Consumption. • A few doses icill alia at onrt eliflf and .-cure the] most se cere ; JOfarrllCBa' firocrrtiiny ] from CqiD IM THE BOWELS. 1 These -medicines are prepared ly Dr. C. M. i JACKSOS & Co., JV'o. 418-lrcA. 'Sir«r, t'hiU- delphia, fa., end tire sold Ly'druyyittt iiml dealers in medicines everywhere, at 7"< rtnt.i \ptrbottlt. TheitgnalurfofC.'M. JACKSON; will be on the oulstdt icrappfr ef rach l<ittlr. i < In the Almanac publulad auiimilly ly i'i? .proprietors, called EVKBTUODT'S ALMANAC, i you- will Jind testimony ^aitd evininrnJal-i.-ii notiiei from all parti of Iff rvuntrt/. ( 'i';\::-c , Almanacs an given atayJj'/ all mir ag;ii!.<- ,- C. nARRINOTOS, md H, Boawonxn * soss, , offand's Oersas Bitter;, ili MEDICAL. Private D B . 3 OH N T?H O M S ON THE J.1VEH INVIGOR ATOK! PBEPAHKD BY DR. SANFORD, Componnd Entirely from GUMS, 1 8 ONE of the best Purgative and Liver Mediciaes now before the public-. •These Gurti* remove; • . One doae often repeat* ill morbibor bad matter! ryi :eJ Is a sare cure far roni the system,supply-] «M^ \C\oltra Jforbvt, and • ag in their place a; ^-, preventive of CAitwV healthy flow of bile, in-! Q j Onlvnnmnihu. .. feorath* thestomach.!^ ^^"SSV IBOil th« ETJI, tia> ;opes«'i HI Sea at 83 Mtfriet vyaae, no «- • near Onelda it., Mliwioktj, f. the trsatment and core of aver, jpetlM of Private Disease .wilt oat; the un of mercarj. Tbo u r ^ fortanate iboald b« partlcubir .: lelectlog, 33 It i* * lamentable, yet incontrover-' fact, that many'iyphllltlc pV.i..>-_ ________ are made mtaerable with rain*-! conjtltutlona by mal-treatmefit from Inexperienon phyilclaru la ytntral pracUa; far It \i a pom geserally conceded T>y Uie best syphlloip-sphers, Uii> the study and managemect of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who woold be competent and raceenfal In their treatment and cure. T-h- Inexperienced genaral pfactitloner liarlufj nelttier opportunity nor litre to maka himself sufficiently a.;'t)Bilut' ed with' their palholoRy, Cfitnmonly pursues one ;iy3tem of treatment. In moat oases making an int!ls^ri,-nln3t« O80 of the antiquated and dangerous weapon, Mercury More tantloo, howerer, should be uaed by the »yphl! Ucpatlent In eonanltlng nominal physicians nfthea'1 vertliipg cla<9, #9 nine-tenths of than are importer] who anacw French and other names and are without any cluitns to medical knowledge.. : Theia knaviab raa- cala infest all larj» cities, and by means of thoirlying adTertlseiaenta and posters, they Induce the unwary to enter their Peter Punk aliops,aud unmercifully See :t and poison them with merqnry. Perionsliylnzatadistancs In; the country are mort apt to be dnpeil by the lying notices of- qu.-icis than citizens. . 1 Dr. J. THOMSON has received medifcal instruction from his father, Dr. Wm. Thomson, of Chicago, Illinois, who has practiced over 80 years, and made cure* rUtsr the failures of the best Physician* In Europe. Pr. T. woul J 'respectfully advlso tho pnWIc not to be dupeii by the "Periodical P1H" hnmbnif.t t.t apply at once to a physician who can treat such cues scientifically and successfully. Spermatorrhoea orSemlnal Emissions, the consequence of self abuse) treated with complete aucc-j-i! without the use of murderous Instruments. All diseases 'nciUental tn females treated* with iucce.ii Th8 new French Shield; recently Inrcntcil In Pnr!i, constantly on hand. .The Unfortunate- Man's GuMe can be hsd by Addressing Dr. Wra. Thomson, Chicago, Illinois, Box T2, and inclosing four tttmpror 13 centi. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY OF THE AGE, M R. KSSSSDT, of Boxbury, has discovered in on of our common pasture weeds a remedy 0:a CU h?YKKY K1NL> OF iiUMOU. AYER'b CHEBBl PEGTOHAL, »OR TUB RAPID CUHi: 0? - Colds, Coughs, and Hoarseness. Banmsuj, 5Uas, Mth Doc n 1855. Dm. J. C. Aisa : I do not Hwtlaw to say th« t««t roraody I h»« oter roiad fbr Conga, Hdars«n««i, Inflmnm, uj ti,« concomitant symptomiof > Cold. lajonr CJIEIBT PscroMt. Ita coiwtant u»> i n mr prtcUca and rajr lamlljr for thi l x .t ten joars liiu ilumn It to ptuwei mp«- rtor ylrtacs tor lti» trostnunt of the*« complaints. EBBN K-flflnT, M. D. A.B,MORTLSY.Eso,,ofBTTOA,». 7 . OMd TOOT Pteiorai mvjolf aod In m/ l jon inwutod It, and cwlIoTs It the tmtt roodlrln^ pnrpoi* «TOT pot oat WHh a bud cold I shonl.l s. pay tTrsnty-flTO dollars for;» bottli ti»n do •* Itliuiu :i. Uie any o'.tor ramady." Cronp, Whoopinj Coggh. Inflnenzti. chlacry, reraoTing tbc^ caoso, of the disease— i effecting a radical cure.: £Wiov» attactn are; cured, and, what Is bet-: er, prevented by tie ac-j casional use of theLlrer. .nvlgorator. ! One dose after estin? f tJialEclent to relieve the' j One oottis takeu .». Janndtet rrmoves all jSailoTnesj or annatual ^olor frcn the skin; '• One dose t^cen a short ' Jaie before eating reives ivigor to ike appetite 1 1; J rcates. the food di- | One do3e,oftenrepeat» is J, carts 'ChronialHar- t' - *«*" itt-ais worst-form, .'While iSamnier rr.rtt/ iSowtl Complaint* jitli : tlmost to the Drat dose. A few bottles will care Dropsy by exciting tbj (absorbent!. [ We taVe pleasure in it !commc"ilt:i;; thij me c ;cine as i preventive lo. Tiro wont Ecrofuii dawn to a common Ue ua>J li-icvl It m i*ver eieveu hundred czaea, aaj aev* a f»UiJ cT.-cpt in two euen, Uutli thunder humor, lit has no» m hts poia«iion ovor one hundred str'.-QcatM of its vi!u<?, a!i wilhin tw-nly milss of Bojlon. Two bottles '»re icamat-.l to curi a aursinn sors mouth. Oaut^ U;rei totUej »iU^are the »orrt kind of oloi- plea o a tlis f*c=. Two or aw- botli« ariil ot>!ar the lyitem of btlen. Iso D jttl?! ir? wimntBil to ojre the worst canker i» the muat.", or Tliir'.t to S»a tottL-i n« »irriDtoJ to UMTS the worjt kind uf Kryiipelaj. One to two tfbttles are warrwUd to aura all humor ID thteyes. . Two bottles art winanta-J to care running of the ears and blouhu among the hair. Four to six bottles are wirrsjitcl to curs corrupt and ruanln^ ulcers. One bottle will cure acaly. erupUonj of the <kln. Two or three bottles ara warriauj to oure tha kind of rinjwhna. Two or three bottles are warranted to cure tho moji desperate Sije of rheumatisms. Thjree'to four bottles a» warranted to jur» anit- 'rheotn. five lo eight bottles wdl cure thi wont cam of scrofula. • A bencflt Is always experiuncdJ from the Urst boitie and a perfect cure is warranted when the above quantity is ta'ien. ., . , . 3aoinaaAj3a: I will aheerfully oertify yoTir l"-d"r;t la tn» best remedy •»• posse*!' for th» cnro of irhoopnu Songh, croup, and tti« chert IUKOMS ot ' cMldren. '•'••'• .f your fraternity In th» Sooth appreciate jonr akill. .n.i foamend your medicine to onr pooplo. ' miUM COSSLIN", »f. D AMOS' LE8, 230,, MtOTOBT, li, Writes, cd Jan., Hid " t bad a tedious Influonia, which co:i3n~l m-) In !'«•.] six weeks; tooie many medicines without r>-1l<T; In.nlv tried yonr Kdanl by the sdrice of onr cleri;7nian. Th t Unt dose relieTed the goreness in my threat and Inn* . less than on* half the bottlo Huio zii compli-toly I-HI Yonr medlclde; are tho caoapest as •»«'.: u the b«»t -T j 'oan boy, and we esteem yon, Doctor, and your remedial. w the poor man's friend." Asthma or Phthisic, and Bronchitis. WOT iIi--tcni3Tia, Pi^ ?3b. 4, 13,Vi. 3m: Your Cficrrj Fsctanl Is performing marvd.' ..... cures In this section. It hMrallered seTeral ft-oin »lirn. ins; symptoms of consumption, ind Is now corin;? » 'n >:. wfio has labored, under *a nffeotlon of the InnM for ih loot forty years. O3NHT L. 2A3K3, Merehnn' A. A. BAMaaY.-M. D., AUION, Moiraos, Co I..TC, writes, Sept. 8,1355: "Duriagmy practlcaof tunny j...,, . f hare fotmd nothing eqnal to your Oarr-/ F^ftor-it i... dTlng ease and relief to con»nmptlT« patiinta, or oim.^ isci M axe rarabl*." 1*0 might add Tolnmea of erldeneei, iut the noil «m. *lnclng proof of the TirraM of this remedy fa fbnnd la Iti •flbeta apon trial. < Conaanptlon. Probably no on* remedy has erer been Imoin wbltit cored so many and snch dangarcraa cues a* this. 3ozn« aj human *U can nacb. ; int aren to thoei tha r^.trr-j nttoroi iffbrds relief and cnmfort. .<arott UODSJ, Nnr Tom CRT. Mun-n 5, ia68. DOCTOR Arm, Loinu.: I T«I It a, <Int7 aad s pi«>uiiiri su inibrm yon what ymjr Chfrrj Fxtorvi haa Jono for my wife. She bad been flTo months laboring andnr tha .fan Corona symptoms of Censuinptlon. from which no >kid -»•• ooolj prorar^ zare hermach rnllef. 3ho •*** itmdHv '<'' Ing, until Dr. Strong, of tbJa atty, wh»r» wa havn . .isnn n i vlvlce, recommended a trljj of your modkine. Wo tii,,»» lila JUndn?**, aa wo do your nklll; for «ho baa rjcc/T^r.i .torn that day. She is not yot M atrrinx <w »h<» -IH^I . >>», hut la free from her congh, and calbi liernnir n.i]. Youra with zratltnde ind ri>^»rrt, ORLANDO SH2LBY, or 3!m3 The r«putatioa of the UeUicai Discov of ouring. Only one dose Uien'. Mfore retiring, prerenu; ighimare. Only one dose taken at light, loosens the bevels ently, and curei Cut- itaitu. | [One dose tekea aft^r achmeal will care Uys*. )fp*i<j. ' " • One dose of two lea K^ fntr, and all Fevers poonfuls will alivays re- )^^ ^ EUItova type. It op- eve SicJt HtiidarJu. _ Derates with eertilntT, Only one dose Innae-- ^^ ( 'acd thousands i re wiU- ialely relieves Co!ic,' -» ! ing to testify to iu won. •nlle >»H Iderfo! virtues. All tcA i tut it are ffitpiy t\ t ir unanimous laltmo. y in its favor. Mas vater in tAe mouUt v?ii\ tkt Invljorntor, and mca&m> bot\ tayeKer. met osf DOLUI nit BOtn-i. DR. 8ANFOSD, Proprietor, Sc. 34S Broadway,, New 'or.. iRe-.uledby all DrnjglsU. Boll also, by ! J01CJ BIC2, Jyl WljGletalesale and Beta 1, Milwaukee , Wis. DliS iiiBiM trj, in curing ail kind of bmnors, is 10 wdl eiubliahcd, by the ui*aimouj valceof iil who have ever oaed i:,Ujaj I need noz say anything on the subject, AS the most ikiit* ful phTiJciia. aad the. most careful drugjrtnts In Ui? country are unanimous in ltd praije. In prt-sentin? the Medical Discovery to jour i,.>c;ce, I do it with a foil taoTledge of Its curative pooerj, 13 relieving &il,and curing most of these diseases to vhichyoo ars-uafortunate'.y .;a i'uble. That most aioru.natiaj disease to an afffctiun&ic mt>ther, MUUSJ.'i*:. MOHK JlufTU. secure! u if by a miraeic; your«wn temper is r^nor^a to iti uaturil jwectcci!,,- and your babe from »!ior: me fretful napa tJ calra aad «»-et slamberj; and tin llaili- eal Discovery becociea a foanuip ' ibleesln;] to you testand aad hoajehoM. In tha more aJvincet! stages of CAN 44.1.« It eitand5 to t.':-atouaarh ? ciuaing. u y aa« lirs i A, »hith l> aothlu^ jut caaiti.- on -Ji..- it/jnwih; «n n-o tateM'. '.s aad , i .linking, gone feeling, and ao,ladlJ«i«ncij r e» of your family. yocrfi, kinds,» the noc- th;ca:.. Cloom r. . day is „-• becornei.: become re i dlstreues you,and you'c'anonl'y'tlxe cerV»l J eren of Hint T"ar tjSlta Joes not get half •Mv.ut »: .-.:.taiLi3, .13 '.^.j icrimonioua ffuid of i cv_i ,i ^p ; Una yjur compiejnon iRsea Us l becomes ii!'.car inj frc^n'iih, and yom es '"' 'or want of nourishment youn/. s -. .1 -'i^ 1 '?. is l the fibres of your body ''•-" '"' : * » train of diseases i-hict NEW TKJEAT.MrE.NT, Confidential AID' Sledical Advice! 4 T the EoflWo Private Hospital— established for the rare of Bvphnis, Seminal Weakness and the Secret nflrmltiea of Youth and Maturity, by Dr. AMOS t ON, Buffalg, Ni T. "Office, corner of Main and Oaay reels, (upstairs.) A MO8T ECIEXTIFTC -I CpEN— scarce a,nd firm; no reoelptj. shelled at 73. Sales 300 bos Thflj^p^jn/gjojy^l^ Has «fdj»ialtodJ4 irafl the »»~,UL_. -MjutiT-j-^- nL* *V*V'«. « the inhaWtante. The King <tf the Belgian ^4^ Fhndewliad arriveda»"BftcV on a wteit tothe Queen. - * a«rtruo«ve five took i,,™ Theamoant of lossVu VAMM Confutation*! ConreDtlen. _: Sr. lor/is,4aly«, - A «ped»l despstoh to the Democrat s»ys<tlie KWJSM Conetltntlonal Conrentioa metJit^WT- ftBdottw yesterjiay.and permanently organieed bytheelecUonofM. Wincbeli, as Pi^ident, Md A. J. Martin, SeoreUry. No business of imporUnofi was transacted. The convention •tahdf jJ5 Eepnblioans to 17 Democrat*. Stcsumcr Caofcfct JFlr«. , ," . > Sr* JUooiir, o«jght Stwin her holdat the -viutrf ihia U/ tejored pratoee, ci »» . Receipt, trifling. Sales 200 bBB at 70. -lji E oofl supply »t 11®12# f 0r firkin; 1 J« ll. 8ale*40crockiat 12%. E3OB— plenty infl floll otlOa by the barret - HlDES-^tiady. Oreen{>fia7; Baited 7®JX; BCT 14ai«;Bry Hint 18^18. Sales 1,000 Its E»j.ftif.t *t HIGHWINES-Crm; ««lllng at 26K(gS7. "WOOL— market steady. Eecelpts by raU 5,760 Ibs. Bales 100 jbsjf blood at £0; 300 do X to & do at 87«; 600dofo.ll do *t 40; SOOdo Jf fiodo«t80; 30 do common do at 32; 277 do Jtf fa> Ji do at 87)f . Total salei 1.B07 Iba; arerage price 87)f . " .Railroad Wta.tlcr». Bionna BT V.axujfat A MraBremni £iasou>.— SO bblj flour, 400 bos oatt, B do potatoea; 8,«00 Ibi Kltr, 8*0 do butter; 1&f8i^o r»g»; 4,050 do aandrier, 8,750 do^wool; 8 bbls eygs; 8 dressed hogs; 8 toiaVone. BIOHKB at 1 MttWADCBj 4 Cmoiao KAILROAD.— July llth and Sth^-463 has wheat. " ; Jttfiirrs sr ti OBosas A Mrt-wxrAcra Ein.BoaB.— ?)b1i| ttheaf, 709 do oate; JB8 Ibbls flonrj 32 tons pig Ironfi oow; 31 sacks ginsenir, 2,86S Iba sondriea. Tradejand Agrlcvltiural. WHO wjurre TOT PeMiois?— A boat loaa ot potatoes WM recently pnrtshaserl in NeV Tcri, snd.aoft at JBaf- &lo to be shipped to OUcago. These potatoes were raised in Washington ^county, and" were tent to New i York, bat not flnimg a market there, have now started westward. Those potato«s may yet come toMilwtukec. Ia« WHIIT PBOF js or» Tioimr.— ftom one of eqr dealetf. who hw been paying a Tislttothe way oat oronnd onr city, we learn that" b finely. Tfie ftelas preseat a' Arrnand de JlaCarty, John Parli, Mary C. Davis, Frederick D. Clark, Catharine Maria Clark, : > In Equity. Edwin Town-eiia, John O. Towoscnd, William Burlock, Walker L. Bean and The Jnneaa Bank. I N pureasnceandbyTlnac of a decree made by the -District Court of the United States for the District of Wisconsin, «n the seventh d iy. of June, ISW.Intbe above en Wed ctu-c, 1 shall sc l at Public Auction. » tjie UnJtedStates Manual's"Office,' In the Oity-of Mil', '•waukec, in atfd district,on Pr^lay, theJhlrtUth day of Septembhr. 18i», at three o'cl ck lo the afternoon, (ho following described property, to wit: "Lot number eight (S),!tf block number one umdred and fifty-seven aw>, In the Third Ward of tht City of Milwaukee." i Uarshat's Office, Milwaukee. Jane 2}. 1859. . I „ M J. tl OUA8, U. 8. Marshal. • pon«s,BBflwK*OBl>M, Ooti.p:t's Solicitors. / ^NOTICE. i i i Crrr, CovrraoLua'S Orrici; I 0jnlr»:t Departmtnt, June 13,1839,, j T HE following Is a acheduleof'lots fronting ottlU: mann street, from 8d streeMo 7th street ih tBe Cth Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, -showing the '• anVoun which each lot kill be beaeDtted fay finishing thr »ireel according to tn* plan and specifications of the, City Engineer, on file In Comptroller'! office. \ ' ERNrW HERTTCR ) i ' / CABiBUSACK,' ' / - Street Commissioners. , Sherman^ Addition. ," } ' Block. Lo', Benefits. Block. Lot. Benen'ts. 32 IB <XS,1I 23 10 ' 22 {$6 450,76 26 . l ST / 1 601,77 2fi 2 .37 ' .2 . 432^4 24 8 23 15 ' 894,41 ' 25 I -. Peikln's Addlllnn. fC,48 . to 94,03 105,69 110,70. . .454,44 311,77 312,77 187^78 Si 31 24 24 85 25 11 12 10- 205 205 £05 204 204 IS 15 IS 17 .17 IS . SHERIFF'*, NA tE. I STATE OF W1SCONSB, 1 County Court, Mlwankse Oounif. ) [Mews John Carlisle, «lchard U Mnlford, SJevIUe fisoughton and H. Johnson sind • ,* « • - r P ur *°» B t to a judsment rendered In AfaWOourt.lnthfl above entitledacllon,dated the Mlh day of Jane, 1«5«,1 shall expo>e for sale and «ell nt PubUo Auction, at the Post-office In the City of M» iraukee, on fiATCKDAY, THE20TH DAY T» XQ. 18s9, «tthahoucof2p. H., of that da] "••—- 3W of the Keriaed, Statutes, 206 205 115,08 163,80 ^ ... ... 123-00 .v . 100,08 on * "• «»-'»• IT i 111,70 ! rooghton's Addition. 9 ; T0.48 204 1 10 . 78,81 204 M » 891,77 804 11 •to./f, ~ E, L'H. OARDINER, Oomptmlljr. bed premise*, to wit: - • "A oerteln building altaatcd on the west half of lot four <4),ln block one handrefi «nd ttlrtj-; terest of the said defendants In »n4toth»-«aid west half «f lot foar<4) r 1 * block One OthW fagtoelj. Com, Oau*nd Potttoes ta ' SM .WniTOsoj r -'tte» is no longrt iny «TOSinWtitern-Pipnnsytv»ol», wheVe ta '! ^r^ft?,? 1 ^^ FourthWird "f, : the City of Milwaukee, t^ounty Of Ullwaukn | and H«te of Wluconsin" ' * , , . ' 3'»ted Sheriff'» Offic>, Milwaukee, ft!* S, «6f '"*V'^* T0 ' r " ' A - J - "KewoMinr, i f ™» AU'y. / theriff.Mll.fln w . . , theriff,Mil,Oo., Wit. Contract Department, tutwanki rilSB Jolloirlng Is a BehedaTe of ioHftomfnron ffler- J-.°«E."t**!'.*™.™ a * *»»".* tft "Ubfrard street.In the 60i Ward ofth* City of Jttlwaakee. amount which each lot v n >j bentfiu™ M v p,»«. lag and curbinevthaTrallwsod biting the EuttersTu. carding to p)to*ortlie City Hfnglne*?, assessment u In fflerman's AMERICAN CORNET BAN " food mctlelfcln ttorvlor sale. • WT» GOOK WAN TED. • r n NOTICE ; , . CiTTCojimoiiia'sOmcr') Contract Department, Mil wankee, July 1,1869. 'f mBE followto^ I* * gditdale of lots fronting on gar- JL mann street from Second it., east to Bnbbard stT In the ffixth Ward of the City of Mnwanke«,shoWln*the Umoont which each lot will be benefited by gradln?the street and Bldewalis, planking walla, paving gutters, curbing walks, and graveling the street In front of aame. r - KHNST HEBZBB, ' • i CARLB0SACH, • - . Street Oommlsslonewl. toi» in Sherman's Addition. , * • Block. Lot. Bsneflts. . , |r 20 U 4«5^0 -*.->-• •• 2 15 — - jy8-d8t 2» r 19 39 to :80 18 . 18 SI IS 16 1 S -IB S CM 0* , 643.7T 68910 6l»,M _ , *.!.'H.aARDI»EB > <3omptBflter. «^i2U IO ,?. otU> * Bi)lnmon Council, adopted June of War* Ity Engineer on jfllji in are hereby notified An ln«rum«n» for Uw cure of Genital Debility, or itcturnal Emissions, more properly known as Seminal 'eakness,' Ac.— can be permanently cured in from Wn days totwo months bythe use of this instrument, him rued conjointly with medicines. TOCNQ MO TAKE PABTICCLAK NOTICE. Dr.-AMOg i SON take pleasure In announcing that tney hare invented a moat Important Instrument for, the'cure of the above diseases. It has been subjected 10' a test by the most eminent physicians in London, Paris, Philadelphia and New Tork; ii has been declared the only useful Instrument ever Invented for the cure of Seminal Weakness, or any disease of the genital or. j»ns, caused by the secret habit of youth. Price ten dollars by. call or express. . A COEE-WAEKASTED. r Dr. AMOS A BON have devoted their attention ex- -clnslvely to this peculiar class of maladies, and the relief they hare consequently been enabled to render their fellow creatmres, Is tally testified aad gratefully acknowledged by convalescent patients and others daily arriving, In town- from all parts of the country for the express purpose only of consultations, while their exertions have been crowned with the: most signal advantages ; yet from what they hava experienced in enquiring Into the causes of those infections complaints, (from their most simple condition to that of the most dangerous »nd' inveterate,) they have always entertained the postlbiilty of their prevention and temoual, and likewise invariably found that the most horrible and malignant forms of disci je conld almost Invariably oe traced to one of the following causes : Ignorance, neglect, or the ill effecU'"of unskillful jnd improper treatm«nt; therefore, Ds. AMOS 4 So? have succeeded ip discovering, In the selection of their remedies, a safe, effectual and cautious course; omitting all com- blnatlon of remedies which bear an equivocal character, as well as those whose premature or injudicious application might be productive of bad consequences! in the hands of private Individuals. In short, the laudable end of their remedies Is the lessening of a great mass ot human misery by th» alleviation, relief and prevention of those grievous afflictions that are In reality the secret foer of life, and which, while they so extensively surround us,' call aloud for our skill and Interference tn thtlr extermination!. " . . • COUNTRY INVALIDS. Persons in anyj.artof theworM.may be successfully treated by forwarding a- eorrest detail of their case, with a remittance for Medicines, Ac. Address Dr. AMOS it SON, corner Main and Quay street. Buffalo. N.T. . • -,..?. jauT-dAwlv . .. the Medis&l liao., 4,-y i^ p^uiiarly idanted to CUKE: Palpitation of the heart, pain In the side, weaireu at the spine and small of the back, pain of the alp-jo'at when you retire, irregularity of tie bow«to, and iiw, that most excruciating of dixiases. the PILES. How maay thousands of poor women aresalerlDg from this disease and pining awaj a miserable life, aad their next door neighbor does not iao» the case. I wish to impress on your mind that good old proverb, "Aa ounce of prevention is better than a pound o? cure "— In the ;TIKDICAI, DISCOVERY you hive both the preventaUve and the care, with tin peat aad good quality, that it will never.ander anyaiil cumstance, do you an injury. Tours truly, _ ., „- DONALD SSNNED'S. Price 11.00 per bottle. f« sale, by Wholesale Agenli in Milwaukee, Green t Butlon, and Bosworth A Sons- ind at retail by druggist* eTerywhere. ., |yai ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Commission v'MKKOHANTS.! Proprietors of the • ,-. ELEVATOH xr ABE HOUSE, At tho terminus of the Milwaokee * Mississippi and thtiUllwaukee, Watertowa Jt BarabooValley-Railroads. t=s? Liberal advances made on property in store, or tat shipment to Kiistern Markets. . oct23-dtf MIUWATJKKE BA2AAK. c, DELQRME&OUENTIN ,'i ..... •-• ..... 1S9 JSast Jfater jSHrtrf,: ;.• -.;•'.-:. f : NSXT DOOR TO HEaBKS. BRABIDBD BSO*8, ""•'• ' fancy QooJj v Toys, Willov Ware and Yankee Notions Also, Embroidery Ooods and Zephyr Wonted. JnySO "%'"—•, i, . - WHOfiKSAJLK .' ^;APER WAREHQUSFJ E^anfoi'd, Blackmarr & Co., ' ' (tAIB HARBISON, IIASFOBD & CO.f BASBIflOa, IIASrOBD . Cannacted with ~ HAKKIBON; HANFOKU & co., 1 iUNtWAOTtTKEKS, LVYjlBOQA fAZIS, omo. Cr AVE opened at 5 Alba^ Block, Michigan strmt, op: DL posits Hewhall House, a large stock ot Boole, Jftta, (beer, CWored tfwt SattloptPaptri, , Mto, Ltdgtr Paper*, Flat Cap*, Kilo i Pott, USttr and Net* Papert, f h(ch wilt be sold very low. Constant additions wit etaarte to the stock to meet the wanta of the trade. (afPrinttts and others ar* Inviteii to call and ex- amlne ourjtock and prices. TIOKE TO BE ADT3111ILD THAN THE RICHEST J>IAD£M Erer worii by Kings or Emperors. A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OJ HAIR. A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OP HAIB. A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIK A BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF UA1H. - NATUHE'3 OWN OSNAMSST. NATURE'S OWN ORMAJLBST SATUBE'S OWN ORNAMENT. NATURE'S O\V"X OUNAilXNT CAN BE PRESERVEJ INFALLIBLy. OAS BE PRI3ERVED INFALLIBLY. CAN BE PRESERVED INFALLIBLY CAN 8K PRESERVED INFALLIBLY. BOTH THS GROWTH AND COLOR. BOTH THE GROWTH AND COLOR. BOTH THE GROWTH AND COLOR- BOTH THS GROWTH AND COLOR. TO THE GREATEST AGE. TO TilE GREATEST AGE. TO THE tfREATiST AGE. TO THE GREATEST AGE. BY USING WOOD'S IUIR RESTORATIVE. BY CSIMJ WOOb'ri UAIR R23TORATIVE. IIY Uol.NG. WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATImfi. BY USDfG WOOD'S HAIR RESTORATIVE. IT ALSO 1SESTORES GRAY HAIlti* IT ALSO rtKSTOiSES GRAY IU1R1 IT ALSO RtoTORES QUAY HAIR. IT ALSO RESTORES GRAY HAIR. TO IT3 NATUHAL COLOB. TO ITS NATURAL COLOR. TO ITS NATURAL COLOR. PREVENTS ITS FALLINO™ ™ "*™* L ^^ PREVENTS ITS FALLU4V. PREVENTS ITS' FALL1NU. PREVENTS ITS FALLING. COVERS THE BALD HEAD COVERS THE BALD HEAD ,' COVERS TEE BALD HEAD FREES THE SCALP FBOMJALL DISEASES. 1 ^ IREES TOS SCALP FROU ALL DISEASES. FREES THE SCALP FROM :ALL DISEASES FREES TBB SCALP FROST ALL DISEASES ../• SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. , i BOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS. ; SOLD-BT AH DRUGGISTS. ; BOLD BY ALL DKUGGI8T3. •I i ' AND BY 0. J. WOOD . ; ! ANETBYO. J. WOuD A CO. j i AND BY 0. J. WOOD 4 CO. ! AND BY 0. J. WOOD i CO. 114 MARKET ST., ST. LOUIS. " UUL . « w. IU MARKET ST., BT. LOUI3. 11« MARKET ST., ST. LODI8. IU UABKCT ST., ST. LOUIS. i • AND Sia BROADWAY, N. Y. '•-;• !-.•••• AND 312 BROADWAT, ». Y. - ': AND 312 BROADWAY, N. Y. • ' «SSO 312 BROADWAY, N. Y. The Rutomlre 1» pat tip In bottles of 8 ilzes, 713 • rge; medium, sad small; the imall holdi W a pint, and retail* for on« dollar i per bcttle; the medium hol«Sj »i leut twenty per cent, more In proportion th»a the 'small, retails for t»o dollars pat bfittfe; th« large holda a quart 40 perjOent-^more In proportion, and retails for |3,00 » bottle.' ' '• \ • ' ., Proprietors, , do not deepalr Ull jon O.ITO a-le-i .vnn'i PacroaiL. It is made by one <>f- the !>«•« m^lir-rti chemlsta In the world, and its cnro* aU.»«mid is f>wp-^^ the hish merltii of It3 Tirtn«a. — nuiadtJph-.a I^IQ^ Ayer*s Cathartic Pills, T 3S science* of Chemistry ind M*dJciao lu-t, : ^.. r . taxod tbfllr atmoit to produce thin ^ett, 31031 ^n".-, pargatlT» which Is Scuown to m*n. Innamerablrt pn«.!. «» ifaown that thesa PUi3 h*v* Tirtue* which mrpam -, «xc«Uen«« the oMlaar? madiclnfla, sad that thiv win n. procedentedly upon tha <xio*m of »11 men Tb«7 ar» -^,.- ind ples&nnt to take, bat powarfal to cure. Thflr D-IK- .rating propertle»rtlmalate tba ntal Mtintlwior rh« ^«!v rgmoTtt the f»b§tr action* of Iti or^nns, parify :h-« bl-^-i md sapel disease. Tbwypnr^floni thaftol buiaon -»h;.-h breed and jrow diiterap^r, 6timai»te »in^glah >r .lin-.r jaradorganiintothatr oataral *c:lon, mil Lmpart hcAlth, tone wltti ftrenyth to th« whola aystum. Sot in!*/ tn tllay cura th« iT^ry-day complainta of <*T*ry I-WJT. --u slstf) &nnldabtu uid dangercm* dlsau&a that tL*T^ bii^-: cha beat of human a±lU.^ 'VThlla they proiuc« ^•f-r-,. offecta, tiiaj UTS at the umo tim«. In diminish^: Ii^r^ • «afe«t and beat phjafo that be employ*] Tor . O^lag ragar-Owftted- they ira p!f«assant to tai'j; aaa ^<>N^ jiurely Te^?*abl9, trs fr»^ from tuj r**i of harm Cur bar? been mzulo ^bich qurp«wi bulI^Y w*>r<» tli^T not *>i itantlated by mou of «ach •«ali*d position ami -h^r-' ' *a So (brhfd tjia aiiiTpIclPQ of nntrutla. Many -miiM-rn dargTinon and physiclanohAT® I«at the-Jr aaruM ^ -^rnf-t So the public ih» rsliability ^t my ruDitKlIoa, ^-hilu ith^ri bave ient ma the urorsnca at tfa»»Ir -onwI^tJon ihat n . Praparatlons contributo Irameapcly to tlia r-tl-f >f i- , ifliicted* iqffi»r1n^ fdllow-maTL. ThaA^ont below namad i ?l«iacd to ?ornlari ^rntls ru-,- Amcrlean Almanaa,contaJntnii Jirectioca 'or tiiatf r>.« » 1( .j certiflcataa of their cures, of tha following TsmplaJor.- CostI»^n«Bi, Billons Complilnta, ElhsoraaH^ni. Drop.^', ti«artbnrn, Uoodacfce arlilng from » foul ^tuniarti, N;u< •ea, Indlijeatlon, Morbid Inactloa if ^i«» Row-:* vnl i'-\i *n«izig tberofrom, ^Eatnlency, Lt^i of Apprtit*, \il u;. »• JDS and Catanwooa Diif*!*!! wh'ch pyiulr** »n ^v^rn,,., aabdi*!^,. Scrofnla or ffJntfi K»EL Thpy *tso, »»y p-inu inn Oia bJoud atKf-^»*» -kW a» ilnf ^ c ^y^tem. euro ;n.inv •oraplminta which it wonld QU« t>« sj-ppo^ C jj e7 jnui.'i reach, snch as Deafness, Partial Blindneaa, T^sst^i^., 1IMl V*?rTOU3 Irritability, DeraDgfcu-aU of tho L.Tar anu KM lays. Gout, and other kindr-*! complainta arising fron , low rtata of the body or otstruclinn jf iui fnnctltmj. I>o aot b< paS off by anpriaclplwi -italoni w]th wonin Jth*r pfil they mats mor*> proflt on. .\ak 'or Ar^Ji 1 and taics noihin? 4ls9. No .>th»r ifany -^n <iv.* -nmpar«s orith thl* in itfl :ntrlnilc rain" >r mnulvr- «»r9. The iirS •w^nt th« h*^t ^i<l thrr- 1 i^ tr>r itn-i-i. tbay-ahould hav-i it Prepared by Dr. J. C. AY2TH, and Analytical Cbornist, Low^U, M.isa PTUCS 33 ( :T-*. ?ia Hoi. TTT* UOITH F->-. !. 1 •»OU) 37 JOHN RICS,MUirau!:es. toJ- H. aSED i C0. t Chicago, and A*eor* n .-.^r ? wn tn the United Stateg. • mhly -o^.|,;- v DR. CELEB R A rtn VERMIFUGE A -VT) J. BOAKOINO. * KBST Floor Parlor and Bcdroem adjoining j». suitable for a (tentlenun »nd «fe, and-several ooroj for dogle rentiemen, can be had, together, with J»»rd, by applying at 3iO JeSfersoa at. A'few day boarders «an also be aecomaodated., jelJ OVERFILLS. L beg leave to call the attention of the Trade, and mur-j especially the Physicians of' the country, to two of the most popu lar remedies now before t-he public. We refer to Dr. Chas. 31'lane's (VlrbnitPil Verrrufuge and Liver Pills. We do not recommenij cheni .1.- universal Cure-ails/'but si.mplv roi what their name purports, v:^. THE VKK,MlF[-( t E, For expelling Worms from rh<. human system. h has also beei administered with the most satis factory results to various Animal; subject to Worms. THE LIVER PILLS, For the cure of Li v ER COM p LAI MTS. ill BILIOUS DERAN-CEMEMTS, SICK HEAD-ACHE, cVc. in cases of FEVER AND AGUE, preparatory to or after taking Quinine, they almost invariably make i speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above mentioned diseases, they are Unrivaled, ind never known to rail when administered in accordance with tru directions. Their unprecedented popularity rias induced the proprietors, FLEMING BROTHERS, PITTSBURGH^ PA. to dispose of their Drug business in which they have been success* fulJy engaged for the last Twent> Years, and they will no\v give then undivided time and attention ft their manufacture. And being de termined that Dr. IVf Lane's Ce!e- Dnited Vermifuge and Liver Pi!k shall continue . to occupy the high position they rrow hold among the remedies of the day, they continue to spare neither time iorne*. ana c<mn, e ,i or « « . aw -— eX P ense in procuring the Best Offlcfrln.Young's Kock/Coraer Main and Wia- * f ^ Purest material, and COm- CO. J. 31 i BAPER & CO., STHEET ' i* Paper Hangings, Window Shades, . Comp«t«nl worbnea seat to aB parts of ti e Cite and gantry for. Decorating and Paper Habfing la »« |u rirknj«fiM alt WA»V MMM..,*..:. . B*"a "* »"• ivi .ali work «rarrant«ii. febSS ». ciar. .... .,•-... Wilii CX KJTT. • PRATT, Attorneys and Conniellor. great 'The assortment of the finest SllVer W»r«, Jewelrj- tuld «bODS ITBT brough* io SBtwaakee. Just the thing for Holi day pra*ent»i'- Jnst recstved verr cheap for cash. .!' ;.: : •;..... »UT!ON * tooais, d«c!3 ; ,«« E»st*ater street, Mllwiutee, Vl».' manner. Address all orders to FLE.IING BROS. Pittsfinigi, Pa. astl 1'hysichiw Bros., will Uu wi-.ll to write l:,t Dr. .VZ.«,y,, fa. from place to tar Src<er!as Is a» ' ' P. 3. .ban Untlnctly, ; finning Bns.. ^rf^'Ct^i^nr^^iSli *r«K.nt pcstago stamp., or ORe- 7i;U of v'rmiru™ ^ finrteon thre»c«nt stimp^. All onfers iVm Cj.n-i.ia. mim i »»a<eo»p«ni«d by twroty «ota extra. ' nils. and A pat an,l i-L

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