Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 2, 1959 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, March 2, 1959
Page 3
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iie^t^ In The Term, 4-H . Whit, me A* f f ft * . , « firm ,"!•»? itr'tiifi th« 'e4ual isf tne pledge, '1 cleairef hands, 4-H ctti* head ., my hiart to to AfHculluri, th* ^tal« land-f^nt colleges »nd thft countiit, Aftif-e. fht 4"-H ClUbi correffpefid with tH« democracy w our nallofl. Me'rt- elect offte«r» , loyalty; nKy hands 10 larger . and ,my health to better [Ivlrig, for My club, my community, and my country." ' Tribute is being paid to more than two million tura) youth* .that Belong to 4-tt dub« throughout th« fiatieft this week. The week of Feb. 28-Marcli « has been proclaimed u National 4 - M club Week throughout the United States, AlaJ- kft, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. "The main requirement of a 4-fl member is a willingness to "learn by doing," which is the club slo- f*ft, afid "to make the -best better-" which is the club motto. Char- Acler development And good citizenship are long rang* goals. Any boy or glrf between 10 and 21 years ef age may join by agreeing to follow 4-H standards and ideals. The ;4-H clubs are groups of young people, chiefly in rural and donduct their meetings; and Select their projects. Each club draft* Its own program* to suit it» mefflbe'rf And th« locaH««i in which th«y live. To guide the 4-H'eril, thoutandi of public-spirited men and women mostly parents, serve sj unpak volunteer local leaders. Some of these oklef club members of suburban ftt-'eas,' who carry on a wide variety of farming, homemaking, community seiMce and ( »ther projects. They raise 11 v e- iCock arid poultry, grow gardens «nd field crops, conserve the soil, tew, dook, preserve food, make things for their homes, and work (or community betterment. The 4-H program is a part'of th.e hatfonal educational system of cooperative extension work, Which th« United 'St'stei Department of youth who assist ss junioi- leader*. The leaders are trained,' counseled, and Assisted by the county agent* of the Cooperative Extension Serv Ice, who have available to them the vast stores of scientific know! edge in the State land-grant col leges and the USD A. Leader* advise and encourage 4-H'ers in plan ning and carrying out projects, it- lend meetings, visit members to see how projects are getting along, offer suggestions where needed and. accompany members to club events. outside the community. ' ' ' Mainly About People •Indicate* Paid Adv«rtl«ln» Norman Henry, J. B. */orley, CJeorge Long, H. E. Stansfield, Chester Thompson, serving on the hospitality committee of the Robert E. Lee Junior PTA, will be hosts during the social hour of "Father's Night, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, in the school auditorium. Nominating report, submitting a slat* of officers for PTA duties next year, will be given by W. G. McComas. Election will follow with Bob Andis, acting president, t M] Jn charge. Red apples_as tokensj,^ he , s ^^ permisflion Taxpayers Must Report Bond Interest "Don't forget .to report interest on U.S. Savings Bonds,' 1 Wiley E. Davis of Internal Revenue Service. Pampa, reminded taxpayers today. "If you are on- the cash ibssis, you have iyi option as to when you may report the Interest on your income tax return. You may choose to report interest yearly. If you do It this way, the amount of interest to be included In income each year is given in the. table on the bond." The taxpayer may elect to wait until the bonds are matured or cashed before reporting the interest earned. In this the interest must, be Included as income for that year. Also, once the taxpayer elects to report Interest yearly, he must stick with this method unto WELCOME PARTNER! Lynn Beutler.'jstpck contractor; and -:{>rd-•'<'"• ' th^-arena, between rodeo events-Aug.'.4-8 ducer ojf. Pikes £e.ak dtrJBtist Rodeo*, seals ! ", wHerr the 1959''Centennial Pikes Pgak'or a',bargain .with a heah.y s.hftHe'i6f' ! ,the '. 'Bttst Rdde6 ift'held at.Penrose Stadium, glamorous h,aiid of .Dale. Robertson of The handsome star is a farntfiar-perspn- j»i^ ^^.u ..".u-_r...i,i',u. 'afjty- j n American living;"rooms a.v .Tim Hardie of the Wells Fa^rgo television 1 'program. . . . movie .and television fame who r w!Jl' 'be featured star at the. Pikes Peak or'.Bust Rodeo this:year."Robertson will;star in s lilt -THfi -PAMPA £l ,\-i WALTIR ROGERS RfPORTS Farmers Dismayed Wilh Grain Support Prices SOVIETS V friia M'tt'afrMiiiMifF 4ft £*^^^ iribk fcM A C lUOnttlnifHl JrfUffl .FJljw Jlj signal to thl Soviet* tnii Wf feuSfnt**" ovw Bflrtlft. dfetfrititat fcarti* frofrt l*n, J. JfllCKS'Ofl fO-W&'^h.J Afld lAds ft* Oiftffttvikn illchiird; S. ftiis**Il Tfc-fM.) of tfit Setttlfi producer* of thl* cmmrry. Had he j Armed Service* Ctowmltte* . Mid followed the ihleht of C36ngr««»(ihd[th* United StatSS would foe/'ffn* * fAIr and honest approach to the iished ^s "(h* l*sy Sen*>n announced nrppoi-t prlc.M for th« 1» M cwt. H, »or*hum* sortfhum* \vould hav* about 11.83 cwl., which it was last n Berlin. Assistant Senate Leader Mike , Mansfield (Mont.) *l*o sflid it wa* time for the Unit*1. I heartily disapprove of the Action of th« Secretary in these two . . . . u . - , mfttter*. T feel that h* ha.« indule- i tur * ln thl * . coil « tr y ! * *»'"* to|th« Berlin crisis "breskg out." rllUm W th* corn pro-!?*!'** I! 1 '"?V™**' T h " vft * a!d " led Sta!** lo begin thinkinf about Thi* practice concerning agricnl- j nationwide mobilization In ed in favoritism ducer* and ha, «,bj«ct M th< Sorghum produces to rank crimination. Th* support priCS for com fixed in th* law to M 96 percent of th* preceding- 3-yeAr avemg-e r* of corn received by farm-rs. Although it is openly admitted that m sorghum ha* at least 95 percent of thft r eM valu, of corn, the the ° n "* '"™' Any Soviet decision to on Berlin would not mean an *nd tn mnv« i n iA ft,* i.< w "i l °- the crisis. Khrushchev has st*t- h- *. V J°J > . ," ed r *P« a t*% he would go ahead .riClf -flflVc D£6n lIflfAlf*iv flt* ' tiritu i»i **i it*- » t.* - j "'"-H nl-fl Uiflnj to ttlt'Il COtltt'Ol (n nract'w 8 . * lhd * ov "i Berli *'s »"PP'y routes over to the P'* 01 "**- |p«st Germans. Z^S£f!Z'£Zl\£S?£'%?** «'««" -«th< :r^- -"- °™«- ia ,. i America will Tt wan argued that the Secretary : a trdyed.. b« '* pi-ice supports on grain wrghum on a basis in relation to' fl ^' lg "!,' s he feed value of th. two grains.!" ** St * lef Under the circumstances, the law bntaine.d the .provision that the completly de-i .,_ _, . I Khrushchev was planning to Vis- lit the trade fair in Leipzig- |«,t fr ,, n !„ »v, ifh ' s week and observers rioted hi* " P _ ?. , four P^vioiis visits to East on the or should ;not | many have resulted in a of the Soviet line on " . insofar anrt a renijm - !fftllotl . . price mippoi-U. o« feed grain,, in- i, T^ 1 a Fomm.tteea are; t o 8 «| V e German reunfftion clu. ™« d - b?en •"»<*: through free elections/ "^ - cludib* ira-ln ^hums/would be S^o ™ , , ,,„,,* fair and reasonable. ,„ reiajfon^ol^"*"*' 0 ? * h ..?• Star, Signed for 'Peak Rodeo i the mippod'rn. .and H S ud; *' C m»nner ln A PP' 1 °P ria " on «' C « m- ... .an S ;i . .. as one' of. tht 'major .factor* for ^ havft Md do " ed hearings/" 1 ? young rrien from Arnarillo who P*"*'" "on aroi w *w In Washi In Washington With their Dale Robertson, who ' pbrtraysj'TV jackpotvtni.i'year.with his rolt Jim Hardie m television's • "Wells'as Jim .Hardie, Wells F$rg:o agent. Fargo," and. a popular film star.jin the year-around NBC'S e r i e s. athlete." will be the featured guest attraction of ,the'19S9.Pikes Peak;or Buat "Tales of Well.s Fargo,." keen th^e l^ Robert.™ landed his fjr>t movie I grain. reUtlvt rel.Lnltn ' iT. , role in IM. and wa. ' fe I* v \ „ ^ Ho^*2' The consideration th« feed value -of P*"*'"? "pon appropriations : ngon W grain norghiim in elation to corn ' 1 ?: A nllmb «'' °' ye««r«go. «• mother and father. These wer. i It wa» f»i ( bv the f\»n«-«. 'ih.i ' ' (1ev "°P« d whereby oth.;Danny and Carroll Bridgewater ! "'' COmmitt «" of Congrew, in w,-it-,^eir tether, C. C, Bridgewater, ]. ' jfhat Darryl F. Zanuch sig-ned him; Secretary did not do this. of appreciation of the PTA, were ch io ^ mg presented to Robert E. Lee In- •truotor's - this . morning;. In . ob- Latest national" TV ratings. ll"stj to a 7-yeai' contract.. He hit star-! Rodeo, Aup. 4-8. it was revealed j trie 'show as one of the top flve^om with such pictures as "Two 1 ,- (h • M - iriu .. "."" recently by Harold Heyse..associa-,p,. og . ram! ,; with the j 9 j 8 Nielsen Flag* West," "Call "Me 'Mister,'" and *i>awestem tion president of the gala ColoradoJTv rating ranking the show a.v "O'Henry's Full House," "The' t{on ' rodeo, fntimbsr two among all network Outcasts of" Poker Flat." "Sitting; „ _ Robertson, famous, as'a versatile! pro £ rams- . jBull," and "Son of Sinbad." movie star with many hit pictures! The rugged six-foot Oklahoman!' Robertson rook as much'of Okla- to his credit since 1949, hit Craig, Dwyer At Meet Last Week who ,ls A true westerner, will per- 1 nom * with him to. Hollywood as form at each of the five Rodpo^e could. He has four horses sta- night-performances and at the one hlfi(1 "' his home in Sepulveda and matinee performance. Rls ° raises polo ponies for racings. He has just finished"'his sehsa- — - -— ' .' tiona.1 demonstration of ho'-flemfin : ship and singing, before. 14- would Include obliga-, with the Bureau of Reclamation In to provide a source! Amari Ho- -«nd the whole famllv ry out the purpose j Was fn Washington on business and of the bill. Tt is thi* practice that P |ea * ljt 'e for « few days. . . , _, ! '* under fire an <l constitutes the i Also visitinr in WaihlnB-t/w, .r. indulged in fa voritism | cor. of the issue. Many speeches^-. « nd Mrs. WaHe S,m, of farmers .w,!! be made on the subject this Pimps, and their two SOT, Wai rank discrimins-j year, and I «m sun that much Her Lee and John M,, *° t ^ h l V ™ publlcu y wil1 bf *T iven to the «ght. j visiting with her mother, Inflation continue, to "b. t b e ^hTTlih'^^^Vli to" have- number on« concern of most of i them drop by the office the people-writing to Members of Congress. I am happy to aervance of Teacher Appreciation Wack. Used 2«" Bike »I«. MO 4.6371* Top o' Texan Beauty. AsVii, Unit 81, will have its.monthly meeting Asked about Saving* Bonds held beyond maturity, Mr. Davis said, that If a taxpayer owning Series R Bonds wishes to hold them beyond maturity they will continue earning Interest for ten more tonight at 7:30 in' the Pampa Hotel - Vcuai1 '. ° . ! um i/^n or Ilnt " dining; room. All members are urged to attend.. diaries R. Broyle*. »on o( Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Broyles. 1720 Beech, had the distinction of earning- membership to the Dean's Honor Roll of the College of Ed-J Uaction in Oklahoma State University. "I>oco 'Burrlto", an operetta, will be presented at Woodrosv Wilson School at- 10 a.m. Wednesday morning- with the fourth grade students of Mrs. Roy Sparkman, Mrs. Quentln Williams and Mrs. whichever is earlier. Veteran Dies In Amarillo COLLEGE. STATION (Spl) —'audiences at the/Fort Worth Stock William J. Craig. Gray C o u n t y 'Show -Rodeo. He-performed before; judge,-and John Dwyety commis-'* record-breaking';107,000 ' fans sioncr from McLean,. attended a'there. three-day County Judges', and! The Oklahoma; rancher attended Commissioners' Conference on the Oklahoma Military College where campus of Texas A&M College ia£t he won 28 letters,in football, has- week. iketball,' baseball, boxing, • tennis, cotv Rolf, swimming, a.nd polo. .He .was 1 March Lion Roars Tuesday Cub Scouts Reviewed Al Banquet Mr l'nli«d Internattonal spring . ., - that the people at the grassroots level »re beginning to awaken to this insidious and dangerous trend that has been quietly cutting into the economy of thl« country. The voice of the people in a democracy 'Is th« much-needed force to bring about necessary reforms • Vl»ltor« .their annual Blue and Gold Ban- We had several visitors from jquft recently at the First Chris- home IssV week, «gnin and it was jtian Church. 500 E. Kingsmill. ; certainly good t o like tern, i - Major John Blackloc'k of the', with all'of them. _ u Th« Cub Scouts of Pack 4 held WALTER KOORRS Member of Congrew* 18th DUtrlct of INCOME TAX SERVICE In Your Home or Mine BOB RATLIFF 1S34 Hjmilten MO l-ISOf see and visit The "back-to-school" -tvoe con- Ko\t, swimming, ^nd polo. ,He..was ; ' •. '. cilJ>/ - vru '"»"•»» "** 'em-: A,*jor jonn Blackloc'k of the", wun .an or tnem. ferVnce proe am wa, deT-eloped voted the college's "outstanding if * ratui ^ f " d , 1 'S hl M«rrh winds United States Air Force and M.j- Several Superintendents of the from suSon, bV coun v offf.! 'V' " ' --j ^ bu ^ "?e kite,fIyer may hav. or WsyUnd Merriman of the Uni .! Public Srhoola from the Panhandle rrom sueeestions bv counu om-, . j to pnt on a - heavier .] a ^He,Tii'esday ed States Army Reserve -conduct- '< |^|Q£ wOl*0l0SS 'j when ft Pacifir rnn) frnnt .mnv»« »/H • TT n i«»..— ' : ..Matches In little hands caused offl is to' give those participating s. better' understanding-, of the many prob-j lems which commissioners. cpurts (: »,. Suntli| y afternoon grass fire 'in .a| must'handle-in-th« discharging of'tyacant'^yaccor-ding their re: The th« Tex^i* Funeral services'' for .Dick Ben- Service'..«hd lh,e .-"County. .'.IVidgea' ton will be held at-2 p.m. Tuesday! and cbmmissibnere' Association of in Duankel-Carmichael chapel with'Texas. ; ; : • ' Nolan M. Kennedy, pastor 'of San "'"^j, Jacinto Baptist Church, Amaj^llo, -~~~ . ... , - ln Washington briefly, either to the- state. . /. ••• Cub Scouts and Webelo*. .from the Annual Convention at At- However, , the :genti-e '^thrust of Ma* Calloway, p RC k Chairman, lantic Cit >'- N « w Jersey. We en - nanoie m-m« mscn.rifinr o!"-"-— •—..-...* • .„ . . -,,.^ , 'Wef «'«••«'«« to more ,into'Texfts welcomed the '-guest* and com'J o - ve rf . »eeing a great many of responsibilities -' ' • , >tiremen. No-tdamage' resulted -in-' 0111 ^ 1 Rnd Tuesday will,,p|.. v it- mended the Den Mothers on the them here In the office and «t the -Conference! W apohsbrcvi by this smalj .bta^e^on'N.'Russell. !«lf out in .a few days tm* the progress they Imd made In this c «P ito1 - The group included Dan^.^^^''^^^ r»nnM«l T>.'. u ' «V tK»'' mal ' /Or th » e ' re -'t- of the'.Week. Chadrman, presented 'awards to Cod -V ^ondren of Phillips; Wooodie \%? oi-me| Dalhart recorded the lowest'.-tern- the following boys: Been* from Canadian; Jerry Jac- ;'* •** I* <l'l, rtA t-a 111 *•« in f H • at 11 & rli i «••»»• * w» ' P\Ar» 1 r%_ *-k . „ /"iK. e*i T ^.f A .. — . «?*..__ .. •.'-.. MOV "IS John Evans appearing. Th« op-! and arm .V chaplain for the Veteran'* Hospital, officiating-. Mr. Ben- ! eratta is presented under the direction of Mr*. Dan Johnson, •chool music instructor. Parents «nd friends of the cordially invited to are school attend this activity which is part of Texas and had Public School Week. er; ton. a veteran of World War II, j died at giM p.m. Saturday In the 1 Amarillo Veteran'* Hospital. He \ « JJUI had been in .ill health for a year a patient In the Vet- On Tin- It<-«onl Mr*. W. S. Kilter, MM X. (iray, ans* Hospital in Albuquerque, i N.M. before being transferred to) ..,,,,., . v _ "' r ;"^V S . D HOSPITAL SATUKOAV returned Sunday evening fro/n Henryetta. Okla., where she has be,en visiting- for two month* with Mr. Benton was born Dec. 4, 1911 and had resided in Pampa, where h* wa born, until his Debra Caswell, Wheeler Mrs. Jesse R. Hawkins, Kingsmili W. R. Parker, 201 E. Francis Mrs. Marie Hudgnl, Mobeelie Mrs. Lida Beach, S12 N. Warren Mrs. Joyce Walberg. Pampa Women's Organization in the FiratjDyer of Pampa; 'two brotheri"I Mr *' K ' R Barnett, 90fl-«. ' Schneider Mrs. Sallie Parker. 220 N. Nelson Mr». V'ers Form an, S10 N. Nel- relatives. A one-act plw.v, "No Hiding j neae. He was a carpenter by trade. Place" will be presented Wednes- He Is survived by his parents. Mrs. Judith Stout, 1128 Junipei Mrs. Bna. Silver,-1136 Seneca ' ' Mrs. Aline Robison, 714 N. Sorn- erville i ' Mrs. Aul«ie-Lee Scott, 844 B. 415 E. L King.smili Mrs. Mary-Flaherty, >S« 8. Hobart (lay morninjf at 9:30 at the Mr. and Mr*. W. D. Benton of i regular meeting of Presbyterian Pampa; one sister. Mrs. Erdln* Women's Organization in the First; Dyer of Pampa; two broth Presbyterian Church', education-! Jack and Bu«, both of Pamps. al building. Coffee will be served! Pall-bearers will he Joe at » a.m. «nd a nursery will bejjai^ Ed Barnes Stan provided for smaller children. ,„„ Moo ,. e| vv . B. Jackson, C V Baker PTA e-.^urtv., Wilkinaon, Bill Hood, John Tom Mr*. Fxina '0-aham /. M. Ungwell. 408 " " 10M S. Well, perature in the state during the Den 1 - Danny Denney; asuis-" 00 * °' Lefors; Freeman Melton, night with ,W. Lubbock was only tint Denner Bars and Gold end <' Jr " ' rom McLean; Kenneth Lay- slightly warmer with 35 and Pre- Silver Arrow Points: Dallas Han-' cock of Shamrock; Fred Cunning- Sidio* and -Amaiirilp ..-reported ,;3«. mer; Denner Bar; Dennis King- h " m of Hereford. We also enjoyed ' Other-overnight lows'/w-e-re 85 Lion Badge. ' ' seeing Mr. and Mrs. Teci Reid degrees at BrrtxynsviUft. .3* at' Cor- Den 1 John Roy Graham- from Canyon, who had b*en it- pus ChriHti. 58 ato-Galveaton and One Ve«r Pin: Bear Patch- Bern- ten(1in * th « convention, temperatures over v the reJC.P.f the Craig; Two Silver Arn.w ' Points II wa * * pleHmir* to «*« two »lHte were in the ^O's and. 50's. tm.ier -the Lion; Richard' O-Ri* • .No ram Is ejected-wftK.-.tbe <- t >ol TWO Silver Arrow Points under thr front but akies will be' parlly- Wolf arl(1 l|ie B( . ft| . Hatl( , v M|0 . ii-loudy with an increw in wind „„, o lar ,, Vi W()|f Badtfe . Wfl) . |Jlt upetdM. _ _ Gilbert. Two Silver Arrow Pomln Minimum temperature expect- lintl<| . th , Wo|f; Te<Jd HfiltM{ ed In T*xx» .are 28-35 de- ; on , St|ver Ar|XW Poim ' (m ; ffi-eea In Ihe north and 35.50 in the Bt . H ,.. Tommv Na on o SOl ' th . W l th . ma ^ lm T.! em| !! ratlll ' eS row Point unrter rh, L.on; Tun- ;nv Mr*. Fay* Pipkin. 1038 .ChHrle. i( ,. xpw -ted to-be in the SO", .nd TALMADGE J. WRIGHT CHIROPRACTOR 1.1S4 H'IIIUl,,n MO . A ' TOW Ra . wnert , o b . ,„ . tne Iowa and Mrs. Lucille Hunsakei, Phillips <fl -, W hj|« rlay-time temperatures 'Penny'Nail.. 524 N. Tignor w j|i ,.[j m (, j n t n th« .70 i. . *'' B. M. Roger*. Burial will bt In F«irvi» w Cemi- tery. BakerPTA Gives Review board will meet at 1:30 Tuesday In the office of ths school principal, John Evan*. Executive hoard member* ar« urged to attend, Former Pampan On House Party It'a been a good while alnce Mri. Lee Pate, formerly of Pampa, has been in town, but one of her cloae friend., M... Ed ^""•loperS'''"?" °t educ * t<on ln th «i Mr.. France. Ogden, 2133 Ma. T i Mr. •01 E. Harveater, aaw her the'^ petatlon of * democracy, tatab- Ellen other day ... on television that i». j ned th « public achool lo makt son H. C. Boyd; Skellytown Lena Ai\n Snyder. Lefort Mrf Edna Hall, 40S S.' Cuyler • l»l»ml»»*ls H. R. Ridings, 4l» Nalda Don Taylor, 708 D»an Driv* Mra. .Ann Donovan, Roswell, N«w Mexico I i Mra. Stella: Cartwrig-ht, 831 E. !ner- ; uth - ' .. - ; »(£•- j Mre,-Juanita Butler, «ION. Da-iBanks • vi * '- ' ' . .. " -"..'",.. ,1 .^cs; v 'Bhirlfty Leigh Ann Qamble. Phillip* 'Duncan ~ S. W. B«ck, 108 N. Nelson' Cliarles-Ksmphous. R13 A Plains Mrs. Peggy Bryan. Psimpa J. M. Lawrence, • Wheeler • < M.r»., .le*w B. Hawkini, U.V E., Kingsmill ' Carl McAriamv Whitf D»»r Mrs. Thelma Paris. Miami Quotes In The News Point under . one Silver Arrow th# Wolf. Jerry Denner Bar snd Webelos Paul \VilU. on« Silver Arrow Point under the Wolf; Jimmy Powell, Bear Barifg. Den 4 Sheltnn Moore, two Silver Arrow*; Madison Moore. KEYS MADE While You Wolf Mack's Shoe Shop Fo.ter DIAL MO a 4011 OPK.V «:43 TODAY * TUBi. MYGU QUICK PU1S AUo \fn» A n * Ken Weaver, Mary Frost Panhandle ago lived on S. Banks iiare. wa* a contestant' on Art l.mkletui'» House Party teevee show, winning a, fire plug connection for in front of her home and another consolation prize In the ahow'a "alop-and- (rtart" gag gfjme. Pate waa employed by the m «nt- "A« the yeara paaaed. our Eagle Radiator Shop here-before law » w « r » atreng^hened to make ia Baker PTA Texaa by member* Calif, in connection; Mr*. now in Ruby B«>th Phillio. W..ker, Roljin*. .'.'." i tw '° Sijvr Arrow; Rodn«y H*nd- JACKSON. AUM. , Vouth, Cnurt rick*. D»nnw Bar »n<t Besr Billy Horton, in .a: wire Patch; Roland Renner. B e «, .•lauding a Memphis jiKlg-e'a-refits- Patch and On« Year Pin- Dennv Mr*/Ruby Mullln*. 1940 N. Sum- a) ,„ prosecute a high srhoorbrin- Dwight. Assistant Denner Bar ' ( cipal for peddling, -unruly *tu- Den S Don Ro»a. Wolf Pairh 701 w - d*nt«: ... : and Gold and Silver Arrow* •'.\iiUe •'Congratulation* on your- dec!- Burnett. Wolf Paten and Gold and ,»U>n, It u regrettable we..,cannot'Silver Arrow*; Stanley Cable 8il- |order the' parent* apaiTKfert in ver Arrow; Garry Cbckrell, Silver ;Arrow: Carrol Newton. Silver Arrow; Carrol Day. Silver Arrow. Andra Newman. KM Ma- don S. Brown, chief of MTT. Bartj" ; 'r,,e r ISavar. V'Sf Badre . Austort, 1010 • Baby Holly Little, 1417 E. Fran- some ca*e*.' ci* ' »lma Gibbona, Fnlch j CAMBRIDGE. Mass. Dr.*Gor-| Mr*, lone Mra. Gray the eouple moved to Torrance, Nogan Pleads Guilty On DWI JirniiJio Putili'k Hog BII p|,;U to 4 (.ii^jj^ o/ lit lu Ur«>y Cwiuily C'oi< '. lif "l-^ fincj »•»($ tw|»Ui«r with ih§ 4»y* in'j»U of ki« by ..™ ,„«, u . Ml ' 8 - Mauna Cleek, Panhandle Ihe un , cnQ0 j law pn)vldrd Wayne Une, 633 S. Reici tor the ft rat public school ayatem Jimmy Huckley. Phillipa in Texaa," accordinar to th« ...... Stephen Heare, 15?0 HaijUtion K»y Traylor, While Deer Bill F. Brown, Panhandle' , , on the dev.lopm.nt W i mech.m- C,oi d Anow and 'on, Yea pn- ral br.ln language which will en- CJene Qrovee Wolf Bade*- m Uv- iBlMl b "' B ^ ^ "^^' ^"Kn:- according to the atatt- Jo« Brown, 91.9 S. Kaulkner •ure that all children of aehool aje ahared in thJa opportunity for public education. "Oujr job ia to «ea that children of thia generation jtt the beat poa- Bama* wble idufataon wa c*n give them. Mr». Nadin, Hale. 606 B.Camp- By viaiUng the »choola and f«nul-;bell Mr* Z*Ua C.n,pb.U. J a aon Floyd, 5»J Powell CX1KUKATCMTIO.VS Mn. Dorothy Dumaf, 1291 *. talk to humans, human* talk to machine* Sijver Arrow and machines talk to machin*«. ^ i The thins: noj* ia lo prevent the To Mr. and Mr*. Eugene Guilgel,; machines from talking back." MobeeUe, on the hjrth of a »on at' - .' . ' 5:13 pm. weijtiinf 9 IPS IKE CHUCKLES Ohuc-k Weaver. 'WHin INSIDE' THE r^ORGE T, V, Appliance & Strvict Ctnter 108 MO 4 4748 OPKN 1:45 NOW thru Wed • 'u STARHINR KEEN AN. WYNNE ELAINE. 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