Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on July 19, 1975 · Page 11
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 11

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1975
Page 11
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• • *»wj»wi g » V'f WWMI nai«<?iaiiuai v Helpful Hints About Building And Remodeling R ea | Estate Transfers Bird Feeding Is Continued In Summeir If you put out food to attract birds around your home last fall and winter, there's no need to stop now. Feeding and other bird enticements will let you enjoy birds this summer, too, says Robert Ellarson, University of Wisconsin-Extension wildlife ecologist. Cardinals, rose breasted grosbeaks and nuthatches are among the birds that will brighten a yard if sunflower seeds are available year-round. If a home is surrounded by trees, hummingbirds can be made frequent visitors. Special feeders to attract them are available at most garden supply stores. The feeders consist of a bottle with a feeding tube filled with a sugar syrup. Some brightly colored attachment attracts the bird's attention as a nectar-filled flower would. Or hummingbirds can be attracted by planting certain flowers, Ellarson says. They feed mostly on the nectar of tubular-shaped flowers such as .petunias or flowers of the trumpet vine. Different landscape shrubs have berries that ripen at different times throughout the summer and can provide bird food. A shrub with early ripening berries is the Juneberry, also known as amelanchier, or serviceberry. This shrub's berries are especially appealing to robins and catbirds. After the Juneberry, honeysuckle berries ripen, followed by redosier dogwood and mulberry. Later in summer, the autumn olive provides large amounts of red, succulent berries which are popular with birds. Water also attacts birds. Either a conventional birdbath or shallow pan will do. An inverted garbage can cover set out on the lawn and filled with water works well. If a garden hose can be set up to provide a constant dripping on the water's surface, the birds will seek out the birdbath even more. Ellarson cautions against placing a birdbath close to shrubs or other such shelter. Place it in the open so birds can see cats and other predators coming. Freeport Realtors Attend Quarterly Meeting Of State Association The Freeport Board of Realtors was represented at the quarterly meeting of the Illinois Association of Realtors held at Pheasant Run, St. Charles. Monday through Wednesday. Those attending from the board were Roger Hershberger, president; Mrs. Gloria Hershberger, vice president; Mrs. Jeanette Carpenter, executive secretary; Donald McPherson, Gerald Siedenburg, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Rodermel and Mrs. Lorraine Ferrell; and Roy Ohlinger, Multiple Listing Service president. A special session was held on Tuesday evening for board legal counsel which James Madden of Freeport, attorney, attended. Total 29 This Week Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Saturday. July 19, 1975 p age Wall Becomes Canvas For Special Decorating Projects PATIO COVER provides shade for decks with southern and western exposures Open trellis of spaced 2x2-inch western wood sets on paired 2x6s, supported by 4x4^ inch posts and paired 2x8 beams. Ledger attached with lag screws ties structure to house. Patios In South And West Sun Are Cooled With Trellis Cover Although a patio originally was an open inner court of a Spanish house, the term now applies generally to outdoor living areas, such as decks, terraces, garden rooms or atriums. Because many of these outdoor rooms face west or have southern exposures for warmth in spring and fall, they also need an overhead structure to limit the direct sun in summer. A patio cover of spaced western wood slats provides a shady spot for an outdoor table and chairs, and the open design keeps it from being a heat trap. One couple added a deck at a corner of their house, with access from both the living room and master bedroom, and a trellis to screen the sun. The trellis of spaced 2x2-inch west- Method Given For Controlling Picnic Beetles Picnic beetles, black insects that have four, yellow-to-orange spots on their backs, are a nuisance, particularly at picnics. They also invade gardens and attack fruit and vegetables damaged by weather or other insects. Ripe tomatoes with growth cracks are especially prone to attack, the Extension Service notes. The picnic beetles are difficult to control, the" service says. Sprays of carbaryl .(Sevin) may be helpful. Use two tablespoons per gallon of water in the garden, the service advises. Diazi- non sprays around garbage containers may also be helpful. Be sure to follow label directions for use in home gardens. Do not harvest tomatoes for at least 24 hours after application, the service warns. For All Your Electrical Needs KOYM LIGHTING CENTER KOYM ELECTRICAL SUPPLY 232-7239 ^-^/ 232-7156 1650 S. Galena-Freeport, III. HOURS: Monday 8 to 9 P.M. Tues.-Fri. 8 to 5 t I I .. . 'It's the touch of rustic that 'makes the Holiday Series so nicely different from so many other homes. It's the quality and value that makes them so nicely .Wausau Homes. Enjoy 2 or 3 bedroom floorplans in one or two-story models ... erected on your foundation, complete with heating, electrical and plumbing, your Holiday home is as comfortable by the lakeside as it is on a suburban lot. Let's get together and talk about your new Wausau. We've got a lot of ways for building homes better. $ * * * * **************************** A ********M x '!• 1 1 1 > > )• WAYNE BURD CaH For An Appointment PH.: 232-5868 Or 232-4108 ern wood sets on paired 2x6 stringers supported by 4x4 posts and paired 2x8 beas. The structure attaches to a ledger strip fastened to the wall studs with lag screws. The trellis was finished with a tinted stain to match the house paint, bu it could have been left unfinished for a natural look. The lower portions of the posts sunk in the ground were preservative treated. A point to remember when planning an outdoor room is the difference in scale from an indoor room. Fences, trees and the sky replace walls and ceiling, allowing more spacious groupings of outdoor furniture and container plants. The patio and its furnishing should be coordinated with the other rooms of the house. Closeness to the kitchen eases meal and snack service and a pass-through can be added. • When deck or patio is adjacent to the living or family room, extra tables and chairs can be moved outside quickly for entertaining. Baseboard Panels Won't Scorch Floor-Length Draperies Do you know that with hydronic (modern hot water) baseboard heating it's perfectly safe to hang floor length draperies? According to the National Better Heating-Cooling Council, hy- dronic baseboard heating panels never get too hot to the touch and won't scorch draperies. Twenty-nine real estate transfers were, filed this week in the office of County Clerk Dean W. Amendt. Of these 29 transfers, 23 were warranty deeds and they are as follows: Evans Products Co. to Star Forge, Inc., an Illinois corporation, Section 5, Township 26, Range 8. Stephen W. and A. Lyle Joiner to Raymond F. and Joan J. Bares, Part of Lot 13 Block 2. Clark's Addition. Alfred Gempeler to Alice Gempcler. Section 21, Township 26, Range 7, Florence Township. Ralph and Alice Rudy to the People of the State of Illinois, Department of Transportation. Setlon 18. Township 26, Range 8. Forestine S. Rausch to Marguerite H Dawson, Part of Lots 27 and 28, Pattlson's Subdivision. Carla A. Hills, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Washington. D.C., to Terrance Groves, Lot 10, Block 4, Westwood Hills Second Subdivision. Terrance Groves to First National Bank of Freeport, Trust No. 04-662-4, Lot 10, Block 4, Westwood Hills Second Subdivision. Richard and Lillian Ihm to City of Freeport, Section 5, Township 26, Range 8. Federal National Mortgage Association to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 1 and Part of Lot 2. Block 4, Winneshiek Addition. Dean R. and Mary Jane Streger to Charles W. and Delia M. Moen, Lot 12, Northern Hills First Subdivision. Arthur R. Williams to Graig Otte, Lot 27. Park Crest Subdivision. Lola Mae Shockey to Lola Mae Shockey and LaDesta Shlpp, Lots 15 and 16 of a Subdivision of Lot 1, Section 27, Township 27, Range 8, Lancaster Township. John D. and Irene J. Folgate to Tlpton J and Gertrude R. Gilley, Part of Lot 7 Roush's Subdivision. Village of Lena. Audrey D. East to Edward C. Jr. and Mary Lou Leibig, Lot 11, Towne and Country Estates. Viola L. Retzlaff to Winslow Park District, Lots 12. 13. 14. 17. 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 Block 2, Taylor's Addition, Village of Winslow. . Clarence E. Owens to R. Jerome Pfister Section 23, Township 27. Range 9, Ridott Township. Edward C. and Mary Lou Leibig to Richard W. and Kathleen K. Hoffner, Lots 15 and 16, Elm Park Subdivision. Norman D. Rotblat to John G. Garrity Lot 9, Glade Wood Subdivision. Erjianuel J. Jr. and Bonnie R. Stern to Leola A. Brechtel, Lot 25 on Plat No. 2 of a corrected plat of Lots 25 through 31 and 40of Park Crest No. 2 and Lots 23 through 36 of Park Crest No. 3. John and Jane Weaver Thomas to Lvnri SEWER CLOGGED Charles PACK PLUMBING AND HEATING • New Construction • Repairing AJKA jk^Afl 232-2524 565 N. Island Ave. Freeport, Illinois The Finest Roof Trusses Built— ^ RUSHED to You . . .by Special Equipment ELEROY PLANT 233-4116 FA5CD TRUSS AND WALL PANELS LENA YARD 369^536 Save time and labor costs with roof trusses built to your specifications. DIVISION OF FRED A. SMITH LUMBER ( The A f earners! and save 50% on fuel bills with revolutionary Rapco-Foam Insulation... f» Insured and Professional Workmanship Guaranteed —Financing Available— Now there's a new way to insulate your home , . . foam your home with Rapco-Foam Insulation. Instead of fiber that can leave un insulated packers, Rapco-Foam is pumped into walls and ceiling spaces as a liquid foam that looks a lot like shaving cream. It gets into every crevice of your walls and ceiling, completely filling the un-insulated spaces. In a short time it becomes firm, creating a highly efficient thermal barrier that can save you hundreds of dollars in heating and cooling bills. Rapco-Foam will not burn; it eliminates living space for mice and insects within the walls; and it can be pumped in with existing insulation. We can foam most homes in a day without disrupting your routine, and the only sign we've been there is your lower fuel bills. If you have an insulation problem or would like more details call or write; foam Insulation THERMO-TITE INSULATING CONTRACTORS 56 Greenfield, Freeport PHONE 232-7030 Harry and Mary Louise Hawkins, Lot 34, Block 1, Johnson and Bennett Addition. Delbert and E. Louise Furrer to Jeffrey L. and Dtanne R. Rakowska, Lots 9 and 10 Block 24, Original Town of Lena. Judith A. Stebbins, also known as Judith A. Mau and William Mau to Kenneth G. and lola Kleckler. Lots 1,2.3.14 and 15 and Part of Lots 4 and 13, Block 6, McConnell's Addition. Village of McConell. Lynn anxfsue Meyer to Wlllard W. and Constance K. Lanam, Lot 8, Block 4, Welty Heights Subdivision. Quit-Claim Deeds Fred 0, and Wert Jr. Lursen to Johanna Arnold, Part of Lot 9 of a Subdivision of Lots 1 and 2, Section 33, Township 27, Range 8 Patricia Ann Larson to Richard T. Larson, Lot 1072, Section 5, Lake Summerset ' -Harold E. and Linda Nelson to R. Jerome Pfister, Section 23, Township 27, Hancc 9 Executor's Deeds Janice Altensey, executor of Last Will and Testament of Elsie M. Deyo to Francis C. Sr. and Eleanor R. Broderlck. Section ft. Township 26. Range 8. Silver Creek Township. Trustee's Deeds Cosmopolitan National Bank of Chicago, Trust No, 18600, to Robert W. and Charlotte A. Schmidt, Lot 736, Section 4, Lake Summerset. State Bank of Freeport, Trust No. 12-LT- 805, to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 2 and Part of Lot 1, Block 3, Arcade Addition. A wall makes an ideal "canvas" for special decorating projects, the National Paint & Coatings Association says. One idea is creating giant polka dots with a one-or-two inch piece of cork. To carry out the projects, the association suggests gathering together a cork, a can of bright latex enamel, and a scrap of wood to serve as the paint "palette." Pour a little paint onto the wood, dip the cork into it, then press firmly on the wall to create a neat polka dot. Repeat the pattern. • W • • • V GUTTERS? We bring the factory directly to your doorstep! Seamless gutter formed, cut, and installed on site by a two man crew. Save on labor costs. No freight charges, no waste. Most jobs completed same day. Cal for free estimates. I SSL (815) 367-31161 GUTTERS UNLIMITED Winslow, Illinois THE HOME FRONT by Don McPherson New construction is called COM-PLY, made of solid wood facings with a core of ground wood and glue. Said to be stronger and more warp-resistant than ordinary wood — and it'll lead to more efficient use of our forests. One limit lo the popularity of w.Uor- becls is their weight, A king-sue bod c,in go about a Ion. Home insulation isn't a winter-only proposition. Good insulation saves plenty on air conditioning, too. Back lo the Bible — they've discovered that bulrushes will purify fresh water of pullutants such as toxic bacteria and chemicals. Said lo be cheaper and safer than conventional methods. lie-fore (horc wore ,iir conditioners, there wore shade trees," says a Chi- cjjjo horticulturist. Trees prolerlinu your home can'keop it IO-to-20 degrees cooler. Plenty of shade !.-ees around the family homes we'll show you at Bavarian Vil age REALTORS, 232-71115. For the u limale in comfort, many arc air conditioned, too. lauarian ItUage . REALTORS —232-7185 Eves.—Don McPherson, 233-2524 320 No. Park Blvd. Plenty of Free Parking — MLS BULLOCK GARAGES . .. QUALITY CONSTRUCTION • QUALITY MATERIALS • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION • QUALITY GUARANTEE —No Money Down—5 Years To Pay— BULLOCK GARAGE BUILDERS "World's Largest Garage Builders" PHONE 233-4621 INVEST IN YOUR HpML.Add Carrier Central Air Conditioning! THE ROUND ONE NOW ONLY $1299 INSTALLED & OPERATING For The Average Home In This Area Investing in improvements for your homo makes u lot of sonso. That way the value of your homo (joes up. And adding central air conditioning to your home is one of the wisest home improvements you can make. It not only pays off in summer relief from the heat, but also gives you a higher return than almost any other home improvement. When you add central air conditioning . . . you should got the best and the most reliable there is. And that's Carrier. More people put their confidence in Carrier than any other make. What are you waiting for? Call us today and find out about all the comfortable dividends that come with Carrier central air conditioning. CALL.... LOESCHER HEATING And AIR CONDITIONING 311 E. South St. Phone 232-6106 Freeport/ Illinois I

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