Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 9, 1936 · Page 2
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 2

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 9, 1936
Page 2
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LENOX TIME TABLE, LENOX, IOWA lAqueduc? 242 Miles Long Has 92 Miles of Tunnels The entire Colorado river aqueduct Is 2-12 miles long, but in the system there are, along the main route of the aqueduct, 29 tunnels with a total length of 02 miles. Nine additional tunnels, with a combined length of 15 miles, are planned for the distributing system. There will be 52 sections of concrete conduits, OS sections of concrete-lined canal nn<l 140 inverted syphons. By this aqueduct, which has been called the greatest domestic water supply sys- tern In the history of engineering, water will be carried from the Colorado river into southern California.— Philadelphia Inquirer. CORNS SORE ' TOES' i By Edward W. Pickard © Western Newspaper Union Flandin Calls on Germany 'or a Showdown plERRE-ETIENNB FLANDIN, " French foreign minister, speak The moment you apply Dr. SeholTs Zino-pads, pain STOPS1 These thin; soothing, healing pads relieve shoo pressure; prevent sore toes and blisters. 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Each wafer is approximately one adult dose of inilk of magnesia. All good drug stores sell and recommend them. Start using these delicious, effective anti-acid, gently laxative wafers today Professional samples sent free to registered physicians or dentists if request is made on professional letterhead. Select Product!, Inc., 4402 33rd St., Long Island City, N. Y. 35c&60c bottle* ng at Vezelay, demanded In ,the ame of his government that Adolf Hitler lay his cards on the table, and Intimated that unless Germany gives con crete proof of no ng gresslve Intentions In central or western Europe, France will decline to negotiate further with (lie reich and will prepare for war. Flandin made It M. Flandin clear tluit prance will stand firmly with her allies, the little entente and Russia. Said he: "The Fuehrer says Germany does not want to take anything from anybody, but he already had said that after the Saar plebiscite. He then also reartirrncd the Locarno treaty, which since has been repudiated. In the name of the Integral sovereignty of the German people, does the Fuehrer Intend, when he thinks the moment favorable, to bring up the Danzig question? "When he proposes a nonaggres- ilon pact with Lithuania does he accept definitely the status of Mem- 1 or Is he Just stalling for time to prepare new deeds of force In vlo- ation of treaties? "If Germany intends to assert her right to possess and exploit colonies, what colonies is she going to claim? "Is It not significant that at the moment Hitler launches his peace appeal, Nazi propaganda Is redoub- ing in Austria, Danish Schleswig, olish Silesia, among the German minority in Czechoslovakia, and even In German Switzerland? "Yes or no, does Hitler renounce indexation and even full absorption if the populations of these territo- •ies Into the reich, or does he proclaim that these are internal af- alrs of the German people in which does not Intend to let other na- lons meddle? "If the latter case be the truth, hen we understand why Germany s rearming at a record pace." Qermany Almost Solidly supports Hitler 'GERMANY'S men and women to ^ the number of 44,389,140 de- lared by their votes in the reich- tag elections that they supported the policies of Hitler. Only 542.S9S ad the nerve to vote against the elchsfuehrer, and a still smaller ractlon refused to go to the polls. \mong the latter were the former Irown Prince Huprecht of Bavaria and his wife. Hitler's victory was thus extraordinarily complete, and the Nazis elehrated It with wild rejoicings n Berlin and other cities. It was he culmination of a three years' campaign In which the loaders ;ouglit to persuade the population if the reich that only Hitler could ;ave the country from great danger. According to Berlin correspondents, here was a difference of opinion here as to the Influence the triumph would have on the fuehrer. Some aid It would stiffen his hack and in- luce him to ride roughshod over he powers which objected to his trapping of the Locarno pact. Others said the election would make him feel so strong he would be wiling to make a concession to his neighbors in an effort to help estab- Ish "the new order in Europe" to which he referred so frequently in ils election speeches. The new relchstag will be the argest In history, having about 740 members. Most of them will be of- Icials of the Nazi party. Tt» Original Milk ol Mae-i*tla Water* fapan Expects Trouble With Soviet Russia T HOUGH Kokl liirotn, the new Japanese premier, said a few days ago that while he was in office :here would be no war. It Is evident his government really is looking for serious trouble with Russia. This feeling is expressed by Eijl Amau. spokesman for the Tokyo foreign office, who said: "Japan must prepare for Soviet aggression." Recent activities Indicate the Reds E 'J' Amau are availing themselves of the critical situation which developed after the recent military revolt in Tokyo and are Increasing the strength of their troops along the Mauchukuan border." Amau said the "recent Soviet policy has been to fire on any persons near the border." He said he regards this us rather strange behavior ou the part of a, "friendly neighbor." He said Premier Hlrota had protested the alleged action to K. K, Yurenev, Russian ambassador to Japan. Almost every das tliare are re- ports of clashes on the Mongolian border, each side blaming the other as aggressors. The Outer Mongolian government, reinforced by conclusion of Its mutual assistance pact with Soviet Russia,- dispatched a note to the Japanese-sponsored state of Manchukuo, declaring Its readiness to resist any Invasion. Government in Business Decried by Committee A CCORDING to the committee on ** government competition with private enterprises, whose report has been made to the President, that practice Is wholly destructive "except in situations where the public welfare can only thus be served." "The government's function," the report said, "Is to protect economic activities of its citizens and not to supplant them." ' The committee unanimously agreed that only under the following conditions is the government Justified In entering Into competition with private enterprise: 1. When required to assure adequate preparation for, and creation of, the facilities for national defense. 2. For the conservation of natural resources. 3. When private enterprise falls to conduct needed scientific research and exploratory activities to advance industrial development, or in the Interest of public health and safety. 4. When private enterprise falls to render a service necessary for the general welfare. Alien Deportation Bill Reported to Senate ESPITB vigorous opposition, which will reappear on the floor of the senate, the senate committee on Immigration and naturalization reported favorably the Kerr-Coolldge alien deportation bill, which Secretary Perkins has been trying to get through congress for three years. It will give her and two other members of an Interdepartmental board discretionary power to harbor radical and even criminal aliens, otherwise deportable. In this country. The same bill recently was reported favorably by the house committee. Pending action by congress on the measure, Secretary Perkins has been lolding up the deportation of some 2,800 aliens mandatorlly deportable under existing law, contending that they are "hardship cases." Some are radicals, some have criminal records, and others entered the coun- :ry .illegally. By "hardship cases" Secretary Perkins means that they would be separated from family ties or put to some other Inconvenience. Senator Uobert R. Reynolds of Morth Carolina, Democrat, not long ago attacked the action of Secretary Perkins in holding up the de- lortations and denounced the pend- ng bill ns a "sham and n mockery" and a subterfuge to shield all kinds of radicals, criminals, and dependents unlawfully in this country. Secretary Perkins refused to produce information respecting the 2,300 "hardship" cases until Reynolds Introduced a senate resolution, whereupon she permitted him to examine the records. Secretary Perkins Italian Bombers Wreck Second Ethiopian City •jV/fOSSOLINI'S air bombers were •"•V-l busy again In Ethiopia, virtually ruining Hnrar. second city of that country, with a downpour of explosives. Most of the populace had (led when scouting planes gave a warning of what was to come, so the casualties were few. An official telephone message from Harar to Addis Ababa said fifteen Incendiary bombs struck the Egyptian Red Cross hospital and others hit the Ethiopian' Red Cross hospital. A French mission, the French consulate, the Ethiopian radio station and prison all were reported officially to have been ruined. The attack on Harar, coupled with a heavy bombardment of Jl- jlga, fifty miles east of Harar and a center of Ethiopia's southern defenses, raised native fears in Addis Ababa that the capital Itself might be the next target of the Italian aerial bombs. Fourteen Are Killed by Mexican Plane Crash rpOUHTEEN persons perished In " Mexico's worst aviation disaster. A big trimotored plane carrying ten European tourists and four company employees crashed on the ridge between the volcanoes Popo- catapetl and Ixtacclhuatl and there were no survivors to explain why |t fell. Among the tourists were Prince Adolf of Schaumlmrg-Llppe and bis wife. Princess Elisheth. New Processing Taxes Out of Revenue Bill O NE of the major features of the new tns program suggested by President Roosevelt is omitted from the measure prepared by a house subcommittee and on which open hearings were begun by the ways and means committee. For political reasons it was decided that the plan for new processing taxes on farm and competing products should be abandoned. Mr. Roosevelt's suggestion for a "windfall" tax to recapture part of the refunded or unpaid AAA processing levies was accepted by the subcommittee. A third suggestion of the President, for graduated taxes on the portions of Income which corporations do not distribute In dividends to stockholders, was changed to provide levies on total Income of corporations varied according to percentages of profits put Into reserves. The subcommittee agreed that the corporation tax rates should be so drafted as to permit corporations, particularly small ones, to build up reserves for lean,years without being compelled to'pay comparatively high taxes for the privilege of doing so. The subcommittee figured on collecting some $25,000,000 from taxes on dividends going to foreigners who own stock In American corporations and $83,000,000 from temporary continuation of the capital stock and excess profit taxes. Half Million Farmers May Get Double Benefits R EXFORD G. TUGWBLL, head of the rural resettlement administration, announced that a special committee is considering a plan under which more than half a million growers of farm products would receive double benefits from the federal government. It provides that the rural families now getting loans from Tugwell's administration to put them on their feet and R.G.Tugwell keep them off the relief rolls may also receive full subsidy payments in connection with the soil conservation program now being put Into operation. There are now 450,000 recipients of the Tugwell loans and .the number Is expected to Increase to 525,000 by July L The soil conservation subsidies are to be paid to farmers who transfer land from commercial crop production to soil conserving growths, or who resort to other "economic" farm practices. Officials said that the rehabilitation clients already are under obligation to treat their soil wisely. Before a family can obtain a rehabilitation loan It must agree to follow a farm management plan drafted by the government. This plan stipulates that the borrower must conserve his land's fertility and grow food and feed crops for home consumption. It also Includes a financial budget. Tugwell Indicated that examination may show that the farm management plan is so closely In accord with tho AAA's soil conservation alms that the rehabilitation clients may already be qualified to receive the AAA subsidies. Facts About New Three Power Navy Pact TN CONNECTION with the sign*• Ing of the new naval treaty by the Dnlted States, Great Britain and France, it was disclosed In London that the two first, named powers have reaffirmed the 50-50 ratio for their fleets and again promised not to compete against each other In naval building. The new three power pact limits the size of battleships to 35,000 tons, retains 10,000 tons as the maximum for cruisers and provides no cruisers of that size shall he built for six years. In the expiring Washington treaty there was an article regarding fortification of navul bases. This is not renewed In the new pact, and Japan requested information as to the future intentions of the powers. Consequently the United States. Great Britain and Japan were carrying on diplomatic conversations on that topic. The new treaty gives the signatories certain liberty of action In the event of unforeseen naval activity by powers not signatory to the treaty. British Admiral Killed in Irish Free State H ENRY BOYLE SOMERVILLE, aged and retired vice admiral of the British navy, was murdered by gunmen at his residence at Castletownsend, County Cork, Irish Free State. Thrown through the door of the house was a card bear- Ing these words: "Th'is British agent sent 52 Irish boys Into the British army In the last few months. He will send no more." Electric Home and Farm Authority Is Renewed W ITH only one change, the house' passed the senate bill to continue the Electric Home and Farm authority as a federal agency until February 1, 1087, or any earlier date decreed by the President. The authority was created to help finance sales of electrical appliances. 0 National Topics Interpreted by William Bruckart National tress Building 1 Washington, D, C. WASHINGTON.— Some years ago when Heed Smoot of Utah was a , member of the Smoot s senate where he Prophecy enjoyed a long and meritorious service, he ventured a prophecy. It was this: "The cost of government has Increased every year, and It will continue to Increase. I care not what party Is In power, that result will obtain." As I recall, Senator Smoot's statement was made about elglit years ago and It was made at a time when the Republicans, of whom the Utah senator was one, were in control In the senate. His statement came as a result of an Immense amount of jibes that were being hurled at the Republican majority. The Democrats were having a grand time, kidding the Republicans who were then in complete "control of the government. Senator Smoot recognized that which few In responsible positions In the government recognized, or if they did recognize the fact, they chose not to admit it. Nevertheless, the senator's statement Is true today as it was true when he made It and for many years before. The Smoot prophecy comes to mind now because of the sudden acceleration of moves to curtail government expenses, to reorganize the scads of New Deal and emergency agencies, to eliminate overlapping functions among these agencies, and, in genera], to put the house of government in order. Two such efforts are under way. One of them was initiated by Senator Harry F. Byrd, Virginia Democrat, who succeeded In obtaining senate recognition of hl^ charges that there was tremendous waste, that there were useless agencies and that, in addition, governmental functions were being generally messed up because none except the old-established units of government knew what they were doing. The Virginia senator obtained adoption of a resolution providing for a general survey and recommendations for the clean-up. It was a situation In which even the most ardent New Dealers could not find an excuse for objecting to it. So the senator took the lead. .Subsequently, President Roos/^elt reached the conclusion that something ought to be done In the way of untangling the tangled skein of governmental functions so he proposed a survey under his direction. He appointed a committee of so- called experts to go over the problem. Thus, at the start, at least, It appears that the taxpayers are go- Ing to be favored by a break. I think it ought to be added, however, that no one has had the temerity to suggest that either the Byrd survey or that engineered by Mr. Roosevelt will yield very much. The survey promoted by Senator Byrd will dig up a good many help. .. ful facts but Dig Up there is every Helpful Facts reason to believe that the Virginia senator will find many obstacles placed In his way and that he and his committee will be unable to present any comprehensive statement on their findings to the country in advance of the November elections. The same Is true concerning the survey directed by the President, only more so.. The colil fact Is that there is no chance at all for the President's eommj/toe to oven approach the stago of making recommendations from their survey until long after the elections are held. Frankly, each of these surveys Is permeated with politics, so much so that a straightforward accounting or general description of the affairs of government will not be allowed to become public property and thereby become a campaign Issue. Of the two, Senator Byrd's proposal has the better chance, but that Is rather small Adverting to the Smoot prophecy, It Is therefore of no great Importance whether a thoroughgoing examination of the governmental structure that has grown up in the last three years uncier President Roosevelt Is made In advance of the elections. These New Deal agencies have been created and these New Deal agencies, like many of the "Old Deal" agencies, are with us to stay and suck up taxpayers' money for quite some time. I need only, remind you that we still have In existence the War Finance corporation and the railroad administration that were created as war-time agencies, not to mention a dozen other similar units. It Is possible. Indeed, I think It Is probable, that there will |j e a trimming of pay rolls in many of the New Deal agencies immwliuiely after election. There ccrtainlv ought to be Important etmiiili,,,.,,', of expenses and of the list of fin- ployees, but accomplishing || j;ll ^ a matter much mure easily ,i,. scribed than done. Ho, i f,,,.j ^^ In saying that all of this nilo •,i,,',,,'t a reduction In governmental swell- Ing amounts to nothing more than Just ado. * * * In making the statement above that the outcry about reducing the government pay New Deal roll and untan- Spirits Rise e'ing the functions Is Just so much ballyhoo, I think It ought to be said at the same time that New Deal spirits are rising. There was a time a few months ago when the national trend was decidedly against Mr. Roosevelt It even went so far as to cause many Individuals to say that Mr. Roosevelt would be defeated for re-election. The picture around the first of April was quite different. There Is in Washington quite a general feeling that the Roosevelt re-election chances have Improved and are continuing to Improve. This condition Is quite evident to observers continuously on the Job here for even in the personal manner of the President himself there is an outward appearance that he believes the situation is well In hand. As far as I can discover, one reason why the New Dealers feel so much better Is that events leading up to the national Democratic convention seem to be cleared of any harassing possibilities. I am sure that it will be recalled how something like the blues overcame many New Deal stalwarts after former Gov. Alfred E. Smith of New York, 1928 Democratic Presidential candidate, let loose n blast at the New Deal in his Liberty League dinner speech. I happened to be in a position to know that the Smith speech caused nil kinds of commotion and fear amona New Deal leaders. They know, as everyone else knows, that "Al" Smith has a big following. When he threatened "to take a walk," he let loose a declaration that was charged with dynamite and the New Dealers could not calculate how much dynamite. Now, however, It appears quite certain that much of the danger Inherent In the Smith declaration has been eliminated. Notwithstanding the Smith Indictment of the President for repudiation of platform promises and his description of the Roosevelt policies as "a national menace," there is going to be a pitifully small number of'anti- New Deal Democrats in the Philadelphia convention. The number will be so small, In fact, that however vociferous they become, their shouts will be heard no more than the wail of a child in a storm. It was to be expected, as I have reported to yon before, that the i routine type of Democratic politician will forget any differences he has with the New Deal and be regular at convention time and during most of the campaign. That type of politician, be he Republican or Democratic, cannot afford to bolt. If be bolts, ho cuts off his own nose and most politicians do not enjoy being de-nosed for that is tantamount to being politically dehorned So, while the Philadelphia convention of the Democrats may have some seething underneath the surface, it is without the realm of pos- Preas » Batton and Robot Gives Trainj n f orrnation Visitors to Glasgow may see th first "robot" railway time-table L duced In Scotland. The new s was Inaugurated at Glasgow <v! f®. Station. The "Informator" shrW a glance the train service from V* etntton to any desired destination Similar In size ami appearanV, the automatic ticket machines on th London underground system it „ a window at the level of the'eyes*! nn average-sized person. At the ha I of the window Is a card with th names of the various stations « from the central station. Attache to each name Is a number, and below the window Is a series of n bered keys. By pressing the biitZ corresponding to the number , t tached to hla destination the Inquire, causes a card to slide into view which gives'a complete list of trains to and from the specified tlon.—Washington Post. the BOYS! GIRLS! Bead the Grape Nuts ad in another column of th'is paper and learn to Join the Dizzy Dean Winners win valuable free prizes.— Adv. and Truth's Sido It Is one thing to want Truth to be on our side, but quite another to want to be on the side of Truth, Bakina Powder Patience Mighty Patience in weakness is mightier than Impatience in strength. sibility that there can ho any regard their situation P rett i' well in important revolt against renomlna- tion of Mr. Roosevelt. • * * Inasmuch as the New Dealers can properly G. O. P. in a Hole urally can fool a bit cockv over the difficulties In the Itepuhlican ranks First, the Republicans are at a disadvantage in that their convention In Cleveland is to be held at an earlier date than the Demo- erats meet. This, however, Is mor(J real than apparent. It is thu b cause of the Intra-purty battles thut appear certain to come to the s • face at Cleveland. The Republic-ins' are not together, not unifie,] '* anything. A half dozen cand Sates with appreciable following are snapping at each other ami t™ Cekdii SELF-HEATINslj The Coleman is njron- J JR O N nine Instant lighting Iron. .,, All you have to do la turn a valve, etrike ft match '},. and It lights instantly. You don't have to insert ,y:i the match Inside tho iron—no burned fingers. .;'L Tho Coleman heats in n jiffy; 13 quickly readr '• foruao. Entire Ironing curfaco b heated win •}• point the hottent. Maintains! its hent even for ;.;f tho fast worker. Entirely self-henting. Operata i. tor HP on hoar. You do your Ironing withies ;.; effort, in one-third less time. Re sure your celt ,M Iron Is the genuine Instant-Lighting Coleroin.' It u the Iron every womun wants. It's a wonderful time and labor saver—nothing liko It. 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