Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 6
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DECATLJR HERALD EVENING, OCTOBER 20, 1930. UECATUR HERALD H E R A L D ' S P A G E O F I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N E d i t o r i a i s 1 Many a good waitress has been spoiled by telling hov that she looks just like a oelsbraUd movie star, Tho most thrifty man In our block wus all ready, when tho need ctmt for nnll-fre0*0 solution In the family car, having thoughtfully mivud sontr of tho hiiotlcgticr'!) stuff that didn't analyse ·«· well. COLLEGIATE CHIVALRY Too busy with the mum thintj to botlrci to describe ceremonial* the pporb wrilcrs tire Mceuslomecl lo omit all reference to lite jiaKCitntry ot Big 'Ten conference foolUll games. Thai part of tin- |iultic which docs not Mtend. must R'ly on the cduofinl imge for the informnlion thirt the marcliirut and music continufi lo be u moat dclifihiM P*r' of these Nowhere i\re tln-y boiler than in ihe Umvewly ol Illinois always a (jraeiom host ond whose hnndmen ddighl tn honoring visitor? in n i«n*nlion*.l wtty. The Illinois band is so din thftt nothing is beyond it. Last Saturday it treated Norlhweslcrn lo the sight of its own symbol "N. W." produced in double lim% the unit* of which moved to a lively miircti while tows mdinlnincd their jtrniRhtrics* and their relnlivc position. It was A beautiful formation, ond well deserved the cheers which it received from the Evanston collegians. William (\\Msy, for » number of ycnrs a member of the University of IliinoJ;i f.iculty. uied to soy that it was o privilege to tic a part of a community of 10,000 persons in which ihe av;rji|a' af(C wiis not much more trinn 25 years, and anybody who has seen one of lliMc big Middle Western univrriiliti on one of their gain days, cm understand what he mcnnl. One comes nwny from ihe University of Illinois siadium rather of the opinion tlvil a ffroup so resourceful, so well disciplined and so cliivali'ous is rather worth while. Another jfrimt nrtviintniw ot Mia, McCormlcIt IK. she attfnrtcd Con^rPMii so neldom thoro Isn't much of nnylhlriK I" t* 11 ' tt-c-urd that can be iww o walnut her Clilriifjn lt*m a (itpcut named "Crooked" ntul tin liocly of ft x'»nj.'!tl r WHS found tlioro Friday. Writ" 1 tuvit |irtrw;i'i|li: this N too cuoy, THE LUXURY OF GANGSTERS Hcunw the orderly ho^iitul to winch LCJ(S Diamond, slcr, was titkcn .ifter tic hud been shot and kicked, found th« iKiiui icly unwelcome. New York authorities transferred him lo ihe r.iiy Itiupiiiil on Welfure island. 'I he ymjii'j; t^iinftstcr received the attention that would li,ive been .«roi(!cd ihe Picsidcnt of t!ic United States on ilic viil lo the riM'!r()|inti* Detcctivesi rode wllli him in the .imljul.iiK'c, Olliris [ir^'cudec! him in automobiles, nnd rnrst filled with deleUivt-a lollowcd us a rear gu.vrd, The e«*t of moving this lillle scamp who has been ar* n^tcd ii (In/fii t f i n c v piolialily was not under $500 and itie city will r o n t i i i u e to be charged for his care until he n-covrrs. One lirg'in to undurslnml what is meant by Anieriif*H tiiiiui.ircriiiie bill. Gangers nrc one of our most expcmive wln-u ts that old, h« K\i\a tLi|lU-il powclci 1 with n lill H |(| n (IMP nf t i n t flist Uiln|M killed ·it IH thu riuiilly bunk I it killing STRAIGHT SHOOTING NEEDED A robber held uj the cashier of a bank down in the Missouri O/tntw thr other dny nml, after scoopiiiK up the ca'h, r,m for lii* car. rjlis haste attracted the attention of » couple ot dquly shciiffs who fired at him with almost startling divct«' results, "one shot" as ihe account has it, "pohiK throuttii the wintlhi«'ld, and another entering the I io me of Or, Sroll Cook, the slr.iy bullet slightly injuring Dr, Cook's *on. Fotrral. in the le(." The robber cut by flyinft «t»so cv«iituilly w^ captured, Theodore Uooicvclt broke in on all ihe rejoicing uvei ihe desitructiiin of llic ?p,iniali flci't in Sanliapo linrbof by ^nyitiR lh,it the vhonllnc of tin 1 American ^uuncri w.u nbominablo. Wr insist that ionic I (mm ought to be done ubout the marksmanship of turn! deputtes. "I 'he Irst thin^ that ,i sheriff takes into t on tide rat bn in appomlmg his assitlanls Sn their ability to shoot alrnittlil. All thnt n needed In halt n fleeing bank robber it to puncture one of his tires, but while tires have become hirner robbers continue to make their gctauav 1 * and innocent hysiamlm like the unfortunate ForrC'l C'ook cunlimtc lo top stray bullets, We should lli'nk that bankers, who U*UH||V want all the protection they can ({·(, would lake tip with sheriff,'' «rio»wly the quality of jhootinw n* opposed to ([uantily and would insist ill iU n mnn who flrr^ at a st tin dins automobile nncJ hits n dwvllintt houw would be better rmptovrd in do- mfl (he paper work in the sheriff's office or fcedinn the jail orwotiers llvin in n l t t ' m i i t i n M ' l c RU.IK! Of eoui'Ho there U ^ t l l l time, und hlsloiy nun vt*(irvti thd JiiilK'ni'^il, hut up lo and Including thf«' ilnto. It 1st ohncri'iitlp llutl no othar rpcortlt o( nni cdDMt'ciui'iior In ihe woilit over litnc heen wt hi of m i n i t t h w i rwonls PULPIT QUARRELING WITH SCIENCE A lot oi (food pciHU? nre distuilied hrciiusi- IITTIK« of Einstein, Dciiwiii and Emmfrsoii appenr over the door' «f the Rivr-Mktr R,»rti*t ehtirch fn New York Put Re*. Hnrrr Fo'diffc MV» fif h ftltid that the carving* of these »nl oilier free thinker* arc there. "Let ttw pulpit coa*e qiinrrdinft willi tlie jcicntwtn mid emulate them if it can." he iirgrti. "They nrc dnlicnkd spirits. Thcv Rive themnclves without re*l to tho senrcli for truth thai will !icl» Innnnn needs. Thi* nwrninn while we nte worihip- i«(Tcomfortably lieci', ii otwtirt 1 nrid forgotten InWnloric' aonw of llietn arc nl work seeking roniedie* for fineient *nd Inmcntnbir ills." Posnibly some of tnew lauorntoiv jcientiMs would he quick to deny ihfit concern for tlie wctlnte of hmrmnitv w»s · motive for tlieir reWBtcriM. and would diclnre thai curiosity alone account*" ror tlitir investigation). Bui it it none the ICM true thftl humanity reaps l!ie results of tlieir efforts, and it is al« true that most sciemijii thnt Iwive (mind effective twMmenH fra «IM*M freclv give their diicovertesi la the woitd inileatt w-liymfl to make a profit from them. Dr. Fotdiclc, while admitting lhat some of the scientills NJEWSPAPERfifiCHIVE®--.. and men of letters whose busts decorate hit church, are not conventional Christians, aud may not even be conscious believers b Cod, declates that they are a part of an Unrecognized God. This for the orthodox u heresy; for the unorthodox it ii rather comforting. The real Isauea of the campaign, In cuse you want to know, are exactly the game Issues of the last campaign, and tho n exl-to-1 he-last one, mil to-wlt: jobs, , T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OP 25 YEARS AGO TODAY PROM THE HERALD OF 1905 Initial steps for tho building of an inl«rurbin lino b«- this olty and Mattoon, to be known aa the Ducatui, aulilvt.a Mattoon Trunult Co., were taken at a meeting In tho club roomtt In Sullivan Thursday uttornoon. K. B, Stai', un exparlencod railroad man, la the moving spirit In the oiganlzutlon. Among those attending the meeting yiurtai'daj*. from Decutur, were J. M. Clokoy, T. T. Springer, J. U. Culver, Thoron Powers and F. B. Talt Mr. Ciokey und Mr. Talt were clot tod to tho board of directors. Tho I'Stlrmaod coat of building th« road from Dccatur to Mattoon Id $000,000, and by carrying 275 passengers a day, a rut urn of 8 pur lent, could tw made on this Investment, Mi', S( or buck U. W. Cadwalludor, who haa been attending a shobt in iuwa for sovoral daya, Is oxpectEHl home In time to go to It loon ilng ton on Monday to attend the three-day shoot which begins there. A petition la being circulated (or the paving o( North Kdward otroot, front the end of the present pavement at Pu^h street north to the Peorla line of the Illinois Central. The petition has been out since Wednesday and has ueven or eight signers. Oysters will bis on sale at the stores on Saturday for the first time this season. Little neck' clams and quohongs will also tempt the appetites of thoso who like deep sea ftah, The question au to what to do with the city dumping ifioundti han become u aorloua on«. The dumping ground la now southwest of the city, near tho ixiat house. The place IK oflonulvo to the people in that neighborhood and law suits have been threatened unless the city doea something to remove the nuisance. In the meeting of the city council Monday night John Mattes will make an offer to Iho council, to trade 10 acres northwest of tho city for the place used as a dump In order to get, rid of the nuisance In his end of the olty. AND WE WERE SHOCKED BY "MOTHER INDIA)!" - New York Times. On* In every 2,000 pupils In the New Tork City public schools la likely to marry In the course of u year, For the school year ended June, 1S29, the number of children who left school or were dismissed because of early marriage W;IB 4S3, of whom more than 100 were IB years of age 01 less, This Is not an extraordinary showing In view of the tuft that New York la ono o( *i dozen statea where the law permits tho marriage of girls nt the age of 14 with the consent of parents or guard Inn t. In New Hampshire the minimum ago with consent Is 13, and In Maryland and Louisiana It Is 12. New Jersey Is one of four ctatea which fix no minimum a(fe for marriage with parental consent, und there presumably thu English common law will hold-II yoara for boya und 12 for girls Among the states permitting girls of 14 to marry the division it corns to be equal between North and South, East and West, so that nothing can be deduced as to the relation of caily marriage to ethnic stock. It would pay some aspiring student In sociology to find out the racial makeup of the 500 precocious youngsters In the New York public sell oo la, ] CREAM OF THE JEST VWl IT A MINUTE--WHOSE BRAINS? A California prcfossor says long life flops tub, upon bialns, and If that'll no, then some people we know niuut not be as old as they look.--Fort Wayne Sentinel. AND START AT ONCE A Chicago man Is making plans to run around iln; wotUI, tf wo lived In Chicago, wo fancy w«'tl fun) much the same way about It.-- Roanokt Time;', NOT SO NEW Tliluf (new tie fin It Ion) --Any body wlio doetn't tukc unough.-- Akron Beacon-Journal. SOMJE HAVEN'T DONE IT Colonel Woodcock says he wanttt hU prohlbl- ilon uginta to be gentlemen, Now the question IH liutii that Include carrying their like Ksnl\i · men?--Flint Oally Journal, OH A NIGHT CLTJ.B Now iork city gains 20,000 more by a o( II a census; figures. Perhaps they ovorlookod of the big apartment houses,-- Detroit Free Presx HE WON An Alasluii iravclod 2,000 miles by dog al«J und itliplnne to find a dentist out. And probably tiatliored a sneakintf hope all the time lio wotilil (Ind him out.--Lynchburg News REAL HILLS IN ILLINOIS · ·liinnt.y Herutil-Whig. With a finality that seems to belong to the engine iiiii profession. State Highwny Enttlnepr Pl'unk Sheets ^lli^ Kut announced that the "Chostar hill," near the city ot thai t!\ne, is ttie gi-ado known on the Illinois state highway syatuni. There must be rivals, ot uouisu. Motorists of Western Illinois Imve known for years of the Carter hill near Tlosu and counted It one of the formidable gtades In Illinois. Then there are the Mill and Burton cruuk hills, just outside of Qulney on Ttoutc 36, Ihe lone hill where Route SI descend.) to puy Its reapoots to Crooked Creek--now knc.wii by a more elegant nume--just cast of Rlpley, the long and winding grade on Route 3 that wakes Prodcriulc « name to bo feared and tho descent from the Illinois river blulf near Hnrdln Into the little valley that the two rivers leave in Calhoun county. What other states havt we don't know but traveler Irrtht East speak In whisper* and with dread of some of those grades ovot the mountains In Pennsylvania and there Is an abrupt climb from the south Into the city of St. Joseph, Mo,, which is not child'* play for any motor. In the old days ot dirt roads any of these hills were enough to give motorist* a dreadful nightmare. With concrete surfacing they are no longer auch terrors. The Che.f tor hill after It hau been surfaced will be respectable 111] all the rest, ' » As I View the Thing ;BY S. A. TUCKER: GATES TO THE SKY I looked at hoi', and said: What Js yuuf name? Your cloak la strong*, of unnamvcl I. And you are blind. Horo (MtiouLh thuitu leafl«nn li'Oea, Wounds ugulnat the midnight sky, You stand, unknown to mo, '' Your llpa uro rod; But not the ret) of shame, But rather llho thti sudden red of nisiiioi' ^ When they go hurtling by, 1 lying In the quiet of my rent. She moved Iho blooded llpa, And Bpoke: I am your dreams. There waa no motu to aek, but down To klM her hem I knelt and sobbed, The long grey atretches of th« nlghl Carssed the cold white arms of dawn Until the morning e»m* , And I awakened from the death Of sleep. --BEN-ARl, Which sugeesla that the one Insupportable anguish In life worse than the loga of money, or evud of health, would bn to have for Momory a hag, Inutuad of another luch damsel an this. Wiiat a day, Sunday, for a drive, In that brittle ·un- light and cleiin-awopt air! Our Illinois landBtupe him been tidied up, and ahowa itself at ita best; tender shooU of young wheat, piwturta and meadows vcdeemcd fi'om the dcmago of drouth, the endless corn Iltldu mellow for harvest, but not yut ravaged by the wagons of the shuck era. Only, It ID melancholy to realize how abort a, while tine* those same tan fields were a young green. Things we never knew until now; Queen Isabella of Spain. America's godmother, wait u blonde. Quite correctly too; her ancestry wan mostly English, x Cleopatra ulso wua b Ion tie; revise your picture of the dark-skinned, ebon-haired "Egyptian"--lor Cleo waa a Greek. President Muaaryk of Czechoalavakla was formerly a ptofessor In the University of Chicago. The nmjoilty of all airplane accidents Investigated by the govcrnracntti of the United Stales, Germany, Italy and France, hnve been found duo to "pilot trouble." Moat of the errors In columns are due to "conductor Uouble." f And since v.-e have come to this matter of odd and use- leat, In form fit I on, here la a little glory from England that kujit us from more serious task.j while we read. It has to do with the misuse of coats of arms and other symptoms of noble origin, u misuse highly disturbing to elderly gentlemen in the College Of Heralds, and to other inoba, There Is for example, the woman who uses · family coat of arms. "Atrocious," gay the elderly gentlemen. Women never bore swovda and shields in the golden age of heraldry, therefore have no business displaying a shield. Of course, if one la a duchess, there IB some dubious precedent for display of the family arms In a lozenge, but not In the form,of shield. And (us for persons who display arms they are not entitled to )c Inheritance--the elderly gentlemen grow purple around the gills when they think ot that Even Charles Dickens In his latter years, it appears, sported a bogus coat o( arms, and for that crime we suppoHe any real buronq*) would have been compelled to cut him dead. But what interested us most In all thl* questioning of pro]er titles and symbols was a complaint against the indiscriminate use of "Esquire," Of all the orders.ot chivalry, complain the authorities, this one has been most aadly abused. And who is an Esquire, by right? We are given to understand that he IB 1) the eldest Bon of a younger ion of a peer; (2) the eldest son of the eldest son of a younger son of a peer, und so on to eternity; (3) the eldest son of a. minor potsonuge--baronet or knight. And then, a little radical, but sanctioned by custom--an "Esquire" by courtesy to "captains In the warg," barristers, membcri of UIP diplomatic service, and graduates of Oxford, Cambridge und Dublin universities. Now thnt we know all this, we mean to be very careful. Not any more ahull we apply to a, graduate oC up-start Harvard a title tlit belongs to one that has come out of really venerable univui'ally; nor to on ordinary attorney the title that belongs only to a barrister. Chicago municipal bonds are selling on the Stock Exchange on a basis that will yield only 4 per cent,, and thin notwithstanding the fact that the city finances arc in uucii Singled ahape thai policemen are obliged at preuont to go without pay, The fact IN Interesting. It seems to show that Investors of the count iy, however timid they might bt about trusting their lives in the city, feel perfectly secure In putting their money there. It Is just Chicago's mlsfor- time thttt the bond market docs not get the headline* that aomc other activities do. It la not uncommon, of o oursw, for the wrong things tt got nil thi best publicity, tn the state of Illinois this fall, no candidate wo are going to vote for Is as important ai the proposal for tax amendment, Whomever happens to bu docted to office will serve A short, stated term and pasn on. We can stand anybody for a (jcrtain length af time- and have. But laxen tire a different matter, they gi un forever, Tho atrocious Injustice of tho present tax syatom has been inflicted upon us for generation*; unless there la heroic effort to make a change, It will remain foj all our lives. Try to pick the leaser evil among the candidates, If it umuses you to do so, but concentrate your attention on the constitutional aniendtucnt, There Is a chance to make an Improvement that will IIP lasting, excuse the odor of moth balls In our OVBI-COHI WHEN THE DEW IS FALLING the dew Is falling I h-ivo heard a catling Ot aerial sweet voleos o'ct the low green hill; And when the noon Is dying I have heard a crying Where Ibe brown bum sllppeth o'er the hollows green and still. And 0 the sorrow upon me, The gray grief upon me, For a voles that whispored once, and now for -ave is still; O heart forsaken, calling When the dew Is falling. To the one that comes not ever o'er the low grown hill. -- FI6NA MACLEOD. I STOCKINGS ,i -By Gluyu Williftirii Wll COM» WTO PARENTS' KOH U REFW SJKKIN6 KSSUWN6 THEM ITWft POANV^O^.HE'i flL- RENDV LOOKEP EV«V- WHERE nwte sro^Kiw AT IftST UMpER THE 8EP- WMNCE* MOW T|« WETtRSTSDOC- INp HE MvST HnVC HE1AKC6TFIHECUAN Oflft AMP PUT OH WE OTHEH6, «WHW? - : MAIL BAG : - Chicago Citizen Commends Judge Lyle To the Editor ot The Herald, Sir; Tho Chicago Tribune of Oct. nth quotes an editorial In your pa- or regarding Judge Lyle and his isuppoaed) violation of the Const!- .utlon and the Bill ot Right*. White your editorial Is very mild and Is, Intended to be fair It does not convince me that Judge Lyle Is either In error or "dangerous" unless that It be he la dangerous to the elasa that hai caused the people, the ice, and the courts of Chicago to nuch trouble and glvcq Chicago · bad name. When the Bill of Rights was framed and enacted, we had no ISth itnendment, no Al Cnponos, etc., and every law on all the statute books Mai respected by 95 per cent, of thn luoplo, but thoKej conditions do,not exist today, As' for conditions tn Chicago not ingr the same as they were In California, In tlto '4G's, I'D agree with ·ou. They are worse, I dou'' II oven In the most hectic 4ayn In California If ever a list of undesirable or dangerous men being sent by the chief of police to the head of anothar department should be- com* "lost" and later be accidentally discovered In povnesulon of one ot the undesirables mentioned In the list, With n large portion of our pollen corrupted and in league with thi criminal, with only too mtny nf our judges r ecru I tod from the rank* of ehynlcr lawyer* and either afraid of the criminals appearing before them or perhniM actually In league with the criminals and "getting the Ira" In some roundabout manner, I feel that we are forlunate In having one judge who cannot be pur* chased or Intimidated. J, P. RYAN, 3033 Clarodon Avenue, Chicago, Oct. IT, Sinco the editorial above referred te wa* written, the nuprem* court has held M exeesftlvo and Illegal the ball that Judge Lyle has Imposed.-Ed. Japs Like Dandelions --Harry n, O'Brien In Better Home* and Garden*, j It Is queer how we prize nioul tlie: flower A that come from a far-away place nnd think «o IIUIn of treasure*! at hem*. The Japanese are told to! eoteem the dandelion highly and! greenhouses grow U for *al« bit to ornamental plant. Lt*t summer » woman eamn to vltlt my garden who was born abroad, Sho «w «, certain rock plant of irln« and laughtd M ·he laid: "Oh, I knew what Out I*. My mother used to feed it to tn» toaU." Paderewski's Ranch gne thing that would bring Put'- rewtkl to th« Untied Slaws, t\'fn It he had no other reason for com I UK u bin attachment* to his rancli it Paso IUbl«*, Cttl, He 1* proud of hlM 2,flf»-acre property, which 1» under cultivation largely for elinondt, prunes, Rrupw and walnutu. He jtlatw to tpen'd a three-w««k vacation on It during his coming tour. Halt tilt grounds of hi it home In Switzerland, are Riven over to land. In one corner U th fold, compo*4d of progeny of th« ·h**p (tlven the urtlot by OM pr«tl dent ot Argentina In lfl)1. HI* fruit (rcun there henr rleh fruits, and lit ha» * chicken house where unusual speelr* »r* bred, H« take* the hwn. out enjoyment tn following hi* car*Inker over hi* land* for hour* at · time, The patrol* carried out by III* Royal Canadian Mounted Police ty dog*team and bout In the euntorn and we*tern Canadian Arctic durlnf 1021 totalled approximately ZK.OOt mll«*--«uf fie lent lo circle the globe ni th« equator. A Saving In Insurance Costs A«k uny member of the Deratur Fire Cnwalty Under* writers'* Ataociation to inspect your property, review your insurnnce needs, and amrgeut wuy« which will enable you to reduce your insurance coat*. He may recommend important improvement* «ffecting your rate or, he may find that you fcre exposed to danger of heavy lost if you are inadequately protected. You are in- titled to Ihii information. Buy Proiectioi Fron These Reliakto A|min Who Art 01 ho Decatur Fire ft Ca»m lly UmlirwrKirs Anotlalloi - , Inc. '200 Standard Uf« Bldg Phone M13 DtTBFEB. 'IlJiltH * MIVllOI^SUN lia N Wster Phone 4Mb J IHMSON A BOBB 12J m, Prairie St Phone WBuO BENNKTT * SI1AUB CO M U WOM St, Phon» 44W. EDITH 8, HA1NR8 4« Cwtn» Ave phone M7W ... ... .. **MB» O-MARA * «ON u7 w Main PboM y^aot tt OtSyATt3Vt TITLE ft MORTOAtlE CJtt U4 N. Water St. phone 3-12M AI4JCN A DO. INC. 133 S. water St. Pnon* *14* t, M, HoULBLLAND «W Wllllkln B)d(. Pnmt NO* ALLBN * WILBf B1S414 Hilllktn Bldfr OOBB * ODOB OO. m w. MUD BUVfHOID · TAUBBB _,,_. «a 8. Park St POOD* B4U* ALBXANDB»«OHOM-rBNi»tOI« MUlIkh) Btdf. Be Your Policy 1$ Backed By a Stock Company NOT IRISH FOf SHOW PI CARNEG tr tf Three ( PSttC CAWDEO I My OKOKGK CHICAGO, C atne'i football for another nati p, and, ftlthoui rocky. Rockn leetn likelv to cl to (he gridiron p ccupied In 192' There n*v*r wx jtockne's 1WO timr ·ltd that vanish*! Jfotrt Damn *xrf tletorlf W*[ r Cam" LUe ll»t 'The Notre Dan hit, rug*** Carne, M badly outplaye Tartan* advance only one* when Di tocud Tech h»lfbft: «nil ran 72 ; The rest of th- ehWBlng, hard-hit first line of defmi gh attack -botU«i own territory. R««kn* |rt Jubilant ever th young linemen. 1 »ftw the (fame his (hunt* of KOfnir tl without s.d*!feBt. "W* may f«M toiuch teoni)" MI the W»jr IHojr pin ^urtfi tvnuM hnv i t am' HPIMI I Notre Doni- 1 fnei week »'lwn ' hi* Pittsburgh for tlwl from horn* a^rnin: U, of PlUfbwtfh » Three Sol If thf Irliib mrv (uni, th*y will 'n pMltlon BH«ln un they encounter £f ptctlve Biff T*n cti Flold, Chicago, After North ww other hard gmu** Mdler FlelJ und nta at I»" Anir«l Northwest em gam m»«t Indiana, t Drake, whom Roi pott ct largely trcopr. ·four dreker, Crowley, deft-- com* baek ItM Mttotj.. Carldco ttfatn w quarterback the T team against Cnt Dame had four while Cartdeo woi h* cwih«d In on It took an Interest th» foftl Un* to h larly In 1he gntn CwUeo CurlOoo's smart cttl'atn placing of the Clrmgle elev COihg, After th« wtrtl* would tinli Ctrldee 1 * place pi tailde th« SO-yari (nit thu Tartans V territory until tl Notre Bame'e «om« qukk-- two I *ttd on« In the Hi nto* attack tomt the IS-yard line i period, Carideo b (*M» with * post ky, who cftuifht t tin* for the flret A Notre Dame Cftrntfl* fumble lino Ut* tn the on tff« next pta «v*r for the eeeo ·eon 1M In tkhwarU threw Capt Tom Coni* mtmlnir 90 yards A fumblft tnsM Waited th* Bht ht*rlnit ft fourth In the Mid-Weti Host Vtetorles: ICkn *). Uo«t p«lnUi: Wm»«); Ohio Sti ·tot touchdon Ohio 8taU, U. Most pttlBU fttl , M. fl»W teal '»r d«fen (opponw ····v^niln (opi MaAlnp; Indlvl NEWSPAPER

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