The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1975 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1975
Page 9
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Astro- .JUGraph jV \1 „ B«ft*t B«M QiKH : rw r«**4*y, o»t t, tin ARIIS (M»«* If.*** It) TAUflUi <*«*« MH»r M) Uww tl >*r THS MCti "Hi J <it<- n «*«* THK TMKKK Cit'AWMI, played, Ml to nght, by Hrady Ilurneo. Jerry MeCuliey arid Oiri d in A KAIM« ut ilvre at ihr oprnitti; College drama dejwrtrr»inr!i r>rr>rli»f.'tir>n (;r«-eit fr.tgwt) " " t* *'^ .t-r,.ii, (^. il«*A (tt»t II.Ocl lit •^- ' ' -f i ' f?' ; ''*•*;!> a fe^ ,V l.» , ». P .V '.,.,.,..J =! ,,,, . Thefts reported at Amoco plant A ytUow tsm QvmoJrt r*eiit)p. «oi«i (rt«m the parking lot a( the A/nw» O»«iiir4i «;« , at O«cfcwtiit« iia^ju Saturday night, hat been retovefed in cialvvtton County, !U*i-*i« C«x»ty Jwh*nn'» o<fvt«r» feftQrtied The t»ci«p tifior^t to Mlxrrt tWafff erf AJvin Shift w|»*trtt«Ml<f»t W H HuJlw ni 3 « ^ tn Sund»> repKtriftJ ?hre-e uthef thdu wfycfc had (Krttf r««$ w? 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M»(5t»mi Oni*«.*.4 A.'vJ ^srrii'.Ji Fa!l» ?<,. -ifiSfilki, tjiinmt is*--* af*d Si.'i .AnU/n-'o 77 Karl ttuflli SB *ml Haus ft in tlw i ««*.! sis htftft ft^ Heather Use j»n<ryc Your „ ,. , Birthday CB radio reowwl; -•».«»'• policy fife charge (AKK JACK.S0S in jwu ci< OfFICE SUPFtY i In 0» C*T NCN.1U k< H A fkrwTf* h*fd He r«eort«3 Divtd J»me» Taylor. Ji. <?< ScA.tsct'cA, h** t»«« .'jjrrf v.<i brtcrr Juaiict! of thr FV*t-e It C Tbanvu, urtxi M^ fc»-«d 4! D.iOO l»i.v«er» md . tnuch Jp M af* h !'-*> N.J! :.-'> to offtorri b> fax! nhtn SJ'ir t!t.>rn5 Mra a[v,t;j hf r !rai. ! r: jutou- T»'.V»'K«.\n H»;> Jwfcsfr <U»n MftitrxJ I.'uJR iO frkra irrciAl tir^rw) Kcrii .-sr»! Hi^trurck. 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NITE ALL YOU CAN PEEL & EAT 4 W ADULTS I M CHILDREN u (f* R COFFEE SHOP til 9;00 p.m. (Continuedfrom Page i) movement. HU stern account of a young girl defying a persuasive tyrant must have needled the Wehrmacht no end in its coUomrlat translation, but the Germans could do nothing about It," Mis* Cornell's discovery of the play under these conditions could have easily accounted for her enthusiasm. Speaking in hisUflcalion of her own enthusiasm for the play Katharine Cornell stated: "Mike to talk about the character of Antigone because I love and admire her. We can't live by Antfgones alone, but if we have* no Antigone within ui we are spiritually barren. She was remote and willful, but she wan uncompromisingly true to (he things she believed The conflict between Antigone and Creon Is the conflict between the gpiril and the With this background of th« play in mind, the college drama department f« staging the production with military costumes and atmosphere. Box of nee opens today for reservation call* (369' 0I3D. Box offlee to open daily from 10a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission prices: Wednesday: *1.25; thumlay: *I,80; Friday and Saturday: $2. ••'••^<i» ••••••«»•»»•••••*••" News from //iffj Services HOSPITAL ISA ft JHlAV HIWIMTAI.OK Jr r| O (». JoJiji '>!t«» Vii-hrJy ')"l llt/Jfi JcftfJ.8,'; fxjr Si Ml \\ Mrt Vii!l:arr; !.<.«! Jack ton ora L>nr.j Ti. Frwport LINO GARCIA JR. Marine Corporal Uno Garcia Jr.. ton of Mr. and Mrs, Uno B. Garcia ST., of 212 W. Jordan St., AJIvin, has reported for duty at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, Calif. A former student of Alvin High School, he joined the Marine Corps in Feb. 1073. GEORGE SI.VGLKTARV Airman First Class Gewge T. Singletary, son of Mr. and Mm George N. Smgletary of 701 E. Kyle. AngJcton, has graduated at Lowry AFB, Colo., from the U.S. Air Force munitions maintenance specialist course conducted by the Air Training Command The airman. now qualified to inspect, assemble and dispose of explosive munitions, is being assigned to Carswell AFB, Tex., for duty with a unit of th« Strategic Air Command. Airman Singletary attended Angleton Senior High School. VELASCO CALL FOR 233-2304 ADULT MOVIES Both Rated X ,S5n Ar»«Jr<-* jtn**i>h '!5a JuJiir AnK k- !'.«". f<..,'"-. I.,':ii<.- S-uiiw. «-'; !"(»!<• <.<->,;,;,,.» r,,u| LJ, )-,!. ' iu!«: Mn J<»- (iarw -Mar> .. .Sriiirwii Bra/^ja Mr-; I xi- <Wis < 'arrvc lirai/ina M:i Ji.-*.ui !' NjcoU-a. I'trto. V*t*«> \St.l K TUN. 0 \Nltl tt> (.K.NKHA1. HllS Hf.IlSLM) \V Mrs 'i!.-!.'-. iiafif. » Afitck-'.w, TlllltMMY I?:j<-i '•*'<• t Itun"! Mn J.."- lie;. i..i J.iur<.-guj, Afig.Jrt«i Smith. Ik*!.- -Tft-r f-rr»-;>j.'! Motorcycle stden t.AKK JACKSON U»il> < Ta>k< is'j i.)>s!t-r Crw-k Ifriif. rt^.vr'cd to poSicr Surxls)- that h4S marton SV74 Va:r,«ha 3M frst»!(wc)c{c had beers lakwi frvjm iU parking place in krf Fnday Sir (tecnfaed uve »s,«« C:JC!P A* having crash bars sr.d a iu^yja^e rack and to^d police i he cycle had UT«I chaiwo t.»u' the Sock }«d h-cxr, cu! Home burgiarized i.AKK JACKSON Police reported that Donald Hirons, 3fl3 Wijitc-na Mid his hoaM? v«a«v wUeml Friday mght through an unlocked window and 1383 in cash taken (rotn a box in a be-droom SELECTED STOCKS Ito» Janet A\rrax Amer. \«l'l. Int . . Awer. T4T Oiry»ler Iki* Ford Motor Co Kranklin Ij(e IDC Frr*ptu-t MinrraU (if^jeral Molor* (,ull UU Jloa. lj,l. tt HWT llou. Nil. (i»s Kre»ge Kroger Valco J C. Prnne> PhlllilH Petroleum . •Sean ...... -S«lco Kixen ............ U9.S1 auttKM- <X B*o boot •offer T>«E CROSS AND THE SWrTCHBUAOC WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3fd 7:30 P.M. ALVIN HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM The exciting climax of Sheriff Bulord Pusser's own true story. THEATRE SI.00 I-KH 1-KRsii.N FAMILY NITE BRAZOS TWIN L BRAZOS TWIN JAWS & t».u IT »v*ir^t **' *r*PK*rHARIWE /^7y HEFBUH* it-3*^' ROOSTER * coccwaw LAKE I 6:45 & 8:45 The Comedy Sensation of the Year! om DIANE ALLEN KEATON LOVE and DEATH" Uailti) trtiiii LAKE 1 1 6:45 & 8:55 SLAI'tiHTKK HOl'SK FIVE o SORRY NO PASSES Z cari^ $usp«flde(l Far Times CaB IM-ttfl A TRUE STORY St3u»g 0£WEY MAfillK ALDQ M WiH COILING D£AN SMITH wd[SIEWAgf

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