Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on November 3, 1941 · Page 9
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 9

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, November 3, 1941
Page 9
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fonday. November 3. 19U iding Daily Gazette STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Page Nine if th<*v it on !h" To J-iniir: If von ropy a rompoM: frorn or,.- 'rook i? it rh'ft'inst; you cony from many boofc*, it TOWS MENU By A PS man '<">r 'IT* .Tfp r,avy ir-a* crrr*' i tlon t<» the rune of eight billion ' pounds. of milk In the family \ frift^rator?- aie the bis (run* of ouf oundon D W Orsnrton M*na«r«r j Asocial* 1 PRESS •,.« S**corxi Claw fiR ASSOCIATED Associated PTCM Is IT entitled to the DM for republlca- tton of »1J to it or not other*).** credit** In thlt P*P« «nd also the iociu news published Jierel^ . ___ "" TERMS or ""SUBSCRIPTION i By mail !n Whlteslde and s/ijoln- . „« counties - P«r year $5 .(XX' six month* $2.75. th«« months $130. on* Month 13 cents Cash rith order Br mafl outside Whltesld* nnrt urt- JotaJnt counties— per v*«r $7.00 six months 13.75, three months $2 XXX n« month 75 cents Ca*h with order P*r w*** delivered or currier In -«|t**» Sterling or Rock Fall* 20 MBti. B»T»nl« everr Saturday rnorn- tnjt No papers sent through the pottofflce b the city carrier district of Sterling or Rock Falls __ America r<-i-! hv frtorstion h?!f» tn m«kr ritifnv. hnt It Isn't Mtwt of fir prfwnt wo** the work of pdnratH ThK kinr! | Mon in' : nuirttions! defrn.'". Milk M protectne chiefly her* us* of lt.< ' rairhim, high quality protein, vitamin A and nbofiRvin. j The rni-staiten notion that milk i.< i fattening may <-*,-!.«e «f>rne adult* to nit down cm it. considering the Important protective vnhiM of miik. this U an extremely short-Righted policy. Foods are rln.vifirrt as fattening or non-fattening according to the calories they contain. In proportion to it* other food valnw, milk has comparatively fev calorie*— nrwvjf 170 to f> C'lt'inR rin-n-n on miik R mi ot/iT proterthe foods t«t one of the reason* h*>hind low of ti'alitv and lowrrd rp.'i.'ts.nrr 1 th«* • rrnrnpRr.!^ cTisin '*ffort.< to rp- jne*l t,h« ns.t!on«! yardstick for good nutrition, «!!<T»- for every child 1 to 4 cups of mi'-k. 2 to 3 ciips for ever mothers nerd snout 1 and nursing mothers 1 1-2 quarts. rerorrrmendftt.iorL'; are ex- in t^rm. 1 ; of who'e. fr^h milk hut smart, homerrsaker. 1 ^":^^ r "."> r»f other forrns for •• !5n ri omv. Thev mav s.r-ve . c kim milk. • !:',c rj K Mret the Ysrd«tirit Tn trorkins o'it s ir\-».--c(v.t 'Make n.=:« of rn:!'< sm line." advi."-es Dr. ; r b f 1 : n ? of t h r f |r pfs .' * rr is limited. We not only need to produce more mifk in this country, but we could f**i!y u."» what we hsv* more efficiently by not letting skim miik RO to waste, fkim mi'k contains all the important, miik no!ids except fat and vitamin A. It r»n h*> used for part or ft!! of the rrvlk- rj-sr^n fV|f !f rtt\m rr.iiK replaces ?, rir>>, nnot.her source of fnt (<nr! vitsmin A must he pro- vid^d m th f diet." Diluted w:'h water 4 cups water to 1 cup drv skirn mUk --drv skim milk aViut the sam" food value milk. measure milk, diluted for measure, ha* about the *am» food value as ».n equal amount of fluid whole milk. Around tftt World A haby barn ovl. tr^lsli^d Just h<»- trit-r. nr.i 1 , aft/T it «*'a(lO've*1 s C'TT^h^T at ft singl* gulp, increaswl its weight, n per cent. d;'t to ' sn nniount of fluid skim ' cartoonist 'I'l;r o O P. elephant and the Democratic donkey were oristin«t,prt bv Tliomas Nast, famous American T!i" i:-.j i.i:."; make living no cheaper. s'.'-f 'is more leisure, and loaf- a bore 1! we arrn't upending Tii'h psr.«.>^. :orr.R!n p fa!«d, hro'-n r'. r " p-itid::i«j, coif'"', mi lit. ou can' '•Morr n:.'.K" tope th" list of production R0*i,« p:'>•x\^' 1 d ifi^niiy by the sprretfl:> o: aSMr-ilturr to U. S. IflrmT*. CR'./.II? for roop^;»?ion In •:r ipnri 1 ! cnrhnntment" l.«jthp m!cht:?.«t foofl production proof the Brest A* 30 n*rfs Rmm »>\" iv.inch*d. B«vrft«ry ff the dandruff and soup | Claudf R. Wirkard ha* a.^kprf dairy i.« ;o iiv-r^R.^r inlllc produc- STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY A Thought for Todofy The Lord your Ood is Ood of gods and Lord of lords, a great QOd., » mlrhty, mid a terrible, which rtfmrdeth not. per.ions. nor taketh "eward.—Deuteronomy 10:17. • • • »^ There 1* no god but God!—to prayer—lo! Ood is great!—Byron. Tomorrow's Birthdays _ jean B»te§, Laura Ocken, Merlyn Bugene Book, William Camps, Lau- I»n A. Miller, Mrs. J. W. Platt, Mau- rlOf Wick, Mrs. Joseph J. Kelly. JBterling; Harry Clieshier. Dick De r, Rock Falls; John E. Ooshert, go: r*rn Diotz, R. N.. Ix-nven- worth, K«n». Today—Mn. Harold G iff row, Ster- Quillcn's Quips •* Mobtit Quillen What UM vorid seems to need at thU §Uge is more Serbs. It doeint, take a brilliant environment to produce celebrities. at th« people who knew them Fablt: One* a Ban received a> pailaff •*ir letter and It tarn•i fHi U be worth the extra IkrM centa. If the big shot boasta of his low- .orlglrx he is trying to convince uself that. he Isn't ashamed of It. 1"'. Luxury: Somethlni? for which «• pay 15 more without kicking. MMtuity: Something that causes to howl when it goes up three t*. .. . .' 'If nature brings more boy bable» o male* up war'* wastage, how come hunt reacted to foot driving? •ally Rand has written a book. peopl* welcome this show of : kratat(. Sri* had nothing else left to thorn-. „ Aaaihnr •xplanation of loet letters fcj that aoma people uae washable _ and aomebody else mails a bot- i of Uguld medicine. Historical note: Labor won awry CMiteat and had catned e*ntrol when the na- awmnd>r»d to Hitler for la taking the romance •it of future greatness. You can't _ ^ national ahrine out of a •atemity ward. w If hi« pack of cigarettes aeems %anav« been opened with dynamite, iaaves the bathroom in a mesa parka his pants on the bed- floor. rnv hope to retard •IP." How England -Scientist.', •tfects c.: NEWS birth of Antonin Dvorak, the grfat Bohemian compoxr born in Mulhausen a century ago, IMS bt*n commemorated by Bo- fcMnli and Moravia with two > ftajnpt, a tO-haleru gray lUac and IJO koruna tray brown. , . The quadriga (a two-wheeled r—chariot with four horses harnessed •tbrtait) which prances atop the i -)krandenburg Gate in Berlin, wai croated in copper in 1784 and now •ervea ai a propaganda device for |h« Nasii. The statue appears on •' §) if plus |0-pf «nnig blue to raise money for the Berlin Grower Vir*is (kig prize) horse race. r • * • $t Bridget, born about ISO), of th» first Swedish women to an important influence on ChrUUan world, has been hon- A by a Swedish series recently rtlta*e<i St. Bridget's Swedish i was Birgitta Girgersdotta. IB CMchoslovakia, the Oermani •va suppressed completely the Solcol group and pro- kol emblems from *p- m oa postal paper. fiek«l U the Bohemian word for •aleaft, aa4 the falcon, a bird rep- fUintinj strength and courage, is tht CMCQ national bird and the §«koi (Uodard. «sue<: Honduras ov«r- nriaUd for public service its first airmail stamp issued in 1939.. . . Bfw Z«al«ivd will issue in'Novem- ' • i-ponce blue with a head of oorfe V{ to replace the •> bearing the Maori girl. 'LoAtton reported that Polish art being prepared there on Polish thipi not under HOLD EVERYTHING! "We always call signals Ihis way." SIDE GLANCES Oalbraltto "Pop's been Mil over town reading that letter from Bill about making two touchdowns, but he doesn't say a word about the postscript telling about his bum grade in EnfEahr • THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ftrguaon T. M. ate.«.».»« ALASKA Al oisiBi i»aiak«a*«i 10 OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLi WHEW I TAKE CAPE I UOMT WASTE MY TIME NAGG'VT AT 'EM .' 1 JU!5T COMPLETELY OUT-- TMEM 1 GET WHY MOTHERS GET BOM TOOR, ERMEST WAS CTUST WAV TO THE A RJE- DOOR- NICKEL j 6WOULD ELOCUTION VAS A DOCTOR HE VOOLD DEDUCT TWO REVOLVING ALONE VNITW eXMU PARK OKk PORCH GREAT \\IKiDS MUST COPE PUBLIC BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Old Stuff to Pug BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Slightly Misunderstood BY MERRILL BLOSSER NO— ID KATVIPR e»r ALWAYS otr w »AV Tterw WANT VOU--fo SMAKV HANDS WITH Mttuc. utcoy / GITS SACK, I YB».I>M>.. VSMV OOJT I GO AHTAO you **K wet. I lo LUCK *«) T> Pit AMD T'MtrPCUA / Mow ABOUT rr, MISS WOULD you utor A Lnrur WASH TUBBS A New Recruit BY ROY CRANE OBOVJ THIS « A BUT 1 THf Sl66ESr MOMFMT ) VOU, LAOOIE — c* MV LIFE; /IT'LL BE OU6 WORK.AUD IA06TLV AT MOD MIAM TMEfiffc V fiAZeS AMABftCOAAAM... HELP YOU.' I'M T«ET> Of JUST AT A PEBNCD OUDHEtiKAU. LITTuf SPOUT ON DIYDR The Unseen Audience BY FRED HARMAN ALLEY OOP Gongwoy BY V. T* HAMLIN •ROUTiP IKi THt* BATTLE WITH ALL IV OO? AND THf MSN •XfCUtt A «NM«V <MACkC

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