The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 17
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 17

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 17
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' CHS Student Council plans decor contest I WKST COI.U.MHIA - Afr Hvltiw of the CfltombUi High Siwkml Council ire and varied- Memb«» art pmwUy nuking plant for Hie tecoiK) annual "Decorate (he Dow" <wnte*t. Recently (boy elected KtttfamU of tl» nvonllt who wen Mil* mi 8owt» »od Ed KHthw ttoy «bo elected *n (jgUlflntlmg l«achcr who w»* David StMrpltetd, tond director, A flag ctmtttM tugg««i<*i by the Ceunrfl w«i »*W with SVatl wittnta* *i»i hit -i-tM *<* AiC-V'-V A KIKH) *j*«fUrt»»nsbi{> pithainjp wat M4 *»h 8w«*ny, The day Mat* ihrir tatttaU K»ro*> **» pta)"! Sammy WowferMxt, Mwkcy C'omlry, SMMA I'wwr. Ui*U Gray and Marieo tJMUt* *{*«( U* day 4Urt4l«* cla«#* and jtttftfat! tnutKii ro«*»wt* al lli£h with Sjimmj (»**> ft. Jftttu, jr Lj»ir, Uf»> Mu»*r) Mik* Krtd i» baa* Slicirinc, is Caring The British are coming--to TV M)NI)ON (AP)~80ttfncs made lelevlnlnn /Irnmn n/» m»n*nrtnd *«/»»«*« .,—. _ «. —... j fit &»KaUaa Ami) lira I.*.:. < Muuij . Tol»n, ojf £t!v«DursArai) '» I I'm! <hsktt tt*i j.i.>Mi< rrlaftufu I'uiJrj A4t Co , Ibe «-»«l IV < !»*• giving «! >r*r »*» able Hi- Santa! MUN<J" u u* it*™ iauu ciluH b> In an) famtiifs IVUiitti, C*j*t Jidin »ith Oirit-ima* <linr»n Thin included A» alwi Count) t.'ofjn (rieruUtr to* aKAm thin iwf hf would luve ywir rtiwe mining and gills to 1,7*0 iKjn Army *oUciU to u,.Ji»siJt.!>K JsiS ar.»j Ueittir* living cainloft and m crv»d<<l )oy, and art (AP)~Sa»mc« Foriyle breathed hit retpcclablc mlddle-claM k«(. A Mga had ended and million* of American* dghed like mourning relative*, "The Fowytc Saga," the 2*part look at BrIUjih middle- claw life In the Victorian and Bdwardfan era*, produced by (he Brltlfh Broadcasting Corporation, nlgnalled an Invasion of U.S, tclevUlon by the firlthh. ft is a naloi adventure Owl hat netted 12 million In nine months and the take appears likely to grow, "SauaV MTiiuh *ucce*i on Public Uroadca*iing televi»ion prompted the Columbia Broadcasting Sy*lcfn to buy BBC'i "The Six Wives of |(«iry vill" for prime time. Public Broadcasting found a sponsor lor the Masterpiece Theater MTIM aixl for l/jrd Clark's "Civilisation" series. Public Broadcasting aUo bought "Klltabelb H," nnollit-r wries about the English monarch. The title role u pUyc-d by Glcndri Jackson, ilw recent Oscar winner Television unions awl guilds in Uw United States, conscious of l)»c dwrliw ol Hotlyvtood and (tx? dim exodus abroad, raM* »ith some alarm Ihe Rrcn»m« t/erel (or Briliih Personal income down in October LA^-\\\ \\ OK III V MAY ami pick up \our purrhasrs on <!hristmn* K\e... Ir» ik;\atx-> 1970 level tlf. estimated con^ ? <«!»«• it, TPUL* lot the pmtid row; 7 pt-r c-cnt Dixie at IManlalidii Dr. mi FREE FREE FREE FREE 297-7227 f hiring J6 ftvtolh* laiKTft Jioi*- ift -'nffs Jiff fTTil r-,*(K«tu!h o T«-ts» r »ajj, had an ! chasing In FREE We're Doing It Again SUNDAY AHO MONDAY ONLY FREE 1 Pml ol ooi DtUckws Cote Slaw with each (amity ordet ol oot Wetiable Ffied Chicken FREE FREE FREE FREE iEGISUR FOR FREE S20 CHRISTMAS GIFT CERTIFICATE F80W GREAT I GRIFFS MHN STORK CiOTHES THE GREAT NAME FOR GREAT EATING FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE FREE 5Hv J prt trtit," MX) nrii May, pruln.nif oi >U!i»iicv at the 4tj o! Trwi* rrj;«»rl (or Dw !«) Huft-AU rf HuW!W*.» h May «kl rrtirrxl arxl IX^«T» cm ln.«l "«uf(«-!«l a cjpclirvp in trj! »rj) to;*- to file. ml) f>rit«fjin-.. fx- J'Javr II in The MA if » <r. Mail Ktmomy t«tu>r«i(! vhtK^tth w CMobet ••nlh own! tp-*Jt«r laromclrrs (^ buur<rt.k acuiily »hcr*ir.x (kvhrtr-i. »r no guru '».* WBt^«M^«*MMMll* JnPalaef NOW... TREE MOUNTING WITH PURCHASE GET YOUR CAR READY FOR WINTER now... BRING YOUR CAR IN TODAY, ONLY .,, TAKE YOUR PICK FROM THESE POPULAR SIZES! 5.60 X 15 6.50 X 13 7.00 X 13 6.95 X 14 7.35 X 14 7.35 X 15 USE ONE OF THESE CONVENIENT CHARGE CARDS NORMAN'S TIRE SERVICE, INC. Hwy. Ill Phone 265-4752 Clute "Kuluri- upon ih..- «<!! progrns (k-jx*ntU o( 1'tow: 11 in conlitience conwimers lo more and txmrH-vs to rxpuixl iu k-,el o! operations P(/»crlu! influence* arc being irxertt-d .niainx continued restraint It should be r«n«nl.^ f «l that the histor>- at rations »iih uncontrolled inflation hn\ bwsn romltmj; trw»owir diunter," May Mid Theo Newsom rites Monday I-AKK JACK.SO.V - - l-'umrai w-r>«"r» (or Thro Nc*» win . "<. »ill U- ,j! the Kir»t fv.'if»!iit tlhuix)) in l_tkr JarlK/n at .' M Morali), 1M-C «. !V71. wiih K«-v Bill SITOI. o/- nil! U- in Kestwood Mcniwul l'»rt under the direction ol the Kreeport Kurv-ral llwmc sjjill (of«n«n fur the I>s/» fhrmical Co , died a! the AnglHon Uitnbur) Ho^piUl Alu-r hjiinj; Urn there 10 days He wa* Unm in Yukon. OMa , March IE, 185T Survivor* are hi* wile. tlUd)s. thre^ >«u., Burle, William H . and fUs A all ol l>UahcMTU City, one daughter Mrs K i; Bnrvkmnfi of Kich •»i«x\, ofxr >ister. Florence (inllin oi l-iwion ok, la , and 14 gratxk-hildrtm HENRY MERRILL We never believed loot ball officials were nraniighted But uhcit the home team's marching band was (vitalized at hall-tune .. Inlrreil >our kids in bawling! Uei them all Ihe slrrets and Into the alleys. Small boy to friend ouuidc teenage sister's room: "It's called homework They scatter some books around and that talk about boys " How couie those mho cUlm the country U ruined are trying so bard to gel control of the wreck? Frustration U a balk- headed hippie. You won't be frustrated •I Merrill Furniture Come In AND UXMi OVEK OUR BAH STOOLS & BOOK CASES & SLl'MBER SEATS. Mtni FvrnHur* Bl>4. Ffftptrt, Tt xof made (clevlnlon drama. The man la "blame" I* Dennto RCWK, head at BBC enterprise* and former New York B»C reprcdcnlaHve. SCUKC unl (ircd of banging his jovial head agaifut (he Mild wall of sale* resistance set up hy U.S. commercial television, Seuscsaid: "Nobody would li*(<:n (o me. When 1 talked about BBC drama productions, they started shaking tbefr bead* before I finished (Iw sentence. They said it wouldn't gel any audience." In those salcle»s days of the 1900s, one Midwest television chain manager told Seusc: "Ijook. all they want when they get home from work is beer and baseball." Now in tlic i'/7o», American tclevUion tubes gltr*- with the "-Saga" or "live Kirst Church- ills" or "Civilisation" or "Six Wives"~all HBC-produced, ilHC has a large loot in the I" S. tcieviiion d<»r. S«is« is tJw on«.' who figured out the only way to sell HIM." dr.irrm in the rating conscious market. "Ijwjk. we can't «>!! straight to the commercial nets," lie told his Ixjndon tMftM.*» "Ijct's K-ll to educational television at a lower rate and hook the iM-ls into buying lalrr." Pcrhajjs the most corn- inonly ln-ard (.-xplanation for the excellence of British U-ievuuon drama i» BBC's government ownership Among ot)M-r things it means no ccflforfng sponsonn, RBC fxn't without com- pellHon, wWch to blamed for the ills of U.8, lelevlifon. There have been British commercial network* nince 105.1, BBC *pl(U with the independent* about 50-50. Kveryone operating a television set in Britain mtwl pay a yearly lax for that privilege. The money goes to BBC, Government ownership and the British fee system does produce a different attitude. One such attitude is the absolute need to satisfy all segment* of the public. Here's a look at what the BBC viewer could see this fall and winter: a series of 24 new plays, called "Play for Today." "flay of the Month" will present Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "The Cherry Orchard," "Tartuffc" and a new play, "Rasputin," by Ronald Eyre, Frank Pinlay play* "Casanova" In a series of six Dennta Roller playn. "The Canterbury Tales" * will be given a second showing. In addition, the network will present several series of new television plays written especially for the medium, BBC is in the middle of a major undertaking, a 20-part serial of Tolstoy's "War and Peace" and will serialize other novels. FRESH BARBQ DAILY 3BROTHERS N0.5 723 W. BROAD LET GOD WORK A MIRACLE IN YOUR LIFE! AN UNUSUAL REVIVAL IS NOW IN PROGRESS IMQ JliltB ELMER MUHDt APOSTOLIC PENTECOSTAL CHURCH ItU « RK IT COMPLETE SET Full 4-Ply Nylon Cord re$t CHAMPION TIRES 4 for r. |L WHITEWALLS 4 for '59.80 C.50-13 Hr-\CK\VAU.S...t,i «„ .„>- (•,.,.,;>,. u,,t,. 4 for 52 4 for WHITEWALLS 4 for '80.60 H.25-14H!.A(.*K\VAU,S 4 for HO 60 Ui aiiJ 4 tiu oil > WHITEWALLS 4 for *92.60 3 ways to charge -11 I^iii JI.Ttf \vt tire Ki-J, KtvUc lax atid 4 ti't 1 * <Xt >Tj«r car. WHITEWALLS 4 for ? 64.60 4 for 72 60 Ptw JiU per tie FcJ, Kniie Ui and 4 tire* off your car. WHITEWALLS 4 for '84.60 H.55-14 BLACKWAI.LS...!,; ,,., Jv ,v Uu.,,1,,., 4 for *OO60 llu* 52.50 p«r tire Fed. K>ciieUxu>44Uic* Uf yvtu or. WHITEWALLS 4 for'100.60 Drive in TODAY! I f w«! should sfll out of ygur site, a "utinchecV will be k*>uvJ as^uiiiig you of Jatcr ddivvjy at JUK'iS. 24 boor electric timer Brake Adjustment fir * Turn* MA *tt l *'* r ^« ; » v# ti^^l* »«ti*n»tK*Uji •( {H( MI ltn«r •3%T\ 410 TARPONIMM VILW0I OPEM- *t*i»o* j tDFPB/\n*r ununAw r ^*^ -- 'S*- - SATURDAt

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