Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on March 2, 1959 · Page 2
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 2

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 2, 1959
Page 2
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Beautiful babies get that way with an assist from mother. Even » three-months-old baby can benefit from "setting up" exercises if they're done gently. This young mother starts out (left) by placing the palms of her hands against baby's feet and pushing gently. Baby usually will push back with surprising strength. She talks to her (upper right) as exer- DEAR ABBY.., cises progress to keep baby feeling that it's all In fun. And she stops exercises at first sign of a trembly lip. When baby is strong enough to hold her head erect easily, mother pulls her up gently by her hands (lower right) and then lowers her carefully. Gradually, she will raise baby higher until she see-saws to sit up and back. Early Start With Exercising Essential To Help Make Baby Beautiful Healthy By Abigail Van Buren By ALICIA HART NEA Beauty Editor Beautiful babies are not a matter of choice. A clear-eyed, strong limbed, happy baby Is one who! 1 In addition to exercise, these m boris & Wilson Baity NtWi Won^n'i EdUof i MONDAY ,by Mr*. Mmes Evans 7:30 — Pythian Sisters, Castle'by j"on Jones, minister. Exemplar Chapter Mrs, 1:G, Bryan Guesses Secrets girthdav Honoree Exemplar Chapter of Beta Sig- UM IIIUa J "wMUl CC ma,' Phi Sorority met Monday. ev^ ; gHAMK6Ck (S"p'n - Mrs. T. O. ning in the home of Mrs. Dot Fran- ; 8ryrt W(ira ^t O f honor for a! Hall. 317 to. Nelson. t:30 — Wesleyan Service Guild, First Methodist, with Mrs. Irl Smith as hostess. 7:30 . — PftffipA, ftoSS Society with Mr, and Mrs. 6. A. qaidwell, Sr., 1100 ft. Klnpmill with Mr. * i And Mrs, E. A. McLell&'ft * as- t:30 — Spanish I, Adult EducA- sistant hosts. lion Class, Lovett Memorial brary. Li- 7:30 — fampa bupllcate Bridge 7:30 —Spanish 2, Adult JEducft. tion Cla*s, Lovetl Memorial Li- brflry. Guest Night; A* each guest entered, She. .was g r y ftni . jMrS . Esoft Forgey _. _._ given ft paper on which, to write n^ and'Mrs. J; W. Gunter of A secret about herself. Mrs. Thel- pi a i nv i e w, aa hostesses, hm Bray then, "directed a. game', Club, St. Matthew's Episcopal Paf- ?:30 — ftoyai Neighbor Lt>dg«, ish Mall. Carpenter 1 * Hall, West foster. 8:00 — Upsilon Chapter, Beta' t:4$ — Treble Clef Club, Quest Night, 'Borgef Music Club AS guest artists, Lovett Memorial Library. 8:00 — VI^V Auxiliary, VFW Hall. •I've Got A Secret" by reading a : ^ ^ d afttfl d ' j Jr as houses, City Club TUESDAY 9:00 — PTA City Council, Mor-! 9:30 —Circle i, First Metho- Mann, with Mrs. T. M. Brooks dist, with Mrs. D, M. Lawrehcft, and Sam Begert as hosts. 9:80 each paper and members guessing^- — ' m ^™to. the idenity of the person. ! ~ . u , , >,,.• Mrs. budlev Steele presented The lea table *" cavertA wHh |9 t ral ion Club with the evening's program with a tra- * white linen cut-work cloth with; Nftsh , 72l N. West. Merten Home Demon- Mrs. A. M. velogue of ' her recent Europenn trip. During the social hour, an arrangement of white and redj 12:00 — Business and Profession- carnations in the Valentine Motif. |«i Women's Club, executive board W ur,,, B u.« »»:.», ..u,,,, .«,-. f T , n<5 focnl P 01 " 1 '°' >"* * ervl "* t(l -jluncheon meeting, City Club Room. Bray served cake, Mrs. Jack^ W ".A.? : ^"^Ll^!: S .'1™'L 2:0 ° -\ p «"«Pa Art CIub - Guest White presided at the silver coffee service, assisted by Miss Virginia Vaughn. Special guests were Mmes. Bob (and crystal' completed the table;rj a y Tea, Lo ve tt Memorial Library appointments. | w uh Mrs. Arnold Petltfils as guest Mrs. Nelson Combest of Mem-1 speaker, phis, honoree's grandaughter, pre- 1114 Christine. 9:30 — Circle 2, First Methodist, with Mrs. Travis Lively Sr., 521 E. 18th. 9:30 — Circle 3, First Methodist, with Mrs. L. H. Micka, 1005 , Mary Ellen. - Sypert, Bob Tramps, R. B. Rags- aided at the tea service, assisted 2:30 — Twentieth Century Co_„..„-. ,-.., ... ... ...-„- , tillion Club with Mrs. Gene Barb- dale, and the guest speaker. Mem-: b . v Mmes. W. H. Buice and Myrtle eri 180 7 N. Sumner. her? present were Mmes. Jack j Marsh banks. | 2:30 -- Twentieth Century AI- White, Byron Hilbun, Jack! Mrs. Bryan, who has been a res-!legro Club with Mrs. Vernon L. 'Watkins, 1112 Charles. 2:45 Parent Education Club Vaughn, Bert Eaaley, F. L, Stone, jident of Shamrock since 1907, re- Joe Fischer, John Plaster, G. C. ceived many lovely gifts, long dis- Goodwin Jr., Ted Knox, Yvonne lance phone calls and telegrams. McCracken, Paul Sealey, Mel Kei-'she Is the mother of three sons'pen. fer, Hansford Ousley. Jeff Truly, land six daughters, three of whom' 7:30 -- Father's Night, Robert with Mrs. H. C. Federe'r. 2211 As- Thelma Bray, Dot Francis; Miss Virginia Vaughn. Speech Students Present Program WHEELER (Spl) — Wednesday Stvidy Club met recently in the home of Mrs. Harry Wofford for a regular meeting with Mrs. I i * <. • »V.(^*.«M« i • i v. ^ <v 11 •£, TT ivii »•*. i *7, r.7\si i go, i i ic oiiiuc j lie* i*i\-1 iiuc.ij f^ n~ baby calisthenics provide rompan-i Oeo ,. ge Por(er pres idlng .over the nette Hutchison. Dorothv Hall, ionship, one of the infants prime i hualnpiw upasimi Th« mini,to. wa» r- 0 ,.r.i,,« ai m j D«,,I tiowti^™ *„* ionship, needs. are teachers. She has taught mu- E. Lee PTA, school auditorium, sic for a number of years. Mrs. Bryan, who is now a semi-invalid and has to use ft walking chair, maintains a pleasant outlook on life and still carries on church work and charities from her home by telephone. High School Speech class gave several Valentine readings and songs. The students included An- session. The minutes were read by Mrs. Max Wiley and the Remember that your baby's Federation report was given by Carolyn J'lm Jolly. Paul Harding and 'Education For Citizenship" led Advtrtl*«ment Lost 30 Pounds With This Hoiiit Recipe Take off unwanted pound* safely, easily and without starvation diet or back-breaking exercises, just as Elizabeth Foils, 4409 Schuler, Houston, Texas, did, who lost 30 pounds. Ask any Texas druggi'st for 4 ounces of liquid Barcentrate. Mix with 12 ounces of canned grapefruit joice. Take according to directions and watch th« fat just seem to melt away. Advertisement Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain . The club collect was read and a! social hour followed. Refreshments DEAR ABBY: A neighbor We are honest. God fearing peo- has been ' given loving care. Andi neflUn flnd happiness rest mainlyjMrs. Fred Farmer. mine has had four husbands and pie and do not want to do wrong. : her beauty is built on the firm' witl1 - vml ' V/ith sensihl e, loving. The topir of study for the after-! were served to twenty-one mem "" •h» isn't even 40 yet. She has a Please advise us in your column. ; foundation of good health a n d boyfriend for everything. One pays! ' GEORGE • cleanliness. her rent. Another one lets her| DEAR GEORGE: There's noth-j if mom i a faithful about hen drive his car. Another painted and ing dishonest in accepting Social baby's periodic visits to the doc- papered her house (material and 'Security. Eligibility depends on tor,' meticulous about her laun- fabor) and she bragged that all 'one's age, not one's degree of ne-| ( ) ry , sensible about 'her diet, and «he had to give him was lunch and.cessity. If it's George with Uncle ! ra " rc ful not to overdress her when a few daughterly kisses. She sees Sam, it should be George wlth! fl he is outdoors, the new member the rent-payer during the daytime j George's wife. jof the family should be a bright, and she has a bus driver, (she] — — -- i healthy bundle from heaven. calls him her "roomer") staying 1 ! DEAR ABBY: My wife and II Ing a cheerful, beautiful 'your home. baby in noon was "Youth Anchors to the! bent, the students and two guests. Future." j Mrs. Harold Na,sh and Mrs. Frank A group of students from theiNoah. W«w Yart, N. T. (Sprfl»l) —For the first time science has found n new henlinE substance with the astonishing ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itching, and relieve pain — without surgery, • In case after case* whije gently relieving pain, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Most amazing nf all—results were to thorough that sufferers mad« astonishing statement! likt "Pile* have ceased to be a problem!" The secret is a new healing substance (Bio-Dyne*)—discovery of a world-famous research institute. This substance ii now available in tttppotitory or ointmtnt form under the namt Preparation ft. 9 At your druggist, ft-nty back guarantee. •R«C. U. 8. Pat Of. Mothers often make the m i there nights. I don't know how she went over to my mother's house, j take Qf ' be ii ev ine babv to be gets away with it. Don't you think While we were there my sister ami • . , f)pa] more fraRi f e than fln(S somebody ought to tell those suck- ; her fiance and my wife ami T.,- and eyen on a mjld b|m> •r. the score: j started a_ card Same. My sister | u|e ,, er up to lhe „,„ f()r her ai( .. NEIGHBORjand her fjance got into a little; DEAR NETGHBOR: Don't waste any sympathy on the "suckers."! Some men don't care about the score as 'long,_as. they're in the and he ing on tlie porch. The result is slapped her fac^ Umt shg < profuselv and lll " 1)l ' P \ I ^ "* 'mav become rhllled. Dress her what I thought ot him ami he sl]itablVi bu( don . ( overdo ^ ,„ - e tf h1 Babies often need les., clothing, . :hirn what game. lot of fights over this. She thinks ,f WHS wrong- for butting in. But I « he wasn't her hus- comparatively speaking, than elt aa There |g anothflr w(w [o h e your baby to be happy and strong. And it's fun for mom and dad, DEAR ABBY: How do vou fintl , out a bov's religion without em-'^l j-et he had no right to s lap barrassing either of us? I am not ner faf ' e - Wno was '^ ht: allowed to go with boys of a dif-; E PNIF- You were" rieht jto °- ferent religion and I have a ter- J . . ' . H " ,' ' rt Few parents are aware of the rible time finding out sometimes J° y° lce your "' R apprf>vai -• an , fa ,, t |ha( even a three-month-old whether I should even start to'^ h _ e ^..^^J^ ^.f^_ b _ e ;,infant can enjoy and benefit ... . . itween lawful-wedded mates is no from "setting up" exercises— pro, r;KD more acceptable than a slap in; v|ded they . K nf)l over(1one lovers, i These ^ Tne( , e exe ,, ( , jses hflve been SUR . 'gested by experts at the Chix _ ..Diaper Institute, who warn of a ' * ^ AHU: few points to bear in mind before . , ., . vou start. A trembly chin or a let your conscience bother you. A wmmper means atop A am| ,. DEAR ABBY: I am 69 years cat has nine llves - | means go ahead. And when dad i* eld and my wife is 65. Over a year ; ^ "__.,".".._, _...,'s partner, ask him to be the face between DEAR PUZZLED: If you are in- are ] O vcrs?) terest?d in a boy then? is nothing . wrong with asking him what! CONFIDENTIAL church he goes to. ] Kill her with kindness and don't ago mv accountant advised me to 1 Fw a Personal reply, write to : • e • nnlv 'for SoHal Securitv. I look ABBY in ( ' are nf this P a P er ' En " - i P apply for Social Security. I look ABBY in ;' are "V'^'T'' *"*' *• plft( ' e vnur hands /irmly his advice and draw $103 p f» r '^ » ««» - addressed, stamped againj , t baby . g fept Rnd h up month. I advised my wife to do envelope, the »ame, but she refuses. Her! reason is that we have enough income to keep us and it Is not hon-| •st to take this money from the! government when we do not need Plans Underway For District PTA ring Conference Point For Morning Club |gently. She usually pushes back with surprising strength. 2. Pull her legs out straight and I hold them for a moment. Then relax your grip and let them go |bai-k to normal position. She will 'soon learn to flex her legs by her- Master Point Day was observed - st;lf : by members of the Morning Dupli- 3 - Hold her hundM. Move her i<-nte Bridge Club as it met Thurs-i arms slowly in and out. Tiy it lilay morning in the home (if Mrs. • ! " a M|OW *'"'* "he'll gel double iK.'j. O'Brlent, 823 N. .Somervllle, «?iiji>j'iiie»l- with seven tables playing t h«e ^ Wllt " s 'ie can easily hold her iMitfhel! Movement. heai1 ere( ' 1 . t'.V pulliiiK her up gent- i Winners in the north-south po- '>' h V ner hands at first, jiwt sitions were Mines. W. J. Pung a " ir "'h <"' '«" ami then lower- arid Bill CrHiff, first; Mmes. Gree- '"B ner care/ully. Gradually raise A planning committee for the j ev \Varner and f/ouis Burns, hur higher until she see-sawn to pampa City Council PTA met gecon(1 . Mrnes G . c. Walstad »> l "P and bai-k. Thur»day at 1 p.m. hi Robert E. an() art Holland of Dallas, third. 5 witn a fil ' m nolf l on baby's Lee Junior High to discuss details Tying for first in the east - west thighs, rotate her hips from left of the Spring Conference to be pos j tlon were Mines. Ted Herri- to r 'ght, right to left. In a few held in Pampa April 20-21 at man and Bi |] raving Mmes. days, her shoulder muscles will which time the local council will FYank Rna( . h an(1 Ham r.,,' n a; sec- hegin to help. One morning she'll b« ho«t to approximately 350 del- ond Mme8 . A . L. gchuneman and manage to flip-flop right over on egate« and officers from PTA Dis- George l-ong . lnird Mmes . High her "tomach. trict 19. . ;Hamilton and D. A. Finkelstein. , "" " " MM. R. A. Mack, council presi-| ^g ( .j ljb wj)1 meet aga , n W uh silver appfjintmentg, whit* and or- d«nt,^ ha« announced that^ plans Mrg o'Brient on Thursday morn- chid napkins. "'""" ™ * - -• Guests were Mmes. Roy Nobles, O. R. Henry. Walter Hughe*, Dan L. Welton. Nase Lofton, Ray Col Una, E. A. Bryant, Dale Bnimley, Wayne Harris. and Kenneth Brown. Include tourg of Robert E. Lee< jng beginning at 10 a.m. junior High; the Celanese Plant L Kind Lovett Memorial Library.;, , « "Thtrt will also be Coke parties, iMfQ I llml* luncheon in the Parish Hall of ' " 0« lUlWl fit. Matthew* Episcopal Church,; and » banquet at Stephen F. Aus tin School," she stated, "Confer-. __„ .nee iession. will be held in Rob-' 1 *<®™ R& lS P" -A surpnse par •ft E Lee Jr High" W honorm K Mrs. Charlie Tutor. Mri. James E. Lewis of Pampa was # vm in tne {wm ° ! a ( -°" 6e ll DUtrict 19 preaident. ; "> !ne hon ' e of Mrs Charles Rob " Th« following committees have : er ^ r ^ e ," t _;l' been named to plan for the conference: Mrs. Mack, genera •;|At Surprise Party Advertisement Co-hostessse were Mines. S. C. and W. O. Todd. Refresh-i fhfcirraan, Mrs. B. E. Tidwell, Mc- ments were served from a table i L*ne, c 0 .chair ffi en; Mme*.i laid in a . lace clolh with WM'\ GETTINGUPNI It worrlfd at "at^ditr W**ko*M" tl»f Op Niibti m B«d WttUaf. too trt- nutnt, burnin, «r Ueblnf urlD»Uon), 8«coiMl«r» B»ch»cb« •of HtrrtutBeM, or Btronf 8m«llln». Ctoud» Urine, flue to common Kldniy »od flKWir |tritulon«. try OVflTW lor «uUJ( btlP. ««<« JOUDI »n<J old. *»k dtu*fl«t Stt ho* fMt jou l»prov|. Harry Gordon and Robert Reddell, \ haipHality chairmen; Mrs. Tom Jlo«e, Mr». George «nell, D. V. Big- |*rf, banquet chairmen; Mrs. Bob 1 Andis, J%ck n t c b o 1 », host*;! j$r|. J. H. Trotter, C $ rn » r o n: M#r8h, luncheon tickets; Mr*. J. Mi'». S. £. ' 'for th« state Chrif Walsh, txhib- ! Mr«. Cariiojj Nance, wges uabsrg; M?». K. L. Green, publicity; Mrs. Bill Leonard, sou- ' ; S*'i Begert, time - keeper: N. G. Kadlngo, piesentation Girl Scouti. H. C. GRADY, JR, Announce Tht Moving Of Hi* Offi»f Te 1921 N. HOBART South Of Highlgod lumber Co. Pbone MO 9-9421 today's biggest bargain; family-size mavlngs at Security Federal I Most families these days buy big,,, smart families SAVE big, too, to take care of growing family needs. Here, your money makes more money for you, twice a year. , • is insured safe by a Federal agency. Make sure your savings are "family-size",.. open or add to your account tomor^ rowl It's today's biggest bajpii) J§ self-confidence and peace-rof-mind. SECURITY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION : FEDERAL SAVINGS & IQAN IN5U8ANCI CQ8PQ8ATIQN F60EIAI HOMI LOAN BANK SYSTEM WEST FRANCIS ANP Q8AY STgEiTS I

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