The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 7, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1859
Page 3
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BUSINESS DIRECTOft'g r lurtae KrtablittuneoM are among tbe best -and '. 'li-aiinentin Ui«lr>HpecUve lines 6t»uslne**.* » J, M, GROSSMAN, ARCHITECT A SlTPJEKBOTJSBT OFFCIK-NO. »0 YODNO'S iNBW" BLOCK. " " Plant and fipecUcaUont for all Kinds of. Buildings •rntsbed at thort notice and on the roo«Hib«ral term*, j BOOKS AND STATIONERY. Henry INSURANCE COMPANIES. ISAAC KINCJSJLEY, GAS & STEAM PIPE NO. tSlZABT WATER STBEBT,- WBOlBSltS AKiD **XaT.I> >? AND BTEAM P moder* 1 Stock, Frtating.Int and Rat Paper*, always on nand IB large quantum, 'Aimaot Bamwo ~»o. si's EAST WATER BT.,KHKKLAHD I S BLOW, MILWAUKEE. , »»*&*•»» * Work done in a workmanlike manner, «t •hortaoBee and lowest priee». _ ' • . N. • OKI'S WOL.P LADIES', GMTLKMKN1SANO CHILDREN'S' BOOTS, SHOES AW0 «A1TER8, M ASO.N STEEET, the WAlke-r House, . WKIN DIAtn IK Opp myll osite American House Bool *k Mioe Store, NO. 48 EAST WATER STREET, , JOHN PHEL.AN, - , KEEPS always on hsnd good cnrtam tn»de Boot* and All kinds oT Ladies' and Gentlemen 1 * Boot* and Sbsea cade to order In the latest *tyle and warranted to plve tk'isfactiun. - aprSS JOHK RICE, W HO RESALE M» K U G CIS T, , NO. 88 EAST WATER BTEEET, Sas just received a full supply q Colobrsted Union works GyUnder Glass, (rfinuTacturedat Cleveland/New York. TranspoH«d entirely by -f ussel, it comes iij pcriect order, and Enables me to sell at low rales. I-hive permanent arrangements to sell this brand of Glass hereafter. : my28- . . • ' .- JOHN R10B. fl a r pc r JB JTO t toe P -s " HODEE : B!GN, SHIP, CARRIAGE AND ORNAtCENTAI. PatnScr*, Glaziers <t Papcr-Kanifcrsj, IMITATORS OP WOOD AND MARBLE, >" NO. 39 ONE1UASTKEEX, . A FEW DO.OES EAST tifTBl! H&&KK1 BOVSf. Jys ' •-- ..... " •' • . .• •TONES; & General Land sod. Insurance Agents NOTARIES VtJBUip, &C« OFFICE, corner of Reed and Oregon etrette,, Meyrose's •• .• . -f. . Block; Fifth;Ward. „•-• i " -'^^_ WU1 attead to the buying "and selling of Real Kst»te,- Insuriag Goods and Buildings in responsible Companies, Attend to the Collection of Accounts, Mating out of Deeds.,Mortgages,Contracts,Leases, Ac.. . ...-'•.All Collections made on accounts placed in our hand' Till be promptly paid over. • •""•-"'• . A., a. JOSES..........jySS..,....ROBIETWHITTIIIAD. SCH.NCECKEL & BRUNOTfO, COMMISSIOxNf MKHOHANTiS, / Seal Eetate and Money JBroteri, ' NOTARIES PUBLIC, MILWAUKEE, WISOdNSIN. OrFIOI-^-Ko.^ JIarkctr Square, opposite the Old Post- Office. .••-.-, mar2I KIT CAKSONII x. x AND ADVENTURES KIT CARSON/ The Nestor of the Rocky Hoontains, From facts narrated by himself. Just received by •-maylO 8TRIOKLASP A-fltf. 5 Reltback'8 I.ead Pencils, ' EOR SALE BY TKRUY JSH OL.KAV&R, BOOKSELLERS AND STATIONEBS, 1ST Soft Water stre$t, lUhcavlcee. W E hare just received* fall supply of these Oele- •brated Pencil! from the manufactory of J. J. Rehbach, In Regensburg, Bavaria. They sre carefully .•assorted, and each grade Is distinguished I y a popular brand. PartIcolar attention'li called to the "Opposition Pwrcit," {round black: gilt;) and to the "People's Pencil," (round red gilb) also to the "Engineer's Pencil," (Leiagoufillt.) All of vhlch will be found superior to any other pencil In the market. Always on hand a complete assortment of black and colored lead pencils of ail the desirable grades. A discount allowed to tbe-Traae proportioned to extent of orders. "" apt29 • A'LLIBONE'S ! DICTIONARY OF AUTHORS. A OHttcal Dictionary of English lAltratwrt- and British and American Autfiore, living and dt- . '• die oftheKinetetntn Centvry. Contain • .••'.. ing = Thirty ..Tlunuand fftographlu •;.' and Literary Koticts; vUh Forty • • .' Indeaces epSvljecto. Price |6. T.NDESPENSABLV necessary tb all wbo Read r all who JL Write, aU Clergyman, all Phyalclana, all Lawyers, Scientific and Literary Men, Merchants and Farmers, Manufacturers and Mechanics. IT IS A HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. ' : ; - TORNISHED BT STRICKLAND & CO., " BOOK . & .STATIOHfEttY JOBBERS, ; . 136 £ott Water tireet^ • - WLWAUKEE, HOME i " -' 1 Cash Capital gnd Surplus,. HOWARD COMi'ASY, ; Cash Capital aodBurplai J PIItEffIX INSURANCE COMPANY, i ' ' Of Hartford, Ponnectlcnt, * * - ~ i Cash Capital and Surplus,.. ....V. ,.;i.,$419^)84 46 l.AMAR FIRE INSURANCE CO.,, ^ ' - Of New .York, • _. 'OrwOapmiacdSnrplns^.,. T *S»,OW SS HESOLUTE INSURANCE COMPANV, I Of New York City, , Cash Capital and Surplus, IS46.88968 . CITY FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY* i Of Hartfotdj Connecticut, Oash Capital and Surplus .' ,»S08,!31 48 U ' I solicit Ijuslncss'for the above named Companies, entirely upon their own merits and responsibility, anl, refer to their prompt and liberal settlement of all Losses heretofore, as a guarantee for the future. Policies Issued without delay. 1 , W. HENRY HOLLAND, Agent.- I JOES HoUJiKD, Au't. Northwest cor. Main and D. P. &LUSKAIX, Surveyor. Wisconsin it*, Milwaukee. ' Kui led States M. & F. Ins. Co. tife.OAPlTAL SURPLUS- ................ ,~.... »,«68 00 Office, under Mltobell's-Bank, corner of East Water and I Michigan streets, M1LWA.VKBE. ......... ... .. WISCOXSIK i. A. Hetfensteln, E. Sanderson, * Mote* Kneelandj S. B, Daggttt, '' Samuel Hale, ' ' "•'•''- Q.D.Dononan, . : II. L. Palmer, Edwin Townsend, • i j ••••-.• Solomon Adler. .'..^i.."''-:.::..;'L? ~ J. A. OELTENSTXIN, President. Q. D. DOUBHAN, VIc*fre*ld*n}« W. T. PALMER, General Agent. b 8.0, WssT.Becretary. aiaa ," : / •"''"*"' ""' ' 8.8. Dioairr, Treasurer. :• :]/•',:;;.:, i ... .H.L.PAUID, Attorney, .'A . marlO. bosati80 _ . thjidepoCfoot of Second •treet,ferPerfa«Ul«e,Hartland, Pln« L»k/L Owitolttowoc, TTateftoTm, Lowell, and Col- lnMilwauk«eat U^ waoieebj-tae Milwsokte* t* Crow* W1LR, Jt, *na W. * Mist, «. K, of by »E can WM«d to th« Above pitta. •* ;0onnectlons'are niade at Watortown with stages for l*t* Itllla, JeffoTfotiVWaterloo.HaiJclietTlUe, SOB Prai- 8*OT« and Madison. Abo at CoWimbus 'r f UedK Oornors, Passeneers arrlTing at the Junction from the above places make connections h lb« Milwaukee A Mississippi K. B- for Janesvtlle. Madison and Pralri*,du Chfcn and at Mnwaukee, -with roadl to the South, West ( and North. ^ - - ~ » apr8 * -8,8. IIEBttJLL.BuperlntencIent. MILWAUKKE CIT1 IIVSlfRAIVCE CO., A T IX T OR COKSON, 'E V A T L A W HAS removed to .Office, No. 5, State Bank Building, comerof Kan Water and Michigan itreet, Milwaukee. marSO-dSm ' » ' • - v J50. L. DOKA5... .CIKOX LCTr. • DOKAN & L.KVY, Attorney and Counsellors t Law. Qffict—Empire Block, £21 East Voter et., :MILWAtTKEE..........[maii!g3.........WISCONSIN VjTTTLL find a. my office a Register, open to their In- Tl Y spection of Bonds and Mortgages and other securities offered ;for Bale. : • ; • - ,. Persons wishing to obtain Loans or having-Bonds, [From TheophlnsPanras, L. L. D., Professor of Law In 1 > Harvard DnlTerslty.] • '•'_.''-.*•=••" - 1 '! Ca»jBan)ai,Jan.6,1859. DEIK Bi»:— I have had the first volume of yeur Dictionary for some days," arid have lit ailed myself that your, p an 1s excellent, and dial you have carried It out with Tery-p-eat industry tad with good judgment.— .The fullness sad accuracy of its InTotmatlon concerning modern authors and; their works, are Indeed remarkable. ; To any one who desire the knowledge your book purports to give— and what educated man does nolt— U must be ol great Interest aid value, ; Respectfully, Ac., '.': THEOPHILDS PARKER. \S. Austin AUibone, Esq. ;: [Prom S. Irenmus Prime, O. D., Editor N. r. Observer.] > "'•':': ' : Nir TDK, Feb. 3, 1859. • Gnmixxs :— The first volume of your great Dictionary of Authors, I have penned with astonishment aid delight. It Is just what! hare long desired to have, and hare sought for In vain. Thousands of clergymen,' ttndenta, and all literary and intelligent men, must wish to have just this work; and they will hare It, when tfiey learn that It is IB the world. It deserves the most cordial reception, and I trust that the sutlior and the publishers will have the largest reward for 'their enterprise and labor. yours truly, '• / . | S. IRENiKnS PRIME. dillds A Petrraon. ••-••• / • .. : iDUirnD, Jan. SJ, 1859. Mr Data Si* .-—With belter knowledce cf your book from repeated frastB upon it, I am ashamtld to have written yon so commonplace' ati acknowledgment of its first reelpU Of all the storebonsa of Interesting and readable matt«rthe "Dictionary of Authors" »eeiL> to me the most captivating. -The good taste, Industry, and akill of arrangementthereln manlfesied could not b« Mort£agesorotBer«ecnnuesioraaie,mayun4itto their aa-pused, and it wUi nfake ;or rnn » rpmit.tinr, w.™ interest U, file With me their application, w«W*nntaj S^eT 1 IsfiauZr^JStaaS^end/g ^rbi!fa?S In Mltcliell Building, nicblgan. at, i " ; i Mnwicxn, Wisoojrsij. . - . OHAR1ERED CAPITAL, •• - $200,000 Ca»h Paid in, $100,000. a.L:L B.TOWHSIID, I. n. Knxooo, 0H18. QKinJnta, i ; / •DIRKOTORB: • U. D. Dang, B.8. Ooxona, J. HDMTBUT, J.H.GoaDss, 0. COMSTOCI, . A. PXDTIEB, • Josara ».4Im, JIB.MOIJUT, Gto. Draa. E. TO WNSEND, President, • A. L. WALRATH, Secretary. ) H. K Fauns, Attorney. 13T" Kre and Marine Rliks taken at current rate*. ITTAK1NE AND FIBB INSURANCE. •)T|nE undersigned 1* prepared to take Marine Elsks JL and Fire Bilks on' rroduee la store, in tbe North Western Insurance Co., of Oswego, New York, at a* Tow rate* u by other Tellable Companies. . The reputation of this well-known, long established Company entitle* l,1to public confidence. ''.'••• ' !-•'!.. . HORATIO HILL, Agent, inorS : at office of H. *J. F. HilL Quaker City lusnraiice Co., O. SOHLEr, Opposite Walker House. •j-. | •• • OF ..,. ADTHORIZED CAPITAL,...............4600,000. >AU>0PCAPITAL AND *SSKTTS,,..... 2Ti t S55. Office, Franklin. Building, No. 403 Walnut tireet, :\ ' ; .. . Philadelphia, \ ..'•.'•'- • T HE subscriber has been ap|.olDteil agent forjthls Company for Milwaukee and vicinity. Rlski taken on as favorable terms as 'other responsible Companies. t j JAMKSS/inimvAgent, Office, corner of East Water and '' i*t*lrjt- p y,a' h «-> < * rt ~'* ~ y!5 , -«meeu his House and Lot, now avcn by him, situated on Malnat., Bacinc, Wisconsin, near the Steamboat Landng and the R. i M. K. R. l)epol. The house Is located on the best business place, and the House as well as the situation of the Lot, would answer for any branch of business, especially for Wholesale Store, which branch Is already now projected at that very locality. Those irbo lite to make a good bargain, are requested to apply attheundersigned. JOHK BARTH. Racine, January 25, 1S59. _ janZT-dto •Lumber Vessels for Sale/ Seh»oner Fashion, 224 tuns. .' / Schooner D.KewhaH, 190 tuns. • y- Scow Schooner Rugby, 1C8 tuns. /* The above vessels will he sold at very ' low prices for satisfactory security. Good title. ' / BAYLOR t JKWETT, ; • ' Buffalo, Kew York. Enquire of R. B. JOKES, Mil »nicee, WlsconSTn. - febSS - . ' ;,/ , 1 •.-. . G. H. LAMBK^TON H AS just opened, for the benefit of all woo may become bis Customers, a Market for WOOD and the N.E. .Corner of 7 • ...:•'..• .:..-. West Water and Clybourn Streets, __ (Office with Messrs^Mabbett & Breed.) , His Stock of Wood Ix large, Dry and Hard, (Cut and EpUt or uncut.) / ~ His Stock of Hay A of the BEST QDALITT, and BALED^IN GOODOSDKR. Each will be delivered to any part* of-the City .oathe SHORTEST NOTICE and the LOWEST TEEMS. .. K. B.—Wood ^dtars, and those -who sb'p large quantities of Ear will always find it to their advantage to buy of us. We will eel! so that dealers m&y make a handsome nrofit by selling on tie street. -,',L:,1~"..C. may!9 G. H. LAMBERTON. GENTIsEMBN'S PURNISH^G. NEXT DOOR TO A. B. VAN COTT'S. ffl «* O to . ES K SA oe , H. °* RUSSE Q 0 dear sir, Tours, faithfully, ' •-;/..'..•- ; N.P.WILUB. S; Austin Allibone, Esq. may 19 -, BY STATE AUTHORITY, NEW JUVEKII.S HBD_BY CA11TKKS. 1»UBE,I A L10B AI>D Al)OU-HTJ». Aunt Judy's Tales. ••-.'-, Tparables from Nature. : ; Motes In the Sun Ueam. '/ Fanny, the Flower Oirl. ' / < Uncle Jack the Fault Killer. mayls For «a!e by TERRT A CLEAVER, 1CT Kast Waterat. NEW BOOKS ••—AT—' * " ' TKKUY & CLEAVEKS, KJr EAST -WATER STBEET. B AETH'fl Travels In Central Africa, 1 vol., abridged. Livingston's Travels in Southern Africa, 1 vol. ; Spcergeou* Sermons, Cth«eries. Higher Christian Life. : tnaylft . SHIPPEKS OP PKODUOK -MAN supply themselves wllh Bills of Ladlns; at V TERRTT ACLEATER'S, maygQ •: IC7 East Wateritreet. Wetellerery j BOOKS, |T\ OR (took 1* tbe largest In the West. \J Book at the PuWiintrt price. We can fteraljh to order any book which exist*, either In the English, or other laegnage*. We receive new • • ^ilssBedKOmlbeTrii!**: ': ••^ ; ;^ ; ;-. :; ; : STRICKALND t co. School Books. have every School Book-in demand, and xe them at whol e**Ie or retail. •••• -• ' ' -.; 6TRICKLAND A CO. : i BIND OT YOUR MAGAZINES arepreparedln bur Bindjry to Bind Magaiines, 'PeriodlcabT. «r ,«ayUilng <iUe Jn the form ofa Book, In neat and durable styles, at low rate*. • ' *° a ' '< : .r' ;i . ~ STRICKLAND A CO. H D EFAULT having been made in the condition of a certain promissory note, bearing date December : 1st., A. D.I857, executed by W. B. Hlbbanf 'and John S. Ban-Is, and ataa In the condition of ft certainvessei ; mortgage cf. the *ame date -executed by said. Etajbard and Harris to secure the payment of said note. Notice Is hereby given to all parties Interested that we shall expose for sale and eell on Tuesday, the 5th day of , JOLT, A. D., 1659, at 10 o'clock In the:forenoon of that day, at the Springstreet bridi?e, In the city of Milwaukee, the Schooner William H. S.ephens, her. musts, bowtpritt, sails,; boat, anchor, cables, and all other necessaries thereunto appertaining and belonging, to. satisfy the amount remaining due on Bald not* .and mortgage together with the costs and eipeaies of sale. MOSES A. JAMBS, and . . '-'•"• .'.'- JOSEPH JAMIS,,.....;;^;;; ' • :Mortgageea. . B j W. W. Baowj, Agent. BBn«B,BoTriuot 4 COTTKILL, Attorneys. • ... »nayg)-dtt . '..;... .-•-.; ' •. .. : :,: : .'-, •'..-.)..•••'-,.. J,^': LA CROSSE AND MILWAUKEE , RAIL A OO AiiBANGKMENiV «REAT KORTH-WESTERN VKlVEO • STATES OTATt, ycKXftOEKS'^'^ • AND r££ L t A TO LA GBQSSB °* **f ^S E ? WiSSaSSIHPI RIVER. On and after Monday, June SOti, • . . ... Two Through Exprea Trains Daihr - DA fS Xl * ' have rjcived; a finclotof Sterescoplc Tlewi embracing views of Interesting localities In RUSSIA, "• SWITZEBtAND, '-.SPAIN, KGYPT, NlJiBIA WISCONSIN GENERAL. INSURANCE AGENCY ' - i-TOA- , ,a t MIOHlGtAN OENTKA1. | w -AHD— j. -_• ; G. Western (Canada) Railway. rnRAIBS leave the Great Central Depot, loot of Lsie JL Mreet Chicago, u follow* : 4JOO A. M,f D1RTOIT AOOOMMODATIONagun- 1 idays ezeepted), arrive at Detroit ROD T:00 A. OS ^-CINCINMATI ESPRKSS. (Su^idjtyt ' eicepled.) • Arrive at Indianapolis <:W i j p. M- Cincinnati 6:30 P.M. ' 8:00 A. HT.— LIGHTNING BXPRSS8, (.Sundays ex. cepted,) arrives at Detroit 7:00 -r. #.; ' • JSuspenilon Bridge or' Buffalo tO^A. - K ; Albany SAO r. «.; New Totk tM ir. «.; Boston 11 r. K. , 8:00 P. OT.-HILBS AOCOMMODATION, Octpt 8-.00 P. ia.-NiwrORK AND BOSTON ETpkE3S, ((eiceptSaturday.) Arrive at Detroit T:15 A. y.; Suspension Bridge or Buffalo U:80 r. x.; Albany 4:00 A. u.; New York ' 10:00 A. M.; Boston 8*0 r. n. ! 8K»O P. M.-CINOINN^ATI AND LOUIS VILLKRX- PRESS. (Except Saturday.) Arrive, at Cincinnati 8*0 *..*.; Louisville too . One train on Sunday at 8*0 r, «. ' TneSKK) A. K, and 8:00 p. X. trains connect at Paris with lh« Buffalo:* Lake Huron Railway, for BuEalo and all points eAs't; at Toronto'with'Hrand Trunk' Railway, to Klngsttij, Ogdensburg, 'ModtrcaJ, Quebec smd alt point! In. Canada East,. Northern Vermont,' Ham '' ' . Through tickets for sale at -the principal Railroad offices in tha West, and at In* gtneral office, corner Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremont Houae, •Chicago, and at the Depot, foot of Lake street. . j f .'. . : ;.'. : R.M.HIOB,Biip'U' . g. J, SrAunia.Oen. Pass. Ag*L ; apria Detroit tt Mil. Railway. ; ..... - <^- ... . , - • ., . .... i *1 ^ :• : - THE Steamer Cleveland will tale _ her place In line of the Detroit A ililwsn- _____ .wmy , on Monday, the 14th March. Passengers wishing through tickets can be supplied on and; after Monday next, at 230 East Water street, or at the ofDce on the dock of tie Detroit A Ullwattke: Railway .Co- Due notice of tbt time .of departure will be given. Tills will make the shortest, cheapest and quickest routecio all points East, :- . mar8 ; : ' New RAILROADS & TRANSPOR'N Macine-ac Mississippi R. K. ! t OPEN ORNIT tJRE -SALES" 9J.3III.ES. JJ. 0 j|MONl>AY, I Trains wtU ran ai follow*, * ', , . OOINS 1858, I*»ve Baclae lor BeloLtr-Paasenger, S r. M. ; GOING- EAST. bare Belott tor Racine— P*tseager,' WOA.W. Leave Davis f or JUcio*--J?«Jght.* Ace., „ If .30 i. K. Paaienger* by lairing the 7 u. »i. train on the Lake Bidre Railroad at Milwaukee; 6onnecr at Racine with train to Davli ; arriving at Pavts it KSO r. ». Stage lc»T« Darls for fteeport on Arrival Of train. $'30 Ji. it Iraln from Darls connecti at Racine with afternoon .train! on the Like Shore Railroad North and South. ' 1371 rrelrflt forwarded with dispatch. dec* • * ROBERT IIARB1S, Snperintendent. , Fort Wayne & Chicago It All/ KOA1>. T HIS'new and direct Konfs now Oi-ca io' Hew York, Uojtou, PitUburgh, Pblladelpar^ Baltimore and WaahinRloo ctlj, Olerdand, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara f«Ul,aod*U eastern cities. CiacianatI,Caluml)aji,Uly- ton, Springfield, Urban*, ZaneirOle, Sleubcnf ille, Ne»- atk and WhecUng,and all Interior to»na of Ohio, Pann- ijlTaala, Virginia, Maryland, Hew Jersey, Ac. Making?one Grand Unbroken It. R. Line • imriniCHKHGOiroTsiKAST, j i'^ABrf^LS LOW AS *XY OTJ1SS BOUTS. &~ Tnoie desiring to go by this'Boole will be pir. tlcular and eaqolre for Tickets via Fort Wayne, thereby avoiding the annoyance of reeheckiug their Baggage. TRAINS £SA VS DSfOT ON fiN BVKSH SI i- DAtLy,AStOLLOWli: * 8:00 p. M.—Night £xpress, daily, Saturdays ezcepted. 6u» i. M.—Morclng Miil and Eiprew, dally, Sand ay i exccpted.- , | With tat one change of can to Pittsburgh. i ' ontoniQ niooiai TOUOCOH ,To PitUburgh, Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, connecting directly with trains on the_great Pennsylvania Central Railroad,' to all eastern citlec. Also, with Cleveland Jk Columbus Railroad to Cleveland, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara Falls via. New York Central and New i York 'Jk Erie-Railroads to New York and Boston. i Persons going east will find this route by far the raoit •dcalrable, both from the advantagaln point of distance, .Tlrtety and beauty of the country throogh which the roads pass, as well as the less freqnent changes of cars and iho annoyance of re-checking baggaga reqnlred by other routes. , facilities for the transportation of Freight and Live Stock by this route are unsurpassed. Kates as low as any other route, and with tqaal dispatch. Tickets for sale at alls he itflnclpaJ ticket offices In the Wat, and at Company's OMce, No. SO Dearborn street, oppoilte Tremont House, Chicago, and at the office ol ,ttie Lake Shore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A.G. Leland. i; : - ... r-- ., JNO. J. HODSTON, ' General freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa.. !•! • • D. W. BOSS, •': - •General WestesnAgeni^ Chicago. Qfaic*go,HaKh6.1So9. • ... marS PLEHZHEIM F U R NIT U R E , EVES. OFFKBEb IN TUI3 CITY AT GB E AT S A OR 1FM C E -S, FOR "THE 'NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS' HEAVr, ''AMD MUST Bli! SOLD 218 and 22Q East Water Street, aprS-(Bmo MISCELLANEOUS. Dll. H ;FORJIEKI,Y OP CLEVELAND, O-, respectfully Informs the 'the cltilens of Milwaukee tiiat, having located In thli 1'J.ioe, he intends practicing km profession. All diseases to the Horse treated in a most scl- ientiflc style, and general sat ibctlcn warranted. la con. npctlon with his practice he will Prick and DocE Tails In themost approved style; and, to gain the. confidence of the public, he refers to the following gentlemen, who have employed - • Mr. Bedhead many tlmesjprofesslonally In the course of ten years. : We feel justified in saying lhat his practice lj superior to the general run ofJVeterlnary Practioneers. James Kelly, SUMMER 18*59. • 'j ji' ARRANGEMENT. Milwaukee THljI SHORTEST ! AND ITIOST EXPEDITIOUS ROUTE! : ..-||.-.;;- to.-, ' - -. ! j, ;; Lansing:, La Crosse, 5; Winoaa, Bead's Landing, Bed Win|:, . PRKSOOTf,'. ST, PAUL AND ST. ANTHONt. ]; •-••-: • ' . - i « Change of Time, Monday, April 4, 1859. 1ST TRAlft LEAVES ll.-OO A. M-, Arriving at JanesvH'e 2:20 P. U. ; Maillsoa ^ 3:35 : P. M.; , : • Connecting with the Prairie du Chlen and St., Paul Packets, whlcli leave Prairie du Chlen on the arrival of the S.-OO P. M. Train, " »»~— --• Arriring at Jaorenllle 8^5 P. M. ; Mailijn • CHARTER U.ilv iUKE INS. C *., Hartford, Conn. CASH ASSETS ................. ..»Sfl^5« »8 SOUTH AMERICAN FIRE INS. CO., | Hartford, Conn. : I CASH ASSETS ....... .... ....... ,1854,860 06 (WESTERN MASS. FIRE INS. CO., ; Or PltUfleld, Mill. " j OABH AS3CTT3 ..... ........... ...»205,e» il i COM WAY FIRE INSURANCE CO., '.--. Of Conway, Mass. ; 4T HAITIPDEN FIRE ISSURANCE CO., i Springfield. Mass. ) ;OA8H ASSETS....... ................. 1225,000 • •' \ GIRARD FIRE INS. COiaPAItY, ' i Of Philadelphia. ; OA8HA8S3CT8. ................... -|2»4,Tg9 TS 'OFFIOB, NO. J* W* Grain. Agent, i. S,MARTIN BLOCK, UP BTAIES. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. MILLINERY GOODS. IN Bargains in Dry Gnodt THAT UIMEN8B BTOCK OF ITUB&XT, JBZLAXD; dta, -- ll»o » large variety iit neir American Vlewa. " : ' Hew and very desirable stylet of Stereoscopic Instruments. . v..,;- .-\STRICKI,'iK&4<H>.,~' . i ' : Booksellers and Stationers, ^ ,i_»Prl - • ' . . . •' 181 East Water street. SIXTH - For sale *t ~ •REPORTS STRICKLAND A 00, ISiXatt Water atreet feb!9 PIKE'S AP, showing I . glons in Kansas, just received by 124 East Water itreet. , A 5?? .¥*?• « ho '?''K He Kontel to tht.OpW Se- 'THE A PPOINTED by the Common Council of the City of Milwaukee, in parjuanctof An Act of tbe Legislature, approved March IT, IBS?, tertbjr*lve»i>oUee thai he Is now furnished with the proper weTghu and br " n j'be dne performance of tbeduUeK* bis office. l)y tbe said "Acl'Mt Is madethe duty of allp- ' " -"- —-^ ' - .lipectort -. : .-v; .-.•;--• -i-fT-§ v •"• -! : ; ; --:" -";( ; •" 187 ."'Kitifct' Water Streei, MtJSTM CLOSED OUT; -v '; -..." • T '.- : ;o ixj: <3 ES r: BY THK • gy Tare to all points on the Mississippi Riverji* low as any other Boute. • ; • i WILLIAM JERVIS, I aplS _i , Oen> ! 8qperlntendfht.i CHANGE OF TIME, j O N and after Monday, April 4th, trains on the Milwaukee, Walertown 4 Baraboo Valley RallfoaiJ, Will arrive In Milwaukee aCll:3S 4. ft., and depart M arpS^d'tf : 8.8.MRRRIl.L.Sup'lJ Milwaukee A; Chicago R. R. 1859. 1859. SUMMKB Great United Stales Mail and Expreti Route. fl^UE only reliable and ALL.Rotm To THI EAST, SOCTB iJL: and NoasB-WoT, and the only Line making sure connections. Baggage, checked through to principal points. On -and after .,- , • ITIONDAY, APRIL! 25tb, 1839, Trains leave Depot, corner of Florida and Barclay its., : p • as follows: ^ lO:3O A. JH.— Ezrazsa PASaxxoxa— arriving at Chl: cago at2:10r. M. 3:1 & P. IB.— Exraiss PArexsout— arriving at Chl- i ';! eago at 6:15 r. M, and makmz close ; : connections with livening Trains East : ; and South West, and with; the Racine ', ' and Mississippi Rallroal, ' at Kaclne j : , Junction, for Belalt and other stations ; ' - on that Line. 'Freight Train leaves at 8:30 A. x., arrives 5:00 r. x. Freight forwarded with despatch, and at low rates. Passenger Trains leave Chicago flT Milwaukee and theiKxmh West at 9:00 A. M., and 8:15 r. M., arriving here at 12-.50 r. *. and 12:15 A.M. ' apr24 JNO. T. MOOD?, Master Transportation. LaCros&e & mil. Railroad. TTTE, the undersigneds having been appointed agents iff for the collection and delivery of Freight for this company, beg to inform merchants and othens that an Office (No. S Wisconsin street,) opened on the 1st of AprU, where orders can be left, and will receive prompt attention. Our authorized collectors will receipt goods at the warehouses of shippers. Information respecting Flight transportation on this line can ne had by aj>- pUcatlon at the office of Sir. A. FREW, Arent. :• :| JUENDRIE t CO. • Milwaukee, March 80,1559. aprl 1859. FAVOEITfi BODTE jirfims ma . " ] ' JiiiW i. '. EA.ST *& iNORTH-\V EST, DETROIT & MILWAUKEE R, R * t (Now opened to take Michigan.) j : ' ' ' ' "City of Cleveland/* & "Cleveland,!' -. (Thoroughly refitted for thl* route.) 1 = O N AND AFTER MONDAY, Jqne fta, law, Pas- •engerlrasw will ran a* follow*: , \ t. GrOlNG WI^ST: Miked. • ** Sap. Bridge, depart.. •Detroit, depart-,.... *O*wego' arrive...... St. Johns, arrive..... Mali, r>.«. .... 930 A.M. .... 7KW .... 10:50 r. K. .... 12:10 Grand Rapids, trri 8:10 •tlrand Haven, arr S.-OO 1 • ' • - - . . : " A. M., arrive......;... 151 T.-W fcSS a. <i. 2:30 Noon. .12.-00 A. ». . 1030 r.x. 8.-00 11-^0 A.M. 12:90 3.-05 '4-SO Noon. GOING EAST : Great Bargains --BO— aprlT-dtf JOSEPH CAKV, e Expteted, Asalgnee. The Milwaukee * SajwrlorRUl- roidCompany, ../ . : ' OljyofMllwanke*, : , . John Stewart, .J/.'!', - :": .: /ohann 0. A. ADerdlng, ChirlsUanHahmand Gottfried WooUcb. ::. .Smlttwfli'be found at tfie Hew Wa Mes*r*. John Furlong ^ 8onj,"liotttii .Water *t Point, where all notice* are requeued to be* «ilwa«kee,MayT,18». ' " W; ' ™ maylO • -. Wni remain the old lUnd where he wiU be pleased to welcome/he.'patroni of the eitatillfbiaenfc::' f •' >"' UNITED STATES iaAUSHAt.'S 8AI/E The Farmers Loan* Trust Com 1, - ; : - — t.— • • = • - - •= • - ;- J.., - *..••_.- . ' * . -, . . . - 'In the D. S. DU- •trlct Conrt for the District of Wisconsin. Iniquity. / . i K pwraance and by Tlrtne of a decree made by the District Court of the United States, for the District of Wlseonsln, on tbe nineteenth day of March, 1849, In the abbveentiiled cause, I shall aell at PnbUe Auction, oniTneaday, 2nd day of Angurti 18», at. 8 o'eloek In afternoon, f rota tb««t«p* of the Custom House, In City of HUwaukee, all and ilngular, the mortgaied ml»es mentioned In the bill of complaint In said can*e,and s de*erlbeda*t "All the'following, preient anaintuture to be acquired, real and penonal proper' tyandreal estate of the said defendant, the Milwaukee and Superior-fcallroad Company, t at Is to «ay, aU of the first dlralon of-the Railroad of *ald RaOroad Com. pur defendant, from the City of Milwiukee, to the City of Green Bay In *ald State of Wl»con*In, » di*- tance ot one hnndred,and twenty miles, Ineludlng tte right of way, and land occupied by aald first division of 8aldroad,(*ubjeottotiuirlgbti'fIUe. : or elabn, whleb. the *ald rfdejfendanj*;^ Stewart, ^ Allerdlnft ••Hatua ^and~ Wo^lwbiorel^rfthen^^ai'nwenad at theUm» of making aald decree, to land upon which said ' BaU-- ro*apompanjr hi. ;iocatod it*way, and for wlilcn M compensation has been made to, thtm,) together with the superstructure and tracttheieoD, and all i»II* and othermaterlaU n»ed thereon, bridges, viaducts, cul- TerU, fence*, equipment*, necessary depot ground* and Molding* thereon, belongingto tb/iariSallroiSl tiom- tany, and. all rolling *tock, engines, tenders, car*, tools, materials, machinery, fixture*, and all other per- •OBJI property_ appertaining to aald first dj vision of sal4 road, and all,right* there to, and Interest* to be acquired byaiild defendant, the MUwantee andSuperlM. tlon* appertaining to the *ald first dlviilon of «ald road! an tolls, rent* and Income to be had jor levied there- frptn, and all.'corporate'JEBoV''other. - •• i ' : Mall • : ; ' • : , : •' ' - •c '' • . »xprt : •••.' '-~ ••••.- P.«. '. Milwaukee, depart.. 8M> : . •Qrand Haven, dtp,....... &00 : Grand Eapld*,arr...... .. 4.-20 St.Johns/arrive............ tiO Owouo,arrive............... Ii5 •Detroit, arrive.. 11:«0 .-:; • ,• •..-•.;•- '. r. j,.i Bus. Bridge,arrive. fc55 . S'. atlzeir;: • *•• • i-»r. fisSO B:ti 11.-20 Night Expr's. Soon. 1** r. si. 8:30 10:3) : A. M. 1:1SS : 8.-SO i OFFICE OF BISHOP A CO^ MORQAGERS,) • , Ix Poraxssio* or Mii_ A CBICAQO R. R., y ; Milwaukee, April S, ISM. \ O N and after April Vth, 1519, and until further no- lice, no person Is authorized to make purchases, or contract for materials for the Milwaukee and Chicago Railroad withouta writien order from the undersigned.. Bills will be paid monthly and account will not be continued with any concern that nrglecu to render monthly bills. «. B. HALL, Gen'l Agt. Mortgisees. : aprlt J.T. S100DV,Master nf Transportation. John 8. Brodhesd, Wm.Jamlson, Mnrray, Pryer & Co., CLEVZLiJD. Judge Wilson, Doct. H. A. Act ley, " Bishop, . " 51. L.Wright, " Kelly, f " M. L. Hewlt, " And-ews, " Resner. " Vllden, Jno. Kirkland, cnioiGO. Wm. Downac. Drrnoir. N. A. Brown, : C. Briulford. James Fofey. ; tmiT xzx or curvxLASD. W. J. Gains,"! Geer A Harrington, White * Newel, 0. H. Seymour. vzxaxss or nunoass DSZIDSS'B SOCITT/. J. K. Curtis, Wm. Patts, Sills Merchant, Wm. K. AdamsJ JEf Office, Klrby's Livery Stable, Main street. aprlG-diwtf ^ DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Railway Steamboat Line ! SUMMER PLEASURE SAILING ! BRY GOODS, &.G. IVIiJ SPHI^G AND SUMMER 178 East Water St. MJLWADKHK,. ceiving one nl the largest and lic.ft jol.'ti- .hioh .11, k ° V? 0113 evcr brought to this market, :,. which will be added, from time t( , ; lme> ,| urln ., y,.. The Latest Novelties Our arran^-menis CriMPKTITIOS, a» ^c have : market. lv e ar(! .letermlne ire nn- . buyer THE LARGEST AMOUNT OP O N and after 2d May next, parties will be carried b; the swift and elegant Steamers City of CUtdam and Cleveland, to Grand Haven, thence By trains i Grand Rapldj and bock at cheap excursion fares, am time afforded to view tLe beautiful and romantl Scenery on the Grand Elver around the City of Gran Rapids, with Its extensive OYPSUM BEDS, and othe interesting features. Fares (Including rooms or berths) for parties of five—toQrand Haven and bici For parties of five to Grind RapWs and back... Meals can be had on board at fllty cents each 10,7 TIME. Parties can leave Milwaukee twice daily, and hav tickets made valid to go and return any time withii one week. . Honrs of Sailing: & Knnnlnsr o Trains. Leave Milwaukee „..... J2.30 i. n. S:00 ?. y Leave Grand Haven 8:45 p. a. 4:(0 i. * Arrive at Grand Rapids 10:30 P.M. 5:-.'o , Leave Grand Hapids 2:35 A. M. 3:05 r. * Leave Grand Haven 5:30 A. M. 3:00 P. x Arrive at Milwaukee J2J.5 r. «. 5:SO A. There is a ne^i and comfortable hotel above and in the Ballway Depot at Grand Haven, where Ejcursior Parties (desiringito spend a ttv hours at Grand Uaven or on the Beach which I* quite close to Depot,) maj have every attenUon. J ^Sf Parties from Colleges, Schools and other kindrei institutions, will be carried on very low terms, which can I'e haxT on application to^th p ejub3cr^ber. t . tiv(ui ra sers onboard Steamers acd W. E. itUlS, W. GRAHAM, O-neral Superintendent, Dock Office, T So-dim Detroit. Milwaukee. C'onch and Saddlery i THE IVORTIIEK^ TRANSPORTATION COMPANY ! Will, dtfrlnj the present Beuon t run their veil | known ivnd popular Line of First Class Screw Steamers, Regularly, between 90DKNSB»/KC*H & OSWKUO, ; SAND TIIK DPPEH LA KEN i Forming aSemi-Weekly line between Oplensbargh and Qlwego, and Chicago, MllwanVee anil IniJTiTic-Iial,' torts, connecting at Ogdensburgh vitli the OOfcRNSnUROH * VERMONT CENTRAL RAILROAD i i ; ROUTE, .Between Ogdensburgh^ Burlington, Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Lawrence, Lowell, Worcester and Boston, and at Oiwego with the New Oswego Line of Thirty tint Cla-l Canal Boats on the Enlarged Canal, between { : ; " : •' O*wcg:o4Tror, {Albany & New York, • (.OonuMtlnj also, at Dunkirk with NEW YORK JIND ERIE RAILROAD, ! And forming a Tri-Weekly Railroad Line between Dunkirk, Milwaukee & Chicao. •Refreshments—Hotel to Depot at Grand Bav«h.: : Boat will leave> MUwaukee on Saturdays at 8 p. V.-f for Saturday Night's Express passengers west, but 3 *. ». train will HOT leave on Sundays. : : ; Trains leave ''termini dally, Sundays cxcepted. > : TUB TELEGRAPH LINK is now open far Prauo Br> •••'• :.:;,.,.•".. ' : . : :r::CONNECTIONS.- -f-'-- : .\-\-\ - AT DETBOIT-GRKAT WESTERN RAILWAY for mil polnU^Kut—MICHIGAN OKNTKAL and MICHIGAN SOUTHERN RAILROADS, • and CLEVELAND Line of Steamers, i ! ) i AT GRAWB lIAVEN-Wlth «HURON? Steamer for CHIOAflO.Ac^ic, i'. • • I - '. r AT IttrtWAUKEK-WIth the MI83I8SIPPI, OROSSB, CHICAGO, WATIRTOWH and HORICON RAILROADS, for all important points West and Northwest, and ott Ulnlatppl Elver, and with Steamers for PcrrtJ on Lake Michigan. ; f UerchaodiM, marked "jr.. x. CO. E"V. PUESS," wilt beforwarded from He* York byaT ISfprttt frright Train over VIA Sea York<k frit ' ' ,....; . ; Railroad, ; r And promptly forwarded from Dunkirk^ ',' ? t JP' Agea f N - T ^°2.-i n B |^»»T. New York. J; L. WAKXIX, agent N. T. Co., 8 Counties Slip, New Tork* . ' .. Cais. S. Tjtmir, corner Clh and Ohesnut it., Phila. HOT«T t Caawroao, Oswego N« r. BJ D. CaLDwaii, Agent, Dunkirk, N. T. OSatrauin, Cjuwrean *Co., Cleveland, OJ Joair Hociuo, Agent N, T. Co., 95 State «t., Boston. Ai CusEiusi, Agent Y. C. Llnei 103 State st- Boston. ^ 1\ CHCTCB, Ageat, Rotde's Point, N. T. B AKJS E8 BKOTHERS NO. U ALBANY BLOCK, Would Invite the sttirjtion of the trade to their lsr»- anj ,jpenor slot-t of SADDLERY HARDWARE — ASD— CAKRIAGE TRIMMINGS ^adtlles, Collars, , Patent and Enameled Leather, Knaineled Cloths, all qualities, >i hips. Hone Covers, Fly nets, *e. CarViage Springs, Axles, Slalleahle Iron, lc., Bows, Fellois, ripolte^, £n%!t], liubi, ii;., Of the best Eastern timber. 3OO Just received from .one- of the largest Ea3tera m-iou- factcrtes, the quality and. workmanship unaurpaased, in which wa would Invite special attention. ftf~ Our rtock tliroughout will be found complete and offered at the lowest prices. BARjreS BROTHER.*, niaj25 Ulchlgan =t. , op'posite Newhall Uouae. j OF 185S. I>l r EU CO. Oio. PAausi, AgenWOgdensbnrgb, N. Y: Lv J. IIIQBY, tlQwankee, Wis., o21ce LaCroue A M. R..R, Depot. • - Ji H. CRAWFORD, I «,,_„*„ WL-nnM^ O« J. IIAI,E> ..-.'', f "llwaukee, wuconsln, ; ; ... Office near M.* M. R. R. Depot. Si B^Bhlpper* are requeued to see one of the above Agent* beforemaking contracts, as they are prepared to offer very low rate*, and their connection* with the Ogdensburgh and Oswego routes, and especially with the Hew York 1 Erie Railroad grre them unsurpassed .facilities Tor cheap and speedy transportation. m»rlS-dCo-lastwlaw 1 30 EAST WATER STREET,' UII.WAUSSS, .................. ,.WISCONSM Manufacturers and 'WTiclaaU and Retail Dialfn in S -^ ID 3>Iji 33 JR. -3T ! W OULD reipectftiliy announce to their old customers, that they still continue to keep the largest and best selected Stock of Ooodi In their line to be found In the State, and will conduct their, business, as heretofore, with the intention of giving satisfaction.— To as many new customers as may feel inclined to give us a call, we would say one of our flrm resides- in New . York, and we havt facilities for tha purchase and manufacture of goods that caa not be excelled. We ar* it all times ready to take ad7antago of Eastern Markets, and have been enabled to reduce USe price, of many kinds of goods, which we •hall continue to sell at the lowest prices to Western V^rkets.' We are constantly receiving atM-tions to our stock, and will keep It so complete as to- be- able at ail times to n>*>n\rs fbr any kind of Saddlers', Carriage Trim- u.ti-> ..r lr..,.,i Makers' Stock, and will do so In a manner 10 give- satisfaction in respect to quality and prices. We also keep an assortment of Bent Ktutf, Poles, Shafts felloes, Spokes, Hubs, dc., ic., and have constantly a hand, or will maie u: crder, any kind of Coach, Ca riage, Wagon or Team Harness. Call and see for yourselves. no s T Anotwr os- nvnx,. O U H DKESS «OODS DEPlHTflEflT ^ii ultT » ni1 ' r™" . wntainiD? Block ., Brllliante, ir., IN OUK Whiie (,'oods & Dcparlm-cui Taw!" cln'S"" Table Cloths c,unterpan«, Em , Crash '"«='. Linen D^naji Poy!e3, U am bw,, IN THK CLOTH UNT Is a full stock meres. Vesting Jeant, ic. of Drench anil OcrTnnn, !„ t'ottonailes, Oenims, .•Jiirnro" IN 01 JK niari .H.-i»iin a flne «"e have a i JO ., ru| , IM Hosiery. Irimming.i, •", V n n),, "'III I,'/.;,,-', IZi>oi> SKI.:: OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT In rac ^-lU-r ?OLL ,,1- iiL i I3M 0? DSY GOODS AHD YANKEE MOTIONS, Which are offer:!,? CHEAP FOR CASH IprU J . I. . D A V is 1T3 gist W.iter itri-.-t. Mil IVashinjr 100 FAMILIES N0\\ tj BUCKMIXSTSS TOUM r , ,., ,„„.,„„ . . O-. the people of Milwaukee ,. .. >v,s,-mi, „ ,. .' " IQW oTsra for aaie, a preparation ino^n as' ' ' ' " U l.-CK.TI 1 r« ISTE K'S W A S3 j j ,, , 00 M POUND. This article Till be foam! to be ihe b.-,t i' nm , , , ev.r offers , o tl, e publlc> ana ^rrant^ an lt" ^"" >e fabric In tha least. By ,u, use, f"uij],° s m?,-" 3 "^'. proa^«r t L^^ h f; n ^ ; ™"''-" t;i '^- ;i - »•• Jfrs. PsruaToiil, JetTer^on Ureet Mrs. H. OaocSiiu ind Mrs. U K 'R-AT, T- , For sale at Dr. Alcot,', Drai: Stn'r,'. in,i' ., >',..'...",';: aprlT-dtf c per ,-allon; 13c p. ;r qunr;. G. SOUTHWELL,' JR,. Carpenter, CORJTSR DIDDLE AND K KTU and Coniractor, KTURNS his rth MILW.xrjKSE 3TRBETS. Llanlts for the patrona s2 h,, Mar*h*l's«fflee, Milwaukee, • : fi-' «DWt«»j^jiafl^'lfeei-«^ Duton.TAirDnji ' ~ \.:«pra-dtt'u;;"-? •s?^* f *^ Passengers for Great Western RaDway.go on the Boll* way rncr Bntinx, at D. 1 M. R. Dock, leaving Dock at 8:00 A.«i I2:QO Noon and 7;50 p. M. : •; T SIGHT TRAlSfl hate SLEEPING OAKS attached; JChe.Company'* Time-Table* can be had at any oflh* 8l*4l«nf.V.- r ..- '.::.'••-•.•.••.-•.••.---.••!:-. ---..-v...; .'Y-. •. JT: ,; -0f;i^ .'.- Sir.- K.nijtR. OethSup't] i WHjtMAI * Fonts, Ticket Agenti, 280 East, Water st WK. OkiBtv, freight Agent at Comtany 1 * Dock, i,: • ; : ;• . H. 0. Waso*;, General Wertera Agent. | :'.", '! P.* M.E. Office*. June, 1859 !' J i' • je? ! Frame. Houses to rent . . . on very reaujnable terms. We have also for sale a vast-quantity of real 'estate, MrsUtlngof BouietJ Lofilmpfofed and unimproved Farms, School Land*; *c. We have 60 acres near ihe.Clty, with House, Barnj t3.,fqr,th«*mallTentoff50andtares. • : ' •••--'-"* ••'^"-^•''•-'-'• "^.jbut Wateritreitrj .... Circuit Oourt, Uilv ankee County, f .: ; .:•:'.:'.-. . : t ,; . Mey*rSboyer,'i-:':si:;)i^:=;-;i: : •.-';•.• f-.-i^'f.^ •••-,-.';•'-. i-.ri-i against ,.': JC.T,-;Jnd|finent oil Foreclotore arid -:a ' .- r . POALEi\'8 BOOT'S. r i:kti GKNUINE ARTICLE i ! MANUFACTURED BY JTJOHN PH ALE N, nnHB only one authorised to manufacture the abroe t JL: named Boot*, at '•}\\i'* *A8X WATEK STUEET. ThePhalen Boot I* one of the most unique and e'e- gant:coTerIng» Jor the feet that ha* ever been invented. They are made of the best of stock and molt finished workmanship, and. are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- Ions, SweUed Feet,-Swelled Head, Bhumatlim, Goat, 4e*r j i' j j •--'."-" ^' '' • ' - - • ' ' Retnember that the Salt Agent for these last Invented Boots In this City, Is to be .found at 72 East Water St., where, also, ta»y be found a general assortment of ! BOOTS it SHOES, GA1TEHS', d=C., ForQenlletnan and Ladle* that there Is la this market* all manufactured nnder the supervision-of ihs subscriber, |^ _..[may25] : JOHNPHALKN. Colin M^ Farmer. j 1 , •.. ... ... .-. . TN Tirtoe of and puriuant to a judgment rendered In JL : laid Court, In. the above entitled action, dated th»tweBty-elgirt4*yofM*y, 1SS», 1 shall «posefor laje and *ell at Public Ancllon, at the Poit-offlce, In the City «fMl[wanke», on Saturday, the lotto day: ol Sctoicmber, 18B», l at the hour of a r. n.,of -that day, tk» following described mortgaged premlsw,oT *o' mecli thereof a* may be necessary to ral*8 tie amount of said jndgtamt, Inttrest and costs, together with the expenses of «ale, to wit :-• '-.'• "Thtaoulh twenty [«0] .feet of lot number nine ^~ i;tW»"«n Wiek^iumber *lxty.ronr IMJ, In the ! i -' ? BeVeBtl. m Ward; of the City of Mflwankee, la : i tteOounty of anwaukeeandBttteof Wlsc*n- 'i ' ' ' ' -' "'--•' • ' "''' Formerly of Toronto; 0. W^ now • of Chicago, 111., the ;. eminent and skillful operator oo the At NbvSa Randolph, corner of Dearborn street, • workleemlracleslnthewayofrastorlnf; -• ^SJ&Er AND BEARING. i of TWO HUNDRED hare been received fay Dr. Oi Irtthin the last four weeks, many of whom have been Wind for month* and years, have bad their sight restored Instantly by dtlieaU and tiigicuUoperatlon*, while 'others, who bar* -been sufferers from disease, havateen miraculously cured by mild and g«nUe treat- '' ''' " ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOB S30. '' The powerful iron Steamship* CITY OF BALTIMORB, CTTT OF WASHINGTON KANQARO.P,' - • Wia .all from New fork fcf •&* aw RatoofPasss.S'fro'aN.w.York , ^ Liverpool and tho principal towna in ' ' ENGLAND AKD BCOTL4ND : ~., ...... ...... .Third Class.. ..WO. I.BAVK ntOM DEPOT FOOT OF . And liffO Trains arrive at HUwinkee at A. Close connection's are made at IVaOroiue. Twice tlaily each way -with the, Jtt nesetB Packet Company's New an • Splendid halted States Mail tine , of Steamers to & from St«Pairt7 — and : route,' . ln distance and 16 hours t^me, from Chicago or linwaukae to Ja Clroeae; or m; Paul, ofWanyother * ' -"' " ,;jClwa^kM,;Ui».'flr*t of ertr month, commencliig ftOTemberlft, In regard to all dl*. . !orfr«s;5"tdS8 r gariening pnrpoae*. AI*o, s In ' Architect. ' Pnbnottsjnr 'O . Remittent and ntermittent Few*, ftT yhnflfffli, Aoi'.' •Att' ! ttw --j*er Uaand '' of ft* *uffiu1ngi ;«r; chlld-Wrtb ''in rem&v«d: b» autr conKdtaUon.- f ; ;:'-<:r-:- -:- ^ff^f;:"- .•j-ri'vii'^: ' Rememhftr, that theDoetar don not promlte to ear* aU Mace* of Diieaae*. V?one all dl*ea*e< are curable, If taken tnteaion, all *ta*je* ire not. rtloar, cite oai j^,. ...... . . ... . . , : The best proof u tb how Dr. O.'s lervlces ar* appre. clattd:a,that he IsUaily ««lvln? new patiniu from all part* of the country, and dismissing, as cured, nu tarty rtcelved cases. •-, • -..-,' ' w ^V«J*reiinI«<l for an examina C«tt?Wl tor serrices that are net ,„, gJJSJitan tbe patient It rt««W«d. , thl* week, not nextr«»-a»r,i«i» to-morrow, --'-> m:~-*'-'*>-^<~-:-y-^^ -..- — T- •'-'••-••' :'.•!•'•• . '.. '• ~ • _• •- '.--- -• . ':•. Also from Kflwaakee to J ^^ lUwAUier, Flu lW«la»tWaUr Ida, «c.. A < pjleaueo •* akcwe; k tdOHOL M per e».iM|»lamia*tBirt •£*. Nic & Pleasure Excorsionss i BROCKWAY'S LIKE ' J i.l! ,'•••- . •, -or-- ,;: • .• : -; . OMNIBlJSSfclS AND HACKS. F 1STIE3 wishing to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for •the purpose of visiting the Gardens or for Pic Me Parties, can toe supplied with first elass vehicles on tn- ihortest notice and most reasonable terms. • A lino of Omlbujses will commence running on the 1st of Jane for Sorest Home, leaving Tan Colt's comer at» A. •. and 3 t s .ibij The Omnibus for "-—' ' " " ' atia«.anil6r.-•• • tnajSO-dla - 'or Waawatosa.leaT'es Van Celt's stfT^ ROCKWAT, foot of Uaaqn street. HEM OVAL 1¥ . F . B A Y L E Y Ha* removed to his old stand, tfO.1 18G EASX WATEK ISTIIEET ..(PfposltiJ. JV. EoneiteeTa Dry Goods Store,) And having made such additions to hisjfaciUtlcs- fo executing F I N Ei [F O K T K A I T S f As to enab'e him to say, to the public with confident that he Is now prepared to furnish tfeem with every de slrable style of Picture known to trie • community, am at such Astounding Low Price* a* tu defy competition forexample, ; ,; DaguerrotypeS'tor. 19£ Cis. Flltt SIZE FIIOTO^KAPHS For only Jl^JO tha flnt one, arid 60o for the Duplicate: MEtAINEOTXPES, AMBKOOUAPHS At d In fact eT*ry othjer style of Picture, at corresponding low ; prices. IITIPEKIAt, PliOTOGHAPIIS, Colored In either Oil or Water Colors, and finished In . . f the highest styla of tha Art-l- TME STEEI.OTTPE, A new-«nd popufar style of Picture, Color*! in Oil which far excel* la Accuracy, Boldness and Beauty o finish, any other Picture ever offered to the Publio.— Tne*e Picture* haveonly to be seen to be admired. All Who are desirous of saving money ar« respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the 01; Stand, ." ' • •- Jfo. 184 fail Water tireet, MUicavket, Wlscon . marlS-d«m W. f. BAYLEY, Aitlst.fcj Steam to thp Principal Towns in ... •JsT- Passensen forwarded to Havr*. Antwerp, Bre- oJnand Hamburg for » BW Cabin, »33 Third Claw. TO PARIS, (In 24 hours from Liverpool,) Cabin J35; sen<tfor Ctrtiflcate* of passage from Broad- • Milwaniee, Wisconsin. Line avoid, the risk sad hag rv- . an-.l <vonM inform prova tbe presant state of the mar- is on hand to attend to all Tori in Ms'in. ucli .13 the erection of 13 lia ' DWELLING HOUSES WARE-HOUSES, &c will enable aim to give entire 33 tlafactlon la tho 3s isWns hla services. 'obbing and Sepaira Jone Tilh tlespa'-ch. ••. - BENEDICT, JIANC7ACTUSINO LATS3T 3TTLE3 nr Bats, Caps anil Straw Good*, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, 2*0. 3.32 KAST WATER SljKEKT, MILWATJKSE,.... ..... mjM ......... WISCONSIN.. ATLANTIC CABLE — A5D— FALL ST1 7 I,£S 11 ATS ! times, willlssuo Urn Fall stylo SATURDAY East AUGUST 14TH -ATO . . 1 Q O W. ate r -Street. 2. > PATKN 7 ! 1 -Explosive tfas 1IJE public Is now favored with the BKST, 3A7SST A 4nd most ECONOMICAL LIGHT ever produced, equal If not superior to the- best Coal Gass. It Is adapted to Churches, Hotels, Stores, Boding KOOJB*, Private Dwellings, Railroad Cars, Ac., io. A trial will proua.itj>npe»lgjij ...,-- • - wuat.CfmoYe; entirely sion. Apply at » _• • • • * - ^ s .,v. .. ... -, safe ftom all danger of •jgeutfo; UiuataJ^afWrscMsln. j o M a t h a p&-. CJ r o n « Ji, UN-JJKKTAKKli spring St.,Opposite American I]OH«« JKEP3 CONSTANTLY on hand » large assortmen f Mahogany, Black Walnut and other Wood Coffins together with disk's Metalic Burial Cases. The office of the Forest" Horns Cemetery Company is tmy placeswherolhavethftplaa of thS ground*, I m always ready to accompany patrons to thoCeroB- tey to select lot* or places for burial, anil can be found raoiy place of businet* day or night. CofflnTrim- anjrsof all kinds for aale. • . scp'JC •JUSTICE DOCKKTSd. Lf ANTJIACIURSD expressly for that purpose, ou« ill of flnt qnalitT, paper. fr a. TBaaY * CO., ' l«T Xast Water it. 1 AA nnLa M L W ansia in store, for sal*. LAYTOS t PLAKIWTOC. FOB EII.LAHD S A L K C H K A T HEand;rsl|;ned wilt sell four Dlllard Tables Balls and. Cae? F all In good order .«od quite t a very low pries. : jelQ-diwtf -.. . •'. . V. ULAT2, City

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