The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 18, 1916 · Page 3
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 3

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1916
Page 3
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THE CHILLI COTHE DAILY CONSTITUTION, AMoth.ers tealthyBaby That s a loyal and natural feeling all mothers ha T e. Then make n«f,fif m a assurdnco b y """"S "Mothers Friend." Its beneficial ualities * 111 conser, e 3 our o w n health ana strength and make baby's ' TM* *"** ^ ^ " -iXh.BradE.JdRe.Kaa.-tor C BUILD HABlfslFAGE i, $1.25 PER ,,. COST \\OCJU SI'RJJAD OMSK 2' YEA il. Better Quality -Larger Q PASTE To a greater degree than you have ever before experienced will the daily brushing of , your teeth become»a pleasure if you use this truly delicious and refreshing antiseptic dentifrice. It will give you a new meaning of the word "quality" as applied to tooth paste both as regards its cleansing and whitening properties and the delightfully refreshed condition which it imparts to the mouth. bay so. Arrests decay, makes the gums firm and healthy, neutralizes acidity and keeps the teeth clean, v/hite and beautiful. 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CHAPEL FREE--NIGHT PHONE 44 3O1; DAY 397 F. A. MEINERSHAGEN SON UNDERTAKERS and FUNERAL DIRECTORS H. L. KECKE, Licensed S ibalmer. CHAS. GIBBS, Asst. Judge JjOne of Kanijis Cit^ l r acts ftegoicUng the impioie.incnt oi County Higrmajs. Is there a fai ni o\\ner in Lit *ng- stou count who \vould not have hard surfaced roads About hu laim at in average cost ot ?1 25 per acre' Judge J M Lowe, president ol the National Old Trails Road Association ot Kansas Cit, Thuisday told the people ot Lawience, Kan how the people that state could build 21,000 miles, oi haid surtacod higtnvajs at the cost above named Spreading the cost over a period ol twent; jeats the a\eiage cobt -«ould be six and one-fourth cents tin acie a eai "And Jf these loads weie bull! right, the $5.000 000 no-u wastei an nually'on the dnt roads ol Kansas, w o u l d moie than pa.\ for their maintenance," he said Judge Lowe piesented a table to illustiate -n(hat a count,! sjsteni ol loads of t w o h u n d r e d miles in each county will cost ah acie on a basis if 20_year bonds at an a\ ei age load cost of ? G , 0 0 0 a mile "It T,\;ll cost no more an acre to build 3600 miles of roads in these eighteen counties than it will to b u i l d one road of five h u n d i e c l miles the Kansas mileage ol the Old Tiails," he said 'And that is title of the Meridian. Road, or anv other ci oss state hi ghw ay "That estimate is based on an average of two hundred miles in each county IE each one of tlie 105 coun-| ties in the state would build the same] average the state would have twenty .one thousand miles of haid sur faced roads at an average cost of ?1 25 an acre There are more than 2,600,000 acres ot land m the state ' If twenty-one thousand miles of j road cost 126 million dollars and thP enhanced alue of i eal estate by reason through the building of hard roads, is $5 an acre a low estimate the profit to Kansas i\ould be 260 million dollars In other n ordt, the i oads v o u l i pay foi thenibeHes twice a ieai ' S Passenger Touring Ctr Roadster $620 f.o.b. 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Front Bj; Chilli- cocjie People's Experience*. Occasional attacks ot baclcauie, irregular urination, headaches and dii- zy spells are frequent sjmptoms of kidney disorders It's ,ui error to ; negle these ills The attacks maj pass off for a time but generally ie~ turn with greater intensity Don't delay a minute Begin taking Doan't, Kidney Pills, and keep up their uso until tne desired results are oMain. ed Good work in Cnillicothp pfovoa the effectiveness of this groat kidnej remedy. ' Mrs. J B. Helhuii, Graves St , Chillicothe, says "I feaA a steady dull pam in the small of my back which grew worse Until I -was nearly woin- (/ut. A g-ood deal of the time I had iheadaches and dizzy spells, too I felt weak, tired out and nervous I have used Doan's Kidney Pills when ever this trouble has come on and 1 am pleased to say that they have al "ways given excellent benefit I keep Doan's Kidney Pills on hand all the time and uae them when occasion arises " Price 50c at all dealers Don't simp-1 ly ask for a kidney remedy---get, Doan's Kidney Pills--the same t h a t ) Mrs. Hellam uses. Foster-Milburn. Co., Props , Buffalo, N Y Come to out storo dur ing oui j das" One Cent Sale uid puioh.vs? onn 25c bottle ot n e \ a 1 1 C'loiii Baik Uough Sjriu and \\e mil sell j o u an- oth. bottle lust Iiko it for J*j 01 the t\\ o bottler foi 26$ This .,, onlv one of the Big Bargains for this sale \vlncn lasts onlj 3 days, Mov 16, 17 and 18 Clark's Pharmacy -TUT: RFVATjfj STOTJF- CHILIACOTHJL;, MO. DIPtOlHACV OF MARINE SAVE1 RURAL "OTVOKCE Los Angeles, Cahf , Nov 18 -- A domestic tragedy that might have led to the di-vorce court was narrowly averted when-, a rural visitor to the Riverside Fair was saved b} the diplomacy of a United States Marine Uncle Josh had lett his vv'ue bum=_ where in the safe and sano "Slock Exchange Exhibit" and -wandered in to the forbidden portals oj a "Hooch-Cooch\ ' sideshow 'Officer," exclaimed the irate lad, approaching Kern "see if there aint an old fool in there watchm' them gals ' Unruffled 1» being mistaken for a policeman, the Marine entei ed the tent, gave Uncle Josh a stiaight man to man tip, and returned with a polite, 'I'm afraid ou ai e mistaken madam " * Ten minutes later the v.rathlul lady discovered her husband investigating the merits of a cream separ. atof. When You Have Saved $50 the question anses, "How shall I invest it?" There . no better way than in a Cer tifieate of Deposit in The Citizens National Bank of Chillicotho, whose resources of $850,000.00 give ou assurance of absolute safety Oui Oi t i f i c i t e s of n c p o s l t ire Is sucrt i n sums of $"0 d n c l up\\ 11 ds TheS Vic if I n t e r o«t al the i-ite or · lifl 1 o f n t incl 11 f* renei\ i l j l e al the end o C l ^ e M e m o n t h s If v o u w a n t s e r u r l t v f o i s o u r sav inirs and tbsmcc oC U! o x p o n s e o TM o ? r v i n c i c U n l t o moi l^a^et bonds stocks fete . v cxivririr \ f i n or t h i = s t i o n p r b a n k The c e r t i f i c a t e s a, 1 e read 11 v n o g o bio incl T.^ c o l l a t e r a l s e c u r i t y ai c ncxcel loci Tor those ^ h o ha-\ P -^avrrl worn m o n c j a n d r1 sii e a i ctfui.u I n - r-ome free fi om tho i n n o y inco incl worry of o t h e r f o i ms of i n \ cst- m o n t ^\ e sti o n s f t v r e c o m m e n d o u r CcrtiflcALc of Depot,) I THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Hember Federal BesfiTe Bnnk U. S. DEPOSITARY THIS AXD FTt'E CEJfTS' DOX'T MISS THIS Cut out t h i s slip, enclose five cents to Tolej «- , 2835 Sheffield A% e , Chicago i l l , nrlting "vour name and idrire ci: 5 clearlv You vt r ill receive in return trial package containing Tolei s Honev and Tar Compound for coughs, colds and c r o u p , Folej Kidney Pills and Foley Cathartic Tal). lets Sold everywhere Iron and Steel Work I am now prepared to do all kmds of IRON and STEEL WORK--such as Steel Stir- ways, File Escapes, Side Walk Grates, Tiuss Rods Steel Road Drags, double single or tripple, Boiler, En gine, Machine Work L. D. ASHER General Blacksmithing and Repair TiXtimntes Cheerfully Given 411 South Locust Street ijnnaon NOV i--(By Mail/--No nigli sounding phrases and involved b i b l e quotations make a dent on tbe tommies, at the liont It's simple soap-box, alfresco language that arnu chaplains hay© to use if the get an. audience And all a r m y sky pilots are doing it, according t o an ofticer just back l i o i n the iron I Men v,ho pi each f i o m immaculate pulpits in woids ot the highei education beioie the wai «re out thei e t a l k i n g hoise sense to the soldiers and die haying no tiouble to get con- giegations' said the offlcei Here is a sample ol: the latest kind of sei mon--the logic ivInch the ' Tummies' listen to and like ' If uliAt 1 am going to say is go- *ng to make an old woman, of any of j o u m e n , loigct it 11 it will help I o u take a t i j at it ' N o w the flitt t h i n g a tu'iow has got to get hold ot is that someone '.» responsble toi tins outfit we call the v orld Someone put it liere You won't find a shell in youi bore or a feed in join nosebag unless soiueon 1 Las put it t h e i e Vei j well, someone put tins \ \ o i l d ttheie it is, some one put us here and someone is if. sponsible tor our being That s God 1 think that's horse sense ' I know a man--a fuend of m i n e , who flghts and bodies for a living--a man n itti a hell ol 1 a punch--takes 1 his own pui't anywheie He's not I ushamed to say--aor let you hear him I say ' Chnsl help me to play tlu game " You loiow what \\6 mean 'Ir, that--goinpr stiaight with men and ^voiYien We all know what it niean^, doing your job and not doing the ' dirty ' to an j one What is theie to be ashamed oE if EJ, man says in his heart--he ncedn' L s.ij it aloud H he doesn't \ v a n t t o -- j I believe m you Chiist with all my j heart I kno~u if 1 go square You'll I stick to be and I'm. going to try al- \vajs to go squaie, and it you find mi? getting off the tiack, help me to get back ' "1 don't u a u t you to be a psalm singer, weai long hair or be don't- dunk don't-smoke soi t of fellows : \ V a n i joli to be m a n l y H s hell bo-vs [ ior e\erjone to hate thti s'iKht oL you because vou're a i otter ' Tell Him boys that you're out to do a bit oi good lor y o u i s e l f , tha,. you Want him to help you go straight and clean, that sou often find it a tough job, that you want a leal t i n e Inend ivhe kn,ows the worst and the best of sou and I'll -vvairant help will come ' The young chaplain who "preacli- ed ' this particulai "sermon" was ari athletic soung vicar liom a fashionable cornmUiiits' of London before the v,ar His weekly chat with the meni is always looked forward to at a cer-, tain part of the front Alter the chat I ^e'll put on the gloves for a half an I hour with ans r man who has the nerve 'to tackle him O tTR strong: box is a GBEAT MAGNET for the money of those who, conduct their homes and business by check It BHAWS the DOL- IAES You'd find it POSITIVELY to YOTTR ADVANTAGE it you would let it magnetize your money. Our FIIv AKCIAL EESVICE is BACKED by YEAES OF EXPERIENCE The DISTINGUISHES TOWNSMEN ca our board of directors is cur BEST GTJASANTLE YOUR NEIGHBOR BANKS WITH US. DO YOU? FARMERS MERCHANTS BANK Chris Boehner, Pres. J. D. Brookshier, Cashier CHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI Public Sale JtaMng decided to go south for the benefit of my health, and desiring to rent my tarni I Will sell at Public auction at the old Moss E*arm rn. Sprinfehill, the following properly, on Thursday, Nov. 23, 1916 HORSI3--1 black m a i e , 12 yars old; 1 black mare 11 years old, 1 ·black m a i e S j e i r s old, 1 black mare 4 years o!4, 1 black filley 2. yeaj'i old, I roan jearling, and 2 roan suckling- colts, good matches OATTTjE--Three black and 1 ree cows, all grving milk, 2 black yearling heifers, 1 late spring calf FATKVriJS'G IMPIjEMKVl'S. ETC.--Two wagons, 2 spring wagons; i bugg}, i McCormick Mower, 1 sulkey rake, 1 bull rake, 1 disc IiarlPow ; one 14-m bieaking plow, 1 lister, 2 riding cultivators, 1 corn planter ·with, new wire, 1 smoothing harrow, 2 sets double work harness, 1 set double Buggy Harness; 1 set Single Harness; 1 saddle; 1 McCormiclc binder About 2,000 feet native lumber. OKAIY AST) HAY--300 shocks fodder with corn on, about 200,bu. Corn in crib 1 tons Baled Hay 1ERMS MADE KNOW.V ON DAY OF SALE SALE BEGINS 10 A. M LtFNCH SERVED BY LAMES OF SPRINGHILL CHURCH M. A, MOSS, Owner COL WM MAST, Auctioneer CHARLEY RAULIE, Clerk Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S O A S T O R I A M. W. LITTON EXCLUSIVE FUNERAL MVEBY Special Call made for Parties anj Balls. Phone 343. FHETj TTRGTX TOO While much is said about tired women it must be r p m e m h e i e d lhal men also paj the penalty of ovur. w o r k When the k i d n e v s arp weak, inactive 01 sluggish, when one feel" t i r p d oi't and miserable, has the ' blues " Jacks energy and ambition Toley Kidney Pilla are tonic strengthening They act Sold everywhere and quickly Extra Bstrcains Have cook sto-ve and othei hold good now -for sale i 15-3 Frank Scruby HELPING H U N G R Y HOGS Lots of folks think that ;i ·hoc; likes diit. So does a baby like eandr, and n bo y mi ace pie, but Eawlins sa^-s too much is not arood for them Tt is a mistake to think that mnd mixed with a ho«'s feed is s?ood for him. A eonei-ete or board feeding floor will pay for itself in feed saved nnd double in hoj* health. If vou want the riarht material RCNG UP R A W L I N S AT THE SAUNDERS-TURNER LUMBER CO. PHONE 247 A. W. CIES IJVK STOCK AUCTIONEER Ofnci" Rooms 39.2O AY.lIJbrimjj Building TERMS niSASOXABLE Office Hours: 9-OO a.m. to 5:OO p-ra. Chilljcothe, Mo. Chillicothe Lodge NO. 91, J. O. O. P. MEETS FVERT MONDAY JVIGHT NFWSPAPFK!

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