The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on October 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 7

Hagerstown, Maryland
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Saturday, October 14, 1939
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1939. CHURCH PLANS ANNIVERSARY St. Paul'* U. B. To Mark Founding With Special Service. DR. F. BERRY PLTJMMER Formally opening the sesquicentennial anniversary year of the founding of St. Paul's United Brethren Church, Rev. Dr. F. Berry JPlummer, pastor, will give the first bf a series of historical sermons at ,th-e morning service tomorrow. His subject will be "Our Church Fath- iers" and will tell of Philip William jOUerbein, the Reformed minister, ftnd Martin Boehm, the Mennonite ininister, who became the human founders and first bishops of the (United Brethren Church. The second sermon on October B-3 will tell of Otterbein and feoehm's two distinguished as- ilociates, Bishops Christian New- fcomer and George Adam Geeting, jboth of Washington county, Maryland, and the part they played in the founding of the United Brethren' Church and St. Paul's Church, Hagerstown. Later sermons will tell of the prominent part played by Hagerstown in the early history of the United Brethren Church. Rally Day will also be held in the Sunday School tomorrow morning and a large attendance is expected. RALLY DAY WILL BE HELD SUNDAY County and City Churches to Hold Special Services Rally Day and Decision Day services will be held in St. Paul's Evangelical Church on Sunday morning. Rally Day services will begin at 10 o'clock and Decision Day services will follow at 11 o'clock. The congregation of this church has erected a new church building which will be dedicated on Sunday, Oct. 22. This coming Sunday will be the last service in the old church building prior to entrance into the new one. Invitations have gone out to friends and past class members and an unusual attendance is expected. Besides the ministers of the immediate community, Rev. Mr. Sanier of the Evangelical Church, Hagerstown, and Rev. Mr. McCulough of the Evangelical Church at Sleepy Creek. W. Va., will be present and assist in the services. Chawsvllle U. B. The annual fall rally will 1 Rev. Snavely Is Returned Here Pastorates Assigned At Close Of Eldership Meeting. Ministers wert assigned and resolutions adopted at the closing session of the annual Eldership of the Church of God of Virginia and Maryland. The following assignments were announced last night at the local Church of God, of which the Rev. SEVEN The Temptation of Jesus ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Scripture—Matthew 4:1-11; By J» F. H. Snavely is pastor: Md. and Carrollton arid Winfield, Rev. C. 0. Sullivan. Uniontown, Frizzelberg Wakefleld—Rev. J. H. Hoch. Frederick—Rev. William P. Jackson. Hagerstown—Rev. F. H. Snavely. Sharpsburg, Blairs Valley, Maple Grove, Kaiseville—Rev. C. W. Fink. First Church, New After fasting 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus was hungry, so the first suggestion Satan made was that He turn the •tones into bread so He might eat. Then He was taken up into Jerusalem, seated on the pinnacle of tha temple, and told to cast Himself dowjx to see if the angels would save Him. The Lord was next taken to the top of a very high mountain \vhere He could see the world, and told'that it should be His if He would worship Satan. Jesus, • having withstood all * Satan's temptations, was left alone, and Angela ministered unto Him. GOLDEN TEXT—Hebrtwi 4:15 Baltimore held in the Chewsville TJ. ihurch Sunday at 9:30 o'clock. The Sunday School period and the :hurch worship will be combined. The speaker for the occasion will he Mr. Russell Nelson, who a master at the St. James chool, St. James, Md. The church will be appropriately decorated with fruits, vegetables nd flowers. There- will be reci- ations by the children and special music by the choir. Mr. Fred Baker is superintendent of the Sunday School. «• WE WOMEN * By BETTY BRAINERD Brother Means Well "Dear Betty Brainerd: "I have -wanted to thank you time after time for what your column has meant to me. I am 17 years old, almost IS, and like many other poor, ignorant girls icli dn't think It was wrong to pet. But after reading your advice daily my eyes certainly have been opened. "I am not a bad girl—I do not drink, smoke or use bad words. I was engaged to F but now i always will believe that my actions drove him from me for I petted with him a great deal. I am a religious girl and A, the boy with whom. I now go, is a Christian. He is a gentleman and old-fashioned. He does not believe in dancing, petting or drinking. "My trouble is that X, my eldest brother, has, always tried to boss me and my sisters. He quarrels with me if I speak loudly or augh or speak to a boy in his presence or anywhere else i£ he finds It out. He doesn't want, me to go with A. He says A isn't good jenough for me. "I love my brother. How can I show him that 1 don't mean to do anything wrong by talking or laughing with boys? X doesn't approve of my girl friend, either, and I know she is a nice kid. My mother and dad do not approve of the way X treats me. They tell me not to pay any attention to him but I can't help paying attention. I love him as a sister should and I want him to be proud of me. I don't want him to think I am cheap. "Now don't think my parents let me do as I please for they do not. j don't think you could find better parents, than mine anywhere. I am writing to you because I believe you can help me. "Asking For Help." * * * Dear "Asking For Help": When the philosopher Aristotle was asked how much educated men •were superior to those uneducated he said: "As much as the living are to the dead." If we live in this •world we are supposed to be alive, mentally as well as physically. As we emerge from childhood our ability to learn things—or be educated—increases. We are able to grasp and understand certain tilings that as children we do not. %ha.t I have been the medium thru •which you learned that petting was wrong makes me very happy for telling me of this, A is very fortunate in having as nice a girl as you now are for a friend and you are fortunate in having his friendship. You are taking your brother too seriously. He seems to be a most desirable boy to know and you must not let your brother bother you. He really does not mean to—it is just the way some brothers have. Do as your parents advise: Don'*, pay any attention to X. And by this I mean listen to him but don't let it annoy you. You certainly found out that F wa« not and now are going with an entirely different and fine type of boy. If you want to have some fun with X the next time he scolds you abont talking loudly, laughing or talking: to boy* go Into a. deaf- and-dumb act. If yon don't talk * paa'.t If he asks you questions shake your head up and down or sideways, use your hands to talk with, him and get back at him that way. If you want to carry it to the extreme, answer his questions on a pad of paper and tell him you mustn't talk to him because he, too, is a boy. You can have a lot of fun with him and break him of his too protesting, restraining attitude. Take your parents into your confidence but you and your sisters try out this little stunt on your brother! Incidentally, girls who have brothers who love them—as does yours—understand boys better and get along better with them. Such girls listen and are guided to stand up for themselves. They learn to engage in gay repartee when their brothers tease them. Rev. Levi Wagaman. Second Church, New Baltimore—Rev. Leri Carbaugli. Germantown and Woodsboro — Rev. F. R. Rose. Locust Valley, Fairplay and Broadfording — Rev. Clarence Magaha. Samples Manor, Knoxville and Bakerton — Rev. S. A. Kipe. Antietam and Brunswick — Rev. J. E. Myers. Edgewood and Pleasantville — Rev. J. E. Stephens. Zittlestown, Mt. Lena and Blue Mountain — Rev. Preston Lucas. Mt. Briar and .Chestnut Grove — Rev. Gardner R. T;.ylor. The Rev. J. H. Gonso, Rev. Helen Gonso and Rev. A. W. Frazier were named general evangelists; Rev. Wilson Hummelbaugh and Rev. J. M. Carter, superannuates and Rev. S. B. Myers, supernumerary. Among the- resolutions adopted were those thanking members of the congregation for the hospitality and the press for news reports. Irwin Evans, Westminster, trustee of Findlay College, read his report which was unanimously adopted. Members of the Board of Missions were named as follows: Rev. J. H. Hoch, Uniontown; Rev. S. A. Kipe, Knoxville; F.DV. F. H. Snavely, Hagerstown: Rev. C. W. Fink, Burkittsville; Mrs. Ruth Schendle- decker, Highfield; Mrs. Nora Gilbert, TJniontoT. u; Mrs. Hazel Beard, Hagerstown. The standing committee is composed of Rev. J. H. Hoch, Rev. F. H. Snavely and Rev. C. W. Fink. The- committee on license and ordination ordained to the ministry, Clarence Magaha, of Brunswick. Dr. Roy Schriner, editor of the Church Advocate. Harrisburg, Pa,, addressed the Eldership on Sunday School publications. Rev. Thomas Hoch, Rev. Preston Lucas and Rev. Levi Wagaman received their annual licenses. SUNDAY IN THE First Brethren Antietam and Mulbtrry Rev. Wm. H. Beachler, D. D. P«tor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning- Service 10:45 o'clock "The Kingdom Which is Unshak able." Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "God's Gracious Gift to the Gen tiles." Mid-week service Wed. 7:30 P. M. Christ Reformed W. Franklin St. Rev. H. A. Fesperman, D. 0., Patter Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock "Man's Response to the Quest of God." Y. P. Service 6:00 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "The Man Without Fault." •Both sermons will be preached by Rev. Russell C. Herbert. St. John's Episcopal S. Prospect and Antietam Stt. Rev. Walter Byron Stehl, D. D., Rector Church School 9:45 o'clock Morning: Services ?:00 & 11:00 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Services Wed. and Fri. 10 A. M. Washington Sq. Methodist Washington Ave., "at the Square" Rev. John E. r-ort, pastor. Church School 9:4-5 o'clock Morning- Worship 11:00 o'clock Evening- Worship .... 7:30 o'clock Prayer and Praise Service will be held on Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The Salvation Army 326 West Washington Strttt Major Amel Shuitz, Pastor Sunday School ...... 9:45 o'clock Morning: Servlc* 11:00 o'clock T. P. Service 1:30 o'clock Evening Servlc* .'..... 7:45 o'clock Seventh Day Adventist Mulberry Ave., and McComas St. W. R. Rifiton, Pastor Sabbath fc>chooL Saturday, 9:45 o'clock. Morning- S«rvic«. Saturday. 11:00 o'clock. Prayer Meeting; Wednesday 7:4! P. M. They arc more sportsmanlike, in that they are fairer in playing the game of life. In other words, girls learn how "to take it," to use a slang expression. So don't, as I said, take your brother too seriously. He has the best o£ intentions. BETTY BRA1NERD. The Temptation:of Jesus HIGHLIGHTS ON TOT SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Gospel Tabernacle Pentecost Ross and Lanvale Streets Rev. G. W. Gross, Pastor Sunday School _ ... 9:45 o'clock Evening' Service 7:30 o'clock Prayer Meetinr Thursday 7:30 P. M. Grace United Brethren Corner W. Church and Winter Sts. Rev. G. I. Rider, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Sermon by Rev. Homer D. Kendall. C. E 6:30 o'clock Eveninp Service 7:30 o'clock "The Grace of Kindness." By NEWMAN CAMPBELL (The 5* International * Uniform Lesson on the above topic for October 15 \M Matthew 4:1-11, Devotional* Reading, Hebrews 2:11-18, the Golden Text being Hebrews *:15, "For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with -the feelings of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like SLS we are, yet without •to/') LAST WEEK'S lesson'ended •where Jesus, after His baptism by .John the Baptist, was taken by the Holy Spirit to the wilderness and there tempted by Satan. "For in that He Himself hath suffered being tempted, He is able to suc- cour them that are tempted." Jesus stayed in the wilderness alone for forty days and forty nights, and in that time He had nothing to eat. Crafty Satan's first thought was that He would be so hungry He would succumb to the temptation to use His power to turn the stones about His feet into food. But when he suggested it Jesus wiswered him by saying: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by ..every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Failing in his first attempt, Satan (meaning in Hebrew, "an adversary") next took Him Into . Jerusalem, the Holy City, and sitting Him on the very top pinnacle of the temple said to Him, "If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down: for it is written. He shall give His angels charge over Thee: and in their hands they shall bear Thee up, lest at any time Thou dash Thy foot against a stone." Again Jesus answered quietly, "It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God." Still not discouraged, the dcvli transported our Lord to a very high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world spread out befor* them in all their glory. "All these things shall be Thine," said the tempter, "if Thou wilt fall down and worship me/'. Then Je«u« turned on him and 8*id:,"G«t thee hence, «>atan: for Jt to written, thou ?ha.!t worship th« Lord thy God, and Him only •halt thou serve." So Satan left Him-end then the angels came and ministered to Him, for He "had been tempted like as we are, yet without sin," as our Golden Text says. He had undoubtedly spent the forty days and nights . in » meditation i and prayer, and He may have been tempted in all this time, as is suggested in Mark and Luke, the three temptations being the climax of the ordeal. Moses, you may remember, fasted for the same length of time, to avert the wrath of the Lord from the rebellious children of Israel. (Deut. 8:3.) Elijah, too, fleeing from the wrath of Queen Jezebel, ate food that the Lord sent, and then fasted forty days and forty nights. Tempted Like Us How could Jesus, the Son of God, be tempted "like as we are" ? Well, He had become a man with a man's limitations and understanding, and if He had not been very wise He could easily have turned the stones into food to satisfy His hunger. But His miracles, if you remember, were all done when other people were involved, to help them. If He had thrown Himself from the top of the temple and been unharmed, it would have made a great impression on the Jews who, Paul says, wanted signs and wonders. But it was not the wise way to win converts. And if He had compromised and bowed before the evil spirit to win the whole world. He might hare gained the world temporarily, for evil is a powerful force, but He would not allow sin to help Him. or, in the end, He would have lost the world He was trying to save. All of us have temptations, ancl we, unlike Jesus, cannot always resist titem. we fall, and then sorry and ashamed. The Bible tell* us that "He who ruleth his spirit Is greater than he who tak- eth & city." Let us remember these temptations of our Lord's and His exampl* will help us to meet and overcome our temptations. "Blessed Is the man that endur- «th: for when he Is tried, he shall p«rce!v« the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love Him."., (James 1:12.) Millers Tabernacle Pentecost 1100 West Washington ft Rev. W. A. Miller, Pastor Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Evening: Service 7:45 o'clock Prayer and Praise service Thursday evening: of each week m.t 7:45 o'clock. St. Paul's Methodist N. Potomac St Pev. J. E. Kemp Horn, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning: Service 11:00 o'clock "Sous, Seeds and Weeds." Evening Service 7:30 o'clock "A Man Made God." Mid-week services Wed. 7:30 P. M First Church of God 628 Salem Ave. Earl E. Marquiss, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning: Service 10:45 o'clock Y. P. Service 6:45 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock St. John's Lutheran 8. Potomac St. J. Edw. Harms, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning: Service 11:00 o'clock "When God is Silent." Luther League 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Jesus Christ, His Son." Rev. Donald Stonesifer will preach at evening- service. First Baptist W. Washington St. Rev. P. B. Watiington, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock .Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 6:15 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Prayer Meeting- Wed 7:30 P. M. Howard St. Methodist Howard and Chestnut Sts. Rev. Joseph T. Riley, Pastor . Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Evening- Service 8:00 o'clock Homecoming- "Week. Special services Mon., Wed., Fri., S P. M. Trinity Lutheran Potomac St. and Randolph Ave. J. S. Simon, D. D., Pastor Sunday School „. 9:30 o'clock Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock v . P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Church of the Nazarene West Sid« Ave. and Church St Rev. C. L. Arnold, Pastor Sunday School ,. 9:45 o'clock Morning: Servico 11:00 o'clock V. P. Service 6:45 o'clock Evening: Service 7:45 o'clock Volunteers of America 76 Madison Avt. W. Sylcox in Charte Her. J. >l. CroNwtvIiItc, S. S. Snft. Boys' C. C. Ju Tuesday 7 P. M. Girls' C. C. L. Thursday 7 P. M. Sunday School 2:30 o'clock St. Mark's Lutheran Washington Squara Rev. Roy L. Sloop, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning- Service 10:45 o'clock Author League 6:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock St. Mary's Catholic West Washington St Fr. J. Francis Leary, Pastor Sunday Morning- 7:00. 8:00. 9:00. 10:30 o'clock , 7:30 o'clock Masses . Evening Devotions St. Paul's Evangelical Cor. High and Franklin Sts. Rev. Walter J. Dice, Pastor unday School ........ 9:30 o'clock lorning Service ..... 10:30 o'clock Ivening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock ,CHURCHE (Text "For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but wa» in all points tempted like as w» are, yet without sin."—Hebrews 4:15. Church of the Brethren E. Washington and Mulberry Sts. Sunday School 0:45 o'clock Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 6:15 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Berean Bible Study and Prayer Meeting Wed. 7:30 P. M. Trinity Lutheran Chapel I,:>>«r<>- Street ISdwnrd I*. BnrKer, Sopt. Sunday School 9:30 o'clock venins Service 7:30 o'clock United Brethren In Christ lorner Locust and Antietam Sts. Rev. Charles L. Herr, Pattor Sundny School 9:30 o'clock Morning- Service 10:30 o'clock "Discovery." . P. Service 6:45 o'clock venins: Service 7:30 o'clock "The Prodig-al's Return." Mid-week service Wed. 7:30 P. M. Zion Reformed N. Potomac St. Rev. Scott R. Wagner, D. D., Pastor unday School 9:45 o'clock Morning- Services S:45 & 11:00 o'clock Presbyterian Washington and Prospect Sts. William S. Hess, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning: Service 11:00 o'clock "Spiritual Values." £• E 6:30 o'clock evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "Yes or No?" Prayer service Wed. 7:30 P. M. Emmanuel U. B. Summit Av«. and Howard 8t Rev. Paul E. Holdcraft, D. D. Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:30 o'clock "Spiritual Culture." T. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "Marks of, a Christian." Mid-tveek Service Wed. 7:30 P. M. Assemblies of God (Betlitl) Howard and Spruce tts. Rev. Raiph Jeffrey, Pastor Sunday School „.. 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Evening Service 7:45 o'clock St Paul's U. B. Franklin and Locust 8t«. Rev. F. Berry Plummtr, D. U Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Rally Day. Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "Our Church Fathers"—first, sermon. C. B. Societies 6:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "Sfteins Strang-e Things in Re- ligio'n." The Church of God Rev. F. H. Snavely, Pastor Summit Av«. and Baltimore St. Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service 10:45 o'clock T. P. Service $:4S o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Church Nisht Wed. 7:30. Second Brethren 835 Spruce StrMt Rev. Roy S. Long, Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Service 10:45 o'clock "Blind Bartlmaeus Sees For th« Fir«t Time." Evening Service 7:30 o'clock "What Evang-elism Means to Men." Rev. Norman H. Uphous* will apeak morning- and evening and each evening- next week. Christian Science Society 235 N. Potomac St. Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock "Doctrine of Atonement." Golden Text: I John, 2:1. If any man sin, we have an advocate with. the Father. Jesus Christ the rifrht- eons. Pleading- room, 235 North Potomac St., open Monday and Friday, 2:30 to 4:30, -where the Bible and the Christian Science textbook, by Mary Baker Eddy, may b« read, purchased or borrowed. First Christian South Potomac St. Rev. Wm. M. Norment, Patter Morning: Service ..... . 9:30 o'clock "Make the Church Strong:" Sunday School ....... 10:30 o'clock Int. & T. P. Service ... «:30 o'clock Evening- Service ...... 7:30 o'clock "You Can't Pigeon-hole Christ." "Woman's Leag-ue W«d., 7:30 P.M. Second Christian Church 65 W. North St. rtev. W. H. Taylor Morning Service ..... 11:00 o'clock Sunday School Y. P. Service Evening- Service 3:00 o'clock 7:30 o'clock ...... S:00 o'clock Asbury Methodist Jonathan, near Church St. Rev. W. 8. Jackton, Paator Sunday Schoc-/ >:30 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "Youth Prog-ram." Evening Service 3:00 o'clock Talent Xlg-ht. -v Ebenezer A. M. 40 W. Bethel St. REV. D. A. WILSO.X, PASTOR Sunday School 2:30 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Evening Service -J:00 o'clock Zion Baptist Jonathan* and Beth*! 8t«. Rev. Charles P. Comer, Pastor Morning: Service 11:00 o'clock Sunday School 2:00 o'clock T. P. Service . .„.. «:45 o'clock Evening Service X:00 o'clock CHRIST REFORMED CHURCH, IN COUNTY AND SUBURBAN CHURCHES Sharpsburg, Re^. Addison Groff, Pastor: H. Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Holy Communion .... 10:45 o'clock "Four Square Fellowship." ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, Williamsport, Pastor: Rev. W. C. Huddle, Sunday School ----- ....... 9:30 o'clock Mornitiff Service ..... 10:30 o'clock Y. P. Service ---- . ..... 6:30 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock CHURCH OB" THE UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST, Boonsboro Charge, E. L. Stine, Pastor: BOONSBORO— Bible School 9:30 o'clock Worship 10:30 o'clock Anniversary service. Dr. J. H. Xesp. C. E C:30 o'clock Otterbein Guild, Fri., 7:30 P. M. BRNEVOLA- P.iMft School 9:30 o'clock <.*. K 6:4f> o'clock Worship 7:30 o'clock MONROE— Kihle School 10:00 o'clock MT. LEXA— Rible School 1:30 o'clock Worship 2::U) o'ciock SFIILOH U. B. CHURCH, Rer. E. R. Andrews, pastor: Sunday School 0:30 oVlock Y. P. Society ., . ,• 7:00 o'clock Evening- Service 7:4"> o'clock MT. T A b OR LUTHERAiN CHURCH. Fairview. Md.. (Clear- spring Parish.) Luther L. Hare, Pastor: Sunday School ]0:00 o'clock Morning Service 9:00 o'clock Mr. Carl M. Distler, speaker. Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock ST. JAMES BRETHREN Church Lydia, Maryland, W. S. Baker, pastor: W1LLIAMSPORT METHODIST CHURCH, East Church St., Rev. Robert H. Killer, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning service 10:30 o'clock "Unity Won, We Are One, Let Us Win." V. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening: Service 7:30 o'clock "Finding: Happiness In Marriage" Prayer meeting \Ved. 7:30 P. M. MIDDLETOWN U. B. CHARGE, Middletown: Sunday School H:30 o'clock Morning: Service .......10:30 o'clock C. T. U. Service 7:30 o'clock PLEASANT VALLEY U. B.— Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Worship Service 9:00 o'clock CHEWSVILLE U. B. CHURCH, C.ev. E. R, Andrews. Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Rally Day—Joint service. Mr. Russell Nelson, speaker. Y. P. Service 6:45 o'clock THE LEITERSBURG LUTHERAN PARISH. I. D. Worman. Pastor: ST. PAUL'S— KaUy Day 9:30 o'clock Dr. X. K. Oborne, guest speaker. RKARO'S— Sun<1::> School 9:30 o'clock JACi 'KS-Holy Communion .... 2:00 o'clock TRINITY ST. PETER'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, Clcarspring, Md., Luther L. Hare, Pastor: Sunday School 9:1"» o'clock Service 10:30 o'clock Sermon hy Carl M. Distler. Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock BEAVER CREEK CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Robert G. Sulanke, pastor: Sunday School 10:30 o'clock Mornlnj? Service 9:30 o'clock Y. P. Service 7:00 o'clock Sunday, Oct. -2 —Rev. Shaffer. Sunday, Oct. 2T<—Harvest Sunday. ST. PAUL'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH, Funkstown, Rev. Harry M. Young, Pastor: Sunday School . . . Morninff Service ., Uarvfst Homo. Y. P. Service Kveninc; Service . 10MO o'clock , 9:20 o'clock 6:30 o'clock 7:30 o'clock REHOBETH UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH. vVilliamsport, II. C. Kottler, Pastor: S::nday School 9:.".0 o'clock Morriincr .^ervic' 10:4.S o'clock Y. P. Scrvico 6:30 o'clock Evmlnsr Service ..:.... 7:30 o'clock II---V. Homer K>:xlaH. CHRIST EVANGELICAL AND REFORMED CHURCH, Funkstown, Md., Edward T. Plitt, Pastor: Worship Service 9:00 o'clock Sunday School 10:00 o'clock OTTERBEIN U. B. CHURCH. Falling Waters Road. H. C. Kottler, Pastor: Afternoon Service 2:00 o'clock ST. JAMES UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH, Big Pool, H. C. Kottler, Pastor: Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock PERSONAL WORKERS' SOCIETY, Rev. G. W. Kerstetter, Ex. Secy. Sunday School* Pi'indsville S:4"> o'clock Indian Springs 10:0ii o'clock MooresviHe ". 2:00 o'clock MT. V E R N 0 N REFORMED CHURCH, Keedysville, Rev. Addison H. Groff, Pastor: Morning- Worship .... f*:00 o'clock "The Value of an Ideal." Sunrtav School 10:00 o'clock ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH, Greensburg, Md., R*f. Max Huddle, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:00 o'clock BROWNSVILLE CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN, Roy K. Miller, Pastor: Love Feast and Holy Communion Saturday evening- at 4 o'clock. Evangelistic services continue each evening 1 , closing- Sunday evening-. Sunday Service* Church School: 9:30 A. M.—West Brown*vill%. 9:45 A. M.'—In Brownsville. 9:45 A. M.—South Brownsrlllt. Morning- Worship: 10:45 A. M. In Brownsville. Evangelist's message: "The Spirit's Message to the Church." Evening- Worship: 7:30 P. M. In Brownsville. Evangelist's message: "The Triumphant Christ." Bible Study and Prayer Servic* "Wednesday evening at 7:30 at Brownsville. SALEM EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. BakertTtllc, Harry M. Young, pastor: Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning: Service 11:00 o'clock Holy Communion. LUTHERAN CHURCH.! Smithsburg, Md.. Rev. Max Hud-1 Church Of God 10 die. Pastor: Sunday School ?;3Ci r,vior\- > Morning Sorvice 1^:1.1 o>]<w-k I Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock! ST. PAUL'S L U T H E R A N! will preach at the Sunday morning and evening; services. Sunday afterno-a beginning at 0 o'clock, there will be a spec! ial service during which time many Church of Ood, Summit ave-i visiting ministers will bring greet- Mark Anniversary 12:? CHURCH. Western Pike, (Clear-! nue and Baltimore street, will cele-! ! ' n - s and special music, will be furnished. Among those to sing at this service will be a women's quar- I u Pastor: Sundav School Service .... t by Carl M. i * • * -r i. - • u hrate its twelfth anniversary with o'clock ' a P? r °P riate services to b c held on o'clock Sunday. October 15th. This rhivrh tftt from ciearspring composed of Service 7:30 o'clock Morning- service at St. James, Evening: service at TilKhmanton. OF THE Broadfording. Rev. D. R. Petre. Elder: TRINITY U. B., State Line, Pa., N. W. Brechbiel Minister: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning: Service .... 10:30 o'clock "The Christian Life." Christian Endeavor ... 6:30 o'clock Ev^nins: Service 7:30 o'clock "What the Church Stands For." Prayer service Vy>d,, 7:30 P. M. TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH, Boonsboro, Rev. Addison H. Groff, Pastor; Evening: Service 7:30 o'clock Worship In Art by Rev. Ira Arnold. LAV«> Feast and Communion Oct. H at 2 P. M. EVANGELICAL AND REFORMED CHURCH, Cavetown. Md., Rev. Edward T. Plitt, Pastor: forty-seven charter members and j incorporated under the name of the- First Church of God of Hac- erstown. The present pastor. Rev. and has continued as the pastor. The first unit of the church build- erected by the congrega- and now the j; erected and School build- Kmily Troupe, Ethel Widmyer, \virh : ,.« -n , x- « j \Mtn , i/i 0 rence Frantz and Nora Sryder. RAILROADS PREPARING Roanoke, Va., Oct. 13 (£>).—J. J, Pelley, president or the Association of American Railroads, addressing more than 500 Norfolk and Western Railway employes at an annual Bet tor Service conference today declared that railroads of the country are preparing "to meet any emergency in the future." lion ton years ago ^c""(\ unit is b^in •* to he :hc Sunday -na*v pa. t h» b. Phillips and Helen Gossard, this ciy. These services are open to the public. COULD YOU FILL a better job? Look ov«r the "Help Wanted" column and see what, is being offered. y School i"/vr!~i;r. fifLllfi secretary of the ! ? O f God. RPV. J. L. Upde- ; Findlav. Ohio, will ofiv . l -& services Caskey's Three New Loaves NOW AT YOUR GROCERS EYE GLASSES ON CREDIT AT KAY'S 40 W«tt Wathlnjton ttr§«t John D. Myers A Co. Prtttntt FOOTBALL SCORES Ovtr Station WJtJ Each Saturday at-ft; la P. M.

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