Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 2, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1898
Page 4
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SATURDAY MORNING, JULY'2, 1898. Items of Wews fronj All Carts of ttje County Solicited Un«er tljis Hea«l. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF MAILS. jiAn.sci.osi-;. C.3T A. M.--Via D. K C. K. K., for Points North. G.57 A. M.--Yin Q. A. R. K., for 1'oillls West. O.J4O A M.--Vi.i _j. A. K. !4 , lor Voiiits Kast. 11 45 A M.--Via SliMmur, Itir Kiver Points 1 00 1. M.--Vi:i Sta-,'*:, for Preston. l.~S P. M.--Y:.i D t£ C K. R . forromts North. 4.1SO r. 51 -- Yin n A Ii. K , for Points West. O.-ll! P. M.--Yip n. A. It K., for Points, Hast. jrAil.S A K R I V i : . 7.87 A. M --Via Q. A U. u., from Points Hast. S1.-1O A. M.-- \i,'. A 1L H., Irom Points WCit. 11.011 A. V -- V 1 SUu;e. from PrL-,ton 11.31* A. M -- V,a SU.-inn.r. !ro:n River Points. 1S.OO-- M -- Vn 11 X C , from Points North. J5.2O 1. 11 --Yl;l O A. R. Rr. fioili Piviils Kast. T.Mli ]·. M --v-.i o. A. '4 P : fru'ii Points West. S.)l() 1. M--Via ri..S.C ! K., irosu Point.-Noith. THE COUNTY TAX-RATE IS INCREASED The J'lihlu- K\|ionsis fur tlic Ko.\t l-'isi-:il PUBLIC BUSINESS CALENDAR. CIRCUIT COURT WILL SIBET GOT. 3'. ORPHANS' COCUT WILL JIKKT JULY 5. LEVY COURT WILT, MEET JULY 5. SCHOOL BOARD WILL MEET JULY 12. THE LOCAL DEPARTMENT, DASHES HERE AND THERE. Farmers all agree that the wheat crop is very short. The excursion to Rehoboth on Thursday was a success. In another column today Attorney Wilmer Emory advertises money to loan. The banks now bavo internal revenue stamps of various denominations for s;ile. Mr. K. S. Crew is having his stove front repainted. Mr. G. L. Stevens is doing; the work. There will be at least five colcbra- - tions'oE the Fourth in Caroline, full notices of which have been published in the JOVEXAL. Mr. R. S. Crew makes an - announcement to the readers of the JOURNAL, concerning" his stock of merchandise. 'Call on him at the Coopor Bros, stand. At a meeting of the election supervisors on Tuesday, William H.' Smith was appointed an officer of registration for tho First district, to 'succeed George T. Mnssclinan, resigned. A pension of $12 por month was on -Thursday allowed on the claim of Caleb Satterfield, colored, now deceased. Susan Satterfield has been granted a pension of $S per month. H. E. Aldrick, Eastou, was bitten on the hand by «i tarantula, which jumped out of a bunch of bananas, · a few days ago, aud in a ' f e w minutes his hand was swelled to thrice ·its natural sizo. L'ightniug struck in several,places in Mr. J. E. Wright's fields on Tuesday. Ono of his sons, who was at work, had a finger hurt, but was not otherwise injured. At another point on the farm a goose was killed. '_ Mr. J. H. C. Leg'g, assignee, on ' Tuesday last sold at public sale, to 'Miss Eoweua Davrscra,' mortgagee, tho tract.known as tho Win. M. Day farm, in the Second district. There are 300 acres in the .tract. Tho price paid was $2,000. Major-William E. Stewart is always in demand at celebrations ·where there is to be speech-making. He has been invited to make Fourth of July speeches at Preston and at Betterton, Ke'nt .county, and has promised to bo at the former place. --Easton Ledger. Before taking action in t h e - m a t ter, Governor Lowmles will request - that he be furnished with a letter asking for Mr. B. Palmer Keating's pardon from Mrs. Comegys, upon whoso .testimony Mr. Keating was convicted, and a similar letter from Judge Holland who pronounced the sentoneo.' lloports from the Maryland and Virginia crops so far threshed, showing that the wheat crop will be very light, gave A somewhat hotter tone . to prices in the Baltimore market this week. Sample lots of now wheat yesterday "brought, according to . quality, all tho way from 70 to 83 ·cents. Corn brings from 33 to 35 cents.' - Tho dwelling of Mr. Charles W. Todd, who resided near Hickmau, ·was totally destroyed by fire on Friday of last week, the flames originating, it is thought, from a defective flue. Mr. Todd's children had made a fire in the kitchen stove, preparatory- to' cooking supper, but had gone over to a neighbor's for a little while. The flames were well under way when discovered, and nearly all the furniture was destroyed. There was no insurance on the property. Rev. W. W. Wilson, one of Donton's well-known and respected col- . orcd men, died very suddenly at'his home on'.Thursday night last, as he ·was about to retire for .the night. On entering- his bedroom he was seized with' an attack of asthma and expired in about ton minutes. Tho deceased was a slave of the, late Dr. Bobert Goldsborough, of Centrovillo, but for -a long time had lived in Denton. For nearly twenty years lie had been a, faithful servant of Jndgo Russuiu. The funeral will be held this morning. Prof. W. X. Irwin,-from the Divis- .ion of Pomology, iu the Agricultural Department at Washington, spent two days of this week in going over tho "collection of native plums in tho , orchards of Mr. J. W. Korr. Specimens of the foliage of two hundred and fifty varieties were cut, carefully marked and sent to the Department ' for preservation in the herbarium for scientific and educational purposes. These specimens, when properly prepared and mounted, can be Tho county commissioners met on Wednesday last, and made the levy for the fiscal year beginning July 1. An increase of fiftoon-and-a-quartor cents on the h u n d r e d dollars has been ordered. The former rate for county purposes was uinety-seven cents. . It is now a dollar and twelvo- aud-a-quarter cents. The State tax- rate remains the same (173), making tho total amount oti each one h u n - dred dollars of taxable basis to bo paid in Caroline this year one dollar and thirty cents. Tho increased expenditures are found in the appropriation for the now Dover bridsro, to cover a deficit in the lovy of '97, an additional sum of one thousand dollars for the school board, extra amounts for tho trustees of the poor, the sheriff, c. A number of the appropriations remain the same. In this year of poor crops and low prices of grain, with ^oods to bo purchased going higher and higher, our taxpayers arc likely to fool thoir burdens rnoro sensibly than ever. Following is a list of tho items as given in tho commissioners' estimate : Public Schools, High School in Den ton Trustees of the Poor, Support of the Insane, Out Pensioners, Paupers' Coffins, Inquest Fees, Old Roads aud Bridges, Jurors, Witnesses, e., Justices of tho Peace, Constables, Clerk to Circuit Court, $12,000 00 30000 3,000 00 1.300 00 40000 5000 50 00 0,000 00 2,500 00 40000 30000 1,800 00 , 50 00 45000 1,500 00 Register of Wills, Judges of Orphans Court, Sheriff's Fues, Co. Commissioners, Clerk and Treasurer, 2,300 00 Attorneys' Fees, 1,150 00 Registration and Election Fxpenses, . 1,500 00 County Printing, 700 00 Interest on County Bonds, 1,057 50 Morning Star Lodge, No. 30, of the Society of Good Samaritans, aro arranging .a big colored celebration of the Fourth on the grounds of the Athletic Association at Federalsburg. In the morniug a game of baseball, between the strong Federalsburg colored uiuo and the Cambridge team, will be the order. For the" afternoon a bicyclo meet has been arranged- This will bo the largest meet for colored riders ever held in Maryland, and tho fastest riders of tho State wilt coinpeto, inc l u d i n g George Bolt, -of Baltimore, the colored champion of Maryland. A sanction has been procured, and good prizes will be given. There are four races on tho program, a quarter, h a l f , one and five miles being the distances, and first priae in each event will be a bicycle suit. At' night there will be a handsome display of fire-works. The grand-stand will bo reserved for white visitors, and the w h i t e people are taking- an interest in the management of tho different 1 events, thus insuring their successful and quiet carrying out. Prices of admission will be low, and arrangements arc being made to scat a large crowd comfortably. The town of Federalsburg was aroused on Saturday night, about 10.30, by loud screams of "murder" and "help" from a colored residence near tho old Davis pond. A large crowd hurried to the spot, to find it a false alarm, m u c h to the relief of everyone. A colored woman alone in the house became alarmed at the rattling of a shutter, and successfully raised tho neighborhood. Mr. Thomas Gambrill, who has boon in a Baltimore hospital for nearly six months with a. broken limb, returned homo this week, much to tho delight of his m a n y friends and himself. SANTIAGO-AMERICAN OR SPANISH? CiMH-nil Sh:irii!r -\l liiclicil I lu cily Vvsfri-- ];))·--A T.ollrr I'rom UK; Ji'irht. Special dispatch to llic JOUKXAL. BAT.TIMORK, Jur.v 1.--flen. Sh.-if- tcr cables that ho began attacking Santiago this morning with Lawton's division. Since the landing of the American army in Cuba every effort has been directed toward a proper preparation for tho .attack on Santiago. Tho Spaniards fell back as the invaders approached the city, and concentrated their forces for the supremo effort to repel the oncoming Americans. Fences of barb wire encompassed the city, with trenches and rillo-ptts w i t h i n , and the approaches to the town were said to be m i n e d , bat notwithstanding all this the Americans and Cubans feared not the outcome of tho approaching battle and wero anxious, the correspondents toll us, for tho order to advance. Tho attack began yesterday morning. There can be but one result--the capture of tho city--bnl some of the J brave fellows who f o u o l i t v a l i a n t l y yesterday to-day lio side by side, American and Cuban, in a soldier's grave. Lei us hope the n u m b e r is not great. Levy to Pay County Bonds. 1,000 00 'Insolvents and Errors, HOO 00 Dover Bridge, · 500 00 Keeper Court Houso and Grounds, 200 00 Keeper Donton Bridge, 100 00 Keeper Tuckahoe Bridge, CO 00 Miscellaneous Accounts, 1,00000 Discount oh Taxes, 1,50000 Interest on Court Houso Bonds, 1,000 00 Redemption Fund for Court Houso Bonds, 1,00000 Amount Excess over Levy 1897, 5.G70 00 Special Levy for Building Dover Bridge, 4,50000 Interest on Outstanding Notes, 020 00 Contingent Fund, 042 1C $55,309 GO '· kept indefinitely for either reference 'or exhibition, and will likely go to Paris for tho great international exposition in 1000i Mr. "tt'hitby Was, Misrepresented. To tho Editors of tho JOURNAL: My attention has been called to an article published in tho American Union of June 30th, in reference to tho duties, etc., of tho clerk to the county commissioners. To prevent a false impression spreading among tho readers of the Union, and coming from such a source, I want to say th'at the statement therein made, that I had demanded two hundred dollars extra for doing the duties of clerk to the county commissioners, is false and without foundation. I have at no time, either to the editor of the Union, or of the county commissioners made a demand for one dollar for extra services as their clerk, before or sinco their attempt to practice vicious legislation upon me, and to take from me what the law provides the salary shall bo for said duties. Tho only.thing t h a t ' I have said touching upon tho question of-extra pay for clerk's- work, was after one of the commissioners approached mo on the subject, and asked m« to do tho clerk's work. I refused to do it under tho provisions of the new clerk bill, which would take about two hundred dollars off my salary. Q. H. WIIITBY. ^ · -^-- . School Items. At the meeting of tho school board on Tuesday second grade certificates wero granted to Herman K. Smith, Foster Boyer, Nellie Yalliant, Mary Stack, Nettie Scotton, Clara Beauchamp, Emma P. Hall, Annie M. Poole, Lena Lewis, J. T. Parrott, Grace Gr.iffiu and Viola Covey. George P. Jones and Eli Kontou were appointed trustees of Beo Tree school. The secretary was directed to advertise for bids for building a now school house at Saulsbury's, Tucka-boo Neck. Tho examiner was ordered to ad- vertiso the scholarships duo the county at the State Normal School, St. John's College and Western Maryland College, and that ail examination of applicants for the same will be held on Saturday, July 10th, at Denton Academy. The vortical system of penmanship was recommended for use in the schools of the county, rnoro especially in the lower grades. A Home fur tbo Orphans. Mr. John Stewart Crossy has turned overto the American Humane Society his beautiful homo, at Two Johns, Md., on the Choptank river, for a home for the widows and orphans of' the men who perish while in defense of tho United States during tho war with Spain. The society has arranged to give a series of entertainments for. two weeks, commencing next Monday, at North Avenue Rink, to create a fund for tho home. The establishment will be ready by July 1 to accommodate twenty-five families, and, after some alterations in buildings, will be in condition to receive 300 families additional.--The Sun. Pool Bros.' new mill, near the Academy, is approaching completion. The. boiler and engine and some.machinery are already in position. Threshing commenced on Monday, and Mr. Gosliu got out his crop on Tuesday. Yields aro.small, compared with last season. A fine shower fell at Federalsburg and tho upper part of Dorchester on Sunday night, but it did not extend far north of town. Ilickniiiii. · A young and attractive lady of this vicinity, Miss Georgio Cahall, who has been for some time in tlio Maryland University Hospital, passed from her sufferings to tho bright portals boyonii :·' '2 o'clock on Saturday. Her r c n r i i i i i s wero brought home and laid t vest in the quiet church-yard. A l . i v t i n ; Messed peace which Heaven nlmn- can send com ! fort the m a n y boreavud ones. Messrs. James,Noble and Frederick Peters, Misses Hattie Fountain and Sallic Peters were tho guests- of Misses Mabel Thomas and Clara Mitchell on Wednesday evening last. The party was entertained with music rendered by Dr. Eedau. Excursions on the Queen Anne's Railroad to Rehobotli began last Sunday. A number of persons from this vicinity wore among the passengers. Miss Mamie Vane, of Dover, Miss Sallio Parris and Mrs. Acidic Baynard, of Philadelphia, were the guests of Mrs. J. S. Hutchins on Monday. Willie, sou of Mr. J. B. Mossick, who has been for months the victim of a complication of diseases, passed quietly away a few days since. Our town for tho past week has been entertained by tho great. Kickapoo Indian Show Company. Quite a lot of berries are now being shipped from this station. Mr. Arthur Hntchins and sistor, Lola, of Dover, spent a few days in town recently. Mrs. Ira Lewis and son are visiting relatives in Washington. Mr. J. W. Peters is having his homo repaired. I'restoii. Much interest is centered in the celebration on tho Fourth of July in this town. An unusually fine program has been arranged, consisting in part of addresses by W. E. West, Esq., of Denton, and others; a bicycle parade, with decorations; a parade of Union ami Confederate veterans, accompanied by, the Easton Cornet Band, one of the finest on tho Shore; a base ball match, and, in fact, everything calculated to make it an enjoyable day to all who attend. Dr. William T. Kelley has purchased th Willoughby property, now occupied by Mr. Jamos H. Barrow. The young people make a regular race-course of our streets every Sunday evening. A new time schedule wont into effect on the B. C. A. Railroad on Thursday. Painter Collins has just finished a very neat sign for Mr-. Thomas Spence. Tho stores in Preston close at 8 o'clock in the cycning. The stores will bo closed on the Fourth. Private J. F. Wall-ace, of Company F. }/ First Maryland Volunteers, now stationed at Fortress Monroe, writes to the JOURNAL, under date oE J u n o 26th; to correct a false report. Bo fore enlisting Mr. Wallace lived at Bethlehem, this county. He says: "I understand that it is reported around homo (in fact, everywhere almost) that" just after pay-day a large number of our soldiers engaged in a fistic battle, which resulted in several being killed and a greater number having to.go to the hospital, tho alleged battle being between the Regulars and Volunteers. I wish to say to the public through your valuable paper that it is a great mistake. Of course, there are a few' rough characters everywhere, and we have some in the army. There wore a few fights, but no serious fighting." Speaking of the soldic«^ lot, Mr. Wallace continues: "Tho boys are getting along finely. Tho climate is lovely, and the fort is a fine one. Old Point Comfort need not be jealous of any summer resort on the coast. The hotels are as fine as any resort can have. They arc the Chamberlain and the Hygeia. We are getting plenty to eat at present, and have nothing to complain of. We were given new uniforms last week, and the boys are walking around with their heads up. We went out on a long practice march Thursday. It was very warm, but the boys stood it well.' The distance covered was from twelve to fourteen miles, but some of us thought is was much longer. When not drilling the soldiers spend their time in different ways. Somo go bathing, fishing and crabbing, while others go to neighboring towns on the electric cars and steamboats. Our company is a fine one. Our officers are well thought of by tho men, and everything is working harmoniously." TempU'vlHc. Mr. B. Potter, who has boon visit- his sister, Mrs.. Dr, Golloy, has returned homo: Mrs Rebecca McKnett and daughter Emma, are visiting friends in Ridgely. Mr. Wm. Moore and wife, of Sudlersville, spent Sunday with friends in town. Mr. John Human is spending the summer at Ocean Orove. Mr. Paul Smith, of Dover, is visiting Mr. C- W. Smith. Church News. Rev. Z. H. Webster, of Donton, and Rov. F. F. Carpenter, of Hillsborough, will exchange pulpits tomorrow. Rev. Mr. Carpenter will preach at Denton in the m o r n i n g and at night, and at Harris' in the afternoon. Rov. Mr. Webster's services will bo at Hillsborough and Ridgely. The committee on privileges will meet on Chilton's camp-ground on Wednesday next, July Gth, at two o'clock p. m., to dispose of tho privileges. Tho conditions will be made known, and bids received on that day. The committee reserves the right to reject any or all bids. The young ladies L' Ilillsborough M. E. Church held a Colonial Lawn Fete on the church green last evening and will be continued this evening.. Refreshments were served ' in leafy bowers by colonial dames. Bishop Mouaghau, of Wilmington, will be at St. Benedict's Church, Ridgely, on Sunday, July 10th. Mass will begin at 9 o'clock. Tho rite of confirmation will bo administered after mass. Rehoboth campiiiocting will begiii August 7 and continue u n t i l August 21. Tho Rov. R. H. Adams is having quite a demand for tho tents this year. Court Ufroi-ili for June. t'lcsrk Ilobbs recorded tho following r«al ostatn transfers d u r i n g the I B O I l l h Of J u i l O : Jonathan E. Towers and wifo to II. Clay Hobbs, Ilobbs village property, $15, Waviier Johnson and wifo to the board of County School Commissioners, half aero of land, $10.00. Henry J. Raymond to Belle M. Raymond, Greonsboro property. A n n i e E. Moore to Asbury Hubbard, Second district properly. 45 aeie.s, $400. Albert II. Christopher to Jacob Hanimoml, Sixth d i s t r i c t property, (3 acres, .1=1,00(1. A-.11110 IT. Jluwnc.-, executrix, to Lena .Siielton. First district property. : acre, .JDO. J o a n n a M c S h a u p a n d h u s b a n d to II* i i i y K. I/ewi.-,, D o n t o n t o w n prop- oai'ah Laro ami h u s b a n d to Cath- n r i n o T o u l a o n , 6 acre.-,, J|i32.50. M a r t h a K. Comogys lo Mary D. Pods, Grivnsboro properly, $37.50. Louisa Hornhogon and husband to A u l a y 13: S m i t h , Hidgcly proper- W m . IT. A u s t i n , to Chas. S. Carmine, Fourth d i s t r i c t properly, 100 acres, $12,00. Win. S. Ridgoly and wife to Chas. H. Wood, Seventh district property, 70 acres, .$2,000. Liivinia Rich and husband t o B e n - j a m i u F.. Jackson, Greensboro town properly, $1,100. M a r t i n L. S m i t h to E. E. Goslin, Kcdoralsbiu-g property, nominal consideration. E. E, Goslin to tho Cambridge aud Soaford Railroad Company, Foder- alsburg'property, $110. James A. Noble and others to Frederick W i l h o l m , Fourth district property, 4 1-24 acres, $450. Thomas B. Sparklin and wifo to Nathan M. Jarman, Sixth district property, $2,220. Thomas W. While aud others to John Kemp, one acre iu tho Fifth district, $10. Mary A. Savage and husband to Rebecca A. Noble, Smithvillc prop- e r t y , $200. Isaac S. Joslin and wife to Catharine Stewart, Denton town property, $175. Helen I. Price and husband to Isaac N. Willoughby, Federalsburg town property, $100. Charles M. Bending to Cyrus Collins, Fourth district property, $300. Marriage licenses were issued to t h e following parties : William H. Walls and Catharine Piudcr. Jacob fi. llooso and Maggie E. Wooters. Jam us II. Barrow and May C. Flu- liarty. Jauies W. Davis and Sallic K. Corkran. J. Kennard Jonos and Lillie Virginia Carter. William S. Fletcher [aud Amanda James. Robert G. Waters and Jennie V. Lye. William E. Saulsbury and Annie M. Wisher. ' MATTERS MATRIMONIAL AND SOCIAL. -- D - -H r i l i l i n ^ s i n W l i i r h O u r jVuph; W i l l In- I n l i ' l - P h l o i l -- I V r s r i l l i i I All-Ill iiui. A wedding in which many Caroline county people will bo interested was solemnized at noon Wednesday at tho bride's homo, near Ellicott City, whoa Mr. Edward L. Rich and Mibs Mary Amanda Suuderlaud took tho mariial vows. Rev. Edward II. Rich, father of the groom, was the officiating clergyman. Tho marriage took place under a beautiful floral arch ou tho large piazza in front of the hoiisu, aL Deep Run Meadows, w h i c h was handsomely decorated with daisies and ferub. Dr. Clinton Rich, o£ Easton, was the groom's best man, and tho best girl was Miss Amy C. Sundorlaud, the bride's sister. Miss Auna Lucille Bctsou, of Giocusborough, was one of tho six bridal attendants, and Miss Virginia Miller K i e h , a sister of tho groom, was another. Mr. Lawrence Satter- flcld, of Greensborough, was 0110 of the ushers. Rev. Mr. Rich, father of the groom, is dean' of Trinity Cathedral, at Easton, and before accepting tho deanery was rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity, at Greensborough. Among the wedding guests were Dr. and Mrs. Gf. W. Betson, the Misses Carter, Miss Florence Barcus, and Mr. Geo. W. Betson, Jr. Cards are out announcing the marriage of Prof. George W. Burke, Jr., son of Rev. G. W. Burko, pastor of tho Methodist Episcopal Church of St. Michaels, to Miss Sue Miller, of Chicago, to take place at the bride's home on Wednesday. Professor Burke has, up to the first of June, been connected with the Danville, (Va.,) ' Military School. He has now accepted :i position in tho Northwestern Military Academy at Highland Park, III., "about twenty- three miles from Chicago, whore ho will have charge of the commercial department, and bo leader of the military band. The wedding of Mr. James C. Crawford, of Now York, and Miss Nettie Baker, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Baker, took place in St. Orphan's Court Proceedings. In the Orphan's Court on Tuesday E. T. Moore, guardian to Bessio M. Moore, presented a final receipt and release from his ward, which was approved. The will of Helen G. Otis was admitted to probate. Letters of administration wero granted to Mrs. Laura Oudosluys, and warrant to appraise the personal estate was issued to Edward E. Goslin and Stephen E. Douglass. Mrs. Mamio E. Griffith and Edt ward L. Adaius wore granted letters of administration on tho personal estate of Alouzo E. Griffith, deceased. Warrant to appraise the personal .ostato was issued to Chas. W. Hobbs and Henry W. Hughes. The will of Eliiia Clines was deposited for probate. JJr. Muyo's ll«!i»o*t.; Rev. Dr. A. D. Mayo, wjio has just returned to Washington from his eighteenth a n n u a l tour in tho South in tho interests of popular education, has traveled three thousand uiiles, visited the most i m p o r t a n t Jliirloci:. . In additiou to tho Camp meetings to bo held aL Wrights Woods, and Eunal's Springs the Methodist Protestant denomination will hold one in Oak Woods at Shiloh Church about three miles south of town. Robert Mod ford has been awarded tho cake tent and E. T. Turpiu has tlie horse pound, jf William, Carrie and Mary Andrews, son and daughters of J. M. Andrews, students at Conference Academy, of Dover, Delaware, are now at home". Gariic and William wero graduated at the commencement with the highest honors. Master Wyatt Williams has just rcturnoJ i'roui New York, whore ho has beou on a, month's visit to his brother, Vernou Williams. Although Wyatt is not 11 years old he came tho entire distance alone. Messrs. James Doan and Charles Mouborger, aro re.paintiug the store of J. M. Andrews,, 'occupied by R. J. Wright as a general merchandise styrc. John's Methodist Church, Seaford, at half-past eight o'clock Thursday evening. A reception was hold at the residenco of the bride's parents immediately a f t e r the ceremony. The marriage of Miss Madora Ch'ristiana Andrew, of East New Market, to Marshall Gundy Smith, 51. D., of Baltimore, took place at tho residence of her'sister, Mrs. A n n a P. Courtney, 2309 Greenmouut Avenue, Baltimore, Wednesday, June 29th, 18D8. Mrs. Virginia B. Maupin, of Baltimore, accompanied by her children, Frank and Winifred, spent several days this week with her brother, Mr. R. B. Bond. Tho children are still with their uncle. Mr. John L. Sparklin, of this county, has been recently elected a member of tho faculty of the Conference Academy. He will teach the class in Grook. Mrs. Percy Wilson.and daughter, of Gainesville, Florida, arrived in Seaford ouo day last week. .They will spend the summer on the peninsula. Miss Emma Whito and Mr. Oscar S. Belts, of Milton, spent Sunday and Monday with Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Collins, in East Dcntou. Messrs. 0. H. Benson aud A. II. Radcliff, of St. Michaels, wore in town on Tuesday, en route to Dover. Dr. Roger Duffey and wife, of a r i l y . 'I'lio closo of llu; i ' u W i c Schools of B a l t i m o r e marks the beginning of another busy snason for the Children's Fresh Air Society. Tho war has attracted public attention to a very large degree but the people of that City have not lost interest in this worthy charity, and aro gladly providing money to help brighten tllo lives of those whoso childhood 'knows so many hardships. The Society has iu the past received equal aid from those living iu tho c o u n t r y who have homes for tho children and hopes to have the cooperation of these friends during the present season. Those who live iu the country cau know little of the life of tho tenements and alleys of a large city. Tho unhealthy surroundings in these districts cause much suffering among children during tho oppressive heat of summer. It is tho aim of the" Fresh Air Society to relieve this suffering by placing those little ones where they may enjoy, if but for a short while, the beneficial influence of healthy country home life. This effort has not been in vain for aftor these two weeks' trip the physical benefit is plainly apparent, and the many helpful- friendships formed with their kind entertainers have always resulted in moral benefit to those for whom they have so tenderly cared. There are thousands of children in Baltimore to claim the aid oT the Society, and but 1900 of these have boon reached. The Society appeals to its'friends tointercst themselves in securing homes in their locality so that a greater number of children may receive the benefits of these country trips. Miss Florence Galloway, Secretary, 4 W. Saratoga St., Baltimore, will gladly reply to any inquiries that may .be addressed on this subject. THE INTERMEDIATE TERM'OFCOURT o-- ' . I n l i n e M : i r f i n on Hi.- I 1 ., ri.-li--ln, 1;..|-, Call- I'd nnil .Inrnix Drawn. Judge Martin held the chancery term of the circuit court on Monday last, and in addition to the routine of entering up judgments, etc., appointed N. Alex. Ilutson aud Albert G. Towers, examiners in chancery, vice James N. Todd, deceased, aud T. Pliny Fisher, resigned. Following is a list of taxables, put iu tho box aud eligible as jurors. The names marked with asterisks (*) are those chosen to serve at tho October term: FIRST DISTRICT. W. H. Bidding. A. McKuett, |ChasH. Conly, ,'J. Sheivbrooks, N. G. Cohee, Chas. W. Carter, W. J. Faulkner, John Shively, W. H. Smith, W. E. Wilson, ·*W. N. Bo won, W. M. Price, Thomas E. Moore, John F. Straughn. James Green, *A. F. Heather, M. E- Jarniau, *L. M. Jones, W. G. Lumb, .SECOND DISTRICT. HarVy H. Ho ore, J. S. Mitchell, Henry Porter, Fred P. Roc, *J. Raughloy, of J Thos. 11. Butler, R. E. Coursey, *J. B. Draper, *W. T. Downes, G. L. Griffith,*J. E. Gibson, James Hughes, N. Horsey, of S H Benjamin House, Thu Polts-Uciieillck Case. The Maryland Court of Appeals on Tuesday handed down its decision sustaining tho court below in the case of William H. Benedick vs. Wm. A. Potts. The case was removed from Kent to this county and oame'up at the April term of our court. The action was to recover damages for a personal injury. The appellant, Benedick, was injured in the tunnel of the gravity railway at Tolchester. He outeredthe car and was taken iu the tunnel. When the car came out he was not on it, and was found in the tunnel with a wound in the head arid in an- unconscious condition. He says he did not move during the time the car was in the tunnel, and held on firmly to the car.. The court instructed the jury that there was no legally sufficient evidence to show that the defendant, had been guilty of negligence, and judgment was rendered for the John B. Letty, THIRI DISTRICT. C. S. Shoekley, L. Satterfield, *Chas. F. Smith, H. JI. Totheroh. *Edw. L. Adams, George L. Blades, * Jam es T. Cooper, Thomas E. Evans, Zabdial Fountain, J. F. Gelletly, *T. Fred Garoy, W. T. Harvey, Puruell Johnson, J. W. Korr, FOURTH DISTRICT. *John F. Kelloy, ""Horatio Murphy, *J. H.Merrikin,- R. H. Malonoy, S. G. Nuttlo, Hebron Outten, B. G. Stevens, Isaac H. Starkcy, It. E. Fountain. *Jehu T. Blades, *I. Christopher, ""A. T.' Covey, Jerome A. Cox, J. H. Douglass, W. H. Gambrill, Joseph P. Harris, *G. K. Kelley, J. F. Lednuin, W. F: Leonard, FIFTH DISTRICT. Edw. T. Moore, L. P. Williams, *B. W. Wright, W.T. Wueedleton James P. Patten, W. E. Pritehett, *Jas. A. Parrott, W. P. Taylor, Thos. H. Todd. have been visiting relatives for several Miss Delia Bowdlo gave a very pleasant "lawn foto" at hgr home on MaUml.'iy evening last. A number wore present and all seemed to enjoy themselves to-the fullest extent. A m o n g tho guests wore Miss Maggie Allabaud, Miss Lola Willoughby, Miss Jouuio (}:vrey, .Miss Georgia Lay ton., Miss Miuuie Carroll, Miss Bradio Willoughby, Miss Elva Cloves and Messrs. Mart. Allaband, Thomas Cloves, Enos Cloves, James Willoughby, Ora Bowdle, Fred Bowdle, Ilailey Willoughby, Euos Carroll, C. E. Carroll and others. Before leaving for their homes tho guests wore ushered i n t o the dining-room, w'here refreshments were served. Mr. Will Harrington aud Miss Ilo'lcn Rowe, of-Milford, Del., spent Sunday with Miss Lola Willoughby. Mr, and Mrs. William Bruce, of Baltimore, aro visiting friends here. II Is Wur to th« Knife In Titllnt. Congressman Barber and his auxiliary Republican loaders have secured two victories over Col. Mull i k i u and his allies in tho local dist r i b u t i o n ofofiicos in Talbot county. The first was a m o u t h ago, when the local State fishery forces appoiut- ments wore made, and the other was last Saturday when tho election supervisors .appointed election officers. It is understood that tho Con- schools iu six states aud given sev- j grossman absolutely controlled tho outy-fivo lectures'. Something over i Republican appointments which aro a year ago Dr. -Mayo was iu Caroline claimed to offset any advantage tho and gave a n u m b e r of lectures in Colonel, may have secured in tho the interest oi' education. I recoct selection of tax collectors. 'Washington, Hillsborough days. Mrs. William Crosby, -of New York, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Stevens, at Williston. Mr. Graham Watson, of Centro- villc, was registered at the Brick Hotel ou Tuesday. Miss Frances Williamson, of Harrington, has returned homo from a visit to Hillsboro. Mr. Jamos and wifc.'of Seaford, spent Sunday w-ith Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Murphey. Miss Carrie V . N o w u a m , of Trappe, is visiting Miss Sallio V. Stevens, in East Dentou. Miss Barnes, of Seaford, is the guest of her sistor, Mrs W. F. Murphey. Miss Anna Bailey, of Philadelphia, is visiting Mrs. S..T. Norrris. News of the Transportation Coitipiinlcg. Andrew Hunter, jr., auditor aud cashier of the Baltimore, Chesapeake and Atlantic Railway Company, was arrested iu Baltimore on Saturday aud released for court, charged with embezzling the funds of the company. He has been iu tho employ of tho company since 1S9S aud, until recently, was regarded as ouo of the most trustworthy of its employes. The Queen Anne's Railroad Company will sell tickets between all stations on tho Fourth of July for ouo fare for the round-trip. To Rehoboth, tickets good for the day will bo sold at $1.25 from Queen Anne and Downes, and at $1.20 from Donton and Ilobbs, Tho Adams Express Company announces a reduction of twenty-five per cent, from tho regular charge on shipments for soldiers aud sailors at the various army camps and naval rendezvous in the U n i t e d States. Tho slcamor Cambridge, (ho B. C. A. Go's transfer steamer running: between Baltimore and Claiborne, now leaves Pier 11, instead of Pier 4, Light street. N. Flowers Co., of Hillsborough, j offer a great business o p p o r t u n i t y in our advertising columns this morning:. ' Tilt- Horse Wasn't Stolen. A deputy sheriff, several -other officers aud'the owner of a horse, supposed to have been stolen from Harrison Price, tenant on Gen. E. L. F. Hnrdcaslle's Lee Haven farm, near Easrou, searched for the animal three days, making trips to Baltimore, Qucenstowu, Denton arrd elsewhere and arresting two men suspoBted of being horse thieves, all without avail, Tuesday Mr. Price's missing horse wasaccideutally found seven feet deep in an old disused icehouse on Leo Haven. Tho horse was hungry,' but otherwise unhurt and was got up a f t e r , much effort. Rev. Mr. Kick's Hook. Rev. Edward R. Rich has written a book, entitled "Comrades," which has just been published. It is descriptive of scenes and incidents of the war between the States, and will bo interesting alike to those who wore the blue aud those whoso fight- iug garb was of gray. The author, who is well-known here, having at one time been rector of the Church of the Holy Trinity, at Greensbor- ough, was a member of Company E, First Maryland Cavalry, C. S. A. He is a forcible writer, and the book is written in his characteristic style. *Geo. HI Benson, David H. Bryan, *H. M. Carroll,' T. H.-Chambers, James H. Davis, Alonzo Elliott, Daniel Fields, J. T. Fleetwood, E. E. Goslin. J. T. Fr-amptoiu. *R. Nichols, *W. A. Noble, Chas. H. O'Day, *C. E. Smith, *John A. Smith, Geo. H. Smith, T..W. White, Jas, M. Wright. SIXTH DISTRICT. G. F. Ayers, *Robort T.Bryan. B.B. Brumbaugh, G. H. Beaveu, Edgar E. Blanch, Robert S. Clark, *I. T. Fleetwood, W. P.- Fleming, Jacob Hammond, F John E. Wilson, SEVENTH DISTRICT. Ira. B. Williams, *Joshua Y. King, Daniel C. Lynch, *W. Penningtou, Frank A. Redden, *Marion Starkey, Robt. B. George, " Geo. T. Redden, W. H. Thawley. R. Blackburn, Dr..F. P. Kerr, ' J. Olin Clark, · Henry M. Cade, G. K. Ebling, R. C. Flounders, *John E. Golt, +D. P. Holsiuger, *Isaac Hyner, Chas. W. Jackson, EIGHTH DISTRICT. *John C. Jarrell, *0weii Lyneh, J.-N. Rickards, Thos. A.Schjagle, James W. Simon, James Sharp, Jas. W. Thomas, Thos. W. Smith, Alfred Sigler." W. E. Bullock, *J. 0. Brown, H. C. Beachamp, Peter Cook, *R. Y. Collins, R. H. Covey, Saulsbury} Collins *J. M. Everugam, *Clarence Dean, W. R. Fountain, John Horsey, Chas. Howard, + J:is. E. Johnson, Capt. J. T. Kemp, Bayard Nichols, R. H. Saulsbury, P. W. Sullivane, J. E. Williamson. Injured by During the severe t h u n d e r storm on Saturday evening last, lightning struck and badly damaged the large brick house of Charles W. Gibson, near St. Michaels. The gable end of the house was struck first by the lightning, which tore away nearly the whole end; it then went down the chimney, shattering every window glass iu that portion of tho house. Miss Lena Gibson was severely stunned by the shock, and rendered unconscious. Mr. Gibson formerly resided near Henderson, this county. Persons troubled with diarrhoea will be interested iu the experience of Mr. W. M. Bush, clerk of Hotel Dorrance, Providence, R. I. He says: "For several years I have boon almost a constant sufferer from diarrhoea, the frequent attacks completely prostrating me and rendering me unfit for my duties at this hotel. About two years ago a traveling salesman kindly gave me a small bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. Much to my surprise and delight its effects \vcro immediate. Whenever [ Colt symptoms of the disease I would f o r t i f y myself against the attack w i t h a. few doses of this valu- ab!o remedy. The result has been very satisfactory and almost complete relief from tho affliction." For sale by W. ID. Brown, Denton; lliiffh Dulfoy, Ifillsboro; R. J. Col- stou, Ridgely. On aud after Juno 1st--tho beautiful summer resort, Bolingly on Chester, located at Queenstown, will be opened for the season, of 1S03. Special rates, over the Queen Auuo's Railroad will be given to Sunday Schools, etc.,-desiring to'use this delightful spot for a day's outing. Grounds are being laid out for Lawn. Tennis, Croquet and Base Ball,, for the- exclusive use of tho patrons. Those not taking lunches with them cau be accommodated at the Hotel, with meals at popular prices. Fishing,.boating, bathing, crabbing, and all other poplar amusements.' For railroad rates, apply to C. C. Waller,' General Passenger Agent, Pier No. 9i Light street, Baltimore Md. M'. J. Marx, is manager of the hotel. LOST--In Dontou or on the road, during April Court, a pocketbook containing valuable papers [belonging to£Mr. C. N. Coulboiirn; The fidder will bo suitably rewarded by leaving at THIS OFFICE. Subscribe for tho JOURNAL. $1.00. Soft coal for sale for threshing a n d blacksmith purposes at Dentou Bridge. L. B. TOWERS. "I have used Chamberlain'sCough Remedy in my family for years aud always with good results," says Mr. W. B. Cooper, of El Rio, Cal. "For small children wo-find it' especially effective." For sale by W. E. Brown, Denton; Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgoly. Cottage at Rohoboth for rent. Apply to WALTER SPARKLIN, Denton, Md. _ . New timothy and clover hay for sale in field, Apply to THOMAS A. SMITH, Ridgely, Md. 'Royal nwkea the food fun, ·wholesone «id dellclooi. Absolutely Pure ROYAL DAKINO POWDER CO., NEW VOflK. Second Hand Mowers, in good condition for snle. Apply, to JONATHAN EYITTS. iWSPAPERI

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