The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 16
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 16

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 16
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&*& W-fc SWjM' |, .,. Mi- > ore going \* ,t,. "^ ' '•* r *''>', ^^7 -i^9 \y,WASHINGTON (AP)~The It ''further anticipated first iheater of, by nnd for funding From private American Indians is being philanthropy materializes, a ' organized., But don't expect 16-mcmber ensemble will any Hiawatha romancing or sortie forth from home base in warpath whooping, Santo Fe, N.M., to /'We're not going to be any reservations with a highly -'feathers •' and * buckskin varied repertory. . ensemble riding over the hills The pilot project launches In > or horseback in some kind of January with Gciogamah and historic pageant," warns associates undertaking a nlnc- Hanay Gciogamah. month course in theatrical "Why we want to dramatize discipline and techniques at , is our. wry reason for being that eminent center of Valtye,'* (> •* „ youthful endeavor created by 1 >Geiogaroah, who is half Ellen Stewart in New York. Kiowa and'half Delaware, is The Indian group linked up the 26-year-old leader of some with energetic Allss Stewart heritage-proud activists who , have managed to win $25,000 ., from the National Endowment ; 'for ihe Arts lo show that the country's first citiiens, like Bother ethnic minorities, '^deserve cstheUc recognition. after initial.inquiry last year to the National Endowment about how to get started. ' Miss Stewart, who has nurtured young companies in such far places as Colombia, Europe and Japan, says "HaiiayV ... project , Is fantastically sensible.*' The heavy-built man whom everyone calls Hanay because of that tongue-twister surname.' traces his determination to have an Indian theater to youthful reading bock In Anadarkc, Okla., about drama events In distant places, cspeclnlly Broadway. "1 was JiBt smacked with theater," he says. At the University uf Oklahoma he avidly reviewed available stagecraft, but "never had any desire to get up and act myself." While busy here as a Held agent for the National Bureau of Indian Affairs, he and kindred spirits fell the time had come for racial representation among performing arts groups, 'Ready for presentation are seven dramas, four by Hanay himself. Certain contrasts and parallels are discernible between Indian objectives and those of black stagecraft. "When ( started to think about theater work I wanted to use it to crucffy whites In plays, but then I said to myself that is silly because we aren't going to make them repent or relent. "What we want to take Is the approach nf survival in the future rather than reproach for the past; even though 1 have no doubt the planners want to Hike away ihe American Indian's individuality and fus« it into the melting pot." By ASSOCIATED PRESS Some quotable quotes from women during the week: "Doctor* have twWltd that I never committed An act of violence In the Kate hwpltal and 1 didn't In the nven yean I wai out, I took can of ehlMren,"~WINNIE RUTH JUt>D, convicted trunk murderess of the 1930s, after being granted parole. "I am taking along a big sack."~l»rem!er OOLDA MEW of Israel, on her way to a meeting with President NLxon ( asked If the expected to bring back any Phantom Jet-fljUdew. "I think a woman can be a producer and mill remain feminine—If she know* tne doesn't have lo do It. Ami 1 don't have io,"-DOUmes TAYI.OK, who produced the film. "Billy Jack," "You get the same exhilaration from a good operation that you do from a good performance."~0r. TENURY AUmiGIIT. former ice skating champion, now a Boston surgeon. "Women let men work for them, think for them and bear responsibility for them. Women exploit men. Yet men are strong, Intelligent and Imaginative, while women are weak, stupid and without Imagination, Why, then, are men exploited by women and not the other way around?"-- K8TBK VILAR, German woman physician and author of "The Trained Man." "I'm not for women'* lib or anything like thai, U'« for women who haven't got anything lo do anyway."~ I) AH BAH A JACOBS, managing dlmrtor of a Uriliih roJk-r skate manufacturing firm. ^^^v^f!^f^]^^' * f ' ! _\*} v J "* *,' V >• i •&• re pollution fight 8INOAVOHK fAP) Singapore li In Ihe midst of an anti-pollution campaign Prime Minister l/w Kuan Yew make* It quite clear lie expect* filthy canal* and river* to be (Darkling clean within a few year*. "No clean rain water *h«ild be contaminated by taring: mixed up with dirt, filth or noxiou* chemical*, . "th. prawns and marine life and vegetation will return to foreshore*, river*, and canatt," he promt*** That by and Ur«« w the reward for the (wo i«lander*~a vUion of * healthy, grt*n where bird* ami can be appreciated Occasionally dean tww*» ihcfM win award* a««J a o< fried tMKKllw ami a variety of uplcy Oriental coiwoeUon*- Imve a habit of diicnarglng liquid waste* Into open drtiiiw. •Tlve long term wlulton to thl» problem now to W«8 workwl «» to rwtlle all ro»d»Jde hawkert into properly rocwtrwK'd hygteflic tenter* <*»>* »»*Wn8 area* into Mn»ert " Utliw l»*» ««ne tutu in \vf», «ft«r a full y«af* rwltce, (o H»UI« f»e<erk* treat lndu*l»ial «ia»te er tfurm ATTEND THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE REGULARLY! It Helps! CREATION..." ASSEMBLY of GOD Corner ol lr«clim>n mi L*kt E. W. Hinnck. PMttr JwmCmk 0- H. Otckray, PMIar M*rkcl t E. rMrMj ten T. (Mra«i>, P«tw Rrv. JUberl O*n CHRISTIAN SCIENCE HS.CircIt WJ T , CHRISTIAN FVH Ckmtl» amrek. F >}tw.«kU,fr*fv< ««». Ralph U Sttt. MteMw .. ... »i«W <t»»?WS »» IRA SPEL ASSMEBLY T- J CHURCH of CHRIST W. B. C*>,M«lJlllT CmMr Way it Yll CktvtkXOkrhl Frnport Mr. WiUUm. MowKr CATHOLIC FATHER JOHN MFORKC PASTOR SI. HewVi ( LMio.AiMfiCMI 9I> EMI FiN*. FfKpwt Pkr. Btoin«M C*u>l« 1 §^ FREEPORT CHURCH of THE MA2ARENE ISN'T IT AMAZING' .,, Scientists «*y that then' are no two snowHaktw alike! How many .mtowflakes <l« you suppose there have Uwn since the beginning ^ time? Billions7 It staggers the imuginntion when one think* of all the ihing* that G<xt has created from nothing. Gt-nesi.-*, the ttrsl t)Ouk in the bible mean* beginning, it tells «f many of C«xl'« morv major creations, ami how He created all these things for the benefit of man. Attend church, slmly Goti's word and learn more of God's plan for man. >:-| 1 . Rr». Aomoo, c HtrMri BAPTIST Iw MR o>4 *( Ks 4««n*4 IM moi It i«t«M I* thrt toti bi kwinf W» Mi«hW<. MM ffMMdwf n tk« l«?t •) M, M tntraaMl w win; 01 wrj o< H* •* te^ •tntvwf 0*4 tkt Imitiu rixk »«h*W » to< Bill iwriioWf pro*. lWi»lw«. IIM flM • Mffcil y*iM *( tW*. «M UkWlW Mp •4 kimttt m4 kH l«Mty. lirtntf IM. h«»r.M. mi} • tW Owith IWWM it l«h Itn tnrtfc ^out MM'I Ui, (tick a<*M «iB wt fci» 1(M (• C»i « a Mil Of o«4 M'ttj; DM »pr. EM E. Cw»mi*(l. PJJIW f & x^c^S^^i^^i'xv: 1 ;^?^ Hern** Co*. IM*rl« BAPTIST BAPTIST BAPTIST im ttfUV CW.K PENTECOSTAL . 8- Bt HI B4«k. Mwtk Q. FrttMrt 8EV. CMABUCJ c BBOWH (f»CI Hmr-M,Fn«p«ri Elf M taulktfl, P«ttr V Artow H- f In. E«l*n kMOl •! Kplnl C»«Kk 4«»B. «***«, O»M , P»u»r si. OHOK CwMWUtr. Ft t«»»n r» M*w« DM CM* «« Oi*< L L. tMvtot. P»t*W Pint PMN«MI«I Ctnt*f m Wttf >M| H F> MMft. Tf >«« BHOMMI Uplttl (» »tr«««o (J^»i c* { a c- Uu«l. iMf«i»l»I M4 Maori •n. F. 0- Si. earuiMMl »*pi»i OMKIK in. H. M. ttkbtt,,. , Httit l. T«t< CHURCH of GOD •K»vM« H«( 1M. CliK SUPPORT THESE PROGRESSIVE FIRMS WHO MAKE THIS CHURCH DIRECTORY POSSIBLE! Attend Church this Sunday! Svw* Co. Bwwport Of Commtrcf The Dow CfctmfeiJ Company Ffwport National Bank Robert I Franklin, Alitit BfiMsport Plumbing i Heating Co. Central Auto Parts Uan Sannp | Hn fmpt Ion ftAUtt CM MM Srfrf Fint National Buik of Uii Jickf«A Hpnt Nutic ind f iiflfl C», LAKE JACKSON CHURCH of NAZARENE (AtiW *«<( (HIM 4 f »•» «. I PRESBYTERIAN f mi f*ifVli*t»Mrt »«*.» (»^<'u, / »„„! ,»«l LUTHERAN t»|»*M< - '»«•« A/MM e *»•««••. •««•» EPISCOPAL C««k, Kit » Ol*M C»M* KM i«l»W« METHODIST , UM *««!*• •n C OM CM* H n lr> * 1 f M»»M> IM4. CMt •^•Ml* Vf •«>. H* MOW »>•* KM JMI1M M*H1 (MMI . P«IH> SEVENTH OA 1 AOVENTIST «. P«tM« THE SALVATION ARMY ttftpteftMiirt f« All," (e»Umo«> A to a mecuh salary, tee** taught (faowttte Ittlrr The law ba» b*w» in («« for \ta ** year* Tf» av*r»*? «iw*«f now almwi waft* it> the nftm** trtuh «r4« vt xtaming wi hw €hrisimas List .Must! at* hanBy any The and Ikutl. for rij>m(ilr. tip of «!;rjnv» wilt be Kta/tv Per-ton cost of newsprint boosted J 5.25 f'i»J*» Sdfcr* t'w "Thr Cnunt; C, tScicty W» » ftift U U per (on. lo title si* time-* tw tiring umivfralr*) in VI tB»»itv April 27, UNITARIAN Oxi«M t- C^MnU. CHURCH of JESUS CHRIST of ,UTUR DAY SAINTS' *4«tf * «l Urn . ADVERTISER FOR LISTING OF YOUR F1RH ON THIS PAGE PHONE 233,3511 T'was the Night Before Christmas, when all through the house '•t* ROACHES 297-4512

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