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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 2

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Thursday, July 7, 1859
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philosopher and statesman, to A DoMcratte Oonvtttion ifll W*aa In the Aatembly Oiamb»,»t tte City of MadUon, on Wednet- <fce*Brpo§e«Tjio4iito»aog canflMaVH fer theWeral Bute Officea, to te wpportefl by tt e Betoocratlc Party *ttte general election, to I* held jn Hoveniber oext, and tOj elect delegates to the NaUooal Oonvcntlon, to btlieUJntheCltty<)rCQiarlt«t8l>,aOT JnlSOO.ana to traaiact«Bch other taulnew *« inay come fcefor«lt.— •aeh Auembly Dlttricl «ffl te entitled to send tiro delegates to a»ld State OooTennon,,nroTiile<l that wbro to &e action of Benjamin FwaMh,;wheh -'- " ~ as to a saUsfaotory settlement of pending questlong^ He rose and said i , •• ' ?, - ' , ^ (Found in Elllotl'i Debates to flie Federal Convention. - each County ah*B be enOtled to one Delegate In lieu of JkaaanMy District delegates.' EOAACI T. BAKDEES, < CASHUg FAIRCHILD, BATEHtEEOUEBK, ' THEODOEE COKRET, WILLIAM PITT PE WET, ETCHAKI) F.HGEME, A, P, BLAKBBLEE, C.W, FITCH, c JDsfltowotte State Central Committee, Data* at Madison, Ju->« 2T,1859. I . Platfvrm* and CtetiiUdaies. " . The J*t« Democrat ot Tuesday-.contains a philosophical desqnlsltion on platforms *ad,OMididates, which is really annwlfig-— Same olwcnre repnblican paper of tbe interior demsjjoVa re-affirmation of the repnblican platform of.1856 by the republican national (?) ooavention next year, in regard to the power and doty of Congress to exclude slavery from the territories of the United States by positive legislation, and predicts that a failure to do that will result in an ignominion* defeat of the party, TheP«« Democrat repliesT^rT efleot, to this, that the party ia 1856 invested too much in the platform and too little In the candidate ; that the one was too elaborate and the other too meagre, and proposes next year to amplify the candidate and curtail the platform. It lays: * "Give us a sensible and unobjeotionabl platform and we can elect Seward on it._ Giv ui on the other hand, a platform which, con taining controverted points, necessarily divide* our party, and we moat : take * compromise candidate to head tbe breaeb, with at the -WMV ^ru»cv0w£ruu» «.ut* 0M»MWU1*U»- W^ * UVUHKV Paine, the world renowned Infidel The Inference which onr readers drew from the letter, was, that Franklin, and Paine were Intimate friends; that the latter'sent to the fo'rrnersbroe Brescia to-day to advance. portions ot Season "-Jwforejthat book was published ; ; And that Franklin, though himself somewhat skeptical in some matters, was sincerely solicitous t&aFthepnV JkaKnn of the work might be aMndoied.' more thaatme County ooijstltulet ah Assembly-Dirtrlct. Wstory for models X>f government, and exam] —._..... , _. ...... - . .... n med the forms of those republics which, having been formed with the seeds of their own diaso^ ration, now no longer exist. And we have 1 viewed.modern 8tat«s aTl round Europe, but' find none of their constitutions suitable to our, circumstances. In this situation of this as-' nembly, groping, AS it were, in tbe dark to find, political truth, pnd scarce able to distinguish it when presented to ns, how has U happened, sir, that we have not hitherto once thought of humbly applying to tbe .Father of Lights to illuminate oar understandings ? In the be-! ginning of the contest with Great Britaij, when we were sensible of danger, we Jtad daily prayer W8_1 s * r ' were heard, and they were gracio ' "Mr t Pre6ident,.thesmall,progress we have ZKSZSSS^^ Different sentiment «» dawOn? qnestion-4 ^ffSft, 00 * ° ^c*Wore,' It jfcwk the several of the last producing as many noes 3 !?5?? °& h ? P™ 88 .* very "JiT °£ fo « 7 Mre r .ayes-i8,7nethinkfl;Vmelanoh6lyproofof tht SS-*?£ *?»*Jt J^*> like*»<*lin-*o °~— '-" the inman -.nnderstandinl! n?l"S? b ?8'ne8*-p*'. «*a »<> oonjniDit sfltise- to feel our want of polS, llk «- tn ?t nobody. ev w stop, toinquirewheth- . , lave been running abVut in W ^ 8 ???& TS** *> or •° On j d h »^ ' rritten ,, ft ' search of it. Wehavegone back to ancfenil^-i 10 ^ 4 did wt occur ^WMFhen weolip. •am* time a tolerable certainty ; A platform .wholly devoid- 'of oontrevertec points :iseg.niyalent to one without points, ane would contain nothing more than a string "of glittering generalities," abottt which-men do not conoeiy-e.j-it worth the while to differ.— Snch. a platform, however, is well adapted to ' Seward, who declared in the Senate that the battle had'been fought !and the victory won, end lien, some months afterwards at Rochester, contradicted it by saying that there was. an irrepressible -conflict between 'slavery,' iiud freedom, which must continue. m.til slavery should exist in every State of the Union or be all of.-th'e SUtes. .\Vhatare the controverted points upon which, the repnbli- can party is jiow:divided? We will endeavor to enumerate them. I. On the slavery question they are divined -: into several factions. One faction- maintains . that the fugitive slave law is constitntional— another denies it. One' faction insists;, that Congresi possesses the power, and that it is its duty to prohibit the introduction of slavery Into, any territory of the Umted States, and "All of us who were engaged in the struggle tnosl have observed frequent Instances of n superintending Providence in our favor. To that kind Providence we owe tho happy opportunity of consulting in peace On the means of -os- iablishingonr future national ftlioity. And have we now forgotten that powerful friend? Or do We imagine that we no longer need his -assistance? "I have lived, sir, along time, and the longer I live the "more convincing proofs I see of this truth— -thatGoi governs in the affairs of men ; and if a sparrow cannot fah to t e ground without His notice, is it probable that an Empire can rise without Bis aid t We have been assured, sir, in the sacred writings, that 'except the Lord build the House, they labor in vainw4&4julldit, } J firmly believe this; and I also believe that without His concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than, the fcuUders of Babel. We shall be divided by onr little partial local.interests ; our projects will be confounded, and wa ourselves shall, become a "reproach" and by-word down to future ages. ; And, what is worse, panklnd.may hereafter, from this unfortunate instonoej idespsirof^establishing governments by human wisdom, «nd leave it to chance, war and conquest. : : ': . : I*!,- therefore, 'beg leave to'move that henceforth prayers.iniploring the assistance of Heaven; and blessings on our deliberations, bo held in this assembly every morning Wore we pro- seed to business, and that one or more .of the clergy bi this city be requested to "officiate in that service.": . : '.. ".".''. S- The raetion WM carried, and thus ped it in to the J°o*i a few' weeks ago, that it wasi aTorgery, " l . \ go^iiiCTCIor iocounf92 5-8«921-JU92 ^4.' i 13?" A iloga'ar combination, bat rery tffectnal, v ,U» following will iboir : . l f' "F -i. - ii ' ~ '. i »•• ; ~ OHT CJojimoitB ( Con»raetDepatfment,HU#8nlree,iBi s , ., „. , , TT1H1! rollpirlns U a schedule of" the loll bentfited bj- JL «• SjMteiMtlon ,of the oropoaed Rwer, 5°5! t ^,* e > l * tttr <" l «M>)o« t»«tj-el ' Ward ot the City of Milwaukee H4 «.A<««,iV _&_•*. ••-* *_»•,T^ t • •"™T~' p i .amount trMth each lot will-fed bem ttrncllon ofeald aemr. efltei.hy _ the th» con- 1 , But a second glance at it revives the recollection of a fact which we feel bound to slate to our readers. . Frautlin died in 1790, The "Age of Bcasoa". was written and .published about thres years afterwards. So franklin could not^of course, hftre 'written this letter in reference to the Jbook. He never- saw the book, or -any part of it, in print or in mana- script •; that Js to say, he eotttS not have Been it in print ; and there in no evidence whatever, aside from this letter, that a lineof U was writ. ten beforo, Franklin dlpd . Of course, we do not know who wrote the < friend or*n enemy of Paine's theory. ly •Stated the custom of having, prayers at the or>eniDg_of the sessions of both hoaaes of Cort' gress. -. •'•.:'.. • _ '•!:.;:';.':-'... - • .'••:'. : know that It is a forgery : and as snob, we repudiate it. Whether it is jnst what Franklin would have written of jnst snch a' book as thp "Age of Reason,*' we of course do not know. But it is plainly enough—though fall of truth and sound philosophy—what he did not write. Pane's work- has not half so many admirers to-day as it had thirty yi ars ago. It has never satisfied anybody. As ii criticism, bold and logical, it has seldom been surpassed. • But all great men, who have studied it, have pW- oelved that only one or two important supports kept it from tumbling to the ground. If we -admit that his rtind-point Was a correct ene, w« tujd it hard to overthrow his arguments But every day confirms the 'Chrls- tinu world in its faith, that his stand-point was not one which enlighten*} men are jnctified'In looking at what is handed down to us as the word of God. \ Infidelity, or what iacalM infidelity, baa as- :«nmcd a great many new pliaies since thetimo jof Paine^.'-Infldels of the::present day, if we jescept a fiBiaH number : ,wha boldly .call them' Jselyes infidels, and Who seem to believe even less than Paine did, are of all men the,most jbellering. - They are : not satisfied with Paintfs .theory, or Abner Kneeiand'a theoryi which leaves everything itt doul't—which aims only &t tearing down what ia, to say the least, averf Comfortable structure; They .discard the Bible it is'trne, and use Paiuc's arguments, to keep iheir.Consciences quiet, wbile tbe/.asaail Ft; but ibey insist upon * Heaven for .themselves/ and something very nearly" approaching to ajjur- gatorjr for their enemies. :.They-found theirs road altogether to clu-crfes without faith In Ibet'e, and are as fiosttift in their teachings now r!s the mo«t earnest of Christians. They have ijiseovered what the narly infidels did not per-' Wettj ERNST HBBZER, OARIi BtJBACH, ' Street Con Lot. Hock.r Benefiti. ' "-;• 8,80 SS -4,84 • SS 5,80 i 8 S 4 5 8 7 . 8 9 TO 1 M IB- 1C S3 ' 93 t ""i S8 ! 18 23 «8i, 23 23 J3 25 , 23 ' 28 28 23 14& 8,TO 8.TO 2»,01 ,».« &,0l 14,81 14,61 29,01, S9,01 E. t. H. GABDINEH. Oomgtn)ler< . NOTICE- ' I T HE Boarfl of Eevlew of the City oTMilwankep, Trill meet »t Common Council Boom, at 9 o'clock a. M., «n the IClh o»y of July Iast./or tbe purpose at hearing objection! of partlu or pennu deeming ibrmxlrei aggTleredbytheAucstment of tbe taxable ynjperty In laid city fbr the year, 1899, and after the hearing the partln-.irlllinaketoch alteration a« juitlce sod Equity rtqolrp; and supply omluloos and eqaallie the Aitoi- ment M»ta ai to the leyeral Ward* or any part or jior- tlon thereof, and will continue from day to day until tbelr dalles shall be completed. ' MIl»»nk«, July 2, 3859. ', JeS-dlt HEBMAN L. PAOE t Uijor. I , _ , .. „ Knowing, froni«rpertence, the valuable qualities of ,Dr. S'ltMt's VtrmVvg, and Ztetr PUlt, preparea by I lonlng Bros. Pittsburgh, 1 hi Ye f ar , ome ti me \. ( . k eonaldefetj It my duty, and. wade it my btulness, to tuketbo>c:arttoUi known wherever I went imong »y frlenda. A «hort time ago I became acquainted wltf- Jbfl cue of & young £lrl, who leemed to be troubJed Wth warms and Hver complaint at the «»ms tlms and had b»en su&'erlBg for tome two moolhj. Through my pennulon the purchased one bottle of Dr. Lane; ytrmifayt, "and one box of /i«r nilt, which rt« lock acc«rdinR to dircetiora. Th» result was, she passed ilsrge quantity Qf worms, and 1 thinks fiat bno tb« more of, toe Pills will restore her to p:rfect health. IjCT name and residence can be learned by cM'.vg on 4" t. The»ll,.DruaEl«t; corner .• f "Emger «nj Monroe slretls. ' t3T Purchtsera will be careful to ask) for DR. ll'LANE'S CELEBRATED 7ERM1FDOE, manufactur- «4hynEMINOBBOS.ef Pittsburirh, Pa. 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Thli l.i a complaint very common, especially amons femalfj. Mioflan&i German .Bitters nerer falls to cure Ibis ''cH«ase. The »yslcai, under Us use, U re- atifreil to lt« original lUength.knd vigor; the appetite becomes good, the spirits become cheerful, and in body a-nl mind you feel tie full restoration of health. For >ale by araggbtt and d"<;alpM In raedlcine » .rpryirlisre, it;7S ( onU pf r bollle. dlwlmo ., . JMOTIOK. • CRT CoMpTBOu-ta's, i Contract Department, an., July 1, IttV. f following Is a schedule of lots fronllngflnjjlilh ' JL street from Walnu street to Harmann t]re*t, In the Cth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, ahonrln* the amonnt $Mch each lot on <ald street will be twnrflteJ by grading laid street at d the sidewalks, mtdlm; the aVreett planking and curbing the walks and paving the gutters as per plan of OUT Engineer, to wit: - . < EBNSf UERZKli. i GAEL BUBACK, Btrcol Commissioners. . Black, tot. Bentflti. Slock. Lot. DeneOu. : T .--.».;.•.-, 141,82 : • ' 1 ' 6 I 8 ITI,Oa 83 1 '. N . N ••V "M M ;.M 51 ' 'N 25 ; £04 .'204 204 204 £04 toother insists upon leaving it .the people of ihe territories to decide for them•elves wheihw- tbpy. will have slavery or not. The 'Free Democrat is opposed to taking any position^>n either of-tbose questions. ;'.:./ ! H. The party is divided into repablietn Americans, American republicans, German re- pobUcans, £astern republicans and Western republicans. :InMassaeUosetts'-and other New England Stetes,. as well as in New Jersey and •Pennsylvania, the predominating republican sentiment fainfavorof curtailing the privileges of adopted citizens. They differ somewhat in to- gard to details, but agree that a five years res* idmoe in this couritry,jdoes not qualify a man born in a foreign -country, -to exercise the right of suffrage. This principle has recently been incorporated by the republicans of Massachn- setta, into the constitution of that State, by a provision now known as-the two years amend- aaent. In the West, where the foreign vote is heavy, that .measure is condemned. It tbni* becomes a controverted point, upon which the free Democrat advises the national (?) convention to be Efleat. .-'-• • HX. There are free trade and protective-tariff advocateain that.-pwty, such as the al:tor of the free Democrat and Horace Greeley, co that'nothing must "be $aid en that rabject. Upon any one of these questions, grea^ na ttonal parties might be fofined, and the propo- •ition to ignore them all in the next national (?) Bcpnblican platform, would surprise fes, comhig from the quarter it does, if it came anaocompamed by a certain condition, which 4>ur cotsmporary is very careful totamex to it, viz: that Seward must be the candidate. The free Democrat has BO more faith fa the platform than the-Irish wehtan had in the potato, when the advised her mistress to take Patrick with ft, Seward jnnst lie taken with this no' nbtfitas^platfoTm, in order to make it efficacious. TEtS^af^cpnrse, is "talking turkey all the %-Mle." No other candidate can ran, either with or without a platform, sect, ding to the view taken of it by onr neighbor. Fremont WM probably looked upon by the Free -Ztemocrofssbeinga very email man npon a very large platform, but no intelligent awn «ver flnppoted that Tie cared *nythtn£ for thd platfora,*venKhe*newwnat it coatained, Which U somewhat doubtful. We do not believe that the Republicans will be able to devise anything more ingenious in 1880 than the general arrangement of 1856-.— They will experience more -difficulty in reeoft- ciling men to Seward's views, than they did in reconciling them to Fremont's platform.— Seward has expressed opinions, and the Republicans will be understood to endorse'his principles if they nominate- him,whether they embody them, in a platform or not. ' "Stoeptnir Beauties." * f A. Paw letter save— •' The story about fainting*, which ii going the round of the papers, knot ex tot It was not Madame McMabon •lone who feinted. An eye-witness hss-re- ootmted the scene. The despatch was brought to the Xady 'Begent. It was in cyphers as utaal— cyphers of , which the imperial lady aJone ha* the key. It was the longest which' ha* ever been transmitted by electric telegraph, and lua been registered as Bnch ; ( and as the ' Beyond the Mlncip. •-'. . The news of the mobilization of six Prussian cnrpsd' arnvj', 272,000 men; the presence'of Prussian .'tikx-rs in Dresden, Munich and Cas.'(•'. ; llie transactiiius of the railway"companie's loi; th - .carrying of troops^ between the proyin- CPS 01 Prussia and the;French frontiers, were followed by a report that seriously affected the Paris Bourse and tho London Exchange. It waa r tp the effect that,the Prince Ikgerit of Prussia had notified the allies that the advance of their armies over the Mincio would be regarded by the confederation as a piece of hostility. If no, tb« crossing of the Mincio may he as significant to the modern world as cross j ing the-Rubicon was to^the Ancient world. j : And what can there be but the passage of the Mincio T The allies have thoroughly out-bat-' tied and ont-generalled: their enemy; have set him upon a flight so rapid and disastrous that even the .telegram can '• give no rational centra «r'.head-quarters for his retreating pbalanxes; have so beaten him that tneir retrograde pto- ce?s is marked by destruction of strongholds- likePiacenza—that have been looked upon as impregnable ; and the most reasonable supposition as to their stratagy is, thevarc making their way, by flying columns, to tbwi favorite fighting ground, over the Mincio, formed by the line of this river and Pcschierii Verona, iiantua : and Legnano. Thither tb< viitorioris allies are following them, with tbe wise .design of profiting by the resnlts'of their vicloriis. . . '•- '••• -' .; ' - ' '-. ' ' ,-. And behind the allies and to back them, behold all Italy! For the uprising ot public opinipn—if such a thing: really is in Italy—' In .this country is universal.' Now Lombard? is free from Austaian rule to the Mincio; the Anstrians have been withdrawn from the Legations; Tuscany is free from her represents, live; the Roman government miy' be neutral but the Roman" people are warmly with the allies; in Naples the ferment is increasing, and the popnlar sympathy bpils over for the vie tors; andModena and Parina are solidly against Anstr'^ 'Thus the popular rumbl«;is distinctly -heardall through' Italian land; and.such governmenta'as do not go with the current will be, assuredly swept away-by it. Such is the Ita.llan.tlemenl that presses the allies on to their destiny as Liberators. When they "have with them snch a prestige of victory and snch moral power, is it in hu- «nan nature that a threat from Prussia— if snch •a threat has been ,made—wilt stop tbeir progress? Why should i« No other purpose can be intended by Prussia than to play into the hands of their «nemies. It is not statpd that this warning is accompanied with the intimation that Austria is prepared to submit to her fate; to eee her Italian dependencies severed; to see a new political day dawn on Italy, It is simply a threat to conaider an e&vanee that is absolutely necessary for tbe allies to make, as a hostile attack on- Germany, It is asking what It i* Impossible for tbe allies to grant, without committing felo <?e te TVilh them promptness is every thing, and is it to be supposed they will commit the military error of encamping on their late battle-grounds, and here waiting in Christian patience for the Kaiser, nnder tbe pretence of deliberating on Italian independence, to recruit his shattered armies? j Every sign indicates that the" allied armies will press on vigorously and fiercely over the Mincio. In fact, the stolid Austrian bids fair jto have his flanks turned Tiere as fatally as they (were turned along the Ticino; and it will not (probably bea great while ere we bear of fortress after fortrass falling into the hand? of the allies. But tbey-are preparing to do more—tr) carry the war into Africa. Plans, it is confi. ceive, : that man is BornPthlng' less'than man withont faith in a future >nd'better world.— Providence Post. , •.'.'•..-- ' . : Di«a*tro<i» « Economy." i The twrrible casualty .-ii'-ar South Bend, on the Michigan Soni iiwn Itallroad, by which fptty <>r flfty lives striking instance of the criminal misuinagement ofAmer- ic»n railroads. It .Appear,- that the midnight train fron\ Chicag.- was going easterly a. a rate of, something iiku ; twenty-five or .thirty miles ^in hour, wh a, in crossing a ravine.; tjie enrbankment gai'» way before the pressure of the freshet, the waters of which could not find sufficient ontlel ^u tli.- culvert at the base. Tbe plunge of a trr.'ii of five cars some forty fdc't Into adeepynwr-ng g jtlf resulted in a loss nf life, ; the extent oi ^rhicfi cannot, perhaps,. 6.- . itf u;- . la; is •20 2ti =23: 24 1 Beniflta. 141,82 111,03 83 Batkln'i Subdivision. 87,02' 80,08 19,(f2 1»,C9 127.O U M M L 82,68 TS.C9 89,02 L L I, I. Perkln's Addition. 186 ISO , 1ST ' 187 1ST 187 1ST 14 15 1C II 12 18 :ii 82,80 . 102.C9 • r KJVI i-» >, (i y S50 n Month nnil all IC A N AOE.Vr l> wanlrii in i vrry XX. the Unitd! Htalri to fnn«if et»y |TU»*IUII<, by which th« J-J N T. xpoiivi^ I'tuil, town and cwnnty In In « rr<jin;i*W« 'uri.J ma/ l the Back ana LUnhs, ntlRue on slight ewrtlnn, Palpi- UfionoftheH.eartrHjr.terlc,, and Wh,»., these Pills will effect a car, when 5,11 other 3 h»™ failed, and although a powerf 0 i remedy, da not contain iron, calo- mel.antlmony, or an 7 thing hurtfar to the cnnstlluUon. Tull directions In the pamphlet aron-sd esch ptckag. which should be carefully preserre<l. Sole A sent for tio United Slates ana Caaada, .; . ' JOB 1103E3, (Late 1. a. Baldwin A Co. : Rcchest»r, N. Y. N. B.—11,00 and S postage itampa enclosed to any ,ia- thoriieO Agent, will insure a bottle, containing 0 ».or 30 pills, by return mail.' »orial*t>T ',' OREEN * BUTTON. ••;•-* C. BAKaiNOtOff, aprS5-dA» HATHAWAY & BELOEN, ;-3 Land aiad OlHt-r nr.ocu. talhly rfiilw.l Vat ruril rr\ nrt f»l \ts, ».Mr>'>» in, J-, UO»v U'»«n««, corner' I'.'ili Pir.ri m,,|***, Ctr York City, encloi n;' ur.c Vtnntjn P:*mi>. • . . >tl,«ttt r Mnrr»y> ttyi Oriu iifMniiiy, fit K 4 » ,^ ..,!.( tit l,n lutcrm i» «nlil firm ti< Wllium II.. .'Kfinball, (I. 0, ityleof I'rlor, lUrblckACo., Morrajr, Frlorit.'o. Jt5 who tte A. H. J. P. IfAUBIOK, WM. M. KI11BALL. ! 158,0 ilWiCa jissps SKJ06, \iea,69 lM,3fl 149 8H K1.73; 3M.06 205,02 K. L'H, GAEDINEK, Ceoptr IS7 11 13 12 13 U 15 1C IS i 189^38 I 7S.02 ; 180,40 SJ.03 191,08 PABK COON..GIDI0.1 H. nr)UJ3T«S . .COiatr! C. tOTTOS. IICOOH, HOLLISTER. & COTTON. Altorii<-ys and :' ; i NO.S. 4,5, ANDC; i ! : • (197 K.tst Water Street,) ; jf»...;....' wn trihl-V D CAPS. •H C —AND— AP GOOD'S . . STRAW TK Ihaii cau he : S .-..•' — AT— ANY QTHEK. HOUSE LY THE WEST ., ket Talai', and 1 am nrillln,: to ai 70 benefit of It. 3ly assortment of STKAW>OODS1» larxe, varied *n°t ii ,.„ _W. I). BACON,' loS Saat Wair-r ,t rt ... t apr8(W4w2t 'X?xt i".rynrtn t'andoc, Du,hli> * Co BONNKit BONMKK BONNEK BONNEK BONNKIi Just receiTed at aprao .DCi-KK HAT '. .KOOrhJIi HA1. .KDOKK HA 1 MDOKK ODOKli ;L>G-EH HAT HAT. HA'i'. HAT. W. D. BACON'rt t;nt IV iter <tr--»-t A U I, i\l O Ii P H V MERCHANTS FROM r y » re ln»itsil la' «.imln -TOI;K Hals, <'.TI>M A Of EvfT^i Dnitrriiitti,,, AT \V irl 0 1, K ' s , v Also, the VERY BUST >TOCI5 ,,f RETAII, GOODS , ,. U til # O U 1 K H iiv .MOUIM^ litJjH, Gear Vt, O U tin NOTICE. Contract Department, June IS, 1S59. T HB fonoif'lng Is a eehedole of lots froqUnR-the north and tooth ajlejr in b'ock 29, In the C:h Winl MC'M^IHH f^i, U ' ra ?. l '!, e V' hoitlDB lhe amou °> *&<* escniat »iu bi btntfited by grading Mid alleys to ihe>i] grade, as follows : ' L ! — ':', EBNST HEHZSini i j CHAELE8 BC8AOK,i Etreet Commlss!bner». Clock. Lot. Benefit.-. or «si<jh-«. « „ . KOTE f,,r «S«, payable to Uarbsra £*. : IleU, eight monjfH after ,!ate. Kiecate.l by rrwdtrich Fioe^cl amf^la.l.i Ch. Frorgel. dalrd Jin. Jrankee, October Is, 1-^i I warn-ever,l,o,l» not to boy said ncte as it wiil „„( b^ lo any one except 10 m «- [JcS] DARUABA HIKD. ev*r be accnniwly ns-ct , theie bfine no ' . , - dently said, are laid for work in Hungary, and of more import still, for work in Moldavia and WaHachla; and thqs the Mincio guns of Trussia wm be rare to rewrterate far and wide. And.wbat Is th« main case of Prussia ? or the idea that aeems to ran through Its popular fever.? U is pure «ssnmpu 0 n : namely, that Loins Hapoleon'8 words are a blind , complete list of the pas&»agera. We shall, o'f cjiurse, await withiii''ere. e t;the verdict of the coroner's jury as to i >ie cause of this saddisas- t-r, but still several .-i.-ri6iis charges agaicsl the nl:,n igetnent of the road srftn to l>o mstained by fi.--" testimony of tho pisfengirs aod the lUisli.-ii reports. 1 j t he (i • n plae»,i Ii* train wag going too fast -^-srhellii-r at thirty miles an honr.or less tlian tisat iile, riatcmeni. -iiffer •.certain it is tlat a-viui'-iit rain storm r.-ul rommcnccd at noon, and wustagiug at mi-iniK^t, when tbe acci- dwil happened. The i-nivtrt had been regarded foryears by the ncigH»othood-as too small, and in, riot supplying itvplace-the company disregarded the sense i.f the public. The plea rigid econo- •fpr this neglect is the jo-, my" whieh is thus mentioned in the report of tHe directors, presentcii March 23, 1859: j"This state oT things [its financial depression] has induced a very rigid economy in the administration of every department of the business of the Company." Bat .this has been d<Jnf? without impairing the tfflcitncy of . the scnnet t orltaMTdtng the taftty of t)ie pubtit ." [These are the words of: thb present Directors. Did th«y know this istatenjRnt to lw trpe? If they did not,' what motive lad th*y fo'f-thus deluding the rublic, , and. by their neglect; snpplying''hospitable gravies" tot fo'rty or: fifty of their traveling countrymen ? Much aSjwo like rigid economy in railway manage- m£nt. we would prefer that it should manifest itself in results more conducive 'to .the interests of stockholders and the community than thfe heedless sacrifioe of; human life. — N. J' Block. 29 29 -i»' S3 29 S9 29 ; 1 4 6 8 9; 12 13 10 ; ' Beoefits. 6,CC : 85,00 43,33 89 CC 17.CC : 29 29 29 e 3 o I lu H U 15 i:i,ct) M3.C& [5»,33 '; 39,06 K. L'H. OARD1NIH, ComplrbllerL B Y jA. U THOK1.T V; The Latest War Jfetrar.: VKEOHA, Jrine 21. Hia Imperial MajpBly yeaterday tronsferred bi^ beaduaarttjra to Viflafranca UABBKitLKs, Jnnx 21 Koaanth Las embarked here this morning' for Genov I/ettvrs -from Rome to tho 18th instant announce-that 2,000 Papal troops have been sent to'jPerugia to restore order. * :ollisi> n has taken place at Cernia be- a dptai • n'ent of Papal troops and tbe in habitants.' I . • TCBIN, Jujie 19. The following is au official bulletin publisb- edi to-day: • ' TLe Anstrians finished on the 16th inst. tbe evacuation of Monte Ohiaro. Their right wing a Said to have gone to Lonato, taking .the di- redtion of Pcscbiera. Their centre oenopies .he heights of Castigliona, «nd their left has ;one towards Castel Coffredo. .Doting the last tew days 80,009 Anstrians with 6,000 horees tnd twelve batteries bave passed through Monte proceeded in her deciphering, -the •motion end dread grew greater at each word, tmtilj completely wwrfcowerea b the {giiatioa the isagemess and terror preaent to leant *he wmtents of the d^jatoh all of them personally interested, throng and dear relations, -Jn theiolotlon -of tbe,*y- pha*, she sank back in a «woon, grasping in her dosed hand the paper open which were traoed the .figures w.hose hidden meaning conveyed MBtenees of despair to so many. It is well known that swooning, .like weeping, is .oatahing by contact One, by one the ladle* gawwayto the^ensadon, and the-drawing room at St. iClond soon resembled the scene in thtBleeping Beaaiy in the Wood. Madame HeMahoa,* who has been quoted as the 'only; , oMto wlonvihe accident happened, was, oa to whom consciousness ,aadi>bn^ wasio learn the high ; wh«a he has finished ap Austrfa,-heWns to begin on Prussia ; and hence that itaty to Germany requires a defence commenclns at the Italian • dependencies of Austria. But against this there $s the fact of the exemption from attack of .the German provinces of Aus« tna, while every interest of Germany would seem to plead for peace. Besides, the French EmperorvJMie meantto*heat tfa e Jtaltans.has gone a good deal too far. His assnrancos to England are as solemn as are his pledges to the Italians; and on these assurances the British administration will base its policy. Tfcey will take Louis Sapoleon at his word, act accord. ingly; and thus pnt themselves into the cause of Italian independence. And this, according to the words of the Emperor, is not a substi- lotion of one foreign j-nle over another. Jmt It lg really to restore Italy to herself. ' To this (t may be added that Germany has, in a measure, the guaranty of Great Britain that no each thing as a war of conquest is intended. But beyond the Mincio— with Prussia joined with Austria—with Ettssia and the Slavonic element stirred -up with its Constantinople- idea^-witn France, warring /of «bjeds not originally contemplated — the war will -assume a length and breadth 'beyond human ken to fathom., ^And thjg, it »ay be well e on • ., ^ , me has been the way in which wars have tjon They have'-fod on themselves, Xhey have wtaflhsa out remarkably from the plans 'of tbrir origiaaton! and led to raroltSTitterly be.' «"iteol. .The past of Europe ;s ' lop sa^'^^^^a?' Chat'snc On the 17th inst. the allied army of Italy made a fprward movement. i 1 ' Ttrais, Jone-Sl. An official bulletin published to-day says: According to tbe advices from. Brescia to the 18th inst,, the Sardinian army preserves its position before Brescia at Rezzato and Castenedolo. The .French-army occupies Brescia and ta environs in line with the Sardinians. Qn tbe 17th inst. tbn Atistrians ro-oconpicd Monte Cbiaro witU a considerable force. } Fano, ITrbino, Tossombrone, Sesiand Ancona have pronounced fen' tbe national cause. 1 The following advices have been received from Brescia-to the 18th inst.:' General Garibaldi inarched yesterday morning jfrom Salo toward); Desenzano, but, meeting ;the considerable force, withdrew. An j Austrian steamer on the Lagodi Qarda Bred on Ms men, but our artillery silenced it, _i " i BKRNE, JnneSI. ThotiBWS that a JFr. net corps d' armee has arrited in the Valtrline is nnune. t The news referred to- a Lombard corps, led- by sbme oT General Garibaldi's offlcere wUch wasistationed In the Valteline Garibaldi has at present pushed his ontposts as far as Balla- dore, in tbe direction of Bordio, which is Wm. pied by,400 Anstrians.. ' " Or the Condition of the Mutual Company, of BntTalo, i o th« CJ of February, lbi». JlaJe to the ' n £ecretarj of f tate, W^conslr, puisuant to the £tal- ntes of that State. i : j j HJkVt Jl>D LOCATIOX. '• \ 1. The name ot the Ccmp»ny Is The Mutual fn&jr. ance Company of Buffalo. Located In fiul»U>, Stale of K tjf tork. " . : \n I. cinni- 2. The atn&ut jt^-f author'>zcd ' • capital . 1: S. The amount p\M up 4. t II. aittis. 1st. Cuh on Land. l 24. In,the hkndscf. and 'ulucjf frctn accnta' t t.Others 3d. K6 real estate, *th. Conds held, by the Co. Is. ; i i 1. M. B. K. R. lionUs, 12,«*> 2. Toledo, NohraHt A Cleve. bonds... 4,<iOO 3. N. I. B, B. bbndi, S.OCO 4. Fto;ks: '•'' U.&.ST lJO.000 worth • 10,467 W3 u. e. cs ;*,ooo worth .; ?. K. York U C,l<X) -do Cil^ax) worth »i 26,903 75 5. Detrii dae fq r the Co. smeared by tnturtgage on nn- .. -enCQmheredi real estate, worth double the amount of mwtgare vper schedule" t'earing 7 per cent. interest...;.'. C. Dtbt* otherwise secured br stocks,'mortgages and ltdaranee acrip of Uiis and other companies, and. Interest nntame. T. Debts for premlucn, con-' aistlns; cf'bllls recelrable, S. All other (tccritlet and claims, dne the Co., salTa- ge«, reisels, 4c -. 9. 1'ertonal property owned by the Co;, Steam Tap, Pumps, Ac..i Oentlemen's, Missts' & Children' Boots, SHOi;s, M.appitK.s A- UI'lIUEKS. FJXE JiOOTS 3fAl>E TO ORDER. • - l\o. 225 Ka»t Ualc-r Direct : (Opposite Walker Hinse,) SdIL,r,-AnKEK [ aaj 3 ij WUCO.NMS. CJRKAT .CENTUAI. : ' AHD FINK AHT QAl.LKRY, 17i Eatt Water Street. § AVISO secured tbe assistance c,f th» oldrsl.aad roost «nperlai,ce'l oprratnr In lti« West. SI. Haw, <whose skill In bis Jet artmsnt Is well known to many uf the rlii»i.< of Xlilwauk,-e,11 ira now prepared tri plfer 1 to the pnMic eTer> dnirahlf «ljle ot llctnres koown tothe totamunil/ at lower raje, and elecutea 114 » b^ltrr thin ran be ,!one in any other ej- t»WiJii=rot In tf.e Wnl. I>A«;I KUHF.AN iTJ Wali-r Mr- t, t,. t;l t IP..W, GtULERY, u F£EO THE HUNGRY," flllilB lnjoncti..p, .lirine in it< A as a duljr upt-n u? alt, U cc TulIeJiMlent by or./;r. * i-;.n,« ..l.lyjaU-ry ivej to tte 243 EAST A \\ATEK «t. Th« Louis [Ion«e lu I«i,'i,»naii4a been continued by wt,,, t4liej thH ocr»»lon to return <-j M» lri*ni)i .ind ttm public for t,«r/HHf.,ua^(yr al< .w»i,y»i-»r» P a,l, in.l jollclta » C';nli(iuai.c« <it Ui«r iiiM ravorj The Louis House •wuuiiiii lusoy roonii, well tuitej for families, newly furnHhe-i witS, ,t»veH *nd ev^ry convenience to com- foit. Tlwrs »r« tome! four or (i\e such roonu In the tw)iu« now v»i'»nt, i!ui can bo obtained. If applied for »«£: ___________ ___ _ __ nnvSJ) ALBANY RESTAURANT — AN&- BlULIAKO K<JOM. Allxiny JUact, eorntf of Jfain ami JlteMaun At* OiyotiU .Vevftall //,^ e , Jlthmut**. LiVJiM kniranc-.e (t -cocd door on Jlain ,ireet T T H O U S K. WISCONSIN T I1I3 SPLENDID HOTEL has recently chinked pro- | McManmaa retlrinK, v* t!lu ueisrs. KLOTD succeeding him in Its ro »»«^' n >;nt. The Messrs. If. are both well known throughout the western country a* gentlemen of experience in Ifntet keeping, and no other iworance' Is necessary that tho Hyatt House will bereafter he conducted In a style de- ervlng the patronage of the public. oct'29-Utf Krer brought to this 3l:ir B. T H 18© E.isl aprTO FUKNITURE '-t, fur i.-i R U O P .Nu CABINET M A N U .l nil.! J •.!)« attcn-.,on of purc.l largest anj tjeal .leie.'ti-d Hoclt-'i . »antini; inytillnu In til- ihu»e Hue ::II!KI^ .jn him before [*nrcli;nini4 -rl. C A B I N K T - 31 A can alwsya 8ml a larjL- .iml »^i^< seat chairs ia t!ie knot-->- 1IUV ' 1 r --r cane a^ats, blai:lt »«iuu" :unl m -Jin Japan, *oJ'"" iia " -'•»' - — 11 S GROCBKJES, PROVISIONS AC i'laenp LOOK HERE, YE WEAKY TRAVELERS c i M > i c; W u it c t."i'.t' u C K 'Jelcririineil itiy r--,juc.-a DINING SALOONll L OCATED near the Milwiokee t Mississippi Depot Is just the place to procure warm and substantial meajs, for the small sam of 25 cents; and the tabi,-» i will be supplied with the choicest viands uf tNe ieaaon ' OYSTERS AIVD GA.TIE ScrVed up In every style, on short notice. The Bar 13 always supplied with the choicest Wines, Liijuori »*,! TraTelers upon the Milwaukee i Mississippi Roa.l I it a, neat and conTenicnt place to procure their Warm Lunch from l(J to 2 o'clock ev,-ry d: • will fl nil meals- 23 • Kl I 1 A . , -\a 1 »ITI !«-!••! J. U. (. , 1 r I S I li K INT \H-' 1 ii 1 H 11 C . CCNN1NOBAM, Proprietor' STliEKT WIs'COSSIS. «i, Lejt a^so'le-l A3 21 11C.C9J T4 35,82* 78 1 80.C5-1 87 20,630 n ' «4,6SS~C» Total Assets...... • III. LUaturrE>. fi. The* mmoant'lor liabilities due ti binViand other , creditois. None, excepting what la contained in No. 10. j C. Losses idjasied and dae. NOD-. T. do do 'And not due. Note. S. Losses unsdjuswd. fine- posed to be at the extent about.... ,,.. 9. Lojjfsln suepence^fiane ••* MHO.?. . : 10. All .other clalma against the company, Individual balances, unclaimed dlrl- dtntfs^in-1 redemption of- •ScrlpimcaUeil for Total Liabill.itt ., : - < !lT. MBCaXUKEOCS. • 11. The greatest amount Insured la one risk. of fire r'ski Is the usnal limit; but In some cidesif short risks f 10,000. 000is the aj WO. On ressels and c»rgoef;»16,i. limit, Inciqrllng boa; i i! ________ ,12. Gross SEoont ef premloms received In State .of Wisconsin for the cnrrent year, ending February 8, 1*59, »728^8. - " [ , . \ -:' 13. The market tilne of Ua (lock. /The Company his no stockholders, the scrip Issued on the Mntml plan by Its chhner constltatfJ .'Its capital and tie value of scrip T&rlcs according to jis priority cf Issue, : - -i .- • • ... Wfco arej^it 'n r^rc^ipt of tfu- «i<J most complete Hack of Faiitity <; Kffr exhibited In this city, thj ma* tarlnx been tjou,.',! re<enriy In the Nrw Yu'« andltonoD mirkri* FOR CASH, at «n-h prices as enable us to undersell all conpet tors in th< trade", and still afford as ahandsomp IlTins profit. Our prourarainecmbr«cej every article lo the irade both FAJM< V A!V'I» STAI'I.E, 9u-:h a .fugan, (a'l kini's asd at the very lowest prices.) Tea-, (a T. for EXV warranted bel:er ill tn can beL.i.^h plirwhrre far 5 shillings, or will Klv= you a pound tur nmhing.) Coffers, {Mocha, 0!il Oovernmeat, Jara, L»KUlr» » T '' R:o,) Wah ut anil Miubroon Cat- tupii, all kinds of c'aucn, such aj?oho. Woreestenhlre, :Ua<niR; acd Pultana, (tr e latter being a rcfreshini; «nd |i"elH3p'j; stinolact 10 the appetite, composed pr.tici P*dy r-f Turkhh condiments combined w.tli Tancoj cuUnary production* of the ICasU U U an exquiatt« reltth wlthnsh,4I*als, Poultry and Game, and fortas a raltuUe addition to ?onj», Minrcs, Hajhe», Slews an-| M«t Fio>, i.twcl «j jalnia. U also Imports a highly delicious flavor to £ ttiks and Chopsi.j Ujrton an.J Oeaslers Olite Oil, Can Ftnits of all kinds. Crcsse «K«»weil's Wckles of crefy descripUons, Pickled Lotaters, Fresh^ataon, Sardluej, Little Neek Clams, Core OyjUrs, Corn B'.arch, Tapiocj., sago, Uice Uour Cooper i Ehrnl Ising Olas», Maecoronl. Vecma.-«lll' Kf i, 'Halsins, Citron, te , 4c. We are also So!,- Apenu In \J Itcoustn for • Macombcrs Salkd Cream A ierj popular article which should be in every eni- cur< We hare a!Jo | 2000 STJKAR CIJKF.D IIl.US, The belt ever; cffered In this city. Also : . i5^uni>s. ?H;SS PORK Pot Dp itiriressly for oar trade. F«KSH OKOUND* FL.OUK Always on hand from the Empire and New York Mills, " TO CffT A LOA'G STORY SHORT, The b«st stock of Groceries from which to select from in tqwa ana at the lowest rates A|S We SELL FOU CASH, And'raake no iad debts, we can tfford to undersell our MlgLbors whojdo a time trade, and of course lose more or lejs of fhelriproflu In that way. i Call and Examine Onrjlork, whether yon want to buy or not, and w fc will freely show yon onr goods and- prices which wn kDow cannot fail to please you. ' 2 i ''• • •- UCNN t CEOS3V. o s <s r . I • 1 S 1 • \ ^< i M> S !••. A I-.X A i. l .c. < > l t' > JJ t k tIl«J2(j3i IV 1 M. ) in. \ 11- HI \l 1 1 U MILWAU W.S X J I S 1 K P. € A JOBBER IN D V II I A KI V i-.l > \ i 4 ' K O «* B \ AND Yankee Notions. STOCK ALWAYS FULL. J, H, C 0 8 0 E S & GO Are requested tocall an P KICKS. R. p. r.toy, Qa-otin'i Block, n E. Wiier ,t. BOOKS. rTIHENtW AND THE OLD ; Or California and TndLi -M. in romantic aspects, by G. W. Palmer, .M. D. Mosaics, by. the author of Salad for the Sojitary A Bachelor's Story, by Oilver Bunce. Life of General Bavelock, by J T. Heodley. The Convalescent, by N. P. Willis. The I-'parrowsfrasa Papers; or, LiVinj In the Country, by f. T. Cozzeua. Just Ueceiveil. For file by TSHHY Jk CLEAVER, je!2 167 East Water St. Wbol a i tj G-r o c 3 r i ,1 KW STAN: o Dividend, 7 per cent on Its outstanding scrip.: The charter or act of tncorportlon of said Coi said Compv Letters from Municb.state tbatQaneral Wan* derTann, aid^e^atnp tb the King, has left '^.Berlin, charged wjth.a sbeolat toJssiOn. ' ! " -,- *<~ -*' ' B»i»SK,Jnnel8,,. Th'e Austrian* in gwaf Faroe baTe occupied the?«88orstely3e,l)lo^7i up the Devil's bi irtill«jluu_^. aba made-entrenchments at Nan- ion:} iA.JFrdnoh' corps-d'annee 6C 3,000 men position Some of Garibaldi's 'officers are or- gouittaff a fri» corps in the ValUsline. ny. Bent herewith. . . , JAME3 0. EVASS, Pre«ld(int.i! A. A. BraripnicTr, Secretary. ' j ' 8TATJ3 OF WJSCOWSI>, : i ', BEORETAHrS OFPJCE, ) i • -- ! £MADt80»T,May*l,lS&9. i {;: Satisfactory evIJeoce having been furnished tb rao that the mutual Insurance Company ot Buffalo, being an ln»ur»nce Incorporated by the Bute of Rcwtorfe., baring complied irlth. the rcqnlremehfof section obe (xf An Act entitled "An act U regulate Ini urance Comp#- nles not incoi ported by th« ctate of ' Wlscons'n, 1 ! approved March IT, ISM, and also paid into the State Treasury the Bum. of three per cent on the gro j I amount of premiums received In ; the; Stale of. WKcoh. sin for the year ISfiS, n per report of s«ld OompaBy.--- Now, therefore, In' pursuance of the act aforesaid, 1, David W. Jones, Sfcretary of, State of the Btate of WIS. consln, do hereby c«ufy that W. T. Hurd, of Mllttau • i ee.lf be bednly ttothorljtd hy slid Company, may take ricks, receive premiums and transact the ba-iness of an Insurance Agent fbr said Company tn this 8Utc, f rota Oils date, until the first day of January, 18CO; - ; • 'In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my tand andiffllied lhe greataeal of the State, at theiJapllol lo Madldon, this Slit-day of ' ''' Tlife Fraqkliu Chemical Work«, ivo. sol NORTU FnA>TtLis STRHET, CBiCAOO, - - tt.8.] jeH-dlm Militant Secretary of -Sta ^ te, j- eare to our customers, and to : tke trade In general, that daring this season no iravel.hg agent will be dispatched f»om onr works.— We Inrile onr old customers and others to favor ns by letter with their orders for -lEsseiices of Liquor*, which!,:«. always, will be executed to their entire satisfaction*; Thousands appreciate the plan upon ahich our Ktscnccj we tnadi: which, presents the following ad- TanVajsea and facilities, never A ffered by others: 1. The ErSence* from these works are actually' gamed l>y oistiliation, therefore Healthy and Pare— come'.Mng that others cannot or dare not claim for , theirs." ;j . .. • 2.• She Cost) are mncb less than others; because these r>3;ncf3 i-re put np In packages, each containing enongfajfor forty gallons, and comprising not only all the required Ingredients, but alto Vie coloring. Address letters to OARL ERLKH, Manager, rranklln Chemltal Worki, Chicago, 111, P, 0. Sox, 3343. - - RQjpPING, HARDWAkB, iC. iW r .iHitI ; iBACJL E & SON! I ij BIQN OF THE KED KBL]ETTLE i : ' 'DEALKR3 IN ! , '': ' '• St07«3«l Sheet Iron,, Tiii, -Hardware, EAGLE STEAM FOUNDRY, WO#KS & SEnCOIOB, Proprleton, _ji _ .«™,, June 18. * The PatttejpvMisbM ihsKing^of Sardinia's ipeecit to the commissioners from Bologna.— Bis Majest/.Tefnsed - tba.millUry dlotatorghip cfleeett hlni, and •will disapprove 1 of every act sabvs raiTeuof or contrary toje4uU^and pFtJtt- •diof*L ta lhe cause of national independence.-— Thefflng-harsent'an uid^deoamptothePope .oiisare His Holiness dial, he has nothing to earftom^tbe ertnts now happening, and that' .tie ioaependenoeof :ttia PeijingQlgironia be A guarantee,' and not a menace, to the neutrality andiiitegrft^ of tha States of tbe Church. ' •f-z .,-f.i* f -_ *|> 4W —,. ^|,n»a J ^ .• ,/ . .- Tttt Monttcur containa.tha following:- -77«¥jP' - BIBSOIA, Jme SO. '« W*«npfcjip$a fhatthe AnsWaM, who, la . pfi>M-(rt«iera,anil*lhi«t»f.Wal*ri.i ACHKJlLTliItAL IMPLEMENTS, W OULD respectfully Inform their friendi, a»J the public generally, that they have opened i Store at SOG . • for theiale of ibe aboTe nameit articlet, toeetbe ;.-. •. ,i..-.;..-: wltt - ; i iPADEB, SHOVELS, BAKE8, MOE3, And Aplnumral Implemeati generally, u well u all ,< x • ; ,H:- • •-. •-'-• -• iortaof • .- 8IIEET IRON AND TINNCUS' WORK, -;•"-•- •-: : f-.- ; !;.V ':• ,- :• Me. etc. etc. .- : '• 'Btove* put up to order. W Booing. : REPAiaiNO of ali klndj, and e»ery »ort if work la era ling punctually aUcaaed to. -< -« . laZT* Orders left will be attended to without delay. angUii: ;~ - MKACOI * BON. • JDIDTSCH ............".. JDEUTSCH & W ASD CODX3EI.tOKS AT 1AW, Cast Wsler St. UOt)NI>S d: Geflerai ,. Who are iathoriaed to receive AdTertisements for this owell&saU oflhemoittafluenlUl andlargwt clrcu- aUngpaper»«u-oujh.iit the entire North- W«st. ' Agents, ' « . SI 33 SOLE PROPR18T08 1 StiNCPACTfJREa 0? PUBS •OHIO CATAWBA'BRANDY, n T1II3 Brandy has been manufactured for several JL ye.irs from the pure juice of the Catairba Grape, tlmj a!Tordin«; additional evidence of the progress of American enterprise and Industry,and of our ability to produce articles-at home equal to those made by any other nation' The Ohl., C.ittwt-1 Urandy not only equals but eicels "ihe.h-^Tiupurted Braudics, in purity and flavor. Itn ^inv^uVthe best Urandy known. This statetnent la fully corro'.orated by the certificates of our most distinguish- ! ed an:ti.vtioal ehembfct. [ Thewautof Pure -b'randy .has long been feitin thi^ coontry,aud thcinlroduction of an article ofsuch quality aa to snpericede the sale and use of those vile com- poandshluiertC]j>old under the nime of Bnndy.can only be regarded a miat pu*llo good. The Catawbu Brandy possesses alTuia good qualities claimed for the bet t Impdrted liquors, and Is of perfect pnrity and superior davor, and a sorerign and sure rededy for Dyspepsia Flatulency, Cramp, Colic, Languor, Lo«r Spirit, Gener al Debility, *c. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT Retail Price, *i,25 Per Bottle. t3f~ Kecommended by th« physicians and Jruirels' of the United States. . O.Simmond.saas appointed i. P. A /. 3. ILStET, So 141 East Water street, sole agents for the State of WI.i consln, where dealers and cujtoraen will pleaje for ward their orders. By calling on theagenU, the public will receive asam- ple gratnlously. , my] 3 THIS WAY WITH YQUS MOHEY JOHN W. LEDYARD^, Gash Grocer and Wine.Dealer, NO. 101 EAST WATER ST. T HE BEST PLACE TO BOY FINE QREES ANB 11I.ACKTE*3; .•'..: The best placA to.Lny.01tD JAVA and MOCHA CC F- Tne best place to bay nice 8tHUP3 ; ' . The best place to bay ail kinds of MOLASSES; The best place to buy all kinds of SUGARS; The best place to bny all kinds of SALT FUH; The iest place to bny Cross A Blacltvrell's PICKLE-t Tho best place to boy all kinds FOREIGN SAUCES; ' The best place to buy all kinds PIS FRUITS; The best, place to buy SCQAB CORED UAils; . Tha bejljHaceto buy SMOKED ^BFSF: The beat place to buy CttOICp BGTTE3; The best place to boy PALS ALE; The best place to bny JOREItiN ALE and POBTEtt . The best p'ace. to buy TOILltT SOAH3; The best place to bay all kinds WASHING 30AP3; The beit place to boy best STABCH; The place to buy FIGS, KA131N3, PRUNES; • The best place to buy all kinds NUTa; The best place to buy part LIQCOES for family asa Tho beit place, to buy Hatife and Foreign WINSi; The best p&ee to boy a good box iTIQARS; j The best place ta boy Meershanm SMOifING TOBACCO: < The bed place to buy high and low cost CHIWINO TOBACCO; . : ^ Th» b«st p!»ce to boy Weldhatn Pln» Apple CHSJSE • The but phvca t<j buy Engl ab and American The beat place tc-buy p.od GOODS; . .. • The, best placs lo buy GOODS CHEAP; Tha best place to buy all kinds GHCCEaiES • We ask: U» cltlzeiu of Milwaukee to try u*—rich and poor. i ; Je«.. -••-••! 1 VI \» 4 t I S tiervby i^lvtu that all Ulf .- adtcs issued oy itie "P-nplt (illllt be prt'3- tlteil it -.lie >rtii:e wiiluri three >car3 fr' ni 'b'- 12 the fuuU3 ileptisited nr the .-'-d. tm^ Qt ten will he ^jv.-n up '•> clailon. iprlii )( tile H-int; tlmt l i<l .n iiiv Court of Uo-I^e County. >t:ue rtt '.i&l day of il:»y, i;ut pits;, in U)-; matier .>l Ltie -'^tatt.' uf Solomon June:*u, lecprist'il, th.. iniliM si^n.-il ^J inlnirtr»ttir'» TV!!I, on '.'ie -(Mh Tay of Jui>, -jnaum^ at'J o'clock in lhe tltertm >o, *t Itu- Cuurt, .11 tne City of Mil^r^ultef, Wisconsin, .>lTer fnr-sale t*t public veoilue, the loili>«:n & - .Irscr-.b^ii hin.H t,.-lun s 'Hi S ' L.I said estate, to wit Lots numbered *even (7) uul .;aiho (-it, .11 '>tu,:i Ueretl one liuodrt.-! anil ihirty-tliret) ^IJ-'.), in r ..'t^ K'r-i 1 . s\ard, of t^-' City ol Md-*iuti.-e, ^t Ue ol W Hcnnsin. The term* o( sale ^vtll !)•• inown :t:-cht; U:i»L-"i.iil place .if is IMted tl IJth .lay of Jana, A. o., IVVJ. SK M. JUNSSiL', It. CDARLES K. OIAL1V 1» Domestic Exebaiige and Specif. mHK highest rates paid for all Muds of Oold anj Bil. JL vex Coin and Bullion. : - _ KichanM eanstantly for »af« at. th» lowest prlCM. As I maia aeauM In 8p«el« »nsl KicnanKs my entire ana aclusiy* tanSa***,* «» »W«' ta H« my euato- mers ia aa>»Ug» o T «r oamnl iRgata... List at price. wUl b« furnlahtd at my office, f NO. s* wiejcojfsisr STREET, Onder th« BapO«» Chiirch. Marry opposite th« Custom BOOM. : mai84-iWm t> A L,OO N, l > l> « I I. I, I \ K U K (> O .19, l.iO 1:00.1 «i»tcr Mri-oi. i VAfllETV of Uiilu'3 prapHrU at all tinurJ, !.n ^ Luuclies or fuppera, ooai'.stintf of - MEATS, SAJtD'S^^, PICKLED HSU, OY3TSK3, *o. Musical Entertainmeut every Saturday aveninir d mltttance free. . ' O NE caja of Ifresh Smoked Uollhut, recelvoii-by Kx- press to-day. (febllil HLNN i CuOfHV- VENISON ohoice Venlaon Hams at rnar37 HCNN 4 CROSBK's. C UOICE Smoked Salmon at mart? HUNN Jk UBOSUY'3. GALLONS Maple'Svrup, choice article for Back- wheat Cakes, at UUNN i CROSBV'8. mar31 MEW K. K EUKIVED by Brat boat from BuCfalo, at •Prt 11UNNAC CaoSBY'9, O. C.% JAVA / \J superior quality, a IttUa the be-it in the oi»y.«' ^s »P r * - HLN' FAMILY FLOUK. N EW YorS MOls Jlour, cowtantly <m h.n^d, at martT • 11"-"" .» CIIOSBY'3. CUM AN D » of an entirtf'7 new> * m French, Kogtlsh *«•! American E E dtock o 1 Of Latast Styles, at A. ,-B. VA'iV € OTT'S, Car. Saul Water and Wiscomin Strnta. Having lately disposed of moat of my former stock, I [arclsed myself in searching at the i'ostern or all the i\ew Styles Patterns, Vhlch have been imported and manufactured alnca th» - ajt panic. " 1 have, also purclinscd a largo stoei of aad Qentlemea'a Watches. ' With movements ac!tnowledg«lis th« most mperlor 6r he Am»riean public. _ . . naiHO Kf\{\ »HE3H COCOA NCT8 jaat reccl7»d at : UV/V aprtS , HUSH A QZOStTS.

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