Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 5
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 5

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 5
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UECATUR HERALD MONDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 20, 1930. UECATUR HERALD n erSt. NTS Opponents of Bond Issue Say Fees Will Not Build Parks ^^^__ A # Neceittry To Carry Qot Amfcittoui Plan of Conservation (Tint i ''"« iet * m ' jrlic'M vaentmf ihfl P L, 4 ^ WWKKW " 7 /ic « «f- . . o/ l/w« oppowrf n given. The proponent! 1 We too) pre- xntaJ m '/"fie //waW, Sunday. Opponent* of ihc plnn to is ^ $14,000,000 m bonds to wovide n state-wide system oj «n«rvutio», reforestation and Lfctefttion grounds in Illinois, tnnitttntn dwt the receipts from th« inle of hunting «nd fwhmx hUMrt «nd p' 1 TM'! 1 "' on tllt bonU S7, ( lmlnWifttl..n of thd pt*n To vnto for tltn piopoilllon l« to · tLliiwt la* on the tux ronw n fully operative nnd until all of said bonds shall h*v* becom* retired, there shall be Included In and u«led to the tax levied for state purpos u direct annual tax for such amount us shall be necessary and sufficient to pay th« Interest, as It stall accrue on each and every bond Issued under the provisions of this act, also and to pay and discharge the principal of such bonds at par value as such bond* respectively fall due; and the respective amounts of such Ht rect minimi tux shall be apptoprlated for thnt specific purpose , , . " SUIe Backs Bonds The fact that a direct tax Is provided Is not damning to tho piopost- tlon .because under any event, that must be provided to make the bowls salable Tho backing ol the state must bo behind any bond before In vcstors wltl take thorn. Proponents of the meosuto asttcit that the fees for hunting and fish Ing; will be raised by the loglalaturo If tho bonds ate voted There la ritiMtlon tta to that, Mi Ia; antiwar* A stut« luglslutute IH a thini, of u lue i tn In ties, Mi Dnvls nays, am ild thu IUCH be tttisod. he (oie sees it possibility thnt tho number a: licenses might tloctctise Instead of In crenslnff, In thnt w e n t the fntuies on the bonds uotild bopln eating in o the fund so that the direct tax would have to be collected, No Hurry About Land 'The low provides for tho expenditure of the (14,000,000 over a period of 1C "years," Mr, Davis says . "There s no hurry about buying this land The longer the delay the lower the price. If the conservation department can have $7110,000 a year for In terest and sinking fund, why not spend tho 1760,000 ayear In the pur- cliaae of land, and at the end of 20 years have $15,000,000 woith of land bought and paid for Instead of spend Ing tho bond money at the rate of $1,400,000 a yeat for 10 years, In the end paying In principal and Intel est something like $23,000,000"Our contention Is that If the con- eetvatlon depaitmant can raise u surplus of $750,000 a year by the solo of fishing «nd hunting licenses, thnn no bond Issue Is noeossaiy A commission that can spend 1750,000 yeat for game preserves and do tt economically, will have Ita hands full" -*~ Lutherans to Attend Springfield Meeting Membeis of the Walthei LeaKUi'R 01 thu Luthetan cliuit,hcs of D«ou tui will so to Spllnitllcld next ittt- «iJiV ami Suntltt}' tot tlio CetiluL) 111 HIH dtstilol unv«nllon On Sunday ull Uitheians t)f the tllMttlet will semi dclitRiiiot to tho nimoiy In SinInjrfkld whore the 100th (itinlvoi-iuy of the AiiR^bcrg convention will h* ci-lebtatu! nt " 30 rtlas Your Back] Given Out? 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Telephone till WABASH Will tt In llto i in'"' " f I«IKU» of llllnuli tfwt the Midi of huntliiK und «nhliiK Hm»n will pio- vldo shout mO 00ft annuallv to m«el the Lniniutt UWIKM on the bond taiie and inovldm fumls f*i P«J" mints «n th« principal Tha opprm- HIU (oiimc* a (,'t witty «nli»i««l ««· minlitinttvK foici- ncw-miy to httidlo tlw uvUimt oC piuits nnd pio- , w h l h will liteiWLwo the ex- lienwndoutly. taking the tipnrtiwn»t of Same Ocntui Mportsmon BIO Rlv inn U" pioponltlon thitli support wltlto ntliti" -HIV they will tote .plnst It ixmiHe tltoy *nn only s«it MOthordllcct tax Anotlun point talHotl bv IHoin i" th« Impcwillijllt} UK thov stiu it ul ncurlnft SOflO nil u» of iipUuid In «w,h county of t!\n t!at« fit Wit im nut »« provided In llu A t t HUthoiUlnit the bond IIHMC If vot«l hy ttiu puo pic Ofi(NJHttl M Ottjtno Mltrtr L W UnvK (rtltni nf thy Bepub- llcan-TInK ·. Ottiiwn IH ItmdlnK the ll(lhtuf!Jilii«l the piopoiltlon ami his rdllorliili. diitl o l h i i [jiihlNtifid fltnU nwntt (ittu writ -flim up the whole t ihoio uip'iHC(l to the tic imlhti ti hnul nmd bond l*tut! w|tunn nt i IM tut unitlw to tht- piran pit ·« n « piopntltlori 'Iho «u-, icm(tl)lki llcintd fan* w o r n to puv ltl ul NIC '( i t (Im linut loftdi tt i t W p i r u i i l K c t n r t n r d l t u r tu Ml Dn-i \ti hut llni KHi»tinn tux rind to be vrtwl Ki citiiy ml ttio iond building program with ntitomobllu lrlvci (wylnit «n avninKu of $16 a y«»i towntih thnt ftitxl Ntit Si'K'hiippordnK The d i i i d t l n t u n t if cuniiorvatlon h not Helf-HU|ipiiLlnK now,' M i . Dn vtfi my* "und thiiM) Ix no toawn to btllou tli im will hit nti Inctontto In tlw ilciiiitnil (m UitntltiK nncl llc«mci wlion und If tlm bund t*ri ioi 'It hiit twin ("tliiuitt'd tliut the proptwd SiMHKMKiH bond Ituuo w i l l «wt Die ilnlo of Illlnoln nn t,voiugf o f n W M I i itiinunllv ovoi 11 potlwl ol 40 yoiia, tliU atiiouitt bnldK icquHi'tl l tcilro tho bonds and (ticot tlia In l»mt cltiiiK' 1 und opuintlnt; coot Tho loth I i i i d p t t of thu iliTJiirtinonl df Uw ln-it Flvii v«nm hni bodtt approximately IWOOOD n vnni. tha coat of opetatltiK bclnft nbinit thti same ·mount "Tl\nt mromi if tlti) lionet Jutiiie cat- rln In lli (1 Nnuinbtii- election, tho «ntli« Amount ulll bi tatiod by t«t- hg the piojieitv rC tli(i people" TO III* I'lllll |iv I-lcCUIM't A pioHpcrhit h-tnut by the Illinois FWMI l'tenm-(i and Ton tint vat I on council «t«ti4 ' I'hu p n t l i o ciwl will !· huntlni; nml flnhlnK U- That Miund i ^ md Ml Dn vis days until im lnK»UK«tl«n In mude of *h»l it mil* to timlntfiln tho depart- (Mflt of conic ivniinn (it the pi«««nt Ume Thtt Imnd ln^id will bo pnkl »r, hp MMMU, In llio ninnn«r pto- · bv i in Ad which Htulutt F R E S H *J a loaf of'bread from the oven ... 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Lovely frocke for UM fall troowau. --Scctnd Floor 995 I ALHi^l O Caps 79c suit tmitci im in Miiiill *min i»i · , hn|.» t« 1 1 I nihii K H t n t hu)Hi f ri, K *fi to J h --tin) lliwi 1 MEW'S WORK OR Dress Pants, 98c BASEMENT Great Annivertary Sale of Curtains «nl*l Miipilnl (nr »Sc lira* Flw.r it/tit 11 lo MEN'S FLKICCKD Lumberjacks 98C l.lul [llnnl! Illlit tlllt flm :1 lilllll 1 ,iJii, kM M k h in wlm.niL i nltm ItiiliiiHl tiolliJiriii-Kin'K id ( 4(1 --I In) Fhwr BOYS' WOOL Knickers, 69c a m i ilntM n)i«H H i it ID 11 l i m n t«i -mertlmti iiK", nttiii BOYS' 1'EHCAl.E Blouses 49c lull y I11H nilil nultl |Hrf»lt", iiuiilju yuDtx, pimrl )im n tilm s tci 11, fur iVi 1JOVS 1 Lumberjacks »8c , iliji liLiuvy nil Miwl hnnbflri»ck», ultii olulli vr.lpii imltum plnlit »!· uiti, nine* t U U to at, null 1 , »S( BOYS' CAPS, 60«J Ultl) lilt Ol !»»' Ullllllt ILJ»I nt TIC RUFFLUD OH 1'ANBL ItttTAINS IMNT MISfi THIS KVENT) 66c -2} yutd Krlss Kross Rufficd 21 yurd 8-llecc VeUe Curtain Sets. -21 ymd Rayon Mfttqulselte Fritted Pan els, --2} ynrtl Ectu Uarqufaetto Pani'li. - 2) yard Unllcd SUtos Curtain 66c PABT WOOT, Double Blankets l,sr«« ilou)il! W(l Klru 11) IMtttt lun nn 1 !, gold ivnil · ·· sltli nilnpihiluiin-1 f, m, f*rm, II Srt FT. 8ANITKX WINDOW Shades Mnyliurli-niitJ *i tioniii will) well ptiHf etwtnw « «it «(im. 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