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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 1

Pampa, Texas
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Monday, March 2, 1959
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» Soviets Switch Tactics: Ask Summit ' British Prim* Minister Mari old Macmillan'* mission to Mos- MOW became ftt least * partial ! sur cess today. ! I The Soviet Union 1 conrlllionally' i accepter! Western proposals for at 'foreign ministers' conference, pre-i I limlnary to a summit parley on .the Berlin crisis: ' I This switch in Soviet tactics i fa me In notes delivered In Mos-1 I cow loday to the ambassadors Of ;(hfi United Stales, Britain, Franc* and Kast and West Germany. [ The Soviet notes urged a sum-, fnit Conference fof April, but agreed (n foreign ministers' talks If thS West "IS not ready yet" for the Summit. firm WeaferH Sfanrf Soviet Premier JSJiklU Khrushchev had rejected the. idea, of a forejfcn ministers' conference In a .political speech last Tuesday. The flat tone of that turndown put « flew chill inl/j the cold war. coming as It did during Macmillan's trip to Russia. But Macmillan refused to take Khrushchev's "no" as a final answer. tn several speeches, he continued to insist that there must he negotiations on the future of i Berlin to head off graver Iron- |hie -a. possible third world war, P r e 8 ) d e n t Elsenhower also threw cold water on the idea of a summit meeting- on Berlin with- : out adequate preparation at a f,or- i eigrn mim'sters 1 conference. j This firm Western stand, coupled with demands for partial U. 'S. mobilisation, apparently impressed the TVussians and cleared 'the way for negotiations on the growing: Berlin crisis. ' the White House withheld immediate comment on the New Soviet not^s proposing conditional Big- Pour talks on Berlin. But the Russian move brought hopes for at least a. partial thaw I in rold ivar relations. j \Voiiid Reftln In April The only condition the Russians | imposed in the latest notes .which weie in reply to Western 'notes of Feb. If! proposing- for- je.ign ministers' talk* ort Berlin .and the entire German question ! was to insist that Communist .Czechoslovakia and Poland must 'be. invited to give the Easletn /•amp numerical equality at the iconference table. The Soviet notes stipulated that the conferences must he limited to "a term of not mor- than two |or throe months," with April the 'best time to start and Vienna or .Geneva the best piles. • the suggestion that the talks (begin in April was considered crucial, since it. meant an agree- jment in principle, at least, to 'start, talking bcfoio the scheduled 'handover of Soviet rights in Ber- ilin to the East Germans, now scl !for May 27. i The new Soviet notes were- ciis-! | closed shortly after Macmillan Emerged from his final negotial- ing session with Khrushchev in • the Kremlin, : The developments came as demands echoed in Washington for : mobilization of four or five adrli- ; tiona! divisions as a "diplomatic i (See, SOVIETS, l»agp 3) YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER. flampa Sally Neius VOL. 56—NO. 278 Serving Th'e Top o' Texas 51 Years (8 PAGES TODAY) PAMPA, TEXAS, MONDAY, MARCH 2, 1958 Weok nsyd 50 Sunday l.^c M RIGHT OF KVIftENClS—Com- pining; that slip gained 50 pounds nerxniw. Mrs. Barbara Anne Be-because h<*r husband ttinde her dard, 27. was granted a in t.os LOADED FOR SPACE Interior of the Army's Juno II rocket and payload package are shown in this diagram. The missile carries U.S. hopes of orbiting the sun. _ AIR FORCE SAYS: REDS AGREE TO TALKS WITH WEST ON Judging In Satellite Might Show Opens •^fe. • B^ • ^2fe. • ._. •• In Polar Orbit Summit Parley In April, Maybe! By HENRY SHAPING I'nltcd Prewt International MOSCOW (UPI) — The Soviet Union agreed condilion- jally today to negotiate with the West before handing over Judging began this morning In Several civic organizations w i l r Berlin's lifelines to East German control on May 27. the Top O' Texas Junior Mve-jhave a part on the program. j N'ew Soviet, notes to the West supported an April summit stock Show with 85 fat steers and' Tuesday the Top O' Tex,™ and con f ei . once but accepted proposals for foreign ministers 1 ' By BILL WILKS United Press International the> reception of "random' signals. >ot Definitely Confirmed 250 fat barrows in the running. A BMD spokesman explained North Plains Hereford Breeders radio The judge is Milton England, head Associations will join in a show of the agriculture department of,and banquet. Judging is scheduled INGLKWOOD. Calif. (UPII The Air Force in a cautiously worded statement has announced that thejthe difficulty the Air Force was Panhandle A&M College, Goodwell, Okla. for 1 p.m. with the banquet set for 7:30 p.m. in the First Me.tho- The results of the Junior Uve-l disl <^"'' c h. Lo">e Throgmorten, talks if the West, "is not ready" for the summit. Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev withdrew his re- ection of foreign ministers' talks on fhe Berlin crisis after insistent pleas from British j ..... ~"~ ..... Prime Minister Harold Mac-' US Bond Goal Set George B. Cree Jr.. chairman nf thp Gray County Savings Bond Committee, has announced the, 19")9 Savings Bonds Gonl for Gray County will be $795,000. "During the month of January, the people of thi.s county purchased $65,8%) in Scr- ies K and H bonds which was 8.3 percent of our 1959 goal." Cree reported. The 1950 goal for Texas is $182.500.000. Sales during .January totaled $16.M7,6-19, which represents 8.8 percent of the 1959 sales goal. "A part of every Ameri- can'a savings should be invested in Savings Bonds, to provide for his future and to arid strength to the National economy." slated Cree. County Chairman. Na-! millan. "lost" 1 300-pound satellite Disc.ov- j having In determing whether the | stock Show will be announced in>" 1ce president of the Republic erer T is apparently circling the iDiscovei ' er J actually achieved or- the Dally News Tuesday. ;tional Life Insurance Company.! Russia offered the compromise earth today every in minutes m ' bit. ' I Awards will be made at an ex-j Da ''**' ! vil1 . be the ™ in f pe " ke , r - '" new notes h' inf!ed t° »« Arnera polar orbit. j "We are not saying that It def-: hibitors barbecue tonight at 7. The! *:,'.,.,*, a 'f , emered ., , * ' ,.„,.. ,.. :_ ,...u ; . _.*..._.. i,__..,. ,... .,-_ !the FFA Livestock Judging Con- ican. British. French and German i Preliminary studies Indicated lntel >' is in orbit, nijiUier c«n we j barbecue, sponsored by the Top j.' v WB . mn ' in _ Ht 9 .,„''_. ft T ' H , | ambassadors by Soviet Foreign .. .... ,' ...,,,.-... IK. !«.1,r Ih^lt (I In nol Ml thi« nflint " (V Ta\-j a Rsvriars in I Inn inill * ' W-R""""!! ™ l "••"' "."I. I IIC.1- Vflni.lov AnHi-oi n,-nr,-ivb« InHo,. tha 19-fool-long satellite's llfej sa y ' l '" no '- a ^ th' s point, "JO 1 Texas Rodeo Association, will would be in excess of one month, the spokesman said. "W e don't take place in Recreation Park. the Air Force said. i feel'ffiat we will definitely know _. , .... ., . . . ' an orbit has been achieved until The satellite was l - 1 "- t -- 1 '»•-• blasted Into the heavens Salurdav afternoon at we have tracked it by radar, ob- tiilned sighting or re- Vandenberg Air Force Base to be-' . . , . , i, , , u . ccivcd more definite rad o signals come the first satellite launched; c " that time, we can say only Information '(ends' to can- on the. West Const. Its fato remained in doubt for nearly 32 hours been use of an ap parent radio failure beforo th Air Force's Ballistic Missile Divi : that ' firm, not definitely confirm, an The Discoverer shot was the sion i BMD) here broke the sus- ; initial launching in "Project Dispense by releasing a guarded coverer," a program designed to statement Sunday night reporting lead eventually the way into space - _ , for man Another shot in the project already waa being readied for 30 days hence. Concert Push Continues Here The Pnmpa Community Concert; Threat Tlie Air Force Announcement : said preliminary plotting of Discoverer I indicated It came within 116 miles at Us closest to the earth and looped out as far an 558 miles inio the sky. No other .satellite ha» ever been Drive entered its final week to- fired so that it would achieve an day a* campaign headquarters. /irfoit across the poles. All other opened in the Southwestern Pub- ; satellites circle roughly around lie Service Company. Boh Stafford. • the equator. CC representative wa.t due in from i The announcement of Discoverer New York City, to direct the ten I's possible orbiting came only a captains and 100 workers in the short time after the Army called sale of IDftS-igsO memberships. off "£or technical reasons" the fir- The drive will close at noon ing of its moon proba Juno II Saturday and the board will meet . rocket at Cape Canaveral, Fla. to make final coin-en selections, j The Discoverer shot from Van- The onlv definite hooking is "Voy- ' denherg AFB, about 1«.\ miles age to the Moon." an operetta noith of here, at last gave the The Inducement of i n p Vienna nation H major, working West Choir Roys Concert Friday is roast space facility that together helping sell memberships since w ith Cape Canaveral would be a new members will be admitted double-ban ele<1 threat to Russia'i free to this last concert of Uie reported rocket supremacy. season i . ___ . ______ " , _, . ... , . , . day. The bov» will lie guests of the .. . , Minister Andrei Gromvko today. First National and Citizens Banks' Tne onl - v flat Condition imposed' at a 5 p.m. banquet in the High hv the Russians in the notes was School Cafeteria | !hat Czechoslovakia and Poland The show will' close Wednesday mnst be invite 'l to give the Kast' wilh an auction of junior livestock m ""encal equality with the West! and Herefords. Walter Britten of flt tne f^'P'^nce table. | College Station will be Ihe auction-; Tllt> notes stipulated that the j per. The junior sale is set for 9 Conferences must be limited to j a.m. in the sales barn. The Breed- " a term of not more than two or ers Sale, at 1:30 p.m.. will offer three months" 42 head of choice cuttle from ' Geneva or Vienna would be the prominent herds in the area. ! best sites for the conferences, the Bob Hope May Lose Left Eye Lack of Moisture Hurts Winter Wheat AMARTLLO I UPI I — Lack of moisture and wind erosion is mil.t- ' inp winter wheat in parts of West 'Texas, southwest Oklohoma and eH.stciii New jMexico, says Santa Ke <.i op Tpporl. Thp area generally lies south of the Canadian River and has been : suffering from a serious deficiency in moisture since last September. A windstorm on Feb. 9 also 'damaged growing wheat and whipped off topsol.1, the monthly report 'said. However, because of generally good rain last summer and anti' erosion practices by farmers, wind damage is not expect to he as groat this year as in previous years, the report said. Red Cross ^ Make-Up Set Tonight Rv VKKNOV SCOTT 1'IM Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD iUPI) Coined!i an Boh Hope flies to New Voi k I today to consult a specialist about j saving the sisrht in his left eye. The onergetic Vi-vear-olri There will be a make-up session tonight fr.i some members of * Rod Cross standard, first aid class, completed last week in tha Wood row Wilson Cafeteria. Seventeen individuals received their standai-d first aid caids as » re- I suit of the week's work. The class | was taught by Dan Lewis, Goirlon j Taylor and Gene Dunagan. Jt was ; sponsored by the U'oodrow Wilson Rot to do a few things. T don't "'A. want '.o become an invalid or An advanced fiist aid course is even a semi-invalid.' 1 'slated for 7 p.m. Tuesday in tha Kducational Building of the First Methodist Crunch. This course will be njv'fi to anyone who has laker. making s,-,,,,^,^ .f. rst aK | Tnjs 1(l j,,,,,,. course will he taught Tuesday Hop", whose crowded schedule of personal appearances, television shows nnd film chores in addition t.-> tra\'>'lms suffering from a blood clot makes him one of show husiness's woi king entei tainers. rie- lus radicailv cut-tlown in rough Friday, contimiing through, next week. Insouctor Lewis will Clyde Carnith. president of the Russian notes said, and April | ( |j an Top O' Texas HBA, serves as wj would he the best time to ..tart, j ln thp ovp [hat ,„,„ ,. endf , ref| h , m h«rdes. E Show Ralpi ThomTi^wr"- ^ ""« Mlion lh " 1 '«"«» begin! nearly immobile. seemed de. *"^« — .™, - , sam he ,. s . s , slofi hv Dun! , R . an flnd reterv in rha« Tot eTo,^ '" ""' *'"," ri '" r ""- ™* ™«nt !p.™*ert as he di.scus.scd his condi- ^h-rtnl*. Tav , ( A nu| . sp ,. v ',„ |an V >d for Other of S If the Ton O' ! ** r * em ° n \ in Pnnr.ple. at least. | lion. , L;|St , h , , , „ sho ,, „ '., n!s who ^ tn ^ lend . T^rmlp «™ CiV^dClhU^i'^S; nS". w'-'ic""? "T- M TT" lh "; mpnl f ° r thP * Pe ' llal • M:] ' UP SaCK5 Thu »' whn "»"'*"••" lh « '"«* ±^ W ^ E ^X^^!?: ; » : !? ^t'o^-.'^due Uir^ve'^r\vorle ^ ^ ^'"^ ^^ ' ""- O1 " °" """"'«'" '""' " W «"> *" »*' it WHS u-|ien the clot first formed So they got a little panicky and and Frank M. Carter, May 27 _, The notes LOUIE THROGMORTON . , . Tuesday speaker secretary treasurer. This year the North Plains group will be participating in th« Livestock Show for <he first time Ralph Hale is president; Dale Hoover, vice-president; Delbert Timmons, secretary; and R. H. Holland, treasurer, * * * were published by emerged from his final negotiating session with Khrushchev in the Kremlin. The notes s«id holh Kast and West fJeirnany should be sented HI the conference. The notes warned *it th repre against any Hereford Breeders Banquet, Tomorrow paily whom they thieuten . . . Two hundred Hereford Breeders Aetna Life Insurance Company in have «! their disposal everything and guests are expected at the Top.Shreveport. lJ>. During his iesi- ne< es.sary to .stand up for them O' Texas Hereford Breeders As-'dence there he was a<nve m pio- selves in a woithv manner and Western military open into Berlin to a \\'e.stpin Rig Thiee 'that said "all appropriate means" 'would be used 10 preserve the Western position in West Berlin. "It l.« haidly neiesstnv lo prove to ... the t'nitfd Stales tlul the "I had quite « setback in week," he said. "Alv doctors said .MenKin.M- nnd when I ran out on stmulHid worse shnpe than the stage I almost fainted from and M,s. .Sam Sti-adman. Mrs. J. dlx/ - iiu '--' s Mnck While. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. "Next week 1 have ;o tape my Staiford, Mrs Pauline Cha nee, own TV show, but 1 won't move Sue Chance, Mr. mid Airs. K. A. over three fed In any diiecuon. McLcnnan, Alex Sweun, Mis, J. C). I'll just stiiiid in nut- plac -.lha vc Rrewtr. Gli>n R. \\'ilkie. Airs. H. I just .st.'ind in one place. T have K. Stium. Mr. and Mis. Ben Grain Any quick .'iioyoruents rt'jiHv h'ini. CliMiles (irahitm, C O. Ato shake ni" up." Mill.-in <ind Mrs. Lucille flaml-'ill. "There-.s no |>ain involve,! »:M\ Walter Noel will begin an a el. I feel prt'Hy goo,)'n I take VIUK <>d <-la«is Mulch Ihmg.s easy. Rut the minute 1 g-.-l active J can liarillv stay on ins' ""ni feet. ' He reiurns here Thursdny. (,'olumbia t'mversity ' best eve men in the ! S. Reese one of woi Id." Hope suffered lion wh:lt> enter! in Kur ipe during the Chiistmns holidnys. He coniiniied the tour use of force by Hie West ,o keep • ^ ^ M ™« Hr " W "" "" hl " supply lines Tliev lefened WHS ordered by his doctors to take H complete i esl "It's awfully hard for rue ' to ..slow down,' 1 li« said. "But I've M in the P.ed. ''ros.s Ollne. Tlie will mest fl " r " * '" 1! a - nl ihrough the U'th. | ;iss ...j|] t)f , (,p pn t o tha pub- jt no nuiserv facilities will be ed. ;]|C, !)' i (iro\-; Membership prices (ire $7, adult. nnd J4. student. One membership will admit the beaier to all concerts of the new sea.vm, as well A3 the concert Friday msht. This year's membership rhair- HOW ABOUT CAVIAR TOO! LONDON i UPI) — to give a ;res- lebint to «ny as sion." the Sn\!et note warned. Along with tils imtft on the pio- [socianon banquet Tuesday night in fessional circles. He has been en- 'the First Methodist Church. Tick- gaged in the life insurance busi- j ets are on sale in the Chamber of ness for 30 years. I Commerce office for the 7:30 p.m. 1 Born in Arkansas and educated posed foieign ministers' and Mirn- ' banquet, featuring Louise Throg- ln Joneshoro and Litlle Rock nut ntnfeiem es. Gromsko also John Wag- morion a.i speaker. j.Schools, Throgmorton i* on the delivered 10 Kast German Amhas- man i» Mrs. Jack P. Foster with staff, a life-long teetotaler, ha*: Throgmorton, vice president of Board of Advisors of AlcKendree sador Johannes Koenmg H me.s- Mrs. M, McDaniel the second in wn tlen Atis E. M. Braddock, hi» the Republic National Life Insur- College, Lebanon, 111. . sage dealing with Russia s stepped representative in Parliament, de-'ance Company of Dallas, has spok- He is on Ihe board of the Kast up plans for a peace treaty wilh Pampa captains are manding that whisky be includedien before numerous civic and busi- Dallas Christian Church and assis- K 381 <'eimaiiy, * treaty Uie West V command. Tlie ten Curl Beck r and Mines Ravi'iumd Hariah. Homer Johnson. James lhe natlonal hea | th sr | U .me. B. Lewis. J. H. Hollowity. K. K on Ihe accredited medicines list of^ness organizations Each year he t fl nl teacher of the John G Slavier deliver* over 300 Wag.slai'f said his do< tor had or- throughout the nation. i'iielliHinei. Rob Cun y. Haivey dl ., e(1 | u m to drink four whiskies Prior to his connection with NiMisliel, Goidon S.oti and Clif.'ord ;l f|iiv be( . alwt) o , an arlery ,. orn . Jones. Oui-of - town captains include Mrs. Ralph Randall. Panhandle, and Mrs. Tom Kelly. White Deer THIN HI GOT BURNING MAD! DANVILLE, Va. d'PIi When a plHi "' Republic tim addresses Bible Class. HJS ( . jvj( . at ., jvllies llu ilu |e the Kasl pa , |as rh . imhe ,. of r ,, m . National Life, Throgmoi- melvt . un ,, the D . lilas Su |«. s Be " eiHl " St ' lU ' W FIRE INSURANCE RATE DECREASE DUE PAMPA •cutives Club He is listed in "Who's Who in me Souln and Southwest," "Who's Who m Arkansas," "Who's Who in Insurance." and "Who's Who in Commerce and Industry." Hi DIDN'T Dli YAWNING! LOANO. Italy it'Pli Alessio Pampans are due tor a dec-teas* b-y building two new fire stations. their fire insurance rates this » water loop ground Pampa and grass fir« got out of control and year, it has been announced by adding equipment, sccoi-ding to threatened his home. Raleigh Mar-: John K f)ontz clly nianager. ;Koontz. The increase in the per-: tin took off his pants and beat The basis upon which the reduc-'cemage of credit was effected by Maria Solfo. 89. who claimed he out the flame*. tiun rests U a decrease m Pam-'. low*r fu« loae» in 1S5B had noi klt-pt d wink lor 3i yeais, . l^iler, Martin I'joktJ out ih» j,ji»' 3 hey i4.(e uf 24 cem» lo n\ A» tui «Au.iupl« uf tiis saving uied Su/uliy nighi »t d tiuui« i«.r wi'iUu^y tj acs hi* £4l4g? in > pcf tuu.Jicd Jullarj ^JiJ tti« | V\iUv.ft Will result fiuni tiic:>« t,,w Uie ftgeJ n»m«ri. Ti»<" h» r«jrii«nit*i«d th*i e»rni«K of *. Ueuu u / ij percent 1 itt..iojs, KOOM< »aia uut » iiyuuo buiro » lii»oninU wai 4 puzil* lie bad hung hi* nuolJfering; uous uiaieaJ of Ui* [jitvioii* >c»t -'» lu puhcy -M » ftdrus huiw< with a lo Italian dix-ici* for many yeois er« on the g-ui-Hge wall. percent cicdit '.siisngle nmf \\nukt pr*»«nll\- tai-- To Uieak the rm>n>iony :>t Im l.niji " •• TTT.^ key rale is detf nnuied by iv a i'tuiig« of appioxinMtelv sleepless nights Solfo would ea 1 If II come* /ropi n HnrdvNar* such factors as equipment, build- $2* SO but under tlie new rates, s huge meal H« spent most of Harvey of Tampa K!« Store, v'f b4Ve It L*wis H«r< ings, manning etc. an^t 'he lower the cost would be about |26 50 or hU wakefulnes» working cross- Monahans: on* .<!.=!ei rat» w«4 U-rfeljr broufbt »bout *Jmo« 12 percent lew. ( word puzzle*. ( P«»v*> of Uvt Oak, K \vill clinch (iermany's permanent division Blasingim Rites Still Pending Funeral Services for Marion l-'raniix Klasingiru are pending at Duenkel-Cai nitchael Funeral Home until notification to all relatives has been made of his de%lh Blasingim died Salurdav night in a fire that destroyed his home on the Combs- VVorley Ranch, southeast of ihe city. Mr Blii.M/ijun burn June --' • im in >.iilc» *'uiuil> 'i'eiui. Ucivl 6cCU *Jli£/iv/) <;*! tui lUC |>a»l *t) >'eiiJ» '0V It.e (.'ujliba W u r i e y . Kdiu M, wheie he uss a loiciuau He i« Mji'vived bv ' Wl) bii-lfieis. fjT FIRST AID LIFT . Arch, of Mrs Will Red Cross First Aid student rii'inoii- stiate a thref-man cans. F'rorn loll tu right they ai'a William L. StaJford, Ben and Sam H*t?aclman. Being earned is Charles Graham

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