The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 16
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PAGE' SJXTEEN. THb HUTCHINSON NEWS, SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923 RAILRO&3 TIME TABLES. SANTA FB. War tbauna Train*. >. Arrlvns —-TliP Scout 6 :35 pin —Cullf. 1-nnlteil 3:35 pm - Onlo. Kxpn'.'ia F>:20 pin -Viirg'j Uvi'vaa .... 4 ;lBpm •- Tlic Nuvajc 4:4.5 am -din. l-'iml. Mall .... 2M mu - Local }' hsh 4:40 pra I'hmm . (ex. Sun.) - l*;iKien»*ir 8;S0 am - II. ri K. I'.iai. (South) Castbound Tratni. 3. Amvos —The NhvjiJo . -Calif. I .imltfil Chlr.i i;m J-:x. . Kn "8" • Thi - K. -..],<>, - ••.l , :is.ii , ng'. , r -•-Linm! I'lis.*'. .. -II. & S. Pas*. 1MH . _:05 pin . £;riOpm . U :3U am .11:25 pm . H :6£ urn .12:35 urn . 1 U. 5fi j»ni .10:10 |>m . 3:40 j>m . 2 -.20 pin ,.v6 pm »:3i> pm 6.f»0 pm 4:20 pm 4:3" am U:W am 4;fi0 pm UiliHiin 8 :U >J um U ;0» am Imparts 2 .'iii pm 2 :f .O prn 11:40 am 1 1,30 pm \>:2h am !U:4U am 1 :0: j pm 10:20 pm ex. Sun. all tho t>lamo for tho ©idstonoo of tb» typo of girl which Is dosi&natod by tho-iAraso—'tho ono way girl*—on the female box alouo," declares Mao Murray, who 1 b prosont«*l r l>y Ho-bort 2. (ConHnuod From Pago 8.) BOCK ISLAND. rastbound, Arrlvo Leave 1 1:00 am 11 am 8 :6u am &:jn am 1 0:liT» I'm lft» pm 12:10 pin Mm. 4- -GoMpti ^12~!,oc!hI 1 ' ... 2-- Tho OlifoniUtn SO—Local Krt-lBl't . Westbound. ;o. Arrive 1 -Tlw C.'illfm-niitn .. G:1T> inn 3-r.oldon Hints Mm.. 3.40 pin . 11 --Loral I' sri 6:1*0 pm 81 —L»'caL Pr«liEht MISSOURI PACIFIC. Westbound. i- Piissrn^er i 1 'iifiHfiiBcr • -j,.,.:*! i-":«'li;lit I'iuuiriiK'-'r _- bastbound. l —PiissfnRcr 1 Pii.tti* ii^'-r 1 1 'HSfl .T.Bi-r i-LwHl Ki eight Lf 'HVB P:|[t am 3:40 pm ti:30 pm 1 :4U pm UcparLi . 9:1? am . 5:34 pm . 1:15 pm .11:50 pm Poparts . 0:41 am . 10:1.1 am . 3:;.0 pm . 10:00 am A -moricR-— Oeorgo Isn't ono bit Spanish, He 's of Irish dtjsnent. iNotwiUiataiHling geographical differences Jn tholr natal lands those two look as Spanish -In "Seronado/* tho latortt II. A. Walsh production Tor Ai4Hnclated First National rokmHO, as though they hud boon dolivurod by Old Doc Stork ITT tome latticed window of Sovillo or Madrid. \S<?ronadn," a colorful Spanish drtv- irni, will bo Lie fcaturo at tho Iris Theatre 'Wednesday. MAE MURRAY TALKS ON ONE-WAY GIRLS "I think It's a great mistake to place ArtKXNSAS VALLtiY IN7ERUF4BAN, lie part 6:30 «rn 7 :4 "i am 5:U am 10:15 :im 12:00 li'ii 1:05 pm 2:11- pm 3: lfi prn 4; 15 pm &:1G pm $:2b pm 11:40 pm rains aro Pally rough tralriit bolw . .ImSteti . .of-nl -. : .Imltfd .Im'lU 'tV .oral .. : .hulled ".oral .. • .oi-nl - lyocal Loral ... I a! ... Limited Local . . . Limited LiK-al .. Limited Loon 1 1 1 ted Arrive . »:W am ..10.05 am .. 11:15 am . .12:35 pm . . 2:00 pm .. 3 :2:" pm .. 4.12 pm .. F.:3T» pm .. 0:12 pm .. 8.15 pm .,10:35 pm 1 :4& um "Ek*ip H Permit* Yfcu to Eat. "Eat and Get Well" Is the title" oi a book, which tcbs how you can stop starving and eat all the fnod you need while getting well. It explain* tho famous "Eksip** treatment the wonderful benefits of which the entire country is talking about. Diabetics should write at once for this book. which can be second FREE by addressing dept. N 290 M. RlCHART!, 220 VV. 42 St, h. i*„ pT -TIME TALES MORE TALES OF CUFFY BEAR BYiARTHUR SCOTT BAILER CHAPTER XXIV. -A Sad, MAE MURRAY in a Sc«ne fron "JAZZMAWA" Leonard In "Jazzmanla" at tho I>e Luxe Theatro, starting Monday. "I don't want to appear as sanctioning or approving tho kind ot girl who be- lloves In taking everything sho can get. regardlosa ot 'how or whore sho gets it, but I do believe that there's a certain class of men who should be made to share some responsibility for her existence. "It la tho height of many men's ambition to bo seen in a swagger Broad- iliailiaaRiiiiiiiDiiliigigiilllllllllll Local l .ix -nl Liital Uulctiintion iind ! 'A 'ichltiL, anil Jill trains make ilirect con* t .ertlon Ht Van Areilate for Nt:wl<m. Kan. PALMER DENTAL CO. Popular Priced Dentist 2H N. Main Phone 2659 Cos for Extraction Hutchinson I" H ;h u H i m ' a B ! a ;B iH B • m Torchy Says: Say It With Showers'' We believe that some inspired composer should write a lyric about the beautiful, beneficent shower bath. Bathing in your own home is one of the finest indoor sports. (If you have a shower.) Come in and let us show you our line of showers. We have them in the portable kind for as low as $12.50. Kitzmiller Plumbing Co. More Tales of Cuffy Bear- Sad Parting- Aunt Sally Bear, who was Mr. Hoar's father's sister, lived on a wooded slops, that was more than a mile from die foot of Bluo Mountain. I'll talto Cuffy over to Aunt Sally's don to-morrow," Mr. Dear told hla wife. "Why don't you first go and ask your aunt If she is willing to teach him?'' Mrs. Dear inquired. "It I did that." »aid Mr. Bear, "Aunt Sally would bo sure to s'oy no. But If I take Suffy to her place, nnd loavo him there, Hho can't help herself." After Cuffy woke up tho following morning his father and mother did not let him get out of their sight. They knew that he had no wiah to go to stay with Aunt Sally. Sho was a very strict person. And It Cuffy Boar had found a chance to Jildo in tho forest ho would certainly have been mlsslhg | when the time came for him to say good bye to his mother and his sister Sllkio. H was a sad parting when Mr. Boar pit-ked up the bundle of Cuffy'a clothes and told Cuffy that they must slnrt. That young gentleman clung to his mother nnd cried that ho wasn't going In Aunt. Sally's, nnd ••that nobody should make him. "Tut! tut!" exclaimed his father. He seized "his son and tried to pull him away. "Ouch!" squealed Mr. Bear. "Don't bite mo!" "Don't bite your father!" said Mrs- Bear to her eldest child. "I will!" Cliffy roared. "And I'll bite Aunt Sally too—every day I have to stay with her." "My goodness!" Mrs. Bear gasped. 'Terhaps you'd better not take htm to ; your aunt's aftor all, Bphruinv" "llo'lt never bite Aunt Sally more than once," Mr. Bear answered grimly. "It's time this cub was taught some manners. And if Aunt Sally can't teach them to him, there o nobody that can." Croat teal's now began to roll down Cuffy'a faco, and his sister Silkle's too. Even Mrs. Bear's eyes filled with something that made her blink. "I—I don't want him to go, Bphralin," she said to 'Mr. Bear. But Mr. Bear gave a snort. "Nonsense!" he exclaimed. "A year with Aunt Sally will make a dlttoront cub of Cuffy. I ought to know, because sho helped bring mo up. And look at Phone 281 BSH9IIIIIBBBI 417 No. Main. • What's Going oni Where ? At Jones & Son s Shoe Store 16 North Main They are getting ready for a- Big Consolidation Sale The Sale will open at nine a. m. next Wednesday, July 18th. Their entire stock of Men's, Women's and Children's High Grade Shoes to be sold at startling reductions. Look for the big double "page announcement in Monday's Paper. If you have been thinking of buying a new pair of Shoes, make the old ones do until Wednesday. It will pay you. Jones & Son will not be open for business either Monday or Tuesday as they will be arranging and marking down the stock. Everything Reduced That stubborn v°*-"*(j8tw ta^tf^ b m P In his fathcr'e ^raap. mo! There's nobody olso in this whole neighborhood that has as elegant munners as mine." "I suppose It's all for," said Mrs. Bear in a choking volco as sho bade her son good-bye. And then Mr. Bear dragged Cuffy off with him, down the mountainside. That stubborn youngster sagged limp In his father's grasp, lie refused to walk a step of the way. It was lucky that Mr. Boar was big and strong. He made little more work of pulling Cuffy along than he would have If ho had been dragging: a fat woodchuck by the tail. Copyright 1923, Metropolitan Newspaper Service, Now York. (Tnmorow: Cuffy Boar Makes a Face at His Father's Aunt.) way hotel or cabaret In the company of at least one of Now -York's famous show girls. These men find delight in spending money on them, and they don't hesitate to toll their friends about it either. "You can't blame tho girls for ac- ceptins favors and gifts from such men. They certainly don't miss tho jewels and furs they lavish on their fair companions. ! "£o you see I really think it's a mis- i nomer to call these girls 'one-way' ! girls. They are not receiving everything, and giving nothing, as is so frequently assumed. Thuy are giving their beauty and wit, and companion- to retain all his old friends and mako many now ones. LIBERTY Starting Monday. William Fox's picturizatlon ot Rudyard Kipling's poem, "The Vampire," which comes tu the Liberty theatre next Monday under tho title of "A Fool There Was," was ono of tho first productions which helped to bring fame and popularity to the screen. But tho screen then had not yet reached its present state of perfection. What might have been a good photo dramatization of Kipling's poem then would suffer by comparison with a ship to men who want and can Pay more modern production, lor these things." | with a moro recent adaptation and "Jazzmanla" is a Tiffany production scenario by Bernard McConville from directed by Robert Z. Leonard and distributed by Metro. The story and scenario aro by Edmund doubling. The photography by Oliver T. Marsh and the settings by Codric Orbbons. Supporting Miss Murray aro Rod La Rocque, Hobert Frnzer, Edward Burns, Lionel Belmoro and others. tho stage play by i'ortor Emerson Browne, and more skilled direction at tho hands of Emmett J. Klynn, William Fox has now to offor a second filming of tho story and plot which enlivened tho author's famous work. Manager Hudson will give it a characteristic presentation at tho Liberty theatro Monday, Tuosday and Wednesday. The new cast comprises stars who have in the past seasons at- Milton Sinister "himself the funny 'traded considerable public attention; ..... . ,. , , . , . ,, namely, Bstelle Taylor, Irene Hlch, ltttie lellow la In Hutchinson. Hav- Lew , B Sionf>> Mur , e , Da , ltt _ Mttrj0I ., e lng arrived hero Thursday to complete Daw, Mahlon Hamilton, Wallace Mac- final arrangements for the opening ot donald, William V. Mong aud Harry- bis company at Riverside Park to- j Lonsdale. morrow In.c -rviowo, ny a News ^ Drarna !nf WulTam^um-thero porter ho stated that ho was certain- • - RiVERSIDE PARK. ly glad to bo back among his old .friends oiice more. It Is more like a homo coming affair than a professional visit. "1 have boon making Hutch is a combination thaat becomes stronger with every picture In which tho Fox-star appears. His latest. 'Brass Commandments" will be shown lnsod for 10 years, excepting last ?L th T,„Vi b Z' y J ?. r ,^ e J aya t 1 ^ year, when I retired to enter tho booking business," stated Mr. Shuster. , ing Thursday, it is a storv of the west, done in the breezy style of •make a good thing better Tom Sont- tho show this season is carrying 2t) people with oicollnut scenery and wardrobe and with a real singing and dancing chorus and a real quartet. Wo want to cater to the women aud chil- dron as wo are keeping our show clean and will refund money at all times It it is not a good, clean show. Tho prices for thla ongagemont will bo cut In spite of tho fact that this Ih the most expensive bill that has boon brought to the Park for several years. Wook day prices will be 10c and 30c. A ladles froo night will be announced later and on Saturday night all children under IB will bo admitted tree of charge. •Mr. Shustor staled that he wanted Bchl, who held such a memorable con flict with Furnuin In tho "Spoilers," gives the Fox star an equally historical battlo In this play. Thoro aro two girls in the story. Wanda Hawley plays a capable feminine lead apposito Farnum and Clalra Adams comes in for her share ot honors. There Is action, tons of It; the story retains iute'ro »t by itB dramatic tensity; the romantic skoin la woll woven through the talo and tho climax thunders with power. This 18 the opinion of critics who saw tho film before Its release to tho general public. The people of Hutchinson will soon be able to Judge for themselves. GONE ARE THE COW BOYS IN NEW WESTERN FILMS Build Health This Way! Thousands who stay in town this summer Sue keeping fit—and keeping cool—by swimming! With a perlcct-fitting Jantzen siiit, you feel the desire to swim—not merely, paddle around the edges. Every muscle comes into play; you breathe deeply—you leave the water refreshed and relaxed. Jantzen was the first elastic suits. Jantzen stitch is a pure wool fabric with the elasticity of rubber. Its hugs the body tight. Wet or dry, it is modest, trim, warm. The y^ationai Swimmimg Suit For men, women and children $1.50—to-$8.S0 N U S 5 B A U M S -^llllllllllullMlllHlfiH^ Gone Is tho 'branding Iron, gona are tho chaps, gone are the pinto ponies and the two g-un man. The now "Western" Is hero. No longer does the motion plctur* patron have to roly on the Indian and oowboy fight—iand the long wait for the relieving party of United Statei cavalry men—tor hla thrills. The new Western supplies them In a far dltforent manner. The thrills In tho modern Westoru are truo dramatic thrills—built on genuine plausible suspense and * woll constructed drama. In no iphaso of motion, ploture advancement Is the evolution of the film more noticeable than In Its plays of the west. The "wild west" as we Imagined It as -kiddies and as presented to us on the soreen ot yesterday I* now a thing ot tho past The trend of now Woatern is no batter demonstrated than In "The Huntress," a Btory of tine Northwest Indian country wMoh is toeing filmed by First National with CoHoenV/Moore and Lloyd Hughes in tho leiljlug rolai. In thla picture, an adaption ot Hid- Jiort footner's Dopular novel, a >tory of th« true vMt to prMMntad and thert'a noxy ft eewfcoy ia It, Otvtm It not oven a branding Iron or what Is stranger—It la a story of the Northwest without a mounted policeman. THIRTEEOTHWKTTO GET ASPHALT SURFACE A resolution was put on first reading yesterday calling on the city commission to order In paving on Thirteenth avenue w&st from Main to Monroe with asphnltio concrete on a five-Inch haso. The street Is to bo paved 3t feet wide from Main in the alley west and 26 foot wlda on to the oast line of Monroa street. GET THIS There are some articles of clothing you intend to store until next winter. Be sure to have them well cleaned first. Moths do not thrive on clean clothing. GARMENTS TO SEND US NOW include furs, cloaks, dresses, suits, overcoats, portiers, motor robes and especially the garments that are to be stored until next winter. Good dry cleaning ser»vice is an economy. Out of Town Customers Ssrved by Parcel Post. I Lewis Bldg., 22 First East HUTCHINSON, KANSAS Phone 1338 apjiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMMiiuiiiii™ Open All Day Tomorrow. Blf shipment ot Eastman Films received today. Cash Drug Co, A and Main, It Tomorrow when you start on your trip, lotus fill your oar with gas and oil We put the air and water in tree. Phone St if you need s «rvloo on the trip. JUgland-Ktngsley ^otoc On.-i-jtt \ High Quality Tops • For all car*. Fender and body rolling, seat covers, upholstering, • windshield glass, catting down front seats ior car beds at • HI HUTCHINSON AUTO TOP FACTORY • Phone 2436 825 South Mala 5

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