Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 31, 2000 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 31, 2000
Page 7
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THE UKIAH DAILY JOURNAL MONDAY, JAN. 31, 2000-7 Some freezer tales from readers Deaf Ann Landers: When I read the letter about the man who put the robin in the freezer, I knew I had to write. I hope it's not too late. At the moment, my freezer contains a cardinal and a brown- headed cowbird, both put there by my husband. In the past, our freezer has been home to bull- snakes, grackles, toads and lizards. My husband has another freezer containing a full-size beaver and a bobcat found dead on the road, plus several more jbirds. - Why do I put up with this? IBecause my husband is a profes- •sional field biologist, and roadkill land dead animals are part of his ;job. Rather than kill animals to Imake specimens for a teaching jcollection, he uses what nature .and careless drivers bring his ;way. His collection includes rac- ,copns, coyotes, wolves and other [artifacts too numerous to mention. His students are endlessly fascinated by the many specimens they would never have seen if my husband and his predecessors had not prepared and preserved them. By the way, I have never felt the need to disinfect my freezer. Chicken pieces and hamburger meat carry a lot more bacteria than birds and snakes. Please print this and educate the public. - Biologist's Wife in Sherman, Texas Dear Biologist's Wife: What an interesting life you must have. Thanks for educating my readers, ^and me as well. Keep reading for *#more deep-freeze lore: ANN LANDERS Dear Ann Landers: I also have a freezer story for you. Several years ago, I asked our neighbor to care for our daughter's hamster while we were on vacation, Knowing that "Suddy" was getting on in years, my neighbor asked what she should do if the unthinkable happened. I jokingly told her to put Suddy in a plastic bag and keep him in the freezer until we could conduct a proper burial. Well, you guessed it. Suddy had an accident, and when we arrived home, our neighbor sadly presented us with his frozen body, encased in a plastic bag. Unfortunately, Suddy was not a very pretty sight, and our daughter became hysterical. That night, I tossed and turned in bed, worrying about the image our child would carry in her mind. I knew I had to take action. First, I shampooed all the blood off Suddy's little body, then, I blew him dry with my hair dryer, and brushed his fur back into place. Of course, he was fully defrosted by then, so I was able to shut his eyes and close his mouth. Finally, t placed him in a shoebox lined with sawdust. No hamster had a lovelier "casket." My daughter was tremendously comforted to see Suddy so peaceful. Suddy was buried following a beautiful service. I know this sounds crazy, Ann, but mothers and animal lovers will understand. •• Reader in Richardson, Texas Dear Richardson: Although I would not classify myself as a dedicated animal lover, I, too, understand. The service was really for your daughter, and I think you did a beautiful thing. Dear Ann Landers: This "stupid crook" item appeared in the Peterborough, Ontario, Examiner. Please print it if you think it's funny. --Alfred in Canada Dear Alfred: It's a lulu. Thanks for sending it on. Here it is: Less than two hours after he ran away without paying for a six-pack of beer, a thief returned to the store to cash in the empties. The 47-year-old man vyas arrested by police while he stood at the counter of the grocery store. He was placed on probation for a year after pleading guilty to theft and two charges of skipping court dates. He must also perform 25 hours of community service. Dear Readers: This is Ann again. There's a lesson here - larceny is bad enough, but it's the greed that did him in. CELEBRITIES BORN ONTfflS DftY:tisa Marie Presley, Jes* sica Savitch, Princess Stephanie, Terry Jones, Jayj Jacobs, Clark Gable, Sherilyn Fenn, Sherman Hemsley FEB. 1,2000 Happy Birthday: You'll be emotional, giving, understanding and admired by others this year. Your generous attitude will bring you help in return. You can develop a greater bond between yourself and other family mem- "bers this year. You will have to learn to accept the inevitable and remain positive even when things don't go according to plan. Your numbers: 5, 13, 20, • 34,37,44 ARIES (March 21-April 19): Your best investment will be property. Take the time to look at your options. Consider joint ventures. Females may present you with opportunities. 5 stars TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Romance should develop while on business trips or if you attend lectures. You can sign contracts and formulate agreements that will eventually bring you pros- perity. 3 stars GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You can make financial gains through calculated investments or dealing with other people's money. Secret affairs may lead you in an undignified direction. 3 stars CANCER (June 21-July 22): Prior investments can pay off now. You will enjoy the company of children if you pursue activities they are interested in. Self-improvement projects will be successful. 3 stars LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You will accomplish the most if you can work out of your home today. Catch up on those domestic chores you have been putting off doing. 5 stars VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Travel opportunities must be taken advantage of. Don't confide in relatives or friends when it comes to your personal life. Delays concerning mail and correspondence are probable. 2 stars LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Extravagance is likely. Your lover may cost you more than necessary. Don't lend money or possessions to female friends. Put your energy into your work. 4 stars SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Npv. 21): .You can discuss future plans f wfth V6ur "Ipve'Y today/Short pleasure trips or outings will be conducive to such talks. You may overreact to personal situations. 3 stars SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22- Dec. 21): You may find that evading issues will backfire on you today. Lay your cards on the table and hope for the best. You may be misinterpreted if you aren't precise. 3 stars CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Someone may be trying to undermine you. Be frank when talking to superiors or colleagues. Don't leave any room for misunderstandings. 3 stars AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Investments appear to be dubious. Be cautious whom you trust with your hard-earned cash. Don't be too eager to lend to others. 4 stars PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): You may find it difficult to relate to your partner. Listen to his or her concerns but don't voice your thoughts. You can't win today, so keep a low profile. 2 stars Birthday Baby: You are confident, knowing and full of surprises. You will charm those you encounter and contribute to any organization that you join throughout your life. You can be stubborn, but success will be yours if you learn to compromise. MONDAY EVENING ' BROADCAST CHANNELS KEiBptffijBpJfiB^^ GD CBS News Hour of Healing A Zoooo Frasier A Entertain News IS Evening Jeopardy! My Hero DobieQiISs Business Divorce Divorce Fam. Mat. Parent Home Imp. Frasier A CABLE CHANNELS News-Lehrer Carey 3rd Rock Hollywood Fortune Movie: **"Vdcn»".(1997) A H Antiques Roadshow Carey Wayans Carey Friends A News Carey HyanT Seinfeld A Friends A Frasier A Freaks and Geeks K King Ladies Twenty One A (ffi Third Watch (R) A Raymond [Becker (R) 48 Hours: Murdr Variety Eye Center Coast [Benny Hi 7lh Heaven A i! Brutally |Zoe... W "a 8 0«:Gr»at LA, Earthquake" Hmn American Experience American Experience Ally McBeal(R) ffi Ally McBeal (R) W Moesha (R) [Parkers (R) Grown Ups (Malcolm Movie: t * "Slit* Apt" (1992), Maggie Smith Once and Again 1 News ffi] Variety [Ellis Eye variety Rukeyser NewsSJ News Star Trek: Voyager ffi fJewi News ffi News® Caroine Taxi Married... Judy AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM (5:30) Movie: "Hli Kind of Woman" |(:35)Movte: ^^•^™. "•.'!(". 1 . J"' ~••"•—'"'I '•"•-"•' ' IL "iT^^™"" Saturday Night Live' youfNewHouse'(flT /Show BenStein GrowPalns [Smart Guy |Movt«: "Up, Up and ton Basketball Texas at Oklahoma. * * * "Battle Cry" (1955, Drama) Van Hetlin. 3 Reports Movtr *« "Arrrndand Panyfom" (1966) On the Inside: Marine [Cosmetic Suifr Sportscenter ffl Movie: * * "The Ohort and Mr. Chicken" Soccer Teams TBA PoHergeisf The Legacy |Fri.lhe13thSeri¥ (:1S) ** ° War Godiol the Deep" Strangers [Uprigii -IS Body Story i: The Boy Who Basketball New Mexico at Utah. (Live' Fam. Families FOX Sportii News Toughman **ii ll Wh«fi Eating Gilbert GraM" (1993 IHUbies itlrtg Gilbert GrtM 1 Al-Famlly |Jetten OuterUmitsAIS Matt Houston A rValkerJexasRanyeT WacGvver : amlly IJenersons Love Lucy Outer Unt Movie: **» "TheWraith" Saltwater [Shooter [Dukes' * "National lampoon' rsr— 'i Senior wWF'WajZone ffi [Farm dub CniflrenlnWar nffl' MovU: "H» Dtttlnoulthid GmOmtn' (1992) Uovfe ***"RockyMa/dano" **"He>ral»trm:H»llonEarth" M«vi«: "Common Ground" (2000) Newsday Crossword ACROSS 1 Furnish food for a party 6 Heavy weights 10 "in what way?" 13 Overhead 14 Spoken exams 18 Wrath 1? Home storage area 19 Afternoon social 20 Made a deceptive move 21 Aquarium device 23 Musician's 24 Part of MIT: Abbr. 25 Lingers 29 Some mollusks 32 Self 33 Witch-hunt town 35 B. Anthony 36 Life stories, for short 38 Existed 40 Evergreen tree 41 Koran creator 43 La Mancha 45 Meadow 46 Mark again 48 Smiled smugly 50 Water, in Madrid 51 Travel-planning grp. 52 Has in mind 55 More gusty 59 Sound of awe 60 Circus confection 62 Western Indian 63 Lift with effort 64 Bert's buddy 65 Sunday address: Abbr. 66 Madrid matrons: Abbr. 6? Mountain curves DOWN 1 Leg part 2 Irish Rose lover 3 Author Morrison 4 tied (up) 5 Summer cottages 6 Tattled (on) 7 Spanish gold MATERIALISM by Lee Weaver Edited by Stanley Newman 8 Space shuttle 0rp. 9 With ice pellets falling 10 Use a parachute 11 Sandwich cookie 12 Wash-and-_ 15 Tension 18 Breakfast bowlful 22 Misbehave 25 Exclude 26 Flexible 27 Indulge in daydreaming 28 Ghostbusters goo 29 Seer's signs 30 Indian queen 31 Golf great Sam 34 Peron of Argentina 37 Beetle Bailey character 39 Field of influence 42 Part of the hip 44 Engaged • woman 47 Pedestal parts 49 Air-traffic detectors 52 Debtor's notes 53 Scale symbol 54 Constellation part 55 Troubles 56 Motels 57 Singer Adams 58 Deli loaves 61 New Deal agency: Abbr. '3 •' *: Antwar to previous puzzto aura a0rjoia anna Qann an0n anon nraraaauno animt :; ; narjaacannn tirjar-r mua QHBHua nanu anarjD HHCQD oou anna DBFJa 1/31/00 CREATORS SYNDICATE O 2000 STANLEY NEWMAN 1/31/00 : « C Ita BEAUTY OF Some places are very cold in the winter. Icy winds blow. Water freezesand snow covers the ground. What do animals do to survive these freezing months? Whales, penguins and seals have a thick layer of body fat, called blubber, to keep them warm. The blubber on a large whale can be very thick. It is almost impossible for the cold to go through the blubber and chill the whale. How Blubber Works To find out how blubber keeps animals warm, try making this blubber mitt and taking Hie Blubber lest You'll need: V 1 cup of solid shortening r 2 zip-lock sandwich bags ftuct tape LI With your hand in the bag; put it into the bag with uw shortening. Squish the Seal the tops of the bags • around until it surrounds together with duel tape. | your hand. Slip your other hud into in empty Fill i large bowl or bucket 1 bag and tape the top of the with ice and water, i bag to your wrist. Stick both hinds into UK water at the same time. Which hand can slay in the water longer? Ow itato on "Writing t ftnkne* nhin " wwy word itvtt wftft At mm iWir" ~ • Hidden Picture I Doul)le Dout)ie Word Search I'm fourid io cccaiu all over the world, but especially in the coldest ones. To find out who I am, color each space that has a "1" in it black, and each T space blue. leave the blank spaces while. BLUBBER WHALE SQUISH BODY SLIP PENGUINS SEAL CHILL COLD THICK MITT FREEZES WATER WARM EMPTY Find the words in the puzzle, then in this week's Kid Scoop lionet and acli vities. ALEMPTYCHC HBMITTCOLF WILGUHELYR A S Q U I S H D A E TEULBNOMWE EALTTBLIAZ RLWHALETRE M S T H I C K R M S I P E N Q U I N S E m»«rt tan mitn-Bial manhunt. Hot and CoM StudcgU cu vwk u piin to pUy this jwc. Haw one pulocr icctttly (elect a picture it the ' U4 cw lie uu wmd "Y« or ''No" w tocrroite itaiwrt picture. Sam's smutty small slimy salmon ' • ' slid swiftly showering stinky sludge '• scorching scowling scouts.- . ': JenaMaytield • '• tigpid snake stole Snoopy's snowman, -] so Snoopy stole stupid snake's snowman.'': „ . ^ . Malorie Ross Sasha sleeps soundly seldom snoring ' •' silently, smiling sweetly, smearing -syeet. smelling sola soap. " . ': \> SaraLytle "•.'*• silly snake sang songs sensible, sort, , slow, short, sweet, separate: , ' .: Cassandra Dhuyvelter * • " <• • " T^V Cara's copper candy crunched * r~> carefully chewing chopped com, »-£ chunks covering cavities. * • ' \Courtney McOermott . A' Big bees bounce behind Bob's boa' ]': boxes but Blair's baby battles back.; ~ Chelsea Everson .' - 'X 1 * •• *.' Sally's silver, slimy, snake slithered - ,'• silently seeking small, stinky, stupid slugs,'. DeidreHallman '_ J.- Sue's slimy, silver snakes slither stupjdly , v so stinky snails sweat. Si; Victoria Moody Sean's snake sang songs so seriously' ^ since Sara sighed songs. :,Cody Johnson ': Una's turtle took Ted's toy trucks : ,\ to take to Terra, • • Nick Miller 5: «* Playful Patty played Polly Pocket, packed s; presents, plus pleasantry practiced piano, v Asusena Cruz v CamouflAge Cart carefully . • ^^ caught cranky crabs. - " -.• 4,- TylerSilva • , i-Jx- • . £$£ Musician makes magic mouse movies making millennium mice meet magic musicians. .- _,- KaiUinDonnell '• ^> An airplane almost aborted an arrny attack and an airplane. -H: Anthony Eaqumlo t: • f ^ \> Special spoor stayed stunned saving .<.'; stormy streets still striking sports store*,-' ','. CodyTodd -.-.j) Monstrous maid meets mighty mad : • machine making melted marshmallows. ''. Matthew Cowen . J] 13beauliful Brenda baked bread, big ..<• butterscotch buns, but bought broccoli: .'.v Anthony Sawyer * j ' ' 'V" • . - ••-}: Gale Way Reading Program • ' • UklahAdutl School ' •'• Kitty Graham «. v •> Animals at Aunt Annto's attic accept all apples again. ..*-_. ShawnaHarbUa ^ '*;•*$ Apples aren't apologetic above ants « «|, ' • JennHerYork • ' . ;] A heavenly hawk heard heavy • ;!• hippo hike home hungry. , - ',,. ;• Debbie Ducan Uwgb for swfiw^r^ Wrtv. iSMW P.O. to 749 FlnW> toil (lory. flu* include xwiidwl ml pxk

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