Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on April 2, 1936 · Page 7
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 7

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 7
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LENOX TIME TABLED LENOX, IOWA BEDTIME STORY By THORNTON \V. BURGESS LIGHTFOOT IS RECKLESS N HIS search for the new stranger who had come to the Green orest, Llghtfoot the Deer was rholly reckless. He no longer stole \ie a gray shadow from thicket to liicket as he had done when search- for Miss Dalntyfoot. He bound- along, careless of how much olse he made. From time to time e would stop to whistle a challenge and to clash his horns t 1 ['There Is Going to be Some Great Excitement Here When LIghtfoot Discovers This Fellow," Thought Sammy. tgalnst the trees and stamp the |round with his feet. j After such exhibitions of anger he jtould pause to listen, hoping to lear some sound which would tell lim where the stranger was. Now Ind then he found the stranger's •racks, and from them he knew Mat this stranger was doing just Mat he had been doing, seeking to End the beautiful Miss Dalntyfoot. Each time he found these signs, pghtfoot's rage Increased. Of course it didn't take Sammy py long to discover what was going on. There is little that escapes those sharp eyes of Sammy Jay. As |ou know, he had early discovered ihe game of hide and seek Light- toot hnd been playing with the beau- llful young visitor who had come town to the Green Forest from the Brent Mountain. Then, by chance, Bammy had visited the Laughing Brook just as the big stranger had come down there to drink. For cnoe, Sammy had kept his tongue iti!!. "There Is going to be excitement here when Lightfoot discovers [his fellow," thought Sammy. "If [hey ever meet, and I have a feeling 'hat they will, there is going to be I light worth seeing. I must pass |he word around." : So Sammy Jay hunted up his lonsin, Blacky the Crow, and told lim what he hnd discovered. Then le hunted up Bobby Coon and told tini. He saw Unc' Billy Possum littiag In the doorway of his hollow tree nnd told him. He dlscov- ered Jumper the Hare sitting under a little hemlock tree and told him. Then he Hew over to the dear old Brier Patch to tell Peter Rabbit Of course he told Drummer the Woodpecker, Tommy TH the Chickadee, and Tank the Nuthatch who were over In the Old Orchard! and they at once hurried to the Green Forest, for they couldn't think of missing anything so exciting as would be the meeting between Lightfoot and the big stranger from the Great Mountain. Sammy didn't forget to tell Paddy the Beaver, but It was no news to Paddy. Paddy had seen the big stranger on the edge of his pond early the night before. Of course LIghtfoot knew nothing about all this. His one thought was to find the big stranger anrl drive him from the Green Forest, and so he continued his search tirelessly. © T. W. Burgess.—WNU Service. Novelty in Hats Cowboy Sculptor Models Will Rogers LJ UOHLI3TTE Wl-IHELEU, cowboy sculptor of Arizona and Florida in- 8 C ' a m ° del ° f Ro " et-s In the sad(1Ie - which 'Mr. liis clay model of Will „ . .. Yellow Antioch college art foundry. - . Oh ". to be cast in bronze in the JRY THIS TRICK By PONJAY HARRAH Copyright by Public Ledger, Inc OL^—^T^ Feathers trim this brown felt hat with the Interestingly stitche.1 crown and small upturned brim. It is worn by Maureen O'Sulilvan, screen player, with a sports sweater and tweed jacket. COIN, HAT AND GLASS A DERBY hat is resting upon a ** large glass. The presence of the hat makes it Impossible for any object to enter the glass/ Taking several pennies the magician shows them in his right hand, while he steadies the hat with Heart Beats 290 * MOTHER'S * COOK BOOK DESSERTS NEW AND OLD OUNDAY desserts are the kin ^ that can be made the day be fore and give mother a real day o rest. The following are some whic will be enjoyed by all: Peanut Brittle Parfait. Take one-third of a cupful o brown sugar, one tablespoonful o butter and blend well in a saucepan. When smooth add one-fourt of a cupful of water and cook, stir ring constantly. This makes i sirup. Beat the yolks of two egg; until light in the top of a doubk boiler, then add the sirup graduallj and beat until light-and fluffy. Si> aside to cool. Beat one cupful o heavy cream until stiff, add a pincl of salt and a scant cupful of grounc peanut brittle. Mix well nnd pack your heart beats 80 times per Inute then you are normal. If it "'eases up to, or above, 240 In the lotted GO seconds, the medical men it is fntal. These facts are what kcs Hie case of Z. V. Monsees y much out of the ordinary as >e electro-carcligram records his iar t beats as 200 per minute, ees, who looks, healthy In all speets, is shown here with a nurse a Kansas City clinic. "If It's the bathing suit that makes the difference," says pertinent Polly, "a lot of us Just fall to be a nudist by a mere thread." © Ball Syndicate.—WNU Service. Spring Tonic In ice and salt or freeze In a mechanical refrigerator. Chocolate Blano Mange. Soak three tablespoonfuls of gelatin in one-half cupful of cold wa ter for ten minutes. Add one-half cupful of sugar to a melted chocolate candy bar; add one cupful of scalded milk. Cook until smooth, then add three more cupfuls of milk, the soaked gelatin and a teaspoonful of vanilla. Stir until well mixed, remove from the fire and pour Into a mold to chill. Porto Rican Baked Bananas. Select underripe bananas; put them without removing the skins into a very hot oven to bake until the skins burst. Serve in a folded napkin—do not remove the skins until the moment of eating. Serve with plenfy of butter. Banana Ice Cream. Scald one quart of thin cream, add one and one-half cupfuls of sugar. When cold add n pint of chilled cream and freeze. When the cream Is partly frozen add one and one-half cupfuls of banana pulp put through n ricer with the Juice of one and one-half lemons. Finish freezing and let stand well packed to ripen for several hours. Alabama French Dressing. To the french dressing add two tablespoonfuls of ketchup, four drops of tabasco sauce, two ta blospoonfuls of chopped olives am. mix well. Serve on any green or vegetable salad. © Western Newspaper Union. liis left. He flings the coins Into the bat. One coin travels til rough the crown end with a clink, in the tumbler. straight arrives, Hat, coins and glass may be examined. How, then, was the trick accomplished? Very simple—so simple, in fact, that you car, learn to do It with but little practice. Wedge a coin between the hat and the glass rim, where It stays hidden, before the trick. As your right hand flings the coin, your left —steadying the hat—raises just a trifle and the hidden coin clinks Into the tumbler. WNU-Servlce. A Bride for King Edward JDEVERLY HILLS, CALIF •i-) —According to tradition— or maybe it's law—King Edward is limited in the choice of a bride to one of five European princesses. Even so, his majesty would find nearly everybody over here giving loud cheers—and some of his loyal subjects, at home doing the same thing, too, I bet you—did he just up and marry the healthy, sweet, normal-minded, clean- blooded daughter of some English country family. Indeed, he might go further and fare no worse, by taking for his queen a well-born Canadian girl. Still, tbls Irvln S. Cobb "Pop, what is a legislature?" "Tangled rope." © Boll Syndicate.—WNU Service. Pi* Improved (| SUNDAY Uniform II c ,^ t - rT/ ^ f -^ r International || od.H.Ol_)JL. -:-LESSON-:- By REV. P. B. PITZWATER. D. D., Member of Faculty, Moody Blbla Institute of Chicago. © Western Newspaper Union. Spirited Pup Is Easy to Do in Cross Stitch I Lesson for April 5 JESUS INVITES ALL PEOPLE LESSON TEXT—LUlce 14:15-24. GOLDEN TEXT — Come; for all things are now ready.—Luke 14:17. PRIMARY TOPIC — How Jesus Kept tho Sabbath. JUNIOR TOPIC—A Great Invitation. INTERMEDIATE AND SENIOR TOPIC—The Excuses We Make. YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULT TOPIC—Our Response to Christ's nvltation. MORE TO DO By DOUGLAS MALLOCH S AY not tonight through; that you ar There will be something more to d Tomorrow morning. Only they Are ever through to whom the dnj Suggests no deed that may be dom Tomorrow with the rising sun. 'or those who do the things worti while Are not the ones who end a mile And see no new mile on ahead: There is a valley yet to tread beyond the crest of ev'ry hill i'o those who follow heaven's will Ve're never through while there's a thing ^o 'do, while there's a song to sing pray'r to utter, or n friend L'o hearten even at the end, 'es, even deeds God understands The old cnn do with folded hands, for, he they little, bo they great, 3ach morning our new tasks await, word to say, n smile to give 'hat makes life easier to live, low young or old, or I or you, 'here will be something more to do. (B) Dounlna Mnllorh.—W\U Sorvlro. ANNABELLE'S ANSWERS Ilv RAY THOMPSON DEAR ANNABELLE: MY BOY FRIEND SAYS LOVE IS THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD, DO YOU AGREE? ENCAGED. Dear Engaged: OF COURSE— IT'S ALL-EMBRACING I Annabelle. Eve's Epigrams The Ukmo- o| ttoo CJocnen is rootoel unless both. think, "the, other's is evide-rvfc to ever-/ body Hardening Metal Modern metallurgists und chemists know how to harden zinc, copper and other soft metals. The popular Idea that ancient peoples like the Egyptians had a method of hardening such metals that Is now lost Is Incorrect. Samples of ancient cooper tools have been analyzed and found to be alloys of copper with other metals, made just as we make such alloys. Similarly, zinc may be alloyed with other metals to make it harder. Steel tools are much better than any tools that could be made from hardened copper, zinc or other metals. would severely shock a certain type of Britisher who always refers to a Canadian as a "colonial," with a lower case "c" or, how about a maiden from a quarter which, like Canada, 'produces some of the loveliest \vomeu in the world — the Antipodes? By the way, does that same breed of Insular Englishman call a native of those parts an "Antipathy?" Probably so. * * * Hamlet and Ham* T HE papers sny a peasant audience in Rumania broke up a Shakespearean performance because It wasn't funny. Well, could they but watch some of the Hamlets I've watched, they'd die laughing. Likewise, if those riotous peasants really have a sense of humor they'd get a giggle out of a certain ,„,„,, „.„„ lnml(i ,„ ule not altogether unfamiliar pattern of I tllo ptunm , Oo( ] hoad . classical screen production, never realizing, of course, that they were laughing at an 'epic. One thing, though, we can do superlatively in these parts and that's putting on a ballyhoo. That gigantic flaming meteor which scared folks along the eastern coast wouldn't hrtve caused a ripple out here. We'd just think somebody was opening a new lunch stand over ou Hollywood boulevard. • * * Perkins Versus Roper DO so wisli the Tommy Man- villes would make up their mind, one wuy or the other, so we could all concentrate on those plaintive tapping sounds emanating from the cabinet »t Washington. Diuno Rumor hnth It that It's Uncle Dan Roper .signaling faintly for help because somebody in the administration Is trying to snatch ......... Ills playthings from him. Now Uncle Invitation Dan Is a patient soul and a true southern gentleman, so not for worlds would he antagonize any good Democrat, much less a lady Democrat. But they do say he harbors a secret gnawing grievance. As the report filters through out here lie doesn't mind Mme. Perkins taking her own Job so seriously, but does object to her trying, with equal seriousness, to take his. It may be only a base Republican slander. Still, say what you will, Mme. Perkins has got a mighty determined jaw. Reading 5,000,000 Telegrams iIUO It may have been sort of care-free for Senator Black's committee to seize all those musty mountains of private telegraph messages, why invoke the law to enjoin 'em? Surely anybody who deliberately sits down to wade through 5,000,000 stale telegrams has been punished before ho starts and will suffer from pollon In the pod before he's through. Think of tho wires fellow gets on birthdays and holidays. Some of them aren't so good :ven when fresh, are they? Apparently tho present investigation alms to find out whether any lobbying has actually gone on In Washington — and Indeed thero lias a suspicion to that effect for quite some time. * * * Farewell to Shaw A KTRIt his recent truns-contlnen- ** tal scorning tour lie has left us —once our venerated Idol and always our severest critic. Somebody overlooked a chance as the world's most ex-distinguished vegetarian, having In advance de- >lored it for showing the bad taste :o be a Yankee Institution, stood on tho rim of America's noblest scenic wonder, slinking a petulant vhlsker over that incredible void md munching a carrot and poison- vy sandwich. The Grand canyon certainly would have been such a swell place for throwing your old leorge Bernard Slmws. With war-clouds thickening on lalf of Europe's frontiers — not to mention Asia's — the League of Na- ions is functioning as usual. In other words, it Is to menacing armies what a weather-vane is to he weather. IRVIN S. COBB © — WNU Service. Hebrew*' Use of Music The Hebrews used music primarily as an aid to worship In their religious services, but also in festivals and as a social amusement. Jud Changing the Mind Tunkins says no man is so •smart that he doesn't have to change ils mind sometimes, especially vhen he's in a town where they give you a new one-day street on a night's notice. In this chapter Luke pictures Tosus freely mingling with his fel- owmen in worship nnd social inter- lourse. While thus freely mingling vitli Ills fellowmen, he was aware f their inner hostility to him and et forth under ,the parable of the great supper the sinful folly of men vho reject his gracious offer o£ sal- ation. I. The Great Supper (v. 1G). This great supper represents Tod's gracious provision of salva- lon through the vicarious atone- icnt of Jesus Christ. Christ him- eif declared that he was the read of life. As bread Is to the hysical body, so Is Jesus Christ to soul. It is called a supper be- ause it Is the last meal of the ay. Jesus Christ's sacrificial death s God's last effort for the salvation f men. The one who misses super goes hungry through the night; 10 one who neglects and rejects 10 gracious offer of salvation in esns Christ shall forever perish. Is a groat supper because its pro- islon was made In the counsels of It was wrought out by the Son of God and avails for the salvation of ail races and kindred and tongues. There is no one whose sinful condition debars him from this precious feast. II. The Gracious and Urgent Invitation (vv. 10, 17). These words, "Come; for all things are how ready," reveal the attitude of God toward a sinning race. Truly It Is not the will of God that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Ills servants have been going up and down the world for thousands of years saying to men dead in trespasses and sins, perishing for want of the bread of life, "Come; for all things are now ready." God Is never behind time. There Is absolutely nothing lacking In his provision for needy souls. The only thing demanded of the hungry nnd dying world is that It accept his urgent . Man's responsibility is to receive Jesus Christ. All who accept his Invitation are assured of a welcome around his table and an abundance of that which will satisfy the soul. III. Men's Attitude Toward God's Gracious Invitation (vv. 18-20). "They all with one accord began to make excuse." They feigned a willingness to come, but their excuses showed that they were completely absorbed In selfish Interests and, therefore, disregarded the Invitation of the divine Host. This Is n vivid picture of the reception _ which men are everywhere giving tiie gospel. 1. The first one was taken up with tho buying of land. On this account he begged to he excused. Supper time Is a poor time to go to see a piece of ground. Besides, he had already bought tho'ground and, therefore, ho was under no necessity of going to see It at supper time. 2. The second man desired to be excused In order that ho might test a yoke of oxen which lie had bought Supper time Is not a proper time to test oxen. Then, too, ho had already bought them; therefore, there was no urgency in test- Ing them. .'}. Tho third excuse was perhaps the flimsiest of all. In all probability ills wife would have been glad to accompany him. It is to be noted, that the excuses made are plausible, as they concern tilings that are right In themselves. It is right for a man to have land, have oxen, and live with n wife but when these legitimate interests crowd out God and the things of the Spirit, they are to be ignored. IV. Guests From the Highways and Hedges (vv. 21-24). 1. The anger of the master of the house (v. 21). It should not be forgotten that God, while great in mercy, Is capable of anger toward those who reject his mercy. It Is a great mistake to remove anger from the character o<" God. To reject Ills mercy exposes to his fierce anger. 2. The Lord's house filled (vv. 2123). The places of the very ones who were first bidden were filled with other guests, some of them poor and helpless, from the lanes and streets of the city, and others the vagrants from the highways. 3. The awful condition of those first bidden (v. 24). The master of the house declares that none of them shall taste of his supper. Since the supper represents the free grace and mercy of Jesas Christ, to refuse him Is to be eternally deprived of the high privilege of sitting at the Master's table. PATTERN 5403 Isn't he versatile—this pup that can wash, Iron, sew and even play a violin? Just having him around—on tea towels or scarf ends, will brighten your day. Brighten, too, the hours you spend embroidering his amusing, antics in cross stitch. They're ever so easy to do—with crosses 8 to the inch, and before you know it you've one for each day of the week. Use a variety of colors, or two shades of any color that you like. In pattern 5493 you will find a transfer pattern of seven motifs averaging 5 by 8 Inches; color suggestions; material requirements; Illustrations of all the stitches that are needed. Send 15 cents In stamps or coins (coins preferred) to The Sewing Circle, Household Arts Department, 259 West Fourteenth Street, New Tork, N. Y. More Enterprising Than Inconsolable, We'd Say The following Inscription was lifted from a tombstone In a Paris cemetery : Here lies Pierre Victor Fournier, Inventor of the Kverlnstlng Lamp, which consumes only one centime's worth of oil In one hour. His Inconsolable widow continues his business in the Rue aux Trois. Goods sent to nil parts of the city. Do not mistake the opposite shop for this. Which proves that the bereaved sometimes give their minds over to other things than just their sorrow. CLASSIFIED ADS START CACTUS GARDEN NOW One each of 4 varieties one dollar prepaid. COPELAND NURSERY 4711 I,. D. Blvd.. I^onir Itench. Cnllf. Strmvbcrrles-Wnyznttt. Tho now Fairfax Doractt and Catsklll.BENJAMIN F. DUNN, 1U47-8M) Ave. Southeast. Jlochester, Minn. REJUVENATE VOUR UtJGS On your floor at homo. New Life. New Color. Freo particulars. Write HOME) DYERS, 40541} N. Keystone. Chlcajfo, 111. PARKEfe'S HAIR BALSAM Removra Dandruff-Stops Hair Falling Impart* Color and Beauty to Gray and Faded Hair 60e and tl 00 at Druggists. 1 Hfaeoz Chem. Wkn.. Patehogqa.N.T. FLORESTON SHAMPOO — Ideal for use In connection with Parker's Hair Balsam.Mnkea the hair soft and Huffy. 60 cents by mall or at druggists. Hiacox Chemical Works, PatchoRue.N.Y. The liniment and Counter-Irritant for you* horses anil cows Is Lawrence Caustic Balsam, Demand tho black and whito carton, jl.60. WNU—N 14—30 No Need to Suffer "Morning sickness" — is caused by an icid condition. To avoid it, acid must be offset by alkalis — such as magnesia. Why Physicians Recommend Milnesia Wafers These mint-flavored, candy-like wafers ara pure milk of magnesia in solid form— the most pleasant way to take it. Each wafer is approximately equal to a full adult dose of liquid milk of magnesia. Chewed thoroughly, then swallowed, they correct acidity in the mouth and throughout the digestive system and insure quick, complete elimination of the waste matters that cause gas, headaches, bloated feelings and a dozen other discomforts. Milnesia Wafers come in bottles of 20 and 48, at 35c and 60o respectively, and in convenient tins for your handbag containing 12 at 20c. Each wafer is approximately one adult dose of milk of magnesia. All good drug stores sell and recommend them, Start using these delicious, effective anti-acid, gently laxative wafers today Professional samples sent free to registered physicians or dentists if request is niada on professional letterhead. Select Product!, Inc., 4402 23rd SI., Long lilond City, N. Y. 35e & 6Oc bottles • tins TO* Original »W n» ifaftmtlj W*lw

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