The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 16, 1914 · Page 4
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1914
Page 4
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Page Four t K K L, Ihuiaday Evening, July 10, tickets during th« past week rnd report splendid results It is hoped that the camping- fund will be swelled to the extent of between $50 and $100 by the social tonight It is hoper that it will not rain after supper so that this final effort to raise funds will not bs seriously Interfered with Retail Grocers Looking for Happy Couple. P-ograms for the annual grocers picnic 10 be held at Fairview park on ThursJay, Aug 6 h a \ e been prepared and the outing promises to be the best in ini. h "lory of the organization The ricm- w i l l open at 11 o clock In the mornlnc, u l t h a concert h the Good man b i n d T( u prof firs are planning to ha^ a p u b l u t d jmfc. and ha\ e ir, t ^ i to t uv the l i c e n c e pa the minKt*"- and h ind lhi hipF'i upl v l !' K ' I d T h e pro r- r am PROi.r \ M Tin c u m l l t c program foi the day is T B f C l W S 11 l . -- K i n d o n c p r t tn Goodrrmn b a n 1 1C I nr T h c r o u II be r e f i e s h m nt t i I i Hi r i r k and lunch basl t u l l ! ked fr«e i n t h e r ax i i n 1 l f t hi nifold race foi Mrl unrl - s teen irs old First I rl S v l ll Mu^zi muslo house *»" tri ?° botll pTf ime Bell Drug r i r i 1 i \ Lh cl u s Hen i M -. I t H E onoi \ D ·- i L 1 i t L indor f o u r !·* i ear ^ l i f r c r " ] ow cut ^hoe'? and b T O s 1 a"r I l u s t prict ?1 jD tt *·!! K P r i A. Dii k h o f f seo n J o i n t r d li hms^ r i d Rupert Gun n t i i , pi t Kr f T t k e i s J \\ s I l i r u l l Co -- N ll i r \ l r i t , on t f i m i r r i e d T n H r « t P' ·" 4 1 n l =acii cf ^.[ r '1 i*- ^ I \ 1 t r 1 «t t v e r t ' 1"= H I i t V ^r r !· i x i 1 1 1 « o i " Groctri 1, 11 ! j T 1 u h H j r i v\ ra p for re 1 rk r i «t i S h i t IT v PI n ccn SI ol c hii t l i e i~l t r C l! ird, box R On ! ' i r C T T- i! 1 l i ^ f i Eirls under r i j *i t 1 -r »1 ca h err*, r w m ^ le^ond t ba^s J^p Rose a t » « as " ni n t l i d -o r1 \ ~M= \ -T-^--kprs, Loo^e\ i r it i f r ^ f { 11 »ame b e t w e e n th° F i « t md a U p * ' id = rocer\ clerl o 1 hp ^ r 1 - "i^o i i n u ill pi 1 - ?1 h t i t v i i I i ? 4 i i t l ir in n v\ 1 = h j c r t i « I i st i ie -.j i \ I I IP Kai st r tc r ' t -. 1 r H" i l l I r u s I I 1 p m d b n \ ^ r k , rs 1 o \ ! I i u i t f o-npi 4 1 H -mir n st foi ung \ orr i i i t % v e a r 1 i r « t ',13 i i 1 flf 11 - i I l i b i r r F L I i i n c 1 -1 r o r i If \\ I U e thn 1 f h 11 j-^ ^ d f c i ^ 1 rril Bo ^ n n 1 M 1 Sil s Co fo 1 1 pn ^ 1 J ^ e oap Ore i I'-^ocii WESTMINSTER ICE CREAM SOCIAL Plane for an lee cream social to be held soon -were made by th6 Ladles Aid society of the Westminster Fres- bj te-lan church "Wednesday afternoon The date for the social was not decided upon Fifteen ·women attended the meeting 1 M I S CaHert had charge of the de o tiont* In the absence of the secretary Mr^ T ^ Edmundson her daughter P u t h acted as eecre f ary Mrs Edmu nelson his been called to Rock ford M the ser o is illness of hei mother £250 DIAMOND IN CIRCULAR LETTER T a l o r \ i l l e July 16 --^ eril d a j s rgo Jerry Hopan a local druggist ' to» k his $2oO diamond ring off his f i n per and placed It in an em elope in his c.e«k Wednesdiy -^ hen Mr Hogan s Bending out circular letters to his p a t r o n s he accidentally used the en\e ! l ope containing the ring This erne lore "nac; «;ent to Mtornev L J D"en i in vv ho ie; nou attending the El^ tt U f-ntion in Denver Colo His pri- v a t e secretary Miss Addle V \ a d e upon opening" the mail Y^ ednesday morning found the diamond r ng In one come** cf the en\ e'ope She telephoned Mr Fogan ard thanked him for the ring acting 1 for Mr Drennan It was luck for Mr Hogan that Mr Prennan "was not at home because, r an like he probabH would hav« a topped the circular letter into the waste basket thinking it of no ma ttrlai cons luence and tint w o u l d ha^e been the last of the ring It I a vender, too that the ring ^ a s not lost In the mail be^iuse the em elope in ^hich the ring arid the circular etter reposed was onlv half sealed 4 l ' r a c i hi I I I * r i t i n c · n t The c t 1 fir t b \ Mho r r ea i =, t r ** c i j ^ ers ?! nt I -· Slu * r"jor r *. i d " c e n t po I t D "·* f r u in* Co t i r i j ill L it Ci m i l i n d ·i o i ·» ri^« for old idi ·* Cno r,*it r PI h t c n a d n u t t ^ l i I ir t 1 r ' r i *i 1 flo i r ^ h p H i b d r i r r i \ a t i r in ^ c a n d be \ f i n f I- f ^ on a 4 - v ^ j a r k e G f Kc 1 f i t t i J PC h i l f ca ( . o n l t n e d " ] \ t i n M i l k -ile- t o c u r t h 6 i r - ' IP i P «OT Gr~ rs a^ocia r rt r ^ -- \ \ a d i n * , r o n t f - t f o r t h n 1 ddies T i r = t i · $ v. a h E T F a r b f i i-*-*fl-*r ^t. n l f i \ e ^o ird box r a n d Hf-n M ^t P i e c o n f c t i o n « n t h i r d f i x e i o u n 1 bo\ rracl ci L o c c ^\ lies Ti^c t m r i i 7 _ L ln o rnusi'- f u n l ^ h f 1 ! bv To 0 I n j i I i nd BIG CROWD*OR ~~ ICE CREAM SOCIAL «t. John's ChorlMors Hopr to Clear Fun0» for Outing Greqt expectit on«; are I f - j n g held bj I h e fet T ^ h n r ho*-) t ^ r s of the results of t h e ice c r ^ a m an 1 cake social to be held T* t u e T V GT=trmn «chool groun s t o r l g h t The ocial is for the b n f i t f p t h e h r ^ s c m i r p f r o u t i n g f u n d Th^ r* n *· \ i \ 11 r\ h i fh* 1 social in rha g* 1 and tr-*- committe 0 h is obtain- f"1 r'orit 01^ of cakes galore for the af- f n i r Jn ·'d^'it n n p l e n t ^ of l^e cream h P cm rlomt"d a n d p irchascd These r i n n 1 r-= n ik no *=lble the price for both i f c i e i m a n d cake of ten cents fn- f i r h «fr-viCP B r c j f i f c the nrrnb^rs of the auxiliary = a \ ^ r i [ \ o msr wompn of St John s r h u r c n i^ well a 1 * tho ^o^ s of the choir u ill Tssist In £fr\ ng thp biff crowd t h a t is e\pecf«· 1 The bovs ha P b^ n b u « 1\ Celling Greatest of All Human Blessings The most wonderful thing In the world is lo\e e\pr.S3pd In the hflpless infant And amcng thobe aids and comforts for e'cpectant mothers is the \*elt known Mother s Friend Th's 13 an external application to cnabio the abdominal musc'os to become more pliant, to expand naturally without undue pain from tho strain upon corda and ligaments In almost e-very settled community ajre women who have enjoyed the blessing of this famous remedial and beloful embro- cation Their daughters have grown up to Jearn of Its splendid assistance Applied as directed upon those muscles Involved it soothes the fine network of nerves with which all the muscles are supplied. Thus a gr=at share of the pains so much dreaded may be avoided and the period of expectancy passed through in ease and comfort Anything that adds so much comfort must be counted as a blessing indeed In a little bock sent by mail much useful information is given to inexperienced mothers It tells how to use Mothers Friend' and how to avoid caking breasta Get a bottle to-day and write for book to Bradfleia Regulator Co, 400 Lamar Bl Atlanta. Ca,.£« lure you get ' FOURTEEN WOMEN ATTEND MEETING F o i r t e e n nomeii attended the all cllj meeting of the Ladies Aid societ\ of the East Park Baptist church TVednes- da\ Tnentv three anrons were nearly comnleted The women w i l l meet next ^ eJnesdav afternoon at the home of Mr« Cl-irk Jonnson 1700 block East Prairie 1ST PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN MEET Tt-e La dip \i 1 soclet/ of the First PresbNterian rhurch -wi'l meet at 3 30 n clock Fr da Tfte r noon in the church par or* After the business session the prosnm i\ill l e in charge of th^ t\o- men of the Fifth ward w i t h Ollle Kun- Ue as chairman A large attendance - desired AskB Di»orc« lone Hpe" has filed a. bill for divorce from 4dolih Glenn Heer The\ -were implied r an ID 1*106 and lived to Aether till July 6 191' She charges him \ \ i t h rruelt-v and desertion For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always BougM Boars the Signature of! Guaranteed Bicycle Tires No. 68--$2.75 No. 66-$2.50 Each, put on your wheel. These tires are giving the best of service--try one. KELLINGTON DIECKHOFF 345 N. Main St. YOUR FAVORITE SONG We'll gladb pHv for jou any day on the -wonderful New Edison Diamond-Disc. Come in and spend a few cool minutes in our music room, while we demonstrate to you this wonderful new home music maker ' HA1NES ESSiCK 217 N. WATER. Home of the Edison Both Phones 1256. Will Be Professor of Chemistry and Biology. Ellis H Hufleon of Decatur w h o tor the past three vcars has been In struetor in tiolog\ it Beirut college Syria hai accept ed a position as profesEor of chern istry atfd biologj nt Blackburn col lege Carlmville 111 for the -next sear He will take up his new work in Septem ber ON HIS "WiT HOME ELI is. HUDSON Hudson Is now on his wa home from Syria and is expected here in August He gradual L cl 'rom t! a J M U in 1911 and was r u e of the be«t liked students in the Institution During- the three jears he has been abroad he hag done a- great deal of traveling through Europe and the holy land The Blackhum college authorities consider themeeHes fortunate- In securing his services Hudson Is th« son of Rev and Mrs George Hudson of Sunnjside MAY CHANGE THE CAPITAL GROUNDS To Find Suitable PJnce for iVetr Lincoln Statue. Springfield J u l j 15--The entire cap Hal grounds at Springfield may be changed when the new Lincoln statue, provided by the last general assembly l«i placed in position The Illinois Art Commission which has been placed In charge ot the matter of selecting the design and sculptor as w ell as the location and ground plan for the statue, has decided that the state s greatest son must be hon ored in a manner befitting his eminence Instead of placing his statue in a ftpot of the capitol grounds barely distinguishable f i o m anv other spot it is planned to make the statue a central point around which the capital grounds the street in front of the capital and the public buildings and grounds shall radiate MAT CHANGE STREET In determining upon this course the \rt Commission is following the foreign Idea of placing statues In small d s t i n c t i v e plots instead of a small spot or larger grounas 'tt hen the site of the Lincoln =titue is selected it is rrob- HAS STOOD THE TEST FOR FIFTY YEARS. TO PAY LESS FOR YOUR FLOlUR IS NOT ECONOMY AND TO PAY MORE IS NOT GOOD JUDGMENT. FOR SALE AND GUARANTEED BY ALL GROCERS. Distributors for Central Illinois. IPflfEIE IPE1I IOPA2 tie tKv 'Ano8E{.iaTiKfiv Tpd- jie£av ; ~ "Ev KOtaG^oetc etc t*iv 'Anoeeyatixnv Tpdne^av, vi\ . T6 Ev tJiv Svvao8e val craTe tivv tpo^nv IIXyj(j(5vojA£v 3 0)0 rdxov twv The National Bank of Decatur . B ROKEN ring broken heart broken watch, broken engagement broken eyeglass untold annoyance Indented Biher injured pride All these fractures and dents pa«s out of existence when they pass through our repairing department--*] e injured articles returning a 8 good as new And the price is so small tt ms utt»rly absurd. Joy comes into her heart as rivers come to the eea. A trinket in filled gold carries the glaasome raessa? --sometimes a. r'ng, a. lockt^ or a pin of dainty make is the medium E. E. BARBER JEWELER 105 N -Water Street. Your Eyes Are Obedient Servants They maj complain but will toil on in -vour behalf Thej will stand more abuse than am organ of the body. But -when, through constant neglect and rough usage their delicate adjustment becomes disturbed how quickly the servant becomes the master How utterh helpless yon are without your e^es Give Uiera attention at once if *he\ are ailing Let us examine them free of charge D WHUAM5 T PTOMETBIST OPTICIAN. · 107 N. "Rater St. Opposite Millikm Bank. able that the capital grounds "Rill be changed to conform with the statue site and that even tha stree* in front of the state house ^111 be changed to ran in a sweeping curve, with the Lincoln statue occupjmg a prominent island between the etree* and a new drive way to be built In the capital grounds Some of the leading sculptors of the countrj are at work on designs lor the proposed Lincoln statue which will be ready for dedication in connection with the Illinois Centennial celebration to be held In 1918 Triumph Court Picnic Planned. Triumph court No 17 Tribe of Ben Hu-, will hold a picnic at Fairvlew I ark Julj 23, for the members and families At the- meeting held Wednsday eie ning- it was also decided to set the first meeting of each month for a social r i g h t and the third 'Wednesday e\e- ning foi initiations Three officers were elected to fill vacancies for the remainder of the ' ear Those elected and installed we r e Guide--Clarke Bradley Inner Gate Keeper--Mrs Clara Kearns Outride Gate Keeper--Mrs Olo GI- «el J F Eckart delegate to the supreme session at C"awfords\ ille, Ind, gave excellent report Social at Dart* Rome The ice cream social gi\en Wedncs* day evening by True Rebekah lodge No, 767 at the home of Mack Dai Is 111* l\orth Water stree', was a fair success Omy about 150 persons were served and seven gallons of ice cream were used Ice cream and cone* caka and candy were sold during the evening and between $20 and J25 was taken m The sard was decorated with Jip. anese lanterns and the Bruner orchestra furnished music Tne people wera served at tw o long tables In the ard. On the h "e made candy alone J3 20 was realized. ---- QECATVJR.IU.S. Dollar Day Values Up To $10 For $1.00 Dresses Worth Upto$10For$l Upv ards of 150 women's exquisite Summer dresses--all the latest styles in new long tunic effects; crepe dresses, lingerie dresses, tissue gingham and fine chambray dresses--m all white, in colors, In iTlowered and striped effects; all sizes; worth regularly ?3 to $10_( phenomenal bai-' gains for Dollai. Day, choice Skirts Worth Up to $3.50 For $1 Upwards of 15 dozen women's elegant new wash skirts; very latest tunic and draped styles; white pique and linen skirts, black and white checks, tan and white checks, and plain colors. Skirts you'd consider wonderful values at $2.50, §3 and $4--in all sizes -- e x t r a ordinary Dollar Day bargains, Friday,! choice ; $2.50, ?3 $1 1HE A mm. $2 American Lady Corsets This store, being one of the largest distiibutors of American Lady corsets, we are alloted 25 dozen of the regular $2 models to be sold at half price once every year. This yeai's allotment armed just in time for this extraordinary Dollar Day sale. Remembei, the \eiy newest style AMERICAN LADY CORSETS-the styles for this coming Fall season; fitted ·with 3 pairs of hose supporters and extra hook at bottom; embioideiy tummed top and wide silk ribbon "draw." Think of it' American Lady corsets always sold regularly for $2, at Stewart's. Friday--all sizes--each $2 to $5 Waists for \ \ o m e n s beautiful Hffeta ?nd mes^alinc silk waists worth $4 and *·; and women s e^cruisite white \oile ind lingerie \\aiMs ·north to ?3 all latest sHles and all sue" Extraordinary bargains Fndaj choice $6 and $8 Spring Goafs To mate quick clearance of a splendid se lection of women's all wool Spring coats ratine coats repp coat" linen coats etc Stjlish high class coats actually wor h $6 to 58. at Stewart s Fridav choice each $5 to $10 Wash Suits Women's elegant tailor made suits--bron en lines--linen suits pique suits cordme suits etc Beautiful new "u\les all colors Suits made to sell from ?T to ?10 for Stewarts tig Dollar Da\ choice . . 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Three big groups to select from--bargains of a lifetime. Values To $6 For 50c Upwards of 50 beautiful colored models in all the shades so much in demand this season, chic and jaunty shapes, beautiful!v trimmed, $5 and $6 values; also all children's hats regularly sold up to $3.50. Colored hats worth up to $6--for quick clearance, choice lany som up 50c Values To $10 For $1 The biggest millinery bargains \\e have yet offered at $1. An excellent assortment of beautiful new shapes, in all Spring shades--new blues, greens, tango, etc. All exquisitely trimmed. Colored hats actually worth up to $10 -- phenomenal bargains for Friday U A MilTC Tfl 01E Many of our expensive patterns included in VALUCd l U $ 1 0 this lot--handsome, ultra-fashionable creations in all the newest shades, also a few all-black creations and a few charming new white hats. Worth regularly up to as high as $15, choice, Friday · WSP4PF-R!

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