Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on February 13, 1964 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 13, 1964
Page 5
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Calendar of Social Events nr\ THI r (•]•, •-.<• r. MKN H rilii '!,,; MKKTIMJS Cir, I, I-,, in- 7 p •!• r.,-...|. I <ll'4i •.'[.•••i r. MM: -'• M'!' i-:i> . 7".". II :r<li'i,'. ;.K'ir\ \ ri >i:u -- p -n. M. .T,M:> I 1 ., I. -i INIi ' ',,,,!;,, I. r I'KNTKNMAI, 'I \1.S HIM * p. MI Mr-. NiTti.iii Sl.Ti'f.. 17ln 1'ire- >. r ,.-; • t.ATIN A.MKIMC \N' ri.l'i: 7 :',(> .Dm.'n A:mrir'i:i <'Iut';i»us.' ' W.'in H Wnlkrv I'J t'i'ik mi ciiirm.T HI Mr'Xirn. FKIItAV HOVAL NKI'iilliol! I.< •[>•:!•: - 8 '.V< I' III r.'\, f .1 'll-li • -,l;i| • : ,', !J<M F-'ll-nv ll-ill. "••:!> I' 111 n •"•tin-: OH'N'TUY KUIKM'S - 1 in. •'Mv.» Mimic 11-iinK t»is >•' 1-1 WOttU) 1>AV OF PllAYKi: S^i- yif P 2 p.m. P"ii-l fi.'ii'i'.-' ' Turch. 'S|i'»i.-«>l''<l h> C.inli'ti CM\ '.'nM'il Cliurrli Woiii»:i. Chililr "i V SvTvir<> - 4:1fi [Mil TVIMAN LODilK NM. '. «fi -- 7 i' in. to.i^iiiii- T' nip!- ?!>••' -ill in. •.•tint. Wi«-k In .'ii>l di'Ki. ••. Vi.MtUK CM:!! 2:.'!0 p.m riii-i'W Ti'iMin i.r KM!" ''.if' 1 . I' •:<•'•<•••• Mrs William Fiini anil Mr.". Harry Kmv.'n. . puo'iiiKssivF. nor • 6:. 10 p.m. •'teolrniiili Srlinfil liim-lir ...... i. Family •'Mglil. Mi-Inn <ll<ti n-i'1 nwn tftlllr ."°n il 1 ' 1 . U'oMIvVS niKTSTIAN* TFAIPKU- * ANf'K I'NION fi HO 11. m. Wi-slc-y •HBll "T Klr«l Mi-tlmcliM 1,'limvli. 8ATt.'RDAV KI.KS I'lJ'H DANTE — !I-12::10 ri m. Klk.o llnll. CAKDKN rum 2 p.m. Mr*. 'Lynn KiifsHl. l. r ili!» "B'. t!ur.«t Uny. ^Ir.H. Ilrmnnl Baldwin, Srnlt City. 1o 0p.-nk nn fiowcr iirririKini.'. <•• I'LYMKI-iL P-TA K p..n. Hi-linnl -•iiilllnrliiiii. (ilrl« ptiyKic-Jil oilurntlmi ' cn.- "Stli. 7tli un, I Sth .Mrs.Higgins Tel Is 8 Basic American Ideals Eighteen members of Culture Club met Monday night at the ^Jjome of Mrs. Jack DeVoIld, "*1213 Pinecrcst. * Co-hostess was Mrs. Elmer lYork. JJ "Communism in Our Schools" ••was the lesson given by Airs. M. EM. Higgins. She told the eight ''Tiasic principles which our schools teach. These are the American Way of Life: 1 Belief and Trust in God. 2, Importance of the individual. 3. Freedom of the individual. 4. The dignity of work 5. Private ownership of property. 6 The profit motive. 7. Free competition. 8. Our government is a protector—not a provider. She stressed "The \vay for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" Members discussed a Communist country as roll call topic. Next meeting will be with Mrs. Art Higginns, 1905 N. 3rd. on Fob. 24 at 8 p.m. 250 Sf udent s Attend Dance More than 250 high school students attended the pcst-guinc dance Tuesday night at the Civic Center after the Dodge City con- est here. The Flames orchestra furnished music for dancing. Frank White and Tom Saffet assisted Pop Bcringer as chaperons. Friend P-TA Gives Life Memberships Airs. Lrland Crist and Mrs. I/PC Roy Lilr wprp given life memberships at the Friend Par- ont-Tearher's Assn. meeting for February. A chicken noodle and chili soup supper preceded the business . session. Mrs. Shirley Blackburn presided and Mrs. Raymond Dan| iels gave devotions. ' The band, under the direction of Mrs. Lam Fowler, presented . a musical program. A skit, i "Snow White and the Seven ! Wnrts", was given by a group. < Raymond Crist bought the . Valentine cake which was baked | by Mrs. N. Billings and auctioned j by Mark Emswiler. New officers will be elected at the March meeting. Nahid Sohrabi Is Guest Speaker to Estralita KFWC Guest speaker Monday afternoon fur 14 members of Eslraiitd KFWC was Nahid Sohrabi, Tehran, Iran, who is an American Field Service Kxchange student. "The climate in Iran varies as docs the climate here," she commented. Highlights of her talk included: "Our government has a constitution with two houses and a king. Our staple food is i rice and there are few factories. Persian nigs arc handmade. Oil is our most important export. Railroads are new to Iran. The history of Iran goes back 2500 years.'" The Seventh Dlttrlct KFWC Art Festival was in Lyons last weekend, .lane Yeadcn was sponsored by Estralita to enter a painting. On March 5, Estralitas will give a coffee at the Civic Center for i the benefit of arthritis which Is a national federation project. Two dollars was contributed to the, heart fund. i Hostess was Mrs. Oric Dunn, 2007 N. 7th, assisted by Mrs. Charles Philbrick Next meeting will be with Mrs. Robert Johnson, 1019 Evans, Feb. 24 at 2 p.m. \Jar VJub i i Gary Crawferd arrived home Sunday night from Wichita where he is attending the Kansas Automotive School. He is visiting his mother, Mrs. Leona Crawford, 1411 "B". Your Problems — fcv Ann Lander* — Rcturnlnt Wednesday from Wichita were Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mai, 503 Chesterfield, where Mr. Mai underwent surgery on Feb. 4, at St. Francis Hospital. The Rev. Jehn Hantla of Sioux City. Iowa, brother of the Rev. Paul Hantla. 505 N. 6th was an over-the-weekend guest of the Hanl'as. He was enroute to Colorado Springs to join Elmer Brown, a lapidarist, with whom he will drive to Mexico on a gem seeking exnedtlon. Mr. MM! Mri. Thornton Coen, 2310 N. Main, attended the funeral of Clinton Miller in Wilson, lasl Friday, Mr. Miller was an uncle of Mrs. Coen. ; DEAR. ANN LANDERS: .Our i j 19-year-old son is giving his 18- j ! year-old girl friend a uress for ' her birthday. The price whether it is $1.98 or 49.98 is of little consequence. H is the principle to which I object. Both of these | teen-agers are in college. They I have been going steady for 15 months. I have been assured by my son and by a friend who is the mother of two teen-agers that I am hopelessly square. They promise me I will eat my words when I read your reply In the paper. I have the knife and fork ready. How about it? — FOGEP OF 40 Dear 40: Hand the silverware to them, Mother. A dress is not a proper gift from a teen-age boy to his girl. Ask your son If he would like his sweetheart to buy him a suit Speaking in Dodge City at the First Muthodisl Church for the i for his birthday. Same thing. World Day of Prayer Service will be Mrs. Paul Hantla, wife * * * of the minister of the First Methodist Church. She will be accom little snow or mud. The house is to live in and 1 want him to enjoy it. Maybe we are slobs, but we're happy slobs and we get along just fine. So why don't people just mind their own business? - 1 APPRECIATE HIM Dear Appreciate Him: Apparently you are doing a mighty good job of minding yours. Congratulations on what sounds like a mutually rewarding and durable relationship. •<*•* finrttm City t „ Ttandoy, Nbrwrry II, 1**4 M/5S Kor/e O/ Seminar On Citi ten ship Carol R«rle was guest speaker Tu*iday afternoon for members of the Happy Homemakers Home Demonstration Unit. Miss Karle attended the citizenship seminar last summer and spoke on citizenship. "V. r e make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give," she advised. Mrs. Harry Hewson, delegate to Home Economic Days, Manhattan, reported on her recent trip. She also won the hostesJ DEAR ANN LANDERS: The panierl to Dnrlge City hv Mrs. ' letter signed "Unappreciated" J. T. Lear Dnrneg. and Miss Gladys Rudy Vftienzueli MR. AND MRS. TROY LEE MOWDY Karen Kay Keune Local Girl Is Wed in First Church of God Free Wheelen Discuss National Heroes Tuesday Personal facts about the lives of George Washington ans Abraham Lincoln were discussion i topics 1 momtii Tuesday afternoon for ! members of t.he Free Wheelers , ame OVANDA ANNE is the name chosen by Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clymer, Pierccville, for their daughter born Jan. 14. TWIN DAUGHTERS born Feb. 5 to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse II. Avila, 212 Conkling, have been named Rom ana Lisa and Rosina Marie. Karen Kay Keune was united in marriage Saturday afternoon with Troy Lee Mowdy in a single ring ceremony at the First Church of God before members of the immediate families. Officiating for the nuptial vows was the Uev. (.'. UeLon Hales. Mrs. Evelyn Paxton played the traditional wedding music. The altar was decorated with white carnations and pink gladioli Attending the couple were Mr. and Mrs. Frank N. Holderness, 605 E. Hazel. Mrs Holderness, sister of the bride, wore a red velveteen dress with white accessories and a white carnation corsage. i Parent* of the bride arc Mr. WHAT WIIRO SADISTIC RIIUAl WAS THI SECRET OF THESE WOMEN? TODAY AND FRIDAY Feature Starts 7:30 • 9:30 ~I Adm. 35c — 90c IBMMI CALLING ALL ... MIDGET HEPCATS THIS IS FOR YOU . . . A IIG KIDDIE-THON MATINEE PARTY Road Runner Review Bugs Bunny Jamboree and "Jack The Gaint Killer" SATURDAY 2:00 — ALL SEATS 35c Sweetheart SATURDAY EVENING STARTING 7:1 S MOVIE MARATHON •IG HITS "GIANT" Jack The Giant KiUer Follow That Dream Tammy and The lachelor Starts Sunday TEEN'AGERS . , . TfcU is Your Hick! It's located in the swankiest of playgrounds ALL THE 'SWINGERS' ARE HERE! Wnltwb) DutcMbf and Mrs. Willard Keune, 1108 N.! jHomc Demonstration Unit. 12th, and the bridegroom's father | is Troy Mowdy, Tribune. I Mrs. Jerome Hake, 1607 E. Fulton, was hostess. The bride, given in marriage ! Mrs. Don McMillan as guest by her father, chose a white : speaker told of the Home Econom street length dress of a'l whits i ics Extension program and how made me fighting mad. I happen to be a wife who likes to sleep late, too. My husband is perfectly relaxed about fixing the kids breakfast. It's not that big a deal. There's no doubt that he is an exceptional man. I hear my friends complaining about their husbands all the .time and I can't find anything wrong with mine. I notice that the woman who complain the loudest arc the meticulous housekeepers and the spectacular cooks. If one of their husbands ever put a briefcase on the dining room table he'd get shot. When my husband comes home at night he can drop his sox and shoes wherever he wants to. I don't care if he tracks in a lace over taffeta for her informal the advisory council plans meth- wcdding. Her filled bodice fea- ods to reach more people. She turd a bateau neckline, bracelet | stated Jhat 38 cents )f every length slc-eves and an Empire waist. She carried a cascade bouquet of white carnations fen thousand tax dollars goes for extension work. President Mrs. Robert Doak tered with a lavendar orchid, conducted the business session. Her short veil of nylon lace and' M «- Je !; r y Sullivan was appoint net fell from a miniature crowa Rd to f lve • monthly report on of pearls and crystals. > " Be( Wise with Food Buys" each month. Mrs. Merle Fields was Pink and white flowers and red mat i e official photographer to Dale Saffels Explains Wills To Epsilon lotas "Your Will" was the topic discussed by Attorney Dale Saffels who was guest speaker Monday night for Epsilon Iota chapter of Epsilon Sigma Alpha. ^ He explained probate procedure ] ege He j s "emplo'yed by Gano and ways of making it simpler ; Gra j n j n Garden City. The bride by advance planning. President Mrs. P. C. Michel conducted the business session. A rummage sale is scheduled for hearts decorated the church basement for the reception. The two laver white cake was trimmed with confection roses and topped with a -miniature bride and bridegroom. Mrs. Deniel Johnson assisted with serving cake and Miss Helen Keune, aunt jf the bride, poured punch or coffee. The guest book and gift table were at the side of the room. The bridegroom is a graduate of Grcelv County High School and attended Dodge City Junior Col- take pictures of special events for the club scrap book. Christmas show pictures were shown to the group. An anniversary gift was given to ATrs. Doak and a birthday gift went to Mrs. Hake. —Four 5" by 7" enlargements for the price of 3 — either black and white or colour at Wren's Studio and Camera Shop for a limited time only. —ADV Delta Mus Give Valentine Party A Valentine party and business meeting were combined Monday night by the seven members of Delta Mu sorority of Epsilon Sigma Alpha who met at the home of Mrs. Bernard McPherson, Holcomb. Each member was presented an ornately decorated bar of soap, trimmed by the hostess. Snapshots were taken by Mrs. Gene Mort. Others present were President Mrs. Kenneth Swenson, and Mines. M'eredith Mills, Gene Austin, Harry Hatfield and Bill Shipman. -Whether buying or sailing, u: 'cieatram Want Ads! DEAR ANN LANDERS: I don't want you to think I hate my mother because I really do love her very much. But when she treats my older sister like a queen and I get treated like Cinderella it makes me so unhappy 1 don't know what to do. I am 14 and my sister Janice is 16. It all started in Seplemiber when my sister Janice went into the 10th grade. Mother bought her loads of pretty clothes because she said it was important for Janice to look Just right. I didn't get anything new. I got some of Janice's worn skirts and blouses — only because Janice's clothes closet was crowded, and she had to make room for the new tilings. Mom drives Jance everywhere she wants to go. When I ask Mom to drive me someplace she tells me to stay home and do my school work. I'd leave home if I knew where to go. Please tell me what to do. — BORN TOO LATE Dear Bern: It's always painful j to feel that a parent is favoring a brother or a sister over you. Every child who ever grew up with a brother of sister has had this feeling at one time or another. Try to be pleasant and uncomplaining. Fourteen is a horrible age for a girl who has a sister 16. The world will look brighter when you are 16 and she is 18. Confidential to Closed Mind: Not only closed but nailed shut, my friend. I suggest you open it occasionally. Something of value may drop in. Ann Landers' frank and informative new book "Teen-Agers and Sex" is now available at your book store. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of the Garden City Telegram, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. In the absence of an advisory member, Mrs. Elsie Branden. Finney County Home Economicl agent, spoke on extension organ- isation. She conducted a quiz on extension and the executive board. Lesson preferences were submitted for program plans for 1965. Another guest was Arlene Rupp, Holcomb. Hostess for the 14 attending the meeting was Mrs. Dallas Schweer, Rt. 1, who was assisted by Mrs. William Borah. Mrs. Cyril Jarmer. Rt. 1, will be hostess for the March 3 meeting at 1:30 pm. in her home. Co-hostess will be Mrs. Carl Boyd. Baptist Church to Be Host for World Day of Prayer President Mrs. Ken Heinrichs announced the World Day of Prayer services will be at 2 p.m. and 4:15 p.m. in the First Baptist Church on Friday. "How Christian Can We Be?" Mrs. R. L. Hudspeth for 22 members of the First Baptist Women's Missionary Society on Thursday afternoon. Hostess for the meeting in Hatcher Hall were Mrs. F. E. Cooper, Mrs. H. B. Bondurant and Mrs. Mollie Brown. "My heart, Christ's home," was the devotional topic presented by Mrs. Myrtle Liedtke. Next WMS meeting will be March 20, 1964 in Hatcher Hal) at 2 p.m. —Mode 0' Day's Valentine gift suggestion Dresses $3.99. Blouses $199. Stretch Capri Pants $5.99. Spring Handbags $2.99. Costume Jewelry .88. —ADV Ut •• It** f*n lf»m Uwl M<M •••lni« S*J*lr. •ci*alUlc«llv. In* H. •evlMtea Ph. Ill A.M. pleoM ClnMrrM. Kt, i has attended Garden City Schools. March 20-21. Mr*. John Gies was hostess for the 12 members attending the meeting in her home at 304 Evans. Her co-hustess was Mrs. The Feb. 25 meeting will be In the Garden Bowl meeting room at 7:30 p.m. Hostesses will be Mrs. Richard Henry and Mrs. Michel. April Wedding Set in Hutchinson Mr. and Mrs. Corwin Betts, Holcomb, announce the approaching marriage of their daughter, Vivian I. Betts Woods to Robert L. Wall, both of Hutchinson. The marriage date has been set for April 25 in. Hutchinson. C I orner CHERRY CRISr i *4 cup rolled oatt \4 cup brown sugar % cup flour ',4 teaspoon soda 1/4 teaspoon baking powder Vi cup butter or margarine Mix above ingredients as fine as possible. Divide into two parts and spread half in bottom of greased oblong baking dish. Set aside. Filling: Mix together in saucepan: 1 can No. 303 pie cherriet in water 1 j cup white sugar 3 tablespoons flour V] teaspoon almond or lemon flavoring 2 tablespoons butter U teaspoon red food coloring Stir together in pan and heat until mixture begins to thicken, pour on mixture in baking dish, cover with remaining oats mixture. Pat down lightly. Bake -5 minutes in 350 degree oven, or until top i» golden brown. Cool thoroughly, cut to desired servings. A whipped cream topping is optional, but adds to flavor and also gives a festive appearance. MRS. CARL O'BRIEN 703 Pennsylvania (Send your favorite recto* te Nie Coet't Corner, fach which it pu'-'ished will eern e I) priie •*' »h» contributor. will be judged on the basi» of reeder inter** or erlglnallty. Tfcey mav be taken trom e (Mb book or maMtine. but Mte source «MlM be given end tr 'Id net be e current iuwe.) 4 ~ 5' * I" INUIGIMINTS FOR THI PRICi OF 3 COLOR $3-OP for 4 Order 3 enlargements end get • x. u/ Ci CA for 1 I Free, from same file neg«- • * w fi.w rgr « ^ p 4 w or Co | or Qf 5,.^ WAIUT SIZf (2 «> COLOR PRINT} from ISmm did* 17C foe* ~ tt«ul« 3fe Conard Studio DAVID RINTOUL, Photographer dm* IR 4-4051 414 N. Mat* Garcjt* City, K««t»< It's Customtr Appreciation Tfme In day* gone t»y, people hod time to exchange greetings in a formal, even courtly manner. In spite of today'* pace, here at our bank we /eel old-fashioned courte*ie* are *till an important part o/ the personal relatiomhip* with our cuetomer*. May we take this occasion to tell you, our banking friend*, how much we appreciate your continued loyalty and confidence, and to extend to everyone in our community a cordial and tincere Valentine Greeting. Thank You /or Banking with U*. "Gar** City'* tVtotJIy lank" v7circlen National Bank Garden City, THE UIMIII-FIPIIAk DfPQSIT INSUUNCf CQWQRATIQM AMP HPilAL IKflVi SVSTfM

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