The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 15
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•SATURDAY, JULY 14, 192J THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FIFTKEN. ADHOTllONAL ,WAW APS LIGHT HOUSEKEtPINO R00M ?J£^i OTJKNlSHiaD houaekeuplflg room*; 3H fcaat U. » «-»•' TWO or four-room lurntuhea aimrtrotmt, client). 309 Wost SJcoml. 8 a-iBt l.'URNI(JHKl> houncknrplng roomn and garage. 105 Eant Q. : 8 14-4t NICBI .Y furnished, S31 .West First. cottage. 8 14-4t FOB RENT—runNISHED ROOMS » FOR HUNT, reasonable—Uirge, cool, •lceplnu rnoma eloso In: cur lino. Dr. Darlaml, 3?» Eaat A, Phono !W«W or FOR RHNT—Largo, cool oleoplng room, reaaonable. Close In; car lino. Fhono 2068W, Dr. Do.rlanil. » «-«l FURNISHED rooms, m Knot 13. I'liona 216. H Z2-7:W FOH HUNT—One' largo cool bedroom; two Mullen preferred 1 204 East Fourth. I'hone IS27J. Bll-H MOT)RUN bedroom with olonplng porch, lavatory In room. 14 JO-ast .Sbcth. Phone 1) fmw 29-10t MODERN bedroom wltli sleeping porch, lavatory In room. 14 East Sixth. Vhone UEO. 3 eotl 28-10t (.iNK large ami one amall cool alocplng room, south wlndowu. i'hone 38aa\\\ ^ MOIiEKN, Bleeping rooms, ii5 l£aat Sherman. Fhono 250« : 9_2-26t 12 per wood.' 313 » J-26t 1, BI.EEI'ING r East U. TWO nicely Curnlshr-.t, moac.rn. sbe 'l'lntf i-wnui, 113 East Kim. Phono 3832NBv r FOR RENT--APAHTMENT8 11 Three-room, furniuhrd ap»vtm«nt ( mo'l- rrn thicAitchuut; private, l'nonu HISS. 6-8 Kaat Plr ^jj, 1L -iC-l^t rooni-i, ni<HU-m, bulR-ln le U U H-OH , avail ttbie July 15. Phono 369. 11 11 * HKNT-FurrilBhed apftrinv-nt. three . ... ... - ..„ _ avait- 11 U-4t KOIt KF.NT--r Furnished housekeeping tijiio Imentu for nvspex'tiiblu people only. 1»Va East Flr«t. Phono ISV5. lW2-2at Seventh ana Mftlii. Nicely furnished ar-iutnii-iua una nit-aping, rooms. Phono 340. - FOU UFNT A kff-n. furnlF .hOtl two- i-,u .ni Ui'eheiwtte i.,p;ivlii-i'.-iu with ua- r*fi:- f priv««e t-ntiiuicr., nice aiiudo and conL Hi We at Twelfth. Phortu 0S'.)W. U t4-4t TO TRADE (Cont'd) 4© A <SIR <B S-nrlbonirc foam Track W@I ID to oxi'hnnirn for Ilutohlnaort city property, or well improved 160 aero farm, would conpUlvr desirable western wheat lands. Thin m ucro tract In conveniently located to BchoolH, It haa a. vary nice fllx room dwelling, and all other Improvements aro nulto nice. The land la very l 'lno product Ivo yoll. and wlH yield any thing that will KT OW In the state of KanBa. 1 *. WttlTK US FOR FULL PAltTICULAttS. IT IK AN IDBAIj PLACE AND WE LIKE TO TEW, YOU ABOUT IT. 1UNO BROTHERS Phone GGtl. HVkKorth Main. ^ . 17 14-lt TO THAOR for car—Small tract, four- room bonne, good barn, good location, it. It. Tucker, Nickorson. Kan. 17 11-Bt FOU EXCHANGE—Flrat clasa county farm for city property, Phono 4121W or 672. 17 13-4t TO TRAliB—Vacaat loU for Ford car. Conner Dyko, phono 2378. 17,12-4t H10NO county land to trade for Hutchinson property. Phono 3882. 17 31-25t FOR SALE—MISCELLANEOUS 18 _Whrn yod aro Berlotisly HI, whom do you , mploy? When you need legal acv 'ce you (seek Ihn beat. When you wiah to make a Eale of poaslbiy alL you have earned and accumulated uf Hcveral years' hard work, whom will you employ to sell 117 (A salesman who knowa value and la In the business). Phone 20S1 Hutchinson at Davy's expense. 18 G-23t ran SALE—MISCELLANEOUS (cont'd) FOH BALK—Threahlng rig In Hood ahape. In field how. ThU outfit can bo bought on vory Hbtral terrtis: will consider any f ood security. Thos. Rayl, B.P.O. No. 1, futchinaon. IS 12-17 GOOD milk cow for sale gllvlng about flvn gallons milk per day. una block north and one west of Carroll's Ktore, South Hutchinson. 18 10-14 FOR sR.l ,K—Concrato mixer, wheetbar- bn.rrcnvn. 1U0 feet of hose, shovels, form* boards and water barrels. J. F. llaughei', »3S Fll'th. 18 10-13 Seven-foot McCormlek , low. lid Annadown, Elmer Station, phono 212 Darlow. 18 27-15 VOH HALK^ hinder. Also gang git WANTED-Ladles to see, the black kid. patent-trim, military heel. Gne-strap Pumps for Jl pair. Coiner Commerce Co., 17-13 North Walnut. ' " " 4 13 -4t FOR SALE— Cornet and caso In flrst- claas condition, ^15. Call at 414 Knat Tsv*ill'th afler G p .m. I'hone 3217.1. 18 12-14 FOR SAl.B— 12-20 Twin City tractor^l good iihiipe; will take horses or mulea. Thoa. Itaji, lt.F.O. No. -I, Hutchinson. 18 12-17 J?m-!B (DD?.® Cfflrsfialera Phone 3214, S2ii Kast Fuurlii. 11. Uurton. NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS (Cont'd; HKMINOTOI ; Sales and Service— Uom- lngton Typewriter Co.. 24 West Flr»'., pbono 492. u. A. Kintsicl, salesman. • }»4-25t will be The News telephone number after July 11. call 4400 and ask for the classified advertising department' If you have anything to sell, want to bo anything, want help or want a poHltlon, Want ads get resiilfs. 1U 10 -25t DR. HUI J T J. a foot specialist la with Dr. Nichols at 223 Kaot Second. Broken archea treated successfully. Phono 2013 for appointment. 19 4-21H for pickles. Phono 380311. l'alrview Gardens, Kutith Hutchinson. 18 w-2H EYESIGHT; conserve l,t. Get th«».fact3 about your eyes. Dr. Dar'.and, '24 Va North Main,. 19 16,-2!>t FtKIT troublt a. ,T. IT. Showers, chiropodist, 121 Kast A, phono 2026. 10 14-25t J. H. SHOWERS, chiropodist, ;:i East A. Phone 2026. U 2-2St WANTED—Furniture to rspalr, reflnlflh or upholster. Call 1419. 19 18-B0t Mrs. W.; 18 12-It v JOIN the boy.V hand. We have full lino of Land Instruments sold on easy ternuj. ltorabaU(:h-\Vi!ey Dry Goods Stoic. 13 cot 14-4t PUBLIC SALES After-harvest salon aro novf being datfHl. KjirlicBt sales aro heat. I work with any imputable auctloiu .M.T and am an C I OSL ' to yon as your phune whero you tan talk to me without coat. Reference, any past euatumor. Office phonu 65 BterlinK my cxpen^tj. K. 3d, Potter. lS 27-25t J TD'SE ©QLDEN WEST BUTfTEE, MUM, AMID) SWEET CIKEAM . GoUliin West Creamery, li Kast Fourth. 1H FOU JIKNT —Fnimlshoa apurinu'iit slr!«t- lv, mtwjf'.rn, tmtft-in featurcw, gnmml Poor, Vrivuto (•ntr»n*'-e; niUr>l be »t^n to tM» apnrHt -iiLtL'il. I'hone 369. 11 13-iH Kt 'KMsrii0t> or imfnmi ^iMd. Dirci. or ((,'Ur-i num. mortem ap.'ti Intent M 1th 8l«-el'llU, r pur '-h hlltl KUiiiKf, i'hone ]'.<K >,i afur o'l .'hK 'k. 11 llOt FOK nr.NT- -StrU-tly nioiitrn, furnished • ninpalt.'.v aiiarinii-nt. in Uun^'alow Ct.nrV ^15 Kay I'' First. J'hone -'JliTJ or V i V K-roinn «tr Icily ino^l't'ii apart mini 13 t *u..-M> In, iifjiL anil w;tt*'i- furniahiMl; Biutnn-r rat« winter l^iKs^ht haiK.'dn In apartment cfniM *n oKy. Soe J**-n V, l.dtnLnirn, ^ North Main. It (S-4t I'*C)K IU ; . NT ---Mo(h"*rii, furnishe'l apart- mi'iit, s:eeplttK poreh- uaragu, on ear Hut; 5aj. I'hone 400. , 11 11-41 POK SAUK—Men's Rood Khoeii for $4, M-M},"'M.ltS, JS.fiO, $G.60, to ST.7^. Mep's Oxfinl:.) for S5 r.O. Men's work i3Jioea ?^.;*n. VI. PS and Comer Coni- nieretJ t'o.. 17-Id North Walnut, 3S 13--tt VOW, PALtv~-M. i*. Nelson piano, clieap; thn-'t- do7 .en fruit jars, 50ir n do/.en; two tnbis utu\ \\, &0e c;u.h; J ; Jeoi';omy r7a» ranp,e, frof.d as new, $75. All my rmnl- lliro at r^jisunable priivs. Call after 5 p.m. at ill East Tweirth street, phone TZtfJ. IS ltl-10 Nlt-MCLY f ^Ji nisht-.l, tw-ro^m, K^unil- fli/or iii-arl ineiit. private entrance ami Ktth. ':•>« West Flrsst. H 7-tSt lil^AVriKC I., U'.tehenetto apartment, alft-pini;' P«-'t'v:h, private bath, 1019 North W»ln. I'hon..' 3ti4it. 11 14-10t FOK IlKNT—Tliiee-ittnm, njoi.t-rn, utilur- nlshei. npai tmunt. M«JCurdy tniturance AeeiK'y. H 8-261 "Four miles south of Hutchinson, one mile north of Elmer; Horsea, cattle, hogn, ehlekun.*, farm mlplcmentfl; one o*eloelt P.m., Tliurailay. July 10. U. 11, Seofmlrt. lb la-is lil.ACK Knt'lfah Khephr.rd and Cuttle ptippb ff, bred from natural he ,el(;rs; Bhipi" tt on* approval; semi stamp for <lf Htr .,>',hiii and price . H ,\V. Clie;tnut, Ohanute, K:\ri. IS H Poll \iA\A'-~ Ohlidren'a play oxford.", > 11 Vi t'"r 11 -50 nnlr; 12 (o 2, 51 .7ft pair. Comer Cunmicrco Co., 17-lli North Walnut. KS lU-tt VSi'ViiSlVUKD three-room apartmenr. Cull 2V,'ili. 11 i-Ut FOR HAT I K • Fifty lo-fiame, wood, palritt>d heehlvea. 3'.1 old liiv-.-ri with honey boxes on. $7 eaeh; th--.- nt-w tuvaruiH. $fi eaeh. } 'rleo in Ic -.'-e thun toe empty hiwn eost. W. li. A very, Clov^i d.ile, HuteliinBon, Kan. IS 9-lti FOR HKNT—Stricny mo<lcrri, fwrnlBhed, three room apartments, $35 and >4»Phon* 3509. 11 ti-25t Fl^tN'lHItlin two-room apartment close in, miiBido entranec.xf'hone 3*»H0. MODKUN,, five-room apartment. Call'.2158Wfer 1112. 11 l-25t FOH UK NT--Two-room, modern, furnished a purl nVent. 123 F.*ut A. II 7-»t FOH UKNT- •Furnished or unfurnlnhert aparlmetit. I'liotie 3a0S. 11 27-26t FOlJ K -rotMii, unfurtiLslu-cl apartment. Call 18S7J, 1!0S l-:««t Fourth. II H-W FOH IU'JNT-Mo'lcrn. furnished apart* men'; aduKg, 212 West Heven'h. liao-iyt KO. 3 Stewart Apat Lincnts tot rout. Phone" 217RR. ' It 4-14t FOR RHNT--Mi8ctUUANeOU3 12 liUfcilNJOS.S room for retu, 110 Weat Flrat. SiiUablu for aufontobife husi ness, tire or battery or any kind of retail buslneaa. Innufrc Superior-Motors*. 12 thfsW.Lt "FOU HKNT—Offlco room at 24 Kaat First, ^Neisoii building. M. Welch. r - 12 8 -2 &r liFKl-NKSS UOOMS FOK UKNT .See me about do Atrude recli!.? of Feari and Sou, loeated at 115 North Main. These arc adapted for He vera 1 line. 1 } and the location and convenienex-s cannot he iLV-'e.lkd. lieu V, l.air.bon-, reaitor, V, Not to Main. 12 lU-4t VERY deBlrable ujflou rooni.i. iiuv McCurdy liiKinance Atrency. Vi'i-ztii POK UblNT—Oftieo rooms in MeCurdy huiUllnu. 1" il-2.'>t ROOM AN U BOARD BOAUIJ served in family style, and room, at "Weat Firist. 14 liOOM and'board, %4.5Q per week. 627 Kant C. *H 12-61 OOOD board, room and bath. 1'all lOUSW. 14 13-at UOAlt\> and room. S0G West Ho^nd. 14 11- FOF1 SALE OB TRADE 16 76 A CURS Ox^rk mountain land, some build iiifj -s, fence and cultivated laud, Hpriny «'ater, lota of timber. Jour mliea from town, in the noted peaeii, apple and Hnr.:Inn country, delightful climate. Bale or trade fm* Keno. county property. S. O. vBcliula, 521 East UliiHih. U eud 11-21 rOH SA LIS cheap or t ratio for hornea. uiuh'H or eowy—Hoidej- tmcun' In good lunnlny; order. II. li. Kdigor, iJuhler, 'Kan. IB 7 -tit FOU SAI*K or trartc—Ruttorklst popcorn machine and jjasoilno candy furnaue/ AtUlreB3 F -Oy, care News. 1C l-i-3t FOH #i\1jK or trade - Two and »mall house, -tgo block Kust Ulfihtl*. Call Wise, phone 17^. 15 l3-4t FOK BAI J I-1 or trade for oow—Sis-year- old black maro," lng,ulrQ & West Sher™ an * _ J3_(Jt FOR SALB or trart«—IM-ton. Hnpublia tiuck. tJuss I>obrliiski ( Plevna, ICan. M5B-6t TO TRACE 1/ •on lots. Addreiur G-69, cuvo News, 17 14-St A QUAKTim *eotto» good fajin i*nO, Vast Fir«L It U-4t Itird's Arl-Craft roofhur. made to apply over old wood shingles. Beautiful, durable uiul fireproof. GUARANTEED Sold by L. J I'hone 05. -Uracils 101 West Sherman. is sn-:st Aaitffl SaDvai**,® Pssrfta. for ail make;] of cars, used tires, radiators, eleetrle equipment of all klndn. HAltNKS AUTO SUl'FLV CO. 22-24 West Sherman. Plume 1632. IS 13-251 FOU SAI.K--Ladies' black kid "1-strap Comfort Slippers for %'>.b0, $2.1)8 and S3.50. Comer Commerce Co., 17-11* North Wnluuf. IX ls-4t Mm. Ina KUes, phono ZU$, ai7 East Fourth. 18 2-25t FOU HA1.K -Heed baby Ljtffty. 1LVJ Ax- lnltijjter ruu, good i.-onditlon, cheap. t-*\ll 203 hTaat hiUtevnth, phone 1047W. 1$ 13-lit FOH, SA LM—Milk cow, Jerst-y ami Ouern- Key, four yeaiH old, firot clasa In over/ respe <:t. 7(H) West bbermatl. 18 14-15 FOU SA I. i-J—-Hoover Kttetioti cleartej- very reaiionabie or would talto in other make. Call nas alter b a,m. Saturday. 13 FOH HA I J K-- 1'air of while cloth, one- atraji piimpy, box. heel, swu iiA t new, Can be seen at Newji office. IS 11-1- W33 sell fttorm King Jainoim piaatlc roof cement for leaky roof a. Jj. J, Wnlte Lumber Co., phony GO. IS X-2&t FOR SA LK—I»ackb<*rrle», 17Vfco at farm. Order by phoiu; 2ati-ll or write N. 1*. Wiley, UiiiTtnn, Kan. IS 12-4t FOU HAbid—^ytnaU groee'ry ana nuirket, fhit) location, ttood busmesM. i'hofia 1^for particttlaca. IS 12-it ItEGIHTKUFU Jcwcy cuttie; entire h«rd fur aate; best bioou lines, UKcu Kridtir, Newton, Kuii, IS li-ZUa FOli SALI-:—Nichols and Shepatd •iO-U.F. Ble-Kie steam engino. 13. L>. UirU.s, liuhler, K:ui. IS 7-13 FUR SALM—Tomato prai:t», red and yellow potniy. alii isorth Woodard. 18 l4-2J .t FOU fc-A J -.K-- Household gooiia and store beiicnetf. Call afLcv ti p .m., all i-iast it. IS 13-14 CALL. J^SH' lav all Kinds ut cahos, picnic Hmehu's and reft-esnmeiits oiueiv*. F»)U SAI.ii -Tent and ffruh box. " Aldo iriai'-- to trade for cow. Call lo'J-4. , is n -3t FOH SAI.K--Couch and. a new drop-l^af k;t^ncn tKb.'o. J 'hone HloiiW. lit l--4i FOU SALI> Fop corn machine. Ha inborn Citfa-r Jit ore, U North Main. IS LU-lut HOUSK, wagon and harneaw Tor sale. 41^ North Wushmston. IS 11-14 FOH SA1.C --l'iekling oucumbers and fi'.',"h LXgit, Phone 'JbilJ. KOU yAI,F. -Laigd reed baby hussy, eheap. l*j*,s i'.-a,st Ninth. 'Li n-4t MAGAZINE HUbacrlpUona. Mrn. Ina Kiloa. S17 l--ast Fourtn, 18 £-15c FOH HlCNT— i-1 PCtrii, cieanem, *l per oay. Pnorie 3i)*H. ig 2-£st FX.HI i-3Alil-:--Mi),.se;j' brown, patent-trim, flat h'jci O.^foru.*; for $3.7. r > pair. Conit.r Cominereu Co., Y I- V J North Wamut. i-6 13-it FOH fc?Al,L- Fln-^t toy |10. I'hone Cii4J. poodle in eltv. ia u -4t FOU Rood homo mado* pies call 3011J. Mrs. Salmon. lS7-35t FOIL SALE- -New vlctrola. North Adams. Inquire 1'Ji 1H 10-18 FOU SALK—Finest top poodle In city, Ut). Phone 054J. li> ll-4t OUDKUS taken for salt-rlslnff bread. 72L I0;*nt Second. JS 13-Gt FOH SAL10— l>ry goods boxes, all Kiae .s. Piione 1053. IS J3 -4t i FOR real garbage ncrvlce. phone Sanitary GarbaRe Company, 3910. 18 I-IIOHMST prlcea paid for mcn'd clothing. Fhono 777. 19 2-26t WANTED—MlRtiSL-LANEOUS 20 SJEAVINO machine repair work; guar- •.ntecd; country or city; examination fceo; reimlr all makes. Family manu- faoturing bemstftehera a specialty. I'hons 36«. J. C. Lynth. * 20 t-l&t WANTKh—To rare fur homo through winter for rent; no children; rofcrenels furnished,,ial;.' i'hari,e about Sep- ternlter 1. H-tl'.i, care NV WM, "0 14 SU N FLOWICh PUOUUCffl We call- fer poultry anywhero; paj market price. Phonu Zt>U, 713 South Malm 20 2-25t SEWING machine clewmnsr, overhauling; work guaranteed. J. F. Uanman, phonA 2470. 20 WANTED TO OUY at 3>KST farm oj' ranch, Kansas or northwest MiOiiouri that ?2o,0iKj cash and hlchly improved, natmciimberc-d, LlfiO- acre farm, northwest Texas, priced 1107,000. will buy. Lee Monroe, Topeka, Kan. 21 I( WANTED to buy-H>con*Khana furniture and rues; highest prlcoa. Johnson Furiilturo Co., IJd Boi:;\) Main. Jl l'-25t V/ANTi-jI")—A chain trrnm com ee ^der and baler. S. A k Threllteld, Nlekerson, Kan. 21 y 30-7:21 HAVK buyers fo you7 ii f j Hm:ill home. What litr .'f . "W. K. Setden. £1 13-41 HICJHICST p.'c -'ii p«I<! for men's caii -oft* clothbie and bUocs. Phone U58J. 2L 2-35i IHOHLST prict!» Paid for men'i Phone 777. clothing. 21 G-at.t HIGHEST prices paid for men's clothing. I'hone 7;7. 21 l -2tTt AUTOMOBILES Hr;AOV STATION MCE E^TTEEY RIII'TM I'.Nl) GAI1AOE 821 South Miln. Phone 303:1. 32 tl-4t Waaati A Car for your summer jVaeitionv Find Just tho car you are looking for Ihroutfh the want ada In The MIf you can't find it there, a little ad will find it for ynu. Call numbe.r 4 400, News Uasaified dcp:i.rt- luent. i'i ti -;*&t I'anyard pd::ti'ti i:iit;u will soon pay lor thciiiaelvcs In .laviuj; uf oil and gas. Try our rejialr work, HAKKV HAFKR AUTO SliKVICK 115 Last. Second, p'.ione 744. T2. li - 12 1 I:KF,I> FAUTS von YOUR CAU A E U® Wr ©ckcBiig & Sail. Co AVe sell Mutual oil. 124 East Third. i'HONL FOH S/.MC—WUU* 1 'hono i.*7. > . for cook. f.tov«, heating stovo, fireplace »ud furnac«. Yaggy Plar.tatton. 18 13 -Zi >t GtoBse C®EE( E<E C®. For your coffee. Host grades, fine flavor, fresh ground. Mixed tea for lee tea from all high-grade teas. Parties wishing up to call on them each wueK. call or phone WJ, 303 North xdahi st-ee*. Free delivery. IS -i-iiSt WIUI\0_CuNTUACTtu: AND UKPAIR v.onic. 627 Ku*ct Seventh. i'hone 3«J34, Hi 14-7:14 Tifcinsslb Y ©air Own Wk®s& Boy tliia iit-w I'.ue.ine 114 -40 sepalotcv, In K OLM I rin.-.iinii order; also 1S-1I.I'. atv.uner, li>-:iG Aluiiiii, all iii good ninrMii^ urxlor, at burKfti-.l prieeK. N. A. Cuy.snly, l';,.rt- vi,lse, Kuli. 18 ivtm 4-14 Kstrn )too.l ruulos n-ei B iiii 1( r from 1,250 to 1,'^:^), five lu .seven ycitiH old; houes. eowy, hot;.-', niacliinoi 'y, et,;; threo mllea e/, vi (iorlil of Sterllnt.-. July 11), one W'lllia M. 12usar, K. K. Totter, iltictionoor. IS 14 - IS FOR SAW:— l ^adies' kl.l Oxford.'!. with military rubber-tsip heda. for %i, 54.50, *o .r ,0 to $3.50, part payment ilown. balnlu-e Mi.' wee!;. Comer Clonimeree Co.^ IY-1'J Nortli WulBiit. . Tt»..13-4t, l'OU SAl.l-1 —L.-ullea' sleoveleas ulllt Sweaters for J3.7&. 83.75. S4.75. $5.7o. Comer Ccmmicrco Co.. i.7-itl Korlh Walnut. , ig 13.41 [••OK SAUV-Ono 10-C0 Twin City tractor In to,(d eoiulltion. One new Bethlehem true!;; one Becond -lialict Bethlehem truelt nearly hew. At bargain prieea. Ohaa. 11. Daenxer, SterltiiK, K JLIISUS. IS a "a-3t SKCON II• HAND ItKFHI0ERATOUS of all klnila at bargilnj. X\aa iSHed turnlturo, repalritiK nnil upholnteiing n upsclalty. Illlyanl Purnllure Co., BID North Main, phone 108. 18 2-251 Steanma ISffiiifita® FOP. SAIiK —Oiie AUNMEAT'OUS S2 -II .1'. STEAM ENOINB, CailSAI'. 1IKN THUJIPSOX, BOX lid. , STAM'Glfu, K.Af.. Ig 3.11 IK OT Sipeojj Wa^fflai Oraln body and e»i>; ieiit|y to run; prlood rldiu fof Quick «aio. C. W. aambel Niokenton, Kan. 18 19-13 FOH &A1JB-- Boys' Ions Pants $3.50 up. part pjyfnont down, balance 50o week. Youths, long.rmnt. Suits ll Week. Comer Commetot 04. .17-18 North Walnut. • IS W-(t VOIt " '•Oil tur* t 8AU0— rvi )Ut«rk, sto«« ano ru«» Oa, Ul BsuU Uiiu «tr ««t. II il -ait rnamel baby 1,,-.). $5. is i:t-3t EXPERT piano tuning. Jenkins Mualc Company. 18 z-iol Nl'JVV electrlo svaaher SSS9W. sale, I'iiom.' IS 13-41. St-'KCIAI, I'KlfE {IS no _.ea 25.00 Other earn in proportion. Knav pavm.-nts if (lenireu. rETKUSi IN Al'TO PAINTING Over Comiejty Auto Hupjtty Co., First and Waahlnuton. Phono 200'J Sunday and oveninga. 22 14 WANT TO SKl.L, TlOUIt CAR? Then list it with us. We Hell them; no storage. Sllfera Motor Exchange, oppo Bite Convention Hall. 22 12-25t" J^Mm »AUn—CITY PROPERTY 24 Owner'has strictly modern, six-room cotiH(fe, hardwood" floors, built-in fna- turey, standing oak Jn wrery room, pipe- leas furnace, has nlco sliado and fruit trees, close to school and cloue to ear line. Owner 1 B leaving the eitv. This la an Ideal home or rental property. Address T-GS, cure N CWH for full particutin-.-*. 2i 4 -IS Co'tasccteaadP'fflrlk ISsiUk-^ Site Having purchase a vt -aUlertce. 1 will offer..for sale at a r<?al sacrifice price, cfibico building sfte tit 100 CrrHcent Blvd. Complete plana aud spociflcatlon-a for $ 15,000 homo optional with purchaser. Dr. G. R. Oago. FOH SALE"or trade—Hutchinson residence, eleven rooms, on Went Twelfth, utrietly modern, up-to-date, will trade for Bmnltwr reef derice. Addreaa 1<". J. Itoas, 618 Jiajst KightU 8tr «et, Lamed, Kan. 24 14-2it PO YOU WISH TO SKLL? Llat yoyr property with UB. CARKT REAL EST AT R INA r . CO. 413 N. Main, Phone 'J72. £4 2t-25t FOK SA LK by nwn«r•—Property at 71 <J N-trth Monroe, Hutcliinaon; price ?),0d0 eiit'h; three to five years' time on balance, 'Write. F. E. James, Gage, Okla. t-i 10-14 It'\'il eat ate. rent .lis, loans, insurancf. Over Central Statu, plume ^ISL 24 cod 4;l4-&0t M ILST sell quick—-?Ji.-autif ul. slji-vourn homo Htrictly modeni, full iwo -iwin let iM 'iuent, Hviiuj room n erfvsK front. v;n me", hrrlf Vdo^-k of North Main, bargain. I 'hone l.'h»«. -M ia- It FO.-l i .*AI ,K --A rti.n-romn, tu-o-l horn-.' wit!) ganuve ;in,l ehieken liousi', well loerttcii, :it extreine'iy low price. Flionu 4121W or 97?. :.\ K5-4t FOU SALF--Sh;-ro'.-m l«mt,':t!u\ t - on Cast Fomtli. ?.'>00 ea.«-dt and terms! to euit. /noufro i-'Ki ICusl K, pbono iL'll. 'Jl U-Ut FOFlt vacant lots o:i Kiist Fourth street fur s;i !» cheep by owner. Iniiuirt* at C.ullek's, 207 Witn Second. 2411-12 VVJ il'lOItTY t;j sell or will trade tor~Wrd cur and part cash, balance on monthly payments. Call In evening, 741 Fast F. 21 mw y-11 FOK SALK-Slx rounn, modem except heat, between Kim and Fium on Kas* FKih, S'^.e 11 ". IJn'.-oin S. l^avijs. i4 l*!-3t FOK f.ALl-.:, to H^t' 1 •.• estate -(bn 'iV lumv on ^NoT'th Flum P '.reet prleed low. cany trnus. l'hnnn 4121W or H7L*. 24 l.T-4t FOF. S A LF. — FlV'-'-room i^u::yai*>w and vacant lot. Phono ^V97. 21 L'S-^ut FOH SALIC- -Modern six-rooni Mouw- with gaiase aud other imprtivt-nu-m a. In- r-uiie at tUG Fast Sixth. ^1 FOK SAL!'] or rent- -Six -room limine clone to M 'bool, newly papered and painted. Phone LUSW. 34 IS-fit SE1-L your houcs. Ton will find buyer by phoning 2.178 after 8:30 ;ii:y fure • noon. Si il-3tii FOR SArd -V-Heatulful bujldin}: site nn car Hue. 1100 Nurlh Monuiov. L-4 U-lt t'OK f[uiek .••.Tie—Bargain in proi^rtv. Call L'ltHJ. M U-U FOR SALE—REAL ESTATE 25 V.'tiH improved fai ma in best fanning dhdrict In uklnhoma, All of the farmn are partly broke; balane,'. hi pat-rturo land. We have KOUIC that at a lueated near g->od tlrlvinj! town with wood ."< hufit-'. (iood rieij,"l:b(,rlioi..*J.s and cluKe i:' : -i;li' H'H. (..nod i-roi 'U on the places thl« year. Ad- dr "--'H A care of News-;tiid receive fui! purtl'-ul.-i a. lu-l«» •TL'O a.-rea HarUer eouni\, lii;bt iu;prove- inenl;:. *?-0 pel' aer--, l(!l> ;i<:vH fW\M> county, improved, P:0 in eultiVi. ! ion. {K.oOO. G4 ! > in. tf.H. nil bottom l..rul, f,'-.e-„-f I ui- provi'nient:-!, t.Hy iu-reH i;i > i• i* ivat ion. JT0 per acre. Will consider city p.:"perty or acreriye in anv of thrne. SIIJNFY lliJALTV i;u. North Main. V. UN I 'A K A i.LHLIU) etn.p- - Firm 2^0. si\ mib of •Yuma. el"v, l'^ r.v'.••••• Will deliver *-i fine crop hai v.-fit. Need tM'Uiey, will pooiin i-iy ^ivt- clear title for S^ i; > aero, terms, r ^et'ti contraet. This; requires action. i> red Tarrant. Yuma. Colo, 1'5 M FOK SA LK--Kelinqui)*!iment- on 64U-a«'te, • Improvtd homcBti-ad within thre^ miles of to^vn, 'W-atld eonwtder Ford ear or truck at cawh value. Writo L» lK (*»r W. Huidun, Cat\doa, A-olo. 7-*>t F07t SALF—IRo acres, well im-ivovcd when t farm on a crop pny merit plan, flix iniic.-.= t'toiu counly Beat- 11. L. l -'rif-'hen, box 174, Mead i 1 , Kan. 25 le-Lt FORD riiadster tor wale, cheap. Plum. IS KL4t j every dny. A bargain for ?^0U. F. li. _ .. v . ] Cost, Cl0 f::at<l A. 22 14-4t FOK SAL 10—S t u d e baker, alx-eyljnder, m v e n - 1 >a .*>i e 11 g e r tuurln^ car. It runs STEVENS' please. Studio- Photograph* th*'. IS FOR SAMS—12*15 rue. 40ti. Wost 24rh. IS U-4t FOR SALK- bicycle. Ph.-m- V2i?.. I* 14 -It FOH SALE— Fox terrier);. oiO ^ ^ NO \lS ^!i !?J55: t "* LAN£OUB 13 Vnleartlzinu. Kctrcartliiff. Let uaiako care of youv tiro truubiefi. *StoS<& Tec® C ®aaiEfflffiiy United Siatea and 1'ar.V Utdl Tirea. Phone 337. 104 South Main. Uulchin:ioii, Kan. HOXKCIE Oaa burners raised and adjusted. Bave 60% on your gaa bill. Now IH the lime to g-et your furnace repaired. All work Kuaranteed. Piidfia 40IW, Mo-riH & Morsun, Btovo and furnace experts. 13 17-25t Direct from finbsliinK plant to eemeterv Save 110 to 3.0%, agenta' and retailerV profit,*. Wo handle, all titandiu-d trrututf*- and marhTo. J. H. Lynn, "Tbe Monument PAItTS 1 tear them up and sell tho parts; all niakou. A. K. johnitoa, IB South Wash* iMttan. 22 lS~2o* WANTFD to buy -Car; or will trade baby Kltjud jiiano, pin \ or or us*-d atraui'bl. phuio. 11. O. Phillpn, 109 North Yvuluut. z'l 12-Ut Foil BALK—Parts of 83 Overland car 1\rnt V Y AXH /diapo. Call ar. Vim J >rv Cleaners, Phone 'Hi, 13-iL FOH bargains In used cais. go to SIifor.-. Motor L'xehunge, opposite Conwnt o:. Hall. 2 -iii--;.c MONEY to loan on real estate; ask MoNaxhtenl 2b 'j-2St WALL PAPER. PAINTING, ETC. 26 FOH flrst-ciaso paper hanging and paper, reftBonablu prlco», rail J. A, Lister, phone 3232J. 1018 East Eiuvimth. 26 WALL paper, Co per ttouoio roll or bolt »nd up; por bolt for hunting, Vh-jJtv WALL pa per, 5c pel uuuijlo roll or holt and up; Hie per bolt tor hanging, ebony i^oaj. u PAPKH hanging and paintmj;. L--t us ehow you tn,w samples. Cuii -1&4W. i-e ]0-.?ot MtiSBENGEH SERVICli HASTY M(' tJ i;- nger, jdione 538. b .U-: t l .'dr^rs-n^.-r. piioriT-i TOOK HIS WAD FOR KNOWLEDGE Kokomo Boy Not Hi-Jacked After All—Gambler Charged Htm for Teaching Poker. The throe allegpd hl-trtokora axreyf- od hero ThvrrstlHy on Uio Btat('.rai?nt of n couple ft b<iy linrvcst liauds from ICokotno Hint they had hold up OHO of thorn, will ho tried lit Lyons but probably only for Kiniibling. Questioning; of tho }>c>y$ nut] liir thi'tto mou deveUji). od that, t.ho '.irigiiial atory tohl by Win. Wt'otvio. tho ooiuiilalnimt, was not oiaclly ronot't Ho stated ho had been luroil Inln Iho country, forood at tho point of a knife lo dig up hi.* hard canted WIKOS and then kicked from tlio car. After tho nllecoil hijackers liail made ilio ivtat-'tuoiit they ^vtm tin 1 nioitoj" In a tr.-iniMIng (rattio, Shot'lff I,nnfi;ford qiiizzr 1 '.! the hoya furtitcr and they admitted ^liero had been a little (cnrae. "Thoy offered to tfsach tne the Kanic." E.ttfl W».^ewie. "but I didn't know it would HO much. "Wo Kit (hnvn flnrl phi yod a hand and I lte-t about two tho guy rearhed on over and raked in my whtile p 11* Frank (.'lark \Veewel '3 o.ompnulou did not lose anything. Wuowlu wtoi touched tor aliout ?f ,n . MATINEE AT PARK TO BE AT 4:30 SUNDAY (hantre lit time of per*or :Ti .' wa8 t.tM.o-ssary duo tt> tho I rbnl tn© Milton Hhuster Coiunany who oro opening hero tomorrow v;ill not ar- live niita tho 3;30 Ho.'x l.--l,tiriJ train [i]i<l the chango of Ilnii' .tbflOlM^- Iv nccesnary. Mr. Ileek italtl this Kins'taK*. irapcttbeark- t ; the oth.or "big top'' nho | int; up Mutuhln^on th BTS'IIS that W'aifiK'O and '•? were paas- •ar but not fo with Milton ShtiBliT :md ','ompanr •is they have boon pir .yinp at the park tor 9 yearn and are t.r.- :nnro depeud- aWc than any of the bij; siiows. COURT HOUSE TO HAVE A WORKABLE FUG POLE U Will be Erected in Yard and Old Pole cn Top of Btsiltling Will be Removed Ma mirror Konn Jtock nf Jtlvor.siilo Park aniuitmcos tl»at the iriAliii^o tn- morrtnv iifti-rncon will b« uold at. 4: a0 instead of tho. urual hour, 3 :!W. Tho Tito Uono founty con li.'tvo a flai; polo from win wtil aluaya ho <\Uu- conn t y citniml{? , sit' , i \iM 's li havf a fhiv; ot)U> evei.-.i--il hotiso van] to ink? thf or;«> on top of r.hij !>u!.Mi :i :'u it»n:,r bo tiHi 'il. Th<' j in-lallatlou of tho polo -.\ \hn-d by Setlutor Vincetn. "I wonli] HKo to *•"-• down U \)M\ tho top of li:- ' • VL M <;;i;tlr:(i.i:t Fri'nt 'h. I u u;-ki"l and ovnr\ {,im,> j piiirlolli-, 'I'h -'V prnb ;ih;y j {Titiciyio until it. is down s prt-ritiont was hero -„\e h , li;'>r;:inK all ovvr the j t or:i • court houso and r-winp'op, - ?;\-w tho empty flag si.*Tf n sharr- jab." Tli LOST, STRAYED OR STOLEN (Cont'd} td > eOjilllrC K l'liwtai lu\K< i'rd'l STHA Y K1 > - Twelv. brandeil mi left Nieltersoii. — t ')no !:<>U)vn bi-ovfii Pit feinnJo, ea, M :i ;id tail clipped. Finnic- :'.02. 3THA Y I'ii * Thn>..* mule .:olu, on.. »•;.>' ?JU re-.vurd. C. U. Jf «<'h 'in, j phon" 31F31. :i" ' I.ti.^T -%v>) bill on ^ide-Aiilk n.-ar l?X >•: >t ' ,^. v o'i '7naji. l'',iiil'-r return ti-» Nev. .• f"i rr-\v;.:d. 1 » I..OST I'mieli of Iteys. leather key h.nd'T. ltowaitl. O. rf- liimjiert. ' J 07 l^.i.-it Slev- maii. 3\l l --b> IA'iST- - Pointer bird time brown and whitti bpul.'', H found, phono 7U4. Ke- ward. . 30 l3-4t LO.-^'i'- -Prevvri and white upotteti dn;r. Call 3IS Kaut F, attvrnooii, (or reward. SO 7-11 LOST - Sin:.'1 infurnlfyliif,' phuts In le .'.th .-r ea:m. Fimier p-ave at News. V.i> H-lt •asn I R to •'>hl Olory board or voted to i:i F-p? oonrt ''.'••.•" of tho r-' '-vhlt h can 'W impot- * P"!rt takon ''•• : ir* houJiO," £f (.an never ••ht 'writ* fcties not ho'ing e J:IIJ.V to WiPTi Uio 'i! )"-••. i and I >K'Ie uf tho s^/.-d high, -tJtti {javo its SWIMMING POOL AT THE COUNTftY CLUB •;|VVor!< Will be Started by Contractor Monday—To bo Rcaciy in About Two Weeks. "lOiOllOK pool nlioii! .\u s u.Mt i"i«. M.-mu * I 'M', the pool M'uev-.Mnrkey he,';i;i work on BUSINESS PHOPEJITV j.l lU'TKl.S 110 V...TUH, J -0,1 .N )0; 0(1 „,„,«., ¥ 10.0' .0 ; ;;'• mi'ilu, $S,t '0vl; 2^ r"eiii :J. S ;,,Oiiu: ^.1 O-OOH . IV-'uO, K. (V.llruno llot^i UruU-rnit-t IV. .'-'i North Main. 33 i;!-:i Btlii-jGlNOK. lotH. (.'omni'rn'lal antl loos torni -len.j^^; —,ial; MoXoGhtmi; l.'irst N';«J biiiJiliog. 3a 2-2r ,t If.very day you will N IK ! a bi, rla.^'OtK^l want Bil llBt, and tlumo itoloa aro of ni 'Korloinr iM ( reHl. OPHORTtJMITV Bmalt l>u:-inr-s;i In fairly Lartr-> town. I.' oi n JJ good b u a i i\ e. a :*,. Thrlvinjc town. Small capital Will handle, flood reua<«n for aellhig. l>*or information, nddi e«» U-iir., CAUL F.W3. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY Would you like to hewe the opportunity of f^ttiblijiliimr H business*" thai pays yiju e.\t:( t,y profilr!'.' Wo bav*.« an 1 opp«rtunity for the right party to eti' a youit, payine: busin.*s(* In a gnr.vinK mwn; e>:e-• It opportunity for a hmdler ; must li.ive :.;mull i ;,pitnl and be ;l real bu-ilne.,?. man. For full partleulara, addresy J-iiii, i.'.M'T: I'owr chair r. 'IMire. 3^ fi-17 •d buabiefirt, $t,10d. .fber whop, }2 ,£0t); three- T!w» ('ounfn* (^nh . will .-'i icady for u-;= • l-it, H wa-i .'t.hiioitnced Comw, ai'v liU'fct-i, laii ycst'Tday an<\ tlu- CoiK-ti'tP'tinn Co. will lhe jj-ooj Monday. T!t<: v.wlmminK r»»! will ho ^7 by 78 f> M f. mid will liavo a rimxhuum depth of S',j 1't'ot, arcortilug to thn phinn. It will lin const r UP Leil of cone ret o, Tho ] ool will ho located Jn«i r.or*thw»"-:a of tile (lllll llOUHO. Adjoltiiiu; the bi;.; P '""-l will he a wading pool for th" I- I M I'L' n. SUB-POWER STATION TO SUPPLY FARLINGTON North End EJectric Light .Service to be Improved Also, Mullison Sfcys. 'I'll- elrcliio llfilu vio- Iii tlm north end of tho oily will |»> r.t'-atly iulio'uv'.'il fVDlll iinvv o.l I).-' ;ni:r>- tho new tut'iM-taiion mi tl M.^lora road smith of the V'urmin; '.m .-iilditlou liaM been eoniidi.ted and V,,M put. intt) op.-ration toila>', areorditu; I i J, II. ?.lu])i>oii. satmHutmihmt <'< «io Cuitotl Water, (laa and Klecirie t'o. Tho new joib-oUtion ha.; a capacity of oh kllowuttg which will he Kiiflb lietil to take care of the il aiandp fof current, in the Karmin^ioa addition ami in the north part of town as far •foittli as Twenty-third street. Mr. Mulli:-on mated that Iho capacity of tho nuliKlatlon could otiKlly be trebled If tile detuandii. wiiould make it jlecotj. e .'ii -y. 'i'lio mlnitatSon hah Ijeerf erected at a co »tt of 31."on. 1 East Hutchinson Evaneelical. 10.eo A. M, Kniidiiy Hi •hi,nl. 11:0i) A. M. l'leaehini; *n let )'.'• l!. V. Wlllc ei-Kiia, ?e!)j.'ct, "The A/t'Cry „f tho Hnlv Si-Jrlt In Salvalimt. 7--M 1*. M. )•:. \.. C. K. S ..m T. M. J"iviK-hill K .--ory Ice by Hro. Nii'iiol:!, .Slliljei't Kv:uiue.ll&> tic I'runn w». i'rayer HIWIIMI ; at th» church WwlnosUay Sou I'. M. l.od 1 )7. Mm. .Milhinl. I FOU SAl.iO or trade—Hmlseii Hiifclni ra'-- lArrar. J-Ve .1 LfiKX. "-'J fast It. si 7- H I''OU KAbt: -l-'onl commercial l,.«Jy. A. K. John.-ien, if, South WuMihi^tiy!. fl tl-0t fill'. .' ; .VI.!'*: I 'lcir.flpr collie-; t'Mj'i run- ntr.t; coiulltii,ii. i'iioiir lt'iv. ll-l. Full SAi^b:— Chevrolet euutio in Al condition. See LUmto Ooul Co. t;-(it I $)R SAT.P. or trade—11)13 HPocial. ttood sliapc. 31i'_'. 3Hifl':baker i-i 27-lOt VOIX SAlvl']—Auto trallc-rw. J. 1,. AVardi lit. South "Walnut. 2^ il-^f.t Man," Nlokerson, Kan. 19 tua a I-7128 WE FIT GLASSES THAT FIT ' L TL, Stosi<Sg OjctotiisKftte'BsIl 16^ Kaat Shonnan; ovtr CiUfM. 14 iJG -a &t (SE©„ C. MCE Optomotiial, fcyos tented— GU ECOO flttra, 16H Worth M»ln, over Jonea Shou ato-j. IS a-i'Jt ET SKI.LINO THE NEWU Al"l'Kl « P. M. KACH RVKtUNU. lOo BTAUTH -INlir. lOo BTAHTB YOU, Wl« TiJ-MIl, QKAQO NEWS Ot.'iriclO. 'is l»-2llt Vlsitlnu carrlu, woorams, soeiul ana conuneioljl iiriiitiriK /'Tor these tylio S'> r, i';'.' ) V " 1 '-' 1 , '''InHt'lI Co., phone 403. 14 West First. 10 u. :6t LAWN mowers uhnrpeueui called for and delivered. 14 Vent A. piiono not. - • ' 1» 6:16-|l0t STOl'l Think! Why throty^w Il 77oT|7 "oia rurnituro when w« can niafco It. good aa FOli S'J J E--A«to trauere. J. L. War.1, 115 South Walnut. 22 2-2bt I-'tiH SAI'Ii—Ford coupe; real buy. stjj Kml MLxth. 22 1UU Milk feu, nicely dressed. Phona us - yowr order. SaM C% PtodwEe Co. ' IS Kast Third, shono 779. 18 37-201 KIKCIl.ET linrrcd Kock -H. Cock<,r«!. licad- tng pons sired by tfrund champion at Chicago Ooilsouin. Kgfis, $5 frtr li; furrr, flock, f6.«0 per 100. All iiogmi tested. C. A. Boyle, Burrton, Kun. 'I A q 2i-vn VOV. SAL13—Thoroughbred Bsrroil nocit tliS-s |1 »eltlil)f. phonu SOiJ. 411 iiiaat A. S3 7-25t AltE your ohlcfca dying? Bavo tietn witii "Ulttrho," WM«ne, Drug. SB'I-J6t ITOE BALE—Baby chlckona, u conti ai«h. rhona 11605. |) cii-upt KQR^SAlilS—-ICgg* tor ttatchtng, pfiono •665. 13'8-6Ut FOB BAlAfr-fllM frlea. SU7 ISftitiniS ••••••' iil'.-H FINANCIAL I'D ^ou v.ant your oeje.-v to ,. ;i yeu 1-',L net;' Inve. tinvat t-esf •i". 1 i.-'"U!'0.v. '..-i.ldre^:., K-iel, .Vt'v.i L"J 1 1 - 10 L rv ;C eren for 1 •. Mm iiui '1,3 n ri... i nil'. ncie c RIH.-:I:v HI-:AI,T: Camplns Vletrola'i Wilej-'ii. lot, 32 13-2t ltotabaur;h- 11 -lt Paris will linve a si: I.,,: devoted e.t- e.loMvoly to i ^irtraiiH ui ii'iinnii. Mi »B )®3* TP© on city honivj; tuiii; turinu oil moritlilf wmcnt iilon. Farm loans "o"i--» Tilt; K1NKKL, AOKNCY Phono ^uou. Stiito J^s.euantt.j ilank 33 2-. t 1 HEI-dAPl-H puporlntf ut a rt-ahyn.-i iprtC'.>. Fiinnliwitoii , rej-id-neti i> 1 < 43K5. At offict? Sautrduy f ,tid JtoVd"" Phone 261.7. Jaii. %V'J I U M, \Z HHI ah-"_ _ 'iJ 13- FAIfif lounu, 6% tnten-st. h.w* 0 jnm]iT •ton. Newlin-Manuhjis Loan Co 11U Noth Main. 2-oaS fc A KM and city loans, loweaL raii-a a p't --commission; write or call for fu : ' d&tuiia. J. N. Balh'i' %. Bon. 2 (1 2 -' J Nt MC :-*I0Y to loan on farm and city ui"D- : trty; —ask MuNaghtcnl 2U2 -ii'-ti CITY loan*. Nevvlhi-Muiinlnii Lo .-i" C>*- ' UV J North Main. «y2- tj 1/jAS.i on vacant hitu. l'hcnt'. l^/j. I You have to get it where they have the beat equipment an:l workmanship. That's us—and we aro hero to prove it. DEPARTMENTS: Auto Repairing, Auto Painting, Top Building, Upholstering, Fender and ; Body Rolling. Auto Storage. ROAD SERVICE: We til by telephone No. 200 twenty-four hours a tUy, days a week, awaiting your call to start ona or both ok" 011; Urge service cars to your assistance. LOST, &TRAYHD OK STOLErJ 23 VAJAiA'BIjB puaaeselona «a.aliy and i quickly rtiurncd to loso.trn. L-.^i an^ ' found column la i.'toat offbjient 'ii^ihu-r i lor return of loat pr-.Teiry. Now*! lOBt (Old.found rnl'jiiii, I TIP E A LEY'S ERVICE 15-! 7 Second W CJ L Lq^ft-Kl-avi! c..;-...-r':i :..::... I, I .,, " 7p1***#: notUy A**.* t.itiv«. . ., ;v,ig-o

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