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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 7, 1859
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' " -- NEWS. m KW ~m.'&&mftfo&te&&:& NUMBER 239 t" ,•**!-* rf - i 1* >i£+ -1 ?*}- IfsWH-AltSoTIM,, Milw^ukee, T aaof > Auction- Booms, No. 4 Spring utreaf, on mornlnj. Ja.Hoth at JO o'Sock, 1 *Q1 TJll nd TUC" BftO «l. OP THE RUS OP WAB * .*twa.<ciiouHa > o* tuttat -stain, MEM Baily Paper, puttishca vntf sjorntoft «ctpt MonOay »' Wetily Paper) XvatoJ) Wje4ne«day *t>a . « «M»- P«per, ererr WeaneBUy jnonUng. ^ TEftMS <JT DAttT PAPKC D»fly p«per for CM year, payable ta ^<tranc«.... Tri-Weeklj Paper for«myear,payab)ein«d«aaD«48 l S TERMS OF THE WEEKLY PAPER. Weekly Paper for one year, payable to advance}..$1,0 UATES 6T ADVERTISING W DAItY it less, of H'onpareilmalsettsg.naro. 1 square, 1 month.,.* fy 1 do. £ months.. .10,' 1 do. 8 monthi.. Kf. 1 do. 4months.. Ifii 1 do. «roonths . 1C.CH I do. S months... SOJX 1 do., lyear.... r I-square, 1 day....... |1,00 1,60 S.OO 1 , xio. 2 days.. 1 tie. 8 daj s I do 4 URJ-5 \ dO, 1 IFrt I Jo. S weeks I du 8«--,iB 8,00 4,00 6,00 Rlouttdis A: AGENTS, 155 RtimtoIpU Street, are avVurised ta re- celfe Advertltan<eato far OS* and aU On Zeadin- Papers 'v/tlie Iforffaca^and! are VM cst.r and a ant!iori*ttl Aycntt fn tht JforOnnttlfof mar4 MAHK M. POMEROY. Editor. Record, for July «, '61 Lerrt l.j-C. U. GAEDIKER t 00., DraB<?lirt«,168priOB R A. t. ST..K. S5"» & r. K. 80<>» For Tdegraph and Coimnercial maUrn set Fourth Page. • The Baker famfty of rocalis'ts give a coiicurt at Eipon this evening. nugget of gold found recently In To- olnmne conntr, Cal., yielded mdted gold to the value of $5,750. £@"° The serenth annual exhioition of ty United States agricultnral sotjiety is to be held at Chicago, on the 12th of September next. : NOTICE.— The Knights of the Golden Cross will m«et at their Lodge Boom, on East Water street to-night, at half past nine o'clock, to transact some business which will then be brought up. .(..'- e understand that Bank Controller Squire's has removed Mr. A. Singes from the place rrhich he has 'so long held as Chief Assistant in that office, and has appointed Mr.R. F.. Sweet, a clerk in the office, in place. • " ~™"^^*"^*™' . \ ... ^S* The Raoino Journal skys thatia Miss Hill was ran away with by a span of horses"jon Wednesday last, on the lake shore road, arid the horses running astride of a, tree, smashed the lore part of the carriage and broke one ol Miss Hill's ankles, near the knee. FIRST LOAD op SEW WHEAT. — The first car load of new, iriirter wheat this season was roceffed in Chicago on Mo?day last. It was grown in Perry county, Illinois, end is said to be very fine, dry, plump grain, weighing sirty pounds to' the bushel and sold for §1,52, • •'-' • ,. : i . THE MANLT ART. — A prize fight took place Tuesday afternoon, ont-on the Menomonee, at . Bamham's brick yard between Jack Gallagher and a fellow named Bean. They had fourteen rounds, and Jack came down seven times, but .had the"be£it of it towards the end, when Bean "put In a foul blow," and the "Judges" gave the parse ($25) to Jack. very fancy "rig" was that from Butler & Post's livery, on the 4tb, used to "convey'' the officers of the Lodge of the Sons of Malta, of this place. A fine carriage well decorated, a handsome span of mnles on the wheels, w Kb a dashing pair of bays on tbe lead, flagged, up to a patriotic point, made this one of the most notieable turn-outs. CHI LOBES LOST.— Two little: girls strayed away from their parents last evening. One a German child, went away from her parents at -the Kossuth Honse/abont 6 o'clock.r- . Sheas about 4 years >old, wore' a black and white dress and s'raw bat. Her: name is Kroeger. The other little girl is nameo: Pin^ der, and strayed away from her hom6 during , the evening. She; wore a black an^'red pkld dress, and was bare headed. Any person knowing any thing about them will please leave word at the Police Station! . MADISOS.— At Madison yesterday, we noticed ihat all the Milwan- kee men attending United States Court there, put up with Butcher, /t tfie Capitol House, and those we heard stieak of the accommodations, thought, with us, that everything was in' first rate order afld keeping. There is no better kept bouse in the State, outside of Mil waukee, and we/are indeed glad to see Mr. D. reaping the h^W-^ of -nrel that be does. EEA.T EASTERN.— We have heard very h tils' of this mammoth ship hitdy. It now appear that she is to be completed in September— tbe contractor to have $1,000 for each creels he gains upon this tune, and to forfeit §10,000 for every week he losses. She will have room for 500 first cls^s, 400 second olass, and any number of third class and steerage passengers. .One of the n'ses to which she is to be applied, if) needs be, is to ran down an enemy's ships. This she will b« able to do, with the largest, as easily as one of our steam* boats could run ddwn a wherry. ««in Jg^ WHAT ii TAKES TO MAEJZ A BAHOOK. — The great balloon in which tbe recent trip wa* undertaken from St. Louis to tbe'Atlantic required sir months to ooatit, at an average of 12 hours labor per day. The sewing occupied 900 days, and was done by girls, who were .selected from wnong the best seamstresses to be, torind Twenty-two hundred and fifty yards of the very best Chinese oiled silk ware used in its construction, and sir miles of cord need in the nptting. It is one hundred and eighty feet in circumference, and Is tbe largest balloon •TOT manufactured ^ |&» FESTIVAL OF THE ROSE.— We tnvitt all to read the advertisement in to-day 'B paper, with the above beading— they will get a belter idea of the plot of tbe OPEEATTA than we could gire. Mr. Cee has taken great pains to make the entertainment a »access,and from tbe talent be has bad to work upon, -we hava no doubt bat Ihat he jnw succeeded. We advise all who w»y wUfo to pass*deKgiitful evening at au on- «ot)pliona'ble entertainment, to visit Albany Hall. TiM elegant manner ta which tbe Hall ,mna tbe sight of a> jnany beautiful not t»Mng fcto don th<) ^[^1 Md , the prooeeda we to be teI-4» worth .*. great <teai »«« tJba« tt u e eaara tor, admission. . . garU ^vt 3Udi- 5n0rn Jog we saw the editor of ; theLMidison Journal aeleep there on the grass, taking all the Comfort ft man ia allowed to take in tbat way, with his faee<!0vered"b,y a Bewipaper.' WB paused Jn&t long enough to tickle his leeward ear with a blftde of grasa, fill ha ^muttered, *-~~— .'the flies 1" when, thinking discretion tbe better part of valor, hastily left. * ' . FOOTB, COURT— His tIoK6a, JB — Wednesday, July 6— El •len ilurphy, assault «nd battery, H nod $15 and costs. John Herrman, assatiluad battery, «tf«?et. tied by payment of "costs| . Joseph Hitlj assault and battery, fined $1 Ann Armstrong, disorderly; disoliarged, KKUAI. Eise^ioN^p THK GAS LIGHT COMPASS — JUST 6, 1859 —At tbe-annnal meeting of -Stockholders of the Milwankw Gaa tight Company, the following gentlemen were elected directors; Edward. H. Brodhsad, Anson Eldred, Elipbalet Cramer. John <J. In- bnsch, Edward D. Holton, AlfS. Mitchi-ll, It S. Scott. The Board of Diivotor* then elected tbe following oncers :lPor mer j. Treasurer Irous. t, 1) Cra- if S f guolt*; S*>i«retary B A sparring exhiliitfon wSa «r(vi-n pi tbe' N2t5onal TK*tf%, in Boston, oif l-'rhia^f J which broke up HI i\ ]ow,*JjecauE*" fl«w:au, Benida JJoy and W^odP, ,anoth( r pugilist, advertized in the bills, would not appear Heenan was in a stage-box, and on leaving was attacked by a large crowd of ''roughs,*' and, though be hit out right and left lerriffieally, was finally knocked down by a slung shot or bflly. His friends finally rallied,-got Wtii into a hack, and conveyed him into an apo'heoa- shop, where bis injuries were dre^si-d lis scalp was 'badly cut, with otner braises, rat none of them are dangerous , •j *Tbe, '•Fourth.^ has b?«,t ^4— that is, the people of ^Milwaukee— have commemorated, once more, Ihe event which, ak one of^it-s resnltsjliatmale Che/Fourth of the flrsf, or to tise a more appropriate t^omoet"gloriqug7{s>oji yalorious,} *eeulat holiday M tbe Aiierioaus— and which, atao«sita other resnlts,bas£ecared liberty and iis of, prosperity to" all who dwell in "these United Statea. The day has been celebrated in right good style ; but I do not propose lo write a v«ry full account of it.- There- ak-e different" binds of culebrationB ; in* t modes of celebrating our independence on the anniversary "day areas many and BB variegated ^ tho ways to, evade a creditor, or to "put him o'ff'' when caught. {N. B This illustrationjs fttrtbe benefit of commercial ratnl) I knew vfbat particular mode w6nld'ba adopted in Cliicsgo-'-anfl escspf-d. No ftrrangumenl^ for a' formal ptaeivancb of the day were entered upon ; and anything but nn informal celebra turn int^wn! To proclaim b forehand-thatthe honors intended, will be unorganized, is sim- plly to announce tlKM' • "i >S11 «jve over the d/iy to thfboys j ninl vhfen \\arr\H work Is ' £g~AcciDESi most Fine WORKS — Oa tbe 4th, at M&dison, two persons ware hurt by sky rockets! In t\»e evening, whiie Iha display was taking place, a boy threw a lighted fire cracker on the stand, .which : fell in a .bos n'nd gnited several rock-.-tSi causing, them to daft off through the crowd. 1 One of 'tht-in passed hrougb the leg of a lady, dose lo.^he thigh,. larely missing the maini.irtpry. Dr. Chapuian, )f. Madison; assisted by Df; Stnrks, of Wash - ngtiftn, and Dr. Leib. of Chicago, dressed (he wound, and the lady is 'doing as well as pan l>e xpeoted. . A boy was pierced through tiKjann y another rocket, lrutth.e wound was not o» .angerous. •-:,.,' ;. : *.; -.'-. . • .--..- . .-.••'..'; ISFAKT 'DtES IN RKS WHILE TBAVELISO.— Conductor Tsn>- ilingson, says the Rochester Unio>i~& Advtr- iser. informs us of on Incident whicb occurred . • ' •- . ; ...-•-.,.' v . -i .t Niagara Falls. Among tlio :pas"sengersby its train up, was a wotban going to licr 1ms- iand in Indiana with 'a! b'ob.fe in her ahns. ;^fhe woman neglected to leave the aars at Suspension Bridge, Mushi) should jhavc done, fend there takes the Detroit ; traia,;but , wig iBar«?d : miles farther- 'to ib^ Falls. i; : 0n leaving the oars, she took a seat in the depot, to await a take ber back to tUs bridge. Pre- sently-sha.disctiycred tiat her infant wis dead — the little creature had just: expired in its mother's ;arms.. the corpse and the mothg'r were-takeh to a ' made for intermeut; a'fr'cr which tibe ruotiier would go on her way to her hnsliaiid-r-child- ess. The infant was about two or tbwb weeks old, and probably died : '-of/debility, as it had b( en unwell from its birth. "; , Jnlyith, 1SS9. • " '•••••-: — ' ' K ' We wish to mention throagh your columns he fact that kindness and 'attention to travcN rs, finds snre.and everlasting resting plaqo fn he hearts of All who travel. Coming up from Cincinnati t^e other day, on'the Cincinnati & ndianopolis Railroad, It was indeed a pleasure o know/that'theaceomplishtd and; attentive larry Hall was conductor^ ir.all conductors were like him, attf ntiy*;, courteous,gentleman- y aod i agrceaWe ) trayeling would even be more b^n agreeable : MrV Hall;: and Capt, Hart- Well, of the Bates House, Indianopolis, where we were made to feel so perfectly at home, and where we fared so well, are 'recorded in our Ibnms as ; inen good iendugh to' be lovers, TOthers or husbands, ;to the fo -rest of the air. May their linos always' V cast in pltas- .nt places.. .! / ' -'i V.rSpJHJpat HOTJSE :PAgTT." . THE FouitTH.^Soijie how or other in alraostt every village and city in the State where the 4th was celebrated, a burlesque «e!- bration came off, in many instances fairly clipsing the original and more soberly woided rogramme. In this city- especially, the com- cal "took" to * charm, and while the Knights f the Golden Cross were ont on parade and oing through their maneuvers, there* "was .ardly a face to be seen for blocks* either way, ut was ont of shape from langhter. Their ppearance was unique. Their actions in good eeping with the paFTthey undertook to per- orm. Their conduct ' tbat of gentlemen, and bearing throughout tbe entire d»y sober nd orderly. • Dressed in every conceivable' isguise, " taking off" everything the limited me they bad for preparation would allow,'' heir burbs^nes were, in.the main, capital.— "he presentation of a brillittnt stand of colors n front of the Newiiall, and accompanying peeches, were witnessed, and listened to ty honsands,,as were ths literary part of the ex- wises, an hptirlaterin front of "thy Albany.'. t!s generally conceded Ibat.theidoingi'of the Knights t w*re. tbe features of Jhe ^ay, sj» far s furnishing amusement-ware concerned, and he general wish is that next year they may app°ar in "as good condition 1 '-^ they drd tbis.- COOET— QBASD JCEY IN izssios.— f he Grand Jury for tbe July term f a the Municipal Court, met on Tuesday and were dismissed after; presenting the ndictmente: . k • < ~ Conrad Holmgren) indicted for stealing pro- >erty and money jfrom Mrs. Janssen, to tbe alue of $65,35., Pleftd guilty and sentenced o Slate Prison for one year and three days. Conrad was a ^wcdish minister^ and says e has a wife and -child living In 3hio. When arrested he was quite well dreaa- d, und he talks veiy gpofl English ' His age must be about thirty. _ When arraigned he ap ' peared quite crestfallen. ' ' He said lie had spent •11 hljB money here in the city, and had been in Imost every jlaeeof business in the wity to ;et *ome Jsini o f employment. He Anally got wrmission of the women from whom Tie stole, o |Btay in her house over the night, and while here he say* the Devil tempted 14ml ~ Bis •entenoe was made JisHght'rtB possible. Jos. 2*un wrtj nade/ felse pw^ences.' Emma Schneider, indicted tor he Store of Mack TJrotheiyj'. PrUsad notgnflty. Amanda Shaw, Sosa H. P.-1I, UeHry Lowi», nd Jan» Lowia, were Jnwoted ipt keeping a pjweof i!!-farae. Plead not guiHy - ,- indicted, lor «l)ialniiig pro- ! ^ Instead'of imposing military pa and Wg cannon, and glaring if not grand one N waTcuared too tarly m the nervously rapid discharges of vi- utttj'crab'IveiiiT'ftiid-puiett dby Efi»»lJ iu- ruacbims iintit late at night — or until i flock o'f salipctte, brick -dn=t and fibre, pounds, lias been expended, or the patriotic little devils sulwide from sbfer exhaustion. I liave suffered throngb several days tbU8*ulebiat('d:— rsaveme, 0, American eagle , from n repetition- of the calamity, jtny fort of .v Ci_M>ra.tlon, in tbeoity,tBbad encash; bqt if celebiationsne must hav.e— »n<J wo w^t — let the nien keep tbe dTriction Old Aincnca is better than Voung America, after ai: jgThe guerilla praetice on the Fourth is th • tiiostiboininabK* abomination of this hero cepocli. Xou fn Chfcago htrvc had erpe- rwnct' enoDgb, one nHoiijd think, of this hfiSi- uets to resolve you agiinsl it in tbe fuluro.— -, proibaUy, Is th' 1 only city in the Union tho national .day-, is properly observed; anil it is 50 there /or the reason, simply, thai the amnicipality direct thfl ceremany and pay th'g bills; f' •''.-'--: ;_ - ; .•' "/'---. ;-i -. : '•'.'• '.- -?- •JThe day"(ipened" in/Mjlffaukce very cold, with considt-rablB wiu>l;'the:ui2Ut before was alilthpse, and hoigy. besides. Some expedient ought to ba devised to prevent the Fourth from coining oij Monrlay-. It is; about as bad when H Happens on Saturday. Of conrs« it ought never to 'pcc'a'r on Sunday. • : TJie liour ofirrtd- nigbt bad j0t stniuk, when boom weut a small briss piH^a,' afld Ian// ianjrw.imt a«ouple of old usk«;t3/aiid^r/i -furze °vcnt o s-.'rpentr-all, apparoutlJT, cli>3B iiinlertheiwiudow of uiy bedroom/ No morujslcep; The firing, at first at lotig intervals, then more irapidly, end after* ' almost .incessantly, was iwpl up till day lisjlit. Magenta was nothing jp.ltiin comrnrK soinj I-«on{d-sJe«p'through' the greatest battle in list)-, iiftcr iny last, night's exjwrifnee — bells • of-lhrt town .were n«t rung, aud tbjcn there was comprirnlive siltacc forawhtlt-, Alt 9 l-2«*clock the Crt> companies,- with their irjachines tastefully ilrenralcd, passed through tlie priiieiii'ti sln-cM., Many Cnn,mil- itary companies wero iuiu;-.ft3 vrer« alrso: i.iv Sons of, Malta, And so wen.'other ''.sons," Whose *aba!t5lic.dfiigriat»on,s are forgotten'. A kurlesqae procession—that i.-i, a" burlesque litUeglrl, . Esq., b waft severely Injured by beldgr ovtr )y "a hearse on tbe street, on Monday,' ninglast. ihe calks on the horse' flicttd sotDB ngly wounds on the llttli arm and lianlJ, breaking no bones, bow It is »'won Jer tbat site escaped with tier fife. — Pern. ,'Wtot Bend, or TEC BBIOGI A^'St, ANTBOKX'S J'Atta.-i-We regret to cltrowol* the oonipleta destruction of this jre wli|oh spanned below the Sttspeosion Bridge. It was bollt ID 1855, under the supervision of Messrs. 'Stine, Boomer & -Boyington, of Chicago, and 'cost 'St52,OOfJ., IF Jras the propoity of an assoofofton of | Atinne«pdlis and St. Anthony*. It ~be< : ame very much damaged daring the recent disas- troug. flood-jpnb truss and two spans •beinfcear- •rkd away, sod-tbe' other piera badly ,uiMer- wined . The remaining spans, three- in- climber, which extended from the chasm tollis St. Anthony shore, \rere caniudaway at 6 oVJook this morning durini? the heavy rain, leaHng but OSB span, on each side of Ihe riyer^'jThe ;itt«mpts wIjSoli were being made to repksVatlia portion of tlin bridge carried away by thejate freshet, are of coarse frustrated.—^, foul e following Is a'correct tabfe, the Ktw Torb fferafy of the number «f |fca and railroad disasters 4!>l six years. . . tte •direction oC H. B. Coe, Principal of th - rr „- D**irtin*n»,- atAlbany Ballon Thcrftlaj Krptin,', JuIyrWi. TlsWtr 2$ csnt», Urpe had at th ' -' " rtj acd at tbedoor. Concert ta oommeim ly a( 8 »'cloek. The proceeds: rf the Concert »«1H be retained: H «^eho!ars' fond," to b« dirked anjoftg 1 the several" c'tpaitmeaia ot the school, and caed u khaB benwst needed. The hall be trtmmid w!tfc fe«- toorai «f eterg'ten, sod the young ladles drexet] In wblte> with wreatht of flowers, excepting what ehlrago of icostume may b« eewsa'y to present'the' sevtral part* <rf the FrttJvai. , * This festival of the Sole li % Juvenile Operetta, is- lecied and arranged-by Mr. Coe, to represent a cutout saldtopreyalHn Arca-ila, pf Uklor, on a eerta n day theyonnglady who had beta found the doit . vlrtaou* •nildttUmt to>trp«reas durlnitUit) year and crasn- lnj(hei!wlih»wre»tlnf pare white ro«fc>; thusn-i-laj pvHtit *B'l {ttuoeeau cnrdlnil ylrtiies, w6icb U ti* roflra'thit -xhe 7c-itl7»I dealjcs ta'tetcb; The Mrcmo- ny it' jnppote4 10 take place In ths forest. A.vtr< brjsf ,deieripU«n of it Ii here glren. Flrjt !i Hcird a r«it»ijon annpoaclnjt the d*wa of day. . Ntxt coae three opening chonuaw, one of which rrpreients tlig mounuun »» echoing tnelr i ong. Tbe Wood Njmnha aod Baladi of the Waterfall now mite theit appearance, ind lifter b«log.welcomed by thu company they tint; fvps* relatfog to the Woody Dell and Cryitat ' Jcmntlln;'»lUr which fhcy retire to eicort tin parc tulnd ;d girl who 1» to t e approved jrorthy ofthecrovn of roJ«s. They are attended by th: Fairy Qaeea, who lead* la the-Qaeta'cf Honor, preceded byfoarlitthf glrli a» Uerildi, representing the four m:oiii of the - "Mike way for the Queen, As ths Jayoaily cornea Tbe,cb,olr tmmedlauly take np the «o'oj lo'the lice key, and ting the comaaod— '-To j-iur itationt, ue the lorelj Queen »dv«nctDj?." It th(«, four yonn« ladies drcued as Ouarjf , t^lce their itlnd before the portal (an etergreen gitjwa/)to tte that'none pan bat tfaoie who are worthj ; the choir go "Gome, <5eare«t m»Meo, < Impatiently we waiV'th^eJ' *c. ta sdTa&.,4 «. Ill neral, Tia attention 1« pMtlealarty re<iuf»$«ii to this rtock M tfiay art new goods, direct from Heir York City. i ?ernjt cash o-a delivery of goodi. J3 e J. HOOD, Auctioneer. LOT FOK SALfcJ. A TEBY desirable lot of land, oorrer cf Lyo»3o3 Munball mreef, in tbe First Ward of street. f tSo Citv of For terms BOAKDINO. T WO gentlemi-a with their ladles can 1M iceonnci- uaUd with first class board at .323 OS AITS.. STJiEET, Secoad door,north of Onledij: a'to Uveor s& geati*- jaen can hare room*', and from six ta tea Jay boarclttre can be accontmo^ated on reasonable t»rn-j. je2C-dlni ' . *IJt». WILHAS1E03, CTS. At Strickland & Co.'*. Thia Jfap ci mpreh«nJa'\. the whole region <>j cm which the prevent war trill /jr. 01] SHERIFF'S JJTA.TE t)7 WISCONSIN, ) CircniiCour', >!il»a»kea County. | June* S'. Ilrown, against Ernai, P. 0«Rb#r 3 . Jonah A. Koot»n, Peter Me SO, ami •••••-;• Foreclosure. J-MDeofRosd. • Date. Kl led. Wcan'd. Balllmoreand Ohlo...,..MarcH S7,1551 ..S 24 Michigan Southern ApriU«,lf28....21 fO New York * New Haven.May 6,1833 ....46 Belvldtr** pe1a*a/e....August 2, ISM...11 1< Camdc-0 $ Afoboy.'. ..i...»u£ust 9, 1S58.. 4 JO Providence.A Worcester.AuguU12,1852.. 14 ' a CamdenV«mboy...-""August S»,UK"SS " 61 PactfloBoad, NOT. 1,1655.,...IS ; 89 HudEOttRiTer;.*......-. .Jan. 10, 1PS8.-... 5 >• 'J3 North Pcnn. Hoar! July 17,1836 . Cfi 100 MichlganBouthern.....,.Bept. SI, list... ». •-'•• i 20 PittsbOTKh* Cleveland..Dec 8, 1858 S * 10 Greit Western, Canada.Mareh7,1851....60 "• v 1 15 New 5fork-Central;..-... May 11,1853..... » i f s New York * Frle ...July 15. 1859.... « " 40 Michigan Southern.. June 21, 1SB9....40 ":'.', -=', 35 otai . .,' : m ,f '*•'•' ¥• ^~ COMPIIMEMABT.—The-editor *f the Kipou Star has been spending a few days in Ibis city, and tbe following is the result In her ftocial ttatvt, Milwaukee contains niort.i than ordinary elements of success.: Uer citizens 'are .'prominently noted . (and -;i are tliey of that nou-) for .their hospitality to strangers and; for their worthy social qnttities, the hem-fits and pleasures of i.whiph wo have frt!qn«ntly be?n the recipient of in timej past It :*&3 our good fortune .upon thii occasion to Iw eokrtained by Col. Walker and his Udjj.— Surely,the Col. did not lire so long au olc laohel^r for nothing, for :we rarely Enddne who canaiid does conduct thoaJBaira of aiouae- h'old with I'so much eraco and ease as Mrs. Walker." ;;•;!• ; •: : ' • . ~ . . ••• i c6r- w3pond(-nt of the 'St. Paul P'umter <t i?saio- erat( who, hiijgone out with Col. Nobl^a ^ra- tcr Hirer expedition; did himself tbe boiioi; to call upon Mra. Swiashelm, who we belitTti il the first editreia ever in Minnessbj'a.: | "She appeaKdtf)be ayery agreeable,-«haity per£ion,-not rat all 'detDonico or elfish itiiAer personal npptaracco—&* w^maii of smali jrtat- uri?; Tith a.brow of really fine contour in {be widf arch and Grecian sweep of the perceptive lindi idt-al orjgansj.with large, nnsteady, licllious eyes; too,.that look aaif the* : s< flash, .wlwther they,;could mtlt ornp^;aiid with, lips, tob.aek the. tyc^s;agserliorr^-a Jpi- quanlj-Epiuy b'ttte body, done up fortUeiiionce in iih affectation of Quaker hideousness dfcia just such a littla woman, for- all tjhe mi it-: refreshes one's soul i to. ' "' A bairqu^t was held in the spacious and splendid dining hall of luu .Newhall Hons:!.— This was a seusibla and ihtertstlng part oftthe djiy's .performances. On&; oC the principal merchants, Mr..-'. JoK» Nazro, presided at the tables; he ; made a speech;; and 50 did Matt. nch^ figq.-^and a good ono too. What occurred afterwards, iu tb.o city, I can- not,"'-not cboope tcr tell. If it werejnst 3^ proper, I could introdncs «ome spioy para- ;r!»phB into this letter. ATI accident happened |nj:one o'f the drinking saloons Ih this wise:—' One man, wbobas been famous in th» Bowery district of 'New TorJt, asked another 'man j of whose character I know nothing, to drink with He deolined : ; when thy ex-Bowery boy pistol arid discharged a ;ball into his r opt. Knives were then drawn; bat the bel- iigerents were separated. NKlther party was arrested. .' . , . , ' . ,. . ' . '.,• ;". Much of my tfrae daring the day w*s spent '.n looking around through tire cky—ri4iing sdreral instftntions of loealintcrestj anij'view- tUe pnblio works. Milwaukee!seems' a iittle dnltj'bnt not, is J^aa jadge_ in proporrion topopa!atioli, thar/llia other western citiM All for a e'ls'ou'prospered— thp bn- fiihess <>f all together comrnenoed to d'^line— up again, all will come np. , Jliave heard a good deal said about an immense contract for transporting goods for the British go vernment to the Ngrth-' western British possessions, to be executed by .be Grand Trunk Railway, that is expected to benefit Milwaukee very materially; bat I do nttt understand enough about it. to do more h'antaftke this, mere-mention, y Certain it is i^werer, that Jwonew first-class lake steamers aru to bt> soon pat on the Milwaukee and Grand, Haven rente , • • 'Daring the afternoon of yesterday I had the good fortune to be o»e of a small and select party, ot a charming spot in the suburbs. It ra? & pic-nio of the right description. There ris"f>6 crowd—nobody was there, I may bo permitted $> «ay, whom it- was desired to crpwd oat, t 'It was only a pleasant family with an outsider er two inrit«d out nod, when any one <Sity conies ofikindness. -The locality, if ,i( were not too WautifoJ, should be described." Bat, like W of the pictures which bavo^betm ou exhibition Jn Chicago', ono'of Herring's for in-' stantea, it beggars- description. It may b* Said of it, thoagh, in general, tnat its elevation," Which ot once overlook's the lake and the city, aiid coffimanas wi extensive riew of, the country, is one of the finest in these parts-. It ^graceful and natural. Standing all over U are tall handsome trees, in tin midst of which atjd nearly inthJa centre of the grounds ia an ancient looking, but really new and Jabstan- tiijl house.; This is the dwelling ofthefarmer od the place. From its balconies the 7iew is magnificent; some of the perspectives through the wrenuea of trees are charmingly beautiful. C^mpreliended ia this lot are eighty acits. It isjth^pror)erlyof Wm. ?itt Lynde, Esq.,— who realSzeg,"as fully as any man," the purest dea of the old school gentleman. In the midst rfj th"£se picturesque jsoenefl, a snmplnonsbat drftoate repast was "partaken of. The party returned in season to witness a creditable dts- )lay ot fira-works. Thus Closed ^the day. The natal dsjy of the" Eepoblio has bwn com- mtimorated. The men and the deeds of'76 iaV« been rehearsed again,"and again have >vvn sung;. - Tho«ouirtry is-safa.- Visrroa, -. — A •Ure tiigiiwniirirjSuioretJ by UuHon 1' «isic S:urri;.-"-'^ "-"• ; V . was at the depot on Sunuay 'As'iu.- • ..-c-u:tiirongh the " ordeal" of trnrffl, the boys gave.lhe-following s*ntimenls : ;•' { " So. 6 of Milwaukee was never beat." I "TVe congratulate, -you. Beat all"— Neptune No. 6, Detroit. ' . i " Success to Miiruesoti"— Continental No ^ Detroit. ^ ' ' : ' , • '; ;. " Courage and perseverance will alwayi co'n- qurfr." -.f - ....... '•• t j " flp ahead; and prosper"— No. 3, Mliwajn. kee.^ ". _..;-• .•'' ij "jSometimss rough, but always Ilongh and It4ady, Nd. 4, Stilwaukee. " May you always conquer"— T B. Evjjfon Milwankea. -; / , " ' - /i j "K«poatofmos»e», / '• i Play aw»y coraet." • ./ '• V ' . —Pioneer, No.xt; La Cros^e.l •'Luctto-yfe, by Jabs.'Vid Croat Devifl- crat.'i ;j- _____ / •• i ' . j '.i i^'ABABf (i/ixt5osrD3ioH.— Some ;tinje ago there waa^dancing party given w»y "op north," near ; ',Weavervill(;, Cal. Most of tho ladies presentlhad little babies, whose noisy perversity required too much attention to allow the' mothers to enjoy the dance. A n amber Of, gallant young men volunteered to watrjh ^heybnng ones while the parents indulged 5n o "breakdown^ 11 No sooner had the women left the babies, tn charge of; ,the mischievous devils, than they stripped the infants, changed thelri clothes, giving to one the apparel of another. The dafice ovcr,it was time to go libms, -and lljc mothers hurriedly took each a baby, in the dress of her own, and started, lome to tbdtr :homt9, ten or fifteen miles off, and [Were Cur on. their way before daylight. But the diy following there was a row in tha settlement.— Mothers discovered that a single day had changed tne sex of their babies. Observation disclosed startling physiological phenomena, and then commenced some of the tallest female pedestrianism— living miles apart, it required two days to immii the babies, and as many months to restore the mothers to 'their ^naturally sweet dispositions. To this day, it is unsafe for any of the baby mixers to venture within tho territory •- ' NEW ADVERTISEMENTS; tscml-Aimuiil Report of tfte loneaa Bank of Milwaukeb, July 4,1959. • i ., , . '- .IUBU2TIK3. - ' . \ Capita! , Circulation recticed from Comptroller >. „.... <9I65 CO nedactN6le»6n#and..:..v,v...-- 8,09509 Dili: Depo»itori an demand, EE8O0RCE8..' $450,000 <W 6,181 bo %.j. Over.prart». BtxuBtoclcf Specie . CMh Items ..... -'. ...... . , _______ Re*I Estate Sod Office 'furniture... .,....».. BHl> oX Bolrent Bank* on liapd. ...'....,... Dae from Bankr. ' ' ]OA)000 & •a.B.fic , , V • W95J.0301 " JAME8B.CROSS,Tr»i)Seiit, ' LOST OU STOI.KN. \ ] milE folio win? Street Commllilorien CdtjaeOet it- X «uedairdp»J(>t)letoDanldKeller: ** 1» H *« 31. i - A*V*«U9. «• 2, Block fi-% g«i '&rd, Ko, 101, -I % " i,'. 81, I S3, 31,82, 82, ' rfo.ioo, Ko. 69, NO. 78, No. 19, No.100, No' 6* Ko. 6, No. 129, -185T,- The »ub!crtberi Would w«rn jxnoaifrom or ntgottitlng kn^of Ihe abore mntlon*d __ _. ___ M p»y meat ii itoty>«l. T&e penon hiring them sill re- cclr« a reward of K by retornlng them to thU o9e««r *° *>.* Comer of Co NOTICES. •' *.', "<fontract»ei»rtmeirt,Jnly.T,18». , T HE Common Council, by wolation, of Jan* 2«h, ISW. ha«ng»doptea the re«dnimeada«oii£pfft« Street-ComniiKionen of the «th Ward, U U ordered^ the Ovaort or agenti or property on U» abot* nam»d •treet»<*li*Mb7aoUfl«d to mak» gaarj^ Interrupt tile «ong anil itrlle off In a new key, f. -i "Sone may pati thi» pertal, » Eat those who are tn.. it worthy." .Tie proceiilon no* itop«, and after the necessary qu lions bire .beeo asked and answered, the cholrslng ajtln Ui« inTltatlon toog. The four wha guard the portal, open to right and left, 10 that t l e procuilon may pus iv to the Ixtwir qf innocence, where the crovn and f ceptre are presented by 'the tvo maldi of honor; they th™ lead the Quera to- her flmorey <Arra«,jlDg. "Hail, all hall, « Hall to QOT beautiful Queen." A company'''of fruit gatherers new com* In, bearing baskets! of frulto; proposing to. h»T» a feajt, they sing,— i [ "We've gathered fralti ! Of the choicest kind," id- Some'boys seeing this, they beg for a share, but the girli refuse, and bid them go and gather for theomlves. We haye neither time nor space to give In detail any of the scenes.which will be represented; it needs to be seen to be appreciated. .'After i th« last scene mentioned, the Fairy Queen tikes up the play, calling oat the "sprite* of'.the season," also tvetre little boys, representing tbe twelve months of the yiar, an odd one, cilling Wo self tin 291H of February breaks fa upon u.emand uks th-m for, a pla ce In their ring. Sow comet a ttorm icene, as If rtbejr! were aoddealy overtaken by a shower; this patsu away, and a company of thesmill«t glrli, re- prfSentlnglittle«eph»M, bring a fltnrerT ojerinff to :h; Qaeeq. Alter this a lone wandering flower girl hap. utni to come along, asking a penny for htr flowerl; .th e larger girls gather aroacd her, <s If to protect her. and sing SWcet Home. The Queen now glres her addreii, followed by other tongs, which closes the FaiiVil. j i !••. NOTICE. .'.'i i' i' • " - Cnr Cojimou-iVjOrncs, I |. - i Coniract-Department, Mil, July 7,1539. j fTIHE Common Council, by rtsolution Jane -0, 18i9, JU hating adopted the recommendation of 'he Street Commissioners of tbe 6ib War', It li ordered: , Tint « (ever be constructed through Hock Si. in tin CU4 Winl of the Clly of Mllwankee, in accordance wtth the plan and specifications of ihe City Engineer, on file fn the ;offlce of Uio City Comptroller. •jOirners or agents of property moated In tha abore nsoetj block are nertoy notified to construct tbe •b4»ei«»er within twenty-tiro <lay» rrooi date, or tha Street Cotamln<onerr of tbe- £tb Ward will caose said work to be' dona, acd charted to the respective lot*, according to law. JyT-dfa E. L'B. GASDISEE. Comptroller. ..}; !';'•<';-• Cmr CoxrtaoLtsai's Orric», I Cortrict Depattm-Lt, Milwaukee, Jo)y 7, Iii9. ( np|HB Cc-amon Council, by retolatlon'of June20, IS!9, A : hiring adopted the recommendation of the S: ret t Commissioners of tie £th Ward, it 11 ordered : That the north and loath alley In Mock 29, In th; oth Wajrd, Degraded to the established grit];, according 10 Uie.estimate of th* City Compfron-rr. Own*r»oragcars of proper'? situated on laM sll«y are Lf>rti>y Dcs!5cJt.-> make s»14 improTemeat within tEtaty-Lxo dijj from thl» date, or the Street Coramij- 9 : o6fc« Of the 6th bard will cause the same to be <i<jne and ch:>tged to th» respect re lot', ^ccordm^ CD law. E. L'll. OARW > EE, Ccmptro!l> r. ,, ( Corrtnct' Department, Julj T, I«». ) PSOPOULB win be rrt^iTeu »t !,!s oiSief nhtil' Monday; Jaly i"i 1ST.5, at IS ^ i»f .'^r filltnir the croiaidg o' 7Uiflrr-t ami BjiuU,ip..i-rre: In UieClhWanl of theCitrof JlilwaAee. K. L'fl. auction, at the P04t Office Iu the city of Milwaukee, on -laturdav^ tbe 2d day ot Jfufy, 1829, at the hour of a F. ii. of tbat day, the following described mortgage*! premises, or so much thereof as may he necessary t3 raisa the amount of said JudjjiBant, Interat aad ooits, to/ellicr-wlth thij expt- uiei of sale, to wit " An that part of tho west ha!f of the south•est quarter of a«:lun numher nins (3). In township seven (7), of range twenty-tiro (SI), twandid u follows, to wit: comiuencinif a; lue .south-west corner of said half of thosouih- irest quarter of section nine (S); runnlngthenc? east on the south line thereof ten (lirj cb.ilnj, then*e ncrtli ten (Iu) Chains; theucc west ten (10) cM'nj to the west line o: tlie said <|uartr. Irtiioir, IPS Uuacijouth tec (10; chains-fc ;.'.e ' placa of fcegltinlnj,^ conialnins ten (1U>- acres, subject, harrerer, ta ouu half the wid:h of i rua), on the south ind»e»t boundaries tuertof, said road being «ne : chsin In width." Dated Sheriff'• offlce, MUwankee, April 1, ISM. T«ovA3 L. Oanja, I A. J. LANGWoaTHV, Pl'ff's Attorney, f SlierilTJIll. Co., (Vis. aprl.3mlln2w ts7" The abo^.e sale it tter&by pcstpcfled to Satur day tbe 16th day nf July, 1559, at the same place and Umeof diy. Dated Sheriff"! Office, Milwaukee, July 2,1350. A. J. LANG WORTHY, Jy3 rhcrlSHil. Co , Wls. 70C] [News SUEUIFF'S SAL I STATE OP WI3COSSIS, Circalt Court, Milwaukee County. f Alonzo L. Kant*, against John 9. Fillmote.Oeorge W^Peciham and Gilbert Foreclosure. I S virtneof and pursuant to a judgment ren.lereil in said Court, In the above entitled action, datei March 13, 1313, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office in the City of Milwauie,. on Saturday, the 3d il .y of July 1U9 at the hour of 2- p. *., of that .lay, the following de scribed mortgaged prtmtsrg or 10 much thereof as may benecrasary to raise the amouat of said judgment, tu te'reat and costs, together with the exptnaes of aal to wft : it thirty t>:oc!t - L ,, _____________ Ward of the City at Milwaukee, in the County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin. " Dated Sheriff '* Offlce, Milvaukee, April 1, 15J3. OOD.S, EEOWS 4 QoDgj. ) A J LiNGWORTHY, Pl'ffj Att'yj. f Sheriff Mil. Co., W!a aprl-3m-lin2w 6tT" The above sale 13 hereby po.«tpor,ed to Satur day, the 80th day of July, 1SI9, at the same place an Umeof day. Dated Sheriff's OS=e, Milwaukee, July '-, Isi9. A. J. LANOWORTHY, J.v3 Sheriff Mil. Co , Wis. A BIG PILE OF GOODS For a Small Pile pf CAJ.l, AND KXAMINK to wft: •i'••lot nntnbef'thlrtaen [13] and the east t [30] f«et of;lr.l number twelve 1'2J ? in t numb<r'seTeaty-4eren [IT), in the Fourth ^ —AT— DUTTON'jSU Clothin Establishinent HO? T J STATE, .; i CtTT Ccir.'«OLi.ia'* Orricz, i CostnetDepartmenvMilwaukce, July 7,'29. ! 'T^HE Common Coupdl by revelation »«!opte.l Juse 20, JL'lSi*, haf!n(x'*depteU tie' rccomm-cds'lon of the Saeet t'omia silontri of tbe Cih Ward, ti is or- ThatthrXast and Wrst a|ley In b'ock 27, in th) «th Ward^if the City of Milwaukee, b • traded to tt.e ei- labtibed grade, and in accordance with (he utimat; of the Pity Engineer on fite la th«offi« of th« City Comptroller. — Owners or agenU of property on said street are here>y notifltd to make said improvements within tirenty- w»\l»yi from dtte, or the Street Commluloners of be 6th Ward will cause the same to be done acd charged to tb« respective Mts, according to lav. jy7-4St E. L'H. GaRDINER, Comptroller. ; NOTICE. ' • Crrr Coxmouxa's Orncs, I Contract Departmenl, Mdwaokee, July 7, '5} f CommoQ Oonocil, by- resolution of 7aae SOih, i?, narlng adopted the recotaraeni'tion of the Itrett Commlsslopers of the Sixth Ward, It Is ordered: That Sixteenth street, from Walant to Haraan, be graded and graveled to tb; established gradf, the sidewalks pUoked ana fatten paved In accordance with heMtlmate of tie City Xnglneer on ftle In the City Comptrolier't office. O«nen qr agents of property Inter«t«.\ ia the above Improvements are hereby notified to make the same within twenty-two dats from toil date or the Street tonmtislocen of the Sixth Ward will cause laid work o be done acd charged ta the respective kti according o Isw. ' j;?-dSli C. t'H. GiRDINER, Comptroller. Mawittit, : Etrttno '<t Bnma .- . • G«rru«c«:—I Uke pleasure In stating that I hid one of your Safes In ay office, la Touig's Black, and that on bdngoprned this morning after the fire. The boots were found to be unlrjored Inslile of the eorers, and none »f the papers destroyed, and only few of them slightly charred. - , . ' As (he Safe-was one of the imallai »'«e, acd the Bie a very hot one, I think your Safe stood Ihe tew reason- abltwtU. , -. ' ". ....... -;.:'..--.; .. ... • . ' I am y ours truly, ''.'. ;'"...•' '. • ••• ' • -':> : v A. r. CLABKE. i ' NOTICE I S HEBKBY glren that a meeting of the Stockholders in th« Swedes Iron Company; will be he d at Its oT- fice In the City of Milwaukee, on Tared ay, the second day of August next, at 2 o'clock >. n., for the purpose of sleeting Directors for the ensuing year. In pursuance of a Stockholder's call, and of a resolution of the Board of Directors of said Company. • • H. CO W1S3, Secretary-. Milwaukee, Jane 28,1S59. •.,..•' Je29-do»w4w I WODLD call the Bttectlon of Families to my sileo' tions o; '.•••• •:• I CHOICE BUTTEK. 1 am ! daily Express, choice lots of Butler from Ihe best Dairies la the State, which for quality andSarorls unsurpassed. Prices always to eorrcs- jond with the "market rates," and quality warranted. Jrders solicited and sent to all parts of the city free. "". • JOHN W. LED! ABD, •::.. : ^" - ."* Qrocer atdWlno Dealer, ajS*, \ . «lEast W«t«r itreeU T BE next monthly meeting of the St. GeorEt's Society will be beld on the elerenth day of July next. Ihe th bdng the Celebration of American ^dependence. • ' :'.'• '. ••'-' •" ' • ' • ' Jyg •• Oao. 80CTHWOJ.. gec«y. l\fcw Lager Beer Hall. J fREE WAUM LUNCH. W £ wilt open our Hew Lager Beer Hall, at No. ZU Ewt Water street, flre door) aorta of the Juaeau Sank, oezt Thursday, the 7th day of July, with, eicel- ent!L»rtrand Tree Wajm Lunch; an 1 respectfully request, DOT friends and the public generally, to gire is a call. la the erenmg there will be a Grand Cancer by the Bohemian Music Bind, free of charge. F.LANDAAA.COHDIEB. N. B.—Excellent Fr« Warm Lunch erery morning from 1 9^ to 1Z oWoelt. ScnU-Aitniul Report of tlie WUconaln XU_; rilte Flr» liu.Co, Bank, July 4,1SS9. ;, , '• ^ BESOCKCEB.- -, • ^ Loa-iaandDUooants..^ : ...J48U93 20 Over-Drafts........ , , 1,69518 Blocks al par value.... 20,000 00 [34,POO lit mortgage M. * W. R. K: bonds at WceOU 15,36000 lpede... r -.. ...'...I................... 1T^«8 91 3heols on Banl», City * Co. orders 8,34640 illl* of Solvent Banks onband..... „ 87,0^100 JIlU'ofBnspendedBanlu on hand.. 163 W )neJTortBask* 19.6S9 63 . Oapftal., .......................... „ ...... legtttered notes nc«lT(d and cot Tttarned "'• •' ' ' >are» registered' notes In clrcnUttloa. JuelfcprtltMsonJand,..., ...... .-' Dae to otters... .......... _........x . Jl- 50 * <K> 800^0196 S8.0aT 26 " 4. JOTCHKIt., President. SAI.K. , Mihr:*iil£ee County ) Joseph R. Tre:tt, R?ainst *TIioma)« A. Lye?, Caroline J. Lyn*?. John B. WeM and E A. Puilen. 1 ' N xirlue o° anil pilraian; t.> a .I.-cre*- r^r-ltra.! in ?aiil Co:;rt, in the above entitled action, ,1 ited (he 15t!i dlj of March, 1359, I shill upu»e lur s.ilo ind sell at public auctlun, »t the Post Office m ths city of llil- vaukee, on Naturiiay, tlic i.'U duy ot July, 1SJ9, at tt.e hour of 2 t. «. of Urn J,iy, the foiloifct; described njort;, r a(?etl premises, or so much thereof as^ may be nec<*s<arv to ra-'3e the amount of saidjuiltj- mentj, Inrereat and COSLS, together witii txpensei of iale, to wit : "The north oce half of lots number ten (10) and twelre ('2), in block number forty-sii (4lji, ia the Eighth Ward of the said aity of ^lilwau- kee, being ou Waiktr'i Foiat AJditiud to *alil city. In the Couaty of Slilwjukee, State at Wisconsin." Dated ShtriU's oSice, Milwaukee, Apnl 1, l«59. FISCHKS, Lrsot t MIU.KS, I A. J. LASG1VORTAV, Plllntiff'n Attorneys. » Sheriff Mil. Co., Wb. aprl-3ml'n2w J3F" The above sal* is herear postponeil to Siitur- day, the H7(h day of Ajjast, IsSS), at the same place aod time of day. Date* Sherilf's Office, Milwaukee, July 2, 1339. i.'J. LANOAORTB7, jyS j-her.fl MU. Co , Wls. 385] SHERIFF'S SALE. [^<«w» STATE OP WISCONSIN, J C!rcaltCourt,MllwaukeeCaunty. f The Globe Bank,' ,1 against | Daniel H. Bicharda, I r , Garret Vliet, f Ei«»«">°- Juper Vliet and | John B. Smith. J B T rirtue of an eiecut'on .sjaed from said Court, ia the abore entitled -action, to me directed and dellr- ertd against the personal and real property of the above named defendants, I have seized and leried ou the following real estate, Ijing and being in theC ty of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, to wit: • "Situate In the north east quarter ot section II, tawa T, range M, beginning at the south east comer of said quarter section; running along the east line »f said qaartertectlon north to a point 6J1 chains south of the north east corner of said quarter section, being the south east • corner of land conveyed by s »Id Bteharda to ' one Chri3lopB«r > Scloepf; thence with south l'n-f.f» id lirid ronyeyed toSchloepfwest to a I *iui S u ,;.•;; eajt of middle of Green Bay •r«*d; ihn.c\; south ICO feet; thence welt 360 . feet to middle of Green Bay road; thence along the middle of laid road south to the south line ot said quarter section; thence west along aald south lice of said quarter section to beginning, containing about M acre], being on th« east side of the Green Bay road. Also the following real estate situte la Ihe said north east quarter of section IT, town J, range 22, beginning at north east corner of -said quarter section; Urcnce west with north llae of said quarter section '23.21 chains to middle of Green Bay road; thencesoutbalonginld- dle of laid road4:36 chains to north w»t corner of land .conveyed by Daniel 'H. Blchartls to Chrlatoplf gchlocpf; thence wett along north . line of said land to eart Una of jald quarter section 1&24 chains; thence north 4 85 chains to beginning being a.boat 13 acres, and all the right, title and Interest of the said defendant or either of them la and to th* said premisen . and appurtenances on the tenth day of October, Ii67,or since acquired 1 thereto." ' : : Which said property as aforesaid, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, *t t&e Pott-Office, in the Oily of Milwaukee,on Saturday, tlio 14th day of May, 1££9, at Uie hour ot 2 p. *., of that day, to satisfy said Isxccutloc, together with expenses of sale. . . '< '• , Dated SberlfTs Office, Milwaukee, Marsh !3,1S59. rncffiU, LTSDS t Mam. I A. J. LANG WORTHY, Pl'ITS Att'ys. f Bh'ff. SIH.Co., Wis., mar2»-law6w ' l3P~The above sale Is hereby postponed to Saturday, the SSth day of May, 13CJ, »t the same place and Umeof day. : Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, May M, 1355. A. J. LANOWORTUT, ••mayl5 . . • Sh'ff. Stll. Co., W Is. Br" The above sale Is hereby further postponed to Saturday, the4'h day of June^l859k it tl[e same place and time of date. • • . Dated Sheriff's OOlce, Milwaukee, Kay 23,1SC9. A. J. LANOWORTH?,^ mavi9 fiheriffMi). Co., Wls.. fcS 1 The above sale ls.kereby further postponed to S atari ay, the llth day o[ June, 1SJ9, it the same place and time of day. • : : Date I Sheriffs Offlce.KLIwsukei;, June'*, 1383. • • A.J.LAN6WOBTHT, JtS • .BherUT Mil. Co., Wls. |3T~ The shore sale Is hereby farther postponed to Saturday; the 2J Jay of July, 1SS>, at the same place and time of day. • . Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee. June 11,1S59. •••••/'.• A. I. LANSWORTHY, . JelS . SherUTMll. Co., Win, ff The above sale is hereby further postponed to Saturday, the 30th day of July, 1SS9, at tho same plactf and time of day. : Dated SherUTs Office, Milwaukee, Jaly 3,1S5». . A.J.LAN8WO«THT, Jy3 '"'.''• ••'. : Sheriff Mil. Co.. WH. MAP OF .THK SEAT OF WAK FBICE TWENTK-FJtVE CENTS. IfcTKW Map of Northarn and Central Italy, showing i> .the Beat «f the War, Position of the Annies etcw to which is attached » * m »" Map of Europe—all for 25 ceats. ,- ''''',' '. '• : a]sq,A fine'Msp of the Thutn Of the European War.wilh Portraits or the Kulsrt in Europe, eto.^-prtce 30 central . . :• BTFBICKIiAND A CO*S jeffl -. '• - " "--- '• ' '184 last Water Str«et. Great Wood 4 Hay Emporium! : THE BIGKST MABKEPIH WISCOSSIS. K f\f\'10ya Iitra Baled Bay, 8,000 CorJs^easopcd *J\J\J Wood each dellvsred to. order in quantities to salt; cheap, at corner West Water aadClybourn streets. Offlca with Jlabbett* Breed. je»> • 'i ' 6. H. LAJIEERTOV. M ASS'S PATBSt PAaoHsuanf Books, a good supply u low prices *«v- „-., For sale by ;AVSS, 3ST Kwt Wtkr street. '•ii 1 ;-^'-.:'. '•'•''.':'^. : -' T ilS Staler which .figure on th» Map ara Piedmont an_d Lombardy in the TJorth and South of these, rarmn, 3Iodena, Oarraro.'Luoca, and parts of Tuscany audthu Papal States. On tholnortti wo iuve ijlliopjcd of bJ itierlaad and the Tyrol; on the west the Alp* shut out the sccna from Ifrance;- on the eiat we sea Adriatic the war will evidently to confined w, thin 'those llmltj. T IB territory comprised in Lombardy, Viinlce, Piedmont and aavoy, Parma, Modenn and Tuscany, though aot. quits as larga aa tbsSute of Nev York, contal-lnic v population of nearly 13,000,0(0 souls. Of thine, only i,MO,OUO— yard niann— are frta Irom tho direct or indi- rent sway of Austria. Lombardy, which is pnrt of thf Austrian empire, and which is, in scmo re?pect», the antsvoountry— In point of natural ndvrmtages — In th.» world, contains a population of i.OOO.iiOO. it once had twice or (hr:ce as many. The Austrian* crnased the Ticino, ire are f-olii, nt three points — Uireitening Novara, Caasie and v-iroidli and further- north, lirilln and Joreo,' ami Ihe northern "Xtremlty of the railway from Arom», on-LakeMng'j-orc to Genoa. Of these points, tha only OBO <l any strength 13 Ciaalc, which is an importaut milltiry p.-.- sillon, and haa been 3tronijthtiietl at c«mider.:blc t.\- pense. it la ths nearest strong place to Uie Luiotiivrt frontier, and waj-ln oklen ti'i ea tlic ^ccue QI' unny i conflict. Tha population at the last c^-usus wa.^ ^l,ui)ii. Novara ia unfortified, though a plucc of note, 'Tith ahout20,OUO luhubltanU. A rnlway conneci^ Novar i wish Turin. The i'rcnch havo entered piedtn'mt >m two Sid s— by thrt Mout Cenls and Genoa. ilalironda '.r>,ui dusa and from Uenoa will enable them, If thi-y choo.u-. So concentr.-ita their forces on Turin in :i fsw hour-i.— The Gcoora road passed throUfjfi Ak-a^andrM, 'vtiKh, oexL to Genoa, U the strongest place- in IMedmont; *., that, If it be thought advisable, one cui^i d'tirm'? m<i.' movj directly nor:hw:irii Trom :iit-nc.'. Thcr« »r<> -ii-t.. Toada from Ales«andriA an 1 :rmi r^rin :o V ircjil;. which would enable t:te Frtnv:ii :o ( ; li^--':t thfir TOO;., there also. Tho flrst battlo of the present,! was fought it Montebi-llj, Aiay ^l-i. T!iu ,,'r'j.At ^;*rti- which decided the fat: ui' S'.i[)oleon'j l\rs.: Italian '::im pai^n, waa ;ocji!it Jur.e 1-1, iioi), on :^o plani >f M.n.-n go vithin 3l^h: of tlie fortr^ds )l Ale; i;i'ln:i. ;t_.:it Contract Department, JM., July 1, 1SC9. i proposals will be received at this olHco u!i til Wednesday, July (3, Isitf, at 10,S A. u., for fur nishlng aarth to ba delivered at juch time ind plncp , theind Wurd, of the >:i y of Milwaukee, as thf :«r-- Commissioners inny direct. e. L'H. a.va0iN":it, jyi-J4t City Comptroller I t'lTY OdUPTUOLLiiR'^ OPTICI O-ITSiCT l>EP.iaTUE3T, July i, '"'J roposals will be received 'U this >i,V". '" til We,ini-«day, Ju y «h, at ;<> o'clooi i. «., lor repairing 7th street, iroui Poplar to rimariici jtrei-t. tlso dt ureet Irom Taiu.ii'ac't LO Cedar nr«.-', ui -1: •• 2nd Ward, TflhcCHiruOlliwiuki-u. jyl-d-U K. L-'U. liAHOlNKIl, Cninptr.ill.-r. CITI Coiif-rnuu.KH'.s O/?ic Contract Departoj^ur., llil-Jrau^ee, July I, !;.'''.' , EALfiD propo.a.s 'Till be r-.-e veil .1: tiu .Mil-- Julyritn, *t 11 A of public jquar-, QU <t , chargeable :.. ihe aa d aUo m front of i the ^eccud \V ard j/ K 101- piivrnij ^, i!Ui Winl Public : 10 ind '. . . ulu.-.i; .NEW 13 O U JU.-T [IKCil U\ X TR 51: K L 138 b. W ALL -TEIK2 yeArj ia Asi tr.itiun* !*?b;n jkiiUJ iand— 14,00. Liftfaad Tiratia ->i bracing the history O. Alarshman. Price Marsh's ^cieni:e jt .( Lecture Hamilton, The 2m Joha ? > O^At)bo:t, 1 iu. " K t WAI KK Si' I. iuroo" , vith li)i) i A S •• iV advi-nturtj, by Geor;<-.-U-..-1;, D. i)., t DN Tlie ll-irp of a Thousand striu.;.-*, -r -I.- | •if human wit, 'v-^^ry inj TI.S.J..H-, Army U.'e on Che i'acilic- :lon against tn-? Northern t-Veur D'AJtued, J*p"aur.d .i.-i COc. Art .jf K.vtcti ;j"i-'- Spc:i^.r Diary of Laity Morgan, I ^>c. Tfie- ttoma:ic--- .'f i l'.ji>r V.ran^ MJL Sew I.lustr^tetl Rural Manum ; Huuae, Llie (.iariii-u, '.hi; h-'-lrm uiU Di frtce 1 5!). Ilinta towards Physical Perfpctioti tain b'Jiiily 3yii3:uetry, titf.iitii inij lii , 1 1 uo. Love Me Lilt:**, Lav» Me L.inj 1 , !>y Chjj. History of the Dominion -• th«t Arnbt :n . A Journey Due Nurtn, t>cm^ smtts •}' i r ussia, by George Au^usttls ^it .a, ! nt. Lamont'a lleUlcaJ Adv.ser *mJ .\Iarrt-". ••' arly 100 en^ravin^i. Pru:* I Jo. The Pillar uf Pin.% .»r Ura.rl in !!• • J. Inyrah,im, I lit. rvntf 1 ! Life of W whiiiiiT.tri, -' " liboDa'^ Dictionary of Auttu>r ,> ST!UCKL\.\D :?0., '•irt;\f Jonnsoti, ' hn Hcn s <!cy. bert Jell. i lirain .-*. ^^U[Bt';i^^ in.l in Ui- C S. Mutri.-t Oour 'he ?c jnner Clnrtey fTih- i J, her boalc, lack!.-, j B Y virtue of i writ of V»caitioni lixpnuaj, .b^iictl HI t.f fiml umH-r the seal of the District Court >f '.h United States for the District if Wisconsin, I ihall --.N iose for ;ale mil sell nt Puhlic Auction, tn the hi^he? .nd best b'dtk'r, 'or cash, on Monilay, the ''Ic-'.'enth ;la f July, 1S53, ,it f-vo o'clock in the afternoon, ( ,n boir f the .""chooner Charley Uibharil, Ivini^ if* Uie Milwai: ee iver, Soutti or the Oneula itn»'.'t bridge. ,it the fot 'f OnelJa stri'rt, in !lw City nf Uiliauke-N m Ihe ial district, the sai'l 5ctinoD«;r Charley Hibbaril, h.?r boat' acifle, apparel antl furniture, a» slie naw !:t-s, co: 'emned .it the ^uit of Andrew Johnson .ir.'t -ither-i. Marshal's Qllice.Mil^v-ukw, June ^'.l, l^u;). ie30-a3t M. J. TUOMA^, U. S. Marsha B Y virtue of * certain >3lia.Uel aort^aife made 'ty i G. SeddtDstn, in fSvor of Smaauef ^aut-r. dated ths 21st day of May,, 1329, »n<l tiled pursuant to aw. In tho Cl*rtt's Office, of the City af M)Iva.uiEe», on he '^d day of Miy, L»£9, I shall sell it Public Auction in the ono at ry lTam-> buiM'm^ man dins; in \\IQ lot netl by the Ueir.i of Henry Uil§enbur-;, itceajed, si uste<l on ii»st Water street, near Knapp itn.-yt, m the First Ward, of MUv*nftec, on Thursday, 'if 7th day of Jane, 1S50, one Copper Cylinder, n>e Iron Steam Boiler ind thres Copper Koli'ff. Milwaukee, July -J, 1S09.' EMANCSL SACSn, Mort :> -a 0 -eo. J. HOCD, Auctioneer. jy'i I USHEBTgiTenoUcc.lhatljhill jpply to ;h« Cir- cuic rjourt of ilU^raukee Coanty. as the opening nr Coart C.D the thlrJ Manila/ of September, 1S5^, to aityr the present plat of lot! one »ncl wo, the north half of thre and lot four, and the north thirty feet- of lot live, •i bL-ck No. uft/ ^iix in the Fourth Ward of tho G!ty of Milwaukee, so tha,t the same Then jilterird Till corr.-- spond with » certain plat or subdivision of -«»M premises flied in ths olllca of the Uegisterof DteUa of Slil- wiukee County. jj3-U3t .KPHSilMMAaiNHK, I't.iprUitor.- UNITED STATES MAKSHAL'S ;amci Buchanan, 1 vs. j The Propeller or Steamboat ^ c eneca, her'englnes, nincfUce- | Ia Aijmlralii^-. ry, bom, tsx-iK, apparel and | urnitnre. J B Y virtue of A writ of venditioni cxponaa i33ncir one of and under the *eal of the District Court of United States (or the District of Wisconsin, I shall expose for »a'.e »ad Jell at Public'Auction so'the hixhMt bidder for cash, on board of ths said propeller or iteamboit Seneca, lying at 3uperior In said diatrict, ou ftidmy, the eighth day of July, 1S59, at four o'cloci in 3tv alternoon, the propeller or steamboat Seneca, her enffln&ff, machinery, boat*, tackle, apparvl and ftirni- tur»j as she now lies in ths harbor of Superior, In the County of DooglM, In said District of Wisconsin, condemned at the suit of Jamea Buchanan. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Wls., June li, ISM. jeia-dSt M. J. TH051A3, P. i. Marshal.. ~~~~~ NOTICE. ~~ CITY Coaprnoti-jii'n Onficit, ( Contract Dsp»rtment, Mil., July 1, WS»- f T H* followtng descrlbe'd low in the'Jnd Ward, of the City of. Mllwankee, »y resolution of the Comn Council, adopted June'21, 1359, were declared pub- nalsances by reason of .dllh »ad »U(?n»nt water ijiereon, and said nuisances oMoreJ to be ab.itnl ^llla- n 20 days from Ihla date, via: ; Lot 9, block 162; lol» 'J, S, », M, la and IU, block 1«I; iou 4 »ud 5, block 45; lot 14, block .(2: Iol4, block 3S; ;ot» 4 a r s ,V », W » nl113 » bl °o* 3^; IOB 9,10,11,1-2 »nd 13, block 44; lot 10, block 43; lot t, K 75 rt of '.', 5, d and K 33 ft of W «t (t of 13 and 16, blocS (0; 3 20 ft of ot6 and lot 8. Woo* 30; lot» 3, S, 'J, 10, 3 >» of 11,1U »ml 14,block 117; W 100 fl of.lot '2; W 100 f; of 3, 7,11 indS 10 ft of lot 15, In block 35. . Owners and agent* of tlia above described pjaper y ire hereby notified to abato said nuUiancciirithia the Imonamed abova or the Street Commiuionen of the -d Ward, will cause the lame to be dona and charged 10 he reipectlvo lots according to law. jyl (18t B. i\OT!C£ TO CO.-VT11AC IOHS. Cirr CoHRROLLa«'3 Orncs, { Contract Department, June 30,1S59. t A LL proposals for city work mmt tw directatl lo tile undersigned, afiil particular care taken to ttate upon the envelope th» Ward In which »uch work'J lo- eated, and the nature of the work tn be let. Je30-dl0t B L'll. OA8PmS8, ComRtruHer. St. Louis Sugar l/ured flam!!'. r AM constantly receiving a supply of the«a o^e»r«- . twl Hama, tho beat In theDalied atate*. Tbow »ho IoY« rood thing* la mj lino would Jo well to oaJl anU • examine my stock. JOHN W. LEDTA3D, • : -. . Srooer and Win* »«41cj-, •'-, -HI E**t Water »trtrt. HJUT feduotion Inoaa Md tiottled frolti, mil Uj

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