Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 9, 1971 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 9, 1971
Page 12
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A-15 Alton Evening Telegraph Snlurriay, January 9, 1971 THE JACKSON TWINS By Dick Brooks ( GEE. IT SOUNDS LIKE OL' NO IO5 RUMBLING ACCOSS A BRIDGE ' HEY I JUST PEME/W3EI3EC> ) MAVBF DAD ' ONCE HE ?AID HI'S A THIS \ rr > GPANDSON COULD'A BEEN y HIS ~ AMD THEE? >DUR GHOST AN - ENGINECS BUT WIPING WE'PE GOING TO FOLLOW DOWN INTO THE CELLAR ' DROPPED OUT KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andrtola Of ANp MOOSE By Bob Weber WELL, NOW, I'LL, BET YOO'RE CLYDE CRA3TREE, MOOSE'S NEIGHBOR;" I'VE MEA.RD SO MOCHABOJT YOO/ I'N\ BOONDOCKER MOOSE'S BOSS/ I'LL BET WE MANY COMMON EX- [PERIEHCES TO SHARE, BOTH KNOWING HI/A SO WELL. / WHATS THE MATTER WITH VDO 6DYS ? TIR65 THE WIZALRD OF ID By Parker and Hart LANCELOT By Coker & Penn OH!THE HORN WORKING WITH ALL-THIS TRAFFIC, THAT COULP BE PAN&EROLJ6.' WHAT CAM We PO ABOUT IT? TIGER By Bud Blake I'M MV THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. Gborge Smith JEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman IT GIVES 1 I CONCERNING l^p A ^M> ^- *. i n i A — * w ^ CHANCE TO _ DRIVE ^ GET VOU JS8SW J STRAIGHT! MEANWH/L £, ELSEWHERE. .. MISSING DAUGHTER'S SO-CALLED FRIENDS/ SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal / COULP WE /THAT AGAIN WITHOUT "SOUR HARD HAT? WINTHliOP By Dick Cavulli ACRES AND ACRES OF UnnDL. WHITE NIQHT... uaoi<: ATAU. THAT ©NOW/ (bIWI tr N£A, IK; TJ«I. «ig U.S. P«t. Off. H.v A. LKOKUM Interesting Men of History . , . . Amerigo Vespucci Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of his paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. The Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci was one of the earliest explorers of the New World. The continents of North and South America are named in his honor. Vespucci was born into a noble family in Florence around 1451. While still a boy he became interested in navigation and geography. But he went to work in a bank, and in 1492 he was sent to Seville, Spain. Mere, as a bank official, he financed some of the early voyages to the New World, including Coumbus' second voyage in 1493. This contact with explorers made Vespucci decide that he would sail for unexplored lands himself. On the voyages he made in 1499 and 1501, Vespucci explored about 6,000 miles of the South American coastline. He made maps and wrote an account of what he saw. During he voyage of 1501 he first recognixed that what we now call South America was a continent not series of small islands as had been previously though. On this voyage he also devised a way t o determine the circumference of the earth at, the equator. His figures missed the actual distance by only 50 miles. In 1507 a German geographer and map-maker published Vespucci's letters and suggested hat the continent of South America be named a for him. His name was later given lo Norh America as well. In 1508 Vespucci was appointed pilot major, or chief navigator of Spain. He served in his 1 position until his death in Seville in 1512. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Passor-By: Well, 1 see you're putting up a new building. Workman: Yes, sir. That's the only kind we ever put up. DID YOU KNOW? . 9 Which creature do you think is the highest permanent resident on earth? It's the spider! There is actual a species of spider that lives 22,000 fee up on Mt. Kveres. RI6HT.' BOOTSIE MISHT THINK I WILL YOU TELL GKAMPS T OF 'MR. FLORIN ANP I ARE J COURSE, VOLJ WANT ME TO STICK ) WAS MAKING UP AROUND AND TELL yOUR. < THE STOR* MR GRANDDAUGHTER AND \-f Df?AKE' HER DRFAM BOX PERSON ' WHAT I'VE TOIP SOU, MR.BELMONT? MISS WILSON/ ) MISS BELMONT.' By Greig Flessel DAVID CRANE Cf&f, VOJ H FORGOTTEN DINNER P/ARTYMRS, STRUCK 6OULOER ^1 iietyrv/e ^en.tT y^*ii (T" W 6LUFF /(NO THEY'VE SENT OUT RIVETS By George Sixta m« V QUINCY By Ted Shearer WE FIMP SNEEZE, >1 THEN WE'LL EACH A NlCKEL LOOK,GU/S.. TWENT/ CEMTS/ WE CAM SPLIT IT... THERE ARE THREE OF US... HOW ARE. WE GONNA SPLIT IT EVENLY...? By Carl Anderson JOHN LIMEY— 1-9 FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen Life Adventures WINTER .3'P ^Ay IT'S MOI?£ OF A SQU1RREU \v m idRi e hi,Rcm.cJ' BUT" SOMEOME IS WIMT&K. GOMES — ,j Aniwer to Prtvioui Puzsl* ...IT TAKES BREK DEER MO TIME AT A)_>- TO LJMEAKTH THE TKEAxSLJ-RE. _ ..J^T 'UlAtrlliUtod by King Ftutureit Syinlk'atr: *|" / LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE II A ;i s \v e r to yesterday's There is no year /ero, so 40 22,000 feel up on Mt. Kveresl. years old is incorrect. Telegraph Want Ads Get Results! ACROSS 1 Pink-purple fragrant flower 6 Hybrid flower 11 Made amends for 13 Dried flower buds used as a spice 14 Legislative ,. body 15 Retitle 16 Transposes (ab.) 17 Abstract beings 19 Gibbon ' 20 High-wrought 22 Small-piece of rock 25 No good (ab.) 26 Dry (comb, form) 30 Covers with pitch 31 Scottish sheepfold 32 Make neat 33 Swiss measure 34 European river 35 Feminine appellation 36 Equal 37 Tapuyan 38 Show disdain 39 Defiled 42Finialof a roof 45 Kind of lily 4(5 Drunkard 49 Keep 51 Befall 53 Young plants boiled for food 54 Ignores 55 Condition. 56 Inactive DOWN 1 Endure 2 Roman road 3 Mr. Chaney and others 4 Collection of sayings 5 Oily hydrocarbon G Entreaties 7 Eternity 8 Ellipsoidal 3 Thread (comb. form) 10 Belgian river 12 Car damage 13 Fawns 18 Certain habitation 20 Introduce 21 Stretch out 22 Pace 23 Story 24 Shield bearing 27 Man's name 28 Get up 29 Persian tentmaker 31 Areas 38 Genus of herbs 40 Arrange in % row 41 Kind of rose 42 Units of energy 43 Saucy 44 Genus of willows 46 Lateral part 47 River in Europe 48 School exam 50 Eagle (comb. form) 52 Metal VA08 '21 ' 'aisvdHiooi -i— ' '8 'auawd -9 ' '6 'flld -L '311S3d 'S 'aV3i 'I -ct 'ava -it 'nva -01 f e— «o«v ! saaMSNv (Hiwipaptr FnUrpru* Ann.)

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