Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 4
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 4

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 4
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DECATUR HERALD tv LINING, OCTOBER 20, (930. DECATUR HERAtD Romance "ASK NO QVESTIONST*TM Huge Mob of Hoodlums Gather To Go After Youth Hiding in Red Barn CHARTER XVII The dinner dragged out InUrrnln- Not until U wiw half over did Diamond mention his abient ably, John "I've a .urprls* for you, Mini) Went, Someone coming I thought .M. my A man who's fiincy In tho last \( vole* Tfou .he Mid had you uwd on Ttrhune wouldn't help m* you'd Ilk* lo rather tskcn day or two.' Anntm.a iimrt* no comment. Conisrs.tltm l rifled to th* h penlnjr. on th* farm it th* en«l tho W nod Rotid, John Diamond ill'' "We'll try to *»e that tho last part of your rornmftr la pJeaaanter than thn flvst," ho nwtursd her "Toby nil* me they've found out who com- mlttd th* two murder*. 1 * how Id n't wonder If thore'd h* an Arrest to- nljthi " Hiimi'l Killer'* NHM* "Did Mr Toby mention the-- Ihit narne of tho niunloror?" "No 1 don't think h» did. Alrnkl .OTwbody will beat him to It, T *it- lM,l You know 1 offered a reward Tti thousand dollars for the mdr. who did the killing* (it Bride'* Houuf ·live or- " Th* snlrtd cnurn* had b(**n pliwert iir,«in th« table whfin Annwwt hp- rum* fin'ri'p, hv ihf itpt osf'on i f hi)i ho"iv (aw that hti long"IHiv-! fiu«ai hod arrived A wMI-remeni bfiN, vnlre greeted her with "Anii -- rto mv evftn deceive me ni (it t h h t rMlty you7" "Wh\ Oatwlv!" tin* urlefl wnn.W- Intt »'hv her heurt 'lid rtol biiMt f'tr jov. The next moment xh# wnn In hlx print) Annn)t*s f«lt a Ktlpht ronllnK n f | bw firat enthttptlHtim Sh* irflfl vt · to find how much »htrr»i' «»pji t h n n ddf hnd iem''Jii- iK'roi 1 him to fcc Ami thnt sorubbv Ilitl* iniiMtaehf he nffected Mow i l dlcvit 'i it lookod on hi* long up f lip! Miirply «ls w ouch* not to m«h# a fflrl n tlkr Ihnt, Mpnclnllv nhout Hhc loved hotter t h n n eltin ic thn wtioL) wkl? world, "Wo Mow* Alxtf HOI*" "Ho more »b*»n«in In the (uturs, ' *nld TorhunA fntnontilv "Hnw nhont It. Ann '" "No moio (ibtiitnodH,' »lie ni.ho«d in A volcx which twindftd tIM In her own en i'R "I'm Kind to D«« you two y«un« people have com* to your nenaex" Diamond had been wnlchlng hi* on- portnnlty to p«t In a word. "There' nothing HO dl*orgftnUlnfi AD A fHl»t' «t«rt Th» dooner you dnd Mh-) WoM tsft the licence nnd u pro^ch- er- " I Here Tflrhun", who Hntl no tftnt* 1 ' for A «rint(tn, no mnitei' wh«t Itstj toxt nileht he, eldppfd his breuat pocltel i tj«AV0 Tomorrow ! "Thst's Alt been Arranged, air. An- nawfc goM hack with me tonight And tomorrow we get nmirled" "But there Are thing* that rmwt be clear up the mystory hanging over Bride's House Well, you have helped me, helped me without knowing it It was I who inserted the advertisement in your newspaper. Sllber.tein the Iftwyor, w.a hlied by m* to draw up a fak«d lea.e. Th* forbid den clause was a llttl* artistic trim 'mlnff, born of my one surreptitious visit to the old Runnel, farm. I saw th* Inscription on the fireplace ant decided it would make the thing was aiming to do look a trifle less cut-nnd-drletl. Ae Ifng as no oni seeniod to know who the owner ol th* hwiiio was, and' -with a wicket »mlla--"the Dally Free Pcos* per»let- ed In .(tying 'Come To U«,' 1 felt imr* I could get away with It" Tha smile faded, "But let'* not talk about that part tiny moio. We bolt) behave (I very badly and we're both cony Oi at leest," ah* hesitated, tan. Afd the ottiet day you suid you weie." An awkward pause was broken by Terhuno, "Now that everything's all settled so amicably, we'd best be thinking of the (rip buck to town I'll take you with m* in the loadster Ann." Ann Won't Go Anntutsa Mt back In her urmlr "Thank, a tot, Gatoly," «he said, "but I'm not going lo New York to- nlgni "Not going?" "No. I'm going bunk to Brides between (i* (I rut," titift feni ed deiperatoly Terlume Itiuied no row the UY1c. "Ann. I know whnt'M on ymr n»lnd, You needn't woi ry, T wan wrens About William Prentice and you Wfi'o right " Turning lo tholr host, "Thli llttl. be(()(ttr who got hlmsolf In nuch R me*« up here lout yenr was In my employ, I Nuppotie 1 Khould have stood back of hint- After All, ho couldn't help It If hi* wl f« dladpp«Mr*d -but he rnad* mo 10 damn mad with hl« utter Iftck of In- tellUnnce ilmlnR the Inve.llgntltm 1hat I-- well, I EU«M» I wap A bit hnrd on him," Once more Addro»»- Injr hlmuMf to Annn«cn. "The pnrt thnt re»lly matUr. 1. that I w»» hekdttl .nough to let our m«nt b« broken on toeottnt of IL Can you forgive me, cherl.T My pudlfhmimt'n bmn ft heavy one. Tow'H never Know what tortui-en Tw gone through, thlnhtaf of you up her* In » haunted houie." IM«nntMd to Win T«rhan«, Utlek though the hide ot hi. undoubtedly wft», wnwd nom* change tn th« (rlrl who up until a few *hort w.ek. *ff liml been hi* to mold M h« MW fit, It only mudo him more U«t«rmlneil to win tin back to that plwtlo alnte of mind. "I've relnAtated Prentice in hit old position. RAtoed him ten dollar* a week, too." AnimM* .aid, but without anthtt- ·Inim. "Thut'fl mighty fftir of you 4Ht«ty. l. hi happy about It?" Terhitn* twiddled his *mnll mu^- Uche. "I htvren't »«en him myneif. But hl« mother ncoi|tel A check ol |BW bach pay f°? him," Turning to XHamoml, "When I do the mutt ncnlmou. thing I believe In doing It Thn mutter of Borlt.hlre Tow*i» murmured .omrthlhg th»t loundwl like "« wl* 1 * move," Ttlnniond Known All Tm not *o eure It In a wl«. move,' " t nn's wt To Bride's House! Ann, are you mnd?" The f(trl pushed buck th* chair and roue. "No, I'm not mad I think 1 never WHS saner hi my Hfe There's no use arguing with me My mind f tnnde up " As «hc delivered this ultimatum an odd expression flittered across the faco of tnelr host Annaosa Went felt she would have been Justified In calling II u murderous expiMSlon As foi Qritaly. he Ju*l looked foolish, the way he Always did when his will .s crossed 'Haven't I done everything you asked of mo'" demanded Terhune. Etorythlng and more, Gately feel quite different about opposing you now. You've been so good and !enoroui I'm turnout seared to Tv9 HtAitftd something and It m«»t be finished!" felt* FtnUtt a Man "I want you to be happy, Ann; but 1 want you to be safe, too; and comfortable. Mow that Otto's gone, how in th* world ore you going to manage nit thoM hor»e»?" Annaeaa flu.hed to th* root, ot her oopper colored hair. 'There !· someone--I mean, I hay* found a mAn '· John Diamond spoke In a vole* edgtd with sarcasm 1 «ee now, Miss West, why I bav* not been able to persuade you to l*nv« Bride'. Hou.a." Terhune turned with a threatening MCOwl. Anriassa West mined her hand. "Mr. Diamond is right. This man Is the reason why I cannot leav* Bride's House " lie Need* HHn* Ann!" Terhune fell back aghast 'But only because he I. In trouU and needs my help" Terhune began to took worried again. 'Ann, you love this man." 'Nonsense t I've only seen niKi twice. I've Marcery had a Jo«n word* with him. "Just the .ante, you love him." A nol*e In the hall outside interrupted her prot**tatloiu: a vole* .peaking hurriedly, In panting br««tlu, a. though It. owner hail been running or wa. bwlde himself with tsar--yo.stbty both. Noah I'eaboily, accompanied by an ndlgnant footman, burst Into the room. Crowd Furmlni 'Mr 13 In mo nil'" The excited proprietor of the Ark stood before them without hat or coat "Mr Diamond, Seth Toby sent me to Ull yer that tho men of Hales Crossing an' a lot of ffirmors fiom the outlying dls- IrlclH arti on their way to Bride'* House to git th« man that', hid In' there He wants y«r to go over and talk to thorn--to see if yer oan't hold them tilt he brings help from Ditnbuvv. They're a bad bunch and thin reward you've offered ho. drnv *em or My. If that felfar reilsts they'll lynch him sure a. Ood made tittle apples. And when they gtl through with that paii of the party they'll bum the house down and ride the W*.t female out of town on a T»rhun. objected, "ftlill Ann's wt her hontt on giving tlH ll«l« »Hflmp a Aouar* deul and thnrt- neonw to bo nothing »iw to. do. But · have n he called IA said qulotly, "daWy. Mr . 1 know, all this, I was here Ihou'fclht o7 reMWir Brld.'i House Dlimond cough od behind hi. hn "We-er-that I* Miss W( anti I got off to » rather had start in (i acQuatntano*. Sh* «.med so ixcltTM th* day .he called on me. so hm|. rail. I- For the first time he became nwttro of MlM West'i "Oh, I didn't know ehe WB» hero. Excuse me" "Let them burn Brldn'. House Acid Stomach If yauMlftr after r i call f rain tmtrt- kurn, lml)|*iil«n, (Hi, er sonr, acid it«n». t b* ntin* try Tunm. ThtMdellctMiimlnt mfet. neutral U* tlod. Trtthtmfar qulolt rolftt VtoT] Ilk* then. AttU down K they waitt to. It', about time that ipot wat cleaned aft th. map anyway," ntd Diamond. , Plmd» With Diamond "But the maul" orled Ann. "David. Didn't you h«*r what Mr, P.tbody ·aid. They mean to kill him, And he's Innooent--Innocent, I tell you Oo to thorn. Do what the chief o! police wants you to do. Withdraw the reward Tell them you've changed your mind--that the murderer's already be*n c»nfht---any- thing; at all, only stop them before it', too late " *, Diamond betrayed conflicting emotions--rage, fear, and a disturbingly familiar wlstfulnesa, "Vft\y should I run the risk of being atoned by thtse hoodlums? Why .hopld I put my.olf in danger for th* suite of n aonvlct--a man who.* death would In alt prolpablllty be » benefit to th* world? Why " Mtss West had .tepp«d back. The wonder of a great discovery--tb« dawning certainty of the truth--had swept the anxiety from her face. When she tnnwered the millionaire's question It was with a hew ossumnco, "You must save this man, 1 ' she said gently, "You have no other choice. He I. your son," {Tn be continued) f Copy right 19SO By The Bell Syndicate. Inc) Swiftest, Easiest Way to End Biliottt Spell When you neglect those firat symptoms of constipation--bad breath, coated tongue, listletanesa, the whole system soon suffers. Appetite lugs, Digestion Blows up. You become headachy, diMy, bilious. It's easy to correct sluggish bowel action. Take a candy Carcawt tonight Sett horf quick)}'--and plcsa- antly--tho bowels are activated All the souring waste In gently propsltod from th* Bj'Htnm Regular and complete bowel action is restored. CarocicU tire made from pure oaroara. A fmb.tnnca which doctore agree actually strongthena bowel muscles All drug stolen have Cos- carets lOc , COLDS Htn't Imr nttt pMp|» wiM ttom Al the firat lign «ln cold coming on, take two Gtavc't UM- live B R O M O QUININE TibleU. Then t*k* two mere every two ot three hour*. More people, by militant, check ·nd prevent cold* G*t IHMF btm tl ftHI ttut *"*· 3tt. , ttttH ll*llll«t*(. otbei mctbod. ·^ It* popular* Ity Ofti«f from It* Grove's ·BROMO* QUININE ^^^^f mmm f * Tablet* Chicago October 25-26 Ttckoti wood KolUK Sutttrdir " tntlln lutivlnB uoontur at 19 10 u, m.TM (;1» * m (81* Ngtt) -- n;4d *. m.-- v m (Si)» H u t u ) -- 9 «» »p TO. (.(« Wolfl)--- I'll V in. nod on aunday lit 11.30 a ill , ulso I in a. tn {Sn Nnto) M )!·!£; llllnolB Tt'rmliml It, R Dn- O M I L T TV IT1littr^i h thciTiuo HUnola Ofrn* tinl rD|wln lit Clinton H rnllo spurt 'U^Hii^s \^UI IM llcllfXDil by tUq Trtu,- tl«n Linn, ]Jc»tur t«j Olnlon. (1*D1 for ruiun; on nil trulnn lenTlntt CK^cnw^ tv iknrl iDelmllnv 1 Ifi n in Linln Moniluy Immoilliitslx toll owl UK at of 0ata Trnln^ J«(ti-o C^frArrtv nt H.4K A m, 11 lift ti m nn1 thn«n Lonvlntc nt 3 l( (V m T 4 0 f fl) twrt 4 60 ih m tonnnut nt Clftntott wltlt 1^1* Hllnu1» Tormliml n n Tlckitu win tin hrhDornd hy thl TrdcMon Ijlnt^ Clinton to D*("itnr ^ · ChlMrtn Ilulf rn Tlok*ti vood In rnmrortnlflft jttnvl ooHcliw mid tliuli ritn flnnl 1Ajr?ftffn LnrrlGrt Trcvlhn nhtnr Ohi^nffo filrtrtfr T^iOta MtclilKikn Phont tn C'sntrn] Station In tlin HdUlovurd-H nel'Tlxiutrs iDstrtel, ttittt In Itie \tty mlitM of Drttnt Park'* iTinnt Intflrpfltlrtir *ltrftctlotin Wlthli* sliort wnlkint illntsncn urn th* ATI t nut I tilt*, JlKrklnKhiHH Fnmimln. PI pill IHwsuiii. Shflilfl ATiinrltim. Afllnr Finn- olnrluni tiiiil flnldlT Flqtd, At) free nu f4uti]nlnv n*n1 v iiiifhu l'IK)TUAt,L Onlli-r.' riNmtMi niiont* in MiFwbniiHii, cut, an NiHrtliwmtfrn ri. Ontrr t!irfi(t». Oil SB t i r i, lll'fttn Til l'll)lntlHltlll«, "H'(, ffl i. ('wrillHHlii r*. 1'iirtmnmllt. Oct. 5(1 llnrn* RtH-lnt. flu It r rat-Hit NniiAnT to M. stint InnlmilT* n»n thiiriwt RUCK Tntcfe tautiiiftmn ndrrlon ill tti* 1 C R. H.) Tl;lt»t Ofdi* Tlllnot- funtriil HtMlon Pltoni. B-fi!T7 T^. Cl SCKIFW, Tlclcot A(t#nt. TJccrvtut'. Tit Ct-S Illinois Central J» TKAHS e e e MMUlHUlui at Meuriuid* tit M mlnufaw. obenk. * Cold UM (1M «WtJ, in* ahenkii MalkH* in thr*» 666 also .in ItbleO. 12 YEARS BACK THIS GREAT FURNITURE ESTABLISHMENT 12 Years of Reliability 12 Years o/ Honest Values 12 Years of Truth in Advertising 12 Years o/ Success 12 Years of Good Merchandise 12 Years of Dependability 12 Years of Service 12 Years of Confidence 12 Years of Easy Credits 12 Years of Right Prices 12 Years of Satisfaction 12 Years of City Welfare 12 Years of Satisfied Customers WATCH For Important 'Announcement in tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday Papers. LEATH C O N F I D E N C E You Will Scarcely Believe Your Eyes--We Caution You to Read--Realise Our Further Announcements. Located At 432-450 N. Water St Decatur, 111. , «. B ? caJMtw °/ *"""* tonfttonee and support of ils custom**, Loath Go. bavo fcootmo OM of the loading fnnituro establishments off Doeatnr, It has prooporad wHh Iho olty'o prosperity, booaaso dwiag tho 12 years off biolnass IHo ft has boon In a ooisa a wry partoffDaiatarKsoH- Hwdrods of homos hroghoot Doealnr aad INInols have toon finished by IMs tosWrfM. In the very boglming off this business tho foandor off Loath Go. laid groat strati on haHdlm a foundation for a hisinoso strwtwe that would ohata aad hold tho ooaftdowo of Ho owtomra, and throngh this ffoundaHon and policy Loath ft Co. has grown to an integral part, not only la Do- calur, bnt in the civic and bisiness world off Iho naHon. uj L ? a * i P 0 , 1 ha$ mM$ired H « «»n growth by that of tho oily off which it hao (MM a part- stride for stride it has marched abreast of industry of commerce (ho rnflix of oapflal and tho growing population which has made Dooatnr Iho groat homo loving oily H Is today. . . 1?°' has held cmlrienl| y to its original pnrposo to soil Quality Morohandlso at Iha W f° k !* prices °««W«rt with its good bisiness, Sincere in oonvteHoas, antorprlslng In Its efforts for OIVK betterment and holp in all that toiches pnblo interest, . , , hat Mtt|hl abw * a " elw to bo truthful In Ils advertising, II has ainM lo ax- olndo from ils advertising all that doss not loll Iho truth. Loath ft Co. merchandise and prioos have reflected Iho interest of all Ao pooplo from flw family who make a parohasa off an inexpensive piece of fnrnlliiro to Iho famly who tarnish a complete i homo. It's store policy is basod on a foil recognition and awplanoo of a moral responsibility to Its csstomerMt has always boon tho peopU's storo. We're In Decat ur-and Decat tir Spells Progress ?*? 1" "X?*.* 1 ?** '! me «* *M "»"«"»ce the beginning of a N*w Mtrchamiiung Program that will be m "keeping with prevenf day conditions :EE DAILY PAPERS FOR FUTURE COMPLETE ANNOUNCEMENTS r'SPAPERl

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