Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on July 2, 1898 · Page 3
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 3

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 2, 1898
Page 3
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M E L V I N , STEELE J O H N S O N , E D I T O R S A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . HOW SOME MEN PROPOSE. In SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 2, 1803. MONEY AND MUSIC. We Havo More Women VncnlUtn Tban Men. In preparing a list of American concert singers it was curious to note that the number of tenors jnst exactly equaled the combined number of baritones and basses. It is probably true that thoro nro just nbont two cultivated teu- ois to each baritone or bass. There are similarly about twico as many sopranos B'i thoro aro mezzo boprauos or contraltos, and there nro probably two ti\iiui-d sopranos to overy tenor. The reasons for these ratios ure probably tlic«e: A higher voice, being tho more unusual, attracts to its owner tho inoro attention. Tho natural tenor and live accordingly encouraged to culuvato what may, utter all,- bo only a mediocre ability. Tho mcz/o sopi.Ui'o or baritone, however, is thought of us ..duly fin ordinary mortal, and ;i voice of the utmost possibilities may bo left to ·syaste its fragrance in the dark, imfath- omcd caves'of its owner's thorax. A village church is tho epitome of the -world in this respect. Tho women "sing alto" or keep quiet, or strain and squeal at tho top notes; the meu dione out a bngpipish. bass. The good voices are lost in the lugubrious average, but if there is girl who takes tho high notes flutily or a boy who can interpolate tho tenor part without danger ot scarlet fever these voices siuij out nbovo tho grounding chorus. Every 0110 pricks ear/ to. listen, and the word is passed that Sukey Smith or Jakey Jones "hns a voice." It may be that that voice ought to be cultivated, it may bo £hnt it ought to be confiscated, but to tho teacher it must go. Tho steps from this first discovery to a career of public weal or ·woe are easy. So much for tho disproportion of high and low professional singing. 5?he fact that more women than men study sou is doubtless to be accounted for by tho snpcrstitioa that flourishes in many districts that selling dry goods or keepiug books, is si more manly career than singing. This public creed !· c;i-, many n man from developing tho ; - olJ uiiuo iu his laryu-s Be-sidos, tbrru is, especially i:i Ankeric.n, n scutiiiiLiii. that u man should not depend uu his tether after lie }sas reached his majority. ' It is a wholesome benthnont OTI tome accounts, a pernicious .seutiiucut on others, but mu«y a father will sot his son up in business with n su:n ot money which it dovotod to payiny hi artitio tuition n few years on in liis " twenties might give Jnni a capital of unlimited possibilities. --Oortey's JVIaga FOOLED' THE PREMIER. An Experimeut Which Marie Worw Thau They Hail Been. A story, tho truth of which is vouched for in high quarters, is told concerning tho' 'manners'' of the political members of a small country renowned for ita ancient Tho prime minister gavo'a reception to meet some distinguished Englishmen. Tho assemblage consibted solely o'f tho strangers, the members of tho parliament nud tho . prime minister During tho courso of the evening oiro of the more distimjaish- ed of tho English gr.ests di.scovcrcd that his watch had been taken. Ho went to his host nnd informed him of his Joss, 'addiiig-.tliat ho especially prized tho ·sV'fiteh, as it was a present to him from tho king of the country whoso guest he had tho honor to bo nt that moment. ' The prime minister saw at ouce that there Vas only one filing to bo done, imd,' asking for silence, explained tho situation to tho company. Ho said thac no doubt some one had yielded to tho temptation of tho moment, but that · when they learned that tho missing article was the gift of their king he was euro their loyalty, if nothing else, would prompt them to restoro it to its owner. In order that the culprit's honor might be preserved and the country saved from a scandal, he said, the lights would bo lowered for five minutes and tho guests would defile past tho writing table, wliich would give an opportunity for the delinquent to place the watch there. Upon thfs tho room was darkened for the stipulated time. On tho light's being turned up it was found that tho watch had not been placed on the writing table, but that B, valuable silver inkbtaud, also a gift of the king to hisprime miii- .ister, wa» missing as well--London Telegraph. Ciuca tho Procedure Is Said to lie the Following. Neither had spoken for a long time. They sat in Gwendoline Kirkpatrick's father's beautifully furnished parlor, and the gas was turned as low as possible. At last the fair girl sighed nnd tapped one of her dainty feet upon the heavy carpet. Algernon Hendricks only gnawed his mustache and swung hia left foot over his right kneo. "Do you know that I have just formed n resolution, after a long, long struggle with myself?" Miss Kirkpa trick said. "Indeed?" the young man re- turued. "Yes," she went on, "I have been thinking of it for a long time, and at hist my mind is made up." "May 1 ask what your resolution is?" Mr. Hemlricks said in hesitating tones, for he was timid, although he had inherited $360,000 from his father and had a right to act ns if he owned the earth. "I am going to offer iny services to tho church as a missionary and try to secure an appointment to Africa or Ghina or some other far- off country," she replied. "Oh, Miss KirkpatrSck," the young man exclaimed, "you must not ihink of doing such a thing as thnt! It would be cruel." "Cruel?" the beautiful maiden echoed. "And do you call it cruel to teach the heathen the way to heaven?" "No, no! Not that," he said, with unwonted eagerness. "I don't mean it iu that way. It would be*cruel tp those that you leave behind." "Oh," she responded, "my parents havo tor a long time known of my desire in this matter, and they fully approve-of it They will not grieve for me." "But--but," he stammered, "are they the only ones that are interested? Is there--not some one else who would not wish to have you go u w a y i " "No," she answered, "there is no one else." "Are--you sure?" "Why, of course. Who should there be?" "Per-perhaps there is some one tha-thut worships the ground upon which you -- walk, Miss Kirkpat- riok." "Oh, no4" she carelessly returned. "There isn't any one who does that, and I shall never marry anyway." Mr. Hendricks was silent for a moment, and then he said: " D-d-don't go away, Miss--I-mean Gwendoline I" 1 "Why not?" "Because." "Oh, that's the very reason why I intended to go." "What is?" "Because." "Because what?" "Because--because you don't care to have me stay, do you, Algernon?" She had gently drawn one of his Lauds in hers and drawn his arm around her waist. -Then she looked wistfully up into Ma face. The light was very low, and she had to get very close in order to see him--so close that at last her sweet, moist lips got under his mustache, and then, after a long, lingering kiss, he eaid: Dear little girl, how I love you! CURE ALL YOUR PAINS WITH Pain-Killer. A Mcdtcln« Chest In Itself. Simple, Safe and Quick Cure for CRAMPS, DIARRHOEA, COUGHS, \ COLDS, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA. 25 and SO cent Bottles. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. BUY ONLY THE GENUINE.* PERRY DAVIS' B, KINNAMON PROFESSIONAL CARDS. 7T LBEHT C. TOWERS, ATTOKNKY-A T-I.A W Demon. Maryland. T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, HF.NTON. Tin. A f u l l line of fresh confectionery always on band, at SEASONABLE PRICES. BEEiD FIB, ETC. KCE GBBAM PASLOB, IN T SEASON. TTfTALTER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DKNTOK, IA1YI.A'1, OFFICK WITH JAS. N. TODD, ESQ. QSCAR CLARK. Attnrney-at-IjfrvT, DKNTON, MAKYLAN1. Collections mid all professional business promptlj' nttnmlm] to. TTfTILIWER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, CKSTKEVILI.K, MJ) "Will practice nlso in Caroline, Tiilljot and Kent conntj. TVT AI.EX. HUXSOX, ~ ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DEJJTON, MAKTLANJJ. Will practice is the courts of Caroline find adjacent counties. rp PLINY FISHER, A TTORNE Y-A T-LA W, DENTON, MD. Ladies' nncl children's patronage solicited, and the children especially looked after. Looey's Chocolates a Specialty. · Also .1 f u l l Hoe of CIGARS AND TOBACCO on hand at The Old Bakery. A Pleased Customer is The Best Advertisement. A liltlo inoiioj docs the business bore, nnd our iinsurpussod l i n o of NEW GOODS i« rc.uly for youi inspection. Why look elsculicic when jou can buy just what you want in tho \\.iy of Men's, Boys' and Youth's Clothing, Hut-. C:ipg, Shoes, and the most modern patterns in Shirts, Coll us nnd Neckwear nt puces much LO"WEK TITAN THE LOWEST. Wo nlsn curry a f'lll and complete lino of Dry Goods in the latest du:ign» mul colors,, ns well :i* .1 rory l:irge Assortment of hullC. 1L ' Dress Skirts, which are made of stylish nnd durable imiterial. Pre^b Groceries. JTAVINGr restouked my GROCERY DEPARTMENT, I ,itn now prep.ii- ed to supply my customers and the public generally w i t h e v e i y t i i i n g - in t h a t line, fresh and of tho best qual- ' All business entrusted to receive prompt attention. claims a specialty. my care will Collection of JJARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORN EY-AT-LAVV, DENTON, MARYLAND. Close Attention will bo given to nil business entrusted to my cnre. 1 PERCY DUNNING, CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, DENTON, MARYLAND Reference Ueuton N.itioual Bank. n n n n . J C MKATS, tanned \ EJJJ?N, T (MFF1',K, We witk begin this season We will end this season ivilk Bargains. When in iipocl of iinUliini; in our lino n C'llll Mill COIIMIU'C JOll. Y n L h - . l-Oll HAMiAlX.S. THE BALTIMORE BARGAIN STOKE, UIDGtLY, MD. Notioo?, Ribbon? AND My stock of tho latter i? very c o m - plete, and my Ifidy f r i e n d s w i l l do well to call and exainiue my poods before going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cotton. ^Gloves and Hosieiy, and in fact a general line of Notions. Drop in and see the stock. Oysters and Ice Cream, For a good Oyster Stew give us a call. Ice Gi-eam will also be served in season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied for family use w h e n desired. at short notice. 409 E.PRATT ST. ^BALTIMORE. DOORS BLINDS JOHN W. CLARK, JR. -A.-a.etioM.eer, Box S£ t Will sell properly in Caroline or any of the 'adjoining counties HBNRY R. LEWIS. WILLAUD E « 1ST. LEWIS WEST, ATTORNEYS-AT-LA W, DENTON, MD. Will-practice in the Courts of Caroline Talbotund Queen Anne counties. DR ENOCH GKORGF,- DR. V K Vi Jfot,JF»lly 1 . There are others besides prophets wfio are not rated a', their true worth Jn their own country. A boy who grew almost to inna's estate in a eemirural community wont out into tb'e} great world and became famous ae a'leeturer and writer. Unspoiled ty fame, his heart often turned to hia boyhood home. On one occasion Le found that in passing from cue lecturing point to another he would go through the old town and that he wouM have- time to pass n -whole day there. Accordingly he wrote to one of the principal men of the township as follows: DEAH FIUEND-- Being nbout to PIUH throuyh mynuthe town and having a day at my disposal, I should bo greatly pleased to er.oet my old friends mid companions of earlier days, end I -know of no hot tor vny to do this, ttiuu to innlco an appointment to talk to thorn :it tlio old bnok schoo!hou=o next Thursday evening. I shall be happy to give them my beat Icoturo entrrely -free of charge. Invite overybodj. Yonrs faithfully, -- ." ' Having thas arranged to do the hless you iny children not, a tlioso versed in' latter day elang would Bay, his sensations tnay be imagined when he received, two or three duys Jflter, thi$ letter in response: DEAR Si'u-- Your favor, of Hth inat. rec'd. In r«pjj- :woakl say that I liuvo couforred with the trustees of the School Disct. No. 11 In ro- gnrds to opening the bids, next Thursday cvng. tor a lucturo, nnd they r'cqueut -mo to say. thnt the buino will not bo' convenient. WHu great rcspct., yours truly, n xveek after I got that letter," said the famous- lecturer in telling of the incident afterward, "I had a curious feeling, as if 1 wore about four bizes too email for my clothes." -- Youth's Companion. .Many of the frnits and vegetables now eaten in England were almost nn- known to onr fcrefathnrs. Not cutil Henry VIII's timo wera either rabpber- ries or strawberries or cherries grown in England, .and wo do not road of the turnip, · cauliflower and qninco being cultivated before the sixteenth centnry or- tho carrot before tho seventeenth century. * You won't go now, will you? You will be my own sweet little darling wife, won't you?" · "Ah, dearest," she said after another long, loving kiss, "isn't it strange that I never knew that J loved you until this moment?" "And didn't you ever guess thatl loved you?" "Why, darling, how could 15" she replied. "And just think 1 If you had not told me of your love when you did, you might have lost me forever 1" He shuddered at the thought of it. --Cleveland Leader. Fooled the Foreman. At one of the iron works in the north of England a good story is told at the expense of one of the foremen ot the blast furnaces. The men known as the barrow men have a certain number of rounds" or barrows of pro to wheel to the furnace during their eight hours of labor. One stormy night the foreman, who was suffering from a severe headache, retired to his cabin; but, being of a suspicions nature, he left the door open that ho might hear if anything ·unusual took place. Tho men had worked steadily on for eomo time, passing the cabin with each barrow of ore on their way to the lift. At last 0110 man in passing the door remarked loudly to another, "One more round, Pat, and then"-- But the foreman, overhearing the remark and knowing it was a long way of "knocking off" time, rushed to the door, exclaiming: "And then what, my man?" "And then another," coolly replied tho barrow man, and the foreman retired'.--Liverpool Mercury. The Man That Know*. "There aro some men," said Mr. Stay bolt, "that always know about things. They have a power of judgment that amounts to genius. They discern tho truth unerringly. They know what is right and what is wrong in a question, nnd they know it at the outset without waiting for the event. They range themselves not with confidence, bnt with knowledge, and however the clouds may lower they aro not disturbed. Indeed they rather like the storm, for they know -when the end will be. "They are more powerful than other men because they aro unhampered by doubts. They don't doubt, they know, aiitl men follow them, as they always will. Everybody admires a man' that knows and is sure about it."--New York Sun. GEORGE FISHEll, Physicians, Surgeons DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enoch George, Main Street. JAMES SWANN. KEPRKSENTINU JULIA DAY, Successor to _Mnj«s WILL BE FOUND A GOOD STOCK --OF-- The Best Life Fire Insurance, DENTON,MARYLAND. ·WM. B. DKWBKSK. FRED B. OWKXS DEWEESE OWENS, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., --AT-J. M. HEAVEN'S, HILLSBORO, MD. Larqe Stock of GROCERIES AND PENSWARE You can also find at the I-UIVIBER Y A R D Full supply of all k i n d s of Lumber. Sawing aud Planing done at short notice. Ceiling, Flooring-, Shingles, Laths r Doors, Windows, Etc., always on hand. G O O D C H E A P Cat this out for FotofiReferfince, Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BARH, AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday arid Friday Throughout the year. Wo deal in nil kinds, from the very be=tto tho vcrj clienp- cst. 400 HEAD of Hordes, Mures and Mules, jilwiiyi. on bund Visit us, it will pay you. PRIVATE SALES EVERY 'DAY. FIJIL L 1 X K OK 2HI! KLOTI3A HOHI SQHVOS ·CII/M 'JdVHM J.33U.LS J.HOH NE01S 03D sojSuiqs JJ9S, 6irt5 Jiij^ Harness V«ry JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6,8,10,12,14i6N.HlGHST«EET, Ncur Biillimnro St., one squiiro from Baltimore Street bridge. BALTIMORE, JID. DENTON, 311). Office in the Court House. Mortgages foreclosed, estates settled ;md prompt Attention given to nil business eu trusted to us. Will practice in the Stete nnd Federal Court. WM. H. DEWEKSB, State's Attorney for Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR/ . . . . DENTON, MD., Hns hddten years' experience in tho cities of Wilmington, Philndelphm and New York, and is now rendy to make contracts find guarantees skillful work, fair prices nnd entire satisfaction BUILDEBS TAKEJTpTTCE I HAVE FOR SAI.1-; AT DENTQN BRIDGE 250,000 CYPRESS#CEDAR DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY, :DENTISTS: MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, M A R Y L A N D Will prartice at Preston on Mondays; Denton on Tuesdays; Fedornlsbnrg, second and fourth Thursdays; East Now Market, first and third Thursdays. Best work guaranteed. Gns administered. DIFFERENT GRADES. PRICES TO SUIT. DR.ANNAGIERING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, | Twenty-five years' experience. hSpecialist in Diseases of Women Jjonly. Private Sanitarium of li.gli S/repnte Absolute privacy aflord- 'ed. Female Regulative Pills J2.00 per box. Advice by mail. ififlS E*ST BALTIMORE STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound for Female Complaints, Jl Wives -without Children consult me P. W. W. F. MUIU'HY \ A f IXL.IAM E. GBEENLEY'S BARBER. SHOP, (Stewart Ruilding, next door Brick Hotel) First-ckss furniture nnd appliances, nrnl competent workmen insures sntisfiictory service to nil customers. Popular pricts. REDDEN MURPHY, BKALEBS IN FIRST-CLASS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS, CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, DENTON. MARYLAND. PAINT ..SOLD UNDER GUARANTEB. ACTUAL COST 1EBSTHA]T«1.26PIEGAL. INTERESTING TO FARMERS! --"^^X^IO A line of Implements second to none "on this Shore Suited to your Wants, and Sold under a Guar- ' antee. Better Made and Made of Better Material, and decidedly the Best Finished Line Now Known. OSBORNE COLUMBIA CORN HARVESTER AND BINDER, · m ^COLUMBIA BINDER TWINE. -X«- · · · OSBORNE COLUMBIA MOWER, ONE AND TWO. HORSE Osborne Spring-Tooth Harrow, Osbome Columbia Low Down Grain Harvester and Binders, OSBORNE C O L U M B I A REAPER. OSBOKNE COLUJfDIA REAPER, No. 8. OSBORNJS ALL-STKEL TEDDEH-. OSUORNE ALL-STEEL S K L F - D U M P K A K K 08BORN1C ALL-STKKL H A N D - D U M P R A K K . OSnoilNE KKVERSIBL15 PLEXIUL U DISC HARROWS OSBORNE COMBINATION SfRING-TOOTH. O s n o i I V K COLUMBIA AD- ·) U^T.\ BLE PEG-TOOTH 0 - B O K N K R I G I D REVEUS- i : ; i j ; :i|.SC HARROW. os;:;7:.\i-; n u i V A f , DISC n u:i(o\v OSlKMiM-: M ' L K Y SPRING T-,,(J-||| J!.\ltKOWS. IIOKSE HOE EVANS 00 UN PLANTKlt. PERFECTION PLOW. The only Chilled plow made with a Ribbed-Back mouldboard positively preventing break- W. E, BHOWH, -' - DENTON, MD., Castings furnished for any registered Chilled Plow ever made. Any of these goods furnished you with a warranty in your own your, own possession. You have nothing to risk in trying them. An inspection will pay you. Sold on liberal terms. WM. J. BLACKISTON, DENTON, MD. SOLK AliKNT TO THE PUBLIC! Prices on all goods warranted to bo ns low ns those oflcred by city dealers. Mr. Murphy, a builder of long e\perionce, will hnvc charge of the practical work, nnd satisfaction giumnteed in overy particular in Jnst What It Seem*. like a dream, " ho said speaking of 'his courtship "My boy." replied tho veteran, ·"when you wake up after marriage yon, will find that that is jnst exactly what it is -- nothing but a dream, " -- Chicago Post. Killed HI* Sentiment. A newspaper correspondent at the battle of Atbara tells a good story about a couple of Scotchmen. He was walk- Ing softly about the camp so as not to disturb tho sleepers on the night before the fight when he overheard a sentimental Seaforth highlauder say to a comrade: "Ah, Tarn, how many thousands there are at hame across the sea thinking o' usthenicht." "Eight, Sandy, " replied his chum, "and how many millions there are that dou't care a d-- -n. Go to sleep, you Thon^as Carnjipe,. COHTKACTOR ABD BD|LER, Ridgely, Maryland. Contracts taken in Caroline- and ndjoin- ing counties. ^Thirty-three years experience. Plans and specifications cheerfully furnished. Best of references from Caroline, Talbot nnd Dorchester counties. EstaTalislxecL Frank C. Bolton. Lee B. Eolton. BOLTOJST BROS. PAIHTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL KiK PAINTS, I dcsins to inform my friends of Denton nnd tlio public loumlu- bout that I will be at the store of STEWART BKOS., in DENTON EVERY TUESDAY, where I will bo prepared to tnkc oidors for nil kinds of JEWELRY sind to make icpairs. All work will receive prompt attention, sinnll repairs being made before leu-ing town. Ordci* left with Stownit Bros, \\ill bo cnrc- fully attended to. I thank you for past favors, and hope to receive ft continuance of them. MOSES THE JEWELER. . JAMES T. MORRIS, (KIDGELY, MD.) TWwriiflit anj Blactaift, AND EXPERIENCED HORSSEHOER! In ?11 branches of my business I i»unr- nntee satisfaction. In horseshoeing I'hnve the endorsement of best veterinarians. JAMES T. JIOKHIS. S. fcWEU- SOW, UNDERTAKERSTEMBALMERS AND FUNERAL DIRECTORS, WE DO Ilnvo tho l)o«t Carrugos, Spin 31 o Buggies, Daylong, :ind a lull line of .Machinery nnd Farm Implements. Lowest Price* an E\cr thing! Good Second-Iinnd Cnrringrs nnd Buggies from $1000 up. DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty years of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is guaranteed. SI1TCE OSBOKNE COLUMBIA BINDERS AND MO WEES arc at tho front, and, Imvo outbnltlod all competitors, baring proved to be the lightest draft, tlio Lost work, simplest in construction, the strongest nnd best-braced binder ever made. Hence tlio victory! Columbia All-Steel (lay Rakes and Tedders aro constructed in a way Hint you have two new rakes for the prico of one. Osborno Columbia Spring-Tooth and Disc Tlairows are the' only ones made with double lovers. - * Don't forgot that I am headquarters for all lines of Machinery, Cnrria"05, etc nt lowest price*. TONS OF BIDDER TWINE. Also bnvo three second-hand Deering Binders for sale che.ip. Will guarantee them in every way to doflrst-class work or jio sale. Give me a cull. H. M. THOMPSON, HILLSBORO, MD. ThoStaamer Greensboro . D. S. BRocicwA.y, MASTKR,) J"A.3^LES BARNILS, PRACTICAl. And silence fell upon that comerict the square. DENTON, MD. I shall constantly ktep on hand a full assortment of Iron and Steel for all kinds of Farm nnd Wngon Work. I can furnish you all sizes of now wheels nnd axles, and best classes of horse-shoes at short notice. I guarantee nil material nnd work at lowest prices to suit the hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Stable. Q ivo mo a trial. JOHN J. BARNES. Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch. ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies, 418, 420, 422, 424 E. PSATT ST., TREES # PLANTS REED'S THE'P^C, TO GET BARGAIN? IN HARNESS I If in need of anything in my lino it will bo to your advantage to examine v,lint I IIHVC to show before piirchpsinc; elsewhere. My stock includes Dusters, Sheets, Ply Hels, Ear Tips, "Whips, Harness as low as $7, Hmid-niadc Harness to order, Collars, Bridles, Axle and llnincss Oil, Whip Sockets, Pads of nil kinds. repaired find cleaned at Will ply between GKEENSBOKOUttH and BALTIMOKE Weekly, touching at all landings between Greonsbor- ough and Denton. On and after July 4, steamer will leave for Baltimore every Monday FREIGHTS MODERATE, CAPACITY AMPLE The patronage of our merchants and fanners solicited that this linn may be made n success, full information by inquiring of GEOKGE F. DILL, AOKST, D. S BKOCKWAY. MABTXK, Grcenshorough, Md. Or HA11KY A. KOE, AOKNT, Denton, Md. |@"Lfirge granaries always ready to receive grain. Undertaker and Funeral Director Jlr. Cooper's long experience in embalming and all the other branches of bis profession, render absolutely certain the proper performance of his duty in all matters intrusted to his c.uc. All calls, either by day or night, promptly answered. Residence on Sfain street, opposite Brown's now drus; store. The leading varieties of Apple, Peach, Pear, Plum, Cherries, Small Fruita, etc., for sale A. G. GELLETLY CO,, WILWSTON, MD. short notice. W. S. REED, · Donton. Md. JTB.~K. EMORY nP-~CO (JSMOBY NKAVITT.) --GENERAL-COMMISSION MERCHANTS, LIGHT STREET, 33a.ltixxa.ore. Douglass House REHOBOTHCITY, DEL. OPEN JUNE 10th. This Hotel is situated 100 feet from ocean f r o n t , and ono-fouvth of a mile from Behoboth Bay, in tho rear. Good Bathing, Sunning, Fishing Boating. Special rates for June and September. Free Hack. Bar attached. WM. M. JEFFERSON, PROPRIETOR. T. W. SMITH, Headache Caused by Eye-Strain. TH1DWABO M. NO1ILE, LAND SURVEYOR, Denton, "Work done in any part of tho county at short notice. Charges very ronsoimblo. Jinny persons whose eyes and head aro con- ^stnntly aching have no idea what relief seic'n- tifically-fitted glasses will give. Clumsily ad* justed glasses will almost invariably increase tlie trouble for which they arc ·worn, and in some c.iics may lend to irrecoverable blindness. Our ability" to adjust glasses safely nnd correctly is beyond question. Byes Examined Free of Charge. T. W. SMITH, Ridgely, Md. J. O. TAYLOR WITH J". O. LIEZIB FRUIT AMD PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1 East OaracLen. Sti - B - A . X ' East OaracLen. Sti REFERENCES: Tr.ulers' Nationnl Bank of Knltimore; First National Bank of Stewaitstown, Pa. Branch at Stewartstown, P«. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore. Maryland, Vegetables; Maryland Ponchos and Sweet Potatoes. .NFWSPAPFRf . F W S F A P F R !

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