The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 1, 1975 · Page 5
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 5

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 1, 1975
Page 5
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Jury duty.,. (Continue*! from Page 1) 15 and lh« l«<h DUlrtd Court u*d a ptml of 30 on it* civil docket. Th* em** SO were reJetMd Monday itncc the Jury requirement* (or the w«* were already known and had been filled Another change in the pait three year* has mad* a difference In Jury call* tl i* the u*e of random wlectlon by computer uutead »f the old Jury wheel fttied with little name ilips u it wa* In the fwut Huth fUchtar, clerk In the District « «-rk'» office, t* Sn charge of rnatn ining the Jury \M» and the handling of the jury eall* Mr* Richter nsyt u*e of the computer meant the *elecliou U , rtwre evenly dutril*rt«J over the county "When ** u»«d the Jury wheel we typed the little ulifw off Iu4« of properly owner* and preetntt voter lifts," Mr* Itkbter explained Tltit tystem oiufcwJ Jury calls to be Umdwd became in a jjinitujar area it ()hy»jf«lly imjxAtible to »d«|ualely ter t)>* ihp» |n the Jury wheel Although, M Judge Kcrguwxi M- [JaifHtl, it U ImptMSlblc to havr an »t> Mulrly Fa;«k(«n Hdeetion, the ti«n{>mer m«i)iod u »»r*rHjo»n »* ran br #*p*<"t«l on Uw- (pwlifinl voter lut art- Of thoM selected, « little over SO per fpnl »f lht»w' i-ni eartita »ri" reflfhrnJ iwd reaponded. .Since It U a voter lint, some move ilnce registering, tome die lx?fwe being called and tome are faulty ad- drefu«g. A very few, repeat very few, are excused, court statistic* show On th« 142-member jury call used an .an example five were excused on written 1 *ludkd by the Judge prior to DEATHS end FUNERALS THE URAtOSPOftT PACT* r*fero*r, TEXAt, MOMDAT, Charlie Morris Jones BISD agenda sfvd when Mfatftaru *r* mtdr emt « m*«> u $jull*<J by Once you are called for jury duty your name doe* not go tack Into (he computer •election bracket until the next year. You have one time of the year to get callfd In How frwjwwy, arcwdlng to Mrs Hichl'-r "N«*w jwy hsU art (»ul in th«« computer on AUK 15," the «?*p'i in*, "you could get wieclwJ off the old ll»( and *incc jury card* ar? pullwJ for a month ahead, you could Ix? called off thf new li«t " Thi» can only happm lo a ft-* people during Sep<«nlj« and the ftrM we«k of October "But, it dww hapj^n anrd we do hear about it. ' lUw siniM A* Mr» Marko SJK! Jwlgr F«gu*ofl s«id, "Although jiury duty is a duly and civk respf.rnntJiiHji ttl rvrry «(uahfjed citlirn, the 8>-««n lAdaugned lo make it *» fair a» |*«.sil)!f arul *t plrawnl a i)u!y a.s urte can np«i " SWKKNY ~ Service* for Charlie Norrti Jones, «, »l Pllmore St., have been scheduled for 10 a. m, Tue»day in the Palm* Funeral Home Chapel of How» In Angleton. The Hev. Herman Coe of Bra tor ia, awSMant pa«tor of the Flnrt Baptist Oiurch here, and Judge Ray (Jayle HI will officiate Burial it to lie at 2pm. Wednesday in the family pto< at Bluff C«mrtcry, Clarluv-ille Jone«, well-known a* a fonner deputy iheriff In agenda... •«.'.*»!. t«u*«J friwn J -•hut-, Uit (air m«U*r *a •«*.»* Irtilglll Itue (tt« fWiiitr ciiitrt m thr rj'.jf hex) t***( ttik>«»*»! la>.rt rt'witqt iimn Shan in a tfrill vote tVij!i',r«i iu vtin/jifi ri*. cttuncll ft^ji.!* 4 ,* rmsiurs (if talc o( a to. !!«• orJ) cifhrf u an >r<<t ttt »! ifsp •''• Officer... < l'lt-.f., -t.rtt'i IftAK I'A £r (of prtiff »»jrk nr#l t, Uj'tJ marit»t!j;». BlBLf STUDY AIDS: • DICTIONARIES • CGNCORDAKttS • COMMENTARIES • ATLASfS ( | HA1LET & UNGER HANDBOOKS 4. SON SHINE BOOK 4 CIR SHO? t* M» / JB » M H A *-, '«c !f.«r Absentee vote for judge seat begins today Cl.t.'TK Abifti!<-r "i<:<!ifti; '* "-* r ritr'.jor, (or mufucjfrt! oxjr* |i>'%f •»*!! l«Tt"in Itxiay a! S n tr, in !/>c <">«> Halt ' Itxifif ifjJtlltittS ',O t'jtt »\.&ttlltr rita; <.'<> Sft !.«". '*«»?! !hw tr.xirt <A I 4 ir, awj i (s t»i «•*<)> »'o«rkirs^ •!»•;. !hf:» Ti*ri.-l»> . l>ttc !•• a< ir -orbing !-.i Mt» 'i!ii(J«rt! JVr^J-irri f Afjtlixlilr-s in ?)* »f«\ u$ •-=# (UAHUKV JON'KS the jail dJvldon of the Braxorla County Sheriff's Department, died of cancer Sunday <Nov. 30, !97St In Sweeny Community HospUnl A native of Detroit, the familiar courthoute figure had resided in Brazoria County as year*. Prior to hi* association with the Sheriff* Department, Jone» wa» employed In the traffic department of Dow Chemical Co some 27 year* At the time of hi* death, he was the baliff in Judge GayJe'i court Jon« wa« an avid sport* fan and *pen! many years ajs a UttJi? league coach in Angirton lie i* tun'tved by hig wtf«', Sit/yl of Sweeny; one daughter, Hhwtda Kayo Jones, Angleton, three vms, Charles W of San Antonio, Terry \jc* and Tommy M . bolh of Angleton, a istepion, (* h » r I e » 1, e B1 a n c . Sww-nv arxJ w>e grandchild include S*« trte B<xx>«;, Jo* Hoddrr, H K Hopper. Uu>'d iirackman, J V.' Vr'illi*. Harry Melzger, Ht-rt^rl 11*11, T 0 Ikx-k atwl Jew- A Ijnjjo Jr., and <Jt!jo Mr* art t Continued from Page n »uggcsted that a xtudy be made Invenilgatlng the fca»IWIHy of the nchool district participating in (he payment of premium*. Board of Education policy ttateft that an auditor for the nchooi district be appointed at the first board meeting in December of each school year. Superintendent H. K. Wilson and Director of Finance M C While have recommended that the board consider making abjection of an auditw at Tuesday'* meeting Also to be considered at the meeting in the recommended school calendar for the IW&-i»77 school year and an informational rejwt on the 1976 National School Board* Convention. The 1ST76 National School Boards Convention will be • •* held April IMS, 1976 in San KrancUco. Calif. The board vrtll convene in closed executive s«aftion to consult with the board'* attorney, diacuns employee* and diflcuns student discipline during the meeting. Following the executive Mssaion the board will take action on items dtecttftsed in elated session. •*« The ,-up.ifagn* plarM contain* it drug called rotin, u«cf»l in Clifford Edward Greer iSi^i j:. An(i!fli-«; !)ar;!»jr, f,«v-f a! H ! N«'. '.*t JfTi; Hr »ii !f..fn Ja(; :• r»-'.tn-r.1 '.!$"<•? aUr<j; Ki^irw^-r < » r ft ru <)«• »*f^'»ct*i 'Ail! !*• fx-l'! .<! fU-!>V«<**;! Mffrior I'art; Ti,r Kf, \ > <>f Hr .,}!.,{ i:>. [.in: !<•;!;*) X UJBTER mfl5T€R '•v-f H '< rifM i'.;it-, Hu*k«i Mailbox burned For the man who wants everything. A Seiko Quartz Watch 1" <• L y.f "•-['"' V -^I'l.f ';'>'.'•','::. •', .r-, W ' '.<:'/•,- I-. ;;•?' '• '.-,'• I'' ", - r* . • f \ 1 / »: C.I»r-.5«.W -im.M M« f..U^»tf -t>!i5C W,-:' 5I9M.J J.AKK tic- Kujt«-r.* M ft u ! h or i ! i r-> ! r. 4 i: A n* »rf»C'rlr«i !<. pciticr Ihn Drive-in burglarized LAKK JACKSON To**! fjfwpcrty lou ct! 175 i* <:4 a tnurgiarv lha! tc4d /^l J >7 * C/ydesf - ^ CHRISTMAS STORE HOURS av* 'til »:«K> p.m. lt«t«rft dr*.vt- irtrxkw Coke December »yrxi;> • '.hr (JCJOT *n«j CLUbS -STEREO (CARPETIN: M- CAM PI; K«,*aoo 90 |«ROBE-INTERCOM-MOTOR Bits IPONENTHAIR CONDITIONS ._. WAGON -10^ DIAMOND! FOOTBALl FREEZER LUGGAGE! HONEYMOl GREENHOL\ SWING SE SCHOOLTUIT SWIMMING POC1 BEDROOM SUITE DOLLS • ELECTRIC TR| CAMP EQUIPMENT COLOR TELEVISION-ETC : BARGAIN DAYS Tuesday and Wednesday — SAVE NOW FOR SANTA— FREE MEN'S SUITS Sjmr brandy from our ir£ul*r Saliili (iircki pUidi vofr.r »ilh I'.fRUijtt J*» i* lo llJ-i «. ,S*(r PfWr . 69<° S 89 MEN'S SPORT COATS X*lr I'ntr Jf HENS' SLACKS t.rril lof Oirnun in mans mudrlt. Kr;;uUr |>/Kr lo 1 iltrr it*' l'iir> on ,t jnhiun »Uik» Sur» ,'v | U Jo I'm OUR 50lh YCAR "Ji.'ijjle HeMs" is a happy soxtrxt wishing .ill ,i Mnry Ctinstm^s "Jmglu Bills" hov.««er, could inejf* a strain cm the tiouse hotel budget Cticiitmas ts just atouivd (he comer ami so is your GRIAT WESTERN HNANCE oJtice, *licrc you'll find Merry Christmas mowy waiting lor you With Christmas tnoriey lioin Great Western, you can do your shopping all ov«f town but make just one convenient payment a month to Great Western. See or phone us tor Chrisinjs money ... get rid ot those Jingle Bills. ..!.IO ENTIRE STOCK! COWBOY BOOTS "" if « b> \ 1.K I'KIl K SPECIAL! DOLLAR DAYS CHRISTMAS BONUS Save Now Slides b> HKVKXB MIOIIS b\ j:\HM\\ 20% OFF 3 UXAS' LARGEST INDEPENDENTLY OWNED CONSUMER flNANCf COMPANY GREAT WESTOiN FINANCE » 1422 N HIGHWAY 288. 233 5288 NEW STORE HOURS , io l WE WILL GIVE NOCASHRKFt'NOS) OFF on Every Ticket Includes everything, Even Sale items. Nothing Held back. < Tur*da> aud our 9m ^* Jr #,*, ^ w TUt

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