The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 16, 1966 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1966
Page 12
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Crosby School System Inprovements Needed Ajurvey of the Crosby School systn has been completed and a nort handed to members of the bard of trustees. Tl survey was conducted by C. fman Ellis Jr.. consultant arckect of the School Plant Sects of the Texas Education Agepy. TJ survey was made at the reqest of school trustees. Here it is Abatements contained herein uich pertain to making chafes in sites, school plant fa- cilitk, educational program, orgaization, etc., shall be con- struj as suggestive only and are at tc be considered as directive. 9HOOL POPULATION Anexamination of the school censs figures shows mat the Cros^' District has grown sub- stantlly during the past four yean Being located in Harris Coiin-" it is reasonable to sup- posethat this growth will not only rontinue but will probably accekate. OPERATION Fiencially, the Crosby D i s- trictas had a sound, economical ogration. The 1963-64 cost of instrttion was 5321.24, per pupil as ccipared wish a state - wide averse of S354.76 per pupil, in schoe of the same size. This 530 ps difference may indicate that .*conomy has been over- stresd. Thi present ratio of bonded debt* valuation is approximately 4.!per cent. This leaves the distrk with a remaining maxi- mumlegal bonding capacity of apprcimately SS93.000 for ad- ditioil facilities unless the dis- trict'taxable valuables are in- creasi. Experience indicates that > provide adequate facilities aiistrict should have a min- rmun taxable value of 51,000,000 t each 100 chndren. On this Isis Crosby is just even at preset but with expected growth will son fall behind in its values. EVAUATION OF EXISTING BUILDINGS SNlOR HIGH SCHOOL Thi building, erected in 1957, has fen well maintained and is in goi condition. Unfortunately, it w! built with most class room; smaller than currently recomended. Being located across a city street from other elemrts of the plant, such as tile vmnasium, homemaking and Dcational agriculture, is consitred undesirable. The gymrsium. vocational agriculture, and homemaking are house in a large frame structure, his unit has many inade- quacii in its facilities as well as beg unsightly. I JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL The junior high school which consists of the seventh and eighth grades are boused in an old 1924 two - story building that is in very poor overall condition. An independent engineering report suggests that the building be abandoned and replaced, in which this writer concurs. ELEMENTABY SCHOOL This building also has been well cared for and is in good condition. The original building, erected in 1932. and the additions of 1960 and 1964 hav e adequate facilities and are very functional. DKEW SCHOOL At the trnie of the survey one of toe frame elementary buildings had been damaged by a wind storm and school had been dismissed. This campus contained a good secondary school PETITE PISTONS—Hyperelean- liness. even to the worker's contamination-free clothing, is essential in assembling pumps for Minuteman and Polaris missiles at Borg- Warner's Pesco Products in Bedford, Ohio. The piston, among the tiniest used in any pumps, is the pulsating heart of the hydraulic systems that guide Polaris missiles in flight, and must operate efficiently at fluid temperatures from -65 degrees to 800 degrees P. building and several frame build- Ings all of which are Jn lairfy good condition. LONGKANGE PLAN SUGGESTIONS In view of the expected population growth for this area the following suggestions are offered for consideration by the board of trustees and the administration. 1_ Evaluate the educational program now being offered to determine how well it is meeting the needs of the children. Special thought should be given to the needs of those students who will not be going to college. 2. Prepare long - range plans for the next five to ten years to establish the financial means for providi ng facilities called for by the needed educational program. 3. Acquire a 30 -to 50-acre site in an accessible location and build a complete four-year high school plant. 4. Raze the present two-story junior high school building and the frame gymnasium building. 5. Convert the present high school into a junior high school for grades 6. 7, and 8. Build necessary additions for the gymnasium, lunchroom, etc, 6. Limit the elementary school to five grades. This building needs more storage space for the kitchen. 7. Remove all frame buildings except the gymnasium from the Drew campus and convert this plant to a five - grad-a elementary school. 8. Integrate the entire school system in order to utilize the total C.T.U.'s that the district is eligible for to the best possible advantage. COMMENDATIONS 1. The board of trustees is to be commended for having provided an administrative building where the business of the district can be properly carried on. 2. The board of trustees and the administration are to be commended for facing up to the needs of the district and for taking steps to meet those needs. 3. The students are to be commended for their good citizenship as evidenced by their good behavior and their respect for and care of school property. School Board Hires Seven For Special Aid Program The school board Monday!registered nurses, under a fed- night approved employment of seven persons. Including two era! aid program designed to >enefit students who are Sim's Television Log CDXESDAT NIGHT 6:30 3 Virginian 3 Sports World 3 Lost In Space 3 Batman 7:00 I Viewpoint On Mental Health jj Patty Duke 7:301 Arts USA f Beverly Hillbillies B Blue Light 8:00 I Bod Hope Theater I Intertel | Green Acres G Big Valley 8:30 I China — The i Awakened Giant I Dick Van Dyke 9:00 | I Spy g Danny Kaye j) Long Hot Summer 10:00 I News 3 New s 9 News 10:301 Johnny Carson J Movie 3 Far Away Places 11:000 Theatre 13 12:00§ Merv Griffin 12:559 Cbnaway Comments — Tom Evans KWBA KWBA 1S«0 MCDAV THRU FRIDAY MORNING 6:OODhnnie Ford Show pountry MusJc) 6:15Sfeline 6:30Jutual News 6:36 fink Lewis Show (Country jusic) 7:00 leadline Feather 7:30!utual News 7:35'exas Local News 7:45Eeaven and Home Hour 8:00|he Morning Chapel Hour 8:30imazing Grace 9:00phnnie Ford Show Country Music) Feares: Headlines-Tom Evans Vather on the hour Mutual New*- on the half hour Oppor- tunit$Cnocks-10:45 Report from Wall street 11:35 Back to the Bibl42:00-12:30 ; NIGHT 1:00 fe Ladd Show (Country kusic) Feares: Headlines-Tom Ev- vans feather on the hour Mutual iws on the half hour Op- portuty Knocks 3:45-3:47 Bill Steniports 5:05-:14 6:00hilto!i Lewis Jr. 6:30putual News 6:3%m Ard Show (Country flusic) Fcires: Headlines * Weath- er-oniie hour Mutual N«ws-on ibe ialf hour Opportunity KDOci-7:45-:4T THURSDAY MOKNISQ March 17 6:10 O Sign On 6:15 S Accounting 6:25 CD Sign On 6:23 ffi Sign On 6:30 QJ Sunrise Semester IB Cadet Don 7:00 G Today ID Weather, Surfing, Fishing <B Morning News 7:25 O Weather 7:30 d Today fll Morning Show |£) Cadet Don 8:25 & News 8:30 e Today QJ Captain Kangaroo © Kitty's Corner 9:00 & Eye Guess OJ I Love Lucy © Jack La Lanne 9:25 G News 9:30 0 Concentration CD McCoys © Girl Talk .0:00 8 Morning Star flj Andy of Mayberry ff> Super Market Sweepstakes 10:30 ® Paradise Bay ID Dick Van Dyke © Dating Game 11:00 6 Jeopardy fD Love of Life © Donna Reed 13:25 ID News 11:30 & Let's Play Post Office (D Search For Tomorrow © Father Knows Beet 11:45 ID Guilding Light 11:55 49 NBC News THURSDAY AKTERNOOX 12:00 & Midday with Ginny Pace ID News © Ben Casey 12:30 6 Let's Make a Deal (D As The World Turns 12:55 & News 1:00 O The Days of Our Live* 4D Password © Nurses 1:30 O Doctors ID House Party © A Time For Us 1:55 © News With the Woman's Touch 2:00 O Another World Q} To Tell The Truth © General Hospital 2:25 ID News 2:30 O You Don't Say ID Edge of Night © Young Marrieds 3:00 O Match Game Q| Secret Storm © Never Too Younf 3:25 €> News 3:30 fj Marijane'i MagiCasUe ID Early Show IE) Where The Action Is 4:00 O Cheyenn« (D Kitirik 5:00 ® Chris Chandler S wells Fargo Huckleberry Hound 5:30 O Huntley-Brinkiey ID CBS N«w» and 'edu- eco- cationally, culturally nomically deprived." Supt George Gentry said the program will not start until oth- personnel are obtained. He aid the school district has been allotted 27 additional employes under the program. The district will be reimbursed for their salaries with federal funds. Those employed under the ederal program are: Mrs. Donna Lindsey. and Mrs. Anne Pauline Mosely, registered nurses; Miss Jerry C, Dalcour. teached aid. Carver; Mrs. na May Fretty, teacher aid. larlem; Bruin Ernest Glover, eacher aid. Carver; Mrs. Dorohy M. Harrison, teacher aid, Sam Houston, and Mrs, Joyce B. Rice, teacher sid, Anson 'ones. The board also approved 11 acuity appointments for next fear. They are: Elbert L. Al- iritton, industrial arts; Mrs. Claire Bays, Ross Sterling drum and trumpet corps director; irfiss Rozann Bates, primary ;rades; Joseph W. Connealy, ntermediate grades; James A. Dawson, science - biology; Jerry Foster, mathematics and tennis coach; Gary N. Herrington, physical education and coaching; Barbara dark, biology; Mrs. Brenda Jobe, physical education; Barry Ray Jobe, math; Nancy McKinney, English. Gentry said most of the latter are still subject to assignment to positions within the school system. SEEKS HOUSE SEAT—Reaching the age qualification for the U. S. House of Representatives, Elizabeth "Wee- gee" Bowen of Bluefield, W. Va., holds a small celebration • for friends in Washington on her 25th birthday, and announces her intention of running as the GOP candidate in West Virginia's fifth congressional district. Wednesday, March 16. Specials Good Thru Saturday. March 19. Utalf liita K«»«nr«rf 100 EXTRA 1966 Auto License Plates are on Sale At All Lewis & Coker Supermarkets. RINSO Detergent With Purchase of 2L50 or more ExcL Cig. Giant Pkg. 39 SNOWDRIFT Shortening With of 2J50 or More I |» Can Cigarettes 49 I C I ADOLPHUS COTTAGE 100 Quality Protected Meats With This Coupon & Purchase of Each All Purpose Vigoro .......... 80 i£ Yigoro For Texas Turf M S Coupon Good Through March 19 at all Lewis & Coker Super Markets m-s->-™t^/fsy:^:-cr."^* : ?s^— S5^; Kg^ Swift's Premium Sliced Pkg. The Bacon With Thaf Sweef Smoke Flavor! BEEf 50 GREEK i STAMPS With This Coupon and Purchase of 50 Lb. Bag Vertagreen Law and Garden Vertagreen for Texas Turf Vertagreen with Cinch Bug Killer Vertagreen with Dieldrin Coupon Good Through March 19 at all Lewis 4 Coker Super Markets ^^^"^rfM.-i^^^^X^l^vSWt™ ™_ t*. -~ — --^SSt • Frosty Frozen Foods SNOW CROP Orange Juice 43c Cans V i V !2-Oz. Can -Birds Eye Vegetables- Peas, Potatoes & Cream Sauce p£ ^ Peas & Cream Sause SP £ ^^ E $1 Peas & Pearl Onions ^ ^ «>* JL Garden Fresh Produce Calif. Lemons c^S 29c Fresh Radishes 2-SS 19c Pascal Celery u ^ NO : 1Calif : s ^ 19c Fresh Carrots 225 25c Loue. Yams u *:. No : l . 3 ***. 35c 3 Bag 2/C U.S. No. YeOow Cabbage Home Grown 7c ORANGES Texas Large "full of Vitamin C" for

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