Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on April 5, 1969 · Page 64
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 64

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 5, 1969
Page 64
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r\ t- r =. v;. , tfi the Arizona Republic , S«t., April 5, Ittft Thieves take haul in gems * NEW YORK (AP) - Burglars cut Into the vault of a Manhattan jeweler yesterday and got away with $250,000 in gems. A security guard on the premises was unaware that a crime was being committed, police said. • Police said the burglars cut a 30-inch hole through a 2- foot-thick wall that opened into the vault of Nat Altman jiwelers, 58 W. 47th St. The loss of the gems was discovered at 9 a.m. by Nat Altman, one of the owners. He entered the vault and found that diamond rings, unset diamonds and gold strip- pings used for settings were missing. Other gems, such as rubies, sapphires and garnets, were strewn around the vault, apparently discarded by the thiefs. Nation's canines to compete today CHICAGO (AP) - The international dog show in which bt'St-in-show winners was a different breed each of the past 11 years opens today with 3,400 groomed canines on display at the International Amphitheatre. Some 115 breeds compete in the two-day event which closes tomorrow night with selection of best-in-show by Judge Percy Roberts of Noroton Heights, Conn. Wise old owl tangles with fisherman; loses • VALDOSTA, Ga. (AP)-It's the first time Noel Fountain ever hooked an owl in 30 years of fishing. Fountain said he was fishing at a nearby lake when an owl swooped from a tree and grabbed his lure. He said he began reeling in, with the owl about 40 feet above the water. Fountain said the bird is on display in his gun shop because his wife won't let him keep it at home. Legal Advertisng SUMMONS Superior Court of the State of California, for the County of Tula— Ann •••• JJ^HM^ i"iBiniif> »»» "VH! fEOPLE OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA to the above named De- fe You n are directed to file with the clerk of this court In which the above entitled act on Is brought a written pleading In response to the complaint within Ten days after the service on you of thl» summons, If served withinthe above named county, or, within thirty days If served elsewhere (except that If the action Is against the state Pursuant to Section' 731.5 of the Code of Civil Pro- cedur*, within ISO days). You are notified that unless you so file a written responsive pleading, the Plaintiff will taKe ludgment for any money or damages demanded in the complaint, as arising upon contract, orwlll apply to the courTfor any other relief demanded You C mav "si* th* advlc* of an attorney on any matter connected with th* complaint or this summons. Such it- tornev should be consulted within the time • limit stated In this summons for flliha a written pleading to the complaint. JUY L W. DONAHUE, Attorney at Law Post Office Box ,641 Vlsalla. California Telephone: 732-4565 Attorney for Plaintiff ByTJciLENAFFZlGER, Deputy Clerk ?u a btlshe^ rC A h riz 7 5i."4Spubllc April S, 12, 19, 26, 1969. Tinted Pattern M Irrigation „ . SAN CARLOS PROJECT 24 hrs. ended 7 a.m. April 3, 196» Capacity, acre-feet, 1,285,000 Available storage, acre-feet, 443,607 24-hr, discharge, acre-feet. 1,400 Reservoir loss, acre-feet, 1,2" 1,217 SALT RIVER PROJECT Normal Flow Period No. 12 From 12:01 a.m. Mar. 30 to 11:59 p.m. April 6 for use on land in cultivation In or before 190*. Short variations In rivers entitle lands In cultivation in or before the following years to a portion of full period accumulation as follows: 1906-87V:% 1908-75Vj%, 1909-62'/a%. ROOSEVELT LAKE Capacity, acre feet 1,381,580 Storage, acre feet 1,246,291 Maximum elevation 2,136 Present elevation 2,128 APACHE LAKE Capacity, acre feet, 245,131 Storage, acre feet '^'IK Maximum elevation 1,914 Present elevation 1,911 CANYON LAKE Capacity, acre feet Storage, acre feet Maximum elevation Present elevation SAGUARO LAKE Capacity, acre feet Storage, acre feet Maximum elevation Present elevation HORSESHOE LAKE Capacity, acre feet 138,238 Storage, acre feet '°5''2' Maximum elevation 2,026 Present elevation 2,013 BARTLETT LAKE Capacity, acre feet Storage, acre feet Maximum elevation Present elevation TOTAL STORED WATER Total stored, acre feet 1,851,542 Total stored a year ago 2,034,862 Marriage Licenses OVERTON-POOLE, Charles S., 30, Scottsdaie; Carol L.. 29, Tempe. ROBINSON-BUTLER, Richard Irving, 34, 4220 N. 12th St.; Darlene jA l 4526 N. 15th Ave.; Mary C 6516 W. Mulberry Drlv*. SAMBRANO-OCHOA, Henry T., 630 W. Chipman; Mollle, 38, 2736 E. SH P IMER n -FAZEKAS, Ralph Hayman, 23, Tempe; Mary Helen, 19, La- SMITtfttAMIANI, Robert Leroy, 22, 4213 W. Lewis; Patricia Ann, 21, Anthony, le Elizabeth, 19, 117-A Mei TREVINC-MEDINA, Jesus, Maria, 21, Mesa; Gloria Jean, 19, Tempe. TRUDEAUX-HAMILTON, Robert Charles, 19, 4901 E. Indlanola; Joanne Sara, 18, Scottsdaie. VAN SICKLE-PATTEN, John Andrew, 23, 5245 E. Thomas; Deborah Kay, 19, 1805 E. Thomas. VASQUEZ-FILES. John Morales, .25, 6051 S. 10th St.; Laurel Burlln- game, 21, Wickenburg. WESOLOWSKI-HENRY, Allan J., 21, 707 N. Third St.; Barbara J., 17, W$LiE??z r !s e c d HKAU, Karl Garrett, 33, 4429 W. Avalon Drive; Alda Elizabeth, 30, 8714 N. 30th Ave. WYATT-BERKSON, Robert Gordon, •19, 5049 N. 20th Ave., Janet Joy, 2A 1 ^ 7 o)KiA l T¥ ?IW ^ P?rltW(? - V ADAMS-BROWN llnda LaVonne, AMES-HANSEL, Li Tempe; Ann, 21, 4320 E. Mc— Charles D., 22, ll-.W'.Berrdlge Lane; Deborah, ID, Richard BOLEN'-BAKER, Paul ingram, 28; Dessie Evely, 34, both of Las Ve- BOURGOIN-LAKIN, John E., 23; Susan L., 23, both of Tempe. BOWER-GARDNER, Robert P., 19, 1725 W. Hazelwood; Sharon, 18, 19; So- "33'fempeVBl'tty' LucTTi*, 22"," Bay CARR'-TOR C REY, winiam w., 27, 1333 W. Woodland; Dorothy Lynn, 26, Mesa. CASTILLO-AVILA, George, 27, 417 N. 23rd St.; Linda, 22, 1412 S. 12m DAVIs'-GABLE, William C., 19; Linda Rae, 18, both of Glendale. DeLANCE-HOLLAND, George, 28, Glendale; Audrey, 31, Tempe. EDDY-FIFE, Archibald Douglas, legal age; 2045 W. Washington; Mildred H., legal age, 2145 W. Monroe. • It's more precious because it's handmade. Welcome a new baby with this lovely cover. Everybody will admire baby and coverlet on outings. Very easy stitchery. Pattern 7402: one motif 16 x 20", two smaller, directions for cover. Send 50 cents in coin for this pattern: add 15 cents for each pattern for first- class mailing and special handling. Address Alice Brooks, The Arizona Republic, Needlecraft Department, Box 163, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address with zip code, pattern number and size. Send 50 cents for new 1969 Spring-Summer catalog with '200 designs, 3 free patterns. New "50 Instant Gifts" of fabulous fashions, toys and decorator accessories you cm make today, give tomorrow, Send 50 cents. Marriage Licenses ESHCNBAU6H-SCHURBN, , Albert, 28, 7013 W. Indian School; Bonnie Rae, 24,1013 W. Indian School. FLOERCHINGEft-HARNESS, . Louis Wayne, 21, 725 E. carol; Sandra Lee, 17, 725 E. carol. GONZALES-SOTO, Santiago E., 27; Elodia B., 18, both of Buckeye, GINDT-BUCKMER, Dennis John, 25, 5114 N. 401h St.; Kathleen Sue, .24, Tempe. HANNA-HINCH, Peter G., 27, Glendale; Vivian M. 1*, 6525 N. 41St Drive. HICKS-QUAYLE, Donald W., M, 5023 N. 18th St.; Teresa, 22, 713 W. McDowell. HIVINS-CADLE, Jess L., 22, 8226 N. 10th St.; Yvonne, 18, 1038 E. Las Palmaritas. HORST-BOTILLER, Theodore F., 47, 2339 W. Northern; Louis* M. , 42, 2339 W. Northern. HOYT-GRAY, Coleman D.. 22; Nlkkl Rae. 19, both of Provo. Utah.! UOHES-HAILEY, Philip . Eugene, Let all eyes follow you in this trendsetting, low-V, bra- dress. So alluring, we do it also as a jumpsuit for a palatial patio party. Easy-sew. Printed Pattern 9496: New Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12 (bust 34) requires 2% yards 35-inch fabric. Send 65 cents in coin for this pattern; add 15 cents for each pattern for first- class mailing and special handling. Address Marian Martin, The Arizona Republic, Pattern Department, 232 W. 18th St., New York, N.Y. 10011. Print name, address with zip code, size and style number. More fresh, young, easy- sew styles in Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog—send 50 cents. Free pattern coupon in catalog. New Instant Sewing Book shows you how to sew it today, wear it tomorrow; over 500 pictures. Send $1. Marriage Licenses CLEMMENS-HANEY, William Bruce, 22, Tucson; Donna Elaine, 20, 7039 N. Third Ave. DaSALLA-Romero, Eddie 6., 18, 1621 E^ Maricopa; Pauline C., 18, 383 J/V. Pima. DAVIES-RIG6S, Thomas Scott, 19, 1529 W. Whitton; Christine, 19, 1306 W. Colter. DeMEY-RAMBALDO, Fred W., 21; Yolanda, 24, both of 3531 W. sa- HU , 19, Route 4 Box 323; Linda Joann, jolA, Fred, 18, 1915 E. Cambridge; Shlrlee Javne, 19, 4432 W. Mitchell. KOELBEL-CARROLL, Thomas C.. 54; Elizabeth H., 47, both of KUPFER a -PAULS, Edward J., 55, 3118 E. McDowell; Clara, 54, 3530 LIGMT.'SHA'UNCE, Stephen M.,, 21, 4225 E. Camelback; Nancy Erlene, Lo-EYiemes R. Jr, 23; Doris Anetfe, 20, both of MANm'NO-HORNE, James G., Jr., 19, 2010 N. 10th St.; Chares* 07 E. Sells Drive; Eve MWAAAjlR&l' 5 A^r Gene. 19, 316 W. 13th, Mesa; Margaret , Ronald LCE, 20, 1907 E. Meadowbrook; Brenda Elaine, 17, 4422 N. Longvlew. ODE-RENNIE, Tadashl, 46, Toronto; Dorothy JW., 53, Oakvllle, Canada. PALMER-KENDRICK, Lester Barry, 34, 1645 E. Thomas: Cathy Anette, 'Hayward; Christina A" Ian*', 23, VI U CZ\rA**«pAAp 'nrad A., 22, Wil- rlstina Dale, 21, SANCHEZ-MARTINEZ, Carlos Paul 21, Williams AFB; Carmen R., 19, ScSJlNAffoRN-ROWLAND, S t e v* Clyde, 19, Chandler; Lunda Ruth, __.. Jvelvn SElF^cCANN, Loyd G., 34, Flagstaff; Shirley A/in, 33, 1906 W. SILVERS'-GONZALES,. David L., 22; George P., 71, B245 N. 27th Ave.; 5229 N.' 30th Drive; Elfeeri. 22! TE 5 W?L, N ND^H\, D ti V eJ,a.d E., «; Iv. 14 E. Th as; Rosemary, 18, VALDECTORRIfsT JOS* L., 56, 1127 E. Mohave; Marcella, 40, 1127 E. WEINAlBb - CARR. Gordon L., 29, 2035 E. Monroe; Patricia, 24, 2025 wSMP^fiJflVER, Lester F. Jr., 3S, 4241 E. Roma; Wanda J., 26, Costa wirllRICIOES'SENWINE, . Charles Henry, 23, Williams AFB; Rose. _ Mt Rfchsrd p., 371 37; Reida E... 27, both of Gfenda.e YBARRA-BRUCE, Leoncio F. 26; Relda E., 27, both of Glendale. ALLEN-HAZEN, Oakley Michael, 23; Joyce Kathryn, 20, both of Tempe. ALEXANDER-FLYNT, Larry J., 26, 6118 N. 36th St.; Kay Karol, 22, 3319 N. 24th Place. ARMBOY-PABLO, Jimmie, 22, 510 N. Sixth St.; Alverna C., 21, 510 BETA S NCOU ; RT-POMPA, Pedro Jose, 34, 1614 E. Mohave; Arsenia R., 31, 1614 E. Mohave. BRUSAT-KENNEDY, Thomas G., 36, 4001 N. 22nd Ave.; Marcia Mae, 30, 4001 N. 22nd Ave. CAMP-KOHLER, Philip Dee, 18, Tempe; Terryl Jean, 18, Scotts- daie. CATES-BURNEY, David Henry, 22, Luke AFB; Catherine Ann, 22, 770 CH^LINE^CHRISTY, Louis Edward, 29; Francille Geneva, 29, CULLEN-YANKO, Bernard, 21, 8550 N. 30th Drive; Delores, 19, 8550 N. 30th Drive. DUNN-AKINA, Wayne Aaron, 211 Loretta Kuualoha, 24, both of Chi- EVRARD-EVERY, Wilbur Gordon, 43, 931 E. Devonshire; Verna 22, 1902 E. Portland;'ciair A., 20,' FERNANDEZ-VALENZUELA, Sam P., 23; Mary Ann, 19, both of William Fred, legal age, 150 E. Virginia; Judith A., legal age, 2903 E. Indian FROST°-BRANDOW, W. Jack, 21, San Diego; Kay L., 22, Mesa. HANKS-ELVING, Bob Lee, 26, Tempe; Sharon Leigh, 25, 1734 W. Devonshire. HAYWOOD-NELSON, Joy, 43, 9022 N. Eighth St.; Mary E., 32, 9022 HOY-MPtLS, 'David Thomas, 20; Patricia Lynn, 19, both of Mesa. JOHNSON-ST. PETER, Hubert William Sr., 74, 4702 N. 10th St.; Pauline Roxanne, 53, 3329 W. KINCJVlCKLlCK, Jack Dean, 31, 6729 N. 16th St.; Julie Rae, 24, 4069 E. Campbell. LEE-ZEIDER, Donald Thomas, 20, 421 E. Garfield; Elizabeth Rose, 20, 421 E. Garfield. LUTHER-WORRALL, O. Paul, 80, Sun City; Ruth Wanda, 68, San Juan, Calif. LYLE-WALLACE, Exo Lanier, 22, Williams AFB; Clara M., 24, 1758 E. Chambers. NOORE-BOASE, Kenneth Calvin, 44, 2936 N. 36th St.; Frances M., 47, 4430 N. 28th St. NAKAMURA-KIMURA, Satoshi, 24, 3309 E. Baseline; Carolyn Y., 22, PATTERSON-SHOWMAN, John R.. 20, 1408 N. 50th St.; Janice Leona, 18, 1818 N. 46th St. PRICE-KEMPTON, Lorln Jerome, 22; Carol Ann, 18, both of Mesa. RICE-SCHOYCK, George Garner, 49, Glendale; Helen V., 80, 3643 W. SA'UER-HARR'IS, Gordon Lee, 25, ?1Q] N. 36th Aye,; Teena Ellzabeth, 22, 3845 Ave N. Fi OurthSt. Jr. i 20* ) RR Th a drd K., 24; FRE6MAN.BO\WEN, Allison E., legal age, 2330 E. Devonshire; Myr- t, Charles J. Ill, , 4035 N. 80th Ave.; Pamela J. ,3402 N. 71st Aye, FL, Dcin/ tit oo«3 ni> ruuiii. — SMOOT-McGUIRE, John J., 46, Tempe; Nancy F., 37, Mesa. TASH-TASH, Dennis, 27, 3021 W. Turney; Blllle Joyce 30, 3021 W. ADAMS^COOK, Gerald Wayne, 23; Brenda Jan, 20, both of Apache Junction. BOONE-THORNTON, Thomas Wayne • _E. San Miguel; Cheryl 40, 3005 W. Camelback; Maxlne Rose, 44, 3201 W. Garfield. CLARK-WALTON, Jesse James, 24, 2025 N. 14th St.; Susan Bonnie, 20, CUNNING'HAM-HOPPERTON, Larry Dean, 19, Durango, Colo.; Beverly Jo, 21, Tempe. DOERR-FLYNN, Harold Robert James, 24, 5226 N. 22nd Ave.; Jacqueline Marie, 21. 5210 N. 22nd 22, Ave.; Connie L., 23, ale, ert Byron, "22," Flagstaff; Carol MAYNARD-sltuMAN, Jerry D, 19, Mesa; Sally Ann, 16, Gilbert. MEfcKLEV-GREEN, Clifford E., 641 N. Fourth Ave.; Bessie L., ... 1940 E. Sheridan. PHILLIPS-BROWN, Joseph Levy, 19, El Mirage; Pamela Sue, 17, Cashio ion. RUMBLE-BLANTON, Daniel Kenneth, 22, 2918 N. 47th Drive; Barbara Elaine, 19, 2217 W. Madison. POLLACK-LISK, Elliott David, 23, 6767 N. Seventh St.; Pegqi Margaret (Ann) 21, 6767 N. Seventh St. STANLEY-COLLINS, Terry Lee, 22, Los Angeles; Sherry Ann, 19, ST^fED-^LLIOTT, Charley Ernest. 75, Oliver Springs, Tenn.; Ethel M.j.65, Scoltsdaje,. BARME'$-R h o r pR $ IOUEZ, Albert W., 21, AvondaTe; Trma, 17, 10833 W. lAxfl'R-BROWN, George M., 46, Elmhurst, ni. ; Irene, 45, Los An^C, BELIC-BiLCHER, Gary Alan, 20, 4751 N 51st Ave.; Linda, 20, 2125 N. 24th Pis Timotao C., rtha, 29, hU c a K? James F., 23; triL.. 34, Mesa; Janice M., 23, 3010 N. 34th GAR a ci e A-DE HOYOZ, David C., 18, 3710 W. Roosevelt; Carmen, 18, GLOVE^-ANZALONe, Gordon G., 33, 3702 W. Cactus Wren Drive; Donna J., 22, 3702 W. Cactus Wren GONZALES-SIQUEIROS, Hector V., 18, 4201 W.- Portland; Marietta R., 18, 3607 W. Palo Verde. GORE-WISEMAND, David Russel, 30, 4544 E. Avalon; Emily Jean, 30, 4620 E. Southern. GREIFE-WESTON, Edward E., 37, 2202 E. Roosevelt; Kathleen Rose- Births MARYVALt HOSPITAL „ v 6RASSI, Robert and Claire, Public Health Hospital, Parker, girl. weioon, 8 rif imarcn tt. „.S6LL, Richard and Mary, 3931 w. ciaremont, girl,.March 23. CLONE, James and Mary, 9420 W. Van Buren, Tolleson, Ariz., bov, ELDER*, Robert and Wilma, 2302 W. san Miguel, qirl, March 24. FLETCHER, Jerry and .Patsy. 836 Los Alamos Drive, boy, March 24. HUGHES, Russell and Shirley, 2737 W. Devonshire, boy. March 24. aDUE, Jerry and Lynda, 3820 W. thur, 24, 3315 E. Garfield; Sheri Marie. 18, 68 E. Columbus. HALL-KlAVERKAMP, Kenneth Wayne, 20, 6713 N. 34th Ave.; Virginia Lee, 19, «016 N. 31st Ave. PUGH-PUOH, Joseph N., 26; Linda D., 20, both of Glendale. HUFFMAN-MORRIS, Don Raymond, 34, Glendale; Debbie R., 27, 4627 ! JoVsWw EATHERHEAD. Er_,. ™-TTfz« i ncrtnEMiSt cr- nest D. Ill, 27, 915 N. 22nd Place; Janet Elizabeth, 19, 838 E. Monte JONE&CONWAY, Lowell Byrl, 27; Mary Elizabeth, 27, both of Flag- JOYCE-CONE, Robert F., 22, Luke AFB; Kathleen Joan, 20, 9107 N. KENT.BE'N ASPB URO, Thomas J., 23, 4950 W. Bethany Home; Susan L., LA 2 W>TO V N. n HfNTON, Gregory, 22, 5716 W. Monterosa; Phyllis, 20, Peoria. LesPERANCE-SCHWAKOPF, Stephen Gary, 18, Ft. SMI, Okla.; Margaret Elsie, 17, 315 W. Minne- zone. LINDROS-KE5TER, Roger W., 2«, 1411 N. 33rd St.; Ann H., 25, 1400 E. Thomas. MESSNER-PETERS, Merlin Adam, 25, 3419 W. Holly; Ruth Ann, 22, -am, 30, 1091 S. 16th St.; susana, 27, 1091 S. 16th NELSON-PETTY, Philip V., 22, Mesa; Suzanne Marie, 21, Mesa. OSWALD-BUTLER, Stephen E., 25, 1533 W. Missouri; Janet, 18, 3332 PAR e iSH.BALES, Aaron Larry, 22, 419 S. 28th Ave.; Carolyn Ann, Jerry Mack, E PICKENS-HENLEY, Otho Lynn, 60, Tempe; Frances Lenora, 60, 2813 RAMIREZ-ROJO, Ellas S., 38, Peo- rla; Estella A., 33, Peoria. RAMIREZ-BLEA, Robert, 51. 1149 E. Garfleld; Esther M., 48, 1518 Barry, 22, W. Monroe. EY-C . . REICHLEY-CURREN Ed , 33W W. Edgemont; Peggy, 31, 3301 W. Edgemont. Joseph, 46, . Carolann, 30, 10 GZIE-KIDD, Ronald E., 34. 192S . Thomas; Martha J., 23, 2333 E. Samuel Wll- Roscoe, 21, 3332 W. Taylor; are Ann, 21, 2231 E. Mobil* Wil- -rla. 3ary A., . a.-.i-.-i.- i. —nlse, 18, Glendale. WEiT-DEIBERT, Lesley Harold. 24, 3443 E. Cambridge; Rebecca Lynn, 17, 3443 E. Cambridge. YEAGER-PENN, William Kenneth, 22, Forbes AFB, Kan.; Janice Pamela, 18, 1816 E. Roeser. ZIMMERMAN-LAWWILL, Burl Ray, 20, San Diego; Linda Ann, 19, 65 Canterbury court. McCRACKEN-LARREMORE, Michael V., 22, 3335 W. College Drive; Betty J.,. 21, 2828 W. Roma. McGILVRAY-UTTER, Donald Alexander, 33, Scotttsdale; Patricia Kay, 22, 1805 Clarendon. OTHIC-WRIGHT, Joseph W., 20; Ton! L., 18, both of Tempe. PACE-FIX, Gordon C., 20, 3025 N. 34th Place; Janice Lynn, 19, Tempe. PERALTA-MARQUEZ, Abedon, 20, 601 W. Jones; Lucinda, 16, Laveen. PERSINGER-HATFIELD, Ronald Ray, 22, 1318 W. McDowell; Deborah Lynn, 18, 3111 W. Cypress. PIERCE-HARRISON, Paul Nathan!*, Jr., 31; Sharry Diane, 21, both of Buckeye. PRICE-HAMILTON, Jeff W., 27, 1814 E. Hidalgo; Lera, 27, 1814 E. PRUeW'THOMPSON, Donald E., 24, 1522 W. Willetta; Terr Lynn, 18, Glendale. RAMIERZ-GANO, Mike, 21. 1440 E. Wood; Ruth, 24, 1440 E. Wood. REED-COSTELLO, Jerome W., 33, 6110 N. Seventh St., Apt. 13; Joanne Carol, 30, 1412 E. Fill- vnore. REGISTER-WOLFF, Donald Ralph II, 19, 2832 E. Desert Cove; Margaret E., 19, Scottsdaie. RIVERA-PEREZ, Sabas G., 31, 4431 N. 23rd Ave.; Marie Santos, 17, 1125 E. Taylor. SAAVEDRA-MILLER, Eloy, 21, Los Angeles; Marna E., 20, Yuma. SAWYER-ULMAN, Charles Byron, 24, Camp Pendleton, Calif.; Meredith Lee, 24, Tempe. SHELTON-SHELTON, Gene D., 39; Betty A., 33, both of Buckeye. SODERSTROM-SODERSTROM, Ernest H., 70; Martha G., 63, both of Wauwatosa. Wis. SUAREZ-MASON, Kenneth R., 25, 1810 W. Chipman; Melissa, 18, 1810 W. Chipman. WEICHENS-FOGLESONG, Donald Eugene, 23; Jerene Claudia, 22, both of Tempe. YOUNG-FARMER, Robert Alan, 24, Williams AFB; Penny Ann, 19, Scottsdaie. YOUNG-KIDWELL, Robert L., 26, 1733 E. Garfield; Karen M., 22, 744 E. Portland. ANDREWS—SWAFFORD, Robert H., 38; Betty J., 33, both of Anaheim, BENAVIDES—DEL RIO, Henry, 27, 1230 S. 17th St.; Shirley, 24, 1729 BICkNELL—PIGG, Kenneth S., 68, - York; Mildred, BRICKER—MAYHEW, Larry Lynn, 21, Mesa; Jacqua Sue, 25, Apache BROWN° n 'MACINNIS, Lonnle Eugene, 20, Peoria; Theresa Marie, 19, 201 E. Culver. BUCKLES-WOOD, Michael Allen, 21, 2320 N. 40th St.; Madonna Lorene, 20,5101 E. Verde Lane. CHAMBERS-SPRAWLS. James R., 28, 3634 E. Monte Vista; Linda Ann, 25, 4220 E. Almerla. CLARK-LYBARGER, Charles Lee, 31, 524 W. Lewis; Palty, 20, 1202 W. Coolldge. COPPOC-BAUMANN, Roger Earl, 20; Susan L., 19, both of Scotts- CofpER—CHAMPNEY, L 0 n n i e Bruce, 18, 3019 N. 55th Drive; Winifred H., 17, 3019 N. 55th CUjTulpN-VAILLANCOURT, James Grace, 27, 4228 W. Van Buren. DEUEL-HELLAND, Charles Robert, 26, 2522 W. Highland; Kris . nn, 21, 1901 E. Missouri. 51, 4203 N. 36ttf S't. OONZALES-RAIZOLA, Jesus, 18, 10740 W. Hop); Zenalda, 17, Cash- CR°EEN~CLAPPER, William, 48, 2J34 W. Adams; Mariorle Marie, GRIMM-HILL, Daniel Steven, 20, , Jean, 22, 8112 N. 28th Ave. HEIMER-FLEENOR, cShnle Michel, 21; Linda Lee, 20, both of JACKSON-CHAMBERS, Moody III, 19, 2734 E, Roeser; Brenda Joyce, 18, 2220 E. School Drive. LAMB-WINGFIELD, Charles, 28, 2420 E Portland; Rita M!, 20, 2620 E. Portland. MEDLYN— LANDESS, Kralg M., 18; Barbara Gail, 18, both of Glen- MENA'— MODRID, Ramon, 44, 1604 E. Sunland; Aurora, 34, 1604 E. Sunland. Births RANACHELLI, Anthony and Maria, ° and .{heresa, 8213 Mac'MASfe'R,' Robert and Carmen, 3316 N. 58th Drive, girl, March 30. McLEOD, Norman and Judith, 1701 ,_N. 18th Place, boy, March 31. STANTON, Nelson and Vlcki, 4122 E..Moreland, glr), March 31. SULLIVAN, John and Susan, 5838 N. OLIVER, "-•--' ^ 8i:9j IVER, Ray,"ana-Judy, 4333 W. lose Lane, g HI Apr! 1. JOHN C. LINCOLN HOSPITAL MILLER, Richard and Ann, 3117 W. Sweetwater, boy, March 25. FERRARA, Joseph and Betty, MILLE Iwater, bov. March 25. N: 14th P'laceT b"oV, 'March'26'.' ' m TAYLOR, G.. Evan and Janet, 3328 L^NGOON, . N. 80th Drive, boy, March 27. NGOpN. Jofin and Patricia, 1314 E. Christy Drive, girl. March 28. ROBINSON, Thomas and Judy, 9107 N. 13th St., alrl, March 28. WRIGHT, Curtis and Patricia, 2130 W. Palmalre, boy, March 29. FOSTER, Norman A and , Barbara, 8833 N. Fourth Ave., girl, March MESA LUTHERAN HOSPITAL BE, Gary K. and Qrvllaan M., 653 N. Drew, Apt. B, Mesa, girl, April DAY, John and Peggy L., 425 E. McKelllps, Sp. 50, Mesa, boy, April 2. R. and Martha R.. land Drive, Chandler. cm, Aprl. .. TRIMBLE, Becky, 8221 E. Garlleld, Apt. L20, Scotlsdale, girl, April 3. Birth* LUP*, JLtrw^jifft Wlnon*, Sex «*J, Dolores, S«4i Evanoeime, 105 W.chambers, o.lrl._ ... SNYDEte', Dennis and Brenda, 4302 N',' .John and Donna, 412 MANNEY," James" *nd~Darien», *m N. 62nd Ave., Glendale, boy, 6AL 8 | r NDoI'Merlo and. Luce, ^9152 W. Ta'" ... LaDU LT HOSPITAL HAAS, George and Chrlstel, 8602 E. Hazelwood, Scottsdaie, girl, March Bl&Nt), Karl and. Carol, 1549 W. Sixth St., Tempe, boy, March 23. DewiTTE, George and Georgene, 8511 E. Windsor, Scottsdaie, bov, GIDEON, Charles and Renae, 1013 t. KLLfe,'Rphan' Bill!. JO, 4940 E. Palm Lane, girl, March 28. Llrf, Kenneth and Joie, 1004 Ve Ella Circle No. C, Tempe, boy, March 28. G( BONNY, GOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL Dennis and Marllee, <814 .... T'Janlc*, 45J7 E. Belleview, boy. BOYCE, A J*hn and Maureen, 5430 W. and Beverly, .and .Cecilia, _ ___ 'and Patricia Ann, 2301 W\ Broadway, boy. FITZSIMONS, James and Mary Ellen, 425 E. Fillmore, Tempe, boy. JACKSON, Richard .and .Marllee, McNABB', Aivin and Judy Ann, SSI N. 27th Drlv j5( is {. r J- M ARTHUR, Evan and Care), 6617 N. B A°R h NH A A V RT qi C.r, and Judith, 4021 W. Burgess Ave., boy. , FOWLER,. Wayne and Louise, S6*4 and Linda, 11530 RuTh', 3315 W. . .... .... Carol, 4121 N. 58th Place, girl. W-CONNELL, .Terry .and .Joanne, 2417 E. Campbell, bov. PENA, Iqnaclo and Sharon, 2741 W. Alice Ave., boy. PRICE, Kenneth and Frances, 3920 , LO S pIrF t U.b S eVto b0y ANCHEZ, Stevt and Rosle, 4253 W. SH P ARp a E n , d 'peter and Robin, 4844 N. 74th Place, Scottsdaie, girl. SPURGEON, .Stephen .and .Sharon, 4420 N. 28th St., girl. TENGE, James and Vickie Lynn, 822A W. Maryland Ave., girl. VALENZUELA, .Mike .and .Roma, 2126 S. Granada, Temp*, girl. ANDERSON, Arthur and Dora Ann, 480 N. 72nd Ave., boy. BRACAMONTE, Raymond and Virginia, 921 E. Flllmore, qlrl. FYFFE, Donald and Vivian, MIT N. 36th Ave., girl. JOHNSON, Thomas and Donna, 2142 W. Van Buren, girl. KOBEY, Monte and Charlotte, 3101 N. 60th St., boy. KWACZALA, .John .and .Kathleen, ANDERSON, M >Yul and Lends Lea, 5410 N. 64th Ave., Glendale, girl. BLEDSOE, Roger and Tanereh, _ 7225; E. Bellevfew, Scotlsdale, boy. BROOKS, John and Sharon, 9401 W. Taylor, Tolleson, girl. HUMPHREYS, Stephen and Nancy Jane, 1418 E. Thomas, girl. SOUTH, Joe. and Patricia, 3240 E. Southern, qirl. .TATUM, John and Nancy, Route 1, Box 235, Laveen, bov. •HORTON, Wayne and Cheryl Ann, 2330 W. Shaw Butte Drive, girl. HOULE, Michael and Karen, 4136 W. Sierra Vista Drive, girl. MACIAS, Alfred and Sylvia, 1814 N. ^. N ,P?'D r rM IV L °"' »» *v1n l ^r£n1 r g C , < r Ia ^ LUC " le " CMW - PHI Diane, htgr,' LIPS, Kenneth and Peggy e, 1314 E. Granada Road, •nd Karen, Eh M Emma Ave., i " Lor- Mae, "P"O"P-'«"£' K°!" B .l,and Virginia, Sfc&ssw*t»~ SMITH, Jay Randolph and Janet daPeflw 4 E> Mo ^ eb «'l0' s'otts- Deborah ' w Bruce and Patricia. 2906 W. Alice Ave., twin boys. ' 6 "' Rav and G oria Jean, iricij spence Aye., Tempe, sirl. KLEMAN, Donad and Carolyn Louise, 4724 N. 15th AveT, boyf n(l P8trlCi8 Le *' 7M Drive, girl." 1 md Mai .George, and Catherine, rgery, N;•Seventh' St"bby.""" """ 6W COTA, Reynalclo and Gloria, 8031 S. William' and Barbara, "-"<*- Lee, . DAVIDSON, . rrill and Marilyn, and Ernestine, n 's'l!lr,ey, 5301 . girl. homas and Edna May, 107 E. Paseo Way, boy. ADAMS, William' and Nancy, 7639 N, 18th Ave., boy. CAMERON, George and Carol, 1707 W. Indlanola, boy. CLEM, Ronald and Sheri, 22)7 E. Roma, boy. COHEN, Stanley and Bonnie, 6555 N. 17th Ave., ooy. VIM I i»Wt*/ niVIIOI M 9I» w. C trus Way, bov., O'NEAL, Harvey and 3941 % Wilshlre, qlrl. PROULX, Bryan and PEN ROD; Douglas L. and Loretta ^., 328 S. Lazona Drive, Mesa, TATL'OR?Robert and Bonnie, 1203 E. Bishop Ave,, Tempe, girl, Cambridge, boy. JOHNSON, Jimmy .and Verna, 120 W. McDowell Road, boy. KASSA, Thomas and Ellen, 3029 E. Paradise Lane, boy. LATIMER, Lorlng and Barbara, 2534 W. Wlndrose Drive, girl. MEALEY, Michael and Karen, 4901 E. Willetta, boy. SINGER, Thomas and Callle Mae, 2401 W. Peoria, toy. SULLIVAN, William and Bernice Dlanne. 2388V2 N. 12th St., boy. WALKER, John and Emma, 8131 W. Earll Drive, boy. WILLIS, Ralph and Donna, 8511 N. 12th St., boy. am .Hospital 9.9 ag hang Ind avid and Tarrle, 202 E. V'adlty and Josephine, San Sandra, 322* W. •nd Nancy, *M ianu*l and Lucila, .__ ^.i-Jrf* « n *, , M<rv Francos, 2133 E. Monroe, girl.. •!» 'MMS fe, te "IWO^SLWI.^ Eltn " JMttPCH 30 Robertand Laurie Lee, 1030 r s' V j'oe° ) ahd Nat*)*, 3641 W. iGeVaCd and Myrna, 4019 N. irles'and Elizabeth Ann, I Mary, 2033 Pamela Sue, Ana, 140 W. : nd Rebecca ., girl, harlotl* Ann, and. .Ruth Elizabeth Ann, and Anna, and J«nls I 'llll* Ruth, y. ... E. and Eunice A., 5 North Cholia, Mesa, boy, , Larrv and Karen, 109 E. way, No. 35, Tempe, girl, T. JOSEPH'S HOSPITAL BLAKE, Mary, and Russell, S731 N. Jen Tilly Lane, DUNN, Cheeri a iames7^438 W. and John, 1319 — . and" Donal, 333 E. Glenn Drive, girl. MILLER, Sandra and Ronald, 808 SAL'AZAR, Yolanla and Raul, 1712 SINGED D%o7hy r 'a^ rl Rlchard, 3408 W. McClelleivBlvd.,girl. BUSH, Mary IdaSnd Carl, 721 E. CAS U s r !r ! Y', A s'n t aro'n arid Michael, 2021 E.. Lernon, No. 1, Tempe, girl. CONNER, America and Jack, «9» Tf« *JBvl via MVU.t H'l l« . »•*.• te,» . _iLIX, Diana and Manuel, 500* W. Maryland, G endale, girl. JONES, Susan-Mae and^ Richard, 1540 W. Desert Cove Road, boy. MARTINEZ, Charlotte and Adolpho, sis S. 30th Ave., Apt. C, boy. PEZZORlLLO, Ton! and Francis, R. R. 1, Box 404, Chandler, boy. BELSHE, Erla ami Michael, 7011 N. Bo6TH* n Enza'beth'and Thomas, Arl- BRAUN, 9 barlene and Craig, 4520 N. CA S M^C d HO K , Ve R'act[ei and Jess*, »15* FA W RNWWrKfy SS5- .Floyd, GR^ENVoDr^da^d 8 ' tofo Star Route Box 390, Buckeye, girl.. HAMPSON, Martha and Harold, 8044 N. 55th Ave,, Glendale, boy. NEAL, Adela da and James, 470* N. Ninth St., girl. RUTH, Barbara and Terrene*, 6128 Kohuana, Cave Creek, boy. Divorces Asked BLACKWELL, Betty Ruth. .usf, - Carl Edward sues BLUSt, George sues Carole J. CHEENEY, Darla. Loreen Lee (annulment). ;, Dorothy sues Robert. sues Johr COURTER,' pa'tfy'"Ann"supeI"bbnald DENNIS,' B.E. sues Esther Warren (annulment). EARL, Gloria M. sues Donald F. IJcbteu l BY n , J -' su ^ Eltl}er p| T BK"' < MaV. U r.t S H - el8 - B -- C -'Ralph Norman. . , GREEN, Doris D. sues Jgyl D, GREGG, Sharon G. sues Donald R. HART, Neoma Sharp sues Lloyd D. JOHNSTON, Emma J. sues Jack R. JONES, Beverly Jo sues Peter . . V. Dorothy Edna sues Suzanne SUM "LNESi Harmon E. sues Helen A. Barbara 'sues'TCaymohd A. KELSEY",'NeilTe F.'sues Lioyd Ei KURTZ, Josephine sues Roy. M^C, oofuara sues rcaymuna A. CLURE, Jacquelyn F. sues Ben McbONALD, Kay sues Regis James. MESECHER, Harold T. sues Jove W. PEDOTE, Mary Agnes sues John Gerald (separate maintenance). PEPPENHORST, Howard B. sues Wanda L. REED, Christine sues Estey I. REETZ, Thomas W. sues Rosette Ann. ROWE, Bonnie .sues James Alan (separate maintenance). SIMMONS, LaVONA Sue sues Mar- SMITH, Anna Ruth sues Elden Brent. SNOW, Lorraine L. sues Jay C. SUPRIK, Daphna F. sues George Bernard. UEUNTEN, Margaret T. sues Henry VARKER, Lena Ma* sues Bruce. C. WELLS, Rosalie Mae sues Dennis J. WISE'MAN, juditn sues David. WOLTA, Marilyn sues Gerald. YONUG, Ralph sues Tina Marl*. MATHANEY, Janice A. vs. Stephen BEATTY, Margaret Jean sues Charles Vernon. CLARK, Raymond Sylvester sues '~ ~ igen'e sues Barbara L. .yrtle Mae sues Vernon. John Patrick sues Bev- CRoWEjEu DICKEY, M FLIBBERT, GAYNEsTMona Ray sues Richard Bruce. HILL. Carol A. sues Larry C. HUMPHREY, Patricia L. sues Samuel W. HUNT, Suzanne sues John Gary. INGALLS, George Mason sues Shir, lev Jean. LUCE, George Nolan sues Emma McBRIDE, Mary Lucille sues Glenn McLANE, Charles Lee sues Virginia Doris. MONSON, Betty Lou sues Robert NAIDAS,' Mariano S. sues Miroslave NATIONS, Carol Sue sues Randle R. PETEK, Beverly Jane sues Frank. PETRAUSCHKE, Anna Marie sues Frank Jr. ROBBINS, Geraldine sues Harry Jo- SULLIVAN, Mary Patricia sues Charles E. WEEKLEY, Robert Francis sues Dolores Clara. Divorces Granted SELLERS, Mary H. from Joseph A. . SORENSON, Catherine H. from Paul STEWART, Jackie L. from James ^" ?) ' - L. from Marl- K. from Donald L. Ann from Salva- WH°sI| t R, Ph B l i'l'l!e from Horaca Wil- Wicn, WILLM rt W. from Trella M. Mary Etta from Alfred . Barbara F. from Jerry R. Marvin from Kathr " j Donald F. from D CANDELARIA,. Rosemary Junior. WORTH EN, Ruth S. from Edward YODER, Harriett J. from William ZINGERMAN, Donna C. from Sher- ACtlQV* D ASMDTf D BRY < SO P N,Vdnaid'F."fr6S-barien-e. CANDELARIA, Rosemary Elaine from Umelio Jose. CHAPMAN, Robert E. from Rosan- CHARLES, Betty Joan from Lester Dwaln. CLARK, David Lee from Mary CLINGMAN, Bobble D. from Juanf- *9 Joy from Randall Da*, gorie R. from Kaoru. .. .... . Audrey Alleen from Charles A. FORMICHILLA, Marlvs J. from An- FR6DERICKSON, Janet E. from FRo'&HEISER, Arlean from John DUP'REE, joy FABlC Gregor FEGER, . Au Bonn.. HERMAN, Cathie L. from Thomas HERNANDEZ, Guadalupa from Lib- MiltfbON, Raymond E. from HOWAR*!),*' James E. from Sharon KEll'S, Irene C. from Wlllalm F. KOELBEL, T RUz's G. (a . . homas C. from Agnss vs. Lucille KRUzsELY, Valentine G. (annulment). LaNASA, Candace from Victor F. LITTLE, Richard from Sharon K. LIPMAN, Jean E. from.Marvln. MILES, John D. from Mary L. , MINNICK, Nelda S. from Michael MOOOIE, Jeanne G. McDEVITT, Lupe fror PATTEN, Western W. PHILIP. GlenTs M. fre from Donald Irom Ronald H. •y. from D»i«Irom Mark Republic and Gaitttt J71-1000 CIRCULATION SERVICE 271-8381 OR 271-8356 Branch Offices and R*pr*i*ntatlv*j Wlckenbu winia Willia Wlnsio Republic [Mor.nin« Gazette (Evenfno epublic (Morn. y R iene suMeribers at . arriers collect weekly. Subser ,.— .... — .— _, orelm ratas on requ«it 4—Funeral CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Weekday Deadline 3 p.m. Sunday Deadline 1 pm Saturday MONDAY tHROUOH /RIDAY Ooen ' ^ *ani LINE tor Weekday PHONE 271-8711 To Place Your Want Ads °m™ , Consecutive Days «c Per Line 4 Conse 1 Day or Sk IJc • • v eYVi c T O I TLtl , ._ v us* larger type, whit* ace. centered lines, *te.: Jne Per Day Ine Per Day —J PeFLine Per Day or Skip pay Orners 85c Per Line Per Day 10% Discount Available for Cash orders placed In person at the Classified Counter. MINIMUM CHARGE SI JO fhone OUT OF STATE RATES:, (Minimum Charge. $2.00) Copy received from outside the Bi of the State oj Arizona Is S1.00 Per Line Par Day. oundaries Is charged jy one of th* two daflv will receive a reduction of ... ... line from the 1 timt line rate and Advertisers, who specify their weekday advertisements be published In dally ffi copy "so'"ofd*r*cl 'w'llT appear"unde? a senarate "Miscellaneous Cla»s|. fied" heading outside til* Regular Classified section. Check vawr ad th* first day It appears, in the event of an error, Phoenix Newspapers will net assume responsibility, tor mare than one incorrect Insermn. The Phoen lesr -- ' Advertising Copy. To Place Your Want Ads DIAL 271-8711 Announcements ClatM* 1 throw** M I—Meeting Notices Phoenix Commandery No. 3 K.T. Sir Knights & Fraters. You are requested to attend Easter Church Service at the First Christian Church, 6750 N. 7th Ave., Sunday, 12:15 p.m. Families and friends are In' Robert L. Read. E.C. 4—Funeral Announcements BATTIATOT Gabriel. Arrangements pending. Lundberg Chapel ef Th* Chimes. BAXTER, Diane. Services today 2 P.m. Massinger Mortuary Chapel, Scottsdaie. Interment East R«t- haven. BftOWN, Merle M. Services conducted by Rev. J. Paul Downey 10:00 .a.m. Monday. Tn Memory Chapel, A.L. Moore A sons. Interment Double Butte. Friends may call Sunday. BURRIS, Mary. Chandler. ATlz. Daughter of Mrs. Matilda Cain, Idabel, Okla. Sister of Willie Broades, Idabel, Okla. Passed away Monday. Service* and interment will be In Idabel, Okla. A.L. Moor* A Sens. CARDEN.C.M. Services 11 a.m. today First Unite? Methodist Church, 5510 N. Central. Arrangements by Grimshaw's Bethany _ Chapel, 710 W. Bethany Home Rd. CARTER, Jack D. Services today 10 a.m. Messinger Mortuary Chapel, Scottsdaie. Interment Green Acres. CASTRO, Robert Frederick. 3407 E. Pierce. Husband of Jessie. Rosary 7:30 p.m. Sunday in St. Mark's Church. Mass of Requiem 9 a.m. Monday in St. Mark's Church. Interment St. Francis. Friends may call at Whitney * Murphy from 12 _noon^ p.m. Sunday. COLBERT, Donald D. Services conducted by Pastor Harold P. Schiuntz & Masonic Funeral Committee 10;00 a.m. today In Memory. Chapel,..A.L. Moore * Sons. Interment Greenwood" leaner M. Services 2 P.m. iapfl of the Roses, Larry ary; Rev. Robert ~-?sbvt*rlan nm. »jrlal Mt. ardens. View •AD great-gra ferment ESQUIVEL, Augustine Miranda. Recitation of rosary I p.m. Sunday Mortensen Kings Funeral Chapel. Requiem mass 9 a.m. Monday Immaculate Heart Chr ' — tensen Kfnas Funeral Ci Mor- HA B A Mesa. 'By E.. innwrneimeitti MAStlRS, Donald fe. Survive? parents Mr. 4 Mrs. Robert Masters, brothers Ronald, an,, Dick and Dave, all of Scottsdaie. grandmothers. Mrs. Bernlct Sfew 1 art, paola. Kan., and Mrs. Stella Dora Masters, Livingston, term. Services 11 a.m. Monday First Baptist Church of Scottsdaie, 7025 E. Osborn. Rev. Ian chapman officiating. interment Green Acres Memorial Gardens. Visitation t to 4 and 7 to 9 today and Sunday. Arrangements by Green Aeret Mortuary, Scottsdaie. MOORHE/.- Moorhead.' ADY, Martha R. Survived by son, Arthur, Eugene, Oregon, Daughters, Miss P*arl Eady, Dallas, Texas, Mrs. "Kathleen Dooyns, x. Brother, GMaon, Me- I, Texas. 9 grandchildren. • indchlldren. Services A In- Frederick, Oklahoma, Ar, anw ****• GLORIOSO, Tony. Services 2 P.m. today at the Sunnyslope Chapel of Hansen Mortuary, Rev. J, Douglas Gaston officiating. Private Interment. . _ HAWKINS, Spencer. 4040 W. Van Buren. Passed away Thursday. Arrangements pending, A. L. Moor* t S'oni. HAYES, Hpyt George. Services and cdonald J, Josaph N. Services will few&v odw " ton Br.Survlvad by sons 5aorg* and William Dlx.on, both of Paoe- n x, brother Waller J. Fray, Cincinnati, Ohio. Memorial services 9 KOLKQSKI, Ruth ,M. Rosary 3 foday; Grlmshaw'i Bethany Chay 710 W. Bethany Home Rd. R( ms. Raymond C. .62, Casn- Husband of Rose* Father of Mrs. Aita ...-..,.,„... . Chance, Clifford w., James am* Frank Moorhead, Cashlon. Br of Mrs. Jane Burchett, Pest, Brother^ A Frank Moorhead, of Mrs. Jane Bui-....,,, . .... t s. Mary Ruth Chilcoat, •?«*•« k, Tex., Mrs. Nell -Hwhefc. , s. Opal fchllcoat. Lum *nd AAl«;„ Moorhead, Salinas, Calif. 1 ised away Thursday. 14 grand r children, 1 great grandchild also irson ,/ Cha interm 11:30 a.i... ipel, A. L-. mt Green- -.., I Slicai Hiailu^'lVr^ iT. 1 ; survives, Services conducted by < .... t\, A iivi MIIVI iTlCnt GIv » vw . r. .^..»J mav call Sunday. . M ^i, s 'o»ft tour^;. - ^sj:30.a.m. Mond^ou^ E es, st—,. Jonnny..Dickei iy^ln.Memory, A Sons, ml d. Friends may i Re. Wolf wi * fvia-^9 vt-w a.11 it iTiwiiww i / i -ady of Perpetual Hem Cathol :hurcn, Glendale. Burial G [ORRIS, Leslie Orls. Services t*» day 10 a.m. M. L. Gibbons Mortwt» ary Garden Chapel, 33 N. Slrrine, Mesa. Rev, George P. Psaute, .. Mesa Church of the Nazarlne offl- , eating. Interment Mountain View . Memorial Garden. MORTON, Clara Amelia. Services conducted by Rev. Layton N. . Jacksort 3:00 p.m. Monday In Cha» . pel of Memories, A. L. Moore » Sons. Interment Greenwood. Friends may call from noon Sun- PETERSON, Walter S. services il.n, a.m. today at the Sunnyslope,-.. Chapel of Hansen Mortuary, Pas- . tor Richard Harrig officiating.— Private cremation. POWER, Carl R. Survived by wife,- • Frances M., Phoenix. Son, James' B. Daughter. Mrs. Frank Johnson, both Scottsdaie. Sister, Mrs. Phyllis Richards, Montgomery. Ala. 5 grandchildren. Services Monday 3 p.m., Valley Presbyterian Church. Rev. Herbert P. Landes officiating. Entombment Greenwood. Friends may call at MHslnier Mortuary, Scottsdaie 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. REGER, Ralph M. Survived by wife Naomi, Phoenix. Sister. Mlsa-T, Grace Reger, Lorentz. W.. Va.,., niece Miss Ruby Reger, Buckhannon, W. Va., newphew James Currey of Shinnston, W. Va. Services and interment, will be In Shinnston, W. Va. Friends may call at Mercer Mortuary from t until 9 p.m. today. .-. SARRELS, Lon L. Services conducted by Chaplain Joseph A. Stalzer 9:00 a.m. today In Chapel of Memories, A. L. Moore & Son*. Military honors at Greenwood. M STOANKKt, Janece. Service 2 p.m. Monday, West Glendale Baptist . Church. Burial Greenwood Mem*: rial. Universal Memorial Center. SIMS, Albert K. Graveside services 10 a.m. Monday at Mesa Cemetery. Frlands may call at Meldrum Mortuary, 52 N. Macdonald St,,, Mesa 6-9 p.m. Sunday. SMAWT— Vance daughters Mrs, Portland, Ore., Mrs. Van .. larrell. Mesa; son, Rockne B. Surv[ve3 By Lynn . Skalbeck, Mrs. Van Alice Tempe; mother, Mrs. Ludle Mae Smaw, Novato, Calif.; sisters, Frances, Novato, Calif., and Louise Hansen, Fort Dodge, Iowa; brothers, Frank, Novato, Callf.r and Paul, Mead, Colo.: also seven- grandchildren. Graveside services will be conducted by Rev. Thomas Hever, 11 a.m. Monday at St. Francis. Arrangements by Mercer Mortuary. SPRINGER, Joe F. Services, today 10 a.m., Lundberg's Sunland Chapel; TADANCT Frank. Arrangements pending. Lundberg Chapel *f the Chimes. TR~6VlZO, Ramon. Rosary 8 p.m. Sunday, Chapel of the Roses, Larry J. Melcher Mortuary; Requiem Mass 10 a.m. Monday, Christ the. King Church. Burial Mesa Ceme-. tery. ...' TUCKER, Ceva L. Services 10 a.m. today, Christ Church of Ascension, 4015 E. Lincoln Dr. Entombment Greenwood. Paradise Chapel Funeral Home. Ralph L. Sage, director. _^ VAXCIL, Emma. Services conducted by Dr. L. Doward McBaln, 3:30 P.m. Wednesday in Memory Chapel, A. L. Moore a Sons. Interment Greenwood. Friends mav call from 3 p.m. Tuesday. VAZROUSKOVA, Anezka. Rosary Monday 8 p.m. Messlnger Mortuary Chapel, Scottsdaie, Mass Tuesday 10 a.m. Our Lady of Perpetual Help. Friends may call at mortuary Sunday afternoon. .->.— WSCKER, Raymond F., 50, Los Angeles, Calif. Husband of Lottie Walker. Father of Roberta Walker, Los Angeles, brother of Mrs. Lawrence Menson, Roland J. Walker, Phoenix. Passed away Sunday. Services conducted by Dr, Roe B. Lewis & American LesiofT- Funeral Committee 2:00 P.m. Monday In Casa Blanea Presbyte. • rlan Church. Interment Casa Blanea Cemetery. A. L. Moor* A Sons. WEST, Patricia Ann. Services To a.m. today, Lundberg Chapel of Th* Chimes. I ntermenf Resthaven. ,.. WHILLANS, Lillian. Arrangement*,. pending Messlnger Mortuary, Scottsdaie. ' WHITE, David Kenneth. Age 2'/j. 4310 W. Rose Lane. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. White; brother of Kathryn and Richard; grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. White and Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Durand; great-grandson of Mr. and Mrs. William Birmingham, Mrs. Roxie White and Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Durand. Lass Jensen and Ruth Jensen; great-great-grandson of Mary Bur- " ley. Services 10:30 a.m. Monday 1 "* in the Arizona Funeral Home- Chapel. Interment Memory Lawn.- Henry T. Forman, Director. Visit- ., atlon 2 to 8 p.m. Sunday. ,.,. WIGGINS, Alfred C. Survived by son, Donald C.; daughters, Mrs. Jesse Farmer, Mrs. Vernon Smith; one sister; 4 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren. Services and Interment. Port Arthur, ~~ex. Paradise Chapel Funeral , lome. Ralph L. Sage, Director. ISHART, Dorothy L. survived WTSHA husbi ...-band Charles. Phoenix, son Grover, Poughkeepsle, N.Y., daughters, Mrs. Barbara Daven port, Verashlre, Vt. Shirley ~- tyui it vci a^iui c^ vi. vinn mr wj' good, Postenklll, N.Y., Mrs. Margaret Whftney. Melrose, N.Y.. and Miss Patty Wishart of Phoenix, ~6 grandchildren also survive, services today 1 p.m. Bellovua Baptist Church, 2037 E. Desert Lane. In. ferment East Resthaven Park. Arrangements by Grimshaw's Bloom Chapel, 3800 S. Central. 7—Funeral Directors FORMAN'S . ,„;,*' ARIZ. FUNERAL HOMF • - »76 N. 3rd Ava. AL 3-2332.,, MERCER MORTUARY ' - SUNSET CHAPEL 301 W. CAMELBACK «77-2403 A. L MOORE & SONS SERVICES TODAY SARRELS, Lon 9:00 a.m. COLBERT, Donald 10:00 a.m. ADAMS AT FOURTH AVENUE TEMPE MORTUARY 405 E. Southern, Temp* 967-1643 Charles R. Whitney 939-9473 • BRAZILL-WHITNEY ,: 10-Florists ; DONOFRIO FLORAL CO. :- Flntst Flowers Sine* 1905. 254-6761 (3—In Memorlam IN LOVING MEMORY ". UORRA(NE_RA5My5SEN Crlmshaw Mortuaries 19— Cemttir . . ., East Resthaven Camatary, « «57-5«0 or wrTtB Mr*I ore, Rt 1, Box 48< pe-Vort ome, Paw Paw, Michigan Lawn lot, sectioifinTlTaa''' Turnejr. l\ » FEMALE Siamese. Vicinity 7«fR Street/MacDona d, Scottsdaie. California tags with Ah Foe. Reward. ntam. eward! please call

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