The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 18, 1916 · Page 1
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Saturday, November 18, 1916
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The Chillicothe Constitution. VOLUME XXVIII 4 Pages No. 311 CHILLICOTHS, MISSOUl. SATURDAY, NOV. 18, 1916. DAILY EDITION, 5* SPECIAL MEETINGS AT CHRISTIAN CHURCH. FIRST OP SERIES "'IfA DAY N I G H T . =. Rev. George Robert- of Trenton Will Asi-ist tu3(l IVeach Fii-st Sermon A series of special meetings will begin at the Christian church tomorrow. Rev. Geo. Roberts, pastor of the Christian church, Trenton, Mo , and his sister, Mrs, C. E. Chambers, wife of the Christian minuter at Oelwein, la., will assit the local church Mr. Roberts has been at Trenton two years. He was formerly secretary of the Iowa Christian Convention. He is, well known as a good pxeacher and an able minister. He will preach his first sermon Wednesday night. Mrs Chambers is a strong church, worker She will have charge of the music in the special meetings. Mrs. Rogers, our own leader, will assist with the music as much as possible. Other good musicians ot the city will assist frequently. The local church has been doing some very excellent work in preparation for these meetings. A series of cottage meetings have been going on for two weeks and plans for the meetings disciissed. A committee EVERY SUBSCRIBER TO BE (ilVEN CHANCE AT BARGAIN RATE; DATE ADVANCED TO SATURDAY, DEC. li. Because of the excitement of the presidential campaign and the uncertainty following, many mail-and rural route subscribers of The Constitution overlooked the opportunity of taking advantage of the LAST BARGAIN SUBSCRIPTION OFFER OF THE CHILLICOTHE NEWSPAPERS, the final date of which was set for Saturday night, Nov. 18. Because of this same rush, neither the Constitution or The Tribune was able t o give the Bargain Offer the publicity it deserved or merited. In order to give every subscriber an opportunity to pay lip his delinquent subscription and take advantage of the LAST BARGAIN OFFER, The Constitution and The Tribune have agreed to extend the Bargain Period to SATURDAY NIGHT, DECEMBER 2. Up to and including that time the rate lor The Daily Constitution on rural routes and by mail will be ?2.50. After December 2 the rats will be $3.00 strictly in advance, and delinquent subscriptions will be turned over to the Publishers Auxiliary for colection. The rate for subscriptions served by carrier in Chillicothe will be $4.50 during the Bargain Period. After December 2 the rate will be $5 00 per year. THIS WILL POSITIVELY BE THE LAST OPPORTUNITY FOR SOME TIME AT LEAST, TO SECURE THE CONSTITUTION OR THE TRIBUNE AT BARGAIN RATES. The bargain positively will close on Saturday night, December 2. BETTER MAIL YOUR CHECK NOW! M'DAIf IATTORIYS MAKE OPENING SIATE- If NTS TURNING STATE'S LAWYERS SAY THEY WILJj TKAK MoDANlEL'S ALI- BI TO PIECKS. Stropp, McDoiuel's Chief Counsel Diclicules, Claims of JVosc- cuting Attorney. CONGRESS MAY TAKE UP RAILROAD LEGISLATION IN DECEMBER JUDGE ADAMSON, AUTHOR OF 8 HOUR- LAW, LOOKS FOR EAR-, LY CONSIDERATION. (By Unite.) Preix.) St. Joseph, Mo.. Nov IS.--That the*attempted ahb'i on behalf ol Oscar D. McDaniel, charged with murdering his wife on the night of Jul^ 14th will be ridd by the State'-, attorneys., was th» statement made by the State's opening statement by President Wilson Will Take a Per- sonal Hand in the Three Corner- ed FjRht Between Labours .-iml Employers. I i l l y Unll.-.l I Washington, Nov. 18. -- President Wilson today was preparing to personally enter the three cornered fight between labor, railroads and the gov ernrnent. Monday he will confer with Judge source of trouble and expense to the court at every raise of the water, but in the construction of this new one this trouble will be entirely eliminated in the future. went to the bank and paid the note. The banker recognized the bill as thi; General Barker. .The State will at j Aclamson, chairman of the House tempt t OJ prove that McDaniel had i motive in desiring the death of hip wife, that.,the screams of Mrs. McDaniel was heard by neighbors, that McDdniel was not at tho places he I program will be pushed thru imme. committee on Interstate Comerce as to the completion of the program which he advanced at the last session of congress. Adamson says that this AT THE CHURCHES * Servi'e t,at St. Joseph Clinrfh. The holy sacrifice of the mass: short services and sermon. ' Benediction of the eucharist at 0 a. ni. All are cordially invited to tbeso services. Christian Science. Services are held in Gunby Hall, N Washington street, Sunday morning it 11 o'clock Subject: "Coul and Body." Sunday school at 10 a. m. Elm St.. Methodist Church. Sunday school at 9:30 a. m Come out and hear what our delegates to the State Sunday school convention will tell us about this great meeting. It will be an inspiration -to you. Preaching service at 10:45 a. m. Epworth League at 6:30 a. m. Evening service at) 7 : 3 0 p. m. Sermons by the pastor. Special music by the choir. You arc cordially invited to attend these services. says he was on the night ol' the murder; that he carjefuly planned the First Baptist Church. ?"ew P.ook Published. Rev. M. L. Gray of 424 Clay St. will have the church property decor-1 has recently written a most inter- ated with ferns and flowers. Ushers j osting little' booklet, "A Certain are being appointed for each service, church Trustee," published by the and strangers and visitors will re-1 Board of Church Extension at Louis- ceive a welcome. The article on the laxity of our churches, in the local press was a "word in time. Mr. Tiob- erts has a great vision of the devel opment of the church intensively His work among us will have a lasi- ing effect. Tho Weather. Fair tonight and Sunday. Warmer tonight and extreme Sunday. cast portion ville, Ky. Rev. Gray is one of thu most brilliant and erudite ministers in the North Missouri Conference, but he has recently retired from the ministry in order to devote all of his time to writing. ^ Sentence Three Swindlers. Davenport, Iowa, Nov. 18.--J. W Reeves, John Brown and Harold Ward, members of a gang of conn- one he had f o u n d , and which up to j murder and defense on the day that time had paid $50 of debt. Oil tho murder. cliately when congress reconvenes in ! Evangelist Cole will have charge December, and that it may be found I °C tu e services Sunday, and we are careful investigation he discovered that the bill was counterfeit. Now tell us what has been lost in ths deal and by whom. Two Committees, Named. Jefferson City, Mo., Nov. 18. -- Two committees composed of members of the new legislature were appointed by Governor Major "today, one ot which will confer with the state an. inadvisable even to wait, the report i expecting great of the j o i n t congressional c o m m i t t e u l preach on th authorized to make a searching i*- "things, paste iVs He will favorite For the defense, Attorney Stropp said: "If it is necessary for our side of the case to present a complete alibi, it will be established, and the | good character of the delendant a n d j b a i i n g the constitutionality of the S I his happy home will be testified to. I hour law, w i t h laborers ready to Stropp ridiculed the e f f o r f s of the ( f i g h t proposals for settlement of the State's attorneys and pronounced the i industrial trouble by legislation, and theme, "Salvation by Grace" in tho f j u i r y into the entire railroad problem. With the railroads as a unit com case a "brainstorm of unscrupulous j nelectives." McDaniel manifested no real i n t e r - ditor and state treasurer, and tne j est in the proceedings today bevond members of congress widely fii. i virled on these question's, the rail- joacl problem threatens to become a serious embarrassment to the smooth other will visit the state institutions The auditing committee will meet here next Monday and commence father sits behind his sou and openl work forthwith. It is composed State Senator John Fiortoii of Ray county, chairman, anil Representatives Rich R. Correll ot Randolph denes men alleged to have swindleJ J ail ,j ^ H. Bickhoff of Osage. The j Iowa, Illinois and Misosuri farmers j i lls t named is a^ republican. A. tf taking some notes while the State's' operation of the legislative machine attorneys were talking. McDaniol'' at this session. There are as yet f o u r proposals in declares that he will spend $ 1 0 0 , - I the present program of strike settle- 000 to clear his son of tho char-jc | m e n t a n d prevention to be acted on as When court opened today a h u s h | a whole, if the president holds to hi* came over the crowd as two sad fac- I original problem. These include: morning, and at night on "Sins Covered or Confessed." Many are saying that Mr. Cole is the best preacher ever heard in Chillicothe. There will be good music and great mess- Sunday school at 9 : 3 0 . Preaching at 10:45. B. Y. P. U at 6:30 and evangelistic meetings at 7 : 3 0 The pastor kindly requests all who can be in these services to come. Warren P. Clark, pastor. PrebsyteHnn ChurcJi. Divine services Sunday as follows: Morning worship 10:45. Subject of sermon, "Christ's Presence With Uo Everywhere, the Antidote to Fear." BE RIGHT WITH GOD ANHWRMIBi CAXNOTICE RIGHT WITH: ONE AND WRONG WITH THB OTHER. Evangelist Cole Ckissetl A!l Sins as Rebellion Against the Author- , ity ol God. % « i " Evangelist Cole at the First Bap. ' list Church does not try to entertain ·_ his audience, but strikes out from £-' the shoulder like the fathers in Ms preaching. He "a spade a 'spade." Last night his theme ( -,-' was Repentance and there was no ; - ^ compromising the matter or soften- -1J ing down of the hard truth. He pic- ' ·' tured the holiness of God and set it over m contrast to the sinfulness o f ^ , man in such strong terms as to al- -" most to take one's breath away. He"classed all sin as rebellion against the authority of God and as not to be"" thought of as a great sins or littla bins, but sin is sin. A conviction of sin must go ahead of repentance.^ " The 'man who repents has a changed mind about sin and God. Sorrow lor sin always accompanies repentance, but sorrow is not to be measured by the teara one may shed or the lack of them. The manifestations of repent. t ance will be a changed life. True repentance will lead a man to make things right with his "neighbor. We cannot -be right with God and he wrong with our neighbor. The largest audience yet assembled . last night. The Sunday school room had to be opened with the audience" room to hold the people. There will . be services tonight: The meeting will not last as long as usual, as it is Saturday night. We are expecting a great Sunday. ed women entered and sal down n e a r ] Provision fo r Hie enlargement a n d ) , . Bertram Lockwood, special prosecu i reorganization of the Interstate Com- Opeiv. Shooting Gak'ry. ' o u t of over $100,000, were sentenced 1 Zollinger of Perryville will be secro- I tor. The two women were Mrs L u k e ' r n o r c o Commission. [ E v e n i n g worship 7 : 3 0 . Subject, | There is Death in the Pot." s 'Sunday school 9:30. Young Pec!. J. Day and W. 1. Bailey have leas-I in court here today. They entereJ t a r y ol this committee. He is editor ed ths Corn Exchange building on E Jackson St. and will operate an up- to-date shooting gallery. State Historical Society. The State Historical Society of Missouri will hold its annual busi- i pleas of guilty last Monday. Judge Donegan imposed an inde- | of the Perryville Sun. visiting committee, or junket- terminate sentence, with a maximum I mg cOmimttee as lt is generally known, will meet here Dec. 4. It Is of three years on each prisoner. ness meeting in the rooms of the society at two o'clock Thursday afternoon, Dec. 7. Invited to White House. Miss Margaret Carlyle is the hap- I[ composed o£ State Senator C M. Bu. ford of Reynolds county, chairman, and Representatives L. Shouse Circuit 'Court Monday. Everything is in readiness for the opening of the September adjourned term of court Monday morning. Judge A. B. Davis has been holding court in Kigston this week, 'but completed the term Saturday. PJ- possessor a present she received i oj - slielby an d P. H. Barns of Law- The last named is a repub- Howard Ellis of Montgomery yesterday from Miss Margaret "Wil-, rence | su*i, daughter of the president, j lican ' which she esteems highly. It is Playing Final Game. The Brookfleld and Chillicothe High school elevens are playing at I the C. B. C. -atrOetie field this aiter- -noon. 'This is the "final game' of · the-t season for the' local team. A" fair' sized crowd is in attendance. f Witnessed Game. H. B. Hewitt and sons, Paul and Don, George Adams, Lester Cies. Fred Burk and Mort Barney motored to Stanberry yesterday in the Hewitt car and witnessed the football game between Albany and Stanberry, the fine picture of President Wilson, and presents him in a more natural way than he is shown in the average newspaper cartoon. After it was known that Wilson was elected, Miss t 0 Miss Wil- iat'her's election, and in response Miss Wilson sent the picture, together with an invitation for a visit. county will be secretary of this com mitteo. - Bights ol Street. Many drivers of motor cars show daily that they know little of the legal rights of the highway, declares Capper's Weekly. They are not aware that the courts have determined the superior right not to the H. Moss and Miss AHeen Moss, mother and sister of the murdered wom- ples services 6 : 3 0 p. m. Subject Approval by congress of consider-', .. W hy Christianity is the hope of Dtion by the Interstate Commerce Commission of increases, when justi- i C Early this morning tho court r o o m ' j j e d , in freight rates to meet such ad- was packed t o its capacity Outside ^djtional expenses rendered necessary a row of policemen held back others I oy the adoption of the eight hour law who wanted in. A rope was stretched about the lobby of the court house An amendment to the existing Fed. era! .statutes which provides for me- Everett Powell. An offerin DKNIES REPORT THAT riELEJf KELLliR IS TO BECOME BRIDK (By United Pr'M%.» Wrentham, Mass, Nov. 18.--Miss Helen Keller, one of the world's most famous women, who was reported to marry her secretary Peter Phagen today officially' denied the report thru her companion. Miss Macy. Mrs Keler, mother of the blind woman, 9:1-29. Leoler, Mr. j a i i a Mlss Macy, her constant com- Our Country." C. E. hour j, 6:30. Topic "Why Christianity is the Hope of Our Country." Scripture: Pfa for Home pinion 'since childhood, united in Missions taken I denying the report. In the state- to keep back the mob which crowded j diation, c o n c i l i a t i o n and arbitration, You are cordia ii y invited to wor. I m e n t toda y, Mrs. Macy, who taught one another in an cifort to get in. The press table, which is 35 feet long, was unable L O accommodate the ( n e w s p a p e r correspondents and news association reporters. The jury was completed be] ore from her Chula friend.--Ciula News 1 belongs to the pedestrian, person riding in a vehicle. latter winning the contest 54 to 0. Death of Clyde Butler: , Clyde Butler, 48 years old,,digd,at| the home of his mother, Mrs. E. T. I b" by court Notwithstanding this is the lav A SCORELESS TIE AT MARSHALL YESTERDAY j o f industrial controversies by adding a provision that in case the present agencies fail, a full investigation of the m e r i t s of every question in dispute shall be instituted and completed "Vetore a strike or lockout may be lawfully attempted, Giving the president power in case of military necessity to take over the contral of such rolling slock of rail, roaus as may be required 1 for military use and granting him authority to draft into military service such train crews and administrative 'officials as I circumstances require nd has been''announced e'mphatte'aJ-$O B."C. AND MISSOURI UOL,1,VJ«K| The president is ,,also expected -motor driveis seeing Butler, Mechanic street. -Saturday morning at 10: JO o'clock of paralysis. Five weeks ago the deceased was stricken, and Wednesday he suffered the fatal stroke. The body was removed to the Norman Jarvis funeral home from which place the fun- JFOVGIIT FOR FOUR QtJAItTBKS | U r g e in this measure eray probably will be held Sunday,] passed." owing to' the critical illness of the a pedestrian about to cross the street half a'block ahead of them, when the pedestrian continues on his way, toot their horns sharply at him, the meaning being: "Get out of the way' This is my road, not yours. Stand back! You may go on after I have i -r^e loss of big "Polly" Harrison, The Absence oi "Polly" Harrison Was Felt by the Jjocal Team-A Great Game. that all afbi_ tratal awards are to be made judgments by the records of the courts, in order that'their interpretation and enforcement auay lie, not with one party t 0 tho arbitration, but with an impartial and authorative tribunal. C. B. C fullback, is thought by m e m - ! » U O H K S SEEMS TO HAVE Sivtwday Crowd. The bright sunshine and good roads 1 deceased's mother. Interment will Edge-wood cemetery. Besides his mother, two children and a broth- brought a large crowd of stoppers' er survives. The deceased had liv- to Chillicothe Saturday. There were ed in Chillicothe practically his en- people here trading with the mer-;tire life, chants from fitty miles distance. The j good roads makes the distance short when the trip is made in automobiles. Nev Furniture Arrives. The new furniture and fixtures for the Western tTnion office have arrived and as soon as the company sends Found for the Defendant. Linn county automobile owners are naturally pleased at the verdict of the jury yesterday afternoon in the damage case of Coffman vs. Gibson. ' Mr. Coffman brought suit against S. L. Gibson, formerly of this coun- a man here to put it in place in the j ty, but now a banker at Chillicothe. new" office in the Leeper Hotel build. I 'Mr. Coffman, apparently had a. desire mg, Manager Sidney McCloughan will move his office. The new office will be one of the finest in the state for cities the size of Chillicothe. Juggling in ESS*- Charged. Chicago, ov. IS.--Federal invesi- gators ' engaged .in, seeking causes of advances in food prices will look into the affairs of the Elgin (.Illinois) board of trade and oi ("'" e Chicago butter and egg board. This movement" is based on complaints that the present high prices are due to a 'bull to "get rich quick" at the expense of Mr. Gibson, whose automobile hit Mr. Coffman's wagon a year or more sgo on the public highway in this county. But the jury, out only a short time, made up chiefly of farm, ers. did not think there was any mer. it in-the demands of Mr. Coffman in court, and brought In a verdict to that effect, a verdict for the defendant.--Brookfield Argus. ·\Vho Was the Loser? A banker going home for his din- movement in butter and eggs for de- ner saw a $10 bill on ths curbstone, l.verv next summer. Both boards j He picked it up and took the num. were" enjoined in. 191-1 from fixing ber home in order to find the owner. prices. A Fine Bridge. The concrete bridge across Grand river at Graham's mill, recently completed by W. O. Graham and C. O. Wilson;- is said to be one of the finest specimens of bridge construction work the county has ever made. The old -wooden structure proved to be a While at home his wife remarked That the butcher had sent a bill amounting to 810. The only money he had with him was the bill he had found, which he gave to her and she paid the butcher, the butcher paid it to a farmer for a calf and the farmer paid it to a merchant, who in turn paid it to a wash woman, and she owing the banker a note for *10, It does not occur to the that he can stop. driver | ij erg ot tno i oca l squad to have r u i n - j led their chance to beat the fast - CARRIISD aUXVBSOTA This is expected of the person on foot, though the driver o'f a motor car may be several hundred yards from, the crossing, bearing down on it at 30 miles an hour, while the pedestrian is actually upon the crossing, and tooted at by way of warning to stop and retrace his steps while the motor flashes toy. There must be very much more consideration by automobiles, for tha rights of children, who take chances that grown persons avoid. souri Valley College team at Mar shall, Mo , Friday afternoon when the teams played t 0 a 0 and 0 tie. Harrison was forced to reniiXin at home because of a bad k n e e anrl Fuller took iis position at fullback. Harrison has been handling all of C. B C. forward passes, and kicks this season change greatly reduced the strength ol tlie local team. Wolfe, another ot the C. B. C stars, was also out of the game. ship with us. Paul Heiligmau, Ministe.'. First Methodist Episcopal Church, Sunday school at .1:30 a,, m. Preaching at 10:45 'by the pasxor. Theme; "The Will of -God Accomplished." ·Spworth League at 6:30 p. m. Subject: "Why Join the Church?" The King's Herald Band will have charge of the evening service. A special progra'm will be rendered. This will be a very interesting ser- Miss Keller to speak, said: "The story that my pupil of '37 years is to marry her secretary oc anyone else is an abomnible false hood. I have been with Miss Keller almost constantly ever since I first saw her at' her' home' in Tuscumbia. WOULD INCREASE THE JTA.VAL,. APPROPRIATION- MEASURE (By United l*re»».V s , . Washington,. Nov. 18.--Exceeding vice. Let us fill the house and give | ]ast year's total by more than ?30,- (hese little folks "an - «rithusiatsic hearing. ~ * · - : · ' . Special music at each service. A cordial welcome. James Harper. Christian Church. 9:45 Bible school. Classes for old I 000,000 "will be devoted to new'ships and payments; on contracts -already existing r .and $10Q,000,0.pO ,for^ purchases of "departmental administration. - r "' " " . - · ' ' · - ' 11 . . ( I t y l!fiitMl PreiHM.) St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 18.- -Charlei E.' Hughes carried Minnesota'by 39 o This was baesd on official returns from Minnesota, complete this after noon, giving Hughes 179,553 and Wilson 179,157. There will be no official recount of an"d"tke"~lasr~minute Minnesota's figures, Fred Wheaton The speed law a^id the law ol tho | Both teams'played great 'ball for highway must be observed by automobiles. The driver should always slow down at crossings when pedestrian? are in view, and particularly lour quarters, each making desperate elforts to score. Chillicothe tried two unsuccessful field goals, one being blocked and the other went wild Both teams threatened the other's chairman ol the democratic state cen- j tral committee a!nd other democratic leaders intimated this afternoon. The republicans got out a brasi band and paraded the streets here this atternoon. (he light is poor, which is especially I goal on sev - era i occasions, but each the case in the late fall, winter an.l spring at just tne hour when in city and country thousands are returning home from the days work, not at th? height of trieir mental or physical alertness. Motor car drivers should exercise special care at such times though in haste to get hoirne on their part. They 'have the use o£ streets, not the monopoly of them. would strengthen and hold tight m the supreme test. Riner and Kent were also in game for the locals. and young. G'ood- orchestra. 10: 45 Morning Worship. Mrs. Rogers will' sing, "Jesus Lover o'f My Soul " Sermon ty the pastor. Mrs. Chambers will also sing at this service. 6 : 3 0 Christian Endeavor program The young people have prepared an excellent program for this meeting. 7 : 3 0 Evening evangelistic meeting." The minister will preach a ser. mon and there will be an extra good musical -program. Mrs. 'Rogers will sing "Jesus Savior Pilot Me." 'Mrs. Chambers will have some part in tbe musiu We are anxious to have every Wil.-on Safe in California. (B? TJiilti'tl I'ruHS.) San Francisco,' Cal., Nov. ' 18.-Charles E. Hughes'wiH gain^SSS votes i n LO.S Angeles .county, il semi-official results of the count given out today I are b'o'rn out by the official returns This gam for Hughes' is. not large en. ough to' affect Wilson's plurality in ths Dental Notice. Dr. W. G. Goodrich left Thursday for St. Louis to attend a two days' lecture course given by the St. Louis Dental Society to the members of the National Dental Association. 2t Coach Magill was much pleased at the state, altho it is the largest d i f the performance of his teara and he ference so far revealed between, the feels certain that had he had the us- 1 official totals and the total 'resulting ual lineup the ' another victory for the Busines College. The Missouri Valley Col- NATIONAL CHAMBER OF COM lege is a member of the Missouri! MERGE URGES LEGISLATION College Conference, which includes Money to LoaJi. $4500.00 to loan on city'property. Will divide. G. C. Carnahan. Phone 293. 17 ' 6 ame would have been] f£ 0m '. tho recount. William Jewell, Missouri ^Wesleyan and others of the strongest teams in the state football I T l y Viilteil I Washington. Nov. IS --Legislation The Marshall ' l c prevent railroad strikes, pending h a d an u u s u ally h e a ^ y back, j settlement of the dispute- between field, while the lines pi the two teams compared about equally. Magill will put his business college i "bunch" to hard labor from now on employee and employer was recommended by the National Council of Chamber of Commerce today. member of the church present tomorrow, Vcsitors and friends are always welcome." Rev. Roberts, pastor of the Christian church at Trenton, will preach each evening next week at 7 - 3 0 . ' · IOWA STATE TrKflVERSlTY 1 WINS' CROSS COUNTRY RTIX. ' ' (By UnKofl. Pre«».) Ames, la., Nov. 18.--Iowa state college easily won the Missouri Valley Conference Cross country race here today from Kansas and Missouri universities. Nebraska and the Kansas Aggies did not have representatives. ,, ' POPE WJLL ATTEMPT TO PREVENT FURTHER DEPORTATION OF BELGIANS. Itlffl ·pi 000,0001 the""new naval.'-'apprtfp'rSa- tion bill, which .will b,e plo_cedTjbefore. the .forthcoming: session .of 'coa'gres-3 will call for the expenditure of 5375,000;'000 M Cnairman Padgett" of "-the House -Naval Affa^L's. Committee -au. nounced today. Of this amount J275,- SMALL AMERICAN" STEAMER REPORTED DISTRESSED By Tjiilteil I*rc«». , Washington, Nov. 18.-^ Eeaking. and with her engine disabled, the small American 'steamer Anvil, passenger" and freight laden,'was reported to the naval department'today in distress off San Jos Del, the southern'end Vf'lowef'CalifoVnia.'-Tnc!,. collier Saturn .wire f d ed to reach the boat today. ··3! ·}4 Glasses for Christmas. - __ What'present" could'be more highly appreciated-- by-'tnoUrer,," father,' 'Tor " i other dear one, than a, % pair of nice '"glasses', made to the special measure of the_ir eyes, and^ guaranteed to r be a perfect fit? My plan permits them 'to, be'g'ven as a. surprise."Let me explain and show samples. Special X-Mas 'prices' jl.O'o" to $10.00. C.--W. -PAL'M-. - r -r Barney Bldg. ' Chillicothe. "·,,,' · -'.-"·.' r-' · ' " ' · ^'"". nl8d20w4 TJni»«-a London, Nov. 18. -- The until the last game of the season- with the Kansas Cltv Vets, who play'if you have something to dispose of. here on Thanksgiving'afternoon. 'It gets results. preparing .to take action, .toward preventing further deportation of Bel __ gian men and boys, according to a Use the Constitution Want column j Reuter dispatch, crediting the infor- " Thanksgiving pinner. ~ "The ladies of Centenary church, one and one half miles_ south ^ of Sturges, will serve 'dinner and'.supper a-t the, church .on Thanksgiyln? ' day. They will also have many beati-\ Itiful -pieces'" of fancy- work for"-sale go.od. nlace .to", dp your.. Christmas raping ' ' ' " ' d2wtd Pope is shopping nation t 0 semi-official vaticiao. circles. ·* ' - ' '' ' SALl?--Horse, bussr and ff r " ness." ' "Extra good horse.' Inquire Cleveland Livery barn. ,,-- ',18-^ Read the For Rent", : For'SalVand u_" ,/- SPAPERf

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