The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 16, 1914 · Page 3
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1914
Page 3
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"" Thnrsday Evening, July 16, 1914. THE D E C A T U R R E V I E W Page Thre* Expected to Beat Coulter in the Finals. WALTON IN THE LEAD For Golf Title--Otfier Matches for the Cups. Chamnsisn, July 1« -- Ph'l Miller in the singles and Miller and Wiley In I h p doubles for the championship cups In the tournament of the Central II- hrols Co i n t r y dab* ivas the s t a n d i n g th:s m o r m n p after Miller hart defeated ",rahflm of Bloomington 6-1, 6-0 Gra- r i m realized he was up aealnst his naste 1 " and th r ew the match away. COULTER IN' FINALS Co liter of BloomSnKton "Seat Holland f t PeOria fi-n -7, and went into t ·· f ml« The three time champion ·n .1 inctt Millpr of Decntur asain Frl- flav m o r n i n g for the singles trophy Cou'ter ivon from B i=her of Decatur 'ttertn""^ a f t e r n o o n . 6-3, 6-1 Pusher p it up a f i n e sime but the older man 3re\\ too m n - h about the game for fljm Coulte- a"d Graham defeated Hol- lird ard M Irldsre of Peoria tester- ray 6-r R-1 thus going Into the ' · f t r a l s asi riM the Decatur team So 3t'« DP i t u r \ s Bloomington in botn eirir= The douhlec m i t c h was to ^e plasefl et 4- SO this afteinoon. TVALTOT TO t \ I V 'WaHon of Cha"ipnsn «a=i 6 up on F i n p « o n at the- end of t l p 'lr-t e.sli- Tepn holpp in t h p f i M l rn i r a of the championship f l i c h t Thp I of I bov ·uas e:om^ in f ne f 01 m and w a s expected to w i n o \ t r the Galesburg chamrlor ei i ^ X \ Ml'CKLE DOOfc In thp c % n t - c t for the Xa. Mil'-kle roon r " P i \ ^ n of =:p! i n E r f i e ' d beat C a l d w . l l o' fnmpii:rr i up and 2 Kev»s of '-Minefield boat B n i n h a m of C h a m n a ' e r p 7 up T r d 6 Thp winners ·were to pl^\ of t^e f i m ! round this afternoon for thp c ^ t XCO DOOX B^own o' Peoria beat "H r^x c p P ' r o r r i n g t o n 6 up ard 5 and Bramble of Chimpaitrn d e f e a t e d M a t t i s of Champaign 1 up in twertv holes ML DESPER \N'DT if. Percival o' c h a n ^ m i g p b»at Chase of Bl^ominsto" ^ up ari ^ and Harrison of Gale c " re l P f a t e ' O'o\er of Cham- MOOSE TO TAKE FIGHT TO ENEMY Select Champaign a m State Convention City. Chicago, July 16 --The Progressive state committee yesterday took the first step in the "dramatization of the Illinois campaign," as the leaders put it, in selecting Champaign as the place for holdinj- the state convention Sept. This IB the home town of former Congressman William B. McKlnley, one of the engineers of the steam roller the Republican national convention in 1912 and subsequently 3£r. Taft's campaign manager. It also is but thirty-seven miles' distance from Danville home city of "Uncle Joe" Cannon JIcKinley and Cannon have both entered the race for nomination for con- gre«s in the ! r respective districts The Frogipsshe leaders plan to make these two the "horrible examples" of the standpat forces in Illinois M CORMICK ELECTED CHAIRMAN MerliU McCormick was elected chairman of the state committee to succeed Ra\ mond Robins, -who retires rrom the active management to become the party's candidate for United States enator The basis of representation was fixed at one delegate for every 400 votes major f i action thereof cast for t r a n k H Funk In 1912. This will pro- « approximately 750 delegates and many more alternates for the state neet It T\as announced in the conference hat countv, legislative, and conress- onal tickets "Mil be in the field in very district in the state as well as f u l l state ticket ROBIN'S TO HEAD TICKET K a v m o n d Robins will head the ticket for Lnited States senator Ixuls E Fa\ey of Mt Vfrnon, son of the l a t e General C E Pav^ev, a former state a u d i t o r of Illinois, "will be unopposed in the p r i m a r y for state treasurer. Mies Man Steagall of Ca^bondale IB i nopposerl for the nomination for state superintendent of public Instruction FOG PREVENTS TODAY'S YACHT RACE Newport, B. I., July 16 --Fog caused another postponement of the race at the Am* T lcas cup yachts, the Resolute, Vanitle and Defiance, today. "HALIBUT TRUST" UNDER U. S. FIRE Seattle, Wash , July 16 --The federal grand Jury yesterday returned indictments under the Sherman antt-trust law againut the number of the so-called halibut trust, which controls most of the halibut caught In the north Atlantic, north Pacific, and Bering aeae, and sold In ths Unite* States VICAR GENERAL LEAVES DECATUR Margaret Msiy, Head at Ursuline Goes to York, !Neb Vicar Genera! Margaret Mary ot the Urtu line order, who is visiting the TJsurllns con^ e n t B in the northern United States pro- %lnce left the bt Thereia academy hen Tuesda night after a n e e k i MBit going from he-e to Tork Nnb Just what recommendations she v,m make for the local con- \ent ana academy IB not known but it IB understood sho will urge more slaters for the faculty FRANK EDWARDS FOUND GUILTY Of Drinking Ujuor In a'Pnbllr Alley and IB Fined $10 and Costs. Frank Edwards ^vas found guilty of drlnk- JM Hj uor )n * public alley bv Justice U G Glle Wednesday afternoon and fiend $10 and cost* James Sheehan a n c i t h e i of the t r i o anested on Hii* charse pleiapd guilty and nas fined the same amount Tho case against Chtlsio Cavanugh, the third member of the partv WBB continued W. A. Steele's Gift Produces MucH Water. In th* ro inrls for the cup "\Iorrow of Decat'ir *onsolatior made the eoiir'p in 41 the lowest score made bv anv of the Deratur players d u r i n g the tournament DEWITT OLD TIMERS PLAN BIG PICNIC C 1 inton. Julv 16--\t a m e e t i n g of the *- f f:cer« of the Old Settlers' Association 0^ D^TV tt countv jesterclaj In :K«nn^ w i t h Mrs. ~tf. F MHIer, plans T e-e m^e for the a n n u a l e \ e n t which for more than t h i r t y v=a r s has been c-]*orptM at Pastime park The officers ^f fhe association are, L. N. Rlch- « , p" ^ d ^ n t . TVIIIiam Stewart, vice prpc f]pnt Maude Blue secretary and T'^a'-k c r A ieMpnboroug**, t r e a ^ m e r . AGED MAN DIES AT PIATT COUNTY FARM «ister Cared for Him as Lons a» She ·«Va» Able. Monticello July 16 --Henry Adell died at th° countv farm ind was buried in MonticeUo eemet^v Wednesday mornmer Mr- Adell cams from Blue Bidg^e t o w n s h i p just one w e e k ago He was a b r o t h e r of "Mrs Henry Dav. son of Mansfield and came to t h i t place about eiahteen m o n t h s ago from Ohio Mr and Mrs Dawson cared for him as long as t h e tiers able, and then he was brought here. He was seventy-eight years old BOOKS For Summer Reading Hundreds of Titles to Select of Titles From Be sure and include a special package in your vacation outfit. Haines Essick BOOK STOEE 217 N. Water Both Phones 1256. INSURANCE AGENTS HOLD MEETING HERE A meeting of the Central Union Life Insurance, agents of central Illinois n a s held Wednesday e\ening at the office of C F ^cott district sunerilsor of t h i r t e e n counties for the Central Union T h f r p nere fifteen agents present H S Etandish, the compa- A s statistician from Chicago u a s present .nd made an Interesting; talk to the men Mr Standuh Is said to be one of the best posted life insurance men In the state The meeting ^ as an enthusiast c one and the men pledged themse'vs to s:rpass their good records of the past six months c F scott has been located In Decatur since l?*t jso ember I Sullivan, July 18--The pumping at the new city well, located on the city lots bought of Rohr several years ago, commenced Wednesday with the electric motor pulling the pump The motor Is a ten horse power one and it was «i timated Wednesday afternoon that It was pumping an average of 40.000 gallons of water a day at the rate It was pumping Wednesday afternoon. The well was given to the city by W. A Steels, president of the chamber of commerce and also president of the Merchants and Farmers State Bank after he had It bored and tested. It Is seventy-eight feet deep and If It will continue to furnish water the way it started out Wednesday ^ ith the new p u m p attached it certainly will be a great help to the water supply of the city RUSHING WORK AT PARK The work at the new Wyman park is being rushed this week so that the on the lake will be f'nished by Saturday n i g h t and then the work of leveling the ground a r o u n d the lake commence the first of next week, at least this was the i n f o r m a t i o n given i out b j S u p e r i n t e n d e n t Lucas Lambert Wednesday evening Much is yet to be done at the park this summer and fall tV'alks will be put In. bath houses will e b u i l t and a n u m b e r of things will ie dont Trees will he net out but hese will probably not be set out be-' ore late this fall owing to the dry eason In Falrvle-w park July SO to which al' members and their families are Invited. Refreshments were served. Mi» Smith'* Trip. Miss Hildred Smith, daughter of J P. Smith, 1865 East Prairie, left Wednesday morning for Clncinnat to rlsit two aunts and an uncle, Mrs John Dolln and Mrs. Harry Husbands and Ed B. Smith. From Cincinnati she will go to Richmond, Ky., to visit another aunt, Mrs. John Allman, and then to Winchester, Ky., to see an uncle, J. R. Smith and family. She expects to be gone six or seven weeks. Starved Nerves! "THIS IS JUST WHAT YOU NEED." Afternoon Jn SeTrlnx, Rocking Chair club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs Loi-»n Goff 1 6 4 4 North College street 'lana were made for a picnic to be held Wade's GOLJJEN NERVINE is the NE dependable remedy for nervous de- bility.'i'insomnla, weak heart, and ALL nerve-wrecked and run-down conditions men and women. Tou have positively S'EVER used anything like lt. v It Is ab- olutely free from alcohol, morphine, or ANT OTHER narcotic. It ia so soothing .nd restful to over-wrought nerves, and gives such fine, healthful stimulation, and BUILDS UP the strength promptly and permanently as NOTHING ELSB will ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTE. If TOUR druggist will not order for jou, it will be mailed on receipt of $1 by Gem Medicine Co, St. Louis. Mo. A few doses of this great restorative makes jou feel like new. It is a REAL FOOD for starved nerves, and a general nourishing tonic for the ENTIRE SYSTEM There Is NOTHING made which gives such prompt results Wade s Golden Nervlno is sold everywhere, and In this city br The JJecatnr Draff Co., Deoatnr. HI. SCOVILL CO. SCOVILL CO. Scovill Folding Settee Friday 69c Made of the best grade Michigan red beach and maple, the ideal material for lawn furniture as especially adapted for outdoor usage, This settee has 3-slat back with double support, anil 5-slat seat. These slats are all screwed instead of just being nailed. It is 4-1 inches long. Combination 2-color finish, frame painted rich red, back and seat natural wood, all varnish. Friday, while thev last ·*-/'-»iAi'^it^C* IjH^JJ. 69c SCOVILL CO. All White Hats at y 2 Price Any Colored Hat in Our Stock $1.00 ) HAVE IT CHAEGED OUR JULY CLEARANCE SALE provides the best values obtainable in Decatur. Every article is new and up-to-date--and you can cfroose from the greatest varietv. Ladies'Skirts One lot of ladies' skirts, made ir serge and ail colors --regular $4.48 values; S8le ,..$2.98 One lot regular $5 65 made in serge and all colors, sale price $3.98 White Dresses Ladies' white Summer wash dresses, in many beautiful styles, dresses that sold for $5 and $6, sale price $3.98 $2.98 Corsets At Reduced Prices A genuine clearance of high grade corsets at reduced prices This is not a sale of soiled corsets in broken sizes. Every corset is clean and a desirable model, one probably you have been wearing. All sizes in practically every model. Come Friday for corset bargains. $5.00 $6.00 CORSETS $3.98 $3.50 $4.00 CORSETS $2.69 $3.00 CORSETS $2.29 $2.00 $2.50 CORSETS $1.49 Millinery Ladies' suits and coats reduced to One-half Price. Buy Your Clothes on Credit Everything in the men's department greatly reduced. We close at noon Thursday during July and August HAVE IT CHARGED HAVE IT CHAEGED I w svApRfl RCHIVE®--.. This lot includes a few styles in Modart front lace--G. £.-- Henderson and Warner corsets --no damaged or soiled goods in this lot. These corsets made of silk brocade, batiste and imported coutil. All good models. $5.00 $6,00 CORSETS $3.98 This lot includes models for the slender, medium and large figures. In this lot are some tricots, fancy materials and heavy coutil; sizes 19 to 36. $3.50 $4.00 CORSETS $2.69 Warner, Henderson, B. and J. and G. D. corsets; in this lot almost every style and good range of sizes; exceptional val- Ties. $3.00 CORSETS $2.29 Complete line of sizes--all good styles including medium and low bust corsets; materials are batiste and lightweight coutil. $2.00 $2.50 CORSETS $1.49 North Aisle Specials-Linens, White Goods, Towels 50c and 60c White Goods for 22c Yard Pine line swiss and soft figured batiste, full 30 inches wide, in large and small dots; sell for 50c to 60c yard; special for 22c yard 75c and 85c White Goods for 50c Yard Extra fine line crepe, full 45 inches wide, rice cloth 10 inches wide, that sold for 75c and 85c yard; special for 50c yard $1.39 Damask for $1.00 Yard Extra heavy all-linen damask, full 72 inches wid^, in fine range designs; extra good value for $1.39 yard; special for.v.- $1.00 yard 25c Lace Centers for lOc Eound lace centers, full 14 inches wide, with two rows lace all around, with linen center, and always sell for 2oc each; special for lOc each 35c Linen Centers for 19c Line of linen round and square centers, full 30x30 in size, that sold for 35c each; special for.. 19c each 50c Japan Colors Scarf for 35c Fast colors Japan scarf, full 18x54 in size, in blue design and guaranteed to wash and worth 50c; special for 35c each 25c Turkish Towels for 19c Each Extra heavy round thread Turkish towels, extra large and our leader for 25c each; special for this sale only -- 19c each Friday Bargains in Laces and Embroideries French Val. insertions, ] /^, %/±, 1-inch wide, regular selling price 5c, 8 l-3o._10c; special. .. .lc per yard French and German Val. edges and insertions, i/* and iy 2 inches wide, sold at 8c, lOc, 12%c; special 5c per yard Eound thread Vals., edges and insertions to match, a good value at 5c per yard Pat Val. edges and insertions to match, 1 to 5 inches wide, regular selling price 12*/;c and 15c, at 8/i3C Linen machine torchon lace edge. Vsi % an d 1-inch wide, one of our best values, for 5c per yard Lace and embroidery camisole for corset covers and brassieres; regular price 39c and 60c; special 19c and 39c per yard Swiss and cambric edges and insertions, 1 to 6 inches wide; regular 15c and 20c values ;special 9c per yard 27-inch swiss flouncing, regular 75c and 85c values; special ^ .48c per yard White crepe embroidery in colors. 4 inches wide; special 15c and 25c All remnants of laces and embroideries at y 2 price Aluminum Preserving Kettles at very special prices-Friday and Saturday $2.00 12-qt. preserve kettle .. $1.75 10-qt. preserve kettle $1.50 8-qt. preserve kettle .. $1.25 6-qt. preserve kettle .. $1.00 4-qt. preserve kettle .. " -\ Q .-L*/ 95c 85c 69c 85c 3-qt. preserve kettle

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