The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on July 14, 1923 · Page 14
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 14

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 14, 1923
Page 14
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PAG]', I-OURTKHN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, SATURDAY, JULY 144 1923 suffitedl JMk Fh®m 3 aiinidl Call ton- Qasaiffoedl Adl D «BHDI L 1 Innertloii 4 limtrtloTin 4 to 10 insertion* . 10 Insertions 10 to "6 insertions ,1c per word 3c pur word . .V*c per wild per l--«nuq 7c per word ,7-10 P per word par lasus 2f. Insertions , Vi*i P«r woitl per IBHU* Minimum chat so • Rr-FCIAl- HATE for advertisers limine 1 or more Inches nor day for * month, ninuiniF the BE me fjvery day or subject to change, can be cbt*-ined try calling Tht hewn ClHSBiMed Department. Ads under regular cla-Astricntlon must be entered or withdrawn befoio 1$ o'clock fcoon From 12-00 till 3:00 p. m., add «o unrtor "Too- lAto to Classify." Phone »rdT« accepted for your convenience, to be paid upon presentation ot bill. ANSWIiKS TO lilJND ABS l .t •('. ; K -t .T F-i.l'i K -Gtl- 3 S-i'.V- 1 H-68—1 u-r,& •• s \:-t\%~ 4 V -08 4 WAN1 ED—-MALE Hil^ BY SW.1.ISH TiUC NbWS. AFTL.K !• M. KACII I:VI-:NI.NI>. IOC l 'lli: Al'I'l.Y TO Mil. ellvAC (ji-ii ; K. ,ION13Y TEH * STAUTt, N i; v, ,3 la la-sit WANTED—FEMALE HELP (Cont'd) KAItN mom y ill hom„ .luring H|iiux- llmr painting lump shades, pillow tops for llH. Nu c:mvnsKhiii; fnsy a.'irl Interenliiiir w.,ik; experl.-n, ,, linneeriis;. ry. Nllenrt (Vnipany, 2i,14 Fort \Vu)'n« r Indiana. 4H POSITION WANTED—FEMALE (Oont.) CUnTAIN •peclillab Phon. MMW.^ FOR RENT— «m«IDENCr.» Till! WORJ,L> MOVRS AND SO DO WB Padded vans una auto trucks. Pooled airy of household goods and automobile, •hipped m 'California and oilier points. Wo na'il anything anywher*, CSdy TraimslEeir AND inuliAGlO OOMPANT Phcne No. 9 IS "West First. Hutnhlnaon, KaniM. Z 1 1-Mt Wo have for tmlo an eight roam homo, Including sun-parlor and maid's rootii, oak floors ami finish - dowuataira, lollot and lavatory first floor, complote bath on second floor, third floor finished, hot water heating plant, two mora basement, garago. Tills place Is In perfect, condition and Is woli built and first class'ln every "articular, location 12th East. Price $0,000. llealtor. UP-TO-T1IE-MINITTK srciLVL'rr ^tRCH&NTS TRANSFtR POSITION' WANTED- MALE 8 Ifflsurrry Q. I3HiiB(14iB(Eir General Sheet Metal Work and FtlllKICCS IFKOME 28© 7 4-2?t NM'IO nn.l cool under big maples. Seml- modern, five largo rooms. sleeping poKh. on car line, close to Hlore, Bnhooi ami filling «l !Lii «m; good nctyhhorhood, S0V Kusl Pourtii. IC«y at Huttlu 8tgro, oiM-'»Kitf, O. C. 1'urmaii, 7 14-'it 1'IIONK Sl'3. Nor til Walnut. Hutchinson, \ :aiinus. I:NU ' 'i.i. now In ttr Htul W i < (< \1. ill t t 1" HI' r .-t nth-... will'/ tin- i •.ijfMl'.v* p.isllt'.M n 1'or :i'l .Salt City - 1 O-II.-t I SKVVINCi inarhlne cltmnlnjr. ov*. rhHuhnu; i MAlvK ?::.> ut-.kly at h»mi". furtuahliiB imnv-M JI U'I ;cId] • i .-;s.K X;»T I.•iif... un• purili-ulars fr«jf. L'tilfd Mtill- >: ' St. i.olU,;. 4 H 1 Foil HKNT--K<v* , -i-oom buntratow, mod- fi n In f voi y !«'»!>• -^t, baHt -nu-nt under 'entire cijuippfd fur laundry, g'a- riit;". bi -autiful lawn and IriM -s. l-'ur par- ti.tili.vs. lnquirn 16 Wt-bt Twcflth. phon« lilillW. 7 14-101 WE move you anywhere; iong or ihort haulH niukb no difference; all worK euaranUied. C-nly Trail Bfer CJinpdny, phone 1M» or 83S, 123 -126 East Sherman. 7 13-25t J. A I: J."VV.«Ii;,p.-!.^ •tails it.'i'. iib.'.. M. 3... AVt'KI' ;v h<>i •i-llty, j,iian: lliiH:, vvritiiiK for , ni.ip .ii7 .in.-H.' Kxp. lintit'*'., I':«-:>s ."iyni'ilmti-, COO Tlnn-rt us. _M<.. 4 H iMil 4 : for -nt VOli SAl.iJ at a ;>aruain If taken at one - I-'i\.'-rooni houar, modorn except fuvnii.-i'; Wiisli Imuso and K;"" U K °. ^-^afoot front, lutatuii 023 ICast l-:«Bitth. 7 9-1C us. Ki. is'..i u." •w A .%•: fi., M 'A.VI T).. "n ..inaf a in %•-)• » ... .,, ,.,,. 0 .i :ilu » I'-" to buy llit'ir I'juilrt ,,l |,i..viM.-llt d""-' ,.HK-r t:-inm. r, i' t 'J. W.'.M'MII-- ^ ink KU'U autuod l'i'i'. ii. > It I '.I'NT rinr-yrlir ^ Ions,', ^.'i. livi'-iijnm, moiliTn liom'.\ Sro Ca.ll .Wlrton. pl-.nno 2309. ninro or 341 Mast 7 11-l«t Wo offer for salo for tlio first timo a choice quarter midway betwoon Elmer and Darlow. Flue soil adapted to wheat, corn and alfalfa. Fair net of Improvements. Possession August first,' Will lie sold at a sacrifice If taken o-t once.. Call or write. ,Unl. n ^ ion. _ Established 1888 RBAX.TOU3 5 ©@S1 No. 4 Bast Sherman 0B J&M llDBV®SftlBD©ffilft MO-foot conior clnso In on First Wt-st. Can lw iispd for Industrial or commercial purpose. J Ins four houses that rent well. Ask almut it. . , A CONSERVATIVE TtllV C;rwo In curlit roonvi. modern exr-opt furnaee. f2,00il; good terms, A TRACT 1MPROVKD (1R U.N 1 Ml'RO VI-'. 1) lV:-n<r>\ tract, new liouso. l>r, no»li and eleelrle llKlita, leas than »4.0()o. Grl1 you an aero tract close In on Kiftli Avenue West hard MISSES' BLACK KID LOW HEEL 1-STRAP SLIPPERS for $3.50i PATENT LEATHER $3.75 and $4. LADIES' BLACK KID, PATENT-TRIM, 2-STRAP SLIPPERS, MILITARY HEELS, for $4 p»ir. Little Girls' 1-strap Slippers for .. $2.48, $2.98, $3.48 LADIES' BLACK SATIN PUMP with MILITARY HEELS, for $4.50 and $4.75. LADIES' BLACK KID STRAP SLIPPERS, MILITARY HEELS, for $2.50, $2.98, $3.50 to $4.50. LADIES' BLACK OXFORDS for $4, $4.50, $5.50 to $6.50. Men's Shoes $3.50, $4, $4.50, $4.98, $5.50, $6.50 to $7.50 Men's Good Black and Brown Oxfords for $5.50 i Part Payment Down, Balance 50c a Week. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 North Walnut Street. HUNT, Immediately —New. fi veil, modi'tn, furnished bungalow to ndblu parties. Call H554W. 7 15-51 and painting, aer r^paii 'H. J. K. CJoodbralu*, pnoriu 1 1 f. > S iiiUIM- 1 12-It ITI aild nt num. 1 14-hi for hoiim.-work. Phoiit'i j 4 14-It i re*p-. . F. Ur.nman, phone ' • • - 6 3-^1 1' I,HAS A NT, nlctly arranKed, flvo-room ~ r.MU'^'f. Also fiirtilHtiod two-room cot- Mag I =°.'^.- s ^i_ ork, anri (fenorat 1-T UNlSH yl^-room housts to loase I417W for a Vfitr, moro or lea*. 41S ICast Fifth, 6 I 'tutnu 3fi7S \V. 7 13-tit Hoof ' puarantiied. Hue a stiecialiy; l'lume 211?J. KOH KENT- Good f)vt»-roorr.. itucco bungalow, strictly modern, to adults, all work | Phone 2217. 7 1-Mt &21- " WA.. 1 ]•;].)-To sharpen and repair lawn n.iuv.ji 'B. su»a. furniturt.', eewlng ma- chlma. lncl; H and k« ; ys, blcyclua, mvws, ecis."o:fc, kiiivK. all kinds tools. Urovvn HU'\ri" Wlore., phone 2470. 5 18-251 •iifjino Id 11,. ^la.l;.-,,:, .Mills, 1- WAN'I'KH (,,:• \ Ilii All Alf 11',.^. ii]' - , !,,n natlonnl !'"!" l,v nnfd v 11 aid Ii"|i',l tVu»l-!nilt<->> Add! ; kin,)*, s-ll-is 2 11 slims KaKlly 4,unl ,| is. neuili'.iy • ,',in M „. I' 8AI.E3MEN iVANTDI, .!,,!, „s HI, ullh s,,puialoi: L*2 years' experience u.tii ii, i, si, !riK inaelilnery. Call on or write A. )•'. Jones, HUS South l'liilu. i. 10-H l.''.'il UIINT- Ne'.s- Btrictiy modern liouau luinliiheu, uortli end. I'hone iiSSll. 7 11-lt FOR Hi:NT"Si!ven-room house, modern except furnace, hardwood floor down- si. ills, guratfe, $30. 403 East Seventh. Call IS lit . 7 11-4t R-ood teruip. road. . . A CO.MFOETA11U! HOMM , s ." 11 room modern except furnaee home close in on Ninth Kitst, nicely painted * 1,000 down, easy teims on bulaneo. and papered, (rood shade t J&yit Sherman EEALTY CO. Realtors Phone 43 Ford Sedan Each Night as Free Souvenir. 11* in m-od of a (food carpenter, phona 31cr> 7:30 am. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m to & p.m. 5 2-25t CA1.1* 3417W snd have your honae roofed or ic-paited. Sntiafuvtlon guaranteed. 6-'i3-26t. WANTIOJi -All k!n< \\'ork and mid Ji>i>. of lianlintr, lawn LAWN and Kardvi Ka.Ht Khf.-nnan. work. Call 2294J, 702 & 17-23t \VA.\T1JD Plion 1 -Any kind or carpentering. MOW. 6 7-25t I'AHTIKS w'slilng pla'Ucrlng or Koueiai iiKtaon work, phono 1875, & ZG-'iot Vi >H UKN'T or sale—Four-room bungalow*, modfin, apl'.tndld tonus, 211 Kast B. I'hoTio Sti40. ~ 14-10L KL'HN[^Hi.-:D hoiiK6 lo lease, rouius, slffpinif porch, Hydu Pliant) 1GS4W. l'ark. f 13-26 FOlt lil'i.NT— Five and aix-room. mtulorn, new oak floors, %'Z0 to $30. Pltt.nt' 2517. V i-2(Jt poll UHNT In South HutchlriHon~-Throo- r .K.Mii liuiirtc. Phone 1SC4W. 1 1S-M POK HI-INT— PIve-room cottage, 416 P-aat 11. In.iu'ro 406 P.usl li. " 10-Hi TWI.1 tbir "v-rotjin houses located on Past K, furn*A\u:d. Imiulro 324 West Pfrat. 7 l^-4t Tkll ^-i-" 1 ' 1 IviinBtt^tion through our offic Martins Montb.y, July Ifith. and emllnif Saturday. August 4lh. we" will R lvo twpnty-fivu llokets to ho party buying and txvonty-fivo tickets to the party m-Hlntr! Karl, of hM tickets is numbered and entitles the holder to * ' ' CJrottci Circus. ono admi.s.sion to tho Cyrus 413 North Main Salcfiinen: Lloyd Brown, J. R. Sanders, D. C. VanUeveor. Phone 972 1G0 acres. Scott County, 0>miles from Shallow Wuter; levol buffalo Krass land. Want Hutchinson property or car. Prlco $1,250 cash. 320 acr^a. Morton County. &t£ miles from Holla. Price $2,2EO; $1,050 cash, a»suiuo $1,200 mortgage. Will nude equity for Hutchinson property or car. Vacant lols In north part of town to ..trad* for equity in email tiotmo or car. All modern north end homo, oak finish. Priced right. Will consider contracts or small place suitable for renting. COKNEK.® mem WE HAVE SOME LOTS PRICED TO SB1>I. 804 First N«U. Hld«. _ Ask about our lot bargains. Phon« U7». 5-rooma. modern, good shade, lota ot fruit trees, fine location, all oak floors, only $5,900.00. frrooms, motlern, clone in, pavod street, garage, hard wood floorB, a 'bargain at $4,600.00. Id. M. MOOES, . Forty-nine Years in Hatchln»oa, WANT13D—l'urnilure te rsyKlr. roflnlslh and upholster. Call 7*5. 6 ,7-30t I'AINTIA-'H" and >nt 1 'inaie 2-;:TW. rlor decorating. 6 i-iat I WANTED—.III Hindu of tr «»n h»ullivB. Pnoiic nurw, i 18-26t I 'ri', M-ll-',, ,1'iliat II ill. t'all inurnlnjrs, 5 13-4t rt)R ltl-;NT—Five-room house at HOli East Canienter atreel. Phono ll^lVv. 7 ll-4t The property at the corner of D and Mapl« (CRxioo ft.) Is offered for aalo at very low price and terms. This \ s a will built .seven room houso, four larso bedrooms. Nowly lmlnted and papered. J lot water heal. J 1000 cash, balance monthly. Sec us at once. Thia Is Price J3750. a real bargain. Full UP NT Six-room house, modern ex- copt furuacu wlUigaragy. J'honc 3274. 7 12-41 >H ItKNT -Plvc-room reaidencc, P.03 Past Hocoml. Inquire 211 l'ark atreot. 7 13-14 SAWS filed it Mhop; 629 Went First. Air® Y@ia A POSITION WANTED— FEMALE 6 ITSrsfi CI SIES lHIieiBDsftBtiinlliSffl^ Kl'e dedvery. Mia. Ilauiier, 8uU North Walnut, phone efj&W. fi l-25t I'tiR lll-JNT—I'lve-roem. modi-rn, furnished tottnye. 414 -Nultlt AS'alnut. 7 10-St 1 'iiR RBNT-K-ivo '^'.tevcntli. l'hone Went 7 14-41. FOR 1UCNT—Nine-rot in liouso, 3: G A. Call 104 Wc-at Fourth. 7 Kaat '.i-12t I l.AI'Y disires job ;es cook in eookshaea. lias had Hire,.- sv.isolis' experience. Call * Last i'Mflh. 0 12-4t is tlei rimiiir to main' i mna'.l eiipltai. pi if, rr, 'ii on ti,e n e:ue i ,,pp jiiuuUv f"r a „l [ii'i'lii^. .Mli.-'l have -Aim H'Hid '-diii'iinun mil at ha%'e i al as 111, mil r,ir ail pai la iilals 'i'Wii x,,"i ii'iii'cd ladles wa.nt iolia aa CMI I LJ for tin esliliifr machine, lihit Kaat Third. 0 H-lli \S"AN'TI '!i -Jlrea -smaKliig ami tallorlns. .Mrs. Knelt, ui3 Kaat Fourth, phone MM). 6 23-2fit or other 0 KI-14 • i'ln.'iti'al mirslnrr all Rem. hotel. Inn ]>,II ii n„,f , • Til,, eland. WAXTlili -Vt'aghing. Ironing and clean- ins lij Hie hour. 2804. S 25-2f >t WainnftosixD Cfi ^air SaiI'DSMaia WAHHIiNO and Ironing. Call I'JlUhth or phone 3874. 320 liw 0 2-25t ' !!„UH''W,>rk 1'llOlie 1H&. Blrli quiet, 6 13-Gt ,,1 .iivel.i I 'liM!' I'" , Ueyai I 111. wishes CHI'" XeWS w.nk in doctor's offie The Anth.dl: to ilii p"i ii,l.V. l'is- ! s, p-i iii...:i"iit pi'dio- i inpiiny, llllteli- j WANTIOlv- Lawn and liim.'.n [,In,ne ;i04;i. -. ,1-fiil. li 14-1U Id work. t'all li 13-S:10 U'ANTiJIr- -I 'rui 'tleal nuralUE. 704 North l'oplar. Phone 2WIM, li 26-26t -- 1 luiiscw ol'lt, :mv. • lady 0 12-ltl WANTED—FEM/>LF- HELP \VA Sill 362X1. Ironing and work by hour C S-lOt MUPKHN', furnlsh"d. close tn. I'liono 11444 FOR' "iiKNT .Sherman. lieuse 7 ll-4t -Three room Jiouse on West Call 3173. 7 12-16 house. 7 9 -<lt I-XiR TiKNT—Slx-rooin, modern 700 Kaet Ses'enth. elR P.K.N'T--Five-room house A. I'liono 29S1. 7U9 Mast 7 14-41 FOUR-room furnished I'liono 204. •ottage for rent. 7 12-14 LIBWT WOUSEKEEPINQ ROOMS « Work KUaranteed. Mull orders anpwered promptly .Free dollvery .Mrs. Mendelt, 10t Kaot Tenth, 1633W. 6 27-251 Sl'ITK of two downstairs looms furnish' ed for light housekeeping, newly papered, modern house, has private entrance. 323 Kant Fifth. 8 13-14. FOR Rli;NT—-Two pleasant upstairs, furnished housekeeping rooms adjoining bath; garage If desired. &14 Kast Fourth. S 9-12 Realtors— "llome nullders" Salcmen: I), p. Coe, Albert Thomson, F.. G. Ashe. Krrol McDermed. Safe aTld available nt all times. c% lnlefcBt paid,on time certificates. Your cash la always reprenuntsd by a flrsl neutgage on well located Hutchinson prop- ertj In cue you need your cash it is available to you. Wo operate under tho .State Hanking DepartinenL fife© Sal Gnfiy EmMnrBg, L ®aBi mmi A&s B m. No. 12 Sharman East, Ground Floor VHANK PILJS. Manager Ileal KsUta. Ottlce Telephone 310J Phono 111 Alter 6 P. M. The man who sings Home, Sweet Home in a rented flat is kidding himself and serenading his landlord. We have money to lend you to buy your own home with. " 3EIoiiilsMi2is®m BunnMuiEi Loans Room No. S10 norabaugh-Wlloy BblE. Phone 21&7 413 North Main Ijloyd ltrown, Sec'y. FtJl'R nicely furnished housekeeping room.'*. Also three well furnished rooms with garage. 221 West First. C 14-4t FOR RENT—Two modern, furnished rooms for light housekeeping, )G per week. 200 East Third. ' 8 C-lOt \v, want f,' idliksfeirs hid the city f..r a ..,.(,..»-»..I. pl:,-ai.t be a!,';,., to pul-il, . Ii -elHt be I,, .it ami and nble tu liiik. Viei • nion. i I lyou ai„ ii HifH.'i t,, wink. Ailliies r-i,.',, fcl',,. yiiur name, aiili -'is licmljiT and w,- *i ill cab lltlil i.wav lis tile I'.'oltl" will be li.keil iililekij. ,,i(,, canvass 1 i'.i't. Apia.>. with in...II p;„.arnu:, miiive good „i,.1 ii,,l afraid ;, :,• News and and i,.I,-phono >oii. Answer s ii le tew arid 4 4 -'. ll WANTKU—Work 34i',UJ, by the hour. Fhone 6 28-2M WANTUU— Wa»hlng». Phono r»7W. « 7-2St WA.NTK1>—WaahlnKi. Phono Z41L fl »-26t WAis'TEl>— Bew-lng. phone 1010. 6 2-26t FOR P.1-:NT—Three ground-floor, furnished rooms for housekeeping, modern. 200 West Ninth. 8 14-7t FOR R1-1NT—Two nicely furnished light housekeeping rooms; no children. Phone 682W. 8 U -4t On choice City Property—• 6% and Commission. On Farm Property—• 5% and Commission. FARM MORTOAGH BANKERS OHBET.TO L©A If you wish to make a loan, or hicreaso or renew your present loan, would tho following bo of luterea't to you? Central Kansas Loans 5% Western Kansas Ix>ans 6% • Eastern Kansas Loans 5% Western Oklahoma Loans bfo -City Loans in Hutchinson 6Jo with a commission that is customary In each roBpectivo territory. 1st Natl. Bldg. POT EimTOtSta©^ C® FARM MORTGAGE BANKERS « Hutchinson Kansas. lloL'SKlCF.El'l.Nt; rooms; no objections to children. Call 207 East 12. 8 11-St FOR It ICS T—Housekeeping" rooms, 12 a week. 132 East Fifth. 8 ll-4t Tills alt modern, six room bungalow, with three bad rooms, large dining room and built In featttros in kitchen, good basement uud Garland pioe furnaoa. Nice lawn and corner lot. Price 56,000. See— 210 Stat* Sbtch. Bldg. Earl W. Brossler RKALTORB Phone 20C5 EEAL WAOTE® Wo have clients owning Western Kansas land that, deslro to exchange same for good Rono County improved farms. It you have a good farm in Reno County that you will exchange for western or southwestern Kansas' land, call and see us at once. We will also buy any,real bargain you have to offer In western lands. WE MAKH FARM LOANS IN KVKRY COUNTY IN THE STATE OF- KANSAS. L. L. TAYLOR & COMPANY Dodge City. Kansai. • Hutchinson, Koroma In answering advertisements, please mention The News. WANTI'M' Wo want the tli;iit women jjl « III ,.7,-iy piaee ll, llllioili w «••>*•"- • II M. tlC ous li^brid Tea and ,,'ii,-i' I eieei, old I I fashion,-I i'lov.-rs, cliinbiiii'. Mil, u, flower- I, Insiniiba ami ir.-.-.i. is 111 e ».-h I >- • he Doo Dads —The Curious Cat. lillUUllt quaint mi tfui woiiiiin of wide ac• •ti, favitial -ly ki'ni\Mi, wiio can grt-at sui 'i'i 'iis of th!;j uiidcrtak- U•}',. U ^ •! HI ' 1 -'' taiicniK to yti. write ua loiiay. PlitST NATIONAL N P HH \ '• 1UPH, Ki '.'h. M-'l , N. V. i It July ' " ' " ;itiiil. pliiuio liTHANP P. .•.iiiiiiiit; •.-li.-Ki r; pi •l of -I'U Hii«-»i:TI!ANl> in 30 W'riM'.'ii with the h-i ),'( l. iSyafi.-m now in ti.- t-T i.ifi i-fj'f .(i lypiMfl. tr» L-i't iti .••i '.hand, lid. Hhorth.aitd wink. N H'I •Jul Htiite J" guavant-.-t'd. f ihe .upha- ln ltpiny Putt h- • a io {ruSruva ,fJiUal for col- nal .School of cranyo IJanlt 4 U-ii>L ir yatlii Strap- .7.*». ]»art pbiy- M', Coiiur Walnut. 4 13-4t .•rt our JTot- :5, 54.75, ii. l>alan<-.o $1 a. 17-H' North 4 13-4t .1 .-..ilary to L-ffr.!' lad'ca limn Hi . eiKd (Mit,io »uii rail a.'!''t'iir»>!>;*.. " Mia* Anderson*" guaiautv *lr riv.trr

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