Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 20, 1930 · Page 3
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 3

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 20, 1930
Page 3
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OECATUR HERALD . MONDAY EVENING, OCTbBEf* 20, 1930, OECATUR HERALD V , , ' .' f' ' t flWDES MD L/1BOR GROUP ASKS FACTORIES FOR CUT IN HOVRS Wouia Provide Work For Unemployed URGE WORK BE PUSHED ·D SEEK CURE Papnerman at third aeries on lay wa* Ihtof.- Beggar," get « gttat Ity and worth o| ·1th «, body, hi* diff * erence pigeon-hole to fix tn« proper ach Individual, wany unknown hose Include environ- th. Inheritance, looltl iner integrity and awn. it, and no one can uv of th«n hay* doni * I* lent or payper 1* hla aupnoit, eithtt i part, from *ome p«t- us -who are not bin nat rs. There la veryntuch criticism ot this group, e condemnation, other* emnatlon Of life Id that tmea more than he pro; out o* loclety's gran- Filch other handtt have ! praise of life |» that ntficing, taklno; leas out into the atorehouM of an Economic l*m c he past yaar, according lylor's report, 1.02T (ami- Jven teller in Decatur tr is actually m u c h IL-e are 113 children In fines--the Anna B. Mtlll« t the Boys Opportunity ho Girl* Welfare horn*. to the report then ar* these homer* and many Bong. The remedy In to [or these children with fita. The county hftrw hundred inmates, Dtir- i $158,800 waa spent for i family and Child car*. in the city should of this* expense, esoh hg to his ability, ' Chest will gtv* you an r to »how whether or not What If nobody oared,, 1m » Moral Que»4*Mi tm W a moral as well w question. People la Intrtes nave b*«n called Nature," because life ad a easy for them, with The Idle rich have b*«o btttn pauper*, tut oppoied aupera. No self-retpect- Ihe* to- b* a pauper. M*s ound itabl** and do tb hardest work UfOM '" to institute Nhoiter Si hour* hi erosl. Jot" for ',loy"d mtn, A*«% m«tle by T. B. in. Monday, a* Vkwimin for a lw Twidw and L«- ""' of Staley Blast Victims Receive Awards wish tlw North Main «i«*l «Hh »ll posullil* itpci'd Oritl (l*l rlntnil I l i H e t *rwnr MUH'Hcd (iilrklv «:· powll'l' 1 »" ft ni » 1|(ns *' He riivlowcd what tliu nntlontil ad- n ilnlullfttIon I" pliinnlrig to lo In nn effort to ci*al' Jolin, ami toll thf (·ftimrll th«( VicjUlont Hoover would shortly I""*!" ft lrolnHuillon asldnj; liKliwti'V liirntiuhout tl' 0 country l(1 Inttlinte *h»rt*r hour* whn'*v«r It U pomiblo to cieftl* more Jobt, Ash Ktn|il»)'o» ··» (itwtpwiti* ifr. Oftvli dtipTK^moil Ihftt the mmrll oppolnl a coitimltlr* to call en the Dwutur Indimlrlul exfli-utivt* Ktitt thn AiiftociwUon ot rommorc* to ,«k thnt an S-hour dnv Ito Instituted, Cnndltionn MB doplorahli- bKfiitso o( iinpmplf.ynit'iit. Mr. Onvln Ktitd, Hift If the ImUwtiin -wonUl rmluce I h o tlm* of work, morr men could br .| V( in Jolm, Onr plfwit, hi- Mid, work- InD d 24-hour day, hna mrn ivorltln); ]2 13 (ind IS hours. "We lecoKOUd that Iho coitntll ciinnot force lh* lndn«tll(-n lo do tills, hit tl» t h i n k MouicthluR fan he HC- (iomplldhud If step"! tiro Uiken," ho old. ;«* Wirk )ilt»rtd lie uriccd l tm Council to th«i Illinois Powpr * l,l((hl ll»n to lift»t«n Ut ti^w builillriK ron- for tho vnrncr of Mouth «ud Bnsl Wwd mrcd«. He .,,,, .rftwl I h t U con»lruction i.tfinnnd for arxt year hy tlio iichool boiii-d, ·d thin winter . hv Mayor Smith lio* he ,,,,,,... (he mibwtiy and m-wnr could ..j! jmld foi, Mt. DnvU t(itaf;e*tftd that O M t y «(. Into debt, "VV cnn pny lor tticsm thlnj!* of five mon who were fa- Inllv Injured In nn explosion In lh« Stftley plunt * few wook« ago won nwnr!« ot comp«nsiation Monday rotors the Industrial hoard, moeUnff in th« cininiy court room. Mra, Ppnrt I^efflcr, mother ot three children, wan awarded M,7QO. Mrs, Minnie Rostcrly. who Im* *wo chlUlicn, wo» awnrdod KS5 Mrc. Vlrptlfl 9huw. who haa two children W/IM nwnrdtd JJ.WO. Mt». I.lllliin EuHterly, who hnsi two children wni r.wnrdnd V.B50 Mrs, liiiclntlti Dnvls. who hns one child, wat nworiletl {4,200. Inlov, «ml If wotk cnr. ho provided for the ttnimi.lo,v*il by locuirlni; (l-l.t, WP tire tn fnvot of t,!" Mr lnvh .itikl In aubMtniicD. non.niliiHloniii 1 Van PraaR took th* oTipoitnnlty to uolnt out that every effort: tho council rind made to put over now Improvpmcnts hnd been hd'Ui'd, Horn? with thtpiitn ot Itilunc- tfon. Hn iefprrcd to the Control Ro- lu-r spwpr RH n moans ot felvinj; worlt to Hcvoial huriitred men, hill siith op K l t l m developed that It hud wv»i «(.lt.T. under way. This brotijrlit fi hasty explanation from CommlHslonev V^irl Smith, op- poimd to the newel, that sin-h un Im- provetn(nt would put n bllidcti on wtirklni? men «l thin time, People pnylnir for home!) undfr contincl couldn't ntsnd nn (iddUloiml burden, HU Id T.fd Preilon, illicctor Free Eniijltiy- mont BiireuM o f f i w In Decatuv, quoted njrurea io nhow thnt ftotr. Jittlf. 1W9, to July 1PW, ftpptlciitlonji f»i work wci'f double what they wtre, from June, 11)10 to July, 1020. when th* other d«]ii r'tmfon hit tiio c n u n t i y Ctirnniljiilonerii Van 1'rang and Etirl flmllh both were vehement In airawitlng thnt thin council hns wro vldcd mote woik than any other. T H* " ' Jungle Camp Crowded By Hoboes As October Winds Grow Chilly lor Drwny Cicnn. overdMr ot tho poor. ·The ttalvallon Army '«,·»« ^ It CHD." Mr. (»i*«n ««HI. "but- thi * tinier It coMaln to find Ducatiu with lndtn«i»t tttinslunlN thuti ( ' iirB ' 1 ' »rui t hcUhvo Decntitr follow tlll Plan of Chicago in" ·"«!' M tl()llllt ' lo * lwl " l« r, Mod c.f Uu- mid 11 ..... nr.loycd men wl.o H I P tmmtry *rc fi Iritwl Qu«itlo*i ,or« interested in UM trying to point out Jiw on*. W« ar* our brotn- You who are ftrenf the burden* of th* w*ik, imnn« to call a man * )i«3 grown old and ven- hfc of vlgorou* hon«t tat to call that man » has loat hi* labor pow- rm of limb* or ev«* W t producing wealth for has been oxn*urt*d ce, and to call Kim * illar to callmf a vatarw ! hen he haa no mor* march on. 1%* r*a»* .g it today I* «rt b*- tually bellev* tho»o m*» ,o b* pauper*, or lh»t w; ire trotttin* tb*m J«W f*r th*m tn* choic* bf itlon and p*,up*rl*m. Help nnd XeaoIM w* liav» W** ed ta out »·»·· Mponslbilltr fo* pw*? son the (ndrrtduol ««f oolety. Butthop*"*** poor, ar* ottr ow«i ··» ot bo oonftiwd Wcau* owand* of poor ha« *d a penny front duty hy wi*o ilti wherever wo icept our spiritual 'because af tor «J1 , body. H* I* » our brother." tTHER ABLE only lo provldo ti w u r m ptiir-i.. Any old O'ock would " eather, I«*»M*nt nk ot Decatur, who tmor* than two nwi* leave th* hospital nday. Mr. M«riweaibM. d to h»v* be*n btwr"* 1 in an «xtr*m*ly «J«- fan. walked out of *· i*y. ioking with «tW»d- athw'B recovery *** in ordinarily «·''·"«· d an operation p month a*0. Ho 1 after tha oportOwi ** iquently and "ti**** * ** arene P«tor W C. T. U W** 10 ^ Hy afternoon m tw Kov. J. T, «y«W ·! rene chnroh spoKs, ·" .furnished by Mr, ·» til London, evanir«»*"J ilr from ttw Oh«M» Itocon «tr«t, wd iy. anxwti In tin- Itittl f«w diiyii hulioe* hiidillcii nbiiiit fire» tn the ounip iiouih of Urci-nwotid In nn f Cf.i I lr kiu|t Wtn m white they tni'dln. A vir(it to ( h i d illwlotr-j inorw than l-wl 3D nira ihiuc. I n ttii ot a PRINTED RELIEF SURVEY ON SALE MONDAY MORNING "Th* Pi.rattir Survey," a two weMctT nimiy of wnttaru and relief work In leo»tur by Carter Tnylor, WHIT avattabtc In the Community Client CnmpalKti hcAdqunrlfiH Mon luy rnornlnff. Tlw cofiics -tell for 5( ctils. Putilicatloii of the teport wu« tin dcrlakon hy the CheHt In order tht coplu!) mlulit be rondo iivntUibta to c i y worker And subscriber rtl A nilnltiiuii) coat. The volume Includes 1B4 pagf-s luiuiul In brown COVPI papei Jt is *''W('I Kitted by Uaik-r Taylor who i i'st'1 ye* all iltrlita to publication ol roil ten Is of the boolc Tilt book Itt ttlustrutrd by 25 tnhfen Ktid IS chartD for thn piirg.uso of tho text tett looliules »lit chapttis In lo *hu]., uoluc of ttie hi*ln*i 'wlilch mo mtvctmi' Di-cutKt'a 't'otu turn to tho mi' of vanned lifiil I W n t r u i v Will. Demuir's (llvlnt; ·qu«i!/.lnK uiii t'. iiknliol to lU'liik ItuMutilt; the Cucnmuiilty Chest: At kn c f t u i t to w u i m tluilr lindlui, [Kilixiutlontil ProKinm For Deuulur; " Tho joimty will wive money If li»n»l«liUi to j-rovldc a place to sluep, Mr. Ui*«n , . tf men »r» (iut tnltUd to *hlfl for DiNjiitUvwf tlurlriK th* winter. th» odiitity is likely lo b» faced wllh hwpltHl COKW for Ihoti* who b«uor»ie vh(im« of the (iwW, h* »»)ii, WEDDINGS " Oll- iHIV,K- IIAMBKBLAIN Mldd Nf'lUn Mnri* (trl*r *n hfrt C. Chmnbrrlaln, both of lur, w^re irmrilpti ftimday oventng In First Chinch of Ood. by Rev. Arjty! ttotiwr, Mr. Ch«/!ibo.lnln i. n mtn\ cutter with tho Bnntcrn PticUlnj; I'd. MM. Chamberlain for- ir»rlv ttvpd tn UU4 North Union »IMM, Th« couple will irtflUo th#ll bom* In 10U Norlli Union street, Ml»« V\nn Jiulci-f mid Walter R. Hitf(o«l wcro n m t r M S«tuil«}' «ft- "tnniui fit i;30 o'ulouh by R«v. : In ili« Third tfnltrcl church. MM. fMfford 1^ of Mr. nnd Mrn, Kd- f O;»klry, Mr, Hiitfird h H fBiriipr, Thti rnuiiti* will m n k » 'heir home rn « fnrm ncnr Om Oordn, and the Annual Campaign The that probably will attract tha «roat9Bt attention ut pren«nt, off I clal* believe, la th* laut Beet ion, In rluUIng raportii on the MILK "PRODUCERS TO MEET TONIGHT M«mhw nf t h e . U^ontur Milk Prod l if, trtt' airtnclatlon *re sponnor- InK two mMting* this week. Porty*lx rriiftm dealers of tho county will ronfur Monday evening In tho farm liiiu-itn office In Uocatur. An *di- cnlli)n«l mo*tln« will Uikn place Hi (lnrdo next Thuradny «vc- I! A V ( l A PTISM AL stKBV H 'B Mnptl^mal HervlcfM wer^ conducted 9nrultiir nftcrtioon In Third unit ed Brethren church, nt which time 10 ttdiiltn w*re biiptlicrt by Immer' itlon, nnd. two (tlrli. A large con- nttendctl Abe Martin Savs-- Mini .tunnltn O«llvlii nnd Pmil Pwtiny, iioih of Incntur. wero mnr- Sixtiitdny at (I p m. try Rov. Thumpion of at Paufn Melh- t church. In th* imiNonnK* Thfy UnnttMidMl. They will llv« In UANOV-HIANCK ThHm* Pnndr ond Foww F. of morniHsr nl lt o'clock In Kc of St. twill's «liunh. l,y KM-. Vlrull Thompson. Mtiimnntit wrr» Ml»-i Ooiothy Hull «nrt From Owner's Cur TIM hoplot; h(i't«h(i» » rlilnh of |n* ilrnninrnil alcohol." sulrt J, ft Wrnv, of BtMt) Third in-wtio. Lincoln, ill, tn rcrwmlntr ( iho Det/r(tir ptv 'w* Sunday nlKht thnt s. t h W hnd "loinn threo nitarU of Iho denuturnd iwwliiet from hi* oar, 1 .J h * K1wi y ««T h«d b«on pailted IP fj nnmn Lincoln dvcniii,. RoaideK the nnohol, thi thi*f took a Zi-callbet COUNCIL AGAIN DELAYS ACTION ON WATER RATES Corporation Counsel Asked To Study Water Supply Contract MAY DECIDE THURSDAY Another delay In action upon tho proposal to reduce water rents In Decutur, wns occasioned Monday whan It occurred to tho Council that such action mlyht have an (I foot upon the contract In Jtoroo between tliu city «nd tho Docntur Water Supply cnilipany, Con'oratlon CoiLnacl W. J. Caroy was Instructed to look Into this phase or the muttei Ho nold he voiild bo prepared to i eport on Thursday. Sinn 1 1 UKert l*uy C'ommlwLonor Etu-1 Smllh charged that tho inko It betnt r I»^d Cr i by the small users of wnter Find atlvo- cnted ruining tho rfttea for thn l usetn »n well sin reducing them the inmll Uut'i-M. Vic also took iHSue with thut portion of the report made by Murphey Sc N«»h which indlcnlew thut mte's foi- tlip »mnll user* of water in DecnUir ore con.ildfirnbly higher th«n In other cities, while thr^e n( f h s lnte« utoi's Off Hjn«llrr. He l i o u g h t forlh a enlleollon oC 18 letters thut he h»d tiom other clU(W. i h o w f n K what their ctittM of fiviittrif! water arc, and the ptoce4des foi' lowed In piepiulng the watet (or (Ititlrlbultoii. Kxtrn (Jitni »( W«t«r Nono of the cities, he said, KO to tho expense that Decalur doea to rtirnlsh healthful watei 1 to IU cltl- siPiia. That accounts for Iho hlRhi-r i w t here thnn elsewhere, he maln- lulns. Other cllleti wrve raw ilvcr \iuLoi' [o their Inhabltimts accord. In): I" his alitlcmcnt. The IfittelK will hf lntroi.lue.ed Before the Cuimclt when II finally hns Tho fine thing about th* late home brew boar decision Is that we kin now firo a mnitl without bein' ·afraid she'll tip u* off. "I don't want to bn pessimistic, but I won't b* (turprlsed to ne» people wnlkln' it- woik hetore Nov-ibcr." declarjH Tell (ilnklry, aMakLiV o' lh« time*. o i i K tlen qnesitloii, which. It Is tbciviijhl now, may eomc 1111 Thursday. A Mtorniy session la nni Iclputccl when th* subject Is opon«t. JAHILE BURT, 76, DIES IN ELWIN HOME Aged Elwln Resident Had Been In Failing Health For Months Jahlle K u t t Tli u lesklcnl of Mn- eon county fot -i*. j w i - find »I tin same houio for 45 ycftrH, itlMl In El- wln about 4 AS o'rlack Monday morn- Ing after 4 leap illness. He htid been confined to his home nntt bed for tho tnsl six months us a result of complications following apoplexy. Jahlle Burt was the son of I^ul nnd Violet Burt who came to (Htnoi« by Itorso drawn wasori rtuiinc the rhol«ra epidemic In Septunibei, 1887. An Jabllo Burt, with his parents, passed through Chicago on tho way to Siilem. Ill , where they settled he *aw tntn nnd women drop dead of Hie dlhejisu In thu utreels, nn Imprei, slon which Uc always) lecalled. Kopt Diary Mr. Butt's only hobby wni thrtt o( wilting In his dtttiy w h t e h prolj- nbly Is on* o( the most extensive In Mauon county. Uls d l n t y dales back BT ytitiH. II'M t.v-clylit yvuti ot the dlaiy hiu lo do with cxprrluiiciw ami IticklcnW In Maoon county lilstory, Jahflu Burt waw horn In Wheeling, Ind., on April S7. 185-1, His parents moved to Wisconsin In October, 1800, and I'eturnwl to Illinois through Chi- cutfo, n year later. It was on this two weeks wnRon journey that Mr Burt encounU'icd the diolera ep Identic, In Elwln 48 YeurN Mr. Burl was married to KJlza T«l- ford on Dec. 24, 3876 and moved to ffilwln In 1M2. He had lived there nines that timf. For 45 years he lived In th* bonne In -which he died Monday morning. H« leaves his wife, and the following children: Mrs. Moia Burt Evans, Mt, Zlon, and Earnest E. Burt, Lin- Ho also leaves two sisters; Mrs, C. C, Pagett and Mrs Robcil Eaaley, Salem; ond Mrs. E. O. Morris, Elwln He also loaves M, S and .r. W. Burt, blethers, of Klwin, and four grandchildren, One son, Albtrl LeBoy, is dead, coin. He was a meiiibm of the ttlwln Methodlit church. The body will re main In the home until 2 o'clock Wednesday when funeral services will be conducted In thu Elwln Meth. od IB t church. B\irtal will be in SaJem eemeteiy, War Veteran Honored on 88th Birthday Daniel L. SmuferT SSth bkthdoy wns colubrnted Sunday by membern of his family and olheu who met in the home of Mr. Bhul tor's da;i(jh- Icr, Mrs, Charles Myers, Blooming- Ion roml. Mr. Shutter Is n G. A, R. vetnrnn. and U in (,'ood health. He takes a five-mile walk every day, Ho makes hi 9 home with hit) son, Louis, in rural route 2, Twenty-five persons attended the birthday eelebtaHon, Amonff them were four generations ot the Inni Hy, Mi, Shutter hna 10 grandchll lr?n and 10 grant-grandchildren Eleven of the grandchildren and thtcc of the srenl-glandohlldren attended (he bilthday celebration. Another KM of fieighborliness Needed For a Greater Decatur ' CbeU and School Serial r/ti's j's, the tccond M a scriw of articles on the community chest and Hi agencies 'especially \ preporeJ by The Htrald' fot school children. · "When Dfcatur was a very small town, we didn't have children's homes,'*,the Decarur physician told his granddaughter when she asked him how there came to b* orphans' homes,, and day nursery in the Community Chest. "In those duys ovctyone seemed to know everyone l*c. When thoto was alckness or trouble of any kind all of the nelghbois knew about It. And if a child won left homeless thore w«re always nclghbora who could find room lor one more in their family .until a permanent home could be located (ot the chllj). "But Ducatur has grown a great deal since thgn, Now It la Icnposalble for the people Jiving in one side of town to know that a little boy or B irl In the other and of town te without mother or rather., Snlwtltrjtd fur Old NtilKntKirlinttwi *"So public spirited persons have built thuae homes to taKe the pln.ce of the old fashioned way ot being neighborly. These are the Anna B MlWklii hbmo, the Boyi Opportunity home and the Girl'a Welfdie home, "Then sometimes the child has only one paient, nod that futher or mother haa to woik nil day fot a living nml cannot stay home lo take cato of the child. The Dny Nursery Im3 been % ovlded to take tho pliuo of th« nt,j,'h!wr who used io 'look lifter 1 tin 1 dilution when the pnreiila were nwiiy, "But thiiie Is unothur in^son why Deoatur needs home* for children who have no homes of their own. The fact is that not evetyone who is willing to help lit able to help, l''or instance some member or the f n m l l y muy huvii a dioenso I hut the elilld in the family might cunt) act, or th« man may be nble to malt barely enough lo feed hla own family, rtptii?H Child for pernmuonl Home . "Somntlmea, (t is ti"«. 'he chid) hoM not had a chance at Borne, He might not be tha. hi oil ot child that people would wmit to take Into their own home until someone has taught him good manners. "SW these big homes hiive been built. They arc now opeiaTcd on the scltume of tt;tnioi'ary receiving homes. That means that tho children ore to he pluced in the homes for cute and training until a socint woHc- er has hcen able to find n fnmlly that Mercury Touches 21 Degrees; Nearly An October Record Mondny motnlng wns the third coldest In th- wcuilier hiutory ot October weather tn Doca'lur. Mercury dioppod to 21 degrees during ·the early morning iiouia and failed to j-ully more than two poinlit ly 1 o'clock Monday morning. On two previous occasions the temperature M'udlnKB of tlu lu-tt 35 yeikru Mlmw temper alun 1 .-, below Moil- day's ttiitik, lo lit23 the inci L 'ur.v diopped to 12 ulxive /era and in 1003, Monday's matk was loweiud by on* point for an oven £0. Banners of stuam trailed from boiling mdlators of the unwaiy who tmit left thnir mi torn o biles unprotected against the and dun drop In temperature Sunday night, Blankets of Yimous hues, qulltu of 9. multitude of colors, were apiiarnl on every hnn'l as cars were "dressed" for the cold unap while motorists shopped downtown. Plocpj* of card board boxns covered the fronts of radiators, and the I. P. 4 L. buses hud donned their winter fronts. Pedestrian* walked wllli a brisk stop, they apohe more want a. little boy or girl like th« one In the home, "It to «uy to lec'tnat If at) thW children itayod In the big house until they were grown, that the ptaae soon would to overcrowded. Children grow tlowly but more and more children are left orphan* every year, ·» Decitur geti larger. Oocatur already has more cbildiijn In Institution* than moat other cities have, and the Community Chert Is trying to remedy that, "But thl» U only on* reaaon why tho persons responsible for th« institution u are anxious to place the children In private homes. There i« another reotton much moru important to the child. Mo matter how fin* th* Institution is, It cannot take the place of a real home with mother and father to car* /or the Ifttte boy or girl, A Personal Experience "My mother and father died when I WOK small boy. I'or almost a year t remained In an orphans' home In on Eastern state w h e r e ' m y father 1 had two 11 helping build a railroad, It wua a good place to live, clean and well kept, and the matrons were good to us. But there were more than 50 boys of all agon in the home., "Somehow we just lived from day: to day. There was school during'tho day, «nd work to do after srhool hours. There was some lime for ploy and *u were allowed to liap end hunt. Still none nf IM received any special attention from thu busy matron a "Now In'thojie dayfl, children wore expected to help out in their father's business, Men who htid no children often took apprentices and mmu- llui.'H they went to an otphans' home to ttct then? lielpcia. A tanner canto to Ihfl home where I WB.I placed and asked *for a boy. He talked to me. telling me about tanning hided, and asked me if I would like to go with him and leain the work, I went with him and received a home In return for my work A Home In lU'turn fur Work "Hli wife took me. Into their horoi; as tlielr own son, and uUhough I had to work h«id durfog the Jay, giving Dp school for the shop. It was while I wax growing up In this home that I found my inspiration to twconie · physician. So It wax to thin fouler home that I owe mv first chance to be miceetisful In the work that 1 would rather do than any other on eaith. "The temjwrary receiving hornet together with their plan tir finding homos for those children"who have none, ar* determined to make certain th Fit ( c very child hat th* oppor tunlty that came to m* only through chance." MUSIC DIVISION OF WOMAN'S CLUB WILLJWEET TODAY Members of Muilc division of the Woman's club will meet this after noon at 2:30, to hear a piano re cltnl by pupils of Mri, J. H, Dickey, and questionnaire on the piano and piano composers, led by Mr*. J, M, Nent. Pupils taking part In the recital will b« Herbert Hall and Jean Hobbes, both of whom will play from the Peer Gynt suite by Groin, and Charlouiso Foster, who will play selections by Rclnhold und Mendelssohn LETTERS FURNISH EVIDENCE FOR TWO DIVORCES ' - , i Circmt Court Befim Hearing of Ga^es Monday Honiiiif OTHER HEARINGS HELD Letten written by Mrs, Sophia Ms- grew otr- Itaroa, Monday, were dt- tecmlning factor* in the granting ot two divorce decree* by Judge Jame* S. Baldwin In circuit court. Lewi* O. Hegrew won a decree Irom Sophia, while MID, Jilhcl Hindu ww awarded a divorce from Cecil W. Hindi, Decatur automobllt Mleaman, to Whom tti« letter* were wrillon, Pu«4«d Mt Deputy Mr, Megrew'i cam was the flntt tailed for trial, and be told of finding Hindu in bio home in Muroa, and being told that Hinds wan a deputy i her! ft. Hf «akl Mr*, Megraw declaMct b«r affeotlon tor Hind*, and the two l.ft together. Mm. Hindi te»- titled In support of the Megrew p«ti- lion for divorce, but Judge Baldwin »ald he would withhold decision until h« Hinds caw w** heard. When Mm. Hinds went on the wit- neus .Ktand in support of her divorce petition, she produced a photograph f MID. MORMW which uh* Maid elie ound in her husband's watch, and displayed three letteri written by Mrs. M«grew to Hind*, In which ad- m IHO ions .of infidelity to marriage own were made, Mm. Hind* v/an .wurtlod custody of h«r two children and alimony of W a week. Two Decree* GranlH After reading one of the IclUrj, uilge Baldwin gi-nnWd (Tre two «*· Other divorces granted Monday were: Pauline K. En*or from Ralph R, Bn*or, ctuelly. Minnie Strati on from Henry B. Stratton, desertion. Nettle Elder from Gounod Elder, desertion, Klfttibcth Snort from Ccurgc W Short, Jr., drunkenness, Harvey Higgln* from Qustle Hig gins, dowertlon, Vera B. Dorrah from Thomas W, Darrah, cruelty, , Evidence win heard In tb* eat* brought by hotline Tauch«r agaln*t Jacob Taucher, on,ground* of d«itr- lion, Judga Baldwin. withheld fiecli- on, Decision also wa* rfMrved in the case of Mr*. Veata McJCloky agalnat Charle* McKlnley, In which evidence of cruelty w»» Introduced, harder Charge ·mmm+m m M ^» ** Face Negro If He Recovers Whlla PrMnottt Klrwh ww granted * *H*Jti ebMM (or from a buIUt wound Ihmifh mouth ami head In flt lUryi Idtal JTondiy oMirnlnf, * Jury r«oonm«Mt«() that ba b« beW for iniMl Jury InvctUntim Into tht death of tola wife, r Inquait Into the (hoatlni of KJnoh'i wife In the WO block »! Centre)! atra*t Thuwday mor»(f|. NubttanelaUd tha ttory which ap- (Martd In Tha Bv«nlni H*r*ld Thuraday atlwnoon. MM, Klneh J.AKOE COCKSCOMB A ' red cockscomb measuilng U Inches across the top was bruiijfht to the Herald office Friday by Claude Aysru, blind war veteran, Mr. My em him bctn speuiallxlng in growlnit cockacomb at his home In 1918 East North street: This li one of iho largest h« has grown, of tho weather than of urgent bus|. ness at the, deatlnalion. The first cold weather fire of th«t season was received when a flooded motor back fired setting fire to waste fuel and oil about T;30 o'clock Monday momlrtg, Tha fire did not damage the automobile, however. Poor Time To Tinker With State Constitution, Says Harry Aiwood Three nwn wore arrested /or dts- onlerlv conduct Sunday night and were fined $ each by Justice I, H. Bnlrd, The thic* gave tholr namca and addressns ae follows: Vlneent Plchtner, Lincoln: Robeit Kochlnski, 1244 East Walnut street, and Adolph fechrevcnoha, 1537 East Hickory slreft. They wore nrreited In the 1 600%10(.h t.1 East Main street. Harry At wood, author of "Back (o the Constitution," told tho Rotary club Monday that tbla was ft poor tin* to tinker wllh the fundamental law of Illinois, H1« attack waa dlJ rccted particularly against thn proposed tax amendment. "What we need", said Mr. Atwood, "is better administration rather than moro opportunities to spend money We always hear a lol from politician B tibout economical * J ministration t. It might be well to have such nn administration rather than the creation of more lax spending ngcn- ciTM." * Fear that the legislature. If given the power under a change of the tax section ot the constitution, would croate a hardship for land owner* and Industry, was the burden of Mr, At wood's argument. Illinois System Equitabh) "The hoslillty of tho Clvk PDdor ntion to this change," said Mr. At. wood, "Is significant. In the patit it has supported slmllr changes. This tlmu it regards the amendment as BO badly drawn t h a t . l t Joins with the Illinois Manufacturers , association and tho Illinois Agricultural association In opposing It, This amendment Is saitt to be designed in part to give relief to the landowner, but you find the farmers against It: "We have had In Illinois an equitable system of taxation," continued Iho speaker, "Industries Have pro*pored. Do we want to drive them from the state? New York has had an income tax since IMft. The rtom plaint IB heard today that real «*Ute U overtaxed, white IndmtriM have suffered so milch that ther* Is fen eral comment upon their tendency to seek other states, Othe State* No Bettor Off "Massachusetts has had an Income tax for 14 years, and Tt la Officially admitted that real estate Is bearing an unjust burden of taxation. "Wfsconsin'a lax legislation, 'we all know, has b«en unfavorable to industry and I have understood that it has driven some manufacturing con cerns into Illinois." Mr. Atwood look exception to the preamble appearing before the tax question on the large ballot to be 'voted Nov. 4, He characterized a* un fair the statement lhat it was a "tux roller 1 proposition, Reading th* prevent sections of the constitution, Mr Atwood analysed the proposed changes, saying that tho principle o uniformity would be destroyed, am that more tax agencies, would be «tt up, tn the last part of his addrcs* Mr Atwood returned to his favorite theme, that amendment* to funda mental law seldom have hrough about thn reforms that they were ad verttaed to bring, and particularly that the quality of the United Btatt Senate hits deteriorated ilflce dlrcc election of Senators WB* provided for. Erncnt Nickels, whistler oalraordl nary, entertained Rotarian J odd a number of Ihelr filends vjih bl solos. * Burglar Steals Clothing; Uses Ax on Furniture Doculur'n nieanost burglar visited :ho home of Klmer Hachat, 1363 Kant Johns avenue, over the weekend, The burglar, after gathering up * large quanUiy of clothing and other artlelea from th* horn*, loolt an ax or hatchet nnd *ma*hed an expensive living room suite to , Polk* said the Work ot dottruc lion dourly was vandalism, The furniture wan reduced to kindling wood and uphoUlary was cut to shreds, Apparently there had been no attcmfit to look for somethfmc in the furniture. It had twen umashed maliee, Tba Rachati know of no one who would seek to work out a grudge ttlnat them. Besides ruining the tumltur*. the burglar took a null of clothes, 10 ibirtrt, a woman'* coat, 200 pennlt* snd a shotgun, to bill seemingly with Mi died a half hour alter Mr arrival with lhr*« wound* In her obdomvn In St. Mary'* hr»pU») tullet which *ov*ntd blood vnntln death ly h*tnorrhage. After tiring ine three *hot* at hi* wife al clone rang*, Klnch walk* «d aero** Franklin street and (hot hlinMif through the mouth, Th* bullet po*Md throufh th* brain cau*lng ba*al ikull fracture. Klnch had b*jn unconscloui until Sunday «hen h* r^evtitrt can*cloum»M enough to get out of b*d, a, thing believed Impomtble for a man In hi* condltlon4He wa* bound W (h* brtd to prevent hln from Injuring him- for Although I1U1* hop* i* held Klnch's r*covcry Iher* Id blilty that h* will live, Mid Monday, Kven m. It would nothing shoil of a mlrlolt, nttendanttt bflltv*. Tha coroner'* a pott*l physicians jury verdict llont*y rnornlnf Indicate that should Klneh recover be would be charged with murder. Town Briefs TODAY'S MEETINGS A. of C board. Celential lodK* No. 18*. I. O, O, V, Local No, 3SS. B. of P. D, * P. H Local No til, Carnenter'a union. Local No; 11, Bricklayer*' union. Docalui- review No. 171, W, B, A, Mecca Shrine No, 51. W, 8 J, Ivanhoe tldf« No S, K. of P, Demur lent No. 10. K. 0. T, M. Household of Ruth NO, 3»». O. O, O. F. Olive Branch camp No, 31*, R. N, A. Waba*h (hop Employ** a**octa- (Ion. Ionic lodge No, *1S, A, F. ft A. M,, 7 p. m., Sd degree. ^DEATHS FRANK C FCHDr Frank C. Purdy, a lifelong rmldent of D«catur, dird In Si. Mary'» hot- pltal it i:M o'clock Hunday aft*r- noon. Death, eauntd by a brain tn mar, followed an Dine** of four year*, Mr, Purdy wait B2 year* old, He became **rlou*ly Hi WM Wedft** d*y evening when b* WM removed from hi* home to UM hoopttal. Mr. Purdy wa* a bachelor. H* h*d mad* hi* home north of Iht city, and praviouily had rt*ld«d for many year* in MOO Knut Pralrl* «v*au*. H« wa* employed for th* lut Jf«ar by th* Macon County Dlnpowl **rv- ice . Two brothert and two *i*t*r* ar* left. The brother* ar« Albert and Charlen Purdy of Decatur. Th* *!*· are Mr*. S. M*nd*nh«Jt and Mm H«dman*BolE of Decalur . The body wai taken to J. J. Moran Son*' funeral home. Funeral ar- will bi announced. JOHN U, BOLTON John Duvltl Bolldn dird at 1 o'clock Sundny moinlaR In lh* falti My reildenae, MIS East .North iU«*t, Death was caused by complications, lie wu 18 y*ar* old, Mr, Bolton hod b««n 111 fine* l**l HOLD TRIO HERE ON CAR THEFT CHARGES George Pugsley, Arrested By State Investigator, Still In Jail George Pugsley, Wabash conductor, remained in the county Jail Sunday, unable to give bond undeita charge of selling stolen property. He was arrested Saturday morning by stats automobil* inv«*ttgat«rs. Pugsley** nam* I* coupled with those of Oral C, Davis and A. L, Brown, arrested in Champaign and brought back to Decatur, wher* they w«r* lodged In the county Jail. All are alleged to be member* of a "hot" car ring, Pugsley Is charged specifically with having sold an automobile stolen from Ernest Chapp#U of East Cht- July, HI* Ilia*** b*c«in*. critical la*l week, He wa* a former pupil of th* Central Junior High *chool, and wa* a membdr of th* 8* Walton Anny and of the R*d M*n, Mr. Bolton leaven bl* mother. Mr*. Dolly Rvav*; hi* father, John Bolton; hi* *t*pfalb*r ,B*rl Evaiw; hla grandparent*, Mr*. H .A. Bolton and John Bolton, 8r., and two *i*t*r and a brother. The (Inter* ar* Mr*. Lucille Loxler and Ml** Motile Bollon ot Decttur, The brother I* Oeorff Ballon of Dscitrir. Funeral Nerviest will b* conduct- ·atne tnveat lfators who «r- Pugstoy, Davi* and Brown, cago. The rested ,, . took Into custody John Condoa and Frank Matthews of Chicago, They were driving a car with license plates tn Decatur, Ownership of the car I* being Invalidated Meanwhile Condon and Hattbaw* are In th* county Jail, Th*y are not Implicated .with Pu8*tey,\Davts and Brown. Ml ut 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon In J. J. * Sons' chapel. Frlindi may call In Moran'i fun*ral home mill th* time of the servkM, Bursi will b* In FMrlawn t*m«t*ry. HFUNERAIS ~ PHILLIPS, Mrs, Emma Lavlna funeral service* at 1 o'clock TUM nay afternoon In th« Warr*D*burf Itelhodtit church. Prlands may cil In the family r*rid*nc* ID Warrens- hum, whwa ih* body waa takin Sunday from Movun't funeral homo Decatur, Burial will b* in tha Hlli cemetery nw Warrenahurg, ~BIRTHS"~ rXVELE88-B*rr, to Mr, and Mm. Leo B. Loveless, WantnttlMtrit Oct. IS, in tha D*»tur and Macnn County hospital, a, daughtar, Falbcri, Sons Plan Witner Rout Tha Fathers and Son* banquet in First Congregational church la U be icodorahwd thla year. Instead ot th* umial Indoor banquet, ths men and their tons will have a wkner roajl n a x t Wednesday ovening at o'clock In Falrvlsw park, with th« fathers aa hosts. HISEB-Born (o Itr. Row»« HhMr, Armenia, and ill* Oct. It, in tb* Decatur and Macon County hoa- pltaJ, a daufhter, KARTIN-BotB 10 Mr, and Mrs, WIHkm Martin, Blu* Hound, Oct U, In tho Dacuur and Macon Coun ty hotplUL · dtuihwr, POLTZ-Bom to Mr. and Ur*. L«* Ur FcJtt, run) rout* otgbt, Oct. 19, In Bt Mary'* hotpltal, m danghtw Mr*. Fotta formtrry waa Norma, HutJnx*. Both Mr. and Un, Foil* w* -gradual** of Daottur Mlfh school M* w*r» Mltv* to Mkoo) affair* and well known In Ptwttw. Crawl Rctooui Tho grand Jary-niurntd Itoadv aid reswnsd 4nv«*titttta« mtUi- w«*jsa ot a WMk. A r«fd*t wtthhs Ihe ntxt tew days j| OPPOSITION TO I, P. L. PROPOSAL BEFOREJUNCIL Ofckdm Ttld To hwMt Th«r Pttw At CM.* DENY APPROVAL OVEN ObjMtkNM to chant** to th* bw rout** OB W«b*Wr stmt MM| Mr- vl*w Placa and a suHMtlM tfcli t*» dty ojtt for induced Mnot trwuB*r tattwi far**, r*Mur«d th* ftntt puk» it discussion by th* council, Mowtoy, of th* proponed ehan|M m Ui* itrett ramport»tlo» plan *!«** lh* tiihwii Power * Ufht cwrponUOB ·* unc*d U* plan, J, H. Betforth, 4M South Webwier sirtat, **rv*d nolle* on in* council that rswfdmt* of Welwttr stmt would petition for tb* return « trttt oar* on th* Mrert If 'Hi* hula* announced by the t, P, U to ranted, WM! LOWM IteM* Ite*l4*nts of Eldorado rtfrttt wui Fairvlew Plat* do not want th* bus hat now wrv** ih*m taken off, W. A. Iv*y, to pairvlew Ptece, lotd th* council, A thousand nams* to * p*U- ion can b« secured demandln*; the onitnutnc* of the present aervtco, f *atd. Commissions Karl Smith ttf*rtc4 bat in dlacontinuini lorn* ot the *tr*«l car Mrvlc* for lh* lAaUtutlOH the I. P, If I* cutting MNM f li* heavi**l expense and U I* hU pinion lhat th* council should Mlt or roduced street car and hue fart* n that account, · Only (Mineral Approval Prom newspaper account*, Mr. leeforlh *nd Mr, Ivsy said, they h*4 he Imprmlon that the city council ad given it* approval w lhr i lat*d chant**. Mayor Smith denied hat the bu**s w*r* to be taken oft f Webmsr mmi, and said that t(w council had not confldemd th* plam i d*ull. It had «lven ajenera) **- roval to an effort to give, better ·ervlee, h* said,' At vh* present ttm* there Is hm rarvk* dawn Webtter str»M Irom Wood *lre* toContrellatre*t,oa*tt*) Mafftl *tr**i, Ut*nc* south to Wtvs» and avenue, east to Jaipur "and iHHtth to Riverside and eait to ioutb (M*t**nih Btrcet, end r*tum. Nearby U ih* Franklin itreet lino which goo* eaat on Mtrion atr**t at he foot of Franklin strsrt, 1* Broadway and then north to Mteridaft street and w«t to Franklin again, From Murton to Sheridan the tin* h block west of Webster trtrwt Undo* th* new plan, tb* Pranklln (rect bus would follow the |r*i*nt out*, but buse* InatMd of foinp lown Webtter, would go down Hot- it *ir*«t Irom Wood street, lo Can- r*ll, then cast lo Jasper Mreet, than touth to ftiverstd* and eut to South Sixteenth itrett, returning on the ame rout*. That puta th* few KM wo block* out of Webster etroot, Two Morfc* t* Car At ih* pr*a*nt time th* Pairvlow us run* out ICIdomdo elreet from Pin* .*ir*et to FatrvUw park, then north on McCbllan av*nu* to Fair- l«w Place, ***t to Patrvkw avenue tid eouih to Eldorado end eaat gain. Under (he n*w plan, the dtstriet it'vtd by lhat bu* would bs Mrvod by the West Main street car lino, two lock* south for mor* than half the distance of the but route, and by th* i*w Ven Dyk« rout*, whiob would « out Kldorado eirwi from Church Imt to Van Dyke and then north. ii*m |0 CunUHlMl*MI Persons llvlnf In ihe area- where Mr. Iver hat hit bom* will have to wall u th* W**t Main ·treat twin* at F*livl*w park, which I* two lock*, Mr, Ivey said it woukt be a great inconvenience In bad " and that there ar* t Itood Khool children In that are* who had to rid* th* but** to tchAol beotttM there we* no bulldinf nwr, Mayor Smith pronl*ed coniMtr* ion of th* objections to tn* p»- Boted plan, but pointed wt' that 'tf th* Illlnoli Commerce " pprovwd th* plan, there WM th* Council could do abott K. CorporaUon Counsel W, will oppter In t«rln*;fl*M Cftrop th* in ft Marl bearliur on th* pttn before Uw Ctm- mlsalon on Mo. ft, H* will uk tor an owwnunlty to prepare obJooUmt to the plan to present hearing. H* alto Is uludytwr ,th* of th* Illinois Power * Light Oorpor- atlon In relation lo It* procedure IK aeklnf tor a certificate trom · Commaro* Commtttion ~ " curing petUions of along It* Mreet car CHURClT NOTES Ompt* MeH Th* women of group two of ..ngllsh, fcuthere.n ,thttr«)i will IL Tuotdar »fl»mooii »t a o'etoeW Jj UM homo ot Mr*. K, r. (Wit, ··». Stuart avenue, Tho Sacred Heart ciety ot the AntlMh Bqpttit win have * Halloween party tkto *«f ning in the churcb b**MM«t rwnn wltt b* On Ml*, M«mb*r» of th« Otklty Bnthnn church wW hivt *wpm«r and bMftr Frttoy the church. IM o'clock,' win nv'ift -*LOCAL MnCP ,*JTMVtr TrwOft ~1» W, *, ·iMptnff ri _, "Itootw for'ltart 1 * tin**, St, Hud *M M»'M eeivtrl ioti ot^oeJti" (· fflpwu* t*

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