The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 5, 1971 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 5, 1971
Page 14
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', Frccport, Tcxnsl Sunday, December 3,1971, Section I, Page 14 Christmas Seal Sunday set Dec, 12 Is Christmas Seal Sunday throughout the 12 County area served by the San Jacinlo TB and Respiratory Diseases Association, This includes Bratorla County. "Alt churches in these areas are being asked to participate in celebrating the special Sunday by saying a few words on behalf of Christmas Seals from the pulpit, or by putting a two or three line message in their Sunday Bulletins," said Hev, W. Gammon Jarrell, director of the William Temple Foundation, Gnlvcston, and Board. member of the voluntary Association. "Christmas" Seals are pledged to fight all diseases that,attack one's breathing," said Rev. Jarrell. ','not just tuberculosis. Intensified programs are being aimed at such lung cripplcrs as emphysema and bronchitis as well as other, health hatards such as cigarette smoking and air pollution/ t Films,. speakers and free literature on all the these subjects" are available on request," he added. "Contributions to the annual Chrlstnias Seal Campaign can make control of respiratory diseases a reality," said Rev. Jarrell; "There's truth in this year's motto; There's More to Do—Please Give More to Chrlstmns Seals." Italy's divorce law may be abrogated HOMK JA^-ltaly 1 * divorce law (i a year old Ihlt week, It may not have a •econd anniversary, Major partiw of both Ml and the right are trying to draft a substitute taw. Unlv** they succeed, antldlverc* force* plan to t>o through with a referendum Uwy hope will abrogate the tow. CruMtdinn Catholics havu collected about M million signatures, almost ihre* tiro** the number nwkd to brtnjt a iwtionwid* referendum, but matt partic* hope to avok) this Th* key wr?mt to Ik with lh« Church supported <.*hrt»iUn Democrat*, major partner of Italy'* center-left coalition and the only big parly to op|M*« divorce in parliament but year. They cam* owl Uft week In favor of efforU lo rsviw the current law. Hut the vocal "divoriUU" oixwidci- any change unacceptable, they would rather hav*a referendum than a new divorce law, leaden o( in* Italian Pivorc* U4gu« My. A couple can get their maniagv dit*o|v<Hi after a mutual trparatlcxt ot live years, fn th* first men month* at thi* y*ar about 1JMQ received d*<fte*. "KKKI' AMKHICA BKAUTIKVL" wa» the l he me of the best UtlertxiK pouter in Braiuria County. It was drawn by Stephen Koudray, age II, from Braioria Elementary School, for Keep Braioria County Beautiful Association's annual poster contest. Hundreds of children competed for seven grand-prliw. from which. Houston Pooler and Advertising Co. selected one poster a> the b«t lo b« copied into billboards Above. Jamrs Brown, prwiideiU of KUCHA, and Lawrence Hood, of Hixwiun I'onier ami Advertising Co.. contfraluUte Stephen tot his numerous billboard art. Watch fur Stirphett's litter »lmj{init culprit alow th* highways uf tlnuartit County! Baby fo spend first two years in isolator s\&& The best fashion eyewear in sight is at Texas State Optical. ;*^4«f^n^,fc.irf ^i HOUSTON (AP) — Davki is a baby boy Just II weeks old who facts living the first two years of his life In a germ-fro: isolator, cut off from the outside air which would bring him death. David suffers from a icvere immunoloftical defect and his body won't produce the aiv titxxJie* which could fight the germs which inhabit the world. Doctors at Texas Children's Hospital in the Texas Medical Center revealed Friday 'he birth of David, only the **ct>nd to be delivered under sttril conditioas and placed in a germ-free isolator in the United Slates jnd only the sixth such in the world. Anyone who handles the baby wears plastic gloves attached to ports in the tide of (tie isolator. Ail of bb food. Open Saturdays untt 1 ~00 pm. 340 Tarpon Ion Village. Krreporl. Ta-' *terili*MM»a>cyluider which can be attached to a supply isolator and adjoining (he unit. NEW dimensions in comfort fromlRBY' by Si»i« 5002 • Individual foot rests • Independent reclining action • Space saver, ideal for limited room size • Bed by night |t The rocker that doesn't look like a rocker talking about the "togetherness" Solette Km aJto^ you to $hare youf ie £ mg mood ,.. side by side, yet independent 0 ( each , other, you may lounge, watch TV, catnap, fe /d recline even to fuH bed position, .ndiyidua. leg ,«uV»T ou companion the exact leg condor. " e " La - Z ' 8 ° y ' Sote «« is id ^' ' w th. ? room and livin « '°° m - «»Wng th* ;'* W ' Chaif 3nd 3 S0 ' a "*»• «om "" wrve as an ""» ** l°> over**** is 8V9ilable in Ea "x *^ri- f*? M-ilw ««''««y'M. T*» same decw »' 0f co'ws. 'sbrics and vinyls f hgar ^ Fabfic p ' otKtw with E SD seJ are offered as in U-Z-Bo/s r egu I Jar line of famous chairs. x gu »/« nwn, wmiJon,, ^ ^ . Md im -. - -.,•„.•; ,* SI/H500) HQMi FURNISHINGS Hwy 288 C& Doctors iay that Davtd will have to stay in the atnumpfaro for two before hu body can ctcvrlop its ouii defense*. "We arc studying the psychological implication* very clwely," txvc of ttw docton said. "How U the child ever to know the piAjlic glovr» are not mother's h4ndi?" "As long 34 the atutud* of the period uklnj! care o( him b laving, he b not t!oi«g lo fciwu whether it b hunun >)i:n or blcx It (cvb alwut the <anw," the doetoc *aid. The parent*, vanou;* tjoc' ton and nurfn involvctl in the ; all hold, cuddkr iind UU; David. "lie « even kt».»«d throush the plastic barrier," one doctor Mid. The other AnwrieAn baby placed in a Kerm free uolaior dki not haw the senout im munolagtcal dUorder. however, it wsu dwcovencd after precautMXu were nude. Because David"* inability lo fight infections U hertdiUry and because hu parvnU hjj already la»t an older brother at age jc\fn month* to the wmtf disorder preparations were nude- The (amily a»Xn) that their nam«r> not ta rtlc<u«d. The spcculuils hen; UK! the baby was nuking enough progress 10 that he »a« allowed to go Itomc IOT Thanksgiving, irvjidr hu portable isolator David probably will be allowed to leave (he hospttiil for part of Chrislm-^t and N<-» Years, they naid Stncv the child u» their lint experience with steril delivery and the us« of (he protective isolator here, the pediatricians arc not wjrc how long he nuy have to remain in the unit. They Mid based on one experience with immune deficient Iwim in Germany that David will need a germ- (rcc environment (or perhaps two yean. "Our big problem." one of the pediatricians Mid. "Is that we have no experimental animal model o( this disease. We don't know exactly what the basis of the defect is, so we can't induce an identical situation in an animal " David's body U unable lo manufacture antibodies due to an inadequate supply of white blood cells Without antibodiiA to fight the hundreds of germs he probably wouldn't sund a chance of surviving in the usual germ-free altmosphere. David was delivered Sept. 21 under sterile conditions by caesarean section and was placed immediately into the protective unit. Four other such germ free deliveries have been reported outside the United States- two in England and two in The Netherlands. While the German twins were not delivered in a sleril environment they were placed in protective isolators immediately after birth. The German youngilcrg gradually developed their immune capacities awl now are well, the Baylor team *aid. Identities of the in- djvWual doctors were not disclosed due to regulations of the H*rri« county Medical at tvtu »urt» *)*lcfn* in (htt country Ttvc olivet u a! (He of AUtwnvj in Ha (*r, thr doctor* loo* wjv that DJVIIJ dor* h*v< the tamr mrtrre problem which kilted tu.« bruttwr "Hut we h4%* J glimmer irf ," on* 14 id "Hr (•• a tilth* bil of Ttiit mjkr» i» Ihmi twf « likr ih* S'.crnwtt brthtr* ««hi> d*4 luvr A litttr hi! a< ttntnamty Wi|tit>ut the gernt uoLttur. no war on ! (ram Wr!h il ufitimiilic !!ut tw wit! >ui-. r.c INr tfvtvia! dfsS )caft «.< hi* U(r 80 moce people die al Ihlbtlr Hafeiy ami <(rrc Thu n W murv lh*n thr i.c»ia (or the wm«? Urn* U.«* year, an itscfira.w o( 1 pe* eifnl gift watch of the year! DIAMOND PRESENTATION LONGINES niA«or. ITT (..\HK\ts<, Remember to Pay Your Carrier-Boy f'w// Collections Mean A Merry Christmas fur Him! »nUKIN(.; th«- h«tic HohiUy Season, it'* .-MJ wt.iy to ovcrlt«»k a little thinx like r«»>'inK your iicwAtiu]HT currit-r on Itiw. Hut to him, prompt collvction* «re nwrv ImjK'rUmt thari over rijtht now— for two on IW • colk-ctioti* frwm to («»> hi.-* ni-wspiipfr route bills ttiui provide full profits fur hi« Holiday cx- po<tN««. Also, he's hopitiK to clone the year with all account* collected and all billu paid- just u* i-vury younx buHineiwnwiii aims to do! \ OL <-an help him do it, l»y huvina the money ready each time he comtn to collect. You'll not only «how upprvcution for hia faithful NcrviceH, but aiwure him of the «»me Merry Chrintmiis and I'rosjwrous Nuw Year that he wi«h«8 for you! THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS "Hie germ-free unit at Texas cwrw't Hotpiul u wiy «*

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